The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1961 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 9
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*'.».•'• "« OWN HARDWARE JULY SPECIAl Pitcher and 6 11Yi oz. tumblers A regular $1.8 9 value Guests will sip refreshed from sparkling crystal glass tumblers ringed with bands of red and white. You'll serve them once and around again from the party size 2y 2 qt. ice lip pitcher to match. It's the perfect set for holiday and hot afternoon entertaining... bright idea — buy now for the 4thl CULLEN HARDWARE OUR OWN HARDWARE An announcement came from my Cousin Melvin Henderson's soft,' Fred, who was graduated June 15 ffom Upland, Calif., high school. * * * . >'. MM, Pewy Lowman has _ newspaper clipping and picture of her brother Paul Nordstrom, Portland, Ore., who Was recent* ly elected president of' the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Ho is employed in the United States National Bank. He is active in Y. M. C. A., March of Dimes, United Good Neighbors, American Institute of Banking, Institute of Internal Auditors and the Lewis and Clark Alumni Council. ' The Ndrdstroms are well- known former 'Algerians who moved west Several years ago. • •'•'» • • Mrs. Olga Jordon and her sisters, Alma and Ellen Carlson, left June 15 for Cambridge, 111., to visit with an aunt, Mrs. Augusta Cedarberg and a cousin. Sven Engstrom, Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first, time they have met the cousin who is an interpreter. Lucky he speaks English, for Olga says she has forgotten most of her Swedish language. A pity. The brother Wilfred Carlson lives in Des Moines and would have enjoyed being with the group. Unfortunately, his wife is sick land thu trip for him was impossible. » * * Mary and Bill Barry were in Des Moines June'3 to attend the 'iftieth wedding anniversary of Bill's brother-in-law and sister. 2. B. Moore Smith and wife Vlayme. Festivities were held at John and Mary Waldron's, -who were assisted by Mr, and Mrs. Charles Smith. Moore's sister. Cate Smith, now over 80 years )ld, makes her home with them. She was my violin teacher years (go and the parental John Smith home was iat the top of the hill m South Dodge street. I remember so well being at Zada Brunon's one day and Mayme stopped awhile. I had a sheet of new music Zada played and it drip>ed with sentiment. Mayme song t with moist eyes—she and Vtoore had just had a lovers' spat. The song? "Some One Thinks of Some One". A pretty piece and sn't it odd how one remembers rifles? • i » ». It is usually Ihe man who brings home the bacon" but ac- ;ording to the papers and pic- ures, it was Mrs. K. D. Long who brought it home, though Mr. Long said there was everything BUT bacon. * i wonder if Ihe lads' parents WINNJNG FRIENDS AT EVERY TURN o. Corvair, it makes friends in a hurry. One drive, in fact. Because any Corvair— wagon, sedan or coupe—is such an overwhelming joy to pilot. Its rear-engine design makes for light, positive steering and real nailed-down traction. And its full independent suspension shuts out road shocks before they ever reach you. What's more, this sweetheart's no slouch at saving you money: It carries a sensible price tag, goes and goes on a gallon, never needs liquid coolants. py A||ElfDA| CT How can you resist a personality like that? , Df VllLVIlULt I know what they, and wonder if they know it is against the law to shoot BeeBees, sling shots and arrows witfeih the city limits? There just * might be trouble for some boys who are using these weapons to kill/birds, and if 1 were right behind them, I'd like to administer : some good old fashioned woodshed discipline. ^Shame oh boys who destroy birds. And double shame for using weapons irt areas taboo. Most of the lads are known and there has been talk of nvitifying the parents or authorities. « . * * Tis said "Troubles never come singly". The Alden McAdams 1 would be easy to convince of this for his mother, Lillian McAdams, formerly of Swea City, now in a Rest. Home at Burt, recently fell and broke her hip and his wife had surgery at St. Ann. The mother was taken 'to the University hospital, Iowa City, but is now at Burt. The wife was at St. Ann but is now convalescing at home. * * * When I called the Harold Mosher residence for news, I was answered by their nephew Bob Farnstrom, Detroit, Mich., who is home from 13 l /z months of service in Korea and after his 30- day leave here, will go to Fort Monmbulh, New Jersey. I asked him how things were in. Korea, to which he answered, "Oh the} have quieted down a lot." • • • » » » . There are limes when days pass too quickly, but not if you are in'casts' like Leora'St. John and Evelyn Oakland have been wearing a good many weeks. Both have worn them'for verta- bra injuries,-but the end of the road is nearing. Leora got out June 16 and Evelyn will shed hers July 1. What a Cause for celebration July 4! * * * Alas! The glass I used for a vase and got at Davenport on our recent visit there came to a bad ending. When that brisk wind struck'Monday evening, I was on the front porch. The glass had flowers in it, the wincl hat taken it, smashed it in' hundreds of pieces on the floor, the flowers dashed there, too, and the heav ier part of the vase had rollec to the side several feet from point of falling. Abner will have to do some more talking when I go there again. Wonder if he remembers the station that gave Mr. and Mrs. Wade Sullivan are being visited by cousins, Mrs Wyn Haly and daughter Ann, Heatherley, and Rev. Robert Powell, Cork, Ireland. Father Powell is secretary to the Bishop of Cork. This is the first visit to the United States and they are well impressed with the country- love New York and think Iowa Is beautiful. The change to cooK er weather enhanced Iowa's charms. Too true—"It to let the cat Is a wise plan out of the bag it. (Of course I'm not serious) • ' * » . • *-i Lora and Hugh Raney observ ed their forty-ninth weding anniversary quietly Sunday, June 11. Wait till next year for the golden onel * * * It is tough on a litle four year old to have to be quiet for awhile and William Ott could tell you all about it. He has had an in- Carnation of the hip socket due to jumping from <a swing, it is believed. By this time, he is probably completely recovered and in full stride. The day I called Mrs. Ott he was hopping on one leg to get to another room, the year old baby had discovered the dog's dish of water, so I said a hasty "Goodbye". She assures me there is never a dull "moment, and 1 believe her, but aren't kids cute? * • « June 10 will be a day to be remembered in the Lawrence Hutzell family, for on that day they acquired a new daughterrin-law and a new grandson. Larry was married to Karen Barta at Waterloo and Timothy Leroy was born to Joy and Leroy Johnson at Maywood, Calif. The Johnsons have'a little girl, Merrilee, about 2. » » • Yes, I've done it again! For the third time I've had the wool blanket taken out of storage and put back on my bed. Well, better than those two hot, humid nights. yourself. Otherwise the neighbors will do it for you, and by, that time the cat may have kittens." » • • Rare is ihe newspaper thai never pulls a "boo boo." I made one when I called Grace Cruikshank Mrs. Arthur Jackson. I don't know how I happened to do it for I knew well that it is. JACKMAN. But some one else did the same thing. ' And the other error was when Sandra Skilling's fiance was dubbed Norman O'Day. It is O'Dell, so now we have the records straight. * * | ' • • Mrs. Mary Olson weni io Le- nark, 111., Saturday, June 17 for the weekend to attend the centennial celebration and to visit at Freeport, 111., nearby with her aunt Mrs. Margaret Ocker. She accompanied Mr. and Mrs, Lou Hoover and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deibler. The Deiblers visited an aunt, Mrs. Mary Peters, who like •the town, has reached 100 years. . • » • The Howard Plaits didn't have an atomic .bomb in their refrigerator but one Would have thought so from the condition of the interior when they returned from a trip to Casper, Wyo/, where they and son John- had attended a rock show. A fuse on the transformer went out .soon after their departure :and with no refrigeration, -cans of fruit juice "worked" and, you might says also "blew a fuse". • * •*.•*' The meeting they attended also attended by Adrian Casler and Merle Wellendorf. This mid-west federation covers a wide territory and has a large following of lap- idarians and collectors. The display of gem stones included agates and other semippreclout, stones. - . • . • . • '• Too true—"Middle age is when you have a choice of two temptations and choose the one that will get you home earlier." 60AtLooft Family Reunion JlnSweaClty n'. Seneca — The Looft family reunion was held at the VFW Hall at Swe(a City Sunday, June 18 with about 60 in attendance. The group enjoyed picnic lunch at noon and spent the afternoon visiting and ^taking pictures. •';•• The oldest couple~present were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ping'e o^ Ledyard. Coming from the greatest distance were Dr. and Mrs; John Henrichsen of Ames. • ; Enjoying the get together were Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit DeWaard of Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Sretchen and Mr. and Mrs. John Looft of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pingle and family and VTrs. Bertha Pommer of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rasmussen of rlenwick, Misses Amanda and Minnie Looft of Fort Dodge; Mr, and Mrs. Phillip Looft and fam- ly of Blue Earth, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Looft and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders and Pamela of Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson, Marjorie and Marilyn of Swea City. Mrs.v Arnie Reimers of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft 0) Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Looft of Lakpta, Mr. and Mrs. John Hallstrom and three boys of Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Mathers, Mr. and. Mrs. Allan Looft and family, Mr. and Mrs!; Fred Looft, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Snyder, all of Swea City, and Dennis Looft of Goldfield. Get close to Corvair at your local authorized Chevrolet dealer's 108 S. HALL ALGON A, IQWA i CY 4-3554 DR. D. D. ARNOLD Chiropractor Above Penney's / Office CY 4-3373 Home CY 4-4836 ALGONA BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES CORWITH RENWICtf HOMES AT LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOU ^ AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROWIP PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Horn* Qffice) ] %8%%&XXXX^^ Year's Honor Rod AtGarriganHi GafTigan Mlgh School has released thoir final honor roll for the yenr. Included in the list are: Seniors! Ruth Ann Klein. Theresa Bradley, Ruth Ann Nelson, Marilyn ttogan, Mnry Eisenbacher, James Erpelding, . Susan Nitchals, Carol Flynn, Timothy Lickteig, Carol Glrres, Willtem Higgins, Richard Heinen. Juniors: Eileen O'Brien, Bar- 'hara Vonderhaar, Mary Reilly, Kenneth Bormann, Stella Preus- chl, Alice Arndorfer, James Eisenbacher, V e r n o 11 Ludwig, Kathy Roth. Sophomores! Mary Lou Gales, Mary Kny Ncitzcl, Diane Schneider. Freshmen: Lewis Elbcrt, Ava firpelding, Daniel Ludwig, Mary Zittritsch, Mary Illg, William Vonderhaar, Judith Bickert. Janis Venteicher, Faith Mertz, Judith Salz, Rita Eiscnbaehcr, Elaine Bruch, Mary Jane Bosch, Anita Lickteig. Burt News Rev. F. G. Sarriek attended the annual conference of the North Iowa District Methodist church, which was held last week at the Grace Methodist church in Sioux City. Arthur Campney, son of the .Walter Campneys who recently received his B. D. Degree from Drew Theological Seminary will become >an official member of the North Iowa Conference, and plans will be made for his ordination at this session of conference. Mrs. Rios, Fort Worth, Texas, arrived at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hamilton, Saturday evening. She was accompanied back to Burt by her brother, Bill, who had spent the past two weeks with the'Rios at Thursday, June 29, 1961 Algona (la.) Upper Des Metnes-3 Fort Knox, Ky. Mr. Rios, who is in the U. S. Army, left from Fort Knox Saturday for an 18 month tour of duly in Germany. Nervous tension, through increase of muscle tone, will ac- color.ile the expenditure of ener- PHONE CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER Can You r STOP In Time? 'Ooirt M ftuhy bnkM (Mptrdtt* It* Mfrty of your . . . Stop hi today far QOAUTt BRAKI SERVICE. WTVE JUST mSTAUCD A COMPUTE AMMCO BRAKE SHOP — WE -CAM CORRECT YOUB BRAKE PBOBUMS. BONDED BRAKE LINING 43.95* MSTAUED ^ FREE INSPECTION SPECIAL Brabt font WtMrf Btwfnoi Brad* Untngt • bt*p*ct Brik* HotM • Add NMttMiy Rutd • Wotfc Don* by Exptrfc rnngi 99c Complete Ink* Job wttb BONDED POWER BRAKE LINING 25,000 Mile GutrantM Turn Drum* . Arc Shoes to Fit Drum Perfectly Rebuild Wheel Cylinder* Preuvre Bleed Hydnullc System Add Hydraulic Flutd At Needed Inspect Wheel Bearings Repack I Front Wheel Bearing* Adjust Front Wheel Bearings Inspect Grease Seals • Inspect Emergency Brake $32.25 and up WAGNER D-X SERVICE 304 N. Jones Algona CY 4-2806 Pole Buildings.. Adaptable To A Multitude Of Farm Uses . . . And At Economical Cost A KOSSUTH COUNTY EXAMPL E OF POLE BUILDING USE: Pictured here Is a new poultry rearm g building recently completed by the Hamilton Hatchery of Wesley. This building is 40 x 250 feet is length, pole-type construction. It is located one mile west of Wesley just north of the railroad tracks across highway 18. It is all pole-type construction, with exterior siding of plywood, a roof of 28 gauge steel roofing, and red fibreglass panels for lighting. The pole buildings materials were furnished by Botsford Lumber Co. of Algona. THERE ARE OVER 72 VARIATIONS IN USE AND SIZE FOR POLE-TYPE BUILDINGS! AMONG THEM ARE THE COST? Pole-Type Building Materials Will Average C C Per Sq. foot From «OD Ct ° • Cattle Loafing Barns • Grain Storage • Cattle Sheds • Poultry Houses • Machine Sheds We Will Finance Up To 5 Years With The Usual Down Payment of 10% — And We Will Either Erect Or Sell Materials, As Ypu Prefer. MAY WE QUOTE COSTS? NO OBLIGATIONS 4 ' X Lumber Company So. Phillips St. ALGONA CY 4-2619 i

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