The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 12
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6~Alflflna (la.) Upper DM Mofnw Ttitmrfay, jutt* 22, 19A1 ,_—t. - / -.. .. .' .. , ..'.—..JJ..J-. T/., ....'. Guild co6k book they want ta soil or give away?, Through . Algotia is really on the fnafj Bill Steele of the Chamber of • Commerce had two letters re* cently, one from Bridgeport Conn., one front Water Vliet, N Y., seeking information as to possible purchase of the book Some tiriie ago columnist Cecily Brownstone gave a recipe for 6 chocolate-cherry cake and mentioned the origin. The donor of the recipe is Layonrie Post. She •i read the recipe; to me and it sounds dee-licioust I said I wasn't a Sherlock Holmes but I wouldn't be surprised if these women were hunting unusual, recipes for the coming Pillsbury Bake-off. Any- one'who knows of cook books available, contact Bill Steele. ••' ..' ,* i '*•'•* .' Last week I had excerpts from a letter;written by Julia Cady telling aboutv the hospitalization of her son, Dr. Jerry Cady in Oakland, Calif. The other ,day I •'•had.,a letter from Jerry, telling of his trips back and forth to Okinawa. He writes, "I -had been having;trouble with my back for Some time wasn't < too bad when I left. Two days after arrival on'Okinawa, it went com. • pletelybad and I, was evacuated to the 'hospital at. Yokosuka, . Jatt pan. So much for the shortes tour with the Marines on rec ord. Two weeks; later I wa flown back . to. Oakland. ; , I ha orders >hfere in July, to .start, an orthopedic residency but I, came in the back door somewhat, early I have a slipped disc in my bacl and right, now, am at strict be< rest.for-a week to see-, if, it wil have any results before'they de. cide whether.. I will-'need • sur- Eery,", ; .'. • .'„,.,.! ., ;...-:•:.] . • ,<•'••: ' .'•»'; , ».-.. . • ,,•..;••., A card- from Abner Long wa sent from Lancaster,''Pa., where he' and his son-in-law,: Glee Pit" cher, were 1 spending the ".day . "Glee onv business-' and ift to e» sho-fly pie." To the .uninitiated it's made>'with 'molasses ; and- is a New 'England 'concoction., •t - '• -' (••;.•. '.•••,•!,;•• .• -,.| A card from'Minnie Ma'ierin, f orrrier Algoiiah, 'says, • "Leaving for home 'tomorrow.'(She' was at •\yoo'dlan!d, Calif.) I Have been reading' the Algeria' patter ana especially enjoyed "Tidbits", like a letter, from 'Home.- Spent lasl week at Lake Tahoe^and passec thru' 'Scjuaw galley on our way back-'to' Woodland.'-' (Mrs., Matt erri •' now mates .' .(her, 'homej al Btewartville, Minn.' ') r, 01. ' - ; . " ! '•-' '• ••! ''.9 ';•! '..:• ; ,' ( Woodland; 'Calif.; rih^s a bell ft is there'HazeT Parr'lives. Haz* tl Moore to many 'here, and daughter of Mrs.' Tom' Akre.-'I hear from her each-'year' ai, Christmas.- Her brother :Charles Akre lives'at'Arllrigton, Vb.,- and I heard was here Memorial Day: I don't think I've quite- forgiven him for not coming to see me, \ • • • Mrs. Wayne' Hanson had a recent letter from her son Richard Mitta'g of Alameda, Calif., who is in service there, saying he has been promoted to parachute rigger, second class. In November he will have been in service foui years and plans to return to Algona to make, his home. It wil! be remembered he married Ruth Schadendorf and they are now. parents of two'children, a little girl, Angela, 3, and Daniel, less than a year. Dick expresses his nostalgia by saying he will be glad to get to Iowa and her wonderful clean, fresh air. Yes, Iowa IS a beautiful spot. Cage" ctettte cAit abtiutHhat timfe but 1 don't remember where I learned that. • • * * ' This <}at» me a laugh—if was so,,descriptive, A woman was passing across the street the other day. Amy Johnson was getting my room in order and seeing this person whom we know well, said, "She's so thin she looks, like she's all feet." NO —you'll NOT find.out. Who it was. v ,, •* " •'.. *"." *'i Maiii'e McWhorfer has been visited by,her'son and daughter- in-law ; MrV and Mrs. Richard Demery, iJo'plih, Mo., who came after,', being notified Mattie had fallen oh the walk out front and 'Suffered cuts in her leg which had to,have several stitches. She is recovering just fine—walks in her room, but won't be downstairs for* a;, few , mpre ..days. I,. nifss ihiy,. daily chats with her. quite ft few birthday parties fo Nancy Geilenfeld. This year 1 -Will be different, she told me This year* on her eighteenth birthday, Juhe 3, she worked! In "the. fall' she Is going to Coleen Tex., to. visit her uncle and aunt ;Sgt; and Mrs. Clarence Krug, <• graduation gift from her parents « » • Speaking of anniversaries— when Mrs. W. C. Irelan confided June 2 was her wedding anniversary I said, "Umpteen years?" .She .replied, "Yes-38." They wero married at Ottumwa and shfe taught school ( up to the very last moment. 1 ' HoW--could she have kept, her .mind on classes when the most important day of her life was so close? Since she was in such a happy : frame of mind I -suppose everybody passed, ' ' • ' ' » • i ' • ' 'Beth Arinis and 1 were discussing odd names> not long. ago. She; nientioned-.,!a cousin; whose iame. is : Vecima. Ne,yer Heard it sefore, "but' it sort of grows on one..Vecima- r -She-is.Mrs. Russell Prink, Washington, la., and has )een n recent guest of Beth and her m6th'er, Mrs. Kate Aflnis; hpfp, has feeefi visited by h&- 6M Maurice, Putna Gsfda, tfia."Shi 'accompanied him ro PoeahbiiWi to visit „relatives: dnd he „ spent some time a't'Atlantic arft Farnhamville with- relatives. , * * * It always Inferesfi and th6 ehange^. Wille of the Damlly has been to Willey, SampSori Shortened to Samson by some, and the other" day 1 learned Helberg.Was once Hellberg in Swedenfand icht ed to Halberg by dhe braJieh the family when come he berg favored by arioth^ '" Who knows Whom? Back In. who 'iif % , ' I * <> Idle;* troubles in the Crf6k,, Johannsen and Robinson families. .Russell 2ook wanted to mirry Ruth' B Ro'' binson and his sister->Rpsettft WAS engaged to Henry Joi'a'nj}seh.!"Ji| double wedding waS suggest®!' but the question of a minister 4|7 proved by all aroite with the re- ult that Russ and - Ruth married May 3, 1919 >and Rosetta and Hank Were married June" 4; 910. And after all ,the discuss s the years.I have ifeporied, ^Mrs. Josie Thompson, residents Ion, both couples ,were marrleo by the same minister, Rev, &. Taylor .of the M6thfidist dhureh. Me seems td -have tied th6i knots -Mfll-Jop, ,46.-ykrs 6: marriage mdkates'r'iScky' ptacii have been avoided, -A-family cett cbfation of the anniversaries wafe hold June 4 at^ the home &£ Mfi ahd Mrs. Oldn ^efeter.-Mrsi^Tr e/13 a' niece of ,flu"$S ,ahd ia. • ' "* •*t •*'• ..'"I- *,,„»« 1 had Such, a nice visit ifrlth Roy* Keett,"who Was" fictfolmpah* led by Ray Potter, and we three *&o have Rriowti'-'TsiJeh.' ,ether tfitsse many years sure dtlg Into the 15 past. Roy lives at Sta«bCol* lege, Pa., and Sam416 Btfe'nd the fiftieth anniversary class reunion. I told .him '"tMy^cauab Mary Cady"" RubenStein lives 4here and ,he%profttised to .phone, ner anti tell Her"'Be'toad s'efen' me' in>my-.parlor ] . J Roy,.haelj scarcely htt Algona till Jie *na;d a ipnorie cflil frpm hisisoni DTckJ wwb liv^ iri"Kahsas City. l)ick IvillSae r^- membered as a talented ( singer "a'''af Orfe'tiinfe did J i rti-WHO,'•-•*'!"« •" Armstrong Lddy Passes, Funeml Is Held Tuesday j • * •" ""' '< Funeral services for Mrs. Louis Smith, 84 f of rural Armstrong held at/ 2 p.m. Juhfr 13 In the. Methodist chutcn there witfi fteV*' ftoger Tdfiplneyer, offfdat. tnfe -.Burial Was >at Armstrong Grove cehjetery. {!• *• 5 **v ' **t^ '* v >% Mrs, Smith died at her home at 10:45 a.m./- June' 10. She had be'eh In poor health for several She was born «t Montour Dec. 3, 1876 and graduated frqm high school -there.. She attended Drake university for a year, and taught In schools Irt Tama, Grundy, Kos- siltn and'Kmmet counties for, a iiumper of years and was mar* 'ry » r **•* tf *-*** w "*»** ry no iiicu Jo LbuiS'rSmith Feb. 22, 1910 fit Esthlrvllje 1 . They have farm- IfS for the j pW '47 years on a farm IVfc miles edst of Armstrong. is^suVyived by hefr husbano home. Find It ^st In the 'YELLOW PAGES of your phone book ^™~ ^— i t i r *n , Phone CY 4-3535 ^ Yoor Newspaper B l | /»• 41^ f* fit tlJINEII When Mrs. Sam Watts, nee La vita Anderson, St. Charles, Minn., drove around town with her cousins, Marie Hawcott, Lee and Bess Hopkins, . she found manj changes and it was hard to find her old home, the Celia Deal house. She was a 1911 graduatt and came to attend the fiftieth anniversary celebration June 3. Many will also remember hei sister Vera, Mrs. Clarence Stokes, of Chatfield, Minn. I always remember being told Vera's initials spelled her first name—Veia Evangeline Rachel Anderson. •# « * The annual cheviot meeting was held recently in Nebraska and was attended by Howaro Seeley, a grower of the sheep and his son Craig, of Sioux Falls S. D. If you can remember when a certain wool cloth, cheviot, was used in the better garments, you are as old as I. To have a cheviot dress was ULTRA. * * * Friends of Evalyn McDougal) are sorry she is leaving Algona Sept. 1 to make her home in Mason City, but will glad that she has a fine position at Park hospital. She is taking a month course at Hamilton college, Mason City, a refresher in typing, during June. July 'and August will see her busy with the grandchildren at Minneapolis, >a sojourn at the Okobojis with Iris Oatman, and the colossal job of packing and sorting, preparatory to the move. Best wishes, Evalyn, good luck, and don't forget to come back to see us often. « » » I wish Zada Brunson could have listened to Garry Moore and his msuic of 1900 on the show Tuesday evening. It was with her at the piano I learned "Hello My Baby." "A Bird in a Gilded L 'i^l'P^ I Tl E5 i ' •*•»»»»••»»»+»»• FUEL oa - 't! Give Gd KING KORN STAMPS BULK dEUVERY SERVICE • • • Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Deool Phdrte 4^2275 Buyers & Sellers of All GraJris {• Get our bids on your grain before you sell. ';•' Federal Licensed Storage Warehowie. '•;• ". ' ; I. '•• ''"'"* • '/''•' •' },">• ; ; H. Dale Cole or C 419 S St. 'I/ CY 4-2741 LINDSAY FULLY-AUTOMATJO; . i i {.(WATERSOFTENERS ' ' " i Feifuring/Fibcrelass Tankjs , f guaranteed for the life of the origin- dl owner, the Lindsay line of •softeheni*' ll IHi flheit, bai- none, on the market. f ' 'ANALYSIS'. ('."••• - '( I '• '- "i !'• )SOFT. WATER 5 ' SAIES -RENTALS - SERVICE 708 5e; PhilHps (« i,,, j * t ,->.,, Phone CY.4-.3755, j I' T any and every type of moving^requests."The present owneH'bicIt Post', has;'grown up iri the b'usiness; which,.was founded by his father, Hugh Post, in the early 1900's with only a team of horses and , a. wagon. I ' • i f The POST MOVING n-'-v. lyiNG & STORAGE^CIp; fleet incjudes "mqnMrelgl^'a'Wd' moving'vans^ and'vans used exclusively for handling fui'niture^ When^you icon^^suJtwith'^OST about your moving know that you are talking with men who know the moving business from A. to Z. «~ '» i ; e i , i, ,. > f , , BENWIBBEN All 122 South Heckart, Algona „-" jfarnj and Town ' ..... Ph'one CY 4-2865 ' Roto-Rooter Sewer Service For Clogged Sewers arid Drains No Unnecessary Digging — Guaranteed ( ' ' • '$ ROTO-ROOTER i Serving Kossuth County - Ph. CY 4-3523 Algona Collect : • j. : '"I f J • ; •-* • - . v* *•• 1 rfj- •''*.'•' ' i- ' '• •' In giving..-^'fctal attention to 'moving problems, they' <are capable of doing the entire job, from f packing of fine glassware to moylM heavy cumbersonie:'pj|n^:an^|}'irhe sorvlce is, ' tops in thjs area., / '.'•'•'' ".'-, .. • . " ••"'•'• '.,>'». ..V '\ f -i"> '-"..' '',' ,";'/ ; ' ' \. An added feature of the company is the storage focilify available for househoy goods or any ' other merchandise. Their fireproof .QuOnset warehouse Is located onVMain Street in the northeast part of town. You'll find extra ^reasonable rates for this service.'- •'•'•'•'-•/ •- '•"' Phone POST MOVING & STORAGE CO. toddy - CYpress 4-2275 - and let them help you with ! your moving and storage plans. . '. , Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with Hie CommunHy ' IOWA STATE BANK • ••'••;,'<; .' .:-'• H. i: ,',L:: C4, 1 MILLER LUMBER CO. Building Needs of all Kinds LOWER PRICE / MAX BARTHOLOMEW, Manager East Stale at C & NW Tracks - Algona BUILDING MATERIALS t OF ALL KINDS ANP TYPES Phone CYpress 4-4266 • For Remodeling, Modernising • For Farm It Hpme Building • •For Rekdv-Mixed Qonciet* Ready-Mix Concrete ANP LUMBER CO. Moving • Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured - New, Modem Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone CY 4-2275 POST Transfer & Storage Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS Th« Preferred L. P. Ga» BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO* of Algona Phillips St. Phone CY 4-2841 Algona ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" Oa Diagonal St. at NW Track, Algona Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone CY 4-3501 1407 Comrojrelql Si, General Machinery Repair Welding - Cylinder Boring SPECIALTY PARTS MANUFACTURED ALGONA MACHINE SHOP 1 M.C. Oakland W- 5tate St. Ed Hoga 1 DONOVAN'S SPECIALTY SHOP CUSTOM MADE ALUMINUM AND COMBINATION DOORS 4 WINDOWS ! • RUSCQ& NELSON • ZEPHYR AWNINGS i 610 N. Diagonal ALQQNA CY t • » t AL60NA PLUMBING & HEATING PAY OR NIGHT SERVICE-THE FINEST IN PLUMBING ANP HEATING EQUIPMENT Fwro- Unil, •K Kohler, -K (.wx-Aiir* Md . aces w>4 Air Conditioning. PHONE CYpren 44240 IN ALGONA

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