The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1938 BLYTirEVILLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Government Has Impressive i Plans For 1 lousing Low Income Families BY H'U.l.lS THORNTON N1',A Serviee Slafl Correspondent WAHIIINr/rON. March n. — "Whether we like to face it or not, the fact remains that the United State is the niosl bnckward country in the civilized world in pro- ivding decent housing for mir "WHOLESALE PR ICES OF SELECTED BUILDING MATERIALS 80 110 It was wilh llione words tliai Nathan Straus look up his duties as Administrator of the U, S. Housing Authority, ihe first permanent public housing body lo lind a place in the government. ( In contrast to the unimpressive results, o fllie past six years. Sli-ans hopes lo provide "decent home.--, for at least 100.000 families of minimum Income" during tlie next line years. One essential difference in attliiide from some previous efforts is Indicated by his words: "We want to use our funds not lo house a few families In ideal liome.s. hut to house as many slum dwellers as possible in decent homes." First demolition of slums under the Wagner-aiegall act, passed late last year and amended just Ihe other day. should come this spring. Already more Ihan $150.000.000 has lieen earmarked for building projects in 44 cities In 19 states, subject to the condition that those ciies organize proper housing authorities, present plans conforming to the act and raise the 10 per cent of the cost which must be raised locally. The program authorizes at present a total of 5500,000,000. Note that the new U. S. Housing Authority is itself to build .nothing. It's job is to make loans and grants to local public housing agencies and authorities. It may also make loans but not grants, lo local limited-dividend and cooperative housing associations. The loans are to provide money for construction. The grants are outright gifts, by conlract on an annual basis. They are offered so tliat rents may be cut -40 or 50 per cent below a strictly self-liquidating rental based on low. interest rales. This is because experience has shown (hat ft Is minoss! hie lo eliminate slums and build new housing in the same neighborhood that will rent at a cost Ihe former slum-dweller can afford to pay. it is- t in effect, an 'outright -subsidy for-ihe tenant. This Is a completely new ap. prottrli to the problem. It implies decentralization, for one thing. As Catherine'Bauer, consultant to the U. S.-H. A., put it, "Our country is tco large and varied ... to permit as a permanent policy, housing projects all the way from Maine to Texas Ho be designed,, located constructed.and.managed from an offlce In Washington." Earlier efforts were hantllcappe< by Ihe lack of trained local hous ing authorities cosily experience of the past six .years, however, has begun lo remedy Ihis. "The loca governments have risen to Un challenge," reports Miss Bauer "They know what they want. Thej are ready lo go ahead." Since public housing is so new everybody, concerned with it hn had to leani to "piny by ear." See ing a future need for trained man airemenl of the new housing de Velopment.s, PWA and RA co . openueri with the National Asso ' ciatlon of Housing Officials in es labllshinenl of a training cours for their prospective managers Thus the NAHO hopes to be ab to keep a supply of trained managers and executives available us ^ .1. CEMENT / SIHUCTUR»L STEEL -r -it 80 f TO I —I—i— OUTSIDE / — - HOuSC PAIHI FREFAKO STRIP SHINGLCS" Tl 1929 1930 1931 [932 1933 1934 1935 ly costly." If till' home:; were lo \X rented i\t rates the lowest -Income families, Helss estliiinWd Ihnl the entire capital cost would hnvo to be written oil', and llio nulls rented for ineve miiliilenniico and upkeep east. When the \V[i|,'iicr-KllenbOj>cn housing bill was muter consideration In 19HG, 11. W. Morrison! Ilrlt- Mi housing expert, was ill the lljiiteil Stiite.s, nnd remarked of that bill. "Tills is .sinillni' l o bi^l somewhat milder Ihini the iirltlsh Act of 18110." Yet titr Hayjiuinil Ihnvin, protobly the world's oul- Mnmlliiff c.viiert, wild of I lie I J WA housing effort, "You have accomplished more in one » yenr tlm'.i Kiigtnml tiki In her iirst ir> year.s of I'.ovcninU'iit lioiislnv,." •Miuiy of Hie United Hlales linns- iiiK experinienW up to now must be (harmed oil mjiilnst ex])eilenee, ai;uiiin U n e in ]i I n y rn e n t reliet, iiUiilnsl mixed objectives like rural relief and other kinds of alii, flov- rriitiifiH-alili'd housing ;i,s n por- niaiieiil pulley, with a pennaiieni (MW.nmiliou and with the ein- 1 fiasis <-jn housiii:; u-; Mirli, J. 1 ;. Just PAGE KEYS* 1936 1937 jei'ts is almost impossible. The whoie living scale tin dollars, ol Americans Is almost twice as hl^ti as in Britain. Thai U. Americans make twice as many dollars anil I ibllc housing projects nrc com- ctccl, at least, until universities i<l colleges begin lo oiler sucti HirSeS. The chief deficiency .in public on-slng (mid in private housing lilt since 1932). is ilisa it clocsn'. lit. cheap enough. Three PWA ousiiij; projects In clcvelnnd, 100 T cent rented, are renting from 2.50 a month for two roqm,s lo 0 for larger units. For the IKS'i ills available. 12,000 faniilie.s ,ap- ied. But so far as could be leavn- I. not a single family evicted from urns leveled to clear .the sites, as able to move back. itito the ew projects. The same tiling lias ecn generally trtie'of PWA's 51 •ejects. Slum clearance—yes. Crc- tion of work—yes. Civic improvc- lent—yes. But low-cost housing >r the poorest.people most op- ressed b yslinn conditions—no. Comparisons between tbe cost or wilding an dthe rental rates of imerican and foreign lionsing pro- of accommodation. Three Alltus Totsil •!!) Years KEINIJKUK, la. (Ul'i—lames B. j Ull , Miller, ni'iimh.' comity furnicr awns ' H,. ;I liuee iiut'Hiuibile.s which luivc u tiimliliu'il uge <>1 -lil jeius. One wns pmrllilried Iti 1SH-I. line 111 I HI'I illKl UK' . (Ui'i in HIM. All :uv in KIKXI nnmm,' tirtlor. Silver Moon Chili Closed; Coltonwood Point Dance •Hall Also Locked OAIUITIIEHSVIU.K. M<,.. Mar. 1'i •—Injunctions iisiifiiM t\vi) I'cmlseol, Cullhty "hltjlll clubs" lUHl di\lU'K liulls have iiecn Ksiiecl lollo\viii>; HUH.; Ul I]),. |,eUl!llUS ||| ,'UVHil roiin lien<, l)e]iiuv Kin-rill Tnm Wind Maied ttidiiy. <mc i-; :i court mrler Mailed Ijy •'u<l:.'e I. I!, ,S;.|>nli, ,>u<lli)rkii)|: Ihe •Vllver Munu ni-jlu i-luli, [dented KII Hi'thwa, lil beuvern llnlliinil mid II ie Stall Line, Id,- line yc:ir. which Uepiily Waul Mini «;,., VTVI-.-I liilc TiK'.-.iliiy Tin- iiihrr is a ic.siruitiliK; Uijiiiu-- i ifti iiiMinst Mrs. ivmlv ''I'miitx'-, '>.' Cllt(l>ll«'(»Hl I'llilH, III lin'i) ||, ,. : i>|ier;ilm>: a nniil diinei' hull Mimelliiu 1 ilui'inij the re;uilur Murcli term of oonrl. whlrli starts next Monday, A permanent Injunction wns IK- Mini tin? silver Jloou dull In l'j;i!i, following n series of us- xmlt euse.s ill ami near tlie pliuc. Tin 1 Stiver Moon elul) Is located In Hie Miutli jinrt of the county, nefeiuliitu.s named hi the injuju 1 - lloii wore- Jim |,Kile. Mis. .Mm Mllle, John Humor and Iheir em- ployes. They lire, iii'onrdlntj lo (hi j cinirl order siyiied hy Jutliy i Hehull. rcsimlncd Irum nslnx Ihej premise:; tin- one year. ' The piidliH'kiiis [iroccrdini':; was taken because o ivlnlullon of tl licnmmcnl injimcllim .vecnveil HKili. d'oM-enlliii. All»>mcy |i. lliinkiiit. slated. Hie jiclliion sell ! mil ilial. vecemlv u leshlcnl I Mcniphl:,. Mis', Irene Witcy. w I iillr.jnlly rolibril «! .JIIBii »orlh ellHIlllls; III (lie |iluce. lilul (in I'.MI ; oilier mslnnce!.. pei.'.uiih were uv saillled anil lieiiteli, line of them I belt:;' blinded m (jiie '*ye j I'illy Uuns U'lllimil Shoes KVMNKV (tll'i- l.'.utv" Alrlle, Ilily ulilrh won u llylux tuinilk'iip [it :i!t t h) 1 leeenlly, um liaiedinl. Her o^uer has never ullmvud her (u wear n xl«n' or iiluie lor leiir ill l)i, ]'n., Put In HLilovy IIULANO, 1'n. (UP)—Tills lllllo mlnlni; and Imluslrln) town In (ho licurl of I'cimsylvniila's unllirnclto I'eislou was fotindi'd by Wjurcn Oclano. maternal gi'imtlrnllior of I'resliieni RcxKevcIl, In (lie early lliSO's. nrconllni; to n history ol I lie commutilly. Veinlnr l-'ools l''eilei'at Men UO.STON lUI'l — A "ilriiij jx'ildl.'i" wllh H seiiH' nf Inmior was Inken Ink) cnstixly by |>v<li<ml niienl-s. llLi .MipposiHl ilriiff enpsiiles wen- found ID fojilulii bjikliijr soda. 'Mie sninii peildli'r, ilii' I'Vdenil ngeiits said, cold eiunl]i-lll!e([ eli;uretle.'i IDI inari- Conner Noun wiinl Louis Besl v.'Oii the title of "nee i7 medals and of the wench infunlry" for Ills heroic exploits In the World war. WANTED GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON SWEARENGEN CO. OI'l'IOK COKCRETK BI.DO. ON WALNUT STREKT W/wt. 1/ncfa Jftoic was ju&t a IMW» OLD LEWIS HIJNTFn,..was alceadf well known '•Italnliiiw" rinni'iiKill-, Are Full I'llll.ADUI.l'IIlA lUPi ~ Tinted tingrriwils--biil each ol u dlllerent shade — no\v an: liishumubli' lor women, aei-ordlng to the American Hairdresser, "flnUibow" tiii«ern:ills ..... twice us high prices tor minus, i w , em <ilsc ; u «cd «l '>"' I'einis.vlviinlu Tlie difference would lie even |.' !eau( y Consivss. (jrouter In conslderiiiH GvriiKin and other forc'ien projects. Furthermore. American projects usually base their rules on the in- I elusion of utility bills in the ictit,! while British rents are muallj' figured on a bare "shelter" Riclmrd L, Relss of tlie London County Council's Housing Committee, after a tour of American public housing projects, noted vital differences in forms of local ima national government, in taxing systems, in climate and heatine a-- qulremcnts. in laud costs anti attitude of lundowners, which make comparison difficult. Rciss reg<:rd- Al:i'k:in Oil Well rl.nlnrd SAN FRANCISCO <UI>>—Alnska is tu be U\i>|ied immediately us a possible future oil Held. Tlie Standard Oil Company is semlinc "n bisis i clew to sillk n losl wc "- 1L ex|iecUs ' " : to complete its work by .Sept. IS, when tlie Aln.sknn winter wls In. ed Uie PWA housing "excellent" in design Do.- I'lucks I'niillry KISSIMME. Pla. lUI'i — Buddy, a nve-yciir-old fox (errii'r lieioiij- ing lo H. E. Phay of Kissimme. Is e. real help wlien It comes lo preparing .dinner. Buddy's specialty ,1s pluckiiiif chickens, according to Phay. Special f»trodiictory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New "f fl rfft i 74 Octane V/ilh the purchase of 7 or more gallons of this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oil For (All Tuxes 1'niil) projects as and qunllly "excessive- Read Courier News Want Ads. ' Holland, M». Ilighwuv 01 KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON DON'T WAIT! LET US Get Your Car IN SHAPE To Pass the SECOND PERIOD of the State ~~~ Inspection We Test Your Car FREE for LIGHTS BRAKES TIRES Windshield Wiper Wheel Alignment PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. !(h ft Wtlnot Phone 810 Small .additional cJi.irje ' for Easy Vnruicnt Plan. TRANSITONE HOME RADIO TH-1 - actual

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