The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
Page 12
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l-Algmra ((to3 "Uppw !*» unS JHardia ,B«ma- t», aabdUt Mil Ufflr -afce. 3Bffi r T w»6 i$I«y Ifil umd <Gbfflii; Hh ittnmlm fcvoffi, tftuit 'cvoiittig ibmng "Mrs. <@lerm iJdlsnn ;anfl « i-.«Tia3Hr idn't <ehosun 'his ifil'ft .Monday oxnetitcd 'to shop Ihflt 'aftor- •"Lnat -ycnr 'She .gave (him T l^dlti 'collni-. 'How ubotii .mritchtne <*6ar .rings? Mixic 'is « .missturc >ot and 'Olilhuuhtia—'bus! . 'to iV'trs. BoecKholt, 'he's' '*hiOiJJly just plum -dog. .'Smni't. 'giowcvov, whitih irnakos up .fo;' ,<»ny 'tilficidndies ;in iphysicril: 'dhHrm. ! , inewspnpor flipping tdtfittfe itffj 4*he first ipi'Iao winning'«ff ifhdiir ilimmn, 'in ;n (con. .•jroartserirft ijjy $16 Wedk 'ffewihBi'" ipiftfltattidn. «a iwjdiilVBa --a (tmsdk tar Ihor urn Jhor <«ajaTfift, <Q«dige tig % atnt^Htor dtt Jit unti iTSt«. <C5ati^tte JBeoRw tdf fCen- itttfl <01tiy, '(3fhiat* lihtihfeffn " IBdb, -QOok ;anfi 5Nanqy. £Bdb 'Ut- ttotrdefi t(he 'imlvoramy dt (Olty, mow Ulves iin (Ohiaago ! he Is 'employed nnd nuonds law sdhodl -m might..Judk lives <ttt 'Co<dm- 'ftapids. T>Jancy is the :young- eflt -of ithe family nnd still hi sdhodl. '0?he iBcdkor ifnmily 'wil ibe 'wdll-iromonibercd us ithey : won ^resiflorits 'here '.ninny years. Ot >enn see IBdb and Jack TUttinj our .corner ;en-ToUte : t< Sunday sdhodl. iNice jlittlc !lnds I .'saw iBdb ^in Oiown >01ty'one Himt I wire 'down '.there. » .«••-» :y ils :fh»t 'df tihc ihito oville rfnH UilS wife, tHgir *% -»* sttarrlng p^EI^ * LAWFORD : -daughter &aura, iHwdlti's uaugh- ttet. -Barnes 3B. Seville, son toi JHardlQ, as -puwuroa. jt» une Mu* uaaue iff ttwe U#wfc Iktrnisef uaeaSi' iljy ittffi .aiTuuiiua 'Qafifem, an,, U&m Wen 3»e8i«, tBtsfteaint ttb -a. IE 'filratttoi 1 tdlf f*h« iProflutits JltiSti ' ttKte. f0ift 'dl f<Hte mffea coatnt' tthf THWsajtfiCS' ipfBtitidi itthfi 'Bisldk. tChase 'two nttrrtts Shave treHudfifl 'the -cost <o. •brldk ihotnes *to 'comptfte wHr i those made. Of wood. SCR nccotis- tilo -was 'born Ht 'the IB .acre con 'tor. (The 'now 'concept .in sound (conditioning allows the sound lib sorptfye wnlle 'to be built am {finished In one Stop. : SCU ire-nti voneor was-devoloppd to n—'the 'Cosy-'to^insitBll 'veneer and Still have the 'qualities ol • - - * The irtwii itttJUsUdMllowoss il've seoli afce *lhe ?b'Siglit irc*ii ones sent Jrohi iJftBwnii, n iflrttiiufe 'JDtiy gift; to Sirs, -ildiniie iLllken ;from lim fon '.the 'rilmffl. Uhiere Is! atsO/ti fMiiB-itffatafiaaiBe, ildtiks ilikt iptJfiGook. 'tfHe mrti iblolsoms a\< lbjgifratttUotJkillkcfplastie an< I oii|r ttpnguca^yallBw spotted •( ttiidfc cotit JUke a maughty little, JfllS :fnnJkhli iJotajs. '1'he leaves ;tiiuch like a I -leal but huge •• .-,.; .' - •<* •* •» It ttaikes B lidt -tit ipaiiancc ito ibe m iparont, and When tbig 'broken 'Windows and shingles loosened iby -seven girls (.bh Ithe roof, in is almost .impossible ;to remain ctilm. 'What 'woilld il ;tio iby way (df ^isciplHie? «Qh, ;ch(|p off ;thi- ;diloW4nice tttjl rihc 'damage wo* fpaid ifor, ft sguess. .-Anfl a 'talk :by ; 33arertts Tmiglit ! hdlp. H dunno. ! - _ •«*., «• .-» tfilalite ^teWhotlai span? the aflHthors itey -weekend at •Burt -with .Tklr. .and .Mrs. ifrank ;Ryerson. 'Whlle"she 'was <gonc some ;frionHs she was [looking tfor arrives— Kr. and .Mrs. "Whitney Starr, iPortlancJ, 'Ore., -with 'whom she ^became aacquainted many -pnnafl ithe 'trip was -tm ,trdhn* nnd (the ti'lp was fa «g „ ito >mth, ttoi- Hike _ ihe .said, ;'iftlU <i WBBt tilt. * - * miy 'be mice tt» Jta^fe yrogiilar 'CdllB tfi-(jm tthonH^stBf fortnightly. "Eneh wedk would flat fine but porhnps 'too )i?equarit ttc suit 'them. • "» .* MR. Anna JOeQuoia Ihidi niece nnd HtribftrtH ,te <(Jtiller8 rtme day IRSI week. "Vosa tQgren Husband Dr. iftdbfiftt who wore .cn-rnUto tto fCaitada te spend 'the sumniur. WiriteiS :are Hpent in 'Florida. Vera is an <ex- headed pital. and -the the Buffalo dontor tnnta. ihta-| years ago iin 'Colorado. They had! S ifine \visit. 3ttrs. JSgyie "Wirikie; Have "bean --here ; from Cedar Rap- iiis, '-the tputpjosc of the 'visit to vfeit tthe jgraves of 'the [parents. 'Mr. and ?SIrs. 'Claire "Wirikie. The Bran'dparents were iBen and Udo Wiriltie, •well iknown ; iiere. 'Sayr-e and>his ; "farrilly lived -near Titonka nnfi [ iDafl ^Snyder v/as a classmate. IDail ;is •« son of iMr. and "Mrs IHallard Snyder and lives ; in 'Chicago. 1 '.knew rout nice *wealhar o! ; -May ; 10 ito 14 would be jinxed 'when il 'had ;thc .wool JaVari'.ie:,. 'ta'ken cfff : Bun8ay 'fnorfiFnjf Tffur '•" mgtthe riit'ht flHuid to call o 'nurse- to^aet It'Oiit'Of storase. Bi^r^i'-r! Attded to :my "folly -was Mrs. Joe Itvitch. Ur., '-who "Hid the something anH il 'know two renr.!; who went .'from winter lonjxies ' to . summer weiahu! What chanw Ho -we iiiove"? UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. mother off 'Mrs. C. \V. Stilimnr '. has joined '.us as n rr-;!il!?nt iiorr '« *m *Julius Knopf was 36, May 1; and the usual ,cdki; -and «dt: \va> sarved, plus Uhi; birthday son? 'icndmed »y tin. nursui Tn. -men met in tin.- reception roar. and 1 go; in on the reirtshmeiu? Manj- happy returns. Mr. Knont * -» * Capi. and Mis. John Claytor son-m-liuv and (iaujriuer G; Mi :.; :.- }I \V. Pietcn, un/ sm lionec; us Francs ar.ri or. ii IT- c-i'tv t.-i[ tisoy iiac: \vilh tu^iii thi litlii snr: Jor.i-i. Mauin^ tiv trij •::•>. t:;anr tuoy had hrt-aUi.ii: i: G'- ! rmair. iur.cii in AuitTU: anc' diniv-: in Swiueriar.ii. It h-.UJ Invited to the E III! Ill PBOGRAM A%' V\f'O1lMATIVE AGM4I!V$;TRATI4I1V TO SHAW Tin: vi;R*.%Tii,¥TY oi ri&iwziwc; it.4Ki:ii <» JUNE V.F.W. HALL 2:00 P.M. SPONSORED BY BEE-CHER LANE APPLIANCES WIT RECIPES AND FREEZER BOOKLETS mi m* TO EVERY LADY ATTENDING FREE DOOR PRIZES SPONSORED BY WESTINGHOUSE FREEZERS AND RANGES AND GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 'The "tDhree IHusikBteai^" JJB turned Monday. 3Htty '22, 9rom our ! trip 'to iDavanptna tto -viHlt flffir and Mrs. AbHor HflJn^. !EHB»s tfe so mut-h of iiritBi^t tto ttffll, "3111 wait -till :ne*t,tqi&&"ttD :giwe;Badll eport. ii thirik iftiis tteue, 'One Jhas o ; hnve n vacrtihnittorrcStiUpfhrotfi a vacation, d don't meed to ttdll vou -we had a wontterliil :timo. At the 'Cail Andersons 'Sunday :in : iionor of "Maurice were -Mr. ffiid Mrs. iLorimer iBjorkiund und family, Kirs. iEdith ; J3usch, .ftlr. JIarrj' Nelson, Mr. : and -Mrs. iKich-j nrd Jlatie anH iDavid and Mv. .and! Mrs. Jack iHagnrmann. j Tilr. and .Mrs. james :Brotik 01 :Kingsietl enieriainea Tttiatwei .aunuuy <dt dinner, Hollowing confirmation of Uhoir .son, iKooert. Mr. -and .Mrs. Walter ftiBgnusonj .nnHn^j >,.„ 'js*!, anniVETSBiy• Harvey IDhoraen wnQ ^ind iHorman 'ffihorson. W. IE. iHunflmitmaiik 'her She was ihtmorcd «t a icotffffi -wjiia •a Jew -JKHihfls ^ttuirding, att ilhe HJhoHHsli Ihonre tttutt . inotm. IMontVuy .evening .Mrs. JBitn- wore Htippcr .guests ,ai ithe 'ffihor- aaufl ta«moi) J8r. -anfi JHl-s. lEhsan tfamity were Stmttrty jgueste <ttt ttht IflranK LL'nnner thomt; at ifiagle ^Srove. ! JUr. .-anfl -Mrs. EEioritor ^?an JHnrn: iof UUonntlJly, Minn, vwere day -overnight .visitors ;at Watson StrtunurB'. .J-.r-iuay .aftar- noon the guests -.visited Mrs. K stlundoirtmock. Mr. nnfl 3ttrs. UtiaharU ;nnd ttnmily -wore UBunuay ui'tar- moon viaitos* -at tthe 'Ucan home. .'Stephen iioos 'was oigln yiinrs <olfi HKay 121 -and Midhttfej WHS iia .Kay HO. Mrs. lEinsdtl.; broiifiht tthe iboys -eadh :ii ibiitth- " i.v CUKC. ••: Rlrs. IPeroj ^tttnem iwas da> afternoon icallor -at ithe ihome Wcrft iBend. rguedt att tihe Mike (CojOfi ihonie. Mr. ,-nnfl Mrs. iEnut 'Oppedah., fl BOTIB were .'Saturflay :gues'}»' tthe iHnrdia JSunflefs oft ttf fttt ate» . -and IMErs. ^Jljiver fl .Ito. OTdlviiw SBouguni a MurHbdlm at Samfl* .Dinner was Shelfl .at " ,Wttt saw ihoi- fdtf tto <Cnllf. wAsrej dbe \v, f 01 whilt ifor <a «ew anoililis ' Mr. unS Mrs. Jfildtm liiiik cBdl-^ itefi fSundgy r &VHrihi£ .SSL ; the WJl-[ ffM .iTsnssHB At tthe teamarfl Slritersoiis x«»eife 'mdfe !Dmta8«m, IDtiBJjy SiinBlEatm. toriten iRSrflue, Jittie .ffdhmdfi ;irtfl iNnney Ohatilesoa. fl aars. iLeotiara fteteeson tweitc . {Sinner iguetite flt ithe Ihome otf toer par,Sher- tthe liirik (0ittJft&F. g^Ut^tfi <st ith^ IhOttie T$tece Iher ;par- 3Batnjywfei Mred .ana r Mr, ifttrti "MrB. JErvin .dm Mt. <*tfi&_ Mrs. 'Bldon fgiroup iob- Mrs. Sato ilhnn (Gie^ Ihnme. iMrs. Stater IPeteis < was ;a idinnsr guest .'Sundtiy ,al ihe ilputmor 'SEhontpBon ihome. ,'She ( ithe aewnon ,at the JBaptiat] Ohiurdh Sunday rmoming ano evening. iQihar ctlinner ,^U£StB ut •the 'Ufhumpson thome west: 35k: and MTB. 35. IE. rf/htimpson Mttfl Ojiondl. arid Mrs. IEH Slino .and daughters <df Algona '.were Sun- callers at tire iElmer Builoy home Mr. ,anfl Mrs. tGni'los lEngaHjj-j and iftimife- ^weye Sunanjr (dinner i guests ;at *the ihome <tif Ihls mttithnr, ! attenaed tne ;7gth celebration of the <Chain' i,utnaran church jnriday -evening.; Mr. land Airs. ;H. S. Alather en-j ter tamed i'or Alan Sunday eve- ;mng ;afier ^bacoalaureatu: Mrs.' Cora Mntner, Ali'. and Airs, ilar-i Old IKrantz .and liamlly, Air. anil ! Mrs. iWarren Hruui», aui'. ;uiit.: Rirs. iEivin Swanson, BIr. r and: Mrs. Walter Guratii,vov,'»;ii anc| lamijy, Mrs. Chrisunc Swanson ana nir. and .hlri. 'Otto l^arsonj Mr. and i'Alrs. Mancii Hurlburtj enwriainud lor Juuy bunaay eve-i rung after Daccaiaureuiu su^ viuea Mv. and Mrs. Ronald Johnson; and Suaron, Mv. and .Mrs. ilay-, niond Jonnson, Uv. and Mrs.' Uicnard ;Snyrter, -M:a. iunii' 'vBUSCiirTRi'. ^anfl -5SIr3.*Uuriior lIHiS' and Lfamiiy, Air. -'ami iaii>. v/aitei ''GotacsKov.'diii ana lanuiy, i\u and : Mrs. :lj3rimai- Bjorktund. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Jonnson, Doll!- ver, Mr. and Mrs. JYanic Smoust.. ! Mr. and M:-s. Ai iiiuij.!.!.'. «i». .1..^. j Z»Irs. Glen Curiii, Air. anu 1U;--: ' Earl Hnruon, .Air. and Mrs. Cimi , Nelson, .Mr. .and Mrs. .iitiUui; i urion. Mv. .ant: u'.irs. .T-taiv... ', Tonne. Rev. and 'Mrs. \». V ; ossenbarger, -Mr. :asui *Mrs. l. ; t j , R»v. aTid ailrs. \VaUaci. i .Mr. antl Mrs. -lyonni; | Loaf!. Sandra Ewing, Banisc- .Sey- i :ar, J:m ^Elliott, Karen Ooruc;-.- j to\«i:i ant! Connie- O'Brien. i Ambdtarrce .nnd 'Air <GhnTter -Algonn CY 4-373T1 fflurt fPhone 233 an di (HOME ItOW - !to^ iwtf ttb li - fM»RCftl«SE (OR R6?IWWWD£V*"" PRESENT !tO«N. iftrindipdl «mti iirtter- «St jfilus \your itaxss nnd jprqpafly ilnsurance .oon ibe .conib'InBil ilrtto -one •Brn.y ipoymartt iltke iretft. Come -see ius :bdfe« you ibiilia «or *uy.. iPe^htipB your iprewtrt ipa,ymBrl«(timitoolh'i|JK? , ,WWKE 1TH0SS aOfidtffltJ ikfifWilftS ftlOS^ - See your ima- fteriril dadler for .coritrodtor, <our .ABSoditrtion !hox m 'very spaciril tfktn ffor Ibondling llottns tto lhd|p you. \Wrttc tor'CtJll'on Savings <& Ass'n ALSONA {(Since USSR!) ilOWA '.Savings '& Jlnveglmeitte — /Accounte Unaured Ho ElDiODO fMdRInc jdur iiity ;i ib^tter friJaee ifb !!i«, ;Vrafk iiffl tribe a ifamlly- Savings and ILoan Ibusinou Mv. and M«. .Teri P^rry o snr: Bc-.icii. Calif, cams- u.. .JIMIU ir.onti! v.-iH: her ;parunti. Ai. .ii r..:^. 'Howard ll'jlhekj.ou. Mi, anci Mr.;. Ciyiit- Cooi-jei n-.ri Kati'.;. o. i'Jorue;. /Vl:nn. v.LH S.->lurd;v O'.onu.:!u v:-.!i'.:v a', ii:: T.otne;';. Air. !..•;.•:• C.or,-"-v. Kun- -..r, jtiojt; were Mr. and iilr.- anci .fjmilv :mc anr M. anr; U. anc Air; "Fane!! 01 iluniiuvui inii Mrs. iJcuuici C.' Janiily. Ah-.'-an'ri »lri.:ilr>y I'.jltorrl MrCarolint: T«ltoni antl J-ruvren«- I'elinrd .dteii(.!ed uiner.i. v- 'Vicv '.'or Rusf.till lian£i:r. &\ t;v. Lati ?ran church at Liitimc: Tuc-jda- Mv Hanson was a nsjphew o Mr. Curohin Teifoa. Cnartc-t \Vuliei. smi o: Mv. a:;- :\lio Cliaaies "V/elter, S. , v.v: ed Uroni West Ber.ri hj^ Wedneniay en, • r, i ii r at itfie vV/eltev -iicmf in graduation \vart-M.. ar. Mrs. /1'orjy iHalhgan and Tom c; Pficahontas, Mr. and Mri Pm. Welter of Nashu^. Air ai-.ri AIiv E'mii V/t'lter and t.imiiv o; I'.uir Mr.-' Anna V/eltc; o: Ti:;soi. Am,, .Airs. -Afar, We tie;-, H-jnr\ Rses, Mr. -and Mr- Albert Tr..:.- sen. Afr; "W. E •Ilunderrr'.jar-:-: •t :", t "*" -.f- -; r6 y v -i,^ :4 |1 '$ ^ ** 4 «», ^n- 1^7 §; L (5V f i ,-s-- |» • . . . that our reputation for quality drilling had spread so far! You'^vc Wsarsl of Us, Tos , . . . Why not call ws '! Well Drilling • Pump Repair 4- b Arati's OUieat untlMost Reliable Name in The Woll D/lllin£i {iusu • I !! :

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