Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 22, 1936 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
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Saturday, August 22, 1936
Page 7
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1936 B 7 THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY CONVENES AUGUST 29 - 3 PRESIDENT OF SOCIETY WILL LECTURE HERE J. Emory Clapp of Boston To Officiate During - San Francisco Session The triennial convention of the Theosophical Society, with inter-national headquarters at Point Loma, will be held at the Bellevue Hotel, San Fran Cisco, August 29-30. Dele-- gates - from all over the United States tes Willi f her to! t J :usstheirl , gather discuss m problems, The convention 1 1-self is for members only, but owing to the presence of many delegates! V of t he so- LxmtV eiety two J- emoey Clapp " evenings have been set aside for admission of the public. J. Emory Clapp of Boston, Mass., president of the American section of the society, will officiate. He speaks tomorrow at the Berkeley Women s City Club on the subject, "Destiny of a Soul." Tuesday at t:15 p. m. he speaks at the Bellevue Hotel. San Francisco, on "Life's Greatest Adventure," and again Fri day at the Masonic Temple, taking for hm theme, "Brotherhood: A Law of Nature." William Emmett Small, assistant secretary general of the society, will lecture at the public sessions of the convention on the subject, "What Death Really Is." LaFayette Plumer, Instructor of mathematical symbology at Point Loma, speaks August 29, on "Ocult- Ism: Fact or Fiction." , Miracle Book Club Convenes "Worship" was the key word for the past -'week's sessions of the Miracle Book Club ' at the 23rd Avenue Baptist Church, led y Mrs. Evelyn M. McClusky, general di rector. Monday evening was Bay Cities Bible Institute night, when Ivan C. Friejcetad presided. The special mu sic was by tho B. C. B. I. quartet- Clara Jenny Stewart, Bessie Dawson, Don Smith and Gordon Me-Call and a duet, by Miss Bessie Dawson and Ralph Richards. Tuesday night was Richmond night, with Jim Sinclair, their teacher, presiding. On Wednesday night the Rev. Thomas Beverly Marsh, pastor of the hostess church, officiated, and David McAdam was soloist. On" Wednesday afternoon a banner, bearing the Miracle Book Club insignia in colors, was presented to the chapters of the Bay district by Mrs. George Spencer. .- On Thursday evening members of the Amariah Qass of the Bay Cities Bible Institute were present. Four young ladies of this , class (Clara Jenny Stewart, Bessie Dawson, Sally Reese and Esther Nelson) arid thre young men (Gordon McCall, Don Smith and Ralph Richards) presented two numbers. , e Newman Study Club To Open Semester The fall semester of the Newman Study Club opens next Thursday morning at Newman Hall, 283 Ridge Way, Berkeley, with Mrs. W. J. Riley presiding. Business meeting convenes at 16 a.m., followed by prayer. Luncheon will be at 12 noon, with the Rev. Louis CHara, speaker. SPIRITUALIST Spiritual Science Church, No. 10$ 1419 Harrison Strt Sunday 7:45 p. m. ; Address by REV. FRED GEORGE Music. Messages Thursday 7:30 p. m. Healing-, An Message Meeting NONA CARRINGT-ON. Pastor The Church of Jesus Christ of the Aquarian AgeyInc.i 08 S4th ' Street, near Grove. Service Saturday, 8 p. m.-lecture by Mr. Simpson. Messages All Messages, TUESDAY, I p. m. Rev. M. A. Banks, Pastor HI-0434 U.S.A. v C.S-.3.A. Spiritualist Church 743 Twenty-first Btreet MARGARET FOLEY. p,tor ' No gnnday service for one week only flervlces Sunday, 2:30 p m August 30th. Friday, t p. m. Message Meeting Tonight Social Whist. 1:30 p. m. Fruitvale Spiritual Science I Church No. 38, Inc. ?.U.n.a?7', i:Si9' m" Pnll'lP Hall, 2301 E. 14th St. ADDRESS BY DR mi&tS?," MESSAGES BY GOOD MEDIUMS. Business Meeting and Social, batnrday evening, August 22nd, at Rev, Vater's, ! Wake-field Ave. (off 23rd Ave.) DIVINE INSPIRATION first Church of divine inspiration, inc., 331 Telegraph. A.e. Rev. Ao?usta E. Roberts, D.D Pastor. HI-0291. Services Sunday, 1:30 p. m. Address, Dr. C. 9. Stewart Messages. Evening, 1:00 p. m. 'Healing." pgychio demonstration. Wednesday, S:0 p. m. Lecture. Dr. F Lash. FMday. 1:00 p. m. Astrology, F. Urquhsrt Circle, Tuesday, p. m.. and Friday, J:3 p. m. PTointment, phone mornings. All welcome. Seven Questions Features First Methodist Program Dr. Frank Linder will speak att both services of the First Methodist Church, Broadway and 24th Street, tomorrow. At 11 a. m. his theme will be "Jesus: Reformer or Redeemer?" At 7:30 p. m. the .topic will be "Jesus Said: 'Be of Good Cheer"; How Can We Do It in a World Like This?", s The following questions, sent In by Oakland people, will be answered tomorrow evening: "Is suicide a disease of civilization?" . , "Why the mounting rate of suicide 'In the United States, and is it higher here than, anywhere- else?" "Does God ever speak to people in dreams how?" "Is Will Durant right In "advocating a shorter high school and college education?" . The Calvary Quartet, representing the Christ Ambassador Work in California, will be in charge of the Sunday morning service, tomor row, at the Bethel Tabernacle, 1421 25th Avenue. This group, under the leadership of Kenneth Haystead, is returning South after a Summer of travels in the North and will present a special consecration program. Evangelist Ben Owens, who Is conducting a revival service every night except Monday, will speak on the subject, "Christ Crowded Out." Pastor R. L. Brown is making a special appeal to the non-going church peode to come out to hear the evangelist. . Half-way in the Sunday school contest will feature a decision address to the school by Reverend Owens at 9:45 a, m. Heavenly Treasure Rev. Walters' Topic "Heavenly Treasure" will be the subject of the sermon by Rev. Sumner Walters at Christ Church, Alameda, at 11 a. m., tomorrow. "The acquisitive instinct is one of the strongest in human nature," he says. "Children at various ages love to collect assorted objects. Most people take pride in gathering treasures, whether they be coins, pictures, stamps, stones or books." Holy communion will be celebrated at 7:30 a. m., with church school at 8:30, including the Ran dolph Memorial Mission. . At even song, at 7:30 p. m., the subject of the vesper fellowship class will be, "Sharing." At 8:30 p. m the speaker at the Young People's League will be Rev. Fred Harvey of Cincinnati, Ohio. . . - i . Universalists to H ear Rev: Colbert "No Ones Is an Ordinary Person" will be the sermon subject of the Rev. Hot-ton f!nlhprt at th Vn Universalis! Church, 491 Cheney Avenue, near tne urana Lake Theater, tomorrow at 11 o'clock. The minister savs: "Our life; with ourselves and others would be more worthwhile if we did not rush to the conclusion that folks were unin-terestinc and ordinary. How can wf see beneath the surface to the real person? What would happen if we really acted on the faith that no one is an ordinary person?" Church school meets at the same hour and the young people convene at 7 o'clock in the evening. METAPHYSICAL Metaphysical Library Stewart Building 633 Hth Street Bundsy, 11:00 o'clock UK. D. C. WILLIAMS "How to Get What You Want" "I AM" teachings of the Ascended Mast 6i 8 Meetings Nightly. FOUR SPECIAL LECTURES: HEAR REV. ROBERT SAUNDERS Traveler, Lecturer, Healer "Freedom from Lack, Peverty, Unhapptness and Sickness." Thursday, Aog. J7, MJ-p. m. and :00 p. m. Friday, Aug. Is, 2:U p. m, and 1:00 p. m. Metaphysical Library S33 16th Street HO lllday If IS GALVARY FOUR 'BARGAIN WITH HEAD SERVICE LIFE' SUBJECT TABERNACLE " -"11-11-1 vii'h nnnnryirtjvTjxyiruTT The Gosper Tabernacle 33rd Street, Near Telegraph .11:00 a. m. THE AMBASSADORS from the Los Angeles Bible Institute 7:45 p. m.-REV. MORRIS E. ROSENE from the Evangelical Free Church, Guest Preacher 0XITAR1AN FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF OAKLAND (Mth Street at Castro. 3 blocks west of the Gty Hall) Rabbi Rudolph I. Coffee, D.D, will speak at H A. M. , V";'. ' n.- - .r:- '. We Go Forward by Locking Backward "Does not the eating of meat make humans warlike?" "If scientists produce life . by chemical '.combinations, how will it affect religion?" ' "Should an unmarried woman of 40 who fears lonely, old age marry a man whom she respects but does not love?" The church quartet will sing at both services. A graded church school, with trained teachers and classes for. all ages, meets at 9:43. The youth group, of the church have their special meeting at 6:30. This church maintains a midweek meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30, led by the minister. This is a one-hour service of quiet inspiration. ' Tomorrow morning at Plymouth Church, Rev: Thomas T. Giffen will take for his sermon subject, "A Bargain with Life." Gwynfl Jones, tenor soloist, will sing from Mendel ssohn's "Elijah" the recitative, "Ye People Rend Your Hearts," and aria, "If With All Your Hearts." Dr. Z. C. Williams To Give Lecture "What is the 'Faith That Moves Mountains'?" heads the list of questions to be discussed by Dr. D. C. Williams at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning in the Metaphysical Library, 532 Sixteenth Street, in connection with his sermon-lecture on "How to Get What You Want." The question list also contains "What is included in 'AH Things Are Possible'?" and "Is there any difference, between faith and want?" Tomorrow evening, E. S. Van Can)p will lead the "I Am" teachings meeting. - Concentration' to r Be Lecture Theme In a public lecture which will be given at Ebell Hall, 1440 Harrison Street, Monday at 8 p.m., Frater Ad-jutor, Rosicrucian, will speak on "The Master Key toTConcentratlon." "The ability to concentrate largely determines the. success tha one is going to have in life," says the speaker. "The mastery of the essentials of concentration, therefore, should be the goal of anyone interested in personal development." These public lectures are carried on as part of the extension work of the Oakland chapter of the Rosicrucian order, AMORC. M ember shio Drive Planned by Y.M.C. A. A concerted one-day membership drive for the Oakland Y. M. C. A. is being planned for August 20. On that day, reduced rate memberships for one month will be offered at the r 1 !1J! -f1t. . ouuuiiiK. uienn wimams, secretary, predicted a registration ex ceeding last year s as a result of the special day's drive. - - THEOSOPHICAL THE PAIN OF LIVING" Mrs. Georsre Bartholomew Sunday, 1:00 p. m. Theosophy Class ' Wednesday, ' 7'4K n m Theosophical Society Adyar I Oakland Lodge 1436 Alice Street PENTECOSTAL Bethel Tabernacle General Council, Assemblies ef God, U21 :5th Avenue . 11:00 a.m. Calvary Quartet (Representing Christ Ambassador Words.) Evanrellst BEN OWENS Every Night Exeept Monday MISSION GROUP RECTOR BEGINS SEATS OFFICERS SPEC! GROUP AT BAf SESSION OF DISCOURSES Mrs. J. E. Piatt of Oakland After 35 Years' Service Honored by Membership Mrs. Av L. Schafer of San Francisco was installed president at the 47th annual meeting of the Woman's Home Missionary Society in San f r an Cisco m " last Tuesday! and Wed- y n e s d a y.f Fran Cisco Other-off 1 cers seated included six vice preside n t s as follows: Mrs. O. D. Jacoby, Oakland; Mrs. Charles Canfield, A 1 ameda; Mrs. W. P. Stanley, San F r a nclsco; Mrs. Harold A v r y, R o i e v ille; Miss Elvira O r d o n, MRS. A. L. SCHAFER Petaluma, and Mrs. L. H. Thayer, Qulncy. Others Installed include: Mrs. W. A. Boot, Oakland, correspondihg secretary; Miss Mabel Williams, Berkeley, recording secretary; Mrs. A. R. Kip, Berkeley, treasurer; and the following department secretaries: Miss Eva Tippetts, Wesleyan Service Guild; Mrs. Karl Menker, Young People's work; Mrs. Don Chase, children's work; Mrs. A. J. Butler, mite box; Mrs. B. B. Connor, spiritual life; Mrs. Shirley Cog-gins, Christian citizenship; Mrs, Brant Thurber, peaiodicals; Mrs. F. G. Harrison, publicity and missionary education; Mrs. Anna Dye, Lenten offering; Mrs. C. W. Cox, thank offering and Mrs. J. M, Jackson, perpetual members. Mrs. J. E. Piatt, Oakland, retiring corresponding secretary, who had given 35 years' service to the. society, was presented with a brooch and ring of amethyst, Mrs. O. D. Jacoby making the presentation. ' The next meeting of the society will be .held at First Church, Oakland, in November. Dr. Wwt wood Opens NewSermon Series "The Search for Certainty in, art Age of Chaos, or a Liberal's Quest for Sure. Foundations" is the theme or a series or sermons on fundamental questions to be given Sunday morning at 11 o' clock, beginning tomorrow, by Dr. Horace West-wood, at the First Unitarian Church, Berkeley. The opening topic will be "Our Disillusioned Age 'Seeks, to Find (Its Soul." :i;.t;v,..':,; I , - J L A THEOSOPHICAL THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (Point Loma) X Suries of JPublle lectures during wik of Contention of American Section OAKLAND lECTURE: MiuUion Rtrctt Manonlc Tsmpla, 14J8 Madison Street, Friday, Aununt 28, 8:00 p. m. "Brotherhood, a Lair BERKELEY LECTURK: Berkeley Women's Pity Club. IMS Durant Avenue, Sunday Auguit 23, 8:00 p. m. "Th Destiny of a Soul." by J. Emory Clapp. . , SAN FRANCISCO LKCTURES: Hotel Bellevuo, IAS Oeary rt Tuesday, Aug-ut 25, 8:16 p. m. "Life's Greatest Adventure," by J. Kmory Clapji, president, American Section. Saturday, Aug-unt 29, 1:15 p. m. "Oficultlem, Fact er Fiction," by LaFayette. Plnmmer, initructnr, Theonophical Ilnlveralty. Sunday, August 30, 3:00 p. m. Public Demonstration of What Theonophy Is Doinsr for Children, by Junior Groups la the Bay District. -Sunday: August 80, 1:1! p. m. "What Death Really is," br W. Lmmett Small, aapiatant erretary, Ueneral Theosophical Society. PUBLIC CORDIALLY INVITED UNITY I t 11111 'I1' M, II ' ,11, ,.1,1 IIIIJI" , Oakland Unity Truth Center 1 Her. Letlfla A. Andrews Founder, 1114 gERVICES EVERT SUNDAY, 11:00 a. m., at Women' City Club Auditorium 1421 ALICE STREET MRS. ROSE EMERY, Speaker "DIVINE GUIDANCE" , Musical program will be rendered by the Unity Trie. Mrs. Rose Emery lectures Tuesday, 1:00 p. m Ebell Hall, 1440 Harrison Street, te Business Men and Women. "LOOSING LIMITATIONS" Mrs. Rose Emery conducts the Realization Healing Class, J Thursday, 2:00. p. m., at Ebell Hall. EVERYONE CORDIALLY INVITED ' FULL V , I -Hi ' f ''Value of "How to Quartette T:4I y. itev. A. & lituernage) gels by Mra. Agnea MacKenzle Rtoernaget. CQSSMUXITY Piedmont Community Church Highland and Mountain Avenue Organ Prelude 10:41 a, m. - Homing Worship Service lljta. Gueit Minister. . -. .Reverend Edward Laird Mills, D.D . , Editor, Paclfie Edltiea of the Chrlatlaa Advocate . Contralto Solo: "God So .Loved the World"... Mice Eltiabeth Haekett Tenor Sole: Trust la the Lard" -.,, . Mr. al)ae i ' -A WORSHIPPTfc HOUR I Robert Stewart Snyder Named Successor to Rev. Geo. W. Barrett A course of sermons on "Lift and Religion" will begin tomorrow morning at the 11 o'clock service in St Paul's Episcopal Church, Bay Place and Montecito Avenue. The rector, the Rev. A. Ronald Merrix, will preach. Subjects to be dealt with in the course include "Persons and Religion," "Labor and Religion," "Love and Religion," "The Church and Religion" and "Worship and Religion." Robert Stewart Snyder, recently appointed director of religious education, will conduct a family service at 9:30 in the church. Holy Communion will be held at 8 a.m. tomorrow and on Wednesday at 10 a.m. Born In New Mexico, Snyder began his education in the Los Angeles schools; attended Park College, New Mexico, and the University of Kansas. He was formerly director of religious education at St. John's Cathedral, Albuquerque, and also served as assistant director at the Lawrence School for Boys, Chicago. Snyder graduated hi June (rem the Seabury- Western Theological Seminary; Ivanston, III., and will be ordained later In the year. In St. Paul's parish he will have charge of the church school and of work with young people. Snyder succeeds the Rev. George West Barrett, who recently accepted the call to the rectorship of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Upland, Southern California. Dr. C. S. Stewart to Be Sunday Lecturer Dr. C. S. Stewart will be the speaker at the First Church of Divine Inspiration, 3318 Telegraph Avenue, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The evening service will be held at 8, with "Healing" and Psychic demonstrations at both meetings. Wednesday at 8 p..m Dr. Fran-ziska Lash lectures on "Health and Happiness."8Friday at 8 p. m., Astrology will be Interpreted by Flora Urquhart Rev. Augusta E. Robert is pastor. , '' ' Grant Transferred To Grace Methodist Dr. W. P. Grant has been trans. fcrred from the Elmhurst M. E. Church to Grace Methodist Church, 10303 103rd Avenue, by the Methodist Conference, He will hold his initial services tomorrow at 11 o clock and 7:45 o'clock. His morn ing topic will be "Keynote for the campaign," and evening theme, ' f ields fleaay ror the Harvest,". I II II I . ii II l i in, GOSPEL ELIM 1111 Eighth Avenue J. K. HUBBARD, faster J1:0 a. to. Evangelist A. E. Stuernai Wmning Men to Christ' 1:00 P.M. Rid America of Poverty"; of Southern California Bible Institute will elng m. "Theorlea ef Chrtst'a Comlna- Arain" - ..(Iarl) ....(Handel) Lee Jack A WORSHIMTI. CHURCH" 'Mind' to Be Theme in C. S. Churches Tomorrow In all Christian Science Churches, branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., a Lesson-Sermon will be read Sunday, August 23, on the subject "Mind." The Golden Text will be: "Great is our Lord, and of great power, his understanding is infinite" (Psalms 147: 8). Bible selections will include the following passage from Hebrews 4: 12: "For th word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asun TO LEAD HOUR Rev. C. B. Sylvester, pastor . of Trinity Methodist Church, Dana Street at Durant Avenue, Berkeley, will conduct public worship tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock, and will preach on "Mamma Dolls and the Kingdom of God." The chorus choir, directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Woods, will provide the special music, and Miss Helen E. Haiste, contralto, will be the morning soloist. The church school will assemble In Trinity Center at 8:45 a. m., and the youth group will meet at 6:30 p. m. On Wednesday night at 7:45, Dr. Sylvester will conduct the hour of prayer and praise. 'Family Ideals' to Be Rector's Theme "Family and Religioua Life" will be the topic of a series of Sunday evening meetings at Trinity Church, Telegraph Avenue and 29th Street. The leader will be the rector, RevI1 Lloyd B. Thomas. He will begin the erie tomorrow by a discussion of "Christian Ideal of Marriage," the basis on which family life is built. Questions will be Invited; and there will be an attempt to deal with the questions of preparation for marriage, the .performance of marriage and the economic aide of marriage. A short devotional service will precede the discussion at 7:45 p. m. At the H a. m, service, the rector will speak on the impressions of the High Sierra gained from his recent visit The topic will be, "The Lure of the Trail." The Business Women's Guild will entertain at the monthly parish social on Thursday. CONGREGATIONAL Plymouth Chaitb 3805 Piedmont Avenue THOMASP. GIFFEN. Minister 11:00 a. m. "YOUTH AND AGE AND RELIGION" Sermon by . Rev. Godfey Mathewi 1:10 p. m. MEETINGS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. IB. SYLVESTER CONGREGATIONAL CATHOLIC OLD ST. MARY'S Jefferson and Seventh Streets SUNDAY MASSES 6:30,8:00.9:00.10:00, 1 1:00 and 12.15 Dally Mattel 7:00 and 9:00 -Devotions to Our Mother of Perpetual 1 Help every Tuesday at 1:0 p. m. HIV. ARTHUR O'CONNELL, Paetor ,0A-R. Unified Servic 10A- M- v "IS IT WORTH THE PRICE?" .Aaaoclate' Pastor Rev. Sam F. Pugh DR. W. P. REAGOR. Minister Youth Groups, 6:30 p. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH lth Street One Block Eait of Broadway. METAPHYSICAL VERITY (OAKLAND TRUTH CENTER) Barrtaoa at XTtfc Street HI cat 1711 HEALINO MEETING. SATURDAT, I T. U, Sunday, 11:0 a. rn.TH INNER LIGHT" Dr. H. J. Kleeflscfc - Sunday, !: a.nV "THE THREE ILLUSIONS" . rSmueI Walker Sloan, Editor ef Soul Grama, Wedaeadar, $-M p. nr. Clan In Divine Revelation. Monday, !: p.m., fellnwuhlp Forum. Friday. 104 u. pi., Tertty Club. Vnlm Heailna; Meeting under the unlc ef ti Tr-H leathers f the iy Area at noon on the tiurd iionijy i t eica tnenth. . der of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a dis-cerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." A passage from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, will also be included, which reads as follows: "Immortal Mind heals what eye hath not seen; but the spiritual capacity to apprehend thought and to heal by the Truth-power, is won only as man- Is found, not in self-righteousness, but reflecting the divine nature" (p. 179). COFFEE The truth of the atatement, that "we go forward by looking backward," Is to be made clear by Rabbi Rudolph I. Coffee, formerly of Temple Sinai; Oakland, at the First Unitarian Church, Fourteenth and Castro Streets, tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. ", . . Dr. Coffee follows Pr. Charles R, Joy of Boston, Mass., who was guest speaker at First Church for the past six week, during the absence of the minister, Dr. Clarence Reed. Pastor to Welcome U. of C. Students Special plans hive been made and services prepared In the First Presbyterian Church of -Berkeley to welcome both the old and new students tomorrow as they gather In Berkeley for the opening day of the new University year. Dr. Francis Shunk Downs, the pastor, will occupy the pulpit at both services. His morning subject, specially pointed for students and youth, will be on the theme, "The Vital Things." . At the evening service, Dr. Downs will preach the first sermon in a series of three evening sermons, his subject being, "Appropriating Christ." - e ' BEULAH SERVICES SET Evangelist J, W. Phillips of Mesa, Ariz., is continuing his meetings In Beulah Chapel, on Saisy Street, Sundays, at 2:30 and 4:30 p. m. His theme will be "Scripture Explained, How To Be Healed and Remain Healed." CATHOLIC ST, FRANCIS DE SALES In the Heart 4f the. City Corner Grove, Hobart and San Pablo Avenue Phone LAkeilde 1057 P.T. rtEV. MONSIGNOR JOSEPH GLEASON. V: G.. Hector. Sunday Masses, 6:30,7:30, 9:00, 10:00. 11:00, 12:15 SERMON ANH MUSIC AT HIGH MASS (12:15) Sunday Evening Servloea. T:4E with sermon of the day Special and Seanonal Devotions as announced on Sunday . Sally Maine, 7:40 and I: JO First Congregational Harrison Blvd. at Twenty-jsixth Street 11:00 a. m. "THE UNIVERSE IS NEWS" Dr. Clarence Reidenbach, Minister, 1 -IT e. -I v TEMPLE NOTED EIUI.ll ElffSu! Rev. George H. Holt to Preach Tomorrow at 11 o'CIock Service "Joyous Christianity" will b the sermon theme of the Hev. George H. Holt, associate pastor, at Tenth Avenue Baptist Church tomorrow morning. At the evening hour the noted motion picture, "King of Kings,?, will , be featured. ' - Baptists to Hear Dr. Charles Durdeti Dr. Charlei Durden, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Omaha, Neb,, will occupy the pulpit of the First Baptist Church both morning and, evening tomorrow. At 11 o'clock he will speak on, "The Inside c the Cup." The music will include, "The Stranger of Galilee", (Morris), a duet . by Celene Olsen and Esther Green Allyn, and bass solo by Andrew Robertson, "Behold, I Stand at the Door" (Jude). ; "The Church la the Year of Our Lord 1938" is the toplo which Dr. Durden has chosen for hit evening sermon. . . f ST. JOHN'S FRESBTTEEIAIC Dr. Stanley Armstrong Hunter will preach at both service in St John's Presbyterian Church, College Avenue and Derby Street, Berkeley, tomorrow. At the 11 o'clock service his subject will be, "Wonder, Love and Praise." At the 9 o'clock vesper service he will preach on the topic, "Like a. Tree."- . -. a ... ... St. John's Club will hold musl-t cal vesper service at 6:45 p. nv under the direction of Lester S. Ready Jr., following the fireside tea at 8:18 p. m. , . , METHODIST Jesus Said, "Be of Good Cheer V "How Can , We Do It in a World Like This?" Frank Linder Subject SunJay Evening Questions Answered in the Evening la suicide a disease of civilisation? R Why the mountln rate of aul-clde In the United Statea. and la It hlfher here than anywhere else? , - , Does Cod ipeak te ueople In dreams now! T Will nn. I.V1 l m M- VAi.nn A ikn.t.. 1,Ib.W and college education! j Does not the eating of taeat make humane warlike? If scientists produce life fcy chemical combination how wlU It affect rellclonf Should an unmarried woman ef 40 who lean lonely old aee marry a man whom she respects j dui aoea not lover Morning Sermon Them "Jesus, Reformer or Redeemer?? Fubllo, Sarvloe Hourvr 11:00 a, 7:30, p. nu The choir, the great- organ, the helpful hymne both hour First Method; I Church Broadway at 24th All aeata free Guests la Oakland Welcome pextec:;tal First : Pentecost:.! . Church 31st Street. r-r C Aftern',n i 1 i rven";.T n Pia'. r ' ' i

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