The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 7
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^ a ORBIMANCE MO. 419 AN OflUINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO, 413, THE MUNICIPAL CODte. BY ADDING A NEW CHAPTER 18 TO TITLE IV, ENTITLED "CONTROLLED ACCESS FACILITIES", FIXING AND ESTABLISHING OONTROLLEDtAC* CESS FACILITIES AND REGULATING TRAFFIC ON PRIMARY ROADS,HO, ,1M AND, 16 WITHIN THE CftY, OF ALGONA,' IOWA, DESCRIBED^ AS FOLLOWS! ON PHILLIPS SfHBET (Highway 1(9) FROM ; THfi SOUTH CITY LIMITS TO THE SOUTH LINE OF CALL STREET; ON THE SOUTH HALF OF CtiNf EH STREET (Highway It) FROM THE; EAST. CITY LIMITS TO THE WEST CITY LIMITS; REGULATING INGRESS OR EG* HESS FROM AND ACROSS SUCH CONTHOLLED-ACCESS FACILITIES TO OR FROM ABUTTING LAND, DESIGNATING POINTS AT WHICH ACCESS MAY BE PERMITTED, REGULATING TRAFFIC, AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATIONS THEREOF. . WH^Kl-iAS, Primary Roads No. 169 . and IB within the corporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa, as described above, have been Improved, and the '.cost o£ such improvement was borne by the Bureau , at Public Roads and : the , State Highway Commission, and 'their participation in the costs thereof ,\vas dependent on the, establishment of .the controlled;access facilities by the icity of Algona along said highway lm- >proverrieiiti and said- cotitrolled-access i iiacllltles are; necessary for the pfeser- I ivation'of the.public peace, health and I 'saietyv andf'iheipi-omoiifln 61 the gen- I eral wtliarev and 1 • . ' . VvHiiHiSAb, Uie Cou.ricU agreed under Resolutions, and Agreements entered Into with the Iowa State Highway Com- I mission to pass ordinances for access control and.traffic control; . _.„, NOW. THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAIN- 1 'ED by the City Council of the City of Algona, lowa: •: ••-:.•Section 1. Authority. - . This ordinance shall be deemed art exercise of the police power 'of the City under Chapter 148, Acts" of; the Fifty-Sixth General ', Assembly of the State of Iowa, for the preservation of the pub- lie peace, health, safety and the promotion Of the general wel- Scctlon 2 Definition. ' For the purpose of this ordinance, a controlled-access facility 'snail mean a highway or street especially designed for through trail'lc. and, over, from or to Which owners or'occupants of /abutting'land or other persons have a controlled right of easement of access, light, air or view by reason of the fact that their property abuts upon such controlled-access facility or for any Section* 3. e Unlawtul Use ot Conlrolled- • ACCOM FaclUllei. It shall be unlawful for any, per-, (of Drive a vehicle over, upon or across any curb, central dividing section or other separation or dividing line ' -on such, controlled-access facilities.- , (b)' MaKe a left turn or a seml- " circular, or • U-turn except an opening'provide ed for that purpose In the dividing curb section, separation or line. (c) Urlve any vehicle except Ih the proper lane provided for that purpose and,in the proper direction and to the right of the centrrtl dividing curb,(separation section Or line. (d) Drive any vehicle Into the . controlled - access facility from a local service road except through an opening provided for that purpose in the dividing curb or dlvid- . Ing section or dividing line wnich separates 8Uc,h service roaa from the controlled-access facility property, Section 4, Establishment; There are hereby designated and established as controlled-access ' facilities the Primary Hoad^System extensions of Primary Roads No. iua and 18 within tne City of Algona, Iowa, described as follows: la) Phillips Street from the South City Limits to the bouth line of Call Street. ' (b) The SoUth half of Center Street from' the East City . Limits to the West City la' nuts. Section S. Points of Access , • 'No person shall have any right of ingress or egress to, from or across said controlled-acCess facilities to or nom abutting lands except at the points designated, . and lor the purposes stated, in bciieuule A attached to and maue a part of this Ordinance by reference, The council may, upon written application, by resolution authorize additional access points which have been approved by the Iowa State Hign- way Commission. Section 6. Penalty. Any person violating any provision of tnls ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof snail oe fined not more tnun One Hundred Dollars or by 1m- ' pnsonment for not more than vmrty days. Section 'i. Municipal Code. That Sections One through Six and Schedule A- of this Ordinance be incorporated In the Municipal Code of the City of Algona, lowa, as Chapter 18 of 'rule IV". Section B. Repealer. All ordinances or parts of, ordinances in conflict herewith are repealed. Section a. bitecllve Dale. < This ordinance shall be in full force and ettect from and after its final passage, approval and publication as provided by law. PASShlb and APPROVED this 28 day jl June, lu«li, . ' /S/ Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk •Mayor AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 419 •" | •*«•**. ««"pted by the by the Ma- 543-36 S47-00 347-42 552-10 0- 6 0-00 0,67 1-38 2-42 3-16 3-21 4-45 4-71 4-05 5-62 6-07 6-43 6-51 7-13 7-37 7-46 7-78 8-02 0-82 0-82 10-47 11-02 11-44 11-56 12-19 12-57 12-66 13-11 13-50 14-74 14-88 15-86. 16-20 16-65 17-00 17-78 17-80 18-06 18-80 1B-U4 21-17 21-04 22-12 22-57 23-33 23-67 24-42 25-07 25-30 2C-27 26-27 2B-74 27-52 Opening Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive., Drive Street Drive Driven Drive • Drive Street Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drlvp Street Street Drive ,Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive DHve . S^eet Drlva Driv? Drive Drive Drive Drive • Drive Street Drive Drive Street Drive Drive' Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Street Street Drive Drive SCHEDULE A A11C .Lt/lcaui.'B v .««.«..*.». -'-• --.which was passed ana adopted by the Juy Council and approved by the Mayor on the 28th day of June, A.D., luiil, is hereby duly authenticated. /S/ Dr. Cameron C. Shierk Mayor 'ATTEST: David «». omlth , >••"• •• City'Clerk 1 •'•>'• • (SEAL) ,,; . - v . ..,.,. ,.., , -. .'-.. . ORDINANCE 413 "'. ' ' : West East est East East East 27-62 ) Joint ) 27-82 ) Drive ) 28-28 Drive 28-44 Drive 28-07 2U-42 31-26 32-16 33-53 34-23 34-58 35-35 35-05 36-84 37-17 J34-08 134-29 134-35 134-62 135-30 135-47 J30-30 Drive Drive Drive Drive Drlye Street Drive Drive Alley Drive Drive Street Drive . , • East ' West East West West West West West East West West East West West West East East West West East • West West East West East Eust West West . West East • West Eust West West West East West West West East East West East W.est East East West East East West East West I$ast East East East East East West West West East West North no South"E 1,4" Corner Sec. 11-95-29 CommrsS'. ' 514' South E',4 .Corner Sec. H-95-29 Comm 35' 472' South EVl Corner Sec. 11-95-29 Comm. 35' 4' South E'A Corner Sec. 11-95-29 , VHOJECT. U 111 :Wr , .- , Comm. 65' To Fair Grpuna . . ••;,,. • •"' Irvington Road ... '. Lot 1. SchAlte Addition .Lot .1., Schtfltz Additfcffiib ';2425 North,of Wti Co*,.Sec. 12 *316'. North 6f WW Co*: Sec. 12 Fair Street "• ; 445' North of W'/i Cpr.-Sec. 12 471' North of .EYi Cor. Sec. 11 . 4U5' North o£ E'/i Cor..Sec. Us 502' North of E'/i Cor •.•Sec. 11'• •. Lot 5, Wellendorf's 2rjd. Addition Lot 5, Wellendorf's 2nd. Addition , 651' North-of WM, Cor. Sec". 12 Lot 4. Wellendorf's 2nd, Addition • Lot'4. Wellendorf's 2nd, •Addition.;. . , 746' North of W'A Cot Sop. 13 . Lot 3. Wcllendorf's 2nd. Addition Lot 1, Wellendorf's 2nd. Addition East Chubb Street East Chubb Street 1047' North of W'/i Cor. Sec. 12 Lot 3, .Wellendorf's 1st, Addition Lot 3 & 2, Wellendorf's 1st. Addition 1136' North of W'/i Cor Sec. 12 - • - "-ndoi Comm. 24' Comm. 35', ., 'm. 38.* n. 35' • 38' Comm. 34' Comm. 22' Comm. 23' Comm. 35' Comm. 24' Comm. 24' Comm. 24' Comm. 24' Comm. 32' Comm. 26' Comm. 3B' Comm. 36' :•• 37' 45' Comm. 24' Comm. 24' Comm. 35' Comm. 37' Comm, 24' Comm. 20' Private 18' 37' Comm. 24' Comm. 24' Comm. 45' Comm. 36' Comm. 44' Comm. 35' Private 22' 47' Private 10' Comm 20'_ Comm, 35' School 21' Private 18' Private IB' Comm. 35' Comm. 35' private 24' Comm. 35' Private 18' Comm. 21' 43' 43' Comm. 18' Comm 18' Comm. 45' Comm. 24' School Private 24' Comm, 30' Comm. 35' Comm. 24' Comm. 35 30' Comm. 20' Comin. 36' Private 18' Comm. 44' . 27' Comm. 35' Lo"tV£T Wellendorf's 1st. Addition Lot 1, Wcllendorf'a 1st. Addition • 1268' North pf W'/l Cor. Sec. 12. . East South Street „ . 1359' North of WU Cor. See. 12 . 1474' North of W'/i Cor Sec. 12 Lot 6, Block 1, Lute A.T. Stacy s. Add, Lot 5 Block 11 Lute A.T, Stacy s Add. Lot 4, Block 1, Lute A.T. Stacy s Add, 1665' North of S'/i Cor. Sec. 11 Lot 3. Block 1, Lute A.T. Stacy's Add, o2oc 1. Lute A.T. Stacks Add. Lot 1, Block 1. Lute A.T. Stacy's Add. East Kennedy Street 1894' North o£ W'/i Cor. Sec. 12 2117' North of E'/i Cor. Sec. 11 2194' North of E«A Cor. Sec 11 2212' North of E',i Cor. Sec. 11 2257' North of W'/4 Cor. Sec. 11 2333' North of W',4 Cor. Sec. 12 2367' North of E'/i Cor. Sec. 11 2442' North of W'/i Cor. Sec 12 2507' North of E',4 Cor. Sec. 11 2530' North of E'xi Cor. Sec. 11 East McGregor Street Intersection is NE Cor. Sec. 11 . Addition Lot 6. Block 260, Call's Addition 155' North of SE Cor. Sec, 2 Lot 5, Block 260. Call's Addition 217' North of SE Cor. See 2 Lot 5. Block 260, Call's Addition , 315' North of SW Cor. Sec 1 Lot 6, Block 259, Call's Addition Lot 6, Block 259, Call's Addition East State Street Lot 8, Block 228. Call's Add t on Lot 8 Block 227, Call's. Addition Between Lots 148, Blk, 227. Call's Add. Lot 1, Block 227, Call's Add t on Lot 5. Block 228. Call's Addition East State Street Lot 8, Block 227, Call's Addition North P p°£ a ?Park f mg T, 0 t 8, Block 227, Call's Addition 664-25 767-85 768-46 768-85 7UI/-12 771-75 778-19 778-39 783-33 783-75 End prop Curb North Drive North South North South South South South South South South South South South Drive Drive Street Drive Drive Street Drive Drive Drive Drive Lot 7, Block, 227, Call's Addition Comm. 35' Lot 6, Block 227, Call's Addition Lot 4, Block 239, Call's Addition Comm. 37' Lpt 5, Block 227, Call's Addition CommerlfaT 1 ' Lot H 2°, Block 9, Call's Addition Commercial Lot » Block a, Call's Addition Putman Street Private Lot 4, Block 10, Call's Addition . Private Lot 4, Block 10, Call's Addition Commercial "em^tefy "Drive, Blk. 12, Cairs Add. rnmmerulal Cemetery Drive, Blk. U, Call !> Add. Private Lot 3? Block 14, Call's Addition Private Lot 2, Block 14. Call's Addition FOR SALE — 1 near, new 11 cu, ft. refrigerator with 75 Ib. freezer compartment; 1 very clean 40 in, skelgas range with high broiler and built-in griddle. CY 4-4955. 27* THE StfRE WAt TO TUB FASTEST RESULTS 1 Algona 0pp«« £>es Molne* Classified Rates 5c Per Word, Cash in Advanc* 7c Per Word, Charjed 50c Minimum Copy Deadline Monday, 4 p.m • PHONE CY 4-3535 • TOM Want Ads Reach 5.40Q Families Each Week I motor. Priced right ! Phone CY -2668. 27. FOR SALE, general FOR SALE — 15 ft. Crestliner boat and -trailer, 40 H.P. Mercury BUDGET ESTIMATE AND R5POHD OF FIUNG NOTICE The NOTlpE-j-fne 19. |he P M at Court ' , Iowa will us, Iowa. January L. J. Immerfall Clerk County Conference Board meet Ta.\- tor ; " JIUUIL & USED MACHINERY 1958 Oliver Na 60, PTO Baler _. - $1050 1955 MH No. 1 PTO Baler $1075 IHC 45 T Baler — $ 750 1951 MH PTO Combine, Clean __- $ 450 JD 12 A. Combine .-_— $ 250 46' Farmers Friend'Elevator, wide — $ 295 44' Little Gianlt Elevator „ $ 135 48' J. D. Elevator—. ? 125 16' Auger 5", w/good motor $ 75 Stamhoist-Drive On Hoist $ 25 New Idea Drive On Hoislt $ 175 1959 Gehl Blower for 50' : Silo — PTO _.' -—- $ 575 1953 Gehl Blower for 50' Silo - $ 450 1955 JD No. 72 PTO Chopper, Corn and hay $ 425 1958 Gehl Chopper, PTO, Com head $1550 Case Stationary Silage Cutter, 50' Pipe — $ 125 JOE BRADLEY Algona, la. CY 4-2421 27 USED EQUIPMENT J. D. 'A' Tractors $ 100-$ 1200 J. D. 1949'B'Tractor $560 450 D Farmall, with new rear-tires, above average + $3195 J. D. 9 ft. Windrower, Like New ___, — $495 S. C. Case Tractor, New Rear Tires $295 M.;H. 10 ft. Windrower _ $595 Used Mounted Sprayer $60 Gehl - Mower bar, like New _, \/-) price USED SIDE RAKES $35-$65 L Spreader, JD, good cond. $265 H Spreader, good $145 Case, A6 Combine -_ $250 JD 12A Combine $195 Case 9 ft. Combine $275 Allis 60 Combines, PTO or Motor $250 and up 5 Ton Wagon Hoist $76 6 Ton Hoist $88.50 51 Plymouth $95 N.I. Mower ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE Algona, lowa i > • • u-i> TQTAXS^ 42,089 "SsujST 9,000 none ~9ioW""iwi«f" 33,985 Hies TRACTOR Specials 1955 UB MM with Hyd.. $1750 1951 ZA MM with Hyd.—„ 775 1948 U MM —— — 895 1944 A John Deere —— 450 1941 G John Deere ___!__ 295 1948 Z MM 425 20947 Z MM — 325 1951 I Gibson 325 New MM Jet Star Demo Save ? Also have a good selection o used spreaders on hand, Have Plymouth R»d Tep end Citadel Baler Twine for your baling needs. BUSCHER BROS. FOR SALE — 8 CU. ft. SEACO efrigerator, clean, A->1 condition. A bargain at $32.60. Stbeber Hardware, Fenton. (27) FOR SALE — Chevrolet 1 ton ruck with enclosed box. Wesley Co-op Creamery. Ph. 3411,. Wes- ey, Iowa." : (26-27) FOR SALE — PUREBRED Spotted 'Poland China fall bosrsi Bert Geerdes and Son, S., iVi 'U. of Lakpta.. • l7tfn HEAVYWEIGHT TARPS AT LIGHTWEIGHT PiRICES. IP WE HAVEN'T GOT IT OH CAN'T GET IT, IT IS NOT MANUFACTURED. , DIAMOND'S. Hn Real Estate FOR SALE Neat home,' 304 W. Nebr. Mostly re j done inside, living room car- pelted, birch kitchen, nice utility •oom. Upstiairs — 3 bedrooms and balth (1 bedroom has kitchenette and bath), lots closeits, valuable 3-car garage. See it to appreciate —Price $13,000. See JOEL M, HERBST or TED S. HERBST (Over PeruieyB) (27) WANTED 6 YOUNG MEN FROM THIS AREA Ages 17 to 29 to tram for railroad communications positions. Salary to $450 per month plus promotional opportunities. Free hospitalization, transportation, re- .tirement benefit. This is a career 'opportunity for ambitious young men. Short training with small tuition. Applicants must be physically fit. For immediate interview write RAILROAD COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING BOX 69-R, % this newspaper, give name, age, phone and exact, address. 26-27 Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks to relatives, friends land neighbors . for remembering us and helping make our 40th anniversary a memorable occasion. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Richards. 27* CARD OF THANKS A most sincere thank you to leighbors. and friends for the ntany cards, gifts and visits while was at Holy Family Hospital, nd. since my return home. A pecial thank you to 'those who elped bale my hay. Everett Viitham. ' 27* R SALE — 4 room house, 24 x 30, insulated, hardwood iloors, plastered, built in cup- joard, to be moved, ball or see Kenneth Bolinger, Fenton. 27-28* FOR SALE — 4 bedroom home. Combination windows. Well ^oca- ted. $13,000 Call CY 4-4742. ' 27-35* HO M~E IMPROVEMENT LOANS -£- NO MORTGAGE QUICK SERVICE — PATRONIZE DEALER O F YOUR CHOICE. SEE HOME, FEDERAL AT ALGONA. *. T.F.N. SALES MANAGER \ sleeded for area of Algona and Central lowa, who can FOR SALE Fine 4 bedroom house in. which to raise a family, 439 N. Thoring- bon, oak finish downstairs, fireplace, airy and cool, lovely yard, fine pavedIMe^i^bteraj, terms offered. V'T '' •"".';" . See Joel M. Herbs! or Ted S. Herbst (over Penneys) (27) Wanted Lost Found LOST — will the person, who picked up, by mistake, a white dutch purse at the swimming pool, Monday, place return it. Reward. Call CY 4-4910 or Helen F. 1 Smith, Britt, la, 27* FOUND — At Athletic Park during week of June 26, catcher's miUt. Owner may claim by identifying mitt and paying for this ad. Call CY 4-3448. 27* New Barber Shop A new barber shop, located just west of the Dairy Creme Thursday, July 6, 1961 Algona (la.) Upper Del Maine**-? on highway 169, was opened for business on Wednesday of this week by local barber Hank p urst- . WANTED TO BUY DAIRY CATTLE OF ALL BREEDS. COULD USE A LOAD OF SPRINGING HEIFERS. DALE YUNGEBERG ALOONA, IOWA CY 4-4044 (24-31*) nonage men. Must be mechani- cally'minded .hqve a sales back- round and be fr 6 ee ib travel . . . Iso interested in the future and a desire to earn $10,000 or-more ier year. For personal interview, vrite giving 'resume of your past background to BOB ROSE, Regional Mgr., BOX 1414, CE)AR RAPIDS, IA. 26-27* JOB WANTED — Any kind of work for 17 year old boy. Call CY 4-2560. (27*) \VANTED — Young man. Good opportunity for one wishing to team baking business. Firm's Bakery, Algona. 27 WANTED SPRAYING — with high clearance sprayer, Andrew Miller, RR2, Algona, CY 4-4054. 27-28* vAAN SUES BEST FRIEND : OR POOL INJURY I • $ummer-Time is Hazard Time. YOU are liable for any accident you may cause . . . and you could stand to lose a great deal of money. Protect yourself by. seeing Jim Kolp of the ALGONA FiWi's JJNSURANCE AGENCY today. FARM WANTED: Reliable, am- aHious, young married man wants lo rent or buy on contract a farm for 1962. Write Box 69s c/o this newspaper. 26-27* WANT TO BUY FARM — Quarter section. Write Box 69M, Algona. 24-27* FEMALE HELP WANTED WOMAN WHO CAN DRIVE . . . If you would enjoy working 3 or 4 hours a day calling regularly each month on a group of Studio Girl Cosmetic clienlts on a route to be established in and around Algona, and are willing to make light deliveries, etc., write to STUDIO GIRL COSMETICS, Dept. JW-14, Glendale, California. Route will pay up to $5.00 per hour. (24-27) WOMEN WANTED to demonstrate an exciting line »f toys, jewelry and novelties. Part Plan. High commissions, must have car. Join us in this fascinating program. For personal interview write Mrs. David Mericle Rural Route 3 Fort Dodge, lowa (27) WANT TO LEASE.— corn stalk land. Ernie Nauman, phone 11 on 38, Hurt,. la. WANTED TO BUY — Alfalfa nay. Ernie Naunran, phone 11 on at Burt. (23tf) HELP WANTED 'Due to expansion, we are in need of representatives in your area. Highest Earnings. Must be able to travel surrounding areas -•ailing on civic organizations. For Further information, write Don 3. Mace, 308 Smith Building, Freeporl, Illinois. This is not maguzine sales." (25-26-27) REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 120 A. on Black Top, near Latts Creek. Large modern house, fair barn and crib. Top piece of knd $325 280 A. Near Alguira, excellent modern home, new cattle shed. A good farm $335 154Vi: A. near St. Benedict, very good bldgs. Top land -- $375 3QO A. near Algona, fair bldgs., good, producing farm -- $250 CY 4-3174 iiV NEED A MAN AT ONCE! Large nationally advertised, direct to farm feed company, need a District Manager in Kos- svth County. Man selected must have car,, knpw feeds and feeding and be capable of super- vising men. This is a splendid op- portunity for permanent work, fop pension-insurance program fpr man who qualifies. It will pay you to investigate this open- ing, even though now employed. Fpr interview/ see or write MR. PALE DOUGHAN BRUT, IOWA THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL FOR SALE 1959 DODGE CORONET 4 DOOR . Custom Drapery Headquarter* By A Decorating Consultant Be Sure — Be Right See Bjustrom Furniture, Algona This is d two-tone rose and white beauty. New Tires, automatic transmission, and radio. You may well be proud to drive this one. SEE IT TODAY I USED APPLIANCES AT BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE BUY OF THE WEEK! Youngstown 42" Cabinet Sink Regular $129.95 NOW $ 99.95 Ranges Fridigaire 40" Electric .- $89.95 G.E. 36" __'__'_____ $59.95 Westinghouse 40" $79.95 Kelvinator 40" ________ $69.95 PERCIVAL MOTORS "LONG ON SERVICE" HiWay 169 South — Algona, lowa FARMERS - SAVE MONEY Inquire about our farm-dealer plan. Savings on your needs plus advantages of selling friends and Old established manufacturer of PRE-MIXES and SUPER-CONCENTRATES high in vitamins - minerals - live-cell yeast - anti-biotics, etc. plus wormers, medicinals, feeders, and cattle dusters. WRITE Mr. Le Roy Hindt, Little Rock, lowa, listing directions from nearest town. SIOUX FOR 61 SIOUX STEEL BUILDINGS IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL & FARM GRAIN STORAGE, SELECT THE BUILDING TO FIT YOUR NEEDS SIOUX DRI - ALL BINS 10 DIFFERENT SIZES SEE THIS COMPLETE DRYING SYSTEM BEFORE YOU BUY SIOUX GRAIN STORAGE Buildings, Tanks, Bins, Cribs Steel Gates, Feeders, Stock Tanks COMPLETE LINE OF AERATION, TUNNELS, FANS & MOTORS ROBINSON CONST. CO. E. E. (BUD) ROBINSON HWY. 18 EAST ALGONA, IOWA PHONE CYpress 4-3374 ACROSS WEIDENHOFF PLANT When Ready To Sell Your CHOICE STEERS AND FAT HEIFERS Call or Write The SPENCER PACKING CO. PHONE 2625 AT SPENCER EVENING CALL DUANE JOHNSON, home phone 1371, Spencer. (If you're north pf U.S. Hy. 18), or JIM KELEMER, phooq 4346, Gilmore City, (If you are souih of U.S. 18). (48 EOW tf) T-VSETS 21" Admiral Console ___ $99.95 21" Westinghouse Blonde-Oak Console, New Picture Tube, 1 year Guarantee '„---— $124.95 17" Crosley Table Model, New Picture Tube _•__—_ $74.95 21" Motorola T.V., Table Model —— $64.95 Refrigerators Montgomery Ward 8 cu: 2—Westinghouse 9 cu. Ft. $49.95 Each 2-Frigidaire 10 cu. ft. 1 year Guarantee — $99.95 ea. Washers & Dryers Norge Conventional Regular $189.95 NOW $129.95 2-Easy Spin Dry Washers $69.95 Each I-Hamilton Automatic _ $89.95 1—Westinghouse Laundromat $99.95 FREEZERS G.E. Chest Type 10 cu. ft. $100.00 USED ELECTRIC MOTORS «Ve have them, all sizes V* H.P, 1/3 H.P., 1/6 H.P. all woii OK. MISCELLANEOUS MUSIC INSTRUMENTS l-Upright Piano $34.95 New Home Desk, Model Walnut Cabinet Sewing Machine $99.95 Lionel Elec. Train Com* plete with Switches, Board And Access $49.94 Sew-Mor Electric Consol Sewing Machine Save $100 $99.95 , AIR CONDITIONERS V* Ton Westinghouse Deluxe $125.00 FOR RENT - WAREHOUSE SPACE. LOAPING POCK, E- LECTRICtTY, 6QQP LQCA, TIQN, CHEAP. TERMS If PSIIR1P BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE AL6QNA Phone CY 4-3613

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