The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 2
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*"*, t-Algona (Id.) Upp»r flat Moto* Thursday, July IA Will family reunion-was held 8 park at Sibley Sunday and , attendance were the parents, tor. and Mrs. Walter Will, and M*. and MM, Glen Johnson, Sibley, Mr. and Mrs. Don Steenhov en, Alexandria, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Will, Eagle Lake, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Don Will, Port Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stratton, Swaledale, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Adams, Mankalo, Min- iftsota, Mr. and Mrs. James Will and the respective families. All the Wills are former Algonans ij|jd xvill be well-remembered. Hungale Family Meeting .•H*A family gathering was held at the Don Hungates, July 4. This was the first time in eight years tfiat they were able to be together. Those present were Mr. and ,lSrs. Lyle Hungate and sons, Svanston; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ifungate, Irvington; and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hurigate and family, Bake City. Those unable to attend were the Wm. Gerdes and the father, Wm. Hungate of Min- ri%sota. : ; .'- . . »•- ••:..'; '.-r-o— Jim Andreasen Weds lAmong tnose Who attended the Wedding Sunday, June 25, at' Sheldon of Janet Kimmel and James Andreasen were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hutzell, Karen Sailor, Dorothy Barkama, Bob Johnson •and Frank Brusie, the'latter .acting as ushers. The'; ceremony tSok place at 4. "o'clock in ' the ( Methodist church. Mrs.. Andrea- sgn taught 1 in the schools here last year. Birthday Observed • -Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Peterson ,aftd children spent Tuesday at ffpde with the former's parents, lUJr. ahd Mrs. Albert Sprlein. The birthday of Mr. Sorlein'was observed.'' :'•-. ' , '.''••':• '•"'' :,''':• ' • itaylors at Reunion -:. ; ; ! • '• • \ I; •Mi\ and'Mfs; G. W. Naylor at- tcjnded a Naylor family reunion the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Naylor, at Gutherie Center. Forty-five, persons were in attendance! '*. t Family Reunion ' A Patilsen family-reunion was held Sunday at Mr. and- Mrs. Herbert Lindquist's ahd in' attendance were Mr. and Mfs. Paul Paulson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paulsen, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Paulsert,- Forest City, Mr. and Mrs. Don McCoy, Winterset, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fiscus, Spencer, a'nd Kay McCoy and Jerry Holland, Fbrt Dodge, and the respective families. July 4th Visit Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Studer, Joan Kay, Thomas, and John spent the July 4th weekend at Now/ you Know! The answer lo everyday insurance problems* ' By L. S. Bohannon QUESTION: .Does it pay the ordinary home owner to have his home insurance program checked-over the way I un* derstand business firms do occasionally? : ANSWER: Certainly. These days most coverages can be combined with substantial savings. Also a survey by >.a. really good agent can determine the correctness of ..your coverage and probably save you money. j ' ; * if you'll address yourjown Insurance questions to thii'.ofi fice, we'll try to give you the correct;answers; and t^ere,will be rio' chargfe- or: obligation M any kind. L S. BOHANNON S N., Dodge , . 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'Graham (Jlild^a) 'of Clayt6n,- New Mex., and Mr, 'and Mrs. d. N. Aalfs (Merle) of Sidux City. With the Grahams are the grandchildren, Ken 'and Kirk Wight, Pampa, Tex. Attend Reunion Mr. 'and Mrs. Gordon ..Schmidt and; Mrs. Mary Olson, .at^endid the Hoover family reunion Sun- ter. Mr. and Mrs. " ~ " ' ' (Wit r^tUMied hospital,, a suf" ' s Mfa<31iff Ve'ht major surgery Jmi 28 Sum* -.City; spent the ' ' ; Lldyd dresl \alid mother, ..Mrs," Ada — Piaul his 75th b v the Ind Danny of Cedar '""- for 'the'h' her parents, Miller family. p'irty at (begi 'ry dfrhis 'son, 'Mr. ijli[iffle:r' and family StindayJ,' J g» ternoon. Guests were Revf-if. Paul* Stevens family, Mf. ,&na Mrs. 'William A. Marty, Mr. arid Mrs. Fred Merkle, Mrs, Ann M&M ty, Mrs. Ella Woito,-Mrs. Errftna Schmidt,: Mrs. Sula.Frantz, the Misses Emma Marty;, Lottie Ma* son and Emma Krause. Paul re* . Meyer, employed in Des *Molnes, Visited Saturday .and ^Sunday in the parental Harold Meyef home. *• .Keith Kubly of Oak Park, 111., has arrived for a two week va- slting his parents, Mr. Elmer. Kubly and Dale. a'nd Mtfgg "of ~Des "Mbitis •sfent the holiday, visiting hSi mother, Mr.' J and Mrs. - Victor Baumgart'nef/ brother James ahd sisters, Linda 'and Cynthia Rugg. Mrs. Edward- Ramus, her soti Irvin Ramus and his daughters Bedky and Vickie, of Fort Dodge fished at Jefferson Lake, Minn. Friday to Monday. ui,, y: Mrs. and Mrs. Henry Hesse of Mr. and Mrs. William Goetsch, hbhie f"M&'.William L Wrtter and Linda Swattsdft, the week at Camp Quest at Okoboji. Mrs. Goetsch w«» -*« teacher and Charles and.Lindh were counselors, - > r Mrs. Allen fiarby and her 'sisV ter, Mrs. Fred Hints! of Livermore, returned from visiting their sisters, 11 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis ,Wilden at .Owatonna, Minn.' and Mr. family •They tending . ' Mr, and .Mr8f. ,Mak Patterson, Ritk 'and filane visited Sfiturday and' Sunday with'- her mother, Mrs. ( Edfta Broadie_at.'Gra«dr and^hfef brotHef'in-fs Moities. ;; empldyed pn road construdion in South. • Dakotd, spent the. holiday weekend with Mrs, Daley, Linda and Maryt • Mr. and Mrs/; Hugh Shirk, vf«. itedt Sunday 5 Ifl,il6yal wiih far parents Mr. a"nU'MFs. Clair Jones. The occasion Wfls -"the 81st birthday rtf Mr,,,JoneS) - '• • Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bdwman of Algona spen|; last .week on , vacation visiting re'latives""ift 3 'Luand Mrsr Andrew HanSen and.'iola. jVerne, Des Moines and Indiari- THIS IS THE WEEK TO BUY CANNING FRUITS Peaches JUST CAN'T BUY FRESHER, FINER PRODUCE! If* BIN6 CHERftY TIME! ' Now It the Time to Can or Frees* BING CHERRIES Cdlrf. Elberta FREESTONE yellow PER CRATE 1 LARGE SWEET and DEEP RED WONDERFUL FLAVOR ' ' SPECIAL LUG PRICE PER IB. LARGE BSKT. . 39 99« OQ California LEMONS \J f l Long Green Slicing ' j*»* r ? 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HORMEL'S Spam n« CM ^^^ OINTY MOORE Beef Stew,4^c, IOVRIL Corned Beef I2 ^ WITH THIS COUPON WHEN YOU BUY A BOX Pillsbury 'tsf Cake Mix AT YOUR NATIONAL FOOD STORE • > Coupon Expirtt July 8, '61 j n CC STAMPS rKcb WITH THIS COUPON WHEN YOU BUY A Pkg. of OREO Cookies AT YOUR' NATIONAL FOOD STORE Coupon Expires July 8, '61 50 KING KORN STAMPS FREE ili ^ ;ORN p* FREE WHEN -YOU BUY 2 n ^ Kleenex Towels AT ; YXJUR. NATIONAL FOOD STORE ' Coupon Expires July 8, '61 - A KING KORN CD EC 50 STAMPS rRcc WITH THIS COUPON WHEN YOU BUY 2 I<IM , Kleenex Tissues AT YOUR NATIONAL" FOOD STORE ' Coupon Expires July 8, '61 DELIGHTFUL FROZEN FOODS ORCHARD FRESH FROZEN TQP TASTE FROZEN ORANGE JUICE MEAT PIES VITAMIN C th« easy w«y BEEF —CHICKEN —TURKEY MOM—relax this summer—BUY CANNED Peaches! BORDO CONCENTRATED A AA GRAPE DRINK 2 ^ 29 BORDO CONCENTRATED A AA ORANGE DRINK 2 ^ 29 FOR COOL REFRESHING Summer Salads Get Yoar CANNING SUPPLIES at NATIONAL KERR JAR CAPS KERR MASON LIDS o L FOR COMPLETE PKG. OF 12 PKS. OF 12 NATCO 46-OZ. CAN TOMATO JUICE ORCHARD FRESH 46-OZ, CAN ORANGE JUICE 29 COCK-O-THE WALK SLICED BELLOW CLING PEACHES ORCHARD FRESH SLICED OR HALVES YELLC PEACHES ORCHARD FRESH ' SLICED OR HALVES YELLOW CLINS NO. 303 CAN 25' 19° GARDEN FRESH CREAM STYLE C GOLDEN CORN &f GARDEN FRESH, EARLY •~ N CANS JUNE PEAS N030J 2 0 * "°T DOG OR HAMBURGER NATCO 13-OZ. lor ior SWEET RELISH S£ c< Vs QL' FASHUN PjCKLES KOSHER DILLS <»r $1 49c So Fresh CAI Afl m *t t * +ff^tmf^mr rich fuyo DRESSING j. 43 Salad Dressing Salad ,. NATCO 8-01. Jar Govt. Insp, GRADE "A Tender Young HENS 8tol2Lb, Avg, Juicy Plump' YgunaHsi ITALIAN DRESSING CHEESE DRESSING tot. 49C n PER LB, MILB — UEIT THAT TiAMiWAL MEAT!" Chuck St6pks^«4 V IONELESS Minute Steaks CQSN FSO Rib Steaks 49" 59° Skinless Franks W 2 ^ 79° •k - ff A° ..••.-.•,.,,.':••-•• , dk^fc Beef Sausage -. «: ( n.Ki.,. ..29' Sliced Bacon 7c DEAL ON S PRY UB. CAN, NET PINT SI?E Handy Andy FREE CANNON FACE CLOTH IN Pf@€IZ@ Regular Mig. ...,. FOR DISHES, MILD " AM fi URSE PK< lux liquid °»«i 5i^ ., 991 Rinso HEAVY DUTY Swan LiquidVM MM,»« BIT Surf OOC ?^ >SIZE , * 0« , I'l? 3 fi' r° ?1 PKe> • •* fl^H W > I T* • I • rf^ * v ~ |K Bftrf •• "^ I * • • Jk, I ' I w lux Toilet SeiP.v-.v*^ wI :ALL'F» OCC 8ATH SI?E . .- || A|g, 8ATH SIZE OD lux Toibt S©iP"-* iM1 v( Praise T9rt.» SP, P Q BATH SI?E PINE Lifebuoy * 71 6 Prices CwMhru July 8th • We Give KINO KOBH STAMPS #*W-

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