Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 26, 1936 · Page 30
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 30

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1936
Page 30
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JULY 26, 1936 6-G RAPID TRANSIT EARLY CALIF. IN LAKESHORE DISTRICT ACT! SALES SEASON SEEN OAKMORE COACHES T RE 101 A A home of outstanding charm, designed by Chester H. Treicbel in the Monterey style, is open for in-tpection today under the supervi-tion of the Frank - D. Chambers Company of 1428 Franklin Street 1 Oakland. The house is located at 691 Rosemount Road, at the inter- tection with Longridge, in the Lakeshore district "Even in a community where residential construction and design are almost uniformly on a high plane, as is the case in the Eastbay, this new house is remarkable," .states Chambers, "and the location, so close to dowDtown Oakland and San Francisco transportation, in the exclusive Lakeshore Highlands district, makes it highly desirable. "There are eight rooms, all of them large, and so arranged that waste space is at a minimum," continues Chambers. "From the reception hall, there are entrances at the left, to the garage, the dining room, the kitchen and breakfast room, a lavatory, and a stairway to the basement. To the right, a wide en trance opens to the living room while in the center, an artistic staircase leads to the second floor sleeping rooms. "In the bacement section, there Is maid's suite, comprising a spa cious bedroom and bath, a recrea tion room In which knotty pine walls and a large brick fireplace are features, a storage room, and a furnace room and laundry. From the , recreation room, it is but step to the rear yard which affords ample opportunity and space for landscaped effects. "The efficiency In the arrange ment of the main floor will be ap preciated because of the convenient accessibility of the several rooms, and the cheerful atmosphere achieved by the window arrange ment. The kitchen is equipped with twelve modern cabinet and the same number of drawers,' fin Ished in a pale cream color with chrome hardware and fittings. .The link and wide-tiled drains, beneath a corner window facing the south and east, combine to make t pleasant workshop for the house. keeper. The breakfast room, with its colonial china closet, also receives the full benefit of the morning sun light. From the dining room, wide windows afford a view across the lake and the downtown skyline, while from the living room, the tame view may be enjoyed. , "There are three large bedrooms nd two baths on the upper floor level, and the master bedroom has .balconies at the front and rear, with ventilation from three sides. This room also has two large closets, and a private bath with a stall shower, fully tiled." The Chambers Company also has three new homes open In the view section of Proctor Avenue. These homes vary In size., The house at S133 Proctor, the center one of the inreft, nag three bedrooms and two full tile' baths with stall showers. A magnificent view of the bay, the Oakland bridge, the Golden Gate obtained from the living room and dining room. The other houses are similar in their general plan, but are individual in their details. , Insured Financing v Scope Is Extended . A substantial expansion of the scope or government-insured home financing, which also will extend advantagea of the Insured single-mortgage system to scores of com munities heretofore Ineligible to par ticipate in this phase of the National Housing Act, was announced recently by Clifford C. Angllm, Northern California director of the Federal Housing Administration. .'The liberalizing terms under which home loans from authorized lending institutions will be insured by the Housing Administration, defi nitely establish the insurability of modest homes costing SZOOO or less," An glim said. ' "Equally important to potential builders and buyers of less costly hornet in the smaller communitiet it the fact that revised rulea will not require residential property financed under government - insured mortgages to be located within the corporate limit of any city or town." , Anglim pointed out that this phase of the Housing Act permits private financial institutions to lend as much as 80 per cent of the total appraised value of residential property, PAT FOR A HOME THE CO-OPERATIVE WAT Plgure it out for yoursnli. All aeoaasarf charoea are pld at the beglnnmo. No costly mortgage reeewalt, terrioe charTse, and tha Lite after the load hat been Bade. ' Thaft why so many families prefer our economical plan to pay for (heir homes. Come In, and let us show yoa how you leep cods law the psy-from-lncome wey. WMORTSRil BERKELEY GUARANTEE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 2 101 Shattucl Ave., Berkeley TUpImm IEfltly 0200 ltai FtUnl Htm Um Btnk Slut ' tmm9 II lll lllilll -t-. i i J L - n..i., LI T.:.t-l t, ,'n. Ihis new nome, aesignea oy vnesicr n. ncnira, i yyu ,l,y.x., ... ...0 ... - ----- - Qamberi Company. It is located at 69 J Rosemount Road, at the intersection with Longridge. Monterey' it the style of architecture. The builder is D. Nor dstrom Co. . . - LOAN OFFICER IS 0 Russell L. Hovde, formerly loan officer of the Morris Plan Industrial Bank of New York, has been named to the executive staff of the Morris Plan Com-p a n y of Oakland and Berkeley, according to an announcement made yesterday by Owen C . Carr, president of the i n t titutlon. Hovde will be In charge of the new business department, it was stated. "We are glad to be able to announce a n L HOVUt other step in the continuing growth of the Morrla Plan in the Eastbay," Carr states. "Hovde't appointment it in accordance with our policy of adding personnel and expanding facilities whenever such additions are needed in order to render better tervlce to the public, gf "During the first tlx months of thlt year it became evident that increases in loan volume and in the amount of saved dollars, entrusted to our care made additional executive personnel essential, Hovde Is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, and later took graduate work in economic! at Columbia University. Seven years of experience with the Morris Plan Industrial Bank, largest Institution of its kind in the United States, gives htm fte background which will make Aim a very valuable addition to our Institution." -A meeting of officers and direc tort of the Morris Plan to honor Jo. seph E. Blrnie, executive tecretary and treasurer of the Morrit Plan National Bankers' Association, a vls itor here, served to Introduce Hovde to a large group of Eastbay people. Birnle addressed the group and de tailed progress of the Morris Plan system throughout the country. Thlt year promises to be one of the biggest years in the 26-year history of the Morris Plan, according to Birnle, who presented factt and figures gathered during his Nationwide tour of more tharr 100 institutions operating in leading cities throughout the Nation. DIVIDED BOOKCASE hn a library or any other room where books are ttored, it Is a great convenience if the bookcase Is divided with open thelvet above and cupboards below, There should be a countershelf at the top of the cupboard on which to rest the reference books that one gets out Just to glean some bit of Information from. The cupboards serve as a storage place for magazines, cards, games, extra ttatlonery, and all sorts of odds and ends. BRIGHTENS WINDOWS Window boxes should be painted colorfully so that they will be bright and pleasing whether the flowers they contain are blooming or not. The color chosen shouldi be one that goet well with the ex terior color scheme of the house. Today is the final day for inspection of OAKLAND'S FIRST MODEL APARTMENT HOME furnished by Brtuntr't This homelike suite it now offered for lease, with all furnishings intact. Inspection invi'ted from , 11:30 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. TUDOR HALL Lake and Madison Sts. operated by TUDOR OPERATING CO. APPDINTE wZA a. Campanulas Offer Variety For Garden Perennials By GEORGE C. ROEDING JR. Although Campanulas comprise a large and varied group of flowers, many useful and beautiful varieties are little used in California gardens. Canterbury Bells, and cup and saucer flowers are the most commonly grown members of the family.- These varieties are biennials, that Is,' the plants flower the second year from seed and usually die after flowering. Recently an annual type of Canterbury Bell has been developed that , blooms the first year from seed. Most of the other Campanulas are perennials and may be increased ; either by seed or root division. If grown from seed planted in July or August, most of them will flower the following Spring or Summer. Advantages of the perennial Campanulas lies in their wide range of size and growing habits, their long and varied season of bloom, their neat, compact foliage when not in bloom, the nice blending of their colors with other flowers, and, above all, the ease with wheh they may be grown and the cheerful rapidity with which most varieties increase. Campanula persfcifolia, commonly known as peach bells; is one of our finest perennials. Like most Campanulas, it has a longer blooming seasonhen it gets shade part of the day, but will give a grand burst of bloom in - full sun. It is not fussy about soil conditions, but needs replanting every few years to avoid over-crowding. Of its many forms, the true Tel-ham Beauty is the most striking, with its dark,, lavender-blue bells two inches wide, on two to three-foot stems. Try planting it instead of delphinimums with your Madonna Lilies, You will it a lovely combination. This variety should be grown from root divisions as the seedlings, while very lovely, can not be depended upon to attain the great size of the true type. The blooming Mason, for all the Peach Bells is May and June. LAST INTO JULT If dead flowers are - removed promptly they will often carry on Into July and in somewhat shaded sections of the garden we often have tome blooms all through late Summer and Fall. If you raise your own seedlings you will get all shades of lavender from nearly white to practically true blues. There are several white forms ot the Peach Bells, the variety Moer-heiml is a fine semi-double white, i Another tall-growing Campanula Is Campanula lactiflora. Anyone who has visited Butcharts Gardens In Victoria during July and August will remember how effectively this variety is used ihere. The flowers, which are mostly in shades of pale and medium lavender, are borne on two to three-foot, stems in loose heads very much like perennial phlox. There Is also a white-flowered variety of this species. It is very toleraht of shade but blooms best where the flowers can reach into the sun for a few hours each day. Increase Is most rapid where soil is loose and loamy. Campanula rapunculoides has been described by Louise Wilder as "terrible, insatiable, beautiful." It spreads like a weed If not controlled, but its spires of dark lavender bells produced freely from April until October . are really lovely. It can be used effectively in light shade as a background for White Wermig Violas and the new dwarf Michaelmas Daisies. Seed pods, should be removed as fast as individual spires finish blooming. . Campanula carpatlca blooms in July and August with violet-blue cups more than an inch wide, held upright on 12-inch stems. The fo liage is an inconspicious flat mat until shortly before blooming time. The graceful flowers, coming in STYLED FOR YEARS TO GOME! That's what you'll say is true of , . . "THE NEW STYLE HOME" ) in lovely Oakntort is close-in - uriih reguhtr coach itrvict and mail delivery'! Miin Office: CL encourt 4874. in rWo n( tK Frank D. President California Nursery midsummer, are most welcome to fill out bare spots in the perennial border. It is excellent to follow pansies as it does best in light shade and loose soil. Practically indestructible, it increases rapidl1 from root divisions made in Spring or late Summer, There is a fine white form of Carpatica, and where both types are grown together, the resulting Seedlings are in all shades of mauve and lavender. Campanula ' turbinata is a somewhat more compact plant than Campanula carpatica. There is also Campanula carpatica nana, wmcn grows only to a height of four or five inches. . Campanula ' rotundifolia Is the "Bluebell cif Scotland," producing masses of small, drooping, violet-blue bells on slender 12 to 18-inch stems. It will thrive and bloom riotously in quite heavy shade. From July to, September is its main blooming season, but if withered flowers are cut off there will be some bloom until late November. Following Cinerarias and Primulas in borders with a northern exposure and in drilts between Fuchsias are two of its most attractive treatments. Campanula pyramidalis is the Chimney Bellflower. Coming into bloom in August and remaining in good color until Decembeo, it is the last variety to flower. Well grown and carefully staked plants will reach a height of six to eight feet. If the stalks are pinched back to a height of three or four feet the plants will send out innumerable small branches giving the effect of a flowering thrub. This striking perennial comes in both white and lavender-blue forms. Campanula laurii,- blooming in April and May, is usually described as having lavender flowers but the color is nearly a vivid lilac. Deeply notched petals give .the blooms somewhat the effect of a harvest brodiaea. Stems are thin and wiry, six to 10 inches high. This variety is a most prolific bloomer and since it rejoices in full sun it is especially fine in rock gardens. The plants form small dahlia-like tubers and die down after blooming only to start new growth after Fall rains. Unfortunately it is often destroyed while dormant and it is wise to plant new seedlings each year. . ; - , Encinas de Moraga (Moraga Oaks) A. H. Breed & Sons restricted home subdivision located Just beyond the new Broadway Low Level Tunnel in Contra Costa County, has been officiallyapproved by Washington headquarters of the Federal Housing Administration as aMHte for homes financed under the ensured mortgage plan, according to an an nouncement by A. H. Breed, president of the Breed organization. "Now that Moraga Oaks has received. Federal Housing Administration approval, the advantages of exceptionally low cost financing has been added to the many other factors which are attracting home-seekers to this close-In tract," Breed states. "With the rapid growth of general .interest in home building, public attention has become, fo-cussed on the more desirable tracts just beyond the tunnel. Crowds In greatly increasing numbers are visiting the several Moraga properties each week-end. With the additional incentive provided by FHA terms, we anticipate a sweep of new "building activity during the remaining Summer and Fall months." FHA APPROVES MORAGA OAKS Sensible styling is that which is modern today . . . will not grow easily "out of date." Sensible styling is what you'll find in "The New Style Home," furnished and ready for your inspection in Oakmore. Sensible, too, you'll agree, are the hundreds who have selected and are selecting Oakmore for their - homes. That, too, -is something of a style these days. Drive today to the end of the Park Boulevard car line! ; Tract Office: FRuirvale 3411 Increasing volume of home loans made by Berkeley Guarantee Building and Loan Association, in every section of Jhe Eastbayj leads its secretary, G. Van der Ende, to predict that the Fall home-buying and boilding period will be one of the most active in years. Van der Ende points out that the Berkeley Guarantee's loaning activities have increased steadily throughout the year a condition he feels is significant in that formerly home loan activity dropped off in the Summer months. .... "We believe that pur Joan vol--ume shows that the - demand for homes is so strong that people are not taking seasons into consideration as they formerly did," Van der Ende said. "They are anxious to get their homes completed before rents and building prices climb higher and they refuse to be guided by old traditions and customs which used to distate that the best time to consider building or buying was after 'schools opened in the Fall. "We have always counselled people to plan their homes early in the Summer so that construction can be completed if they build, or any necessary changes can be made, if they buy, before Winter sets in. This year such suggestions are particularly important. There is every indication that the demand for homes this year will be heavier than it has been for many years. Everyone who Is renting realizes that rents are going up now and will probably go higher when families begin to come back from their vacations and when the population movement from San Francisco really gets under way due to the completion of the bridge." - . , Oakmore Growth Proceeding at Highest Speed Oakmore is recognized as one of the fastest growing communities in the Eastbay, Everett G. Bennett of Mitchell and Austin, realtors in charge of tract sales, states. The city recently completed construction of electrolliers through Oakmore Manor, the new section of Oakmore, and the Postoffice Department has extended its city mail service to this new district, he pointed out "These two factors give full recognition to Oakmore as one of the fastest growing properties in the Eastbay," Bennett declared. "Oakmore proper has had these two services for some time, but it was only recently that mail service and street lights were extended to the new section of the tract, "This recognition Is in addition to that given by the East Bay Street Railways, Ltd., when that utility extended its coach service through the property. This service provides seven round trips daily through the tract with full transfer privileges to the Park Boulevard street car line. "It Is only natural that this recognition should come to Oakmore as there now are more than 30 new residences under construction and plans are being drawn for more than 20 additional homes. Four residences have been completed in Oakmore during the present month. "Visitors to this busy tract have taken a great deal of interest in 'The New Style Home,' the new model home furnished by Jackson Furniture Company, and in the 'Style Show of 1938 Homes.' The 'style show' now includes more than half a dozen homes of varied types of architecture and design. "The sale of building sites is keep, ing pace, with the construction pro-gram in Oakmore, giving assurance that the program of building will continue unabated for several months at least." Oakmore is located at the end of the Park Boulevard street car line. METAL WORK This is the time to examine and paint metal fences, sidewalk gratings, window grille work or tree guards. . Exposed metal should be given at least one coat each Spring. Wire brush rusty spots and coat them with red lead before painting. FRANK D. CHAMBERS CO. OFFERS FOR INSPECTION The First Showing A NEW CALIF. COLONIAL 691 ROSEMOUNT RD. Intersection of Longridge This Beautiful New Home, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, double garage, lot 63x120. Social Hall, 2 fireplaces. - Location Is Best in Oakland. 2 blocks to S. Fx trains, stores, carline, 4 blocks to Crocker Highlands School. Will consider small house in exchange. Drive out Lakeshore Boulevard to Longridge, turn right. FRANK D. CHAMBERS CO. Realtors Exclusive Selling Agents 1428 Franklin Street it ' M Motor coach service is now provided for Oakmore residents, con necting with the Park Boulevard carline at the Oakmore Bridge. Robert B. Mitchell and Everett G. Bennett, of Mitchell & Austin, tract managers, are shown entering the. Eastbay Street Railway bus for the first trip. Eastbay Realty , Activity 21 Pet. Over 1935 Period Eastbay realty activity during the. first half of 1936 has been 21.4 per cent greater than that of the similar period of last year, the Oakland Real Estate Board finds from analysis of official data released by the office of County Recorder G. W. Bacon. A total of 8576 pieces of urban real estate has changed ownership during the first six months of 1936 as compared with 7062 during the first half of 1935, the records show. The greatest Increase in realty transfers is reflected by the record for the downtown commercial area of Oakland. The 1936 total is 116.4 per cent greater than that of last year. Piedmont gained 82.8 per cent In realty transfers of title. All of the Eastbay areas show Downtown commercial area of Oakland Estuary to 29th Street, Fallon to Market... '264 North of the Lake districtBroadway to Park Boulevard, Lake Merritt to the Piedmont line 551 East Oakland Estuary to Hopkins Street, Park Boulevard to Seminary Avenue ....".. 1266 Elmhurst area Estuary to Foothill Boulevard, Seminary Avenue to the San Leandro line. .1127 Hillside district Grizzly Peak to Lake Chabot, north of Piedmont; Hopkins Street and Foothill Boulevard 1062 ' West Oakland and Emeryville Estuary to Alcatraz Avenue, Bayshore to Market and West Streets. . .......,.. 533 North Oakland 29th Street to the Berkeley line, Market and West Streets to the Piedmont line. 587 San Leandro .382 Piedmont 304 Alameda 617 Southern Berkeley Bancroft Way to the Oakland line. 752 Central Berkeley Bancroft Way to Eunice Street and the Albany line 580 North Berkeley and Albany , , . 732 Total Single Tax Plan Held Ruinous To Landowner More than $722,882,000 of privately owned Alameda County realty would be confiscated through adoption by the voters at the November election of an initiative constitutional amend ment which proposes to abolish the sales tax but which also imposes a single land tax on land, members of the Oakland Real Estate Board's property owner division are told by Raymond Salisbury, director of the division t campaign against tne sin gle tax. ' ' , ' "More than eleven billion dollars' worth of homes, farms and other real estate of California would be taken away from present owners without a dollar of compensation and title vested in the State, if this amendment should carry," Salisbury says. "This estimate is maae oy ,a ward J. Kay, of Sacramento, offi cial adviser to county assessors. "Because the value of real estate as security for loans would be wholly destroyed, no money could be Dor rowed for building enterprises, con struction activity would wholly cease and all employment involved in the building industry and In tn oevei opment of building materials would stop. TE mplebar 7272 J gains except North Oakland, which reflects a loss of 1.7 per cent. Alameda activity is up 5Q.8 per cent and that of San Leandro is 49.1 per cent greater than for the first half of last year. . , During the fir&t half of July of this year, a total of 767 pieces of Eastbay urban realty has changed ownership, 8.4 per cent more than during the second half of June, and 47.2 per cent more than during the first half of July of last year. The followine table reflects the total number of realty title trans fers reported from each of the 13 major geographic areas during the first half of 1938 and the comparable period of 1935, as shown by the Oakland Real Estate Board's records: -i 1st half 1st half 1936 1935 122 479 1138 909 753 505 597 256 221 409 505 459 609 .8576 7062 CUPBOARD DECORATION Painting the back wall of a dish cupboard terra cotta or turquoise blue silhouettes the dishes in effec tive fashion. Yo THOSE WHO PLAN TO HAVE A HOME "SOME DAY" O IF you plan to buy or build a home "soma day", Central invitei you to let us change that distant day to NOWI For we have removed the one barrier that keeps most families from home ownership ...the lack of adequate financing. Central'! Direct-Reduction Loan Plan makes $1,000,000 available immediately forest Bay home loans ... at new low rates of inter est and on lesa-than-rent monthly payments. Don't say: "I can't afford to buy or build now!" Unless you have an unlimited amount of money to spend you can't afford NOT to act now! For rents and building costs are rising rapidly. When the Bay Bridge is completed floods of new population, will send rents and prices soaring higher. Almost any family can afford a home under our new, low-cost loan plan on which you can practically name your own repayment terms. So act now and SAVE I Call, write or phone for full, helpful details. Your inquiry does does not obligate you in any way, of course. : Jest L. Dalanoy, Prealdent fC& OS VObR XvV Modern transportation facilities provided by the Eastbay Street Railways, Ltd, now serve Piedmont Pines and Oakmore, according t Everett G. Bennett and C. M.NIbs Price, of Mitchell and Austin, local real estate firm in charge of tales in the two tracts. "The City of Oakland recently completed installation of electroliers in Oakmore Manor, the new section of Oakmore, and the United States Post Office Department hat included this new part of Oakmort in its daily service," Bennett states, "bringing the tracts facilities up to modern standards. "The motor coach facilities fiva both Piedmont Pines and Oakmore transportation that is comparable with many other sections of tISa Eastbay, it is pointed out, with seven round trips daily through both subdivisions. This service enables San Francisco commuters and those employed in downtown Oakland to reach their places of employment in a I. very short time. Full transfer privileges to the Park Boulevard street car line have been extended to those persons using the motor coach service. Both Oakmore and Piedmont Pines continue to forge ahead in their construction programs with new homes being started almost daily. There now are more than M new homes underway in both tracts, with 35 of them located in Oakmore, according to the tract agents. Oakmore is at the end of the Park Boulevard street car line, while Piedmont Pines is at the Junction of Moraga Road, Park Boulevard and Mountain Boulevard, Tudor Hall Is Attraction for Many Visitors Hundreds of visitors thronged Breuner's Display Apartment at Tudor Hall, Lake' and Madison Streets, following its opening to the public Sunday. "Because of the unusual interest evidenced by the large number of visitors, it has been decided to offer it for rent completely furnished as shown," announced A. W. Partington, branch manager of the Tudor Operating Company, owners of the building. ,"The apartment has been furnished by our staff of Home Furnishing Specialists to demonstrate how a well appointed apartment with distinctive furnishings., can have the home-like atmosphere of a residence along with the many conveniences found in a well managed multiple-dwelling. That this was achieved is clearly indicated by the enthusiastic comments of approval by those who inspected the display apartment since its opening," declared R. W. Breuner, sales manager of Breuner's. "The spacious gardens and the magnificent view of Lake Merritt seen from the apartment contributes to the beauty of the decorative scheme," he added. GET FEDERAL-INSURED SAFETY and High! Ylld en your lived dolltra. Our nimnt dMdand rt 1 4 pr ent BUILDING ft LOAN ASSOCIATION OAKLAND: , 369 Thirteenfli Street ALAMEDA I Park St at Central Arenaa i

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