The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
Page 16
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If It's a Perfect Fitting BRA You Wont - We have It custom-fits both cups/ via all-way stretch elastic* CJrcie-sflfcfied Flair cap frames of elastic net* odjuttj to custom-fit both cops— oil day, every day. Elastic* band stretches as yoo-da. Machine washable. White cotton; sizes 32-38 A. 32-40 B $3.00 answer pantie Inner elastic diagonals Cive natural control, lift In 4 directions to smooth your tummy, contour hipllnej. Nylon, rubber, rayon power net In white. Sizes '24 to 34, f ' " ILLUSTRATED ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE MANY TYPES OF GIRDLES AND BRAS YOU WILL FIND IN OUR LARGE, UP TO THE MINUTE STOK.EXPERIENCED SALES STOCK. EXPERIENCE SALES LADIES TO ASSIST YOU WE CAN SOLVE YOUR FIGURE PROBLEM. •f 1P&BIS | || Chrischilles © IP o-JR. m (la.) Upper Des Maine* Thursday, June t, 1961 ONE OF THE LOVLIEST ROOMS I have ever visited is the auditorium in Algona Community high school. This is true partly because it is a beautiful room, with its artistic carvings at the ceiling and its wonderful acoustics, but mostfly perhaps, because for me the pl'ace is haunted I Always when I sit there, waiting for a program •to begin, the songs, long sung, come echoing back to me; ithe triumphs savored there long ago return to cast itheir gflow; and I feel again the tremors of fright which make ithat large stage seem twice as big as it really is .to one facing the public upon M. * * * THE AUDITORIUM, OR RATHER THE building thait houses it, gave to me my home town — Algona. My father had the electrical contract on the high school and he decided Algona would be a> good Dlace .to settle permanently, so exactly 30 years ago my family moved lere, A few years later, I received my diploma in the auditorium. In ,hat same class of 1934 was 'the man I was to marry, but I had no dea of that then. I cried when I received the certificalte of gradua- ion for I thought it was the end of learning. They are right when hey call it commencemenlt, for although my days of formal! schooling were almost over then, education was just beginning. And some of that education has taken place in the high school auditorium . * *. * » 1$ THE AUDITORIUM, I'VE HEARD lectures and concerts; I'vz 'thrilled to plays and orchestras and I've been a part of com- inunity meetings when we've hashed out school and charity affairs There remain memories — of the late John McDowell and Minnie J. Coate, beloved high school principals; and of J. F. Overmyer at thie'end of his Hong career as superintendent and his "new" successor, Otto Laing. I see John Bishop.and Isabel Greenberg on (the sftage there in a- performance of "Everyman", directed by Ruith Messenger; and Nettie Grubb sings again as "Lelawala"; Grace Melba Miller directs her choruses again in my memory, as do Harold Weber, Del Carver, and, lately, Willard Snustad: I am again the third dancer in the fourth row as some tenor sings, "Waiting For Ships That Never Come In" in a home italent show, and Don Hutchins and Opal Bourne sing a civic performance of "The Fortune Teller". Bandmasters starting with D'Wayne Collins up to Russell Guster, wave the baton at musicians. * * * LATER. PAT COWAN AND DICK Zwiefel moved me to tears in a performance of, "A Man Called Peter"; Tom, Zender amazed me with his performance in "Death Takes A Holiday", and I swelled with pride as Pam Waller, not only played Grieg's piano concerto at Commencement,- but took several prizes for her brains as well, was pretty proud, too, at a performance of one of Ruth McVay's Kindergarten classes. The second of the "Three Little Bears" was my daughter, Mary Ann. • ' • * * * THE AUDITORIUM HOLDS SPECIAL signifigance for me again his year, for I am a parent of a graduate for the first time. Always, " know, a great deal of parental planning, hopes and dreams go into iny graduating class, but I am just beginning to fully realize this Yom personal experience.' Prejudiced as I know I must be, I think the class of 1961 is simply (loaded with brains, talent and good looks ! * * * • THERE'S KAREN ALT, TOP STUDENT, with a part-time job who according to her co-editor on .the yearbook did "three-fourths of the work"; handsome Gary Angle; George "Mickey" Balluff with 'the talent for science; Barb Bartlett, with her enthusiasm for wrestling and her politics contary to her parents'; Kathy Bay, Merit Scholarship Winner; Harriet Benschoter aiid Sharon Bilyeu. Natalie Boldridge; a fine example of her race as the only colored girl in her elasai Bill Bourne, who can do just about everyitliing from scholastics, through dramatics, speech, music, besides being handsome; Mary Broesder, another top student; Frances Brims; Carl Danielson; Fred Duerr, born in German and lately an American citizen. < * * TERRY FARNSTROM, EMMA FINLEY — a fine girt; Glennda Gabrielson, whose pictures her mother sent us through the years before we ever met her; Cousin, Leonard Funk, Jerry Gade, veteran of birthday parties ait our house; pretty Nancy Geilenfeld; and Judy Gerber, who I first met when she was a baby when our fathers were flying at Squeeze Field and lately my companion on Saturday afternoons while she plays the organ and I typewrite. * * * JOHN GILBERT, BOB HAAG, KAREN HAASE — a lovely, talen'ted blond; Alvin Hagg; Sandy Hakes; Clara Hansen, admired by all; Mary Ann Hansen; Eugene Harbour; our neighbor, Phyllis Hardgrove; Joe Hoenk; and a newcomer this year, Ron Isaacson. Beverly Johnson, whose parents, Cliff and Lorene were friends; Glenn Johnson; Penny Johnson; and peppy Jean Keith. Gary Resting, with the n-.usieal ability; Larry Klein, small but mighty basketball player; and Charlene LaBarre who looks so much like her mother, Marian. * * * DAVID LONG, WHO HAS BEEN AT OUR house; Nancy Lowman, Sandi Ludwig, Donald Madsen, Pauline McMiahon, SheryM McNeil, Rosemary Medin, Steve Miller, John Moore; petite Connie Munger; Pat Navoichick, late of Kenosha; Judy Naylor, whose mother is a popular bus driver; Trudy Olsen, daughter of Rose and Art; oneryl Olson; Donna Patton; Gary Peer, star in just about every sport; and basketballer Robert Percival. » * * BORA PERVAINE, THE TURKISH EXCHANGE student who brought so much interest to our community; John Platt, whom our son paid one of his highest compliments — "a swell guy, even if he is a Republican — he's a liberal Republican"! Patti Priebe, veteran oi the baton; sparkling-eyed Sherry Read and Barbara Reinders with the sweet face and lovely singing voice. Gary Rich, an athlete and an artist who delights .this old gal's heart with his polite man- n o i*s, * * * Trv -"p.*? 10 "* 1 * 030 * AND DENNIS RICKEY, of wrestling fame; Joyce Riebofi; Linda Riedel; Terry Ringsdorf. champ grappler; Carolyn Rochleau; and Earl Routh. Claudia Ruark and Karen Schultz, active in the youth of their church; Roberta Schwendemann, good grades and photographic ability; Sharon Scott and Jerry Sailer held May 13, with Nflhc? Linda Becker as hoSteSS&S, , anne Hellman gave a talfc demonstration was. given by'Vie ftie Koestler. fiach girl hitf " part in a program- for The next meeting Is to be June 10 at the home of Bettj Lampe. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse ftahfis find David visited Mr. and Mrs< fill. Champion at Lone Rock SatUi 1 day evening. Sunday dinner guests ln''tfte Harold Becker home were Mr and Mrs. Martin Becker of gona, Mr. and Mrs. Thees Schnakenberg and family, Mrs. Henry Schnakenberg of Irvingt&n, Mr. and Mrs. George Becker ahd family, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Befik- er and family and Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Mawdsley and family. The dinner was in honor of Mrs.^Mflr ;in Becker's' birthday, whlc' Monday, May 22.- . Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms o Buffalo Center Sunday ;hey visited Mr. and tes and Mr. and Mrs, Pat T n SIGSBUEE ' WHO HOLDS A '/.-mortgage on my heart; nr , ) Q WUh ^ he lovely hair; John s P e "«r, born in Australia; Oiland Steil wrestler; Anne Steven; Carolyn Stewart; Linda Tague nL!?. any \ , tS; R " lh ,. Van Buren and Jack Vipond, who comes h^i ht H , t0f a , brother our son has eve -' had, as debate partner, best friend and future roomate. y. IPOND! MY NEPHEW, DENNY Waller, and a favorite ,,1r A . n u," 1 f01 ' Saying just ' the r 'e hl th 'ng to pep up his od Auntie; Bev Warner, a shirt tail cousin whom we don't know ue umortunately; Betty Wickwirc; Dean Willrett and Eugene wutkopf, with the silver tongue, whom I affectionately remember as one of my former Cub Scouts. on FOR THESE, THE GRADUATES OF 1961, may God speed them iinen- way I don t wish for them entirely smooth sailing, for that they will. — GRACE. Hawaiian Theme For Program At Portland Portland — The Portland Progress Club met May 18 in the home of Mrs. Tony Jandl with Mrs. Clifford Young and Mrs. Goodwyn Bergerud assistant hostess. Guests were Mrs. Hugh Williams, Mrs. Ait Schissel oi Lakota, Mrs. Mary Kain of Algona, Mrs. Bill Ross and Mrs. Gerd Henken, both of Clear Lake, and Korene Fitch. Mrs Art Schisel showed pictures taken when they visited Hawaii. She also gave a talk. The hostesses served lunch. The hostesses of the June meeting will be Mrs. Roscoe Stewart, Mrs. Lloya Bartlett and Mrs. Glen Darsen. Hold Mother's Tea The regular meeting of the Portland Pennies 4-H Club was mer, Alden, *and Mr. and Mijs: Marvin Deering. . f i>- >.,.•:$• Sunday evening visitors at ^j^e .avvrence and Vincent'..Gof'*"'' lome were Mr. and Mrs." Mi . 7 __ Farrow and Barbara of Lakota', Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nilson; 'df Winnebago, Mr. and Mrs. T3ii- ane Murphy, Becky and..Mona.df Blue Earth. '.•',.:• . '*«. Mrs. Gertrude Pruess of do, S. D. oame'to attend the uation of Russell Heerdt at sted and also visited .Wednesday and Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Heerdt in Portland. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heerdt of Hector, Minn.,, were also here for the graduatiojj were Monday night guests i C. W. Heerdt home. ; ; Mrs. Ray Fitch' and Mrs. .Hob/', ert Moore of Burt, spent Friday in Algona where they visited;in the Newton Hieter home. '•'• Mrs. Ray Fitch accompanied. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Barrett,'. Charold and- Cliair of Lakota to Livermore for a family reunion, and potluck dinner at the Ras>. mus Olson home. Mrs. Faith Ross l; of Pomona, California, came for the reunion. Sunday afternoon visitors in the Dwight Ruse home were Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruse and Leroy, Mrs. Victor Fitch, Korene, and Judy, Mrs. George Hix and Mr. and Mrs. Timer Harms ai\o! family. ' "''•'• Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young spent Sunday at Clear Lake visiting relatives. Hold Reunion At Swea City Swea«Eagle — Mr. and Mfs. Mervin Johnson and children at' tended the tsenberge'r family reunion Sunday at the Legion h&ll with about 75 persons in attend ance. This was the first time in over 20 years that all the brothers and sisters have been together. They are Mr. and'Mrs. Burton Isem berger, Port Angeles, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Isenberger and Mr. and Mrs. Oeear Isenbefger, all of Stanley, Wis. ( Mrs. Henry- Anderson, Logan, Mr, and ; Mrs. Ray Isenberger, VacaVille;. Cal. and Mr>and Mrs^ Nels Godfred- spn. Their step-mother, Mrs. £ot- ie Isenberger, of Hurt was also present. . ' . / Grads Are Honored (After commencement at the BOWLING ;: -,.;; At a recent Father-and-Son Bowling tournament in Belmond, young Steven Courson scored a 630 series to his father's 545 v His father had a slight handicap. " ~, Carl .Anderson Home Monday evening were" Richard' Anderson, tfr. and Mrs/Cecil Thoreson and Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peter'son, ' , Rev, and Mrs.' Lefoy Pillnian M*. 'and Mrs. Walter. Genfieh, Mfc end Mrs. Everett Johanson and Children, Mr, aftd Mrs. Aug- ujt;B«:andt and family, Mr. and Mfs, my Pehrsort, Mr. and Mrs. Jaek VanMorman and Jon, Mr. and Mrs-it Herman* Baodke and Paul of Granada, Minn. • At ' .the Everett Rippentrop home Mdflday evening honoring David were, Mr. .and 1 Mrs. Harm Huisjnga, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin .Rippentrbp and Mr. >and Mrs. Raymond Brandt and family, all of Titonka,' Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tapper ahd family. Mrs. Joe Tapper and'Mr. 'find Mrs. Walter Tapper, all of Buffalo Cejiter, Mr. and Mrs, George Ennen,' Elmore, Mr. and Mrs. Rortald Heetland and O, J. Rippentrop and Joe, all of Lakota, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Henricksen <and family, Rihgsted, .and Orville Rippentrop and Lonnie. '..,;• , At the Walter Magnusen home Monday evening hgnoring Sharan were Mr. and Mrs. Loren Cut- ;er, George Magnusen, Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Madson and Carol, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold yfedson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey- Madsen and Mayrtard Vtadsbn and daughters, Mr. • and tfrs. P. C. Madsen, Charles Cityi Wr. and Mr,s. Vernpn Cutler and sons, Trimont, Mr. and Mrs. Ger-. aid Mier, Cylinder, Alfred Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Schultz and girls, Mr. and Mr* Armin Schulte and family all of Algona, Mr 1 , and Mrs; Ralph Honnete and'Mr. and Mrs. Roge^ Fuerhake and 'children all of Dunnell, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Erickson and Rev. and Mrs. Rus^ sell Peterson and family, all of, Enst Chain, Donna Hacker, Thelma Steinhardt and Mary Carlson, Dennis Hanson, Estherville, ahd Mrs. Andrew Brones. FRIDAY, JUNE 2nd MIDWEST CARAVAN SAT,, JUNE 3rd BOB WHITE ORCH. SUNDAY, JUNE 4ih LADIES 1 FREE COUSIN FUZZY AND HIS COUSINS THURS., JUNE 8th THE WALTZ KING WAYNE KING AND HIS FAMOUS DANCE ORCHESTRA' Whlttemore, Iowa SUNDAY, JUNE 4 DON HOY SUNDAY, JUNE 11 CLEM BRAU SUNDAY, JUNE 18 DONDEANE SUNDAY, JUNE 25 GUY DE LEO No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii INSTALLMENT LOANS TAKE ADVANTAGE Of OUR INSTALLMENT LOANS FOR ANY PURPOSE | Automobiles Electrical Appliances Automatic Washers and Dryers Refrigerators Deep Freeze Television Sets Personal Reasonable Interest Rates IOWA STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA Sound, Friendly, Efficient Service Member F.D.I.C. TO ENTER AND WIN! The Gold Medal ^JHWestinghouse M* (CLOSES-JUNE 9) WIN this 50-piece set of STAINLESS STEEL TABLEWARE! ($44.95 value) bated 9n fimUw fin* quality American italntott HURRY! Get your entry in, Enter again and again, This contest is as local as your county agent . . . and part of your fun is in beating your neighbors with the "tip" that's tops. Just get your entry blank from the Gold Medal Flour display at your grocer's, write your "tip,* attach a General Mills symbol and deposit before June 9 ot BiECHER LANE APPLIANCE. Prize winner will be announced at the BAKE AHIAD...FREEZE AHEAD DEMONSTRATION 2:00 P.M. JUNE 9 V.F.W. HALL Contest winner need not attend Demonstration to receive prize. But why <Jpn*l you all plan, »p go? (t will b« fun, informative... onci yew may 9^1 one of the valuable 499? pritef I HERE'S THE ANSWER" TO YOUR FOUNDATION PROBLEMS .answer! brq 0-sectIon cup gfvet natural fit, fovelyupflftV W/nged elastic Insert* ' itrefch wlrti.ybti. Daisy. fresh whit* cotton. 'A-B-Ccuok/ $ answer girdle Inner elastic diagonals flive natural control, , .• lift tn 4 directions fa imooth" your tummy, contour hiplines. Nyfon> rubber, rayon power net-in white. Sizes $10.95 lhapo the Pebble Reynolds look with Inner dJooonob of eta* to lift, curve In 4 directions to impoth the tummy, eonlovr tht fop. line. Satin elaittc* bock panel. White or bJock, $10,93 Wt sorry the largest bra one) girdle »tock in North We»t (owe, dirlscliilles

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