The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on December 6, 1931 · Page 19
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 19

Salt Lake City, Utah
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Sunday, December 6, 1931
Page 19
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THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 6, 1931 B 3 WYOMING POINTS FOR R. M. C. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Cowboys Can Boast Squad Of Veterans CLARK RETURNS TO TIGERS y Triumphs Easily Over Gila, 50-23 Pro Game Differs From College TRICK FORMATIONS FUTILE COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Dec.«the mill and they generally know Eastern Division Critics Concede Title to Mentor Witte's Five By FRANK H. FRAWLEY DENVER, Colo., Dec. 5 (/P>—The University of Wyoming hopes to end _ , . „ the athletic dominance Utah univer- D !i tehman '.. 5 (vP)—The greatest football player the Rocky mountain region ever produced — Earl (Dutch) Clark- has returned from the professional football wars tort 1 sume his coaching at his alma mater Colorado college. The "Flying sity maintains in the Rocky mountain conference. Utah, holding the football, basketball and track titles, as well as Biindry other minor monopolies, gained its c h a mpionship by beating Wyoming. The Utes took three games to do it, and the margin was by one point. The playoff series between eastern and western division winners was held in Salt Lake. This year it will be in all probability in Laraniie. While other eastern division teams appear to be under the 1931 strength, Wyoming should be even batter. Coach "Dutch" Witte has his five regulars back. They are Les Witte, the finest forward of recent years in the region; Schwartz, not so polished as Witte, but a fine floor man, steady and a sure-fire point-getter; Rugg, RACE RESULTS AND ENTRIES what is coming." Clark was leading the pro scorers with 48 points when he secured permission to £eave the Spartans a few- days ago and take up his position of basketbalJ coach with Colorado college. The pro linemen charge fast and straight ahead, Clark says. The Portsmouth line and backfleld were , the lightest in the National league and Clark, weighing 382, was the America quarterback to 1928, says the pro game operates on the practi cal theory that a straight line is tlu shortest dlstancf between twc points, which accounts for the pre- Dutch Clark dominance of straight, diving football. 'You cannot pull a wide end run against the pro team," said Clark, backfield star of the Portsmouth, Ohio, Spartans. "Some of those big 220-pound tackles get out of the line lightning fast. They like 'em big in pro football, but that doesn't mean the giants aren't fast." Clark said the Portsmouth team, standing second in the National Professional league, used only eight piays, all straight, plowing thrusts through the first seven games on the schedule, and every game was a Spartan victory. "Nearly all the pro plays are di rected between -the tackles or just outside," Clark says. "There's no lightest man on his terv "The players are on their honor,' says th? Dutchman. "Every man is asked to be in bed by 11 o'clock at night. Most of the players are pre paring for coaching positions and take good care of themselves. I be ieve our Portsmouth club was th best conditioned of the lot." stationary guard; McNiff, guard who assumes the position of center after the tipof f, and Kimball, the center. Utes Threatened Utah's reign may be ended in the western division before Wyoming gets a shot at the Utes, with Brlgham Young's Cougars and Utah Aggies menacing the Salt Lake entry's titu- • lar grasp. Colorado university has six veterans batik, but the outlook is not so encouraging. Neighbors, a Longmont boy, and Drain, Pueblo Central contribution, both guards, may strengthen the Silver and Gold defense. "Ham" BeresforcTs boys finished third in the eastern division last season. time for trick stuff. Usually, a trick employs some kind of a delay to serve as deception. Such a delay against the pro lineman, who knows the theory and practice of the game thoroughly, generally results in lost yardage. The little dodges one uses. In college to throw the defensive team off balance or off guard do not work The pro players have been through Golfers Start Practic Rounds Tourney PI Coach Ott Romney Names Players to Make . Eastern Trip PROVO—Coach Ott Romney'"! B, Y. U. varsity five easily triumphed over Gila college ol Thatcher, Ariz. 50 to 23, here Saturday evening. The Cougar mentor used numerous substitutes. The game was quite a batUe dur ing the first period, at the end o which the winners were leading. 19 to 16. The local five ran away with things in the last part of the game, however. Captain Elwood Romney, forward for the locals, was the scoring star of the game. He made nine field goals and one foul pitch for a total o£ 19 points. Turley made 7 points, and I Windsor 6, for the losers. After the game, Coach Romney issued a list of fourteen players, 12 of JEFFERSON rARIi RESULTS TWae Lieutenant 113, Harass 108, Bam Cole First race. 6 furlougs-IUo <M. Lewla). }§?• §»" «*"«'« Adb 1 heTi«ck P *lia Luck? 110,88.20, J4.40.S3.60, wen: Top Cloud (May) I D ° r Y,. B -«««? 108. Rubberneck 113. Lucky 116,111.00. S5.80. seeoudr Daai'fur (Rlley) j 115, S5.20, third. Time, 1:193-5. Also rans! —Relline, Updike, Big Doi>e. Agapanthus. .larearet Parker Three D'«, Prince Pat, usgler, Lord Valentine. Second race. 6 furlongs—Corbe&u (Buck) 13. (17.60. $7.60. (4.40, won: My Sweets H. Tinker) 107, S5.00, 15.40, second; Kins Kslmu CJ. Neell 110. 13,20, third. Time, :17 4-5. Also rans—Aristocrat. Estln, Outer larbor. Thomas Sfth, Goldmlnt, Merldlanes, Royal Son. Third race, 1 mile—Downpour (W. Gurnet) 107. 19.20. S5.00. J3.60. won; Gertrude ?eade (M. Lewis) 97, {6.00, J4.80. second; Tha Monsol (Colvln) 104, 15.80, third. Time. 1:49 1-5. Also rans—Oil Yeah. Adalor T, All Columbia. Loop. Wild Laurel. 112, $16.40, »1.40, S4.20, won; Bottled Bourbon (Turk) 101, S4.2C. (3.00. second: Suffer SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 5 yp)— Most of the country's outstanding golf professionals were on the ground today practicing for the $7500 San Francisco open match play championship, December 9 to 13. Officials expected George Von Elm to check in tonight, with Walter Hagen and Tommy Armour due tomorrow. Leading players here are Billy Burke, national open champion; Leo Diegel, Tom Greavy, P. G. A. titleholder; Al Espinosa, Gene Sarazen, Horton Smith, Johnny Farrell and Karry Cooper. O'HAUA BESTS BICE BAN DIEGO, Cal.. Dec. 5 (AP>—Bobby O'Hara. 147'/4. Chicago, welterweight, won the decision over Erwln Bljce. 149. Omaha In a bruising ten-round bout here last night. whom will make the eastern tour, the first game of which will be played at Madison with the University of Wisconsin Saturday. Following is the group: Captain Romney, Robinson, Garn, Millett, Fay Evans, Joe Johnson, Nelson, Jensen, Hunter, Ferd Evans, Fawcett, La Seur, Whitman. The box of Saturday's game: CILA COLLEGE I B. Y. U. G.T.F.PI . G.T.F.P .. .. (M. Rose) 112, »4.00. third. Time, 1:182-5 Also rans — Gold Thorn. Vain Glory, Esplanade, Red Shadow, Big Slarc, Southland Lad. Hello Lou. Bullfros. Gay Prince. Fifth race, six furlongs — Nyacls (Ma;), 105. J16.80. S8.00. J5.20, won; Hisli Pool (Chrner>. 103. S5.20, 54.60, second; Fervor (M. Rosel, 106, JS.80, third. Time. 1:17. Also ran — Miss Ramsey, Ry's Vanwlnkle. Elizabeth. Leros. Sixth race, one mile and seventy yardi — Sl«B Off <M. Hose). 110, 17.60, $4.60. $3.40, won; Old Bill (J. Neei). 107. $4.20. $3.80, econd; Tommy (M. Lewis), 105. J4.60. third. "ime, 1:54 4-5. Also ran — Tommy TicXle, Nazdar, Play- ellow's Dream, The Southerner. Typhoon. Seventh race, one mile and a Quarter — Social Boy iHernandezl. 98, $7.60. 34.00 2.80, won: Constance Ann (J. Neel), 97 :8.60, J3.40. second; Otllla (M. Lwis). 102 12.60. third. Time. 2:18 3-5. Also ran — Arecal. clownish, Patfull, Uncle Charlie, Tain, Chatson. JEFFEKSON PAEK EN'TKIES First race, rurse $800, 3-year-oIds, 8 fur- ones — Outcry 109, Andora 111. Sonny Basl 109. Believe It Or Not 109, The Judge 109 Jarry Kuhns 109, Tea Green 114, BHghte 13, Water Fowl 113. Lord Concord 108. Fair Artumrut 108. Punkle 108. Zahn 113. Bash- ul Beau 1C8, Devon !13, Kitty Williams 110 Be,-tnth race, purse $800, 4-year-olds and ip, 1 mile 70 yards—Hal Rlley 108. Harpoon 108, Deerfleld 108. Roblna Seth 105, Erh Go Bracli 108, Staage Struck 108. BporttnB Maid rf>5, Vfnland 108, dunnysacV 113 ?rlcis!y Heat 113, Junior C. 108. Troll 113 «osque 105. Rocky Way 113, Thomas Patrick 108. Colonel K. 108, As Pair 113. Wellet 113 Galnenwood 108, I'ltiiiate Vote 109. Weather clear, track heavy. AGUA CALIENTE RESULTS First race, five and a half furlongs—Bud Elder (Reuo), 108, S8.00, H.60, 13.00. won; Amour (VaHerlm), 108. $71.60, (16.60. second: Dan Jr. (FisseH). 113. J13.00. third. Time, 1:07 1-5. Also ran—CecellB. (a) Miss Swarthmore, (a) Mordlne. Judee Bud, Silver Stite, Queen :>5ie, Daphne Belle. Terry O'Malley, Mas- r Tony. Second race, five and a half furlongs— >rd A'.ny (Tremayne), 100, 111.20. 15.80, .80. won: Plata Real tCochUn). 115, 13.80, .40. second: Daily News (H. Mills). 94, .80. third. Time. 1:67. Also ran—Valley Queen, Wild Bella, Plata Utah Teams Prepare For Basket Jaunts Turley, rf... 3217 Jones, If ---- 121 3Toone. If.... 1002 - - - Windsor, c.. 3106 . re. Lnyton, IB. . 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 6 . .. Reener. rf... 0 2 1 1 Romney. rf... 9111! . .... Nelson, c ---- 4 4 2 10 Ferd Evans re 2 3 2. 6 La Seur. Is... 0 1 1 J. Johnson rf 1 0 0 2 McBrlde, If.. 0000 Roblson. If.. 042: Garn. If 1002 Ereckson. rf.. 0000 Hunter, c... 0000 Jensen, c.... 1002 Chambers, IE. 0 0 0 0 I, Johnson rg 0 0 0 0 Fawcett, IB... 2 0 0 4 Whitman, rj. 0 0 0 0 Totals.... in 8 3 23 Harry Kunns 109, Tea Green 114, Bllgnte 109. Yarrow 108, Sweep Past 106. Halliard 114. Forset Not 114, Shasta Lover 114, Baffle Con 109, Bob Weldel 114, Oallopette IOC Drydock 114, My Inver 111. Dick Price 114 Second race, purse $800. 2-year-olds, < furlonss—Noel's Dress 105, Dizzy 108. Strath cona 111. Miss N. Conlan 100, Lorraine B 111, Chutney 103. Noah's Pride 100. Lai Mary 100, Makcr.da 111, Austere 105, Decep tlve 103, Escobaland 103, Jane Packard 103 Scandal Sheet 111, Decert Boy 108, Flor ismart 111. Chicago Belle 108, Prince Plat 109. Patrick 109. Kusola 103. Third race, purse TfiOO. 3-year-olds an HP, 1 mile—Delmonlco 112, Play Bird lOf Uanta Sophia 108, Sour Mash 112, Noel First 10B, Hazel Denson 104. Ethel Gail ther 104. Jelf O'Neill 109, Mole Hill 112 Sandy Lad; 1&4, Miss Mac 1C1, Lsd; S-'ct 106, Smolderine 107, Lad's Run 101. Alia 109. Knee Glader 109, Pattls Kate 10 Tardy Miss 109, Lunacy 104, Beautiful Do 101. Referee, G. Simmons. Totals 2112850 Utah-Oregon State Game in Detail The Colorado Teachers, runner-up to Wyoming, have been hit by ineligibility. Two of the Olander brothers and Snyder, the Hoes, Colo., forward, were barred by authorities for infraction of training rules during the football season. D. U. Prepares Hively and Hitt, scoring guns of the Denver university team, will lead the Pioneer assault, but the team doesn't figure to be a real challenger. Wyoming is, in fact, a standout with the rest of the field, barring surprise performances of newcomers. Western State is without Henry Downs, its great running guard; Colorado Mines didn't win a conference game last season, and its outlook isn't much, if any, better. "Dutch" Clark, the Colorado college coach, has several lettermen, and expects his Tigers to be up among the first three at the close of the season. The basketball schedule for 1932: Rocky Mountain conference basketball schedules: • WESTERN DIVISION January 8-9—Utah university vs. Montana State at Bozcman. January 35-15—Utah Ag?les vs. Montana State at Logan: Utah university vs. Brigham Young university at Salt Lake City. January 22-23—Utah Aggies YS. Brlgham Young at Provo. January 19-30—Utah university vs. Utah Aesles at Logan: Brlgham Young vs. Montana State at Bozeman, Mont. February 5-6—Utah university vs. Brigham Young at Provo; Montana State v-. Utnh AgKles at Bozeman. February 12-13—Montana State vs. Utah university at Salt Lake^ February 19-20—Utah university vs. Utah Aggies at Salt Lake. February 26-27—Utah Aggies vs. Brigham Youne at Logan. EASTERN DIVISION January 8—Wyoming vs. Western State at Laramie; Colorado Teachers vs. Denver at Denver. January 9—Colorado Mines vs. Colorado university at Golden; Western State vs. Wyoming at Laramie. January 15—Colorado Aggfes vs. Colorado Mines at Golden; Colorado university vs. Western StaSe at Gunnison; Colorado college vs. Denver university at Denver. January 16—Colorado Mines vs. Colorado Asgles at Fort Collins: Colorado university vs. Western State at Gunnison: Denver university vs. Colorado college at Colorado Springs; Wyoming vs. Colorado Teachers at Greeley. January IS—Colorado Teachers vs. Colorado college at Colorado Springs. January 22—Colorado Teachers vs. Colorado Aggies at Grceley: Wyoming vs. Colo rado urdversity at Bouider; Denver vs Western State at Denver. January 23—Colorado Teachers vs. Colorado Aggies at Fort Collins; Western state vs. Denver at Denver. , January 25—Colorado university vs. Colorado Teachers at Greeley: Denver university vs. Colorado Mines at Golden. January 27-28—Western State vs. Colo rado college at Colorado Springs. January 29—Colorado Aggies vs. Colorado - university at Boulder: Colorado college vs Colorado Teachers at Greeley. February I—Colorado university vs. Colo ratio Aggies at Fort Collins. February 5—Colorado Aggie; vs. Coloradi college at Colorado Springs: Colorad Teachers vs. Colorado university at Boulder • Denver ve. Wyoming at Laramie. February 6—Colorado Aggies vs. Colorad college at Colorado Springs. February 9—Colorado Mines vs. Colorad Teachers at Greeley. February 13 —Denver university vs Colo rado Aggies st Fort Collins; Colorado co Jcge vs. Wyoming at Laramie. February 13—Colorado Aggies vs Denve FIRST PERIOD Oregon, bavins won the toss, K. Davis klcted off to Utah's two-yard line, and Richins returned the ball to Utah's "25- yard line. Richins made one yard at risht tackle, where he was tackled by Miller. Chrlstenseu rot through right tackle for a cevjn-yard gain, and again went through the same hole for a first down on Utah's 37-yard line. Ttdesco was helfi for no gain on a center plunge, beins stopped by the line. Christensen made six yards at center. A pass, Tedesco ta Clark, fell short. Christensen punted to Oregon State's 14-yard line, where Biancone downed the ball. Davi? Immediately punted to Utah's 45- yard line, and Tedesco returned to Oregon 'on the next play and downed MOB for a'by Biancane was knocked out of his hands jaiu jiuc. auu *cucni;u ICI.UAIICU w WICKUII State's 42-yard line. Chrlstensen went through center for two yards. A pass. Tedesco to Clark, lell Incomplete. Another piss from Tedesco to Hlchins also fell short and Utah was penalized five yards for two successive .Incomplete passes. Tedesco punted out'of bounds on Oregon State's eight-yard line. K. Davis punted .from behind his goa line to Utah's 43-yard line, where Tedesco downed the balL Tedesco went out of bounds around left end for a gain of two yards. 'Chrlstensen failed to cet by the . ne on a right guard smash. was third . down and eight yards to go. A pass, Tedesco to Clark, was complete. Clark received the ball on Oregon State's 40-yard, line and ran it to the 38-yard line, where Oregon State's safety stopped him. On a fake re verse. Tedesco made one yard through cen ter. Richins cut in through right tackle fo: five yards and It was third down and fou yards to so, Tedesco passed to Clark, bu the ball fell Incomplete. Tedesco then punt ed out of bounds on tbe Oregon State 19 yard line. Oregon State's hail. On a fake formation. Little made twt ards at center. K. Davis then punted tc tan's 40-yard line, where Ber»crson. fo reson State, downed the ball. It was tah's ball on their own 40-yard line. Pass Incomplete Utah was penalized five yards for toe ,uch time in huddle and It was flr« down nd 15 yards to go. A pass from Christen en to Clark was incomplete. Christense ailed to gain on a lone right-end run. Chris ensen then punted out of bounds on Orego tale's 41-yard line. The ball slid off his oot. and it was Oregon State's ball. Bust went through right guard for on ard. Biancone, on a fake reverse and de ared buck, went through center for five ards, and it was third dawn and four zrds to go. A pass from Biancone to Little ell short. K. Davis then punted to Utah's 3-yard line aad Tedesco was downed In three-yard less and It was third down and five to go. K. Davis punted to Utah's 27- ard line, where Tedesco let the ball fall. Richins lost a yard at right end. The 131 period ended at this point. The score—Utah 0. Oregon State 0. SECOND PEB5OD Tedesco, on a delayed quarterback sneak. vent through left tackle for a first down n Utah's 42-yard line. Christensen made wo yards at center, where he was stopped y the line. Richins cut through right ackle for two yards. A pass by Tedesco ell Incomplete. Chrlstensen then kicked ut of bounds on Oregon State's 11-yard ine. Rust cot away around rlcht end and ran o Oregon State's 47-yard line, where the Jte safety man ran him out of bounds. Biancone made three yards at right end lust lost seven yards at left end when Larson broke through and got him. K. Davis then punted to Utah's 11-yard line, where Tedesco watched two Oregon men ground t for him.-. Richins went around left end for a four- rard sain. He was .'stopped by Biancone. Tedesco lost seven yards when he was :hrown on a right end run. Christensen dcked to the Oregon State- 48-yard line, where Utah grounded the ball. It was Oregon State's baU there. Utah took time out. Carbton before he could get rid of tbe sail. Utah took the ball on their own six-yard !ne. Christensen s?snt behind his own goal and punted to Utah's 43-yard lice. Biancone returning the ball to Utah's 22-yard line. Rust made two yards at right t&ckle. and was stopped by Chrlstensen. Biancone added two more yards through right guard where Walling nailed him. Rust, on a fake reverse, made a first down to Utah's 10- yard line. Biancone. on a f eko reverse, was thrown for one yard loss by Walling. A reverse. Biancone to Gustafson, netted two yards through right tackle, but Utah wa offside and was penalized live yards. Th ball was on Utah's 4'A-yard line. Rust, on a. fake reverse, went through right tackl to the one-foot line. On the next play Biancone sneaked through center for a touchdown. Score—Oreson State 6, Utah 0. Rust failed to convert. Score—Utah 0, Oregon State 8. Chris Fonts Out Rust kicked off to Utah's four-yard line, Rtchins running the ball back to Utah's 12- Fourth race, purse t800. 3-year-olds an P, 6 furlongs—Princess Peroxide 109, Sii •horn 107, Battier 116, Grand Prince II ighty Twenty 107, Durva 109. flhiahin falden 111. Shackelford 116, Dick Morr 14. Hlppias 108. Whlleaway lie. Fifth race, purse 8800, 3-year-olds an p, 1 1-16 miles—Engjewpod 98, Dabster 10 hokoloskee 110. Toney Joe 108, Come O 13. Totem 110, Braggadocio 107. Bill Loone Sixth race, purse 1800, 4-year-olds an p, 1 mile 70 yards—Colonel Campus 10 eal. Glad Effort. Third race, five and a half furlongs—Tal Tremayne). 108, 113.20, $7.60. 14.60. won; arle O. (Salazar). 108, {25.80. S11.80. seo- nd; Parawlck (Cochlln). 108, J4.60, third. Ime. 1:07 4-5. Alos ran—Miss Orleans. Chenenceau.Uz- acto. Gee Bee, Billy Q, Green Beans Master Plumber. Su Su, Black Lizzie. Fourth race, six furlongs—Captain Dance Dabous), 107. J7.60. J3.80, J3.W. won: Om 4111s). 106, (4.00. J3.60. second; Totolo Balazar). 100. J3.80, third. Time. 1:13 1-5 Also ran—Glad Belie. Miss Mullet, Coal Cougars Depart Soon for Midwest Tour; Utes to Colorado Basketball teams of Brigham foung university, University of Utah nd Utah State Agricultural college 111 depart soon pon preseason' _ a m e Invasions which will pit Rocky Mountain inference hoop alent against the kill of many other ;ectlons of the country. Coach Ott Romney's B. Y. U. Cou- •>;:, Peenzle Belle. Fifth race—Donald. Tlner (113). (35.00 niLn i tttc— uuiiuiu, uiici \i*>>ri t?>j.uv S.20, J7.20, won: Gareth, Qoy (108*. 14.20 4.60, second: Rouee KnUht, Hc-nson (108) 7.20, third. Time, 1:07 3-5. Also rans— >.asr Time, Malover. Jack Enatc, Procto lug. Mary O'Scotland, Gee Whiz, Bonnl Cay, Purple Lloht, Southern Beauty. Sixth race—The Whip, Couccl (104! 5.00, S3.40, (2.60, won: Nlsla, Knapp (102 6.80. J8.20. second: Rapida. ' 3.00. third. Time, 1:46 4-S. (104 Also rans— jars, flush from a iwo-game series victoi-y over Gila junior college o: Arizona, will lead the western dlvl slons away. The Provoans leave, probably Tuesday, for BourbonnaLs, Kansas, to meet St. Viator university in the first tussle ol a comprehensive the St. Viator Wyoming Cowboys, favorites to cop the eastern division race ol the B. M. C. Three Home Series Three home series against Olsen's Terrible Swedes, the Bobcat Wonders and Henry's Clothiers, the latter former national A. A. U. champions, closes the Cougars' preseason campaign. With a crop of six-footers led by Elwood Bornney, shooting sensation of the western division for two years, there Is reason to believe that Coach Ott Romney's charges will win a j majority of their games. I After engaging the Utah, alumni quint December 18 In the Deseret gymnasium of Salt Lake, Coach Vadal Peter's championship Utah five will invade Colorado for a series of six games, taking on Colorado college, Denver university and Colorado Teachers In succession. At present, the Utes are busy iron- Ing out the rough spots awaiting the return of Captain Sherman Clark, who is with the football team at ortland. Once Clark becomes ao limated to the hoop sport, the Utes re expected to develop fast into a championship contender again, de- middle west tour. Beginning with .. . , . Concordia, Dr. Fred, Willie's Maid. Salz. Seventh race—Cuevas, King (102). 17.CC 6.40. $3.40. won: Carlllna, Tremayne (100 . 12.40, $2.20. second: Lotta Bother, Reno 102). $5.00, third. Time. 1:28. AUo rans— Perrlehon. Golo. Corsage, Del! Dale. Bird Spauldinc, Nellie Basil, Miss Fountain, Shasta Uncle, Preander. AGUA CAL1ESTE ENTRIES First race, six lurlongs, 3300. claiminc. 3-year-olds—Released 107. Ijeoden 100, tClair 115, Bzl5m Cornet 107. !>ca John 1C3, Golden Oriole 105. Fuss Budget 110. Second race, five and one-half lurlongs. $300. 3-years-olds and up. claiming—Judge Austin 104, Beth Hogan 100, Llnmast 110. Foit Worth 108, Up Above 111, Irtaneh 106. Third race, one mile and one-sixteenth. $600. 3-year-olds and up, claiming—Luke Jr. 105, Northern Water 105. Adorable Cargo 105,. Neck Piece 110. Lakeland 112 Vowed Vengeance 107, Lenny 107, Yogano 110. Graydale 104, Red Nan 1C2. Fourth race, one mile and an eighth JCOO. 3-iear-olds and up, claiminc—Tom McComb 102, Omrah 102, xMarengo 102 Shasta Rock 102, Congo II 102. Athens 103 Donna Ulrica 107, Elmonte 107. Money's Worth 107, Bill Cosgrove 107. Miss Wit- game Thursday night, the Cougars will play Wisconsin, Loyola, Marquette, Iowa State, Nebraska, Crelgh- wn, all leading quints of the midwest. On the return trip, the traveling Cougars will tackle Coach Dutch Witte': Iclsm 102, Shasta Monk 107, Billy Dor an 103. Shaver 105, Bird Spaaldine 102 zWlllle's Maid -102, zMaglc Light 102, xMoses 102. z—Westrope entry. xMorrls entry. Filth race, five and one-half furlonsB $803, 2-rear»e!d2. tliisslns — 117 , . Peterkln 100, Wirt 106, John Bano 108. No Fun 117, aalllneta 108. Sixth mix, one mile and one-slxtecuin $2000, added, Golden West claiming stakes 3-year-olds and up — McGonlsle loo, Mucke 108. Bud Broorc: 103. Seth's Pride 100 Quiver 100, Whlppercracker 109. Seventh race, one mile, $1000, the Lamese handicap, all uses— -xSeth's Pride 108 xBcth's Hope 118. Up 123, Ervast Duraneo 05. Good and Hot 11. x — Parsons entry. Eighth race, six furlongs. ?8!W, all ages claiming— Murdle 103, Morheart 105. Cap tain Fried 112, MeeUng Fire 107. Vlcto 97. Cash Piny 112, Bowcroft 110. Weather clear; track fast. pite the loss of Captain Evert Lybert, Theran Davis, George Watkina and Jerry Smith- Aggius Hie to Coast Coach Dick Romney's Aggies of Loan have arranged a Christmas holiday schedule in California, where sunh high-rated coast teams as U. C. L. A., Whitman, Long Beach A. C. and Los Angeles A. C. will be met. The Logan mentor will scan his ranks hi the two weeks with an eager eye out for forwards to replace, hia stars of the last season, Beth Farkiii- son and Elton Wilcox, both of whom are out for the season with injuries. All three squads wiE return from foreign courts to polish off for one week before the opening of the Rocky Mountain conference hoop warfare in the western division. In opening tussles, Coach Schubert Dyche's Montana State hoopmen, who also take a preseason trip throughout the middle west, meets Utah, Aggies at Logan and B. Y. U. opposes Utah, at Salt Lake. January 8 and 9. is tracks. Christensen ran out of bounds for a atn of one yard. chrlsUnst-n then punt- d to Oregon State's 38-yard line, and Blan- one returned to the 44-yard line. Rust hit left tackle, fumbled, and Wall- ns of Utah recovered on Oregon State's 5-yard line and it was Utah's ball. Oregon jtate took time out. Christensen made six yards at center. Christsnsen went through eft tackle for three more and then Chrisensen failed to gain at center on the next play, being stopped by Berzcrson. It vrza our down. Officials measured the distance and It was first down. Tedesco made four yards at right end. Chrlstcnsen went out of bounds for one yard. A piss, Tedesco to Clark, was completed on the Oregon State :s-yard line, where It was first down for Utah. Chrlstensen went out of bounds for no tain. Oregon state took time out. Harry Sent replaced Miller for Ore con State. Kent is a 205-pound tackle. Tedesco made one rard on a quarterback sneak, Kent making the tackle. A pass by Tedesco was Incomplete. Tedesco then punted over the goal line and the b*l! -was brought back to the 20-yard lino for Oregon State. Biancone, on a fake pur.t formation, made three yards, hut Utah wai offside and was penalized five yards. Larson got through A lateral pass. Biancone to K. Davis to Rust, netted eight yards around right end. On a spinner, Biancone went through center for a tlrst down on Utah's 41-yard line. On the next play. Rust was stopped on the line of scrimmage by Larson. A pass by Biancone was intercepted by McDonald for Utah on the Utah 46-yard line, nnd It was Utah's ball. ' Richins made one yard>t right tackle. A pass, Tedesco to Clark, was Intercepted by Moe for Oregon State and be ran the ball to Utah's 38-yard line. Biancone cut in through right for one yard. A long pass, Biancone to Moe, was Incomplete, being knocked down by Larson. Another pass to Moe bounced off his chest into Bcckste&d's hands and he ran the ball to Utah's 38-yard line. Porflly replaced Bergerson for Oregon State. Oregon State took time out. Blancane being injured. H.vlton replaced Kent for Oregon State. Porfily weighs 212 pounds and Hylton 182 pounds. Chris Makes Down Chrlstensen n't center for two yards. He then made it a first down on Utah's 47- yard line. A pass. Christensan to Clark, was fumbled by Clark and It was incomplete. BIscboff replaced Beckstead. Christensen got through left guard and tore off nine yards. He then went througt right tackle for a first down on Oregon State's 4i-yard line. Oregon State took time out. Root, 175, replaced K. Davis for Oregon State. K. Davis seemed badly hurt and was helped to the clubhouse. Chrlstcnsen made two yaTds at right tackl;. He then was thrown for a two- SAM n« yard line. Richins lost seven yards around left end. Chrlstensen then punted to raid- field. Blaacone was Jim out of bounds on Utah's 38-yard line. Ramponl replaced Biancone, and bit center on a delayed buck for three yards, Christensen stopping him. Rust made two more yards at risht tackle, and Blschod stopped him. A pass. Ramponl to Moe. Wetted a first down on Utah's 15-yard linr. where Moe was run out of bounds. Gusta(•;on went out of bounds for one yard at rlcht end. Rust added four more yards at left :ackle. tackled by Chrlstensen. and It was .hlrd down arr3 five to go. A pass by Ram- ponl was grounded. Oregon State was caught holding and penalized 15 yards. The penalty was for throwing the ball to the ground when tackled. Ramponl punted out of bounds on Utah's 11-yard line. Chrlstensen made a Ions pass, which Moe almost Intercepted, but fumbled. Miller replaced Kent for Oregon Statt: Christensen punted to Utah's 47-yard line, and Ramponl ran back out of bounds on Utah's 42-yard line. Rust failed to gain at center, stopped by the line. Ramponi made four yards at cer.ttr. Bust went around left end for three yards as the third period ended. Score—Oregon State 8. Utah 0. FOURTH PERIOD The baU was on Utah's 34-yard line in Oreson State's possession, fourth down and one yard to go. Ramponl punted over the goal line and Utah put the ball In play on their own 20-yard line, where It was first down. Chrlstensen made one yard at center. A pass. Tedesco to Chrlstensen, was completed, but- lost three yards. A pass. Tedesco to Clark, was Intercepted by Himmer on Utah's 22-yard line. Oregon Slate's ball, first down there. Moe made two yards through center. Rust made three yards at center, and then TO SACRIFICE MERCHANDISE LIKE WE ARE! —BUT IT CANT BE HELPED! - WE HAVE REACHED THE DESPERATION STAGE! EVERYTHING IN MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING, HATS, GAPS AND FURNISHINGS MUST BE CLOSED OUT BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH! ALL LOUNGING AND BATH ROBES AT i/ 2 PRICE | | ALL MEN'S AND BOYS' SWEATERS AT i/ 2 PRICE vo^i.i,. JIG wicii WH:. uiiuMii lui a t^u- nust maac inrce ynras at center, ano men yard loss, but Oreson State was offstdel went throueh tackle for a four-yard cain and drew a five-yard penalty. Tedesco hit' • •• .... center for a first down on Oreeon State's 32-yard line. Richins lost three yards on en attempted left end run. A pass, Tedesco to Clark, fell Incomplete. Tedcsco's next >ass was intercepted by Moe on Oregon State's 20-yard line and he returned to Ore' NEW FALL SUITS, TQPGOATS, Every Garment All-Wool Broken Lots of Our Belter Grades—Values to §25 Mines at Golden; Colorado Teachers vs. Western S'.alc at Gunnison: Colorado As- sies vs. Wyoming at Laramic. February 10—Wyoming vs. Colorado Ac- Kles at Fort Collins: Colorado university vs. Denver university at Denver; Colorado Mines vs. Colorado coll-ce at Colorado Sprtnsts; Colorado Teachers vs. Western State's 33-yard him down. line, where Clark nd It was fourth down and one yard to uo.! tampon!, on B auerterback sneak, made It a I first do^i on Utah's 12-yard line. A rr-1 vers?. Ramponl to Gustafson. lilt left 1 tackle for two yards. Rust made two more yards at center. A pass by Unnipont fell Incomplete as Carlston spilled It. The. ball was on Utah's 10-yard line. On a mistake !n sltmRis the bait was passed bacfc to Utah's 28-yard line, where Rampont fell on it It was Utah's ball, first down Lh"e. Davis replaced Carlston. A pass by Tedesco was intercepted by Gustafson for Oregon on Utah's 41-yard line. Bexvers Mike Gains Rust tried center snd made one jard. Leaf replaced P.oot for Orezon Slate. Ram- ponl made two yards at left tackle. Rust WES tackled for a two-Tard loss by Johnson and it was fourth down and clrht yards —---. -- ——....—.., .... ...*.....,-....,_, UI.TX.'.U.•,to RO. Ramponl then punted to Uiah'p wa ,5 i.lJ'ir _ c l e . ar : out h ? d te> d ! ve tor thrlnine-yard line, where the ball was srounded by Curtli> of Oregon State after touching | n Utah player. It was. Oregon State's ball, t [ir?t down. Ramponl wert through left i tackle for one yard. Rust cot around; rieht end to Utah's five-yard lint, but Oregon State was offside and was penalized tlve yards. The ball was on Utah's 14-yard MEN'S JNEW FALL |25c RAYON LISLE HOSE $1 NECKWEAR, JNEW FALL I PATTERNS MEN'S NEW FAIX 50e SILK AND KAYON HOSE.. 19c NEW FALL SUITS, TOPCOATS, Plenty of the most wanted dark worsted suits in the newest models. New overcoats and topcoats in a wide variety of patterns. VALUES TO $30 $4 NEW FALL HATS Little tan tlie ball out of bounds for no rain. Utah took time out. Biancone made one yard at left tackle. McDonald stopping hfm. Rust cut in at left tacile for a four- yard sain, and it was third down and five yards to (to. Rust punted to Utah's 23- yard line, where Tedesco ran the ball back to Otnh's 33-yard line. Tuttlc. 1T4 pounds, replaced Cor at richt auard. ' A pass. Chrlstensen to Clark, who later-ailed to Croft, wss completed for i train of three yards. A Ions pass- Christensen to Bischoff, fell incomplete. Bischoff was in the clear, but had to dive for the ball and fumbled. Bischoff lost nrc yard on o. ri<rtit tackle play. A pass. Chrlsten- sen to Clark, was Incomplete. Tedcsco was Injured and Utah took time out. Utah was penalized five yard's for two incomplete passes. The ball was on Utah's 39- yard line, third down and 14 yards to co. ... t „.,«. ^,, t „... _„ „.. „.„„ 0 ,,-,„.,. A pass. Chrlstensen to Bischcff. wns com- line. Rust made two yards at rlzht tacklr. Plete and Btschoff w.s downed on the Orc-|A pass. Ramponi to Moe, was completed. $1.50 FALL AND WINTER UNION SUITS $1 HIOKOK BELTS AND SUSPENDERS ... 59c THIRD PERIOD the half 0. . , but lost four yari-s. If was fourth and is yards to KO. Ramponl was held fo: no rain at risht tackle. 1 LOT OF DRESS TROUSERS IN SUIT $*J|65 PATTERNS ,,.. +& $4.50 LIGHT COLOR COLLEGE CORDUROY 5^85 PANTS & $5 NEW FALL HATS $6 NEW FALL HATS BOYS' ALL-WOOL 4-PIECE SUITS—Sizes 8 to 12. §y|85 Values to $10 *«* $1.50 NECSWEAR IN A WIDE VARIETY. THEY'RE BUYING THEM BY THE DOZEN FOR PERSONAL WEAR AND CHRISTMAS GIFT-GIVING February 23—Colorado Teachers vs. Colo- first down, there, i Give "Her" a Smart THE "WATCH •»*" MOMEXT As little as $21, as much as $500 A watch zs distinguished for refinement rnd beauty as it is for accurate time. Let her choose now from the sparkling new models. David Stein is always cordially agreeable as to terms. Make Your Otcn Terms SEE OUR W.VLTHAM5 AND ELGIN'S AT JUST ONE-HALF PRICE 221 South Slain—The Store with the "Black-and-Whilc'' Front yard sain, tackle fore th- • offs' On a f&fce reverse. Rust went throujh !*f;i! wo J? r< tackle to Utah's 44-yard line for a first >'t J ;-'"J Hoivcrd replaced Walling for:I Head hit Tef! tn.eVii for three E verse. Rus: to Gnstafton. mad- Jive yards lJ>ahs .1-rird !,nc. throush rirht tacfclf. bit the ball TBS rr- ~ " ~ called and Utah was penalized five yards for offside. It was first down and fire rs-ds to go. Biancone failed to (riln a 1 , center. A re- O. S. C. Srorrs Acaln Rsir.ponl araln yer.t s;,roush center an,. made It first doicn on Utah's 18-yard line. (I Head wer.t throuch rizh! inckle for three ;| ~ - ' " ' rleht tackle! 1 NEW FALL SUITS, TOPCOATS, OVERCOATS In an unlimited selection of patterns and models. In this lot are found the most desirable suits, overcoats and topcoats for the better type of dresser. VALUES TO $35 *" T£rtls - Head sol tlirouah first Sown and five yards to so. A reverse. I First On • for Oreson and coal to (to. n( . xt p ; ay Gustafsor. made two I - • -- •-- __ _1. ____ ^ ' 8 BOYS' ALL-WOOL 4-PIECE SUITS—Sizes 15 to 18. $£*85 Values to $13.50 ^ $1.85 NECKWEAR. OH, BOYJ WHAT A SELECTION. YOU MUST SEE THEM TODAY $1.35 BROAD. CLOTH SHIRTS Now— $1.85 BROADCLOTH SHIRTS Now— SEW FALL SU.TS, TOPCOMTS, OVERCOATS In this lot will be found only the very finest woolens, beautifully hand-tailored, in every style, model and pattern. VALUES TO $45 and hctdln: th*v Srcrc- Ore-' -*ra 'V-v'huctc ., Blanccr.r, on a fake reverse. -*-cnl to>h3U. fcul hi fsii'rt to convert. 'US all's i:-j-ard Sine, where n was f-.r-^Eoa Slate 13. Utah 0. rto»n- utiii top's tiine oat. BUr.cor.s vrasi p.orr «!-,!»«<! Ostler fr.r THah Danforth ; s.roprf a on -.he l;r.* of scrirnmase. aster — .ak-' replaced Hsir.r-.T. Danforl]! kicked off to 1 Ins »bo!it one rarti. Chrt.nenscn tscJcllrtc' L'tah's 23-rard l-ic. TedeKO relnmed to .lirr.. Biar.cone tried cr-r.ttr and tr.ade iboiit: Utah's 46-yard l:r.e. A pass. Tedesco to two mor* rards. sr.d it ^as third dorr. sndjRkh'r.e. was intercepted by Daaform for' jjvcn to fo. Rust sild off risht tsckl-'oiTTon S'.Kte us the ssrr.e ended. , .for three rr.ore j-»rds. It was fourth <!<va-r Firal score: land three yards to BO. Aa »tlcmpted pas: I Oresc-r» State li, Utah 0. 4 NO CHARGES, EXCHANGES, REFUNDS 1275 SOUTH MAIN STREET! SANTA GLAUS SHOULD READ THIS

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