The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 15
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THE , LADlfis OF *M?H CREEK TOWNSHIP met June t organize, very few thoughts werfe taken of the needs of the future. However the needs of that' day — companionship for housewives who seldom got to town, during the winter mortth's, cul- .tural contacts, and the Heed to express themselves creatively Were very much in their minds. They organized ,the Plum Creek Social andi Literary Society. . *.«.,*-.' i u™/ S ,X EAR OM THfi AFTERNOON OF June 14, 1961, the club celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Over 62 members, past and p'res- en't, gathered at the township's Community, hall Wednesday to observe the occasion, renew oild acquaintances and reminisce on the clubs history. It was a delightful affair for all .concerned. • -• . ' • •#;;. ''•'*'.-*- \ • .. Y. .. . FIVE OF fHE CHARTER MEMBERS were there — Mrs. Ella Bode, Mrs. Mary Kain, Mrs. .Sadie Hopkins, Mrs. Ethel Gardner and Mrs. Lela Gardner and a sixth living charter member, Mrs. Roland Djckinson, sent greetings from Winnebago, Minn. The eftarter members are all still going strong as is the dlub; 'long-since renamed ithe Plum Creek Woman's Club. ' .•'-•.;..* * * HIT. OF THE AFTERNOON was a talk by Mrs. Kate Annis of Aigona. Mrs. Annis was president of the Union Mothers and Daughters Club, the first woman's club in Iowa, when it wias organized 55 years ago, and when she later heard thatthe Plum Creek' ladies were organizing, Mrs. Annis came over to help ithem. Mrs. Annas' talk Was' seeded with both humorous and touching incidents and would have done credit to any youngster of 40 or 50 years. But to make it even more remarkable, Mrs. Annis is now several months past her 97th birthday. *'*.*.. , . . • IT IS A FACT OF LIFE that you oari't be a terrific old lady, if you haven't been pretty terrific during your younger years, and Mrs. Annis certainly qualifies for that. She's always been Original and creative. Wednesday she recited one of the poems written in her younger days and needed only a 'little prompting from her daughter, Beth, Aigona Librarian. She's been getting around quite a bit in her 98th year. She attended the aitt exhibit at Aigona high school arid at Commencement stood up for a bow as the; oldest living'gradu- at'e of Aigona high school. ' ' '•• «.«••* : MRS. ANNIS WAS BORN A TWIN. Her sister, Cora, had never had a sick day in her life until her terminal illness many years ago.' The other twin, Mrs. Annis, wlas always considered very frail. She had five children and Beth is the only one who lived, and she had - several boults of surgery during the days when operations -were really serious affairs and performed as a last measure, usually on a kitchen table. Beth says that one of her earliest memories is somebody tell-. • ing her, ''Always be very considerate of Mother, because we aren't going to have her with us very long"! * + * MRS. ANNIS WAS VERY TIRED after her trip and talk Wednesday and it did take her a couple of days before she felt' spry again. During that time she said 'to Beth, "I'm so tired, I wonder if it was worth it". Then she thought a while land said, "Yes it was, too! You can't just sit around all your life, and I dearly love .to get up beforfe people!" - • • • ,'•"• ••'•.:; •. . • * * * • ..••'••• MRS. ELLA BODE, who now lives. in Algona, was hostess to the first dinner of the Plum Creek Club Nov. 8, ,1911. She said Wednesday that she remembers the occasion, very well. : It was bitter cold, whole families attended, because ithene were rio baby sitters and the men came to drive the sleighs and' bob sleds. Houses were fed in wagon boxes arid there was so much food for: ithe humans /that they : were hard-pressed for places to,set it until mealtime; % . ' ' * •&£•&*£. •• ..--*•'•:.*.::.-•'...•.;•' -• MRS. MARY KAIN, another ctiarte'r member aind hostess to one of the early annual dinners, recalled ithe first meeting she had at her house. Mrs. Kain said she sent her son; .John,, and daughter, Elgena, out to round up 100 plates and 100 cups and .then they were put to work washing them. Her husband, Mrs. Kain said told her she was crazy because the weather was so bad nobody: would come to the club meeting. But he was wrong. Everybody got there and they used every one of the cups and plates. '(Mrs. Kain is another local lady whose life story I admire. She was early, left, a widow with 10 children, the oldest 21 and the youngest an infanit, and with a lot of family cooperation managed to rear and educate all of them.) * * * MRS. JOHN SCHULZ, although not, a charter member, said she would always have a soft spot in her tyeart for the Plum Creek community. Mrs. Schulz, long since a resident of the ^Irvington community, came here from Illinois' .with 'three smaH youngsters, to join her husband who had a farm in Plum. Creek township.. The weather in Illinois was balmy when she started so.she wore, her Easter bonnet and a spring suit. She arrived, in Algo'na during a" blizzard. Her new Plum Creek neighbors were there at the train to meet her, with a warm welcome and a warm overcoat, and within a matter of days she was invited to attend the Plum Creek club meetings. * * * MRS. GEORGE JOHNSON, a long time member, sent greetings and roses from Warrenlton, Oregon- for the anniversary, Arlene Brethorst Felter, who lives in Minnesota, was the member attending from the greatest distance. She said she wouldn't have missied it for the world. Mrs. Robert Kain was the club's first president, and during this fiftieth year, another Mrs. Kain, Florence, is president. The meetings this year have all had an anniversary theme. Some of them have been — "The Little Red Schoolhouse and Extra - curricular Activities in the Schools Today"; "Thanksgiving in 1911 and Thanksgiving Today"; "An Old-Fashioned Christmas and Christmas Today" and "Old Time Cooking and Food Today." Both the older members and the young mothers of today have contributed much. * * * THE CLUB MOTTO, "LIFE Is as Great As We Make It", has been well applied in the lives of the members. And it is one that can give inspiration to all of us. * « * I DON'T KNOW WHY ANYBODY would want to dress up plain macaroni and cheese, but if you should want to, here's a recipe for Hot Macaroni and Cheese Salad. 1 package elbow macaroni l /2 cup mayonnaise 1 tbsp. milk 1 tbsp. lemon juice 1 teasp. salt , */4 teasp. pepper 1 cup diced celery . 1 cup (4 ounces) grated Cheddar cheese 1 tbsp. finely chopped 1 onion 1 pimiento, diced I tablsp. chopped parsley. Cook macaroni in boiling salted water. Drain. Return to saucepan; toss with 1 .tablespoon of mayonnaise; keep hot. Mix remaining mayonnaise with milk, lemon juice, salt, pepper in 1 cup measure. Stir celery, cheese and onion into hoi macaroni; fold in mayonnaise mixture, reheat. Spoon into dish, add pimiento and parsley. Starting FRIDAY Per One Week . Walt Disney's - "ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR" FLYING A FLIVVER TO WASHINGTON ... impossible as it seems, that's what FRED MacMURRAY and NANCY OLSON are doing in this hilarious scene from Walt .Disney's new conledy, "The Absent-Minded Professor." Also starring in the wacky'Buena Vista release are Keenan Wynn arid Tommy Kirk. ' benediction -by ReV, John Riebhoff. .' . Ruby Bilsborough and Merle Richards were • married at the home, of the bride's parents in Lone Rock June 22, 1921. They set up housekeeping' on the Richards home place midway between Lone Rock and Burt and resided there until their retirement in December, 1960, when they moved into a new home at Britt. They are the parents of four sons, Guy, Highland, Ohio, Frank, Garner, Kenneth on the .home place, and Ralph, in the arnied services at Independence, Mo. Eight grandchildren' add '. joy to the Richards' life. The sons, Ralph and, Guy, were unable to be with their. parents. Merle Richards FefedAfBurt; Wed 40 Years Burl — The family of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Richards of Britt, formerly of the Burt and Lone Rock vicinity, held open house at the Burt Methodist church from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday in honor of their parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Ha Bilsborough, Ai- gona, registered 125 relatives and friends who called. Mrs. Kenneth Richards, Lone Rock, was in charge ol the gilt table. Mrs, Etta Holdren, Kurt, presided at the punch bowl. , Mrs. Faye Richards, Princeton. 111., and Mrs. Lulu Richards. Blue Earth, poured. Cutting ana serving the 4-tiered anniversary cake were Mrs. Frank Richards of Garner, and Mrs. Donald Hunnicut, Blue Earth. Dining room hostesses were |4rs. Lethsj WUtkopf, Aigona. Mrs. Vernell Bilsborough and Lenice Bilsborough. Kenneth Richards acted as master of ceremonies for the following program: .Welcome, Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Richards renewed their marriage vows, taken 40 years ago, with Rev. Fred Samek, officiating. Mrs. G. H. McMullen read an original poem, vocal duet, Mrs. Viola McHonald and Wallace Hawcott, accompanied by Teeter, uwi prayer D.A.R., Elecis Mrs. F. Lloyd Young,. Austin, Minn., Vice President General of the D.A.R., was the special guest of the Aigona Chapter D.A.R. when they met 'at the home ot their regent, Mrs. Don Patterson, Burt, as their annual -Flag Day observance program. 25 members were present at the 1 p.m. picnic dinner. Burt Scouts Thomas Lichter and John Patterson presented a demonstration on .the correct ways to display the American flag, '. .• Officers for the coming year were elected. The following were all re-elected: Mrs. • Don Patterson, 1 regent, Mrs. M. G. Bourne, vice regent, Mrs. W. G. McCuI- lough, recording secretary, Mrs. F. L. McMahon, treasurer, Mrs. G. R. Cook, corresponding secretary, Mrs. James Lytle, registrar, and Mrs. E. W. Lusby, historian. Mrs. Dean Hall and family, La Crosse, Wis., are spending a week at the home of her sister. Mrs. Darrell McFarland and family, and with her niece, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Davis. Mennett Trunkhill and family spent several days at Madison, Wise. While there they attended graduation services at the University of Wisconsin. His sbn-in- luw,. David Weston, received his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering. Mrs. Weston is the former Dolores Trunk- hill. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hanson, Roland, visited one day this past' week at the home of their son and family, the Harley Hansons Jerry Wiener 'accompanieo some friends from Algon'a on a fishing trip to Canada. They plan to be gone for a week. Rev. John Riebhoff, Island Park, Long Island, accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Lance Riebhoff, flew from Island Park to Des Moines Tuesday. They visited with their sister and daughter, Lurena, there until Thursday when the three came to Burt Rev. Riebhoff and Lurena will MILK REPLACER Calves and jjmki TO GIVE CALVES A GOOD START IN LIFE 25fio'3» 5 NOW IN STOCK Irvingtqn Co-Operative Co, Irvington, lowci visit with their parents until June 29. Mrs. Lance Riebhoff had spent a month with her son in New York. Mrs. Maude Allen, Julesburg. 1 Colo, left for her home Saturday after spending the past two weeks with relatives here. : Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alborn,' Lonnie, Susan, and Diane, -Silvei Bay, Minn., are visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. Jake Gifford, and with other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Don Mi'tchell and Judy returned home Tuesday after a 2-week fishing trip to Eaglq Lake, Ontario,. Canada. Mr. and Mrs. James Fredrickson and family of Rockwell, spent the weekend at the parental E. P. Fredrickson and Louis Riedel homes. Mr. and Mrs. Ra'y> Miller, Darrell and Joyce,« Gilmore City. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Steward, Minneapolis, and Roger Steward, Fiayette, spent the weekend at the' parental Walter Steward Jon* 22, 1961 Algeria (la,) Uppet De« Molnw-3 Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, "THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR" 1:30; 7:30; 9:30. Sunday — 1:30-3:35-5:40-7:50•9:"55: •'-•. • ACORTS Air-Condition One Room This Summer FROM CARTON TO COMFORT IN MINUTES - See or Call Your Aigona Electric Appliance Dealer Now. Aigona Municipal Utilities homo. Carole Sue Wiener and Rose Ella Kahler left Wednesday for Clear Lake, where they will represent their club, the Burt Blue Birds, at the annual 4-H Cnmp. being held at the Methodist camp grounds. Janet Black, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Black, loft Saturday for Cedar Falls whore she will attend 'Hnwkeye Girls State. Janet is being sponsored by the local American Legion Auxiliary. Richard Lavrenz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Lavrenz, who left recently for duty in the U. S. Army, will receive his basic training for the next 9 weeks at Fort Riley, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Madson, Jr. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Manus spent several days at Vacation Village, Spirit Lake. While there the men had a Felco Feed meeting. Phone CY 4-3535 — Your Newspaper SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY Jfa ~Bia yaiQeti ifromxSeattfeitoNom& JOHNNY NORTON SINOS •NORTH TO • PLUS 2nd FEATURE • THIS IS A r - t ' WONDERFUL PICTURE! -- PLUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS BIG FIREWORKS DISPLAY — PLAN NOW TO BE HERE ON JULY 4thl Ends THURSDAY - Wait Disney's "TEN WHO DARED" • FRIDAY thru THURS, CONTINUOUS SUNDAY From 1:30 MATINEES DAILY at 1:30 OH, PROFESSOR WHAT YOU DID! <&«>^ THE CAMPU? HAS ' FLIPPED OVER FRED MURRAY -NANCY OLSON • KEENAN WYNN -TOllY KIRK *— J l I W!» »>? Co™«> «l I AI>0 Ihow »f*ttl Oo»' C<p> I ]N AME8' ELUOH REID • EDWARD ANDREWS I BROWN t CARNEY I Hi-wEWiD I ED m Plus "NOAHS ARK" — Admission: Adults 90c Jrs. 75c Kiddies 35c THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY 2 BIG FIRST RUN FEATURES ON OUR GIANT WIDE SCREEN! YOUNG BLOOD RUNS HOT... as daredevil ^ drivers, battle for moneyf ^ glory and -, the girls who follow the tracks! THE WORLD SERIES OF STOCK CAR RACIHG! '•ALAN HALE- CONNIE "BINES. ) JOHN GENTRY • 2nd ALL - NEW FEATURE * BORN TO,* MAKE TROUBLE! A sensuous Bayou hellcat who brought ' oof the in men! SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY AT 11:30 EXTRA BONUS HORROR FEATURE! IWREDIB1E HORROR! Learn the Terrifying v Secret... the Hideouc OBSESSION of... The Man Who Could Cheat Dea TECHNICOLOR*-A HAMMER PRODUCTION "HE CUBE OF ANTON DIFFRING • HAZEL COURT • CHRISTOPHER LEE I EVERY THURSDAY IS ... '$ WILL BE ADMITTED FOR, ONE BUCK (A OOLLAR TO YOU) . .//• FRIDAY NIGHT IS SNO-KON NIGHT

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