The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1961
Page 10
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' Whin i mentioned'the high', 6ii>er callers this week ;'vfa lights of bur visit at Davenport' been writing about included , I fbrgbt tb include the E. A. Boss " ' ' '-" motel ftofth of the city. It is 6 . very nice twb-level building with awiMlftg "Pdol '.at the" Batik'; A* , very attractive place. Also I want to mention the beautiful pansy beds in the park down town—br ,' 1 might say'neater townfalfd in "' a residential area. It is,there the ' ducks- swinVarothid Wkpplly in the ponds and the> conservatory •• is well w'6fth,seeirig, Makes orit . wish;we had 'such a place; park '' benches Under Wide spreading ees. Lat^r 'there will be sailds of roses. * - f *•• * *' thou-, ' Mrs, Mai flaney has* a, receni j lettet'' frohi her ••greaUgrandson, ' : JefffeV SThdmaS, Son .ot Lt. jancl ' i MrsiThbrnds Forburger, of Kai- 11 'sefs-'chlaten, Germany. 1'he rnoth- ; 4 fer is' > the former ,Julia Ran6y, 'Ldaushfer bf Dri; 'andMrs. Hoyt I Hffifeyf ; Wesley. Little Jeffrey * f'WMtei't in part, 'IThank you so t iftttdh for the two pairs bf pa'< ManVafe-sThe red one fits perfectly «|'dfut*the blue one I have more r -;''room* to kick arbund in. I have Q»two teeth now. Mama and pappa } f *itave, given me four ;hair. cuts. .1 .ii don't like them very, well. ) ,' 5 Sleigh'15 pounds, have blue eyes • -and am usually, quite ' happy. Mma has a«lddy come every *Monday to help her. Hilda speaks 'to me in German: Right now I 'eah't! tell the 1 deffdrence between at < and English." . , f; ">} i ' * *»'*-" ome little 2 ago I.mentioned * A-ftcf '"Don Akre, Jefferson City. Mo., waHled translated from Norwegian. 1 couldn't think of any ; one but 'he> finally found a wo- i man who ' dould do it—Christine Hansen—and later Emma Crouch -Said ; she cbuld> have. So read-this Don, and bear it in mind. * »;'•'• For ihe lirsl'$irrie\in Tnany years I did not hdve a call from Clarence and Maggie Pannkuk, Fairmont,'-Mlhii.,' who-haye beeri faithful to Membfial Day observances. A letter of explanation said Clarence is not too well and Maggie is having, a Ibt bf pain in the" wirst which she, broke last- March just before 'leaving for:« month in Florida. Maggie suggests .-that it is possible she and Clarence ate, "falh'ng apart:at the- seams". Areri't-wi all? I don't kriow where .time.goet but it sure "fugits". It seems only*\ye!teraay";rhy auMt 'Mary HendeBbri' i^.as :; visftiHg . ui aria word'cfthje,6f tnb. Birth, of .a soh to her s8h MelviH-ahd-wife Leeta. And here he is ready for graduation from high school arid will enroll at Poly Tech., Pb'rrioha Oalif., in the fall. * •' w •* Speaking of California—Frank Stebritz has been here visitinp with 'relatives., He lives at Cu- cambnga, the children go to school at Fontaha and he is employed .in San Bernadino. «• * * I accused Florence Bjustrom o f trying to toe dance, but she as sures me that was not whai broke the toe—she hit it agains' the bed. ' When. E. J; Evers w6's se»»l from Monrovia, Africa, it was feared he was afflicted with a serious ailment. Fortunately, ii turned out he had a tropical virus and by this time he is at work in this area overseeing in. stall'alion of diesels. I told hirr I thought he was lucky to be in civilization but he feels more thwarted—he likes his work, takes pride in it and this job ir Monrovia was a gigantic project Hearing him tell of the necessary precautions for safe-guarding drinking water makes me more than thankful to be right here where the purity is assured. • * * By the lime this reaches prini the class of 1911 will have had their reunion June 3. Living here iii-e Dr. Ray Potter, Chester Schoby, Nan Ward, Mary Barry Clara Cruikshank, Grace Jack son, 'and Milton Norton. No one in my class pushed activities si we passed our anniversary—too bad. » • When Mrs, Jean Wadsworth came for Childersberg, Ala., re cently she stopped overnight in Chicago for a visit with Mabe Carr, well-known former Algon- an. * « * Mrs. Mattie McWhorter was visited one day last week by Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Arthur, Salem : Ore., and Mrs. Albert Green, Waterloo. » t • I had a telephone call from Ray Smith the other day. He will be remembered as the very good pianist at the old Call theatre years ago and he and his wife Grace 'and son Bryon lived in our apartment one winter while mother and I were in California Grace died a few years ago, Bryon is married and lives in California. Ray h&d been out there. then to Texas' atfd Indianola" to visit brothers and a sister. While here he was house guest of Mr. and Mrs| Heinie Stebritz. I had such a pleasant surprise Wednesday morning, May 31, when Dr. Hurry Jeukinson came to see me. He is a classmate and we had a wonderful visit. He was OH the staff at University hospital, Iowa City, many years later j-jjuto pnv«it.t Agatha Hansen ahd her house guests, Frahced Wright, Eagle Grove, and Ruth Jackson Achilles, " NeW Hampton. How. thfe words flew'l How good it was 'to see them. * * * Bertha' Eberl Uhlenhake cat led me the other day to tell rm.> the Pete J. Dahlhousers of Whittemore also hold quite a record for progeny. Not so many great- grandchildren as I have been reporting, but 61 gi-andchildren Which will no doubt lead up to a record, given time. * * , * The' elderly professor's advice on' tobacco and tensions to the elderly maiden, pass right over her head and leave- her. cpld! A distaste for tobacco would not b( lessened by it's use. And let the professor have a dose 'of a belching pipe arid smelly -cigar, smoke accompanyliig • breakfast— w e 1 initelyl • 1 thinjt you Will 'find ekcerptt from a Jette'r 1 had receritiy frort, my cousin Julia Cady of Mason City of .interest. Her son Dn Jerry Cady is With the navy.,.au corps and is making it his career. "About three wdeks ago Jerri' called that he Was being sent th Okinawa las chief-surgeon for 3rd Marine Battalion hospital there. Of colirSe he was tbkeh by surprise since he had been slated to Start 6h drthdpedid surgery residency in Oak, Knoll, .big nava 1 hospital in Oakland. Well, away he went and a week sifter he arrived- came a wire he Was being evacuated to Japan to a hospital there, With a back in jury., Je'annL (his wife) cabled a friend, another doctor in the same hospital to check aHd call her. Back fcam0 word he was being sent to Travis Air Force Base, Calif., with serious injury. A few hours later came a phone call that this war another Lt. Cady, hurt in a helicopter crash with a broken back paralyzed and Jerry had a herniated disc and was awaiting treatment to relieve pressure before he could be-sent back for surgery. The other poor guy, we KossulhHaslS At State Shbri Course, I.S.U; si Fifteen Kossulh ,club members are attending; the 'SWe 4-H. Boys' Short Colifse at Iowa- State Uru- accompanymg • oreajuast—w e 11, OUIBCIJT. JL«I«. \jmn r w«» o-^> ••- ~ — -_- -- - , the argument codld go oh indef- haven't heard about yet. A let- versity, Ames. The three day, gon- te"f ' festerday .> (May) Jeanne says Jerry called , the' pain is less, severe Would be back 6n ; U. S, 1 would be- taken right' Knoll for surgery "By he will be convalescing* confusion of 'this" v that prophecy geis* tto be 1 before it becomes,turfeftLii A A 4X ,*„*/ ,~#°H*&t-~ »=-*i * Wednesday forenoon! .... been here for MembrM* visited with Bill's Sifeter t band, Mr. and Mri-Joe" v : Zaida's sister, Hele'rt t __„„_. They had alsd been &t 'Sfiencel to see Bill's brother Claude^.who had suffered k heart- ventlon ims year's tneme , 'rom • HfenfVf ,k^iluthl ; " iii, 'Mi 'JUlie^. wdrKsttop" flrld 1 t& difilter'. H^wfll aSffllt '.wilfi disctlSsrofiS , oil dih48hsHii. Snd tour, plans of the college" fdi« Ihfl'cBtinty' .deleg&tlbn. • ' 1 es 'Al •Art Ba'hcroft; Marvin ' Wfitt- te'rAore; Richard Wolf, tuverhej jf&hn Mescher, Burtj David ' nitlssen, Burt; Bill Fbra, , . croft ; Howard Kohihaias). Irving ton: Vernon Wilberg, Terry Johnson, Swea City* ahr Philio Seaberg, Wesley; ahd Robert C, Johnson, county efctensior- afsdciate. . " Sdcred Music A musical group, ''the Singing Keys" will present an hour long "sacred concert at the^ Burt Presbyterian church June '18 at 8 p.m. The concert .will consist of instrumental duets and solos „«,„. music With the solo .voice of af eN« eiy. in- \vitk-; •feiiss; ,_. Ule*d tb" receiving. ties df a Hdwk trill tisd 'aj&lriii <4bW y to tHi'artiiiery's"fiat- 23. '-Alvey is hi »tiie du> in'B -for tery B <at the fort, he entered the Army last October and completed basic training at Fort Riley, Kan. The 23-year-old soldier atended St. John's High School. PEOPLE IN YOUR/' *$ V.fhj« Cross beneffos havY no NEIGMkORHOOfK w '4fl| f . ^'youi- iaspltarbiii d >^> I Blue Shield's realistic benefit's* help' pay for -hundreds of .different types' of operations. ' or Write' HERMAN 'M*.'- ..'ui ' *. - ,'U "4 t ,* PALMER, IOWA (2324) NEIGHBORS GOOD KNOW Joe Bradley Equipment South Holel Algona ( Trucks — fires Farm Machinery . Oliver' Maiiey-Harrli Allla-Chalmerl CMC Trucki .Flrailon* Tiro* >.. ; . ',','' '. ^~ Phone CY 4-2421 Algona TOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR JOE BRADLEY IMPLEMENT IN ALGONA "We Serve Your Neighbor, May We Serve You?" Branson Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" duality Lumber — Eliiott Paints MILL WORK I Builders' Hardware 1 ,., Tool? ;•' 1 KLINE T&nks8« i REDWQOD Tanks | N. bf Jpi; Hwys. I 18 & 169 : i Algona - CY 4-4369 ! ,. f Wln||fr u C^ "Our BusinesSItf Buildig"- ' ' : ' -i '?!•" Beecher Lane Appliances "•Where Tfi. FAMOUS^ jkAMES Greet ifbu" , In TELEVISION WMttaghouii At>Pl,lAJ»CES ^uiiiiiiiiiiitoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona Joe Bradley Equipment, pictured above, is your complete headquarters for farm machinery, passenger truck and tractor tires, farm and commercial trucks and machinery repair, plus many lop lines, such as Gehl, Firestone, Oliver QMC, Massey-Harr is, Butler Bins, Winpower, Speedy, Continental Belton Co., Meyer Elevators, ^Allis-Chalmers parts and others. Algona Implement Co, Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales ic Service n H Phone CY 4-3501 Algona 'or 19 years ihe firm was known as Bradley Bros. Implement, run as a partnership. July 1, 1960, Walter Bradley sold his interest to his brother Joe and the firm's name is now Joe Bradley Equipment. The firm is located just south of the Algona Holel, where you will find a complete up-to-date machinery and truck repair shop. A new building has been completed as well as many other improvements made the jjast few months. You will find them ready to service any and all of the equipment sold and friendly service is always found. YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Meet Albert Shaser Of Bancroft With the exception of two years, this week's Country Neighbor, Albert W. Shaser, Bancroft, can be called a life-long resident of Kossuth county. Mr. Shaser, who owns a 156-acre farm 2 1 /: miles north and l'/2 miles east of Lone Rpck, moved to the place 47 years ego at the age of two. Mr. Shaser recently completed planting his crops and / has 60 acres of corn, 45 acres of oais and 20 acres each of pasture and hey land, A member of the Lone Pock Presbyterian church, Mr,-Shaser is milking 15 cow? at present, He feeds the cajves out for market and also will market 80 hogs later, Mrs, Shaser handles the chicken department — rais|ng 500 every year. Mr. Shaser enjoys mechanical work on farm equipment and also like; to hunt and fish. Mr. Shaser was born in 1911 in Shelby county, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shaser. His lather died in' 1939 and his mother makes his home with Mr. and Mrs. Shaser. Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - Kflllyiftyttii - f*dptBc New Idea Farm Machinery Irons Heating & Plumbing "CompUlely Equipped Tf> • Serve You Completely" Plumbing . H*«tl09 >b««t M«l^ • QM 01 ou U»U» Pumpi W«i»x SyUinjj PoaipUt* Fixtvut* Phont CY «-«« Cullen Hardware Our Own "Hafaw&r* Sfori" A 1 Complete' Uno Of TP9li Phone CY 4»4690 ALCONA WATCH THIS EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIQHBOR Mrs. Shaser i« the former Neva Rath, daughter "of the late John Rath and Martha Rath. She was born at Lone Rock and »s 9 life-long resident of the county. Her mother lives with a brother, Lawrence, at Lone Rock. She is a member of the Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church at Lone Rock and also a member pf a friendly neighbor c}ub. She enjoys sewing as « hobby. The Shasere have a daughter, Mrs Raymond Uthof, Fenion, a granddaughter and a grandson. Mrs. Shaser has 8 *sis|er, Mrs Emma Hurlburt, Lone Rock, §nd five brothers, La.wren<?e« fc one Bock, Bill, L.uVerne, Ha*V?y, Aj.gpBf, FrUz, Seneca, and Hank, Belgrade, Minn. The Shasers were Polaroid, Photo-Eograving)

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