The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1961 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 8
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f *' COH6R ATULATIONS! Carl Hamilton, pictured here, is to become head of fhe technical journalism department at lowalfdte Uftlyifsljy, January 1, 1962. ""• : l! ' ' ' the-present editor of the , Hardin Tltttes IbW a fails ClHzeh, weekly newspapers, is to be corigrdfu- lated on his t o succeed KenrYefh R. MdrVin> who is retiring ai of July K, Hamiltbrt Will carry the title* "of 'professor. Jamils W. SchvVdrtz, a' ridtlve of Fenton, I o w a, will become associate professor, and will be acting head of the department from July 1 to January 1. Hamilton and Schwartz are both graduates of Iowa State. Thus another weekly newspaper editor will again-head the journalism department at Iowa State; Professor Marvin is also a graduate of the Weekly ranks, as is Professor Leslie Moeller, head 'of'fh'e journalisnV and .communications school at (the State University of Iowa. .: While Iowa State gains a widely known iand highly respected leader, the Weekly, rtews- i^paper field in Iowa.will lose one of its strongest r editors ... but the loss will be more than offset by his new position where he and his staff .can have a dire'ct hand in developing future generations of Iowa newspapermen and women, and. new blood-in all fields of publishing and •communications work. * * * ADVICE ON CHILDREN The Sac City Sun - One thing that children should be taught somewhere along the line, is to respect the property of others. This duty, it ; se'ems, has been pretty generally overlooked and «there are scores of youngsters in every community who seem to think they have the right , to trespass on land that does not belong to them, to destroy vegetation and to take away with them anything that they can carry along. Vacant lots and property adjoining the house, or even the very lot on which the house is located, are the scenes of gang gatherings and mass destruction. Fences are knocked down, barriers are destroyed and gardens are tram- pelled upon. It is the result of a lack of training which should start in the home. Property owners are entitled to the protection of the law and youngsters caught destroying property in this manner should be dealt with accordingly. ErNdUGH IS ENOUGH In Newburgh, New York, they have decided thdt enough is enough when it comes t'c the payment of welfare funds. Finding ItsfeH running out of money/ !he City adapted 3 sef 6\ ne"w roles governing welfare relief payments, Hencerorth abie-bodied rtlen on relief rolls Will be assigrYed tb 40 hour's Of W6rfc ,irt !ffi,cffy rh6ilnt6ric)rtee 'de^artmli'rit,' fcVthirS ' |5rivttfe jobs, regfafdleiroHfre typ-§ 'of De cut orf the relief rolls. MqtheFs of ill ^ nafe Children are advised that if^ 'tke^ (iov4 Ifiy more children out of wedlock relief pa^^sTfall be denied. ' V, * '' » Relief allotments for any fdmiiy uiiit shall not exceed the take-home 'pa^ df the., lowest paid city employee with a family of c'drrtp.'dt'able PI-S $& Ml E. Call Strcet-Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona. Iowa Second clati postage paid al Algona, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 Bv THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. It B. WALLER, Editor &. Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE kly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. ,» , Newburgh has a population of 32,000' and is about 50 mile's from'Mew York City, wMt 'dne'- twintfefh 6f ifs poptifatTon on belief. ' .Maybe Newburgh's idea cb'Dld b'e sensibly adopted in many another area. People who tap ana do work sometimes get tired of seeing r*eliei paid to others Who can but don't ca?e to Work'. * '* * ' ! IS it RI6HT OR Positions of political leadership, such as state chairman or national committeern'an, carry with them many a Headach, end-usually com,- paratively little praise and a great -Seal of criti'- cism — especially if your party loses, as it did in Iowa last year. . . . ; . . .' .' • But occasionally, f hojj ;dlsojseem jtp, p.ff,ef a stepping stone to more fucrcitive and;C J orripc?ri atively trouble-free jobs. " •-• '•-.> This past wefek the Denjocratic s^qte patron, age committee; se'nt to thfe JUsticd De'partmentr;irt , Washingtop; names of.^men re;cj6mmjhded f.oi- Federal judgeships in northern Iowa, to succeed a retiring judge, and for the new third rovi'n^ judge to be, established in Iowa. ', ( The state Democratic patronage committee includes the state chairman and the state's Rational committeeman. Both men are lawyers', and it just happens that one is recommendecVfer the northern district opening, and the other tor . the new third position being established. .•-; The situation where members of -the pa- tonage comrhittee are recommending themselves for the jobs resulted in a statement from anothe|- state Democratic leader, Representative Williejm Denman of Dtes~Moines,'that thesV self-nominee! should e'ithefjresign their state positions or draw as candidates for the openings on Federal bench. The questions of ethics is well put, ahc open to debate from both sides. It is nothing new to have top state political jobs used as stepping stones to Federal appointments. Both . major parties have had it happen before. Bu't it is a question open to discussion as to wha't is right and what is wrong. ' ; * * . * '..'.-•' CASTRO'S TRACTORS - ';:' (Indianola Tribune) • ,'4 . , ' The citizens of the United. States, have a chance to show the rest of, the wo?lcT'tnpt we dp have a feeling for the welfare of ^qur neighbors that goes beyond the materiql gafn' they can give us. The communists have . long p feachecl that we are only interested .iri 'our afiies arid neighbors because of imperialistic motives. Now one of the top world communists, Fidel Castro, has given us an easy method of rebuking this charge. His offer to trade the lives of some 1,200 rebel prisoners for 500 American tractors may well prove to be one of the greatest blunders ever made by a political leader. Americans everywhere will be quick to rally to this opportunity to help save the lives of dedicated fighters for a free Cuba, and the world will note the speed with which the necessary money will be raised. As other nations, especially those in Latin America, watch the quick response pf the citizens of the United States towards this effort to free the rebel captives they cannot help but be Impressed by our real intentions to help those who tight for the freedom of their homeland. If tRey compare this to the greedy ransom request; of Castro, if should place the U. S. in a good light for a change. We need this opportunity fo prove our good intentions fo the rest of the world let's hope we dp not muff the chance. Deadly Reckoning by Robt to undergo repairs after the incident. « » * •WHAT AM YOU CKAMMO AMMITt I DIDN'T FAJS THf nUCK ON A CURVI,^n IT Tk» Tnvtkn Softly Stryii* :C.aeT§rlhtnt ..'•(Httlfad older. idatsV*1v>. men, rtOSJSUth . . thus ;de- ferredi-at least for the time be- D Dail . j just graduated from ing. Meanwhile, 149 new men me a watchj as t present. Myl had registered for the draft here j[ nd says r should have ? t exchan^ willing to do this if you thing It's ly expensive. — Just Wondering. w , , ,„ , t „,., Dear Just Wondering: Ills not so much the wst of the watch^u Titonka, Wesky and Whitte. the fact that you did get one as a graduatlonjbre^jt^ou're a llftle too young, about eight years, to be a«|$tiftg "fOTflfsgerSonal gifts Your mother should know better thffi tyie&l$p\i to have it and were awaiting eventual draft calls. * » • 1 would be 'he waltcH .Hfaf sn 't extrerfie more became the county towns to first Kossuth surpass their fund quota in the USD drive changed for sotrtBthWgelse."Avglft istH'fct all newfeary in this else being held. Several others, in- . - x ti f 5= *.. A *;;, «»f } ,fj i; eluding Algona, >LuVerne, Swea City and Btitt, had nearly reach- s. XFne courit^ quota wlis id more than half thi amount had been raised--and a canvass of rural areas remained to be completed. ; 1 « * * * X Titonka^,youth, LeRoy Loats, Reckless driving and driving off the roadway tautyd almost 600,00dcasualti«s in 1960t/" *—« wa ton Dear Readers: S8 ma'Ay-farents'.wft&e 10 ajfd 11-year-old febns ^ _.__ -„ _-_-,- have-never had 1 .* "rifel vacapn" tfSVe F&ponded to the "Under 1 21" e'd"quotas.^The county quota wis offer of last monthj & 'morfth'l Vacation f&f-a boylrt the Glacier Park $3;00ff and more than half that area of western Montana, that we need your help. ; ;• Whether you live in the city or country, in a house or an ap"Irt- menit, in the U. S. or Canada, if you are financially able to ^pay for the round-trip transportation for a boy and have him spend two, three or four weeks with your family, write ito us as soon, as possible, f - . More than 100 boys (to date) are on our list for ithe one vacafcioii Sort of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Loats, offer we made and 'as much as we would like W, we can't accommo' was going all out to get a college date more than one boy. Remember, it doesn't matter where y"ou 'e'ducation.. A student at. the Uni- live, if you can give a youngster a change of'scenery and a chaAce versity of Dubuque, LeRoy. was to have some fun, don't let this opportunity slide by. If you can.hilp a professional blood donor. He out, we'll try to arrange everything so that a boy living nearest to got the idea while working as your home .town is chosen for you. That way, train fare will be 1 but a .part-tirrie ; painter.-One of his .considerably. ' : ''jobs happened toIbe'iriiff'hS's- >;' Ctffe• fatnilyi living hundreds of miles from me, voluntarily of- pital at Dubuque. While working fered ' to iake a b °y for two weeks. Won't you,do the same? Ydu'll there, he had his blood typed and make a youngster happy and along the way, you'll enjoy life a IKtle his first call for blood came dur- ni0 ™. i °°-7 1al ^ this over with your family and then if at all possible, ing the past week He was Sttidy- Write to "Under 21." - .- : f ing for the ministry and during _. _. T . . , »,,.... r . w '. • =• - ' the recently concluded school ,, Dear P, 8 " 5 M,a ®irl ; you rike,and : 'had asked for a date told you year served as president of tht ? he was gom S to be busy on the night of .the date and then you saw her at (the movies with another.boy, what should you think? I think if the ghil had a 1 daite, She sh'buld haire tdld fne. There's no crimd in being honest, is Ithere? — Orv 1 . , i " The girl did t6ll you biit ndt ih as many words as you nuJ t— !_.,*.,« t_ *._ -*-1 It Tt _ _ • .» i _ 1.* •« ' .... • * school's YMCA. • « * Literally hundreds of new laws were slated to go into effect in highlights * * ft Cf pital by Rtty Yemin • you tion in the maximum penalty for forgery from 15 to 10 years (nobody was ever sentenced to 13 years, anyway); a statute that re Dear Dan:. My mother has the idlea that if'you are seen with a boy and you're not '(Ad 'eridtfgh to 'date, that you're either scheming a something terrible or arenlt much good. That's what she thinks '" Q l\rtt if m*r nlnrv^nt .£.*?«.._ .J i 1.1. .___ 1 «. _. - ,T^ . ened. This seems to have consid- an issue that sets the sparks a- dates more than enough time to 'Congress, as it does year after November rolled around, year, is hearing arguments on * * • every side of this many-sided is- These long campaign periods Citizens : want Ho institution and election system. sue' against the' likelihood that made sense in the days before change the television or even radio and the reform the candidates had to trek to the four corners of the country to • be seen land heard. Today, this A whole range of ideas have is no longer true. And let's face been suggested '. and some, we the reality of. the situation. If a hink, have great merit. c'an'didia'te can't say all he has Why, not, for ; example,-, hold to say in a month or so ... well, national elections on 'a Satftiraay he just talKs too much, 'nstead ceedings 'of required. school boards There was controversy in Algona. Cause — a Revival and Faith Healing tent which had been pitched on South Wooster street. Crowds nightly congested was because she walks along the street With-a boy. We'd have 90^ per cent "bad girls" if '{hat were the case. ^ D °n't fee.1 soiyy, for.yqur. frierid^ • ^iit^saVe your sympathy. for he »ymp«"ny.ior your mother. She needs it with her thinking. U-Go-l-Go Club The U-Go-I-Go ,4-H Club held the street outside the tent (cur- its -June meeting" at The" home^of iosity seekers) and residents in Margaret and Yvonne Crowley tne area claimed they were un able to get any sleep due to the Virginia Sifert and Yvonne Crowley gave 'demonstrations. reen O'Brien will attend 4-H district camp at Clear Lake. Mrs. Walter Bradley and Donna JHentgcs were guests. IN V IN.CI B L E METAL FURNITURE franchise!d •— Upper Des Moin^s " of on Tuesday? It cer- disorder became too great. Tuesday simply won't do so. election. Still another suggestion is that Up before Congress again are Congress not convene in inaugur- years until Inauguration several proposed amendments ation Several small twisters did some damage when they touched the ground Sunday afternoon in the southern portion of the county. More serious damage was Professional Directory which would permit all 18-year- Days itself—Jan.' 20. Under the olds to vote Why-not? As the present arrangement each new KOUIuy . i¥iulc aclluuo ualllaec waa old argument goes, if you're old Congress starts .the first week, in reported in the north end oi enough to fight for your coun- January. Until the new President Humboldt county try you certainly are old enough takes over Congress really only buildings on one to vot0. We obviously don't have marks time. It must have his hlnum down where* the farm were m.. n v. e ui • «u ' • ". 11- « ": " " — blown down. Damage was slight much faith m the intelligence pf views before the legislative ma- in Kossuth these maturing youngsters if we chinery can start rolling. « « * continue to keep them from the In summarv let us roneaf ballot box until they reach 21.; - summar y- lct us re P° at - INSURANCE In there let plenty room Fear of a shortage of new cars for im- in the near future had prompted *jr | . • . f . ' *.iit*w ja )ji^ii\.y luuill 1UI 1JU- ill li"; iiuai .LULUJI; uau piunipb^u We, also go 'along with the sug- pr ovement in the election system, many persons to buy autos dur- gestion that abolished Only poll six the poll for once and states still have tax be There is nothing in the Consti-. ^ u .'' on which says changes can't JJQ ma( j e where common sense ing the month of June. According to official records, a total of were sold to county resi- 4. , *A t *n»uu wiiirit; cuilllliuil DfJIlbt' ±£nJ wuit ouiu vu ^-uwiii. 1 y icai- tax—Alabama, Arkansas, dictates changes should be made, dents and sales continued to hold SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year. ir. advance ______ Hnn Both Algona papers, in comblnation"~per~yVa77"r»5.00 single Copies -------- „ ---------------- _ .Q^ SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUtH One Year, in advance . ................. Both Algona papers in combination, one year"II"saoo No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST The successful farmer must be an engineer, gambler, diplomat, agronomist, vet, forecaster, laborer, capitalist. Today's farmer who feeds moi-e people than a rncin on the land ever fed before, must be a jack-of-all-trades, and maiter of all. — Guthrie Center Times. Oh well, a vacation [ust weprs you anyway. — Cerrtervilfe DaHy lowegian. out JUST "TWO THINGS" HOID HOME TRADE AT HOME With modern transportation, no merchqnt can sit back qnd think of any one customer as HIS. Two Things, and only two, bring home town buying tp home town stores! No. 1 is well-selected merchandise of good quality. No. 2 is letting the potential byyer know about it by mean* at u™c eT ™. verlisina - The ba$ic advertising medium U your HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER. Tell ... .7 .. and Sell 77. . . 7'. Throuah ^J THt AlGONA UPPiR PIS Read Each Issue By 5,500 Families Mississippi, Texas and Virginia. Regardless of whether one approves or disapproves of the purpose for which the poll tax wa!> originally created, it is no longer jractical. We can't see where. it ceeps anyone from the polls if hey are seriously and sincerely determined to vote. * * * Some of the proposals involv- ng Presidential campaigns and elections do not require changes in the Constitution and can .be achieved simply by legislation, In this connection we favor the suggestion that the Government pay all or at least part of the up well during the first days of July. (War clouds' were getting darKer all the time.). A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs Hospitallzation _ Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State CY 4-452!) ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY B J. R. (Jim) KOU» Surety Bonds — All Line* of Insurance CY 4-3176 J08 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE • '.AGENCY All Lanes of Insurance _ Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2733 FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES July 3, 1941 Station Agent A. A. Bishop, astronomical costs of irfaugur- operator Vic Fender and Harm ating American presidents. After Helmers, who was standing near,all, he is not a Republican Pres- by, : looked like a real-life version ident or a Democratic President of Amos and Andy when a bolt but the President of all of us. of lightning got through working This is a national tradition and one in which we all take pride. So let us all foot the bill. here Thursday. The bolt hit the freight depot's chimney, followed down into the stove and blew * • • the stove door open. A large We are somewhat inclined, too, quantity of soot that had been to go along with the idea that collected in the stove wasn't there anymore—it was all over the three men. The chimney had tht Government bear part of the cost of Presidential campaigns. As it is now the temptation— and a sense of gratitude—is great for the winner to reward the people who contribute generously to his campaign. That's-just human nature. So why not eliminate the temptation and perhaps the Government would improve at least to that extent. ; PROOF OF PUDDING Algona Upper Des Moines Algona, Iowa You have been carrying a very small blind ad for me for two weeks advertising a farm for sale. I thougot you might be interested in knowing that I have had more than thirty replies from these two little ads and they are still coming. The total return I received from four other papers was something around ten. Yours Sincerely, Burt J. Thompson Forest City, Iowa BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 1 N. Dodge St, Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling. Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-3756 5e<r> The question of campaign tributions is getting a good ing-over in this, new Conf"""' al study. NQW, there is to what any individual (,„,. tribute. But, pf course, there ways of geltfr/g around thjs „ it is done in every election. The suggestion is now hiade {hit this ceiling on contributions be lif^ completely. It would' be up H the public, then, to decide'wblf motivates a person who kicks in what seems to be an unusuAl? ly high campaign gift. We think tins public conscience would Ife sufficient to keep individual contributions well in line. * * » It U tlfo &t>ps>n& (tai |£« period between presidential nominating conventions and the in Nuvembw Ue ihort- _HERBST INS, AGENCY For Auto, House, Household fJ»»ds, and Many Other Phone CY 4-3733 Ted 8. Herbit Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr. ract&r Dr. D. p. Arnold Chiropractor _.,. Over- Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg . .Chiropractor 521 E.SlBleSI. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat Ph. DOCTORS MELV1N G. BOftHirE. M, D, Physician & Surgeon rt .JW W,,Moore at Office phone CY 4-2343, Jteaident phone CY 4-2277 *• N. KENEfiCifC. M, D. i'nysician & burgeon m W. State.Street Office phone C? 4-2353 Heament phone CY 4-2B14 CAROL t. PLOTT, M.D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery unite ttours by Appointment CYpress 4-4B64 UHice CYpress 4-4331 Residence State Farm Ina. Co 7M So" PMUIpi SI. f The Unlte4 States JOHN M. SCHUTTEH, R»«»dw»f«, Phonji CY 4-2335 DEAN P t KOOB. M.D. , Reaidence Phone CY 4-4917 Phywnww & Purgeons 230. No,. Do4£r«, Algona Office Phon* CY 4-4490 OPTOMETRIST* DR, U L, SIfYOER Optometrist 4-2711 p none 201 .„ Andy Crawford M lygp <3f Insurance Office Phone CY F^rtli Mgnogemenl ipe T>RiNKv^F)THg Strvlno { f«i8A09 „ Hours: 0:00 a.m. to 5:00 p. Visual Ahalylia-St Visual Tr DENTISTS

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