The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1961 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 9
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V ;; W%Siff&!$^^ SWIM Figure - hugging maillot Every suit from a nationally advertised line. Also showing "10 dozen beautiful cotton suits which formerly sold to $12.95. NOW $4.95 and $6.95 Print suit with a bow PLAYTIME FASHIONS FOR FUN IN THE SUN "•'•'-'] Special purchase on my recent trip to New York. 75 suits to choose from. One assortment of I960 and 1961 ''. •' • • *w -' r j 4( f i, • .' ~ ' . samples. One assortment of production samples. Some are marked irregular due to printing inside of the suit and others might have a slight defect but not in the least noticeable. Many others that are really beautiful and all are Ist'quality choice. $7.95. Swirls V buttons trim t t i • t i i i i ;5 Cotton knit maillot ftsmixixosxy:^^ Beach Towels First quality, famous dry fast brand by Cannon Mills. Gay print patterns that regularly sell for $2.98 and $3.98. All extra large size 44" x 66". THIS WEEK ONLY 1.97 Swim Caps PLAIN OR GAILY TRIMMED Beautiful Assortment $1.00 to $2.95 Catalina Swim Suits As seen in many national magazines. Every one a new 1961 style. FREE sponge rubber contour bust pads with each suit if needed. $15.95 to $22.95 TERRY SOAKERS In Colorful Terry Cloth $2.98 to $5.95 i i [ i i • i i i i i i i I I I i I -I I I SPECIAL PURCHASE Ladies and Misses cotton knit suits made by one of the big 3 sportswear manufacturers to sell at $15.95 and $19.95. Beautiful two piece styles in lovely color combinations . .. slip over or button top with matching skirt. COM! EARLY '3.88 SHOES Ladies and Misses super quality feather weight shoes. Tie or slip, on ... flats or low heels. Assorted colors or color combinations. Some are of corduroy combinations. Sizes 5% to 10. Reg. $1.98 to $2.50. Special 1.49 Pair "SPORTSWEAR" 500 pieces from three nationally'advertised lines, and every piece first quality. Assortment consists of Pedal Pushers, Slacks, Slim Jims, Jamacas, Bermudas, Knit Tops, Tee Shirts, Blouses, etc. Every piece is approximately % of prices marked on goods by the manufacturer. BE SURE TO SEE THESE THIS WEEK END. VALUES $12.95 TO $22.95 Hlgona Upper |9e* ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 8/1961 VOL. 98 - NO. 23 Rural Mail Box Cleanup Drive Oh In County Despite the fact Rufal Mnit Box Improvement Week is post, several hints on mail boxes were released this week by the Kossuth County Rural Carriers and the board of supervisors. Hero they are: Box properly placed, within easy reach of vehicle, but clenr from road; sturdy box support; maintain box so that it meets government regulations; approach to box must be maintained, also. , It is hoped an all-out effort by rural patrons \Vill result in improved community appearance, safer traffic and' better service. Portland Twp, By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mrs. Edith Trenary, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Greene and Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Trenary, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Richter < and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oilman, Mrs. Alma Mulligan, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dugan and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Asche, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart, Mrs. Hazel Carroll and boys and Mr. tmd Mrs. Alfred Busch and Dwayne atlended an after graduation reception in the Bill Tre•nary home Friday evening in honor of Doyle' Trenary. Mr. and Mrs: Roy. Ringsdorf, Mr. 'arid Mrs. Brink Shipler <an<4 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ringsdorf Otiended a birthday dinner in the home of Mrs. Lulu Ringsdorf in honor of the birthdays of Mrs. Roy Ringsdorf, Mrs. Donald Ringsdorf and Mrs. Lulu Ringsdorf. Mary and Wendell, Jr., children of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Christensen, had measles last week. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks and Jim attended commencement exercises at Burt and were guests in the A. L. Rasmussen home in honor of David Rasmussen. Sunday night visitors after baccalaureate in the Howard Sparks home were Rev. and Mrs. Max Goldman. ; ' The Good- — Hope Lutheran Couples Club had a,bowling par-i ty Sunday evening 'at Algona, followed by lunch in the Johnny Harms homo. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Phelps Mr. 'and Mrs. Kenny Krantz, Mr. •and Mrs. Neal Boykon, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Harms, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Alke, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Beenken and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baade. Guests in the Howard Sparks home Thursday evening after commencement for a graduation party in honor of Jim Sparks were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dimond, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Friedow, and Bill and Ricky Kline; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kelly, all of Britt, Mr. and Mrs. JOP Gcwtz and Normn Mr. and Mrs. Bill Goetz, Mrs. Ruth Sparks and Dean, Mrs. Larry Grandgenelt, all of Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meyer and sons, Mr. and Mi's. Pat Rasmussen and David, Burt, Diane Gartner of Titonka and Darry] Sparks. Dairy 1 Sparks and a friend Dennis Davey of Des Moines, lejft Saturday evening on a sight-see- NOW... for HOMEOWNERS 4-in-l INSURANCE PROTECTION THE packaged WAY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, th» Packaged Homeowner* plan enable* you to have only on* policy . . . only on* pramlum ,.. only on* agent . . . only on* Iniuranco company to iniur* your dwelling, personal effect! and family activities. Four policies in one meant lew cost tool You get economy pluj credit for your preient unetpired Insurance. You don't hav* to wait . . • FOR: • YOUR HOME • YOUR FAMILY • YOUR PROPERTY • PERSONAL BELONGINGS ASK USI BLOSSOM Insurance Agency Algona Iowa THIS WEEK, WOMAN'S WORLD is dedicated ito the proposition that although things are tough a 111 over, they could be worse. The reason for -this Pollynnnia spirit is Ithat so many nice things have happened to the people at our house (this week, that our problems, although still present, have sort of been pushed into the background. On the theory .that we hardily ever get a situation like this, I'm going to try to pass on the bonanza to see if I can cheer up som'ebody else. * * * DOES YOUR HOUSE LOOK DIRTY TO YOU ? Are there cobwebs in the corners, grime on the windows and do your slip-covers need washing ? If there is anybody else who hasn't done her spring housccleaning as ye 1 ! and wants to feel better ailmost immediately, come on over and lake a look around here ! When you feel despondent over accumulated clutter, rolling up your sleeves and starting to dig is the wrong way to meet the situation. Go find someone who is a worse housekeeper 'than you are. Then you cam sit around and gloat. Even I can do ithis for I know at least two people who were worse housekeepers than I am. The Collyer brothers ! * * * ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF washing and ironing ? I am, loo, but just consider this fact. In. some pants of the- world, Lower Slobovia, for example, there are primitive people who do itheir laundry by laking it down to the river and pounding the clothes clean on .the rocks. (This system has also been strongly advocated by one Algona husband). When the gals get ithe clothes wrung out they hang them on the bushes to dry. And Lower Slobovia is amply populated by huge flocks of birds who make a regular habit of flying over the bushes. Now you don't feel so bad about washing'and ironing ithosc 17 shirts with your automatic'equipment do you ? *•**•, DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE THE WOMAN in ithe shoe who, "Had so many children,'she didn't know what to do ?" A while back I read about a couple who were rearing a family of 14 kute, all unpremeditated, in a four room house. Last year the mother heaved a big sigh of relief because the youngest of the 14 was finally m kindergarten and she had the house to herself -for alt least part of the day. It was so quite around ithere she nefarly iwenlt out of her mind ! So they .purposely had child number 15 to fill in with some dm. I don't know what they plan ito do when number fiSteen goes to km- derganlen, but I assume lhat by then they'M have some grandchildren. * * * ARE YOU PLAGUED BY A PIMPLE ON your nose or a pesky cold sore on your lip just when you wanit ito look especMly nice? You have my sympathy, because it has happened to me on. almost every important occasion of my life. But It could be worse. I read about a guy who had leprosy. First his right ear fell off bnd then the bottom of his nose. Next he lost two fingers and a thumb and- the 'last .time I heard abouit him he was dripping s P are P arts *? over the countryside..Your cold.sore doesn't hurt you so very much now, does iit ? ' * * * - • .... HAVE YOU HAD A FIGHT WITH YOUR, husband ? Do you, once in a while, think''it would be better if you had married one of those scads of other guys who were mad about you in your single days ? My prescription• for ithis'is to look up a coupte of your, former, Romeos. They may not be so glamorous as you once thought they were (The fact that you probably aren't either is;entirely beside/the point). If the guy you could have married has more money, 111 bet your husband has more hair. He doesnU ? Well, (then I'll bet the man you married helps you with ithe dishes more than your erstwhile boy friend helps his wife. You don't know about /that ? WeM, there must be something your guy has that is better or you wouldfaU have stuck it out all these years. And though your trials are many, at least the problems are familiar and wouldn't it really be an awful lot of trouble to start aill over and break in a brand new husband ? * * * • DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TOO BUSY ? Does the telephone ring just when you have climbed into the bathtub and were you supposed 'to be at four separate meetings at the same time last Thursday? Once there was a one-armed paper hanger and the pattern his customer chose had stripes and a floral design to be matched. Jusit as he got the stuff all gooped up ready to hang, a fly lit on his nose. He was even busier than you or I are. On Ithe other hand, maybe your trouble is that you are bored and have so, little to do that time drags. But think of how much more slowly time would pass if you had .the Seven Year Itch ! * * * ARE YOUR PROBLEMS MAINLY ON the financial side. Sister, I can really speuk with ithe voice of sympathy and authority there I Often I moan that an extra $100 would solve all my problems. But lately I've been reading about a couple of English girls, Queen kliza- bcith and Princess Margaret, who have rooms in itheir castles they haven't got around to visiting, and pearls and emeralds Ithey haVen t yet worn. But neither of them, according to articles in the newspapers and magazines, have pocket money to put in .the offering at church, and neither can afford to pay their footmen more than lj per week ! And one of those footmen had to sleep in a ttny room, in a too-short bed, accompanied by three of the royal dogs ! 1 he footmen .got their compensation, however. Now they are writing articles in American newspapers and magazines telling, among other things, what kind of underwear the roval sisters prefer. ^ LAST WEEK, I WENT ON SO long about the graduates, I didn't have room to include a reccipe. I didn't think it would be missed, but it was by at least one Algona reader, a man at that — boup Briggs. This week's recipe is for a Frozen Apricot Sulad. >/j cup apricot juice '/4 cup orange juice 2 tablsp. lemon juice few grains of salt 2 eggs, separated 1 cup whipping cream l'/i cups canned, diced apricots ' 3 Co U mWne a juices and salt and heat over hot water. Beat egg yolks until very light. Add sugar. Add to juices, stirring constantly. Cook over hot 'water till thick and smooth. Cool. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites, stiffly beaten cream and apricots. Pour into trays and treeze. — GRACE. ing trip, with Los Anglos, California, their destination. "If we could make the calibre of men larger and the calibre o f guns smaller, there would be no neod of war." COUSINS Jim Roose, 84 and his cousin John Roose, 85, met for the first time after going their seperate ways 61 years ago. Both men were immigrants from The Netherlands in 1896 and lived together in Ni-w Jersey until 1900 when Jim moved to Pella. Recently John, of Prospect Park, N. J. and his daughter visited the Jim Rooses in Pella. Both men are in good health and enjoyed renewing their friendship. Be Sure to Attend the Bake Ahead • Freeze Ahead Demonstration DATE JUNE 9 PLACE V.F.W. HALL TIME 2:00 Win a set of #"|wtnS»w* stainless steel tableware GET YOUR ENTRY BLANKS HERE BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE

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