The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1939
Page 2
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fAGE.TWO : TICKET fjcfcft WfU AdnUt «)(np*nJon «f. 3. ; . .-*»*«"It Could Happen (o You" FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia -TUBBDAY'6 EVENTS Mrs. 'John F. Relnmlller entertaining Tuesday Contract club Order of ti)e Eastern Star having stated meeting 7:30 o'clock al Hall Busjness Women's circle, Woiji- an's ^JlEslopary Boclely, Fiis| Methodist church, -meeting at the church 6:45 o'clock to leave on a wiener rp»si. Prosperity club meeting 2 30 o'clock «,t fhp home of Mrs M. Sllmon to Lqnora, 2.30 o'clock Mrs. William young entertaining ApQ club. tfrs. C. F, Tricker haUng Toftn and Cpunlfy P|ub Double Four Bridge c)i|b meet. ing ^Ith >jrfi. Join) Foster. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Altar §oclety, Churcji of the Immaculate Conceptici), a bjjwo party, filght o'clock, al Cgtijoflc JiaJJ Ehnwood Cemetery Association meeMng throe o'ploclc )\lth MJS. CijBfJJe Jpiinson Jfrs. Charles iffewomb arid ,Mr.s P, J. JWeDearmnn entertaining Dprcas iSundav 6choo) clfiss, first Baptist church, V.JO-q'clock at the Npwcomb home • MttlM-Eskridje gffes Soltpniied Saturday Mips Sara Anj> Eskrjdge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs T gilder Esk- rldge, pnfi Josepii A Mudd, son of ¥rp ,J f±. Mudd Sr, of Diimllle, Ky, were ;narr)ed Satmday night at the First tyethodisl church Mefljber> p;, the fapiljy and n few intimate Irlends witnessed the ceremony vthicl; j\as read by llio Btv ; E. B Wllllapis, paitor of the church. Hoor baskets of gartjen flowers were arranged about the altar. ThoraAS Eskilrtge, brotjier of the bride, and. Mrs Eskildge attended the coupjg Mrs J, ceci) Io\\c p^yed the tradl|lpi(ai Aiding marches ' ,The Jjride wore a straw model of sput) rayon wit!) » rose, green and bins trim about the circulai Bklj-t, the square neck and the pu«ed'Bleeyes '"Buttons In -the same pastel shades ornamented Die belt. Jte Jegrjorf) hat and Rojal blue accessories eompleleij the costume with s<hlcjj she is ore a corsage of pink rosebuds. Mrs Eskridge was dressed in a n^vy hlue ensernble with a rose and' tan. trim. She vore vhjte ac cessortes, - ftttej the ceremony, the young couple was enter'alned w)th a" dinner par^y-»t the Rustic Inn given by Mr ai>d Mrs. Thopias Eskridge ,'Mr and Mrs Mudd went to Jorrest City where they will make their home, Mr. Mudd is an engineer with t!(e Rural Electrification Association ' ' * t * To jBaJl ^Us Monfh For Honolulu, Hawaii Mr. and MJS "A Conway, \\ho .leave tomorrow for prints of Call- tcrnla, w m Ea ii the 28th of this month for Honolulu They villl be accmpanled on the trip by Mr rs J. A Rlggs, cf Little Upon arriving In California, they will spend much time m Sanla Monica and Sacramento nlicre tliev will be »lth Mrs Crnwaj-'s sister. Mrs. J. J. Sinclair, who MILS Injured recently hi an accident The Cor»va)s sill be Joined in San Francisco by the Rlggs and they plan to see the fair, "Treasure Island," befcre sailing • They TUH sail on the Malsonlan and spend two weeks on the Island before returning en the Lnrline They will return here about the middle of September At The Hospital] Blj-lheville hospital , Jphn Doster, Osceola, adm»lcd Mrs James c Farley, Havlt dismissed ' Miss Irene Coleman, Amiorel, dismissed ^Wilbur E,,^ Brag? CUV| djs Walls hospital £ k Ruincy, Dell, adjnllted Betty Lou Phillips, city, admitted ' Jr3 r 7 y Jamc s Fntzlus, city, admitted. 'John Parley) Dell, admitted Phlley Crawford, city, admitted Russell • Jackson, city, admitted *: , B J^ ntit ' 'fulmar,, dismissed car! Olary, Raseland, dismissed Carl Davjs, city, dismissed Elton Mccann, Manila, dismlss- 9"' '*• 'Homer Burton, Porlagevllc, dis- _tnlssed ; I '-. Memphis Baptist' hospllal Down to Earth "Don't cry, sugnr. We'll be just $2.85 wpylji away from one)) ot)ier, without the puJlmaji scat." Osccpla Bible School Enrolled 44 Students OSCEOLA, Ark., July l(M-Forly- four pupils were enrolled the week of the'Vacation. Bible School conducted al the Presbyterian church during the month of July, according to the Rev. I,. T. L*uv- retice, pastor and principal of (he school. The enrolltnwit represents twentyrone in the primary and twentyrlhreo in the junior dcpnrt- mcnl'frnm Hie various churches in town. : Devotional music and recreational periods, drills, Bible study, ond handicraft are among the subjects being : laught by the faculty of twelve. Mrs R c Bi\an suprnlsor of primur> work Is asslstes by Mrs L 1 Lawrence anil Mrs H C rayjuson Mrs A r ppiese iU rcrthes, the handlciafl work of tljp JuiilWb, ojhei menjberi of the JacuJJy fee^M>s W J Drlvci' Jr, Mrs Bob Cromcr Mrs H J Hole Mrs Gu> Diher \frs C B Dr|/ er and Adon Hool Adelle Hook Is pianist for tlie school that will Close in three weeks. To Give Program At Gosnell School Friday A program will be given at (lie Qosnell sclionl uudltorltim Friday night, it ivas announced lociny by cfflcers of tlie Cemetery Association which is the spcnsorlnj organization. Tlie entertainment will Include the play with which Ilic Armorel Koine Demonstration club received first place in the Itome Dcmoiistra- licn club tournament,'Other play- lets, sclos and a negro skll. A prlie will lie awarded the best entertainer. Seventeen - year - old G o I d I e Geinken, above, \yas supposed to be leaving for a short ah plane ude wjlh barnstoimmg pilol Er- ' nest Pelch when she flew away from her father's farm at Vernon, III When Pelch put (lie plane down four days later at Wyafl, Rio., she was arrested, he flew away again In the plane ic- portcd Elojen from '. Frank- tori, hid Cafe Waitress Cuts Hand In'Fall Sunday „ Miss Bcrtlc Nell Duntan, 18- year-pld employe of Moore's cafe, =ut licr hand badly when she fc)l off of a stool al the cafe ycslrrilny. A glass, which slie held in her hand when she fell, was broken causing the cut which nrae.\s!tale;l (he taking of several slilches. She wns given emergency treatment al the Wnlls hospital :uut later dismissed. Demonstration Club News Notes p«rt, Luxoia, sd- .rplttcd.' ,/ - ^ ';Mrs J, I,, Lemnwn, Braggadocio, tdrpltted. - ' • • , ''•.PWjrPfiiitCawU, *dmltt«d. ' " V' •' ' >!- - •[, ~ ^,- <Ir»»m by horse*, v s i T " « . ' Oosncll fliib to Meet ie Gosneii JJonir. Deiiionblra- :lon club will meet "at tlic home ot Mrs. G. C. Wadley t:morro,v. Gomcll News W. M. S. Meets Mrs. Charlie coak presided over •he meeting ot the' Union Mission- aiy society Thursday afternoon' at the church. Mrs. Young, ol Yarbro, was a visitor. . Arrangements were made to sponsor an entertainment program for the benefit oi the cemetery lunrt. . . » 4 *' ' Miss The|nia Cook returned tlie ftrst part of the week from Jones- •oro where she has been'attending college the past year ' Tlie sfflatl child of Nfr and Mrs W.. E. ,LoK, who lias been very ill of conilillcattons pf wliooping cough spd piieunioiila, is reported lo be Improving,. Mtss Mary Alberllne BHlton, of Joncsfepro, retuniecl home Tuesday Sfler haying spent a few days with hpr ; uncle, J, ?.,. Cleveland, and family, r Deaf To Receive Sermon On "Profit And Loss" "PtoRl ant) LOSS" K-ill be the subject lised Jjy (he Kcv. N. P. Utillg, of St. Louis, tomorrow night n-licu he coiidticts services for the (Icof al the Pilgrim Uiliicran church nt sixth mid Wnlimi streets. Tlic service, to which hearing people art! ulso Invited, will beein at 1:30 p'clocl!. n c f t ell? wttl be accompanied by spoken words for bciicJU ol Hie lienrlug people, the Rev. Mr. UMIg has stated^ Miss Doroihy Ryiee Named Church Official ,-Mlss Dorotli Kyice was elected Sislricl secrelary-trcasurer oj the Nftjflrciic Young people's society ?n L convcilf(l i'> El. Dorado llvursday and Friday. . OUier-Ulylhcville jrenpJc, wlio attended Uic ronfrrecce were: the Rev. buiriia D. Jteaslcyi. pastor of 'x, ^IL 01 "" 0 ' 1 (1f tllc Nararcnc, Mrs. Mildred Mayo and the Rev. >nd Mrs. Harold Thompson: ' Feet hot, tired, irritated ffita?. r ™Fli Anlu ' y V« '"^I'nX; H^t.w^^^^urrd ah' your contentment. Il'"{eel3 -iO.good and gives you medicated protection against chafe fcrttatlona. Mexican Heat Powder soothe* frri nTT r0 'f T H chi "5 of minor Skitt irrilnlioiis-lieat rash. Be sure to ask for famoiH! Mwlcau licit Pow- aer —"3 medicated." Brluglnjr s MEXICANtiMiPOWDER Mostly Pcrsonali Mrs llllll, tcrdii. be ao M. of W. j. pollard ,,,, u who went, lo St.. l/Quls yes.', *ill return today. Tlicv will ...•companled )) W ie l;y. Mrs. VV. riobliiscn and daug|itcr,'Susan, Al Kll/nteth jai )e Mills of Sheffield, In., Is the gycst of Patty Am Orccn. Tfiey were Mhoohmfe ,t fit. Agiies Acsideniy )n Men ( p)il 5 . Charles orlggcr Jllp ^)jo underwent a neck operntloii Saturday Is resting well R t Catjipbeli's dlj,}o Mr. and Mrs. W . H . Mlflyjlrd, Irs. Alan Wfilton and Jj c Knap pcnhcrgcr sjient 1) )0 ))oJWay last week in Big springs «nd. Van BU- Mlss j'eai) Bpurlgnd spent tlic echeiHl In Me;np)ii £ as the guest Df Miss Jlutli •Rhodes, tat »| e ht m, , |J " Ck a niiyl!ima|lciatis at the tencfit dance nt the Clarjdgc. Mr. and Mrs. James C Hale of si'lcn, spent (lie weekend licre with Mr. H«)e's parents, Mr. n'nii Mrs. E. A. Hale. They were «ccom- nnied hpmc by tlicJr Bon, James (J. Jr., with his Mrs.. ))fl(i here .Pritzius and Mrs - r-7 •-•:•* . f- 'n-t-*ui) aljll ftllS l«in I/),ig ami daughter,- Miss . ss , liavp gone to Little : Rock for a brief visit with Mr. ahd Mrs H. Slsk. Tom Little Jr. and Harry Ifnines Jr. will reiurj)-lo»lght froni'Mam- nolii Springs .where they have spent Jour weeks Jn Naiwlcon Hill cainp They \vill be met In Jpiiesboro , by Mrs. Tctn A. Llltie ahd Miss Frances Little. - ', ; Mrs. Flo Gcodman, formerly of here and now of Maiden, has 'been removed from . the Baptist jio'spiu) to her fijrin home near thai-tlljr S'le is (nuc)i Improved from', the spfniil injury received in an itiito- Incblle, accident. Her Uvo sops nhd nephew, 'James ?j. Jones, and brother, B!lts* Tanlwreley,' motored down for her. ' '. .John F, #clj}mlller 1)$$ returned from Chicago where he went hvo weeks ago for a rest necessitated by 1)1 health^ . •'•;•• Mrs, Joe tJ. Hill, who lias been quite 1)1, 1.5 now very much'Im- proved. Deri hyncli Jr., 'of fit. Louis, stopped here yestejday afternoon for a. brief vlsll -with his family before going to points of Mississippi where he will attend to business. .. Aflss Mary Nelle Patterson, who has teen 111 at, her homo for a week, is; now able to be out. Nancy Claire Hill came home yesterday from Lake city where she had been visiting her grandmother, Mrs, VV. w. McOangliey, and other rplntlves ,for ten days Her father, Jce N. Hill, motored over for her, Mr. »>»! Hfrs. H. A. Umbcck and so», Jlinmle f^e, of South jBcnd, I;i<l., spent last week with Mis. Minbeck's .sister, MJ-S. Hpmer Fisher. I and mother, Mrs. Mary Drake. Miss Gojdia Prukc, of yttle Rock, came Fdcjay (o lie \vlt|i tier sister, Mrs. fvlmbeck, while she is here. The JJmbecks left Saturday night. En rente home, they slopped in St. (Txnils for a visit wltli Mrs. Lhij- ' beck's . brollicr, George Williams, formerly of this city; Mrs. W. U Slcgall of Jackson, Tcn»., Is spending a week licro jvilll Mr. ai)d Mrs. VV. If. Mlmrard. A. Cpjway Is spending lodRy In M'l.'lplijs on business. The PCY. and Mrs. George W. Pyles, of 6«arcy, came Saturday to spend a few riays here with Mrs.! ft. M. Butt and family. Miss Edna Kate Hole has E Q ne to fJaslivllic, Tenn., to attend summer school at vandcrblll Univcrr sily. Mr, and Mrs. W..B. Tanner, of Helena,] s|»nt Die weekend here wilji Mrs. Tnmier's iiiofher, Mrs. T. J. Mahnn. and family. They were accc-mpiuilcd home by their sni>, Jjjijrale, who had spent a week here with liis cousin, Koss Dillon Hughes, and by Niinp'y Pert of Clfuksville, Tcnn., who has been vlsUliig her grandmother, Mrr>. Marian, and wlio will spend a week In Helena wllh lliem. Iitrs. Pnrnswortii Black and daughter, Belly, -who are vacationing Iji Hardy this summer, are •spending a few days - here. They were motored here by Mr. plack, - MONDAY, JULY'10,"-1989 Says Sandy to Dickie .Sandy Henvllle is the youngest Hollywood star, so it speros reasonable hal. she should be Interviewed by the youngest movie .columnist Here busily engaged withpeaeilami notebook is .flicliard Harrison, son of NEA Hollywood columnist. Paul Harrison. Banfly is inviting him to . step into l)er play-pen for a glass of milk. <*! Boys Service Meters, Prevent Overpaying AUB-l'W, Tex. (UP)—Forgetful Austin motorists who have left automobiles longer than"im Jioiir permitted by parking meters are finding i in their vehicles a more welcome sign Iran a ticj^t for "ovcrparjjiisg." A card notifies the,,, (lli ,{ m ?x . tra nickel )ia£ been placed In the Dieter, saving them a $1 n'ne! Wjth '< the card is; an addresses; Envelope 1 In which (he motorist may return the nickel and any (ip he .wishes lo add. ' Austin boys say they make considerable spending money Ihis way, and have lost few nickels. Hospitalized Veteran Develops as Painter LEGION, Tex. (UPJfc-Raymimd H. Cuminfligs, war veteran re- W cciving treatment' at the soldiers .. , hospital here, helps |>ass awny l|ic j time by painting the wild flowers that grow about .(he hospital i grounds. A collection of 98 water colors WPS found so ai'Usllc aiid accurate thai the paintings liave been »dd- ed lo a bolany collection at Texas Memorial Museum, Austin. i From me tip pi Die Brocken, highest, peak of the Ilara mountains, in Germany, one can sec his shadow against the eastern sky'at sunset. The phenomenon is known as the Brockcpgespenst, or "specter of tlic Hrbcken." Garbage Can Full of F|i0$? Darthmouth College Gels "Ferdinand" Manuscript HANOyEIl, N. H. (UJJ) 7- Muro Leaf's original iiiaiuiscript rcr couniiiig the Rdventures cf "Fcr- (linaiid tlie Bull" has been presented to Dartmouth College on semi-pcrJHanent loan. • ------ -rj -.«.. f^Mii.^, i Along \vitli Robert fjawrn's wwkfenri ^rL*^-' ^ ldin ? «*c PcncB fetches for "'^rdinand;' home. . • Uho girt has • hccu placed" in tlic treasure rocin of Baker Memorial Library. • Jpr|uded )n the gift WE rc (|ie :na|iuscript pf leaf's "Wee ailils'^ a;id soirie original drawinas of his current "Watch Bird" series. : Tile items were jiresenle:! lj Dartmouth through Hie - Friends of the Dartmouth Library, composed of alnnini and faculty members interested in collecting roi"- inal nmmiscripts and oilier rare items pf the. b:,ok world. • Don'1 confuse Bee Brand Sptay wllliolher in ecctjcideg. itpwnonsitykerope'nef"--" '- -'dean c*dar Eragtanco that soon dis H«e»Hy kills flits, ' • rnosriiiitoes and other flvii)g tjifccls '(iilck—J'Ct it's entirely pate to use in (he home. Don't waste mo/icy on cheap, weak, emfHy atiiff. Get pee'Biand end get rid of files,' Insist "or llie griiylne, "ouick-killjui Hcc prand Ipscct Spray—ju in*; Tpri and yellow can. ft'a BOH Tviih A giiAr'aaleeof talcs' /drfioji or. Koar ntonry firjct, NOTE: Von tan aljfo Mil /Ii> 9 oud ^ift,,,..,. fors, as irell n.t roar?i« aurf ahta;'ipltK Bee itrond insect f'oivder. JK.earf directions on can. SAVE ON TH£ C OF THE STATE CIGARETTltAX! \ ' ' . ' .-..;'... • Camd ' s fiaer ' more ^pensive tobaccos burn longer. More puffi, per pack, more pleasure per puff-,Camels are the quality cigarette every smoker caa afford! Whatever price you pay per pack, it's important to remember this fact: By burning 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-sellfiig bracts tested- slower than any of tbem-CAMElS smokers the equivalent of : : • Camel —the cigarette that gives moreimokjng—gives far more smoking jile<tst<re top. Naturaljy, Camel's finer, more expensive tobaccos smoke milder, inejlower^-with a delightful fragrance arjd .sppp^Jing taste. And only Camel can give you the famous blend of costlier tfjijaccqs that made Camel America's cigarette Np. j. If you're not a Camel smoker, you're missing real siimkifig [ileas/tre—and economy! , Impartial laboratory tests of 16'of the largest-selling brands show which one of them gives (he most actual smoking per'pack. The findings vycre: ' <4 CAM ELS !\yere fouod to.comain MPPp TO* HACCO BY WEIGHT than the average for the 15 other of the largest-selling brands. 2 CAMELS BURNED SLOWER THAN ANY OTHER BRAND TESTED-25% SLOWER THAN THE. AVERAGE Ti.MF. pl ! THE 15 OTHER OF THE MRGESTSRLLWG.BRANDS! By.b,utn- ; ing 25% slower, on llie average, Camels give Smokers the equivalent of 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER- PACK.! In the same tests, CAMELS IJELD THEIR ASH FAR LONGER than the average time for all the other brands. ^ Camels Costlier Tob accos

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