The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1961 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1961
Page 8
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v? • ANOTHER USE, FOR TRACTORS , : Over In ' France, 4,000* Brittany .farmers •.jumped on their factors and rode them, into a nearby town to protest low farm prices. It took 230 regular and special police to maintain order. IT HAPPENED fT~ Two "young , - - - ,ried,.died last week as they were returning from University of Iowa Commencement. s News accounts irorrt '.highway pdtrdjmen stated that "a westbound semi-trailer-. 1 "-^ Deadly R to'd h'umber'c for men and used to fill the fields, And it goes to , ihow that farmers, anywhere, can be ploughed under just about so long with low farm prices before they erupt into action. J Seems that in France, too, they have so fnqrfy; middle 1 Imerifthat by the 1 time the low- fariced fjarm pfoducts reach ihe consumer, they have tbecome high ? p>iced food. - j I '' - ••'••>• * * SPEAKING BLUNTLY ' Iowa needs better, more efficient state government, State Representative David Stanley f(Rep.', Muscafine), fold the Editors' Seminar at flowa State Universtiy, last Thursday. | He said that Iowa's government needed 5rnoderniz|ng,.but was not explicit as to just how 'this should be accomplished. I He said "Iowa is a first-rate state held back ;by second-rate government." He .added; that, Ifhere pre many competent and capable men in [state' goverrtm'ent but that they are held back by fobsolete structures arid horse-and-buggy methods. •,[ i : - . ;• ; -, , •• . \ \ He said that each branch of state govern- jment is "a little separate empire-" The state also |has more than 60 boards, bureaus, departments land commissioris, and many overlap and dupljr icate in function. • f What Representative Stanley has to say Is |also probably true of-Federal government. Each ^year, each change of administration, new. units *are created, bjut the ,old -ones are ^seldom dis- jjsolved. The net result'is waste and overlapping Jiof functions. I It sometimes makes one wonder, as we seek (to probe outer space-arid reach new worlds, i why we cannot solve some of the easier, closer-to home problems, which have a much more direct 'bearing on pur own immediate lives. I ••..-'. ; *•-*-.* careened intoj the" students^ near Vinton oh highway 218. . VV'e'are Well-aware that most truck drivers are good driver*. They/are probably 'dbove- average in their safety records as compared with tne casual motorist.. But the development of truck-transportation has ; been such that these'.freight cars on Wheels just cannot operdte on ordinary highways, with ordinary curves, to any degree of complete safety. They are just too big. , '"''., As new« interstate highways increase, and state freeways are developed with .double (one traffic in each direction, the dangers diminish from truck-ciar - mishaps. But ort ,th& ordinary highway that stjll exists, as every driver well knows, wheri you see one of these giants bearing down you hit for the edge ot your side ot the highway, so tfiat the inboard wheels of the'coming truck cari ride right down the center stripe. ' ... Only state laws can govern the size pf trucks and trailers, and the trucking industry keeps a good lobby at work trying to constantly increase the'size and load-limits of trucks'on the highways. /y\aybe someone should lobby- for the plain, old family-car driver, too. ' 7 ' * *'*... FREEMANfS RECEPTION GOOD ; Exchange — Orvilie Fre_eman, the hew secretary of agriculture, received a;very.generous ^ reception in jDes Moines.'last Saturday. He came here to explain what his office is doing for farmers now and for the .future. He predicts that the program forjthe 1961, crop wpuld i^creas* farm income in Iqwa by 1,0% and that there^ would, be a more substantial increase in future, years if the bill now ibefore congress is adopted. i Unlike his predecessor, the' hew ', secretary believes that, farmers,; to get a fair;income« need YouCanAddreM QUMtlotli f6 Him Al • _ .4'»irffi"otner iel8u%ifarts.^uam, croxt remained at.theito^ of Use loop witn a, 6*0 record. • •, • ;^ '«'.. ^ .*•-.»,' ' A *> * ( * belonging to hesday) RossUth CtHtmtf'9 -quota of men for the armed, service," Was slated,to be the largest slnci the ; selective Service- Act bej- , ^_^ eame law-^4 to{alof'44 wef6 • f , . {Q y e i&6r'kirig out of town for > about two Slated to leave within the ne*t m J^^£awiM rve^l^.probiem. I'm going'.stea'dy now Sl^.fcSSM^S^fi ^^£*E$ffl^**# l?Wheg;nrb6,away,for most of the A'ges'df' menjfcfed "ty ;ieave'Jft sum ' m £%irt gU ll' wanU to go 'steady,,meaning she wo^t,,d§te while ...» ,,._ ^.,..^.— i__^.H.t^jfl. My Btfi a™h^i nt Jate? rdohHltwrik that'slveVy reasonable j>e- ',' ' ". coute I'll4"wo$W witttdther,boys of 17 and 18 and. tkftow I'll get , «. cow-b*loh 9 mg «>, jllton plenty of SIKgc.Ml. Why turn'ihem down? A$?t right OK is i Ward "off Hurt was .electrocuted my.Jglrl right? ,*-$**&>* • Friday afternoon.' when a" chain toeai Tadd?J Being right on which the' animal was ti^d beiAg fair. ttVpa^' y !J?^ e i ^l th ; came in contact with an electric m it you dqf'tjwaftVfd go Steady -- light wire used to furnish powei for\a " for an v elevator at the)-cotni Crips and, i north of the depdt,. JJnfor^ufl^tely he's . for the cowl the Wire %aa-dif the 'ground and fcart* 't& ~ii; W&s- in water! " • '>~ '^-,1 ^ f • r< born ,-.. -_i>ii »• * * * ' this summer."He mea«nsiit too t«.«. . — --. -•• — •—j-- u-m j?.~ About 75 laps of jalopy'races cun ; get out of the Job. I don't mind working: andI wifld W* to had been lined up for the big grtiajobTOmewhere^uftlhatetot^rf * Fourth of July celebration at the Dre ad and milk to people I know. I don't think this is lair. Afteriall, 7 Kossuth Fairgrounds Included' on i' m] n and you neyet meet nice young boysL in Ms& « h £° rh ,°°f; the program, which offered >a to- ' What can I Ho fo'rrtake my fatheV see my side of this? <~ Reguia. tal of $125 prize money to .win- ; D eat Req»naj Y 9 ur. Prince?Charming .can. show up-anywnere, ning drivers, were time trials, a anytime. Just bei-altee you may wari',the middle of Tinies contortion race and grand Square in New. York pity doesn't..mean you'll make an;mpreskon '- lapi Al- on 'a boy. Some of the 'nicest gUys to the world dive righlt ther£ in • *.!-_• j-« . _f_.»_L_.-ii i t...*. n *. M n*t4M#Uf > **rti*i haven't JIBCI' your eyes championship race of SS . . ^ so on the stete during fte' day yo ur neighborhood but apparently you h were two baseball games, free O pen very much, t , ! ' ' r f , ' T j nnts rarnival shows and a ,big YOU know ' vour father better than I di Washington j— acts, carnival shows and a ,big You know'your father better than I do and if you,think he display of fireworks. meaint wHaUKe. saidr-I'S- say you'd better leave things as they |are. ^ , i You'll have good time~s, so don't gjve up hope. ? Lotts Creek residents were about to form a group of vigil- u- w ' nnit i tA^i—^ antes—unless ,recent happenings '"• ' wtullu> "" «" ••> came ing few are making driving dofyou tel a boy you've already- seen, a picture '.to without making him, feel bad? T go to themo- .iwjj^j^ _____ f t ., ___ a ---- ^ ' T t..«'u«j *« <,«<, tv,« oomD 'Congress is ii? : L the middle 01 >is the same thing as an outright its annual ,tug-of-War struggle gift. Now this country which al- children) anc j some W h 0 are aged we're having this summer. . „„. . 4 r . f overs taxes and trying to decide r^y has been on tne receiving and ill. There are laws by which as" ^sua^. wither,, it is wiser to-^^ - „— ^ C] bllll0 ' n in citizen^ must^abide.jf not wiU, — ^~^; bought'Weft"back tne ne*f day and chfecked sqme more rowePtherrC''k^ep r them as^is or .end of more than raise them. - : 'United States• foreign aid. There isn't much choice, any » . * • way vyou look at 'itc.lf Congress ^ . , j intends', tp .rpaya^ny ^attention, to , S.ome, who have supported i.tb*»' t«i*n< vkX^f* XPT'**f tcr»f|^ 'I tl'f POT*1T.V ffiftii etr* *ii^1 ir Dear pap: I'm working 'in our local library this pyrnrner and for> ' thte ^ IdUr.evEnings'.a.yoUhg mart of about,2U has come in, checked ' • i *h mgly, then by if H nr MP ' y orce. ese Ev? ^time I took up from my work, I find him staring alt me, " I'd' love to get him to talk to* me but I'm as shy as he seems to the f e'lloW's name .and qther par- will b takn. The statement was made by a group representing Lotts Creek "( We lowans always get hit where we least the support of their federal goveVnmeht and that, | expect it. Now they're going to tax boats* which " - '" —'-' u ' * * u " — J ~' Ai they will receive such support from the huge suit can deb,t. j a r-:i» ,»• - iordinarily wouldn't be thought of in this inland ministration.'That pledge is encouraging to ^id-' 'state, but ; in" recent years' it's a tone family theft iwest farmers who the past eight years Wen* ' * contJnually cold shouldered by their government i own'a-boat as well as a car. I suppose ••the day may come when-there will be as much Idemand for waterways for boats as we flow ihave for highways for autos. — Clarinda Herald ^Journal. '. * * * '> The third grade teacher wrote this sentence on the blackboards "I ain't had no fun at the .seashore," She then turned to her pupils, singled out one of them and asked, "How can I correct that?" Little Tommy at once responded, "Get a boy frjencj 1" - Davis County Republican. ' * * * Surgery can successfully remove almost anything from the human body except an ugly disposition. - Decorah Journal. r „ Douglas, said recently: "We have been .possessed with Heavy butcher hogs topped at soon. the idea that if we fill the .un- $g;55; stock steers and veal calves' • •THfe' ! wiiy•'• kauies' are kicked derdeveloped nations with refng- brought $10; new no. 2 white^ around'• m. Vafehington-the real- -- 1 -- " J *—*-« -— «*"• —*- "" 5 ' ly big' figures—it's hard to get a menfcd picture of what they talk about when f the reference is to su its have been tragic." billions of 'dollars. Let us examine Here's a look at the markets— imagining more ithan what you see so don't rush into anything too '•• ' •••••• .......... - erators, bathtubs, and tractors, the battle against Communism somehow be won. Tne . rer corn,"67% cents; no. 3 white oats,, A ^hour-old;graduation pres- 28 cents; no. 2 yellow sbybeans, .ent was damaged, to the tunq of --•-• jtjOO recently in ;a two-car accident. John Carstens of tjte had in Washington. IOWA AND EDUCATION .."., I, :••• „ ' '-• .'>/ .r i Indianojs Tribune — The decision of several top-level faculty members 'to ,|eqve their present positions at some of our state universities has been attribu|ed at least in part to the past session of the Iowa General Assembly. The legislature, you will recall, appropriated the State Board of Regents (the governing bpdy^for our three state collegiate institutions) $41 million,' or J5ome $8 million less than the Regents had requested, for each of the next two years. This was onjy ope of many instances where the legislators took action that would just "gel-by" and keep'thlri'gs in operation by the narrowest of margins for another two years, instead of taking' realistic and forward-looking steps to improve the over Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa all program and spend the money necessary tp do the job we profess to do. Looking back a little less than a year, we remember a lot of noise and alarm being expressed by certain groups across the state against the candidacy of E. J. 'Nick' McManus for Governor of Iowa, McManus, you may recall, was the democratic opponent Norman Erbe, and according to the stories circulated about McManus he had all sorts of fou designs upon our whole educational program Now that the election is history and the (61 Leg islature has properly taken its place in the stories of the "Dark Ages," we wonder if some educa %is roaHer of the national debt, foF-fh'stance. It's . qp to about Second clan poitage paid at Algona, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL N It is a well-known fact ihai $290 billion right now. The .inter- no one could run his personal est'alone 1 now equals what it cost ;imancial alfairs the way'tne o run the entire Federal govern- -federal government does ana $1.20; no. 3 barley, 40, cents; premium eggs, 27 cents; cream, 38 cents; and hens, 15 cents." 1 * ' * •*-.-'. • • i .'. v '" Haying operations in the area had been delayed by heavy rain» fall during the past couple of weeks—and the net result was the. damage's occur . tp' Jiis ,19,61 f^\_'~<- ll_A" ' i ,...». •• » Chevrolet. ELECTROCUTED i i ; : Charles Frazier of Hawardcn was •'? accidentally! electroc^itea aboard the USS Salisbury at Biickner'-Bay, Okinawa. He^was peeving yirith the Navy. i: ,§^ ;ct a ^graphic-idea* •stay what that j> or would ex_ . T -.,-_. --J-1--. ICJ , U you credit year after year ute of »the-day.arid -night, every when ou make little attempt to day and night of the year^ reduce your indebtedness an4 Almost every day now some continue to spend more than you new' ibW rcadheSvGongress ilthSt; : earn? calls, for spendjpg more billions • * » of dollars...TJfjpajnouhts are stag-' ?\V!Wle -this goes on the value gering. Mfiny; ''of these: are worth- of' ibV American dollar is con- while measure's but, some, jt ;tinu'ally ! depreciated. Our citizens seems to .us,, only come; under whQ hye Qn pensions O r savings the v category; of needless ana accumu i a ted when the dollar Was reckless .spending. ^ worth much more arc ^ c pn . It would be well if every mem- ™ry victims But there are ber of Congress, before consider- ^hers, too. The, debts we. »_'_ •-_«.,, i_;i,_ '..ij inr\ frtrta V Wl I so wet cultivation ^couldn't for the first time. be 1 COUNTY ROAD HAZARDS Dear Sirs: I think the public should be made aware of some of country road hazards. The notorious corner, one mile > INSURANCE • A.: 'f', (Arniej RickUfs.'. ,' ; Hosriifalization. , Health' : & Accident' Life — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State CY 4-452« per or congress,.oeiore consmer- v»«—-i —..,."''' . u _ __!.»„»• The notorious corner, one muu ing .any of these bills, w6uld read up today will have o bepud off ^J^ miles n ' rth of Ti . again and again these words by eventually. It is a burden we are the President, before 3 joint ses« Posing on to PUT children, oui sion, of the House and Senate grandchildren last month: ' ' ' HA.TIONAL nEPRESBNTATlVE We **-^^^Wx f ' $* SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KPS?VTH co. On« Year, to jHJv»nP« ^——— —,--^—,- — , —W-00 Both Algona paper?, In eomblnatigji, per year 15.00 Single Copies *—,., „„•;'»»». •-, lie SVPSCniPTION RA.TBS.pUTOIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance —• —-.-—— •, S4.00 Both Algpns pacers In cambinaUgn, OB$ year —sa.oo No subscription less than 6 months. CITY AND eOUHTy NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING -RATES 'j?N RE-OUEST tional groups might not be scratching their heads and asking just who their friends are, anyway" Certainly these friends were not to be founf among the majority members of the Legislature and certainly not in the person of the chief executive officer of he State. On the contrary, rnost of the gnti-edycation damage was done by] the very persons pnd pprty the educational groups supported during'the election. This is the price that is paid for support _given on the basis cjf tradition rather' thart.principle, qnd action. ./'••••'-•.* • . # . • .* .1 Congress has a habit of cutting down pn "If we are to preserve our lis-. cal integrity and world confidence in the dollar, it will be 'necessary to hold tightly to prudent fiscal standards. I must re* quest the cooperation of the Congress in this regard—to refrain from .adding funds to programs, desirable as they may be, to the budge 1 ," . ' »'• * * But) as some critics have pointed out, the -president is not fully heeding his own admonishment to Congresi Spme of the legislation ^jpnfqred by the Admin stratiqrr could .well be postponed in the'^riterest of sound eco- lomjcs, - 9pjr»ewnere" there has to be a lim.ff,to the amount of\debt tha 1 can be assumed by the Federal and generations yet unborn. Some day mdigna- tibn will sweep the Nation and tonka, where two people have lost their lives in the past six months remains just as hazardous as it has been in the past. death of Mr, ALGONA INSURANCE - 'AGENCY ., -X J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — 'All Linei of Insurance CY 4-3176 206 E. State this groat vive.i : then we'll do something Following the last it Only in that way can Gruta ^bout a week ago four country of purs sur- BLOSSOM AGENCY / • All Lines, of InsufwcB AuiomoDue - Furniture-Loi 7 N. Etodge Phone' QX *^738 what 'PtesjcJeh's. W a JT*. .''P. fpend and then put ting another dish on the table just as fattening. In the end, he grocery bill is as large as ever, — Breda News. Nearly every rnfl.n has a remedy for the troubles «f evprypne bgt.hU own. - Neola Qa ' FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES June 19, 1941 stop signs at • this corner were erected. This of course sounds like a noble undertaking but the signs which were erected are obsolete -and illegal. They are of the correct shape but of the wrong color. I.ty suggestion to right this apparently wrong .situation is to erect four legal stop signs and also erect four warning signs 800 feet from the stopping place. Sincerely, M. W. McDonald Titonka, Iowa "J N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4448 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance "CHARLES p.-PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,009,01)0. \ of .insurance in force.' CY 4-3756. Lola Scufihanv HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household jlkwds, and Many Other k'omw government- TQday, the United States owes more money than all sickness among horses the;other nations, of the world reported around the c, ni<(' tr-nothon Vho finonoial rPP. ing the W6ek. In U niOT A number of cases of sleeping horses had been county dur- puf together. -The financial rec- ing the week. In U")?" ^"fijf- "_j .!*,,..-_ , »_.! , n horse owned by Clarion ^ong and. sevftPSJ al- in he- d/sesse 'would Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Axnold , , Chiropractor • Over •penhey'a -Office:Phone: — CY 4-3373 -Hours: 9:00 ^- 5:00 Open Friday Night Pr. William,L, Clegg Chiropractor • • 521 E, Stato St. ' Hours: 9:00"— 6:00 thru Sat 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. «, yrjUtn Re«. CY 4-3** DQCITORS MELVIN O. BOURNE, M P. JPhyaician & Surgeon 118 N, Moore St Office -phone CY 4-2348 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. P. Physician & burgeon 218 W, State Street 0«ipfi phone Gt 4-2353 t phpne CV '4-2B14 CAROL L. PLPTT* jiU W. Moore SWfet Praqtjce Limued to Surgei7 'U[j)'ce Hours by Appbintmejit ' i48.«« Oftice ord of this country has not been good. In the past 30 years we have gone in the red for 24 years and had a balanced budget, of Could You Reqch 5,300 Fqmilies for 50c? AIQOINA ADS DES DO 4MST (10 Word Classified Ads, Paid In Advance, 5Qc) only sjsf of those years. The American foreign aid program has been worthwhile to us in many areas of the world. It certainly has helped many greas of the world. It certainly has helped rrtany countries get back on their feet economically after World War.I.I. It may well have kept some from succumbing tp Russian Communism. But tjhpre have been -many abuses 'and there w,ill be more a§ .the grain cprjtfpues. American generosity has spme- been too a>un.dpnt. A'mdng piher things ; it h>« eqnvityced al- every for(|igi)' Nation' th^t J — '-/'jjaffl^t |ts hand, »nd will drop ; dollart'into |11 too often that ifj-pre- JMjppens. r - IN THI UPPER Farm. Bureau MutuaJJns. Co Aff ili^ts'd with Farm .Byreau Auto (with $10 Dedi • Lifd- Hail - Traqfrp f hftne CY 4-3351 Don S|ar^ o. syujJBT sentlB«*"i 4-2341 RAIL mm ,i>. pro- only;'four hits. Pa'ncroft nosed Lotts Creek. 1-0 JOHN M. RMidence Phon« QY 4-2335 "DEAN F, KOPB, M.D. „ Regidepce JP^ne )?Y 4-4917 Phynicians % gujgeons 220 Nq, -Dpd«, AJsona Y-C44M OPXQMETRIS; CRAWFORD I SERVIC U-" ojsely Jvwt oth»j day', pie, a top official of'pil-rich in the Middle East said ha*gov- Irs» ov- crnincnt must have another $40 ment will colliipsu. He a lotm but a did not PR. L. L, SNYDER Optometrist Algona lW rflep5«ie i CV 4-271J Closed Saturday. AfternoQna Pw, 8AWYEB »»d¥HiCK80* Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses " " ' Itate Street~' , Iowa ress 4-2199 ste 5:QQ p-m. Afternoons ''DH, C, 14. •^ 4 " 1 DENTISTS PB, |. 8. HARRIS, JR, AJ P4»o» CY

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