The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
Page 10
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Ttuwwfcy, Jon« T, 1961 A PROFOUND SUGGESTION Sfe Wtrdlleti arttdtetfts «Kfl ! l»fe -sufficient own vn ihat -way. frafe wwW" wyofivift^ w6 prckfeti *up ts ipop&r ijWsu o $$dtffM¥g stosry witn f&cjord ^b the pbyro*nl of $103,000 hs p former candidate for governor of Iowa. Hft was paid that amount a*** a h*o-ytrOf period, fn« story related, as "an appraiser for the lands division of the department of justice." the .Wofk Involved appraisal c|f Irididri (and as 6 result of actions filed by var- i6us Indian tribes for claims Involving the land. We? don't khovr ho>V much the Indian tribes may have received, but in this case the white rncrrt seems fo' hcrve gat plenty of Federal wampum. ' ' '': • v The appraiser who received ihis money ran f6r governor in 1958, and was defeated. But lo, the defeat for the $20,000 a year job as gover- rfcr, led only to greener pastures, it seems. His Income as an appraiser made his salary from Iowa State University of $6,000 a year seem rather puny. ?'. We know if is a big country — and a big government. But is it any wonder, as the average citizen reads such stories, these and many others involving what seems to be fantastic expenditures, that we have many a taxpayer fudging on his income tax returns ? The average taxpayer is a good citizen. All he asks is a decent, practical use of his money. But day in and day out, as such stories appear on waste, extravagance, impractical expenditures, money thrown down the drain, it is understandable why there is a deep resentment and sometimes an uncontrolled desire to forget some income items in preparing tax returns. ;- It isn't good, and it isn't likely to change. But it is understandable. *, * *.,;,,> The cereal manufacturers art ferfiUfy', cirt- fused. They lead us to believe that children need the stuff for pep and energy. Now, if they'd aim a little of that propaganda at us older guys, we'd say they've got a point. But how can they make a mother of three or four howling kids believe that they need more zip in their lives ? — Eddyville Tribune. * * * Would jails and hospitab be necessary if the scientific feeding and breeding practices used so successfully with livestock were applied to human beings ? — Decoroh Public Opinion. Htod of the Selective Service system fed that the cfrmed fortes cease to i of five services as a place where you fvaf^f, have to do much work, get we I : $W Mif doing it, arid all in all Will fint ft•'« '"sefif ISfatn." We must admit that some o 't'he T-V .promotion urging young men to efillsf rnefces 11 scrtjnd like something out of Utopia iNol theft's ft too, bad, either. But it isn't intended to ibe <a haven for laziness. /At Commencement time, also, it might be we'll for some of the speakers to "pass the word." A little solid work is in order toddy in the 'U.S.A. Whether we can continue as 6ne of the world's leading nations, or find ourselves slipping into a second rate category, is'entirely dependent on whether or not we Want to work at the job. * * * WHERE WAS HE BEFORE ? Grundy Register — Former Vice President Richard Nixon in his speech at a G.O.P. fund raising dinner in Des Moines criticised the new administration in Washington and especially Ag ricultural Secretary Freeman because prices 01 farm products are too low and nothing is beinc done about it. During the hundreds of speeches the former vice president made during the past eight years of continuous falling farm prices, this is the first time he complained that farmers were not getting enough for their products. Prices farmers have been getting for their grain products since the new administration came in were set. by the outgoing administration. Higher support prices have been set by the Kennedy administration but these" higher prices wilt apply to the '61 crop. Corn prices have been advanced 14 cents a bushel for this year's crop. A bill tfiat is on the way for next year will advance farm prices much more. In his criticism Nixon stated that grain prices were much lower now than they* were a year ago. According to our market reports price of corn at Grundy Center on May 10th of this year was $1.00 a bushel. The same was paid for corn at Grundy elevators a year ago. Deadly Reckon Bf;itA f tttt f mehi&e? of t&e UD, Masonic tne teifen ill t&fe tttte 6t Che tragedy, Jm^esiigauda of the 'field inoicat- ed the £uiu^t0r Slaagged fid some roots,, breajtiftf -ine totigti^ aftd the runaway followed. Tracks showed a zig-zag path Ydu Cart Addres* QufctfiottsTo Him At KAliSNtt/ MONTANA anl ecfle -Al D« ^ I have no one else ' WjKrt to Accept ycA but eveh ece -- y°fc Ivotft Bfe able to help me, 1 kfloW. My mother dlvofted my fathfet gofta antfl Ms wMen he becafee seven yeat^ ago and only keeps my brother and me, -because shb sieward at the county farm. The gets money for us. _ entu-e, area was shocked when She's alway drinking and bring men home and tern me they're ' of the mlshae; t • . . . my "UficleS." Sfiftie ot them stay overnight, I would have run away long ago but 1 don't want lo leave my brother alone. I'm nearly 14 85% of the vehicles involved in accidents in 1960 were passenger cars. " .^T~- When FDR ran for President the 4th time his opponent Former Governor Dewey complained about a depression. FDR who helped to break an all-time high depression, advised Dewey for his own ' -never, never again to refer'priessibn, NJxon sh'ould be governed by the advice FDR gave to his opponent, never again refer to the biggest headache of the previous administration, "Farm Prices." * * * IOWA'S CHIEF PROBLEMS Iowa Falls Citizen Do declining form numbers hurt retail business in Iowa's towns and cities? The answer would seem pretty obvious— Washington * * A WeeOf Report from get us out of here 1 My brother and I have at. his office" dimiitf tfttTweeK." taiked dt ovaf ^d have decided we wilt do what you suggest Thank -- Ihfe man aDuarendv knpw a* yolt for answering .this letter. ^-.Washington Guilr much about a&idals as Che aW- ° 64 ? Washington Qirh Thate to be the one to break up the re- age citiien, But this story would roafos °f a Ibrnily, but if your mother does what you say, she doesn't indicate he didn't—A farmer love vou and the sooner your brother and you get away from her walked in and wanted insurance control, the better off you're, going to be. . "What on," asked the insurance As so °n as possible talk to your clergyman and explain what man. "A ram,'.' said the farmer, your home conditions are like. If you don't have a clergyman, find The insurarfce mail hemmed -and one in the telephone bbok. Anyone will help you, I'm sure. Your hawed, hinted for more leads on county welfare department:and juvenile authorities Will then step just wnat the animal was—with- into the picture and your brother and you will be on your way to a out results, and finally had to better life. break doWn and admit frankly . * * * , . that he .didn't know what a ram Dear Dan: I'm 16, old enough 'to qualify for a driver's license Was. 5 The farmer, by this time but rny^father W6ri!t teach me. He always says he's too busy. A boy fearful that he might be; spoil- at school says he'H teach me but Dad Won't-let him. He says if the ing.lhfe innocence of the 'insur- boy has-any bad driving habits, he'll teach'me them and I'll wind ance man, explained a ram Was Upfki A car wreck.'! say my'"" father is unfair.' Don't-you agree that a^ "he-sheep".' - when a friend Offers to teach someone to'drive, the .offer should *. * * - be accepted especially'considering'what I've described 7^—Barbie.- John Kohlhaas was named Dear Barbie: Maybe it should and maybe it shouldn't Your commander of the Algona Amer- father's argument about the boy and any bad driving habits he may ican Legion post .during an elec- have is sound enough but we all have bad driving habits, teen- uon held by members at a meet- agers and adults alike. ' • ng i J ^2f P Other officers elected I don't like to see a teen-ager behind the wheel of a car unless included E. A. Scheme! and Ar- he or she is at deast a high school junior and wherever possible, I T u r< ™%. Vlce coml nanders, also believe instructions should be given by a driver's training in- x? v u Wa "? ur S> adjutant, Roy siructor in schools. The behind-the-wheel course being coupled with AlcMahon, finance, M. G. Norton classroom work .-.../ chaplain, Ray Ladendorf, sgt.-at- Your father could check with your principal and find out for himself what sort of a driving record your friend has. Then if everything is okay, he could allow the boy to instruct you. However, I-still stand on .those 4wo basic rules: being at least a junior and The counly was swamped with ° Uainin S Professional training when possible. «-i» D - . • nr n?fi »rf anCy ' ! ,°^ a ?' new^officers were slated (o laKC OHlCe in October. The burning cfuestion in ths Communism with dollars won't a total of 4.08 inches of rain during the week, and according to _. ** I like a girl hi my room but whenever I'm anywhere' United States today is this: how win the Cold War or even a Hot crop far are we prepared to go to »\var if one should develop, stop the onward march of Rus- •»•••• sian Communism? Dear R. H. Perfectly normal, so quit worrying. surveys taken after the deluge ? ear ner and we>re alone, I ignore her and won't even look her way. crop loss in the area would I:> ' U H? no !P? i *° r a 12-year-old boy ? ._ R. R. amount to two percent of all • * plantings. Money-wise, the The full impad of Mr. John- amount was set at 550,000. How- Dear Dan: My mother found a pack of cigarettes in my purse - relumed from an son's fact-finding mission In ever, Kossuth was luckjr at that, last night-and now won't let me go out of the house for the next extended tour of Southeast Asia Southeast Asia may not be losses approached 25 percent of month. I didn't smoke any of them but she won't believe me The wun \ ice President Lyndon known for weeks or even months, crops m some areas of the state, cigarette belong to my girl friend and I was just minding them for Johnson where this question is Bat we would predict that some High temperature reading during her. Should I be purushed for that ? — Grounded i^™!!?,^ ^f 3 ^ ?!?I h * ul .- o£ *? . f ?™. i ? n ,? id P"- £ e £E£ k , hwl F 93 deg - rne !f May Dear Grounde <"-A month is a long time and if' what you say is while the low was 08 degrees true, your mother could at least contact your friend and ask her who owns the smokes. But then, what if your friend's mother doesn't danger of being overrun^ by the Communist * • * The decision is not an easy one. We. face in Southeast Asia a situation as fraught with peril as we did in Korea in 1950 when ;i ^ ou \ve decided to draw a line then against Communist aggression. There are not many alternatives when an American tries to * dare ^J" tnat 80 se to send millions of dol- June 2 and 3. £••«* .*.-»,-»«™.TX- »v k?v.UKA «««4J.«.4UtAO Ui M«^4~ lars of equipment to these countries which they are not able to use and they are the first to say Two LuVerne'men," Ray Stone ££d get ^ ^ ^^T^" wtor^iYnTc^'do to a^'s Paul Knopf, had a close call last Russians certainly don't week. A total of 1800 gallons of this we? GRADUATES msv.-er a question such as this. ttoe People care little whether Stone, a rural mistake so why gasoline in three underground Beverly Boldt of Audubon re- storage tanks on Stone's land cently received her high school southeast of Lu Verne exploded, diploma from the high school af- "---' - • • - ter attending classes via a two-' way unit in-her home since she percent of ly before and wa^ sJjmsUpg,}vith -Wa&jn, -. sixt ty .g£ade, Beverlx.,js e whether <s*nna = n ,^>i ~..;i L_i-^^.f: fe.'^ ! '_!».! .1 •: ' JEr? \ i V ~\'~f Poverty, illiteracy and disease Knot, driver of a gasoline tank fr rampant in these countries, truck, ha'd filled the tanks short- Upper PCS ^Routes Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Aigona. Iowa Entered as second class nutter it the postoffic* at AI«ona. Iowa, under Act of Cohere** of March a. 1S79. Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Pub!iiher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman and it is. In the last ten years, according to statistics put together by Eber Eldridge at Iowa State University, 18 counties in the state of Iowa showed a decrease in total retail sales. Many of these counties also showed a decrease in total population and in farm numbers. These figures are even more startling when it is noted that there was on average increase in retail sales throughout the Uniled States during that same ten-year period of 25 percent. And right here is Iowa Eidright's figures show that the biggest increases in retail soles have taken place in counties that ha\e the greatest population growth or the counties thot have received the most industrial development. Deciming farm numbers is not the only factor which teras to hove a depressing influence on Ma-lr. Street business. But it remains the tccr that it is or important factor and that Iowa at the present time, is.seeing one of the greatest era most ropld off-form migrations in its his- ICry. must make up our minds to ^ey live under democracy or un- side a garage when the blast oc- commit American lives in a new der Communism. But there is still curred. Cause of the explosion struggle with the Communists or that 20 Percent for which we in was not known. The garage abandon a group of Nations who lhe United States should show caught fire and was destroyed alone cannot cope with the strug- great concern. Every Nation that . . . gJe. capitulates to Communism brings with a lotal of 43 entrants * * * fanger that much closer to our rea dy to go, the Algona Soap Box It is true thai some of the shores. Derby was slated to be run June countries we visited were reluc- ^ Today, the vast subcontinent 12 . There were 22 bovs in the tant to seek the help of United of India ^neutral but leans to- c]ass A division (13-15) vears of States armed forces. But if we ward the Liuted States. We must age) and 2 i in the class B brack- must face the realities of the sit- «ahze that if India s neighbors et (11 . 13) h spending a uation we must realize that thpso fall to the Communists the pros- ,„, „, ,:' ",.-' ' .u *Tl _"? a unable to walk. She has polio, a disease that struck without warning on the day she entered first grade. M Classifieds Par Dividend* » "- •-.*»»»»».-»••••«'••••••••••»••••*••»»«»»«»« I Professional Directory *»»•••» + »»«»» + »»«»», ttt + >t j <t> ^ Nations cannot alone fight off sure on India will be overwhelm- ]„<.,. the hordes ' ~ ' : ~- ""*-• These are ,—«~_, -.- , South Vietnamese, the Thailand- b . ullt of card? when °. ne fal } s ers and th<? others, but. bravery and valiancy are not enough. The pros- , ot o[ u getting their mtor- of Red' aggressors! ing - Certainly we cannot afford valiant people, the !° lct tnat happen. Like a house the next is almost bound to follow suit. The United States must commit itself in Southeast Asia as it did . sheer weight of help that is bound to come from Red China and even Soviet Russia will demand more. cars in tip-top shape for the day of races. The two top cr& in each division were also scheduled to drive in the state contest later at Des Moines. • • • Movies slated lo be shown here INSURANCE A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State CY 4-452U Chiropractor I had a long ialk in Saigon with a young refugi-e who fled North Viet Nam when his coun- ry was overrun by the Communists. While- he was confident that the United States was prepared to do its part to halt Red aggression he had s«mc serious socond thoughts about our country after what happened in Cuba and more recentiy in Laos. As far as he -.vas concerned— and you have- the leelmg he was aggression in Southeast Asia— jthe end is not heie for him and Jldl:lJ III .JUUII11-II3L S13U1 tlS 11 U1U • _. . , ..„ . _, . „ . , _ , in Korea. Only in this way can ™ ch ' ded T County Fair" with Ed- we be.sure that Soviet Commu- d . ie F ° y - Jr - June Cylde and \Vil- liism will not move ever closer bam , Demarest; -Repent At Lei.w » • ._ . uro \virn vWnrtv T^-»r»-irt in* to America. 20YEMS , urc wllh wendy Barne ana Kent Taylor; "I Wanted Wings" with Kay Milland. William Holden. Wayne ACorris, Brian Don- leyy, Veronica Lake -and Con stance Moore; "The Flame Ol New Orleans" with Marlenc Dietrich. Hokind Young and Andy Devine; and "She Knew All The Answers" will) Joan Bennett and Franchot Tone. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jin>) KOLP Surety Bonds — - All Lines of Insurance CY 4-3176 206 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All lanes of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE N. Dodee St. Ph. CY 4-444S Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES JUNE 5, 1941 NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18. N. Y!^ SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. £?,! Vi*' 1 *" * < * vance ..... — - ...... _________ *3B» BoUi Algona papers, in combination, per yeir -...'$5 00 SUBSCRIPTION RATES I buTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in adwanpe L^ _____ „ _______ ____ n^ Both Aleoiu papers in combir-iUon, one year _Z*6 CO No subscription less toan £ month*. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST ter ers and oppirtjnities to reptace the purchasing j Viet Nani "and "the" United States po.ser lost by the departing farmers — or more j «s not there with troops or what- occurred- at specifically to create jobs and opportunities for ! ever e ^ ^ necessary lo stop the ihe deporting foriren ond for the youth of rural i Ude cf Communism? His answer .cwo who Have ^di.ionally rnoved to the cities, j trequen; jy .cut.of-ito»e Cities. | tr. We just ean't figure people. They worked * r '* Fred Park, 62. steward at the ARMY David A. Mitsvcn of Bode recently became the army's youngs est soldier when he was sworn in at 12:01 a.m. on his 17th birthday. A special swearing-in ceremony was arranged at Fort Des Moines so that Mitsven could be Kossuth county farm, died of in- enlisted just one minute after received in a mishap that midnight, thus making him the the farm when a youngest army recruit. f ^.^i IciO lO ' v.-<_go to no b.tttrncss in whit ^ tee S- (lU '-" ! i Viet Nam !l6ilanA !f wt ' "' scr years to g,ve electricity to most every home ! Jn this co.ntry, to g;>e light, heot and cooking < I 11 fccJ ; ,es, the ,o,«, In modern app.icon««. So j A v. nat do trey do ?-Cock outside over chorcoa! j tir/^e or.d es! b/ candle light i !!- Odeboli Chronicle, i country sr.d fight </ c Ci.>mmu- T * » ; nif.?. After aji. the n-.omcnt I £Q comfortable resorts JUST 5 HOURS AWAY OR LESS . . . back to the next Enjoy a Minnesota vacation this year. Stay at the first '"fu« *Ue" resort are* $ oing north on Hi-Way 171. Lots of wonderful places to stay, suitable for any family on any budget. S*im- mlng, boating and tit* fishlng'i great . . « sleep jn relaxing cool-clew jur at night. Kever wcste time in discussing on with o men who thinks he knows it oil. NOW! Control broadleaf weeds In small grains the easy way For covering large acreaje, you can't b*»t ih« convenience of aerial ireatraciu of crops. It saves lime, labor— avoids dim- age to crops by giv>unj c_;_;pmsn:. Ar.J for ceauc4ua^ broij- leat weeds in iniiil >oy cin't beii Estcroa* 7oE. Us a spccialiKd 2.4-D cfaea-,;.il that cc-nuols nw».u;d. ihii!',e, dock, fuii^ecd. lamh'i-quaitcr. piguc-ej. ragweed, pursc, wild carrot, \iiu mo:r,:r.£-j:c'n and msay u* today-tte'U arran^: aiiui iprijiai for ytmr I STE1ER FLYING SERVICE WHITTEMORE, IOWA ! d-.-cjdc- to stop fighting what do e ; 1— and my famiSy—have to h\x ; l^f '»•'• \ » • • ' Words like these make you for! get that you live- in what you i thnik J5 relatively safety on the • other ;xe of the world, enjoy• ing cou^ioits ;n«e petipk- have . ne-. er known, secure in the K*l- I j.-i^ that ir.t Ft£d Hic-Bact can nev: rr rfcsich AiiiCricsn fhoix-;. 1 Hivice si-en conditions ir. ; S-o-Jir.tLsi Asia and having f-lean- ; e«i a ^riii! idea oi what Co,-;imu- ] n-it u-rrcris:n js like, I would j toy v.e tie smart as tiu- o» i v.r.;u: > nis head in ti.e :< v,-t- ihsiik the sajue can't j i.-pjxn in t;se V.'ciiirn liciais- I 1 ^&vl d p 01 ^ <« iir.ply thaj ; g-joa c:a do«]«rs once jifiin ait ir.t- «niwer. Even re• spor_ t . c ,. e J t .aav;s in Southeast jAssa admit thai United States Sinvpiy toJtt for an laxittKHi ealar brochurt, or better ret, »hj ngl a&k for oat *t titt UTTIE CROW RESORT ASSOC, KondiyoM Counly in W**l Cwtiral Minwwla Spicer, MifHuuXi) n; /»*«» stt*i n«r four n#rt CHARLES D. PAXSON . Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life. General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-37o<3 Lola ScuHham. See'j f HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household floods, and Many Other lor-nj Phone CY 4-3733 _ TedS. Hetb»t Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr. HAROLD C. SUNDET~~ Representing State Farm Ins. Co. 706 So, Phillips St. ikona Phone CY 4-2341 A Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: U:00 — 5;00 Open Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. Slate St Hours: 3;00 — 6:00 ibru Sat ou «., 9:0 ° — 9 '°0 Fnda» Ph. 0«. CY 4-4677 tin. CV 4-34* DOCTORS ME1.VIN G. BOURNE. M D. .Physician & Surgeon lia M. Moore t>i Office phone Cl' 4-2343 Keaiacni puone CV J. N. KENEFICK- M. D. Physician <Sc Surgeon :iio W. State aueet Uliice phone CV 4-a353 Ktsiueni pcone CV *-a«)l4 CAROL L. PLOTT. M.D, JUU fl. Aiooie Street Practice Limned to iJurgery iK-e Hours oy. Appointment express 4-jooi umce PALE W. LOCK.WQOP quiuble Lite Assurance Society Of The United States Burl. Iowa Phone SOI JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.D. Kessdence i>oone CV 4-2335 DEAN F. KO03. M.D. «e&iaence Phone CY 4-4917 Physicians & Surgeons Mo, Podge, Algona CY 4-USO OPTOMETRISTS DR, L. L. SNYDER Optometrist 1 IS East State Algona Telephone CY 4-27U Closed Saiarctay Afternoons CRAWFORD INSURANCE A Andy Crawford All Types Of Insurance Office Phone CY 4-22T9 Fqrm Mqnqgement Ur». SAWYER and ERICKSOH Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Atf Glasses 9 East State Sweet Aigoaa, Iowa Phone CVuress i-2196 Hours: 900 iSTfe tflfc pm Saturday Afternoons c. » ... , Optometrist Visual Analysts & Visual TraininJ 103 South Hartan St. » HOFFMJkJf »n Home Federal phoue C

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