The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 10
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Cardigan Takes Second schools- Golden Bear's,racked up .their second, win ;*gainist ho losSes toe, the 1961 • summer seas&ft, as teay tiouhded ;Fort Dodge Junior Legion, ia-i) in a rain-shortened game- alt Fort Dodge* JUne- 12. " frpjftjithe; first pitch on. When Oscar Froehlich blasted a home run, the Beam had no. toouble taking the., win, Bill. Reed, weflit . all the way for the" Bears and al"lowed orilj? one hit.-Bill Rahm punched "a triple, with /the bases loaded during one of, the Sears 1 raHlies. Garrigan Wound up with ' ' ' Fri., June 30ih SHAFS ANNIV, PARTY 'REE. • Pop - Ice • Popcorn ' Hot Dog*. Beer Sc Per Bolile LEO & PIONEERS > SAT., JULY 1st 'BOB WHITE & ORCH. SUM., JULY 2nd LEE CASTLE and the JIMMY DORSEY ORCH. MON.-TUES., JULY 3-4 JULES HERMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA ,-,1' &V< iiinmiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ PLANTATION BALLROOM Whlftemore, Iowa SUNDAY, JULY 2 FREDDIE FREDRICK SUNDAY, JULY 9 MARV REEDSTROM SUNDAY, JULY 16 RAY LEWIS SUNDAY, JULY 23 GUY DE LEO SUNDAY, JULY 30 HENRY CHARLES No Advance Booth Reservation* Doors Ope.i at 8:30 iilllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHl^ *,• -iriTW".., 01 * 2 OF °^ R HOST neglected holidays fe tile Fourth Of-July.-We are more apt to caM It by the date rather than Independence Dayj for even its real name has fallen out of common usage. But if is tth6 birthday of the whole Undted States of America, and while' 1 wouldn't wanit .to go back to the olcRime Fourth of July orations and' dangerous firecrackers, I do think we should take enough notice of it so that our kids don't ask, as mine did several years ago, what's 'so special about the fourth day of July, anyway? Isn't the fourth of June or 'the fourth of August just as good?" ' i * * IF* YOU ARE THINKING OF baking America a birthday cake, this year you, should put 185 candles on- it. Most of us think of America as a young country, and it is true Hhat it has always been referred io that Way. But theiUnited States, as governments go; is one Of the oldest nations in the world today. England has changed its government so many times since the signing of the, Declaration, and changed so. many of her outright possessions to dominions or oro- :eetor;altes.that she is hardly ithe same nation. France has started and hainted many times since 1776 and'Russia has had a complete revolution. India has only recently! emerged as a real nation, Africaa governments have been an. an uproar,, and Israel has been born. It leaves America >as a hardy oild timer ! THE UNrrED STATES^ HAS WEATHERED many storms and •JT-f^r of dlvjsion > but she has come through bigger, richer and, in addition so vastly more complicated .that John Hancock, William Whipple, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and the others who signed their names to the Declaration would probably flip their powdered wigs if they coulld come back and see it. •* • * « THERE IS AN OLD; LEGEND. MADE INTO A POEM, about some blind men who went to see an elephant. Each felt of only one part of the animal and .thereafter concluded that 'the entire beast was 'exactly like the one part they .touched. We'd haye much the same thing if some of the men who signed our Declaration of Independence could come back and visit only one place in the country they helped ito start. , :-;••• . » * ..* n-t J t"(? SIAH BARTLETT. FOR instance, came only to New York it y '.n c . oncl " de tha!t America is terribly over-populated and that the laws for the accomodation of large districts of people" mentioned m the document had indeed, been- passed : . •"'-.-• ••'. - '-:*:•*•* co *jf /OHN WITHEHSPOON VISITED only a military camp, he'd say that we are still, "keeping among us, in times of peace, standing armies'. But he'd have-.-to admit that this time it's with the consent So W f e u^u tUr !r AndJif Stamuel .Adams went to'.Las Vtegas, he might decide that his descendants were kind of pverdoing if on one of the rights mentioned, m the Declaration — 'the pursuit of happiness. If HP mSM^™f d fi, SO f I *t 0 '^ r u e Y stories ' about men in high'Places hp Alight ithmk that .the right had been changed to the happiness of New Car-Truck frew 'car ftiid .trftiik^ sails don- tmued to.hdm •tfiBto^bWft-'iii' &$&sum bounty 'dufift^ : ,ta¥'iiast"iw,o WeeKs. . A ,tottti'bt ar'imw Vfi- nitres wer6 rfegtaietfecTtif 'jne' ol- nee 01 -tile • county See lb!> amazing sollener today. CALL CY 4-4240 ALGONA PLUMBING AND HEATING 31T/2 E. Nebraska Algona, la. RU1TL ? DGE<S lone « l °P in America was the! Bad . Dakota,, he rmght wonder a bit if those, "swarms of officers" hadn't been "sen* hither to eat out all the substance" even as late as .today. And Samuel Chaise could go to the Department of Internal Revenue in Washington, D. C. If he was all net up about taxation without representation" then he should see what we do today about taxation with representation. * * « THE FOUNDING FATHER who happened to land right here in our midwest, would, I think, getlthe very best look at America today He could drive out in our countryside and see land rich and fertile JJe could see the lakes and parks where we play and the stores. and • indusitnes where we work. He could visit our schools and colleges and see what store we set by .education and our variety of churches we worship by choice. f! ^w N ° T A PUERFECT nation, the Founding Fathers would find. We have so much freedom to vote as we please that countless thousands don t bother to vote at aill. We have such know-how i agriculture thait we produce much more than we can possibly us and our very abundance keeps some farmers from making a decen living. We build such wonderful! physical plants for our schools tha some young people forget to get an education. We get so concerned the rate of pay for a day's work that we neglect Ho put in a ful days work for our pay. And our churches sometimes get so involved in competition with other denominations that we forget the funda mental basis of all creeds — brotherly love. * h» n IF THE ,/ fOUN1 P Gi FATHER S really want to -see what has become of that country they crusaded for in 1776, they should take a look mio one of our homes, They should pick one with nothing unusual about it except that it is so typical. notmng THEY'D FIND A CAR PARKED outside 8 ;nd the bill for the iwsl payment on it in the living room desk. Mom. would be in the wouwW h !h 8 i^ bUttcnS ° n her lab °''-saving equipment and Dad would be in. the • living room resting up from his 40 to 50 hour work week. Mom ni:ght be worrying about who is going to give the next , lh n T° man ^ ClU , b ' and Dad mi « bt ^ frettog "ver fhe ba! slump. Thanks to permanent waves, diet, cosmetics r h •,§ 1 °r d S "; d ' e ' M " m , stlM has the bloom, of youth at an u-e when ohcd been living back in J76 she'd be considered quite elderly: • «... ,-,,„,' Quaker Oats Co., Algona; Harold Cowan, Jr., Ai- gona; Kossuth Motor Co., Algona; Wallace Reynolds, Swea City; R. L. Baker, Lone Rock; Haroli Wehrspan, F e n t o rt; Throma. Clark, Bancroft; Nick Reding Wlnttemore; Cowan Real Estate Algona; and William Batt, Burl Ford — P. W. Langerriian Swea City; H. F. or DeVeda Kuchenreuthcr, Algona; J\ F Meine, Whittemore; A. H. Deit- erlng, Bancroft; WHhelraine Harms, West Bend; T. H. Trun- nelle, Wesley; NW Bell Telephone, Algona; Druggists Mutual Ins. Co., Algona; Melba or.L. E Pilbnan, Swea City. ' Rambler — R. W. Chambers; Convith; A. M. Carlson, Bur t; Titonka Hatchery; Will. Gerard; Edna Kleinpeter, Wesley; Fred Ploeger, Ledyard. Buick — Murray Elevator Bancroft; Schultz Bros.,; Algona: Roland Gabel, Swea City. CMC — M. J. Bradley, Algona. Mercury — D. N. Weydert. Bode; E. F. or Beverly Zender, Algona; H. E. Olthoff, Lakpta, D. G. or Beverly Krause; Ray Potter. Algona. International — Farmers Co- Op, Ledyard, Velkawafrm.—H, Q, or beth' Shftk,*'LuVefne, ' Comet — Arthur Qroen, Algona. .1 • , Riverdale Rustlers ,fhe monthly; Meeting of the Rtverdale Rustlers . t/nlt ^1 .was Held June 1-5 with Georgia 'arid, Janice Tnul hostesses,' There Was a discussion on the next meetltk which was Achievement ttey and the Mother-Daughter Tea. Dem- I onstrations were given by Le- NOT1CE TO COKTHACTOBS OP CLEANOUt TO OPEN DWCH Sealed bids will be received until 10:00 o'clock A.M., July 14, 1961, at the Kossuth County Court House, Al- gonn, Iowa, at which time and. place the Kossuth County and Huftiboldt the purpose of letting a contract for the excavation of approximately 28,100 _cubic_ yards of Sjjt, the_levellng of bf" spoil banks, the cutting~"of~22!f" tree's disposal of same and the painting bi stumps with atlaclde* and the cutting and disposal of 1600 squares of brush. ' The commencement date Is August 1, 1961 and completion date Is November 1, 1D61; Bids will be received on the entire work and each bidder will be required to deposit with his bid a 'certified check on and certified by a bank in fowa, payable to the Auditor of Kossuth County or his order in an amount equal to 10% of the bid. The right Is reserved to reject any or nil bids. Bids, specifications, bidding blanks and other information may be obtained at the office of the County Drainage :ierk. Algona, Iowa, or contact D L Leffert, Algona, Iowa, Engineer in charge of the project. BOARDS OR SUPERVISORS KOSSUTH AND HUMBOLDT COUNTIES. IOWA BY C. S. Bearson, Kossuth County Drainage Clerk (25-26 nora Hubert- and Bernadette Mil beet, Ruth Ann rilien, who repre- sented'the club at the state cdhj- 6'Brlen alsp'£ave a.fallfc,. *.' d* ' etftf&M^f&fy ^ntl9'^^'l^A\fd{ f m^ If i hi VtfaWffifiS'tf faffiHHftf IA! rWjjrWT tt LSaicS!. 1 .,..." BUY Ill Of GST REAbV FOR THE "OUTDOOR 1 MONTHS AHEAD! happy taste of fresh, sun-ripened citrus fruit in every bright and bubbly sip. PICK UP A 6-PACK COPYRIaHTIXt. THE JQUInT COMPANy 12 , MONTH | Road Hazard Guarantee RAYON 15 MONTH Road Hazard Guarantee .NYLON. Every new Firestone tire ia GUARANTEED 1. Afrainst detects in workmanship nml materials for. the life of the original tread. ' •'• 2. Against normal road hazards (except repairable punctures) encountered in everyday passenger car use for - the number of months: specified. Repairs made without charge, replacement* prorated on tread wear and based on list prices current at lime of adjustment. SPEEDWAY-r'R'oVED CHA^flpNl TIRES TOP QUALITY...PRICED WITH.THE LOWEST! !P/ws.;.OUR ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE "PLOM Only *1 morel 1.6.70-15 SIZE '•»£ 1388* r.ettys SIZE No need to spend your vacation money... Just charge your tiros or use out Budget Payment Plan All tires mounted FREE! * No hidden charges We carry the complete line of Firestone tlrei Every new tire we sell carries Flrestona's ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE Whitewalls Onfy, *3 morej •Plus tau'dnd tlr< off fc ,, your car REGARDLESS " f ,A ot CONDITION TUBELESS 88 Whitewalls $3 rtore BUY BEFORE THE 4thr Of JULY! BUY NOW EASY TERMS LOW PRICES Joe South of Algona Hotel ^ Phone CY 4-2421, Algonci, la. N ' '.•••• •''.-.'. '. ' - 1 ' Your FIRESTONE Wholesale and Retail Dealer, OR f ' ' 'i ' • ' '">'"• ' - ' • . ' > | VIKING OIL CO., Algona I • LAPPE'S D-X, Burt j CHROME SERVICE, Algona KRAUSE"66", Fenton MURRAY Olfc CO., Banerpft, ; A x 4 ""•'."„ mxmtimmmammv ~ THE " E ? BE Uvo or tluee of thei » with maybe M W - ay ; a " d . the >' cl bc stuffed full- of vitamins. Probably msitiv .. v l Wt r ,? vorreKilv , e brac ^ ™d 5"'" could be almort 7,h ? UlllvAe3 jPOsed to the arts of music, literature, and the dunce. And, American bathing facilities being wha hey are, (he young sprouts would have not more than a 24 hour aycr of grime on them at any one lime. A penny's Worth of electricity will cook more food, heat more water or do more cooling than a penny's worth of any other fuel or energy sold for those purposes in most rural areas. * ' • Symbol of c»- »P«rolivi rural tltc- Irifkgllon ... 01,4 dtptndablt, nen- prelll dtclm ttrtht far rural fomilit* «| ot ,] Y b.Yl S n E e thci ' INT ANGIBLES, Messrs Hancock, fi t r,. Th r -r ha PP ineKS - love, and hope for the U'tuie. rheic are millions and miMions of homes almost exactly like live Anri H 10 !" 0 ' 1 ? A1 . askal , ant > "awaii. America is a good place to live. And Ihms what has berome^of that country you started. n,, 1 v, A f S n- W1EEK IN MY ACCOU NT OF the Plum Creek Woman's Clubs finielh anniversary, I'm t,,;d I J e ft out Ihe name of a living s ,'v 1 ' h' P V! ember - ^.! la 'f Mra - Gco '-se Bcnschoter, 92, and my scouts sciy she is a very line lady. ice cr E ?,f NTL ? WEf WERE TAL K IN G* about making old-fashioned ce ciricim in a |),»nie freezer. Remember how good that used to taste? I used to make ice cream in the refrigerator very frequently but I h,, vent done it lor some time. The family demands that I reassume the custom with this week's recipe for Lemon Sherbet "^""^ 3 cups whole milk Vi pint heavy cream 1 cup sugar , juice of P/2 lemons 2 teasp. lemon extract 2 beaten egg whites Vs cu-5 sugar Mix milk, cream, 1 cup sugar, juice and extract together and pour into freezer tray. Freeze until mushy. Remove lo a cold dish and beat until smooth with electric or hand beater. Fold in egg «,« p w , ha / e been beyten stif£ with the remaining % cup sugar. Return lo freezer pan and freeze firm. ' — GRACE. DRIVE CAREFULLY .>. Hwmboldt County R.E-C- Phone 99 - Humboldt, Iowa Burt lions Have New Officers Members of the Burt Lions Club entertained their wjvcs at a 6:30 chicken dinner at thc^ Legion hiill Monday evening. The dimiM was prepared by Legion Auxiliary members Mfsdames Charles Scott, O. H. Graham, James Chrislcnsen. Bert Wenners, Chas. Spry, B. K aahnaan awl GJiadys Haw.cotiu ' A report on the Stale Lions Comt'uUon litlU at Ctdar ids June 4, 5, 6, was given bj Ray McWhorter and a film \yas shown. Newly-elected officers were installed with Herman Rachut Sr., ijnd Don Patterson, acting as installing .officers. Those installed to head, the group the coming year were: Ray McWhorter, president Frank Ryerson, 1st vice, George Becker, 2nd vice,, {Ijyley Hanson. 3rd vice, Herman Rachut, Jr. .. . Twister, Hurlan Lacy and Al Umckley, XJU'ectora ior - yettr«,. .. .And The Rut Of »l ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY mm® 204 I, State BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE I. S. CY 4-4443 RICKLEFS INSURANCE AGENCY

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