The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 10
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«VHATAft£ OUK REAL 6>NViCnQN$ONa0tUN? otitsits over flftne Weril !d*»w (rfSo -we, ift* *»r«SftMnt portjrfnng to States cmi !Bai1lrBi unrnil <mt£ iEtnif (Gcmmat^ Atnfiriman <cMbtenry, .fedl Ane •«« MwilRint,, to fflngoge iin WmiU Waar Illl tto unaMwitatm ipnartt <ct iSeiilin iuniier Allied aaanHrol! ? l£ ftt naaoeamniry Atnti we fprBBerve rthe iirttsgtiEty uaf Setftim <ots St mc-w stawitt^, inegtairdtess «ff wflMfl toes inn East -SeriVm "and fcaet Genmany ? Bit s^pjpears ^Ifcuait HShr.usdhe.v as itndfcing iinto « "free 1-Canwerwam of Wast 2— Separofee j-ssoice Woir §1 s rand £cts> ond West Germany ii Jibe t»o «BWB»W» refiwse to iReoofriote between y, o.*r «owntry ctod owr aiies hove «3»fflJ atnty lesseniinkg of control in West Bedim ** ll»e some Jhi,i»g os gihrf^ affl, orace ogojja, to 5«wJet pres*wr<- However, Jifaere a/e sojne new }4eas deyeiiopJAo.. One of them comes from a praraMroeraJ OA Se,f*otar who s<uffges*ed that Ber- Ifffl .be closwBed os a free aJy" under intemo- -tiNMittL HMST* bn"t too mwdh difference in and if»e ome mode by £0 for os we com fefiL * Swt inwuch morts itraportan* » Jfee qwestiois of |iow,«wes,' owraelves, feel. Our •govenunent n>oy wrei mraoke o hord sSard agaSnsJ any concessions »• SovSeJ power polMics, ce«»em>g om Beniira. But 4he we, Sfae peopSe, reo% wfflrog to gouAte, ond %fet tf mecestary, m Worfd Wof III over sfee root- Jar. Tbare fcos ibeen o gnwot opotfcy over wisot i%)peira«d in Loos — osost people dJd.w't care too modi. They wots o tMle mora SmJeretl in Cuba, it being only 90 mites from our shores. How how do ^w» feel ohww* Berim ? tfce pOHitiiois of owr own goveimmen* is qwfte wndera*a«ooJbSfi. I* f««5s Sfea* we m«s> strive Jo maiinloan llfee $to*u$ cfuo in Berfsn -**iilfeowt cora»- pro,rru£,irag eziisting righlte. Burt whaJ of our own people In tine U-S.A- J«$t how 3n»eres*ed are they in far-off Bedim ? And what of the Germans in West Berlin itself ? Demraocroc^ is 5m fashion there todoy because it hcs meant prosperity, lobs are plerfifw!!, oil Ihe newest godgels «re bej»g ewjoyed, traffic }ams plague the atwes, and «fce b«*cSnes ^e }70wded. One resident is reported os horvimg ta»d; ffs o good thing we tost the war, Germany nev&r hod at so good." CojwSemirag oaw question iifflto orae tsstfuemce, » the Anserkon pmMSc irtterweSed ertiwuwgh So *wfeo does or doesn'it corj*ro3 'SerKn to fTtglit o Tlfoirags ore imovrtog *o fasS irvowoooys itihoi c iraMus hot to rwn like Jfce very dTudkens |ws* to ttord s.trtL - Mimka News. * * •* Tbe orfy cooling off peraod Aol would do tome of *he ir>art*i«ne wnwaw strikers ^sany good be o good d'Uwfci'rvg Jn the barber. E. C«a3 Sfa-ecl— Ph. CT 4-KiS THE w3 Tii'^-sdar ^a 3W1 Er I>ES MOUSES FUBUSHIMG CO. 3, B. WJfJJLES., Eirvjr & P'j.bliEbex BOK SKJTH, !CtiTE Eiaw MEELE PEAIT. Adita-asii^ Itgr. JACK PUH.CELL, NATIONAL EDITOllil HATIOSAL EEPEESE3BTATIV2 ? ftffwsfinfies- EjefavseaaxLiVtst, Fiftis Art, Kew Yurk li, K Y, SraSCRIPTlOH SATES IH EOSSXTTO CO. Ot&£ YtAJ. H^ itCViilitrt „.. _»._^^»„„.__„_, p-..|IL *i*t*t-''t. iC lttlHii.U.l*iitUHL. t*tJ J t*^ yj 1 iMt' SOBSCKIPTiOa RATES OI7TSI&E KOS5UTH . ui»t jeti — OFFICIAL CITY AKD CDlfBTY RATES o» REOSEST KEAl ESTATE BARGAINS Secerns SifcwU «?nne of itihase .offers of mot«rE «tf Bomttto latAd for «mily S10 down ond «t *mam$v fefiwe some i MaSKim Cteiy Mews begM <o «*K«y «» imwiHk, <arvd fotfjsd Jihof on* bog IrodT watt "ted in a stim&mffy, Mnwnflwfaiitedl •wffltdeirmes*- .sumrib'ty your denies) neagWboirs wwgihJ be Seimirv <oite UnawanE. On J*ie ctiher foorad, if -yow •wfith Ho One cowpile drwye <Jtyw.'n fvmxi J-tew orad iO m.iiies wert of Miomti os thetr rftrected- 3 tee 'Otaly wo/ the/ cahsSd gej SO ifo*ur would be to/ heikc-pler. otd iwrge to bury a ixargai ere-n to .t»a3 esScSte. 'But She mews- sitorites iinixStcote »},«irouU fee wiie : so idlas a look /ouirteif before siiginting Ae paper*. CONGRESSMAN'S MISFORTUNE Use deveJojJJinenSs swrrammdmg She ofifasrs of Co-rjgressmaiD Mer-wini Caod off nwnr 6& carv- grossjoiracJ district tare IT«£» certaftraly a ^bodk. As line farst Oemocrol elected to Congress fa-ecu district, Mr. Cood hod a majority >/ih:ich beWeyed in his abiility and hits irsJegfiiJy. . " His madid prdbeuw tire mostly a persona! wwtter; but indeed swrprtstog. The other naoMers 3-firyestiigated so tfifcocoi^gfeSry by "libc Cfces Micancs EegfrsSer hoy« indicated libat even a Cangr«ss- mara sibotrJd beware-of taking large chedcs in poker games. ,' •' - •'.•.""; ^..l- .-t^'• We have Mi and still feel; that Congressman Good during his preceding years in "office bos given this district and stole Ihe best repre* sentoHon it has had from the 6fit district in years. B-ut thai is likely overshadowed by more recent events, unfortunately. None of the Register's "srjvesSitgctSon' has tihws for,* ot least, uncovered anything improper in the Coragressinctn's corndwd of his offtc'toJ affairs, or persona? busi- 23£SS 0MS34erS. Uiere is a tibJng called "Washingtaniilis*, a dangerous dftsease indeed. * ., . * * . . * "'.'"' NOT THE OHtYi PROBLEM Iowa Fafis CITIZEN — Lots cf s.tnol $DWT> business cnen in Jawo, over *he jrwrratng coffee ot ifce 3otdl restoiwrant, iwmng ^jeir .ibarasis. _ ••f.»M / Swjribers 'oiSJI .-^^^sAffl 1 * • ailone tbe cause <fff dfl Diheir fartabJems — a lock of baslmess om <a sctate -wfeidfa Ufaey fed <hey be expesrSefwfinig. Mis Jtmnrik ttsws «inj9te'« snrafflb sff Al- i _^ «»^.A .*-^** «n JBOSa. mat jgnsnarite naa "fbe*Wt: •>- 2«« * , * TOL> -?!£?'-- -- -* •«.—.' for £ vwjfita' csirafitpfiiL She ing tte ;Henanfl wtit* «f Amgnifl.. Mnatitiioe seBsruinii were ^litoa, Sae- a«*)ffffaspMzibi* — — goas* 16. Ofie wS* ,^_ to SriH tor St was an aoaieuS btil jh* •wwddia't l»StA I lajftoa tiro oany aooffibBr and saott seeJ^[J^2«^ r ** J ^ agaai Ar 1 (flate Mm <be9mn<3 Sffir badk? — BMMHi&iitol. "'^ ," • ' ]>e&r EantosxraEB*o: Bes&riiess naff wfealt' bsppased, you cbould rnermr do amytlftmng bttead yOmf aaaaHMBr^ back or agaiasft her • The ffi. S, mem ysm iaaratt a toaaEly, -fliwsnsM 3wu-*wi<t your daughter to ijfliilii.'tf 1QB3. jftQUBJ* wt^uBilCx^ ' ' "" ' * *> 1 1 "Jt fi ^ *^ i ™ T3irt qaite «» «MM aifiii 1s«sdiiair can* isW M gdtofcA — t^ dlDBMii^dBa^faaliittioiiJBDribi^lfcifcWidl aotft •tltoe "taw'" aaaS "SriJw* 1 of OTSOST 8w frieofl ^(VcH(Q&C(l3 tfeo t£[u£I£ , , of yw SIQT at waa am aocitSant and be is a. nice gwy, ftr rihtimM Bre srHSwsed S» cattSMK dfflag JOtt. TflJ 661 *^tHg »i att teaift fflbe pMiMeam cxxiM be talked over by your mottber and dor dnmastss. state . <-t ^ljuin3ilUflrtmJi<ir JLCHae JRfdk, I J tl, aunfl jLsagaae meaee. Honwerrar, Buiscitolft; «fflin ih^M j|- a^-saaaae teafl nwer jjbE SBDoraS yftace Westey dfaaJb •wiaii a jreifetft M nemand. Weritey was B-3 amd JUstts Croak itjbihni •wilJh, a. 4-3 aasrlfc. . -• ' '' Dear Uan: OMfare ffifaaffl scnySSuaag dse in fiae •wtorHd I waolt to lie* tared % SUSP paawnits tosa ran afcaad nasey m% SoiteraSe me and no4toiiil4 TflOT see, rm aart -J^ry Ssdi^^ doA MTO Biany frie^^ drinadi * parscmailiilty and laawaBft any ibfenlL SonndtiDSes 1 <riHi I nAdu*t 14 Is ttlbik fepinits ottltaea- aieafl jpen Pm GMs m£ "soourily 1-4" being onture of tbcnvehntt Washington fCSTi » ,v. . ; ^ ^ ^ ilihe -sneak. jpfjT'^Ffty <fea"U sap: AD in wards tail itfoey love you and yojfoe nihe agnate ictf attfetf" '«jye. . , ' ,„ W<e affl hETie a taHenl eran of nffls only maMng someone cEoce m a 'wlale- TIED sure you ^™" dfia 12iat ncuch, can't you? Sser., jfB'Bire "WliBl ym Traut yMsrsefif to-toei "* rt **' a "ff mote and iHMfaing flESs. Yuarn 3» -fflie aaaast, wiilQ STOQ?, " •*-",," * . * * ^ * • ' J>EBI Base Mow Ithat :my cider bmaJtber & baane frosn obKCge, ray itet 3mm 3ai« (Ub* isax w2acnewBr 3ae 'sraaalts Jt'and I'm Jeft witii* 1 doQ 1 ^! tihiMuiic tiiis is and Tfi'ihait dp y0a.tore tto say? 1 woaaMa 1 ! uuad walkut^ but my- outt m Ite coualtry and that's a iittte too fatf Douglas -irare £tajitad iin "A W.oman** Fats-'", iaaad One of ibe facing Presiaeat scene ndZL eonae la vbem ,t&e ojue£t3fOQ3 of r. 72aey figrame tfeat Bad Cfema it «iH be ancnasad fer a loag fcne t» v osime. Sn tSiey £adj Fnom 1313 ffgJ^T* JOB tuQt fataans. For the pact etersaa yrars fefi Jctiled Stales 'bus successfully of its teeaads jnoi 4e let .tfoe' .be itetated. BHt ire se<eiia f=jgfri-t%i-g a losas Jsettte ats tEamztries are -waHing lo •" sade iS fO^K Hl.tT fr^f'^lf|^fH^ 532TSE *Q€Cil(uE£O !i;nB^a. i&e «n3y sersiMe approach is to sdof»t a poScy of •"trade and sur- 3QCQ3 ^t ytf^yy^^^-f'iiiy a£ir6& -M'ilu3 &u£ iype of ^D 1 ^ -u Tm^frrit EKirsr S33 effect in "Bad Qmma but Itey te- Jfers Bt is aanare zeaMstiic to dea3 tihpirn jskice iffcat kijad 'ta be sround lor a fraii»i^»aa»«: Store (aad •was featerrmig a bog 1$- djies sate and. 3xad 3. 9iaf^€ 3li 333 t^Q£ "TJ35iW ^pLVJUJj^ coinptete details of itiie ei^ejit. Prices langed irom $1.99 to I Taritli paslei tfrn.malg jjjarkfitd to ^$J and ^LS9. Daaz S-vz&y: T«M jooar jasneoSs Hbejfd better iwaffidb out or HJjey"fl be breaking ;up -one ibcry and giti twosarue. If Ifas undeTsSaoding was' yam •would haTe Kite car tse a osrtain ai^M to see your girl. I parentts sbomW cranlkaae wjfflh that ideal After all, I l&ink only -H-aul fear treatnaeat and y-osar bdg brother is getting too aMenfiiam — if ereryiMug as as you say. . • - . * •• * »•••.-, -i ^ Peg Oea: FTC j.ust bad to.taan dosrn a chance to -work for tbe city as 'a playground supervisor because my fatter says I can. *™< sonaeiiihBig becter and. make mroie mooey. Hoofeay, Dan, jobs for teeaa-agErs are few --«nrf far between in .this city and I was iiacky to get JJae one I did. Bo you .think I should have beaa forced to reCase llbe job? — Morris. . ' . - . ' . : - . Dear Morns: You might have been able to bare gottoa some- with more pay eartjer in Ifae spring but- tfajc late -in June,- 1 ' your fatter made a mistake in mafcjng you give up the piay- joto. Lefs bnpe we're -both wrong. - ... .,•.,: ... . .., ••:•* •sciarib , fins is za 5BSM* peaaotei^B/iDaaaagE jarsgaaiteai to «Ss* jatasjg SUttes. Bust 11% woold be £ serastiB assistslfce if <wve jEEttftS to serious sx^tde sxp asiSnds lo Sbe fiact Shaft 1lhey »£m- EuV £j£>V&O 't @£ft ItiUS 3%SCIliUit!&S i£iEkd 3XE<fi£l|pOW k O' ' tto if]t;T^v^t- 3j£i^ ^CdK533IHil— a^SJS. S© $i)Pty 'U'iiil £Ii4(Js£? 1iiiC 22iC?St stryatog to toe (with thtsa. iaww -Ch«t Ts-iktM Krasb- Aig'aaa, Itwa ibe ic&a -wipe Ert •with f-oar -or Very- tally-jwars, Mrs. D. L. BSray. .Panes. League of WojBen Voters PSYCSIATaiSTS SALARIES l»e Since, its fcnuading 57 ago. Central CoHege"s Auxiliary tof Pella Jbas been de<of • • •work and thousands of doUara into prwv-idihg'faialjties and ira- proveraents for liie campus as it expanded, frooffl a feir'sJbadents in ' 1653 to tfae of twer -5©9. IngPittnUy; sJdfl and dbow .gnease bare gone -naoaey for ' thought you to Professional Directory • -* • '-' •'". ' .-.'- W *oits is Jar frora ^»e «nlly 3«i tewo's .Mmcs'll towsas. Qne sfclog offeaSmg fawsineas m &owsfs small itowrtM is low fowina prftoes. BwsTmess /mem r.&al."tz.« Swat f arrra prfttes fosrv-e ,decUr«d 25 dwriirvg *he ilast 10 years .and t.hey : k.n»w fui ifeot -wfca* rraey are .charging Trie former* for their Main '5tresJ t-yppl-ies ond -se^r/iices are costing d ieosJ 25 percfto* ifnare tbon the/ did o decode ogo. Mei.n Str«e* b-jtlinessfinera siHowU be 'better inforused ond .more concerned than they are c'faoui '-ways and imetsas oif Irnproying form pries*. oo^ -rnig.hi as icri have •oc- »<.tnty to Thirty -ysors hove moflie some of iowo'i 5*rvit* »pwn$ no- fnin {.fort cf obwie^e. Const DPT(/ Lmpro^ftd ord-fU'rfoced coytrty rooos improved high ways for farmers i . of This it triy ai is so ic a anwuzairy Sbait -srsis cr-e- ajad tritae. Haw ca!B JLOJ' Acsfiritscs Cxsr^gcft TfTJssl ®ed ObiQji xiid in Kurt-a. Ox Ihww it itas *JCK>- ttfcat fiudsia cjad to M-itr *gaiasi -one Ouher. Aad stihus by 4ea3ing Hafter wraSfa wiariatrrtr Vtrteirs ^ras y&ry pleased iStuaator Casey Loss •t'Jiuas^d Ibis ^Ktfi€ ifc^r (Oipposiog 5&e t-ut ia psj'.tteatmas' .saiaji«B tu ,our «t«t* ihospusais. It is .our ibtope nata$ itiwe toteriss Cwanatibtee *rvtttttual>y xt^ogxtbe liwnt asuasl aaza ior Jte toesl in •care for lib* snealaUy 33 INSURANCE J. (CArsie) Bvi Moln Sfcree* we-.'i rfroiiie rncs curred OV-Tlng l§ns roads, inc'Uc'^ng the O^'d Tr.6 eonsTiWTrry rt I T.ple en nd period! to s.rop 'w'ah» C>ver •arerffl. Jitr.e/ can be more l,riC»ppIrig fctsbp*fc. Tke'f crt no on the -neoresa 1ow ; ru Forrrifer* and £•*•&*> 513 if«;les ^W •" «-Ker* 25 /fears 090 They of ^oiing cerso.'in'ly far- td ! . nty tfcort. &ood r&odi moot r.turtjire Ofcrris^lSl Csr.S! Ja.rmferi fciitB^i/ fiictia'it Tfifr-ffc tsn/mor?:. r&n'< 4ro». Over lied Iferea. Bed .CMnese So it :boas dcTTB io IfaiE. Do .yyu rwj&aJx*. a uriaakaJl' jnfl»Koee Ja» Ua* tetaust -we bu benstust we libtrty. suadwvi*jQd thus da fib* .gaaecsiras << ited CStausa .tsuet nosoaio iina. Tfae aasary islewid ««) it. tits tiS!* witii nientaJ ifatautia s :bv .uiiRg tex f.u»dE. The City Ciluit' -eaawrt - ««*i3Jaes. ••Clinic xA fipwawr -would pt KiO&sutifa Cauistj'. but «f .SiJ.per-.isws, iiat f*it is> cot tex Sua&t few this As a' swsttttgjutiK* it is rilailly to silt idhiildi*® and tamnty aastt£ pnofclems., that we «•- 1W ^UiSUsit* JUB lUCiS cvt Birwggjfc fegsdasl C«BQca'J 15be sMBSBftsaa w* SSP«« to fc cyLuiLry witJKb •»'« b". tbas £s j-tt "Wwiii t-say ur li* L'rutfcd SUKtet ic Tbt pj*ftect t reaMze & -- Auto — ISnE — Baai 2 E. State CY t-4S2» AUX7HA AGEEUCY X B. t Ji»J KCBL? Bonds — A"j CY 4-317* 598 Z. Stale KUXBSOM &GS3KV Pbone CY 4-2739 8OHAJCBOX I8SDBAOC3S SERVICE , Dodge SC Ph. CY 4-M41 - Autoosobile - Farm ony tos* »WHr* :'rts ; Tr,e;r«: *i. an r- s O" ' Cdr or tr^cir, Trlritt riO*K*ng Sfi C<U r;»-;,r,^ f*-fcPi CJi-fOil- s> tt>^n,Ty Ctr fitt'O iO ^ft t r.e wor.if ert trie pries- in* SSws*.* he CCW t yl Tiit v«.at f iiWTUfc :1 Uf Atiiiua ii.5U!a'ifcact. But ie it* tu.'....- it wjlLUiig it* dtfcs J JBQ !i«e SbiaKC UiiJ'iirt •«! fo'jy J!r>« ' tiatf lan'jt A yja .utja soiste a it j pJ-OtiU.Jlid. 1 T t J-.'fc'it- "ASt I t^> 8JQ(fe rfip}>firit- ,!j^ ij%ifr , iP''.wnK.rjia thin •»'* toeiirf* titt-y j't-pw:6t.iss CtoiiiBa. On tjuc 2t£ SdbjS O^U^& FBX3M THE FILES OF THE WPPES IX PXZSOll Dwdiiii% Auto, Liability. "ufr. GeDeral PSasme CY 4-45U KOSSffTH MUTUAL ntSOHAlfCE ASSOCIATIOH Over rr«fflQJK» worth of in. jio twee. CY -1-3756. ineo «f to t) csti* iiar 44* at HFBBST IMS. AGENCY Fw A«3to, BmiML ff«^fffhfiM - 'and Many Other Von*. ste >H Ca. aa a *er«i£at*wy 8e**S as _3S* AJ- : iipo«6yr«a Site .etia- wfow Cy fcaiS iia&eaB man tss 'isjlttta*,*. As«8 2* «-. jjy^, 3M3* C:/ i* fo Control broadieal weed* in small grain with «nf to CM«r tap 10 czaj* if* STEIER HYING SERVICE 'i «ta. Tfet-y aa* fflrtbcsied to tht •«f lie itowraorfaip ' fey fiterJf Art tte stats- Jl/Jfi-S-'Ue JJi tfi* I 'JUJ i'Jtiii'i iC J-ii'.lt it 1^^ ttf UM: CwiUIUydtUlilA. V'HWM fe: <i T br.' ft »-,wuld bfc fcitty tar lU V;._>c TKrew^i tKeir efedric ce^p, iwol famflirif servic* fi»f Fannm i&iauteal Ins. Cp. Farm Bureau ilia Deductible) - HaH - TVactor 4-3&S3 DKJB Stark, «AJMJU> C.0W1TOET BfyrffUfTT^m Blsl« f^nas lot Co. Sa. PJai32Jpi Si. Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over. Penney 1 * OflSee Plwme — CY 4-WTJ . Houn: 9:00 Open Frid«y WillUm U CUsoprwter HCWWJ f ^8'— fcOO thru S*t 9 «». Ott. CY DOCTORS KELVQf G. BOURNE. R IX PbyEtcum & Surceon 118 N. Moore St Office phone CY 4-^43 Eesident phono CV 4-4S277 J.IT. KENEnCK. M. ]&. Physician 4t Sura»oa 218 W. SUM Sui«t Oftice phono Cf 4-40M Beiident phon» QY 4-3U4 CAROL L. PLOTT, K.IX uo N. Moore Street Practice Wmued, ia Sui««jy Uiuce Hours by Appointment Residence JOHN M. SCHUTTB^, I ftwUdtiM* PhOiu CY 4V p P,5S?lv%«, * 8\ OPTOMETRISTS U U SNYDER DENTISTS

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