The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 9
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S€E WHAT WILL DO! MUSSULMAN'S No. 303 Cans 88 SCOTT'S ASST, COLORS Toilet Tissue 8-88 HUNT'S NEW PACK No. 21/2 TINS 25 MA BROWN'S NEW PACK HAPPY HOST BRAND PORK & BEANS BUTTER BEANS NORTHERN BEANS MEXICAN STYLE BEANS KIDNEY BEANS WHITE HOMINY j_ t ; . .- .;. (!.-.> WTJ, ! ;\t- .-.''.-"- :..-.. SPAGHETTI All No. 300 Cans - Mix 'Em Or Match 'Em at ONLY: 9 Cans 88 : '_ 9 ; CRACKERS SUPER VALU WHITE Lb. 25c GRAHAM Ib. 29c that Wonderful New Drink WELCHADE 3 Qt. Cans HORMEL'S SPAM 2 Cans GEISHA BRAND MANDARIN ORANGES 4 88 FANCY BLADE CUT, S.V. TRIM '•'''''fl^&l^-' 4fe4fc BEEF ROASTS li 39 c ARM CUT - POUND 49c 100% PURE LEAN GROUND -V -..i- Lb. 39 WiiioN's tbRN KING' HA 3 Ib. can $398 ARMOUR'S STAR ALL-ME AT rf hw ' Lb. 49' U.S.D.A. CHOICE - LOCAL BEEF PROCESSED AT GOVT. INSPECTED PLANTS MORE A BEEF S JL • w • A L E • • • • • ....... • J- FRONT 'A .. ____ Lb. 39c 1 2 BEEF ......... Lb. 41c CUT & WRAPPED TO ORDER, SHARP FROZEN, NO EXTRA CHARGE JUMBO SIZE Canteloupe** 29 WHOLE TRUCKLOAD NEW TEXAS WATERMELONS YOUR CHOICE EACH . ' 49' ALLFLAVORS^MARIGOLDNO! i • ii \ ICE CREAM '/2 Gal. 89 NORTH STATE FROZEN RASPBERRIES STRAWBERRIES 4 NORTH STATE FROZEN DINNERS Salisbury — Ham' Yam Turkey- — Beef - Chicken 2 For 88 CALIFORNIA WHITE SHAFTER Potatoes 49° PRICES GOOD THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY ft MONDAY — USE OUR FREE PAVED PARKING SUPER VALU ALGONA WHERE YOU SHOP IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES ALGONA, IOWA/ THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1961 SUMMER IS THE TIME OF BEAUTY contests. In Iowa, we chotose band queens, honey queens, dairy queens, queens of the furrow and of the National Guard. We have contests to setteet Miss Iowa ito go to Atlantic City to be Miss America and a Miss Iowa to compete for the Miss United Staites title and then on ito the Miss Universe contest. Any day now, there'll be a set-up to select a Miss Outer Space, because all of these girls are so lovely they are practically out of this world, anyway. * * 4 IOWA HAS AN ECONOMY OF ABUNDANCE when it comes to pretty girls. For every queen crowned there ate ait least 50'more just as lovely who weren't chosen or who didn't even eniter a contest. It's lots better than it is with another of Iowa's abundant crops—corn, for with pretty gdrls, nobody ever suggests cutting production or paying anyone for not raising them. * * * • .••'•.•' ' NOW. DON'T THINK THIS IS SOUH grapes on my pant—because it is — but why shouldn't these girls be lovely? They've got youth I Somebody has been, stuffing them, full of vitamins alll of their tender years, they have $20 bathing suits, and:, very few of them have things like mortgage payments and balky Washing machines .to put creases in their complexions. They have time, to swim and play tennis and put their hair up on rollers every day and this does wonders for any figure or coiffure'. They haVe stars in their eyes and the world at their finger tips. All this, and beauty contest!, too I : » « * • ONE pF THE THINGS THIS WORLD needs is for some; great humanitarian to start a movement for beauty contests for girls in the awkward age when,they really need a little encouragement. The awkward age is just over 40 when the bloom 'of youth is fading bat the girl is not yet reconciled to that fact. When her own "babiefc" are two or three inches tailler than she is, but haven't yet produced any grandchildren for her to dote on. When she has too much grey in her hair to cover by parting it a new way, but not enough to gfl frankly silver and get la blue rinse. When her reminiscences'. abou< the old days aren't old enough to be authentic pioneer stories, just ancient enough ito be odd hat. And when' she hears somebody she knows blamed well is only about 25 described as ah "older woman". * * * • • . '-,.,' THERE ARE AN AWFUL LOT of women in the over-forty group who have exactly, the same .measurements as Marilyn Monroe. It's just that on us they are distributed differently. We are more apt .to have Marilyn's waist measurement at the top and her bust measure,-' ment in the middle. This week I found out that I have one more thing that Marilyn doesn't have. My gall bladder I Marilyn' had her's-out. ' " ••''••"'' j| * ' * «... • • .,... • JUDGES FOR A BEAUTY CONTEST for girls of the awkward age would be a cinch to Jind. They might not go at their work with the same enthusiasm they have for judging the younger girls' con-, tests, but at least there would be very few; objections from tye judges* \vives.. The bathing suit category in the pVeftforlty contest cqtaikl be eliminated because at this age, when a girl p"tx£s'omfr swim^sulit' she plans ito go swiimming and the splash she creates is all in; the pool, siot in the, effect'on byfctafeders* The*evening*gown categoryanight also be eliminated unless you/wanTus (to parade In our flannel pajamas, because that's what & lot of us wear in theevening, rv * * *.' - -\ '• -. I THIS SORT OF CONTEST, it seems to me, should be judge® on both beauty and talent as the ones for the younger girls are. It should be taken into consideration both how much looks there were to Jtart with, proved by la photo of 20 years :aigo, and how much looks are, left in spite of everything. It should also; be considered how much time and how much money it takes to gelt presentable. Almost any Woman can acquire quite a bit of beauty if she has six or seven hours for primping and enough cash to hlave her hair done and buy a good girdle; it takes real italent to look half-way decent in a five year-odd' dress after taking a shower and 'applying a dab of lipstick. • , * « « ••.. •.-. '.,:• j THE REQUIREMENTS IN THE .talent department woujd al<So have to be changed for this contest I am proposing. We mtghlt have to exhibit a nicely-browned apple pie for our talent instead of a vocal solo or a lecture on why-you-kids-have-to-dean-up-your-filthy rooms instead of a dramatic reading. We might have to go to a sort of point system and count 5 for every year the contestant has served as a Cub Scout Den Mother, a Brownie Leader, or a Room Mother; 5 for every 200 nights sleep she has missed because of a colicky baby, chaperoning a slumber .party, or worrying over some family problem; and 2 for each 5 times she put off 'getting a new permanent, dress or winter coat so the kids could have their teeth fixed. * * * ' ON THE OTHER HAND. THERE ISN'T a very .good .way of counting how much has been 'added to genuine beauty by the feeling of being really needed by a husband aind family, the joy in their achievements, the fun the years have brought and the satisfaction of a lot of hard jobs done to the best of one's ability. ' : * * * I DON'T REALLY EXPECT ANY beauty contest to be conducted for girls of the awkard age. There is already the Mrs. America Contest, and although those are based on looks and homemaking ability, most of them have been won by women way under forty. I also .have noted that at least three of the former Mrs. Americas got divorces shortly after their year of reign. Perhaps it is better to have the love of four or five people than the applause of hundreds. * * * BUT IF THIS IDEA OF CpNTEST FOR girls of the awkward age really catches on, I am going to embark on a crusade that is ever dearer to my heart. That is a custom of post-nuptial bridal showers. Real post-nupltiall — about 21 years after the marriage. That is the time ail your sheets, towels, bedspreads, and electrical appliances you received as a bride are long worn out. A few gifts along that iine would be a real bonanza ! * * * RIGHT NOW THERE ARE MANY days in which it's too hot to eat, but we sometimes get tired of all cold foods. This week's recipe is for hot potato salad: 8 potatoes 1 green pepper 2 hard cooked eggs 1 onion 4 slices bacon 2/3 cup vinegar 1 \k tablsp. tugar 1 teasp. salt 2 tablespoons water Cook potatoes in jackets, dice while warm. Add green pepper, onion and eggs. Fry bacon, add sugar, vinegar, water and sait. When liquid is boiling, add diced vegetables and eggs. Allow to stand 10 to 45 minutes on warm burner. Serve hot. — GRACE, Free Pony Ride Day At Titonka Elevator, July 10 A pony, with saddle, saddle blanket and bridle, will be giv- away as part of a FREE PONY RIDE DAY according to Farmer's Co-op Elevator of Titonka. He states all children accompanied by thoir parents or an adult will get a free ride on one ot the 12 ponies that will be on hand Monday, July 10. The Free rides will start at 9 a.m. and continue until 4 p.m. Everyone coming to the store can also fill out a special FREE PONY PRIZE DRAWING form as one of the 12 ponies will be given some lucky boy or girl. All children registering must be accompanied by a parent. To Show Film A film, "Operation Abolition", will be shown at the Regular Baptist Church, Friday night, July 7, at 8 p.m. It deals with rioting which occurred recently in San Francisco. The public is invited.

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