The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 29, 1961
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Dept, of Hi*to*y Des Moines 10, Iowa 9e& Jfflome* 1 .in ESTABLISHED 1863 ** *wj»S cia«" «*tte at th« poitottice tt At***, Nov. l, 1932. under Art 6i Congrats of March J, 1870. ALGONA, IOWA, tMURSbAY, JUNE 29, 1961 THREE SECTIONS-18 PAGES Thursday, June 29, 1961 Wedding Uftet As Bride Refuses Of love, Honor &• Obey' By Russ Wallet « , * ' * i » Nothing-like a little found- about route getting to Algona. Army Nurs6 Major Mary; Kain, stationed at ,Ft. Sam Houston San Antonio,* Texas, As home on a vacation. Before she left, two Algona girls, Mary Loebacli and Anna Drone, went to San An-- tomo to make the trip home with Mary. Their route- took them; to Portland, Oregon, where ..they picked up a nephew of Mary's, . who also-made the 1 trip with the other three back to Algona.,Ma. jor Kain is in public health work connected with the army medical corps. * * * This is the 41h of July long" weekend coming up, and there's a good slogan, "'Courtesy is Contagious" when it comes to driving the highways, We've observed' quite the opposite, the past few days, even at intersec-' lions within the city limits; The few seconds you can save might also, cost you ft dented fender or someone's life. ," • . * * * And speaking of- the '4th 'of July,, we call your attention to the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, printed on page one of section thfee in today's Upper Des Moines; sponsored by Io6al iirms.- The Declaration of Independence is a, lot*longer, in full text,.than jspme of us may realize. The Preamble is about the only .thing' you read these days, Jand the part that still applies in 1961-as'.well as in 1776 ,' . . * - * * Out Mail-Bag brings a little note telling Tus-Nthat in all this discussion of Hhe* Municipal Rose Garden we have overlooked one fellow—the one who takes care of fthKgard.en.-rrB, ill, Boldridge., It that's'the case,,we're glad to give Big, .the^creditjjijie. Where there's a will, there's Four Mishaps In Area, One Four mishaps, one resulting in a charge of failing to have a car under 'control, were investigated in' this area during the weekend. Charged 'after his vehicle crashed into the rear of a vehicle driven by Mary Sarch'et, Algona, at the intersection-' of highways 169 and 18. /north lot Algona Saturday 'night; was Eu- <gene^M,iSchm!dt*?Mdtmta1n-%bn .One recent College graduate in education is going to teach-in Colorado next fall. But Colorado requires new teachers to take a physical examination—and in Colorado. So this young lady, blessed with a new car but- insufficient funds at the moment to finance a trip to Colorado, took a job pulling milkweed and cockleburrs from soybean fields at $1.25 per hour. And she'll have her expense money in the very near future. » * •• • • Our Curbstone Philosopher declares that among things wrong with us are those, who try to get something for nothing, but what is even worse are those who are getting it. Rumor has it that Hamm's. Bee> contracted to sponsor the Minnesota Twins baseball broadcast^ at a stipulated cost of one mil* lion dollars. * * * Well, after controversy in the past as to what slogan, if any, shall be on Iowa motor vehicle plates, the 1963 plates will carry the title, "The Hawkeye State", What is a Hawkeye? Some of us think of a TV character in the Daniel Boone days, and there is a character by that name in Cooper's "Leatherstocking Tales." What does your dictionary say abput it? * * * Bora Pervane, the Turkish ex change student who completed his final year of high school in Algona this spring, has departed for his homeland, He met some 35 other exchange students In Minn. He entered a plea of guilty in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court and was fined ' $25 and costs. Damage to the Sarchet car was estimated at '$100, while damage to the. other vehicle amounted to $200 according to Patrolman Bill Tordoff who investigated. •A parked car, being driven by Roger Leach, 36, Armstrong, was struck by an auto being backed up by Roelf Miller, 56, Fenton, on a county road four mile's west and an -eighth-mile south 01 Swea City Tuesday at 12:05 p.m. Damage to the Leach vehicl was estimated at $75 and n charges were filed. Patrolmai Dick Pedersen investigated. ' Sheriff. Ralph Lindhorst in vestigated two mishaps Monday Peter Visser, 47, Pocahontas was passing some . farm equip ment a mile north and 1% miles east of Sexton on a detour roac when he got too close to the edge of the road and the car roll ed into the ditch. The mishap oc curred at 2 p.m. and $200 damage resulted to the auto. Forty minutes later, a pickup truck driven by Fred Duerr, 20 Algona, and a tractor, beinj backed up by George C, Studer 43, Lu Verne, collided, a half-mile south and two miles east of Whittemore. Damage to the pick- °-? e ? £ T? E social events °f the summer ssason;''wldiSh ~t n ° v ^ S - sed ,- y th ' ls newspaper due to the fact-there was 1 of a Wedding license being issued by County Clerk Alma if!^V •£ ? j n lawn at the Walter Siemens home on South street, Jnday morrung. A blushing bride and groom stood a youthful minister and repeated marital vows - - • The photo above was snapped while the ceremony was in bro- s - an oddity that seemed to fit right into the scheme,of. things' perfectly. v mu the left> s * an ding, are the ithree lovely bride's attendants U * Ue - Mounted Wnd pastor, of riglit of ihe lace veil fell from her small hat. Male members party (at least some of them) wore hats 2 DamageCases Filed Here In District Court Two damage cases, both the result of auto mishaps, were filed in district court here this week OD i' a ^ est , amount asked is $1 fl86 -50.. Plaintiffs in the matter are Rudolph and DuWayne Hannover and defendant is Mrs. Ruben -Berkland, According to the Petition, the plaintiff's auto, be- .ing driven by DuWayne Hannover, struck the read of an auto allegedly stopped. on the traveled portion : bf highway 44 nortli Of Whittemore Oct. 21, 1960. The plaintiffs seek judgement for damage to their auto, personal injury and loss of wages. ,,Robert Friets, plaintiff, asks judgement for $1,'300 from Myrl Johnson, defendant, 'alleging negligence ori the part of,,the latter .In-an attto accident which occurred Sept/ 22, 1960. Damages are for to the auto and loss Of its use for a month. , '.' .'.'rLaXiritz'C.-'Strand entered a guilty .plea to a charge of OMVI sftrtj Was" fined $500 and cost Monday/Arrested Friddy nigh here, Strand was bound over to .district, court !f olio wing a pre liminary hearing in Mayor G. 'C Shierk's court. It was a secona offense. "C. V. Schroder, plaintiff, filed a petition against Carrol Fraser defendant,.asking $400.55 for settlement, of an account, and Charlotte Mergen, 'plaintiff, filed a separate maintenance petition against*Harvey Mergen, claiming cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff also seeks custody of four minor children. Ask Common Sense Caution Over Long July 4th Weekend Kossufh Girds For Onrush Of Cross Traffic The bride's mother, seated to the right of ithe minister about six years vounepr rf.hnn th» v,,-;,^ u,,f It..!jTyJV" 1 :" sler ' was ter at alll. six years younger.than the bride, but ihat didrft seem rto ma£ Dubuque, Sunday, and they all are now taking a three^week tour of the U. S. before leaving for their homelands. Bora will fly to Turkey, where he expects to continue his education in a Turkish college. Bora was a quiet, but pleasant young man. We suspect he did not always express his complete feelings and comparisons between life in Turkey •and life in Iowa, and they ABB different. But he certainly grew to know the middle west quite well, and Us young people. Perhaps the best prospects we have for world peace are exchange students. Each learns the weaknesses, and also the strengths, of the other. But they all find out that fundamentally speaking, Americans are basically a peaceful people, content with the country we have, desiring no more territory or power elsewhere in the world. This, in turn, can help greatly to offset the incorrect picture that we seem to have created in many a foreign mind. ;f amous Last Line — Luck C9H bring opportunity, but iBltlVgffOce can shape it up,.was estimated at $200. No charges were filed. Fortunately, no personal injuries were reported in any of the mishaps. New 18 Paving Ready By Sept. While opening of the new paving on highway 18, from Sexton to Britt, was originally scheduled fpr sometime in July, it now appears that the new stretch will not be ready for traffic before September. The Carlson Construction Co is nearing the end of actual concrete paving, with less than • a mile to go at the Britt end last week. However, there are intersection paving completions yet remaining, and the small stretch of old 18 from,.the Milwaukee crossing west tp Sexton remains to be asphalt concrete covered. A construction worker, Jerry Strommel, 27, Albia, received a broken leg last 'week when he slipped and a form fell on him. Both bones in the lower leg were broken. Burt Officials Exonerated In Justice Court Burt Mayor, Nels Nelson tend em Ralph C. Johnson, Burlt town cm ployee, were found not guilty ox charges of using itown property for private use. Dr. Bahne Bahnson, Bunt osteopath/filed changes in Justice of the Peace M. J Med Tech ©rod Bill Tordoff, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Tordoff, Algona, is a recent graduate of Northwest Institute of Medical Technology, Minneapolis. He is a I960 graduate of Algona high school and is now employed in laboratory research at General Mills in Minneapolis,, Nemmers count, Bancroft, and the two were charged earlier Ithis month on ithree complaints. One complaint charged that Nelon had permitted the use of pu- )lic conveyance for private use-he second complaint stated that tonnson had moved furniture rom one house to another on Way 12 and 13 using a City of Bunt truck; and the third, which was against Johnson, stated he ad used obscene language in a public place. County Attorney ordon Wjnkel, appearing for le state, provided a brief on the Nelson has been Burlt mayor for the past 10 years. Johnson began his duties at Burt last January. Rabid Skunks Found; Ringsted Boy Gets Shots Ringsted — Ricky Wentworth, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donalo, Wentworth, is receiving daily shots of anti-rabies vaccine from a Graettinger doctor as a result of his being bitten by a skunk east of Ringsted Friday, June 16. He will receive 14 of the shots. Two skunks found in the area after the boy was bitten were sent to a laboratory at Ames and rabies discovered. Residents of that entire area are warned to be on the lookout 4th Of July The Algona Post Office will be closed all day Tuesday. July 4th. The lobby will be open all day but there will be no windows open and n'o mail of any kind will be delivered on city and rural routes. All incoming and out* going mail will be handled as usual. Correspondents of the Upper Des Moines are asked to see that their news letters reach this paper not later than Monday, Late news of special importance can be phoned in (collect) Wednesday, The Upper Des Moines will publish at the usual time next week. Bancroft — Funeral services for Mrs. Nellie Kirsch, 94, resident of a Burt nursing home who died at 2:10 p.m. Tuesday, were held Friday at 9:30 a.m. in St. John's Catholic church, with Msgr. J. H. Schultes officiating. Burial was at the church cemetery jand Garry Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements Pallbearers were Delmar Fish er, Gene Wolf, Lawrence Beck er, Al Meyers, Axel Bratliui( and, Joseph Klein. Nellie Fitzsimmons, daughte: of Mr. >and Mrs. Bernard Fitz simmons, was born Aug. 17, 1866 at 'Cincinnati, Ohio, and was married to John. Kirsch at Mankato. Feb. 4, 1907. Mr. and Mrs Kirsch farmed in the Seneca vicinity until 1932 when they retired and moved to Bancroft Mr. Kirsch died in 1947. Mrs Kirsch had been in poor health for several years and succumbed to a heart attack. The Fourth of July holiday, itretchihg over a four day period tarting at 6 p.m. Friday of this week, has brought on urgent apical from county and state safety inits for "common sense driving" n. an effort to reduce the traffic lazards. National Safety Council figures estimate that between 450 and 500 people will lose their lives in the four-day period in automobile fatalities. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorsit of Kossuth county points out that the "long weekend" could be the toughest of the year before the five nights and four (days are past. SHERIFF'S STATEMENT i "Good weather and the long holiday period may combine to make this weekend Ithe hardest of the years for sheriffs and their staffs, and state, highway patrolmen,", said the Kossuth sheriff. He said that the traffic flow will rise rapidly Ito a peak beginning Friday afitemooni, June 30, arid thait at can be expected to be heavy until the eaifly hours of July 5. ',.,Kossuth,county iis'looalted in^a Kossuth county drivers were given a pat on the back this week by Sheriff Rallph Lindhorsit, who stated Wednesday morning that- "despiite two recent fatalities on county roads, the'residents of the county have a chance to post a fine record this year — IF they con- t.inilnllv WnlfnVl tVloif 1-inV.i-fe. >» • ' ; . : tlnually waltch their driving habits. for any wild animals that mjght be carrying rabies. Anyone spotting a skunk should report it at once to Ringsted authorities. Crops Begin To Jump As Hot Weather Arrives Crop-growing weather arrived with gusto this week as high temperature readings zoomed from the mid-seventies to 90-plus Wednesday afternoon. Only ,H of an inch of rain was registered during the period. Low mark during the week was 46 degrees June 26. H L R June 23 - 82 53 .01 June 23 73 49 June 24 ....73 50 June 25 —75 47 June 26 80 46 June ?7 88 54 .13 June 28 89 63 Crops, lawns, in fact everything green, look great. Ridicylous Dqys Algona's annual Ridiculous, Pays will take place July 14-15, SQ don't forget the dates. It's an annual mid-summer, barn burner of bargains and hilarity! Her only survivor is a niece, Mabel Fitzsimmons, Minneapolis. Gets Degree After 30 Years Mrs. Irvin Bathe of Swea City credited her husband and family with a huge assist this week as she attained a lifelong ambition—a college degree. Mrs. Bathe received her bachelor of arts degree from Drake University after a 30-year interval. It was in the early thirties when she began her college ed- upation at Simpson College, Indianola. While teaching at Leon for nine years, Mrs. Bathe attended a few college summer sessions, then was married. Two years ago, when her children, Patty, Jimmy and Jerry, were 11, 10 and nine-years oi age, respectively, she decided to resume her studies and attended a summer session at the University of Iowa. She then completed her education at Drake, returning weekends from Des Moines to be with her family. Her future plans include fam ily an4 home duties. flow of traffic to the .Okoboji and another cross-flow heaqe'c nprlth 1o the Minnesota lake re gions. HURRY, WORRY, CRASH Staite Safety Commissioner Car Pesch 'also had a few observa :ions: "Our feeling is thait there mus >e something seriously wrong with the driver who will deliberately commit a moving traffic 'idlation during such a weekend," Pesch said. He urged drivers 'to reduce New Pastor For Church At Burt 9urt — Rev. Fred Samek, who has been pastor at the Methodist church here for the past five years has been transferred to a new charge. He will serve the RUdd and St. Charles churches. He has already taken over his duties there. Rev. Bohi, who has served the Hayelock Methodist church, is tfte new Burt pastor. He delivered his first sermon here Sunday. They have 6 grown child- re^ speeds, observe all stop signs and signals, and to strictly obey all no-passing zone signs and markings, In a special warning to families planning weekend trips, Pesch urged an early slant and return, so 'that drivers can avoid speed and nighttime driving. "One of our biggest worries this weekend will be the driver who, though normally cautious, will igive .way to impatience and the feeding that he must get where he is going in a hurry." Pesch said this is the kind o driver who may never get ther at all, and who will! end up as on of the nlames on the state's fatal! y list. He warned that the motoris. Who drinks and drives will be •isking immediate suspension o lis license on arrest. The department policy of immediate suspension on charges of drunken iriving still is very much in ef- ect, he said. th of JULY PARTY AT DRIVE-IN A "safe and sane" 4th of July _ tarty is being planned at ithe >rive-In Theatre here, star-ting at p.m. with the doors open at 4 ,m. There will be free pony rides and balloons for the youngsters, and a stage show will be presented starting at 5 p.m. on a specially constructed platform, Ray Langt'itt, manager, said. Stage acts include musical numbers, pamtomime acts, trick and fancy roping, and a special clown children have died .on ighways — about 50 more than during the same-period in I960,,... ; " ; - > •; "While law off leers' every where try ito keep the toll dowm, it ia basically the responsibility of every driver to do his (or her) part to halt the tragedy of highway murder," said Lindhorsit. The graph shown here (with years listed across the top and fa- to'lity totals at the left) illustrates Kossuth county's record from 1046 through 1960. Completely accurate figures were not kept prior to 1940. Only once, from 1950 ito 1952, has the line dropped' two years in a row - due in part to the fact 10 persons lost thedr lives in Kossuth during 1950. Peak years have been 1953 and 1957 when 12 persons died on each year, and 1955 and 1959 when the total reached 11 ench year. The over-all average since 1946 has been 7.8 deaths per year. The best year fatality- wise, was 1956 whtn three persons died. "The vacation season is now in full swing," concluded the sheriff, and 'the Fourth of July weekend always (unfortunately) means that about 500 persons will meet death in highway mishaps-so watch your cnitting when you slide behind the wheel of your auto — not only during the coming holiday season, bull always. Don't become a cold tatistic on a graph." Man Hurt When Gravel Trucks Collide, Swea show by Eddie clown from the Sifert, retired Ringling Bros. circus and a native of Algona. There will be a double feature movie after dusk falte (see movie ads) and ait the conclusion of the double feature there will be a giant fireworks display. All of this on one admission ticket. It is the only 4th of July program slated in Algona, other than afternoon stock car tfaces starting at 2 -p.m. Swea-Eagle — An Algona man, Albert Mertz, suffered facial and arm lacerations, possible chest and back injuries when a gravel truck he was driving was hit broadside by another gravel truck driven by John Hunt of Mallard. Hunt was uninjured. The mishap occurred at a blacktop-gravel road intersection four miles west and five miles north of Swea City at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and Meriz was rushed by ambulance to St Ann hospital, Algona, for treatment of his injuries, A check with hospital officials failed to disclose the exact condition of the Final Service For Methodist Church, Grant After 45 years of ministry the Grant Methodist church congregation disbanded June 18 when he final service was held. The church is in north Kossuth, in injured man. According to reports, Mertz failed to stop at a stop sign. His truck was headed west, empty, and the other truck was headed north with a full load of gravel. Both vehicles were thrown from the intersection after the collision and the Mertz truck landed in a pasture. Dr. R. F. Snyder, Swea City, and Patrolman Dick Pedersen were called to the scene to investigate. It is not known if charges will be filed. Both trucks were totally demolished. There has been much gravel truck traiffic in that area, where practically all gravel roads are getting a coat of gravel at the present time. New Ringsted Marshal Gene Jensen, 24, has been hir- ;d as the new town marshal at Ringsted. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. Jensen of Ringsted, and begins his new duties July 1. Gordon Culbertson, former marshal, is starting work with the Knapp Implement Co., July 1. Grant twp. Present at the final service were members of the church when it was first organized in the township. Mrs. Her! Zielski accompanied by her nephew Mr. and Mrs. Arden Zielski and children, all of Lake Mills, were among those attending. Words of greeting and reminiscences were read and a gift oi a flowering plant was recognized from Mrs. Helen Halverson, the former Helen Briggs, Los Angeles. The plant was presented to Mrs. Mable Mino, who was Mrs. Halverson's first Sunday School teacher. i Former Algonan Hurt In 2-Car Mishap Sunday Patricia Morton, 14, daughter of Mr and Mrs Jack Morton, Web- ter City, former Algonans, was ritically injured Sunday night ivhen an auto driven by Mr Moron crashed head-on into a car riven by Walter Bailey, 46, Los Angeles, east of Fort Dodge on highway 20. Mrs Bailey was also injured critically. \ Mr and Mrs Morton and Mr- Bailey suffered lass serious injuries and all five were rushed to Mercy hospital at Font Dodge for treatment. Mr Morton, golf professional, lived at Algona Country Club during the late thirties and early . forties when his pareats, Mr and Mrs George Morton, operated the club. The elder Morton was golf pro and the son was greenskeep- er. A daughter, Indy, was weft- known in women's golf cjfetes and was one of the top golfers ia the state for several years. J

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