The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 1, 1961
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\' X Dept* of Hifitory aflfl Des ,Moines 19, Iowa By Russ Waller - • « - * ' Tho» skidding Twins, whose early season start In the Ameri. can League was 'as phenomenal as their present slump, are taking some of the edge off general Interest in their, welfare. It isn't going to help the box offiee any, either , . . that is unless they are playing the Yankees. i * * * 'One ]ocal fisherman, perhaps fed .up ,wlth eating the fish <he and' his fellow anglers were catching,' began to drool for a good, thick steak and bragged up th« ones he ge{s in -Algona so much that.th6 rest'of the party asked him',why Jie didn't have some sent north. So guess what? He did-jdst that—grabbed 'a'phone arid ordered a. big, thick steak for each member of the party. They were shipped post haste, . special handling, a.nd all that too,, including necessary postal clearance required in" such cases * / t * Burl high school's senior clast wound l ui> the school year, with a real flourish. With- advisori? Hilton and Finch, -and chaperones' Mesdames Bob Hamilton, 9111 Wqltz land Charles Spry, they took a bvs trip to eastern Iowa. Stops included the Little^Brown church, the smallest chuwh in the 'world at Festina, the old Indian, fort at'Fort Atkinson, the clocks at Spillviile, the Wondei Cave ati'iT other historical points in the ^Decorah area. And they made ttye. entire trip ifl a day that began at 7 a.m. and ended about 9:30 p.m. • '• . .'•v'V ; '•*"-' *; *, ". • ~ Incidentally, we have been tolc that the . origin of the mortai' boards .worn .by graduating seniors .today in both high schoo) arid i colleges. go6s back to the noddle ages. Our informant, Tor.- stenr'Lagerstrom, ', states that the Husaks of--western Asia whose cavalry; invaded-.central Europe wnvis to*fc&"W' like. f made out; of , heavy '.; 'leather.', - The \protrUditJf '•' Jfflome* 6STA6LISHED 1863 *nt«ed M secotvd dan mattet at the portofflce *t Aljona, lows, Nov. l, 1933, under Act of Coneren of March sTlBTB. .ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1961 2 SECTIONS - 16 PAGES VOL. 98 - NO, 22 ^"Vl Mm Sales Tax Dips In Final Quarter Of 1 960 Heteil sales lax collections in the fourth quarter of 1960 showed a decrease of 3.8 percent for, Algona as compared .with' the same filial quarter of 19S9, according to figures just released by ;the. Slife Tax Commission. ,• Sales tax increases jwere noted in Humboldl and F.orest City, in this immediate aifetf, and decreases were listed for Emmelsburg and EslherVilJe. • A comparison>of-a-few area 'towns follows, based on tax payments: '',.*,,'•., Tow'mCily . " I960 ALGONA .-.._ ...... __!_..$ 67,790 Emmetiburg ---------- ^ ___ ; 42,803 Sheldon :___»„__ ...... J_._ 54,464 Storm ,Lake ____________ /__ 101,666 Estherville ____ r —li* ....'_' 72,649 Humboldt ........... ______ 54,270 SpertcV? ' ------------------ ,. 127,237 1959 $ 70,486 43,827 > 50,059 101,507 73,626 , .52,264 117,313 % Change •-3.8% -2.3% +8.7% +0.1% -1.3% +8.4% Are Graduates At Iowa State •At the Commencement exercises, • Saturday, at 'Iowa State Jniversity, a number of Kossuth county young people were among he graduates. . They included Maribel Kain, zoology; David Kohl, chemical engineering;, 'Marilyn Palmer, applied art; all from Algonai; Darid' Christensen. Burt, rriechani- al engineering; Eugene Steward, 3urt,_ electrical engineering; ",'Annette Braynard, LuVerne, home economics; Dale i Braynard, ag- ricu Iture education, LuVerne ; Le-, oy Witzel.'iL^ Verne, agricultural • " ' tword blows in attle. The licked up the : idea ,..-,— ., -feather helmets also; known |s'German Hussaren. More' recently' German police adopted the Shup"o, still modeled along the protective lines of an earlier day. Modern terminology of mortar board, is based on the fact;'that if you turn the headgear upside down you have something that resembles a mortal container used by bricklayers in more recent times. • • ' ;•'- .'" « .- v» • ' Largest family , to enter the contest with free theatre tickets offered to see "The ,Trapp Family", playing next week at the Algona Theatre, that of Mr, and Mrs. Louis Reilly, 115 West Nebraska Street. There are 14 children, ranging in age from 10 months to 17 years. The ReillyS will get their family ticket from . Donald Jensen, mechanical en- gineejng, 1 . R^igs,ted;_ Michael Jensen, civil . Robert iheeririg;;!Hingst'ed; ' Jvetrinar v imjjfdj- okhefin^.Swfejp City, , agricultural education;- .Wayne . ' tell, Titohka,' chemical" engineering. Luke Linnasi For Fedeml Judge Bar .associations of vthe fourteenth and twenty-first judicial districts have endorsed L. E. .Linnan, Algona lawyer, for appointment as federal judge of > the northern district of Iowa..-' Linnan, a Democrat; served several•< months : on the Iowa supreme court on an .interim appointment but did riot fun for reflection. ','•''.•':'. He was endorsed to succeed Judge Henry N. Graven, who_will retire in. September. • • • • The endorsement, unanimous, tdOk'place a 1 ! the "annual 'lawyer's chatauqua' at Okoboji. Both districts are in the northern and northwest par.ts of the. state. The 14th includes Kossuth. ' ' ' Ruth Ann Klein Valedictorian At Garrigan tf *""?-«? .•'Seventy-six seniors, ,the,Jte|pnd graduating tlass of Garrigaft mgh school, received their diplomas. Sunday afternoon, in the arfftd&l Gomme'ncement exercises at"ttfe school here. , t . , ,, ,,.,,„,, JtThe Most Reverend Joseptf-M Mueller, Bishop of- Sioux ""City, -presented the diplomas v ±o ,the ' Titonka Crash Kills Man Four Entries Ray Langfitt, Algona manager. Theatre You can't win today's ball game with yesterday's hits; and on the other hand, you don't lose today's game with •' yesterday's errors, either! •V. * , *Kathy Klie<rl, little two-year- old daughter of the Lloyd Kliegls suffered lacerations of boVh feet while visiting at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Geo Klegl, Sr. at Cylinder. She ran into the blades of a power mower while it was in operation. Surgery was performed at For) Dodge to repair, damaged tendons and a complete recovery is indicated. A word of warning — power mowers are nice, but they can be unintentionally dangerous too. » * « Harold Burgess, custodian o' Union Slough, says that "a few simple-minded people can snoi' the recreation of many," ThU observation was brought • about because of a recent attempt to burn the refuge large and expensive recognition sign 9t the north end of the refuge and by tampering with the very critical north dam. The vandalism will result in strict interpretation of all laws governing the refuge which is open only during daylight hours for public use. ! » t. After two cattle brands were registered with the county recorder of Webster County, last week— after a lapse of 30 years since a previous cattle brand had been registered, we wondered if any such brands had been recorded jn Kossuth County. The an swer seenfis to be no. Clara er, recorder, scoured the older books and could fine none, and at no time during her years in office had she been called upon to record one. fainoui Ust |4ne .,- The l»9 Iblnki »o HMH> i* enough to her may b» but «Uo ltf|. College Degree Ottosen.— Mrs. Priscilla Holt Jacobsen graduated magna cum laude,~ eighth in the class for four years, in a class of 250 at Luther .College, Decoiah, Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Holt, Mary Anne, Rachel and Martha attended the graduation activities. - . Gets U. Diploma , Beverly Irene Urch,. daughter of Mr:'and Mrs. I. L. Urch of Algona, was one of 120 students to receive diplomas May 27 from Bob Jones University, 'Greenville, S. C. Fotir entries in the .Miss Kossuth County Pageant,' being sponsored here by the Algona JayCees, have been received to date, according to Jim' Kersber- geri, chairman of the event. The four are Mary Jean Hood, Karen Navoichick, M a r i a n n Schade and Pamela Waller: The. JayCees hope to receive many "more entries before the closing date, June 8. The -winner of the local contest, with final judging slated June 17, will ad- .varice to the state . contest at Clear Lake in July arid th'e state winner in turn will travel to the Miss America Pageant at Atlantic City during the Labor- Day weekend. Judging will be based on appearances in bathing suit ana formal gown and talent. .class, following special award" winriers-'arfd'hibh- ors by Rev. F. P. Conway, sctiool superintendent. * -\ ' ; i _ > The class valedictory, speech was given 'by . Ruth. Ann,. Klein, valedictorian of the class of w6\. ' : ..Therese Bradley was the Class salutatorian, and also ' woh .,the ' special 'award ;for "religious '4tU4y. ' arid a gold medalmusjc depart , ment award for' piano.' ' - \^'s' ' Ruth .Ann Klein also v necfehted * •the special. award for 'social Studies proficiency, and the Sorop'- timist $50 award for matH&rrigt- ics. and a $150 scholarship !l f£rpm Briarcliff College, Sioux City. .Other awards went to Marilyn Hogan, English four-year honors, and a $350 scholarship from'*Brij arcliff College; Ruth Ann Nel! son, foreign language proficienj cy award, a $75 scholarshi] award from Briarcliff Golle'ge. and a gold medal for pianoi excellence from the music depart? ment. . Sandra ^Schneider received the $100 scholarship award from the Kelly Lumber Co.; Karen Bradley received a scholarship ' fyom the College "of St. Mary's, Oina'r ha, Neb.; Mary Jean Hood.'-^received la, fine arts schqlaifshlp ,from St. Theresa's College, Wtn- jOna,, Minn., and a .gold fcbmplishmerits;"'Cafol Flynn re* ceived 'a .music 'award for. -vocal proficiency -from the music dept. Richard Heinen received a full tuition scholarship from St. Benedict College in Kansas; Timothy Lickteig received the Science award ; ' Carol Gibbs received the Homemaking award, and Vicki Hansen received the Business arid Professional Women's commercial award, Special citizenship awards were, made by the Kossuth County Bar Ass'n to Susan Nitchals and Joseph Heinen. '••In his, Commencement address, Bishop Mueller projected a reunion of the class of 1961, 50 years hence, surveying fhe interval of what had happened in. the 50 intervening years. He added, incidentally, that it was just 50 years ago that he, himself, ttetman Gruis, 78-year old retired Buffalo Center man, was killed at 4:10 p.m Thursday, May 25, when his auto, shown above, and.ano'ther driven by Richard A. Goche, 22 Bancroft, collided at a blacktop county road intersection three miles north and a hnl'f-mile cast of Titonka. The mishap occurred at 'the same intersection where a Thompson man was killed last summer. The deaith of Gmis was the first'dri KOssuth roads "this year. Gruis, who with his,wife observed his fiftieth wedding anniversary in March this year, was headed north and Goche wias headed east alt the time., of the tragedy. Both men were ailone in their autos. , Mr. Gruis was thrown from his auto, which was hit broadside by the other vehicle. He was found lying in the ditch beside his auto where he died of two fractured cervical ventabra, many broken ribs, possible leg fraptures and possible severance of the spinal column. A farmer living nearby, Norman Bruns, heard ithe noise of the collision and notified authorities' who rushed to the sciene,. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, Patrolmen Bill Tordoff and Charles Bird investigated. Charges are penxjirig further investigation. The Gruis car was totally demolished and $1500 dam-' age resulted ito the,,Goche car. ' Funeral services for Gruis were held at Buffalo Center. He'is survived by his wiife, itwo sons, Ben, Woden, and Herman, Jr., Buffalo Center, ithree daughters, Wyona (Mrs Herman Harms) and Dorothy (Mrs JimjRippenitrop), Titonka, and Jenine (Mrs Ed Ricks), Buffalo Center, and 22 grandchildren. Goche, who suffered severe head cuts, was taken to Ithe Buffalo'Center-hospital for treatment. He is the son of Mr and.Mrs Art Goche of Bancroft and a medical student -alt the University of Iowa ait Tn'tivii ' OJ« *• /O l*.n.M-t!C- .T3r\n~.L. T I n .«J'l_ ._..«!• Til* n 4., n TTT^TIJT TTI i _'i _^\ • . " Iowa'City. (Sheriff Raflph Lindhorst Photo—UDM Engravirig) graduated from the high school, grandchildren. Woman Passes Funeral services for a former Algona woman, Mrs. Ben (Mabel) Hilsteadt, 00, of Boone were held Wednesday aftecnoon at a Boone funeral chapel with burial at Ogden. Mrs. Hilsteadt died ' Sunday morning at her home. She had been in ill health for the past several years but death was unexpected. The family lived in Algona in the IMO's when Mr. Hilsteadt was manager of the Cummings Variety store. Surviving are her husband; three daughters, Mrs. John (Elaine) Bishop, Pittsburgh. Penn.; Mrs. Tom (Betty) Halpin, Boone, and Mrs. Arthur (Joanne) Oarver, Cedar Rapids; and six Open House Here Is Smash Hit Of Bur (Dies; Rites Friday Burt — Kathryn Josephine Neitzel, 79, longtime resident of Burt, died Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in St. Ann hospital, Algona. Cause of death was a malignant lung tumor. She had been ill since Christmas and hospitalized several times since then. Funeral services for Mrs. Neitzel will be held at .2 p.m. The Kossuth county division of the Iowa State Highway Commission held Open, House at the stiaite shop and grounds on South Phillips street here Thursday — and the turnout was much larger than expected. Hundreds of persons, grown-ups and school children alike, took .tours during the day. Don Christensen, county foreman, and his staff were on hand to talk to visitors land show them around the place. He is shown in the above photo as he explained that lititerbugs cost taxpayers of the ?tate $100,000 each year to a pair of Algona youngsters, Dan tod Bill Smith. That's what highway officials figure is spenlt-for refuse pickij(p ajong Iowa's highways yearly. The load in the truck shown was picked up the day before the Open House during round trips from Algona to Wesiley and Algona to Burt. Christensen and his men had lots of items of interest to show to visitors'. They presented a program of colored slides of equipment in action, had a display of highway signis (with the cost listed on each) and displayed two-thirds of the equipment in this area — all lined up so it could be studied at close range. The men also revved up the motors in some of the machinery, including the rotary snow plow, served free coffee, doughnuts and cookies 'and handled out new mapjs of the state and either pieces of literature (UDM Newsfoto-Engraying) ow (Friday) in the Burt Metho. dist church with Rev. F. G. Samek officiating. Burial will be at the Burt cemetery. Garry Funeral Home, Bancroft is in charge of arrangements and friends may call there anytime after 3 p.m. today (Thursday) until the time of he funeral. Born Fob. 9, 1882 on a farm west of Curt, Kathryn Marlow was a daughter of Edward and Ylary Marlow. Shu was educated in schools in and around Burt and was married to Human Nelt/el Feb. 25, 1903 at Burl. The couple farmed for severa.1 years near Burt, then lived in Wisconsin until returning to Burt where they have lived for th^ past 35 yeursi Mrs. Neitzel wu:> a lifelong member of the Burt Methodist church and an honorary member of the Burt WSCS. She is survived by her husband, a son, Derward, Whittemore; two daughters, Leona (Mrs. Clinton Henderson), Alt'onu, and Evelyn (Mrs. Lyle Jonhson), Lake Crystal, Minn.; a sister, Mrs. Harriet Alters, Spirit Lake: two brothers, Del, Lone Ilock, and Ben, Redfu-ld, S. D.; 10 grandchildren and seven great- grandchildren. Her parents, five brothers and a sister preceded her in death. lers Fill Court Here Speeding offenders dominated action in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court here this week. The following paid speeding fines: William Durey, Des Moines, $12, Lynn Dankle, Minneapolis, $12, Robert Lawrence, Ames, $10, Edwin Michaelson, Goldfield, $14, Darrell Nelson, Audubon, $6, Robert Willey, Algona, $5, James Richardson, Algona, $5, and Leonard Pesicka, Jr., Algona, $6. A Hinton truck diver, R, J. Prince, was fined a total of $141. 74 on six overload counts; De-t anne Wiederhold, Carroll, paid $10, no operator's license; Edward Cink, Woden, $0, stop sign; Richard Steward, Burt, $5, truck overload; Leonard Klocke, Algona $5, truck overload; and Gary Spencer, Fort Dodge, $5, loud mufflers; in other cases heard by the mayor. Costs were paid in addtion to fines. (Thompson Awards Total $1550, Algona Hi Eighty-nine Algona high school seniors received diplomas during commencement exercises in the v . high schql auditorium here Wednesday night. The program opened with the high school band, under the direction, of Russell'Ouster, playing the processional'"Pomp and Circumstance". Dr. Marcus Bach of the religion department of the University of Iowa then delivered an address. Honors announcements were made by Elgin Allen, high school principal; Supt. O. B. Laing then presented the class of 1961; Eugene Hutchins, chairman of the board of education, presented diplomas; and benediction by R_ev. James Boyd of the Congregation- . al church closed the program. Mr. Allen presented Thompson awards 'totaling $1,550 to six seniors. They were Gary Rich, $350, William Sigsbee, $300, Clara Hansen, $300, Carl Danielson, $200, Fred Duerr, $200 .and Larry Klein, $200. Other awards included Alvln Hagg, $50, Soroptimist Club, Larry Klein, $30, Larry Obrecht Memorial Award, Mary Broesder, $25, Minnie J. Coate Award, Eugene Wittkopf, $25, Forensic Award, Bill Bourne, $10, Bel Canto Club awiard, Pat .Schneider, $10, Business arid Professional Women award, John Platt, $10, D.A.R. award, Glennda Gabriel* son, $10, P.E.O. award, Gary Rich, $5, Delphian Society award, and Karen Alt, received the modal from Jthti ? Iow.a. .State Bar As- socmtio^::^';,^v.'' ; ;.;:"; ; ,,;£ ' '' \ ,.A. larg^f^ctow^ifittended. the '.. ceremonies and >a public • addresj •system was .set up in the gymnasium so persons unable to get into the auditorium could hear the proceedings.' Weather About Perfect During Past Week Here Weather during the past week has loft little to be desired with a combination of warm and cool readings that satisfied practically everyone. Rainfall totak'd .51 of an inch. Here are the week'sl readings: H L May 25 77 55 May 26 63 34 May 27 65 39 May 28 76 44 May 29 79 42 May 30 71 46 May 31 -- 57 R .45 .03 .03 Indications are that the warm trend will continue, with the possibility of more showers within the next few days. R. Morrison Ex-County Agent Here, Retires E. R. "Slim" Morrison, a former Algona resident nnd Texas manager for Bunker's Life Company, DCS Moines, Iowa, retired May 31 under the company's pension plan. He lias been managed in the Dallas loan office since 1947. Morrison joined the company in December, 1933, as a field representative at Algona. He came to the home office in Des Moines us chief farm appraiser in January, 1942. He was transferred to the Dallas loan office in February, 1945, working out of Sun Antonio and moved to Dallas to become the Texas Loan Manager in January, 1947. Before joining Bankers Life, Morrison was county agent in both Humbuldt and Kossuth counties. He is an Accredited Rural Appraiser and is active in the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. A native of Newton, he received his bachelor's degree from Iowa State University in 1919. He is married and the Morrison have four grown daughters. 2 From Algona Graduate At Loras,June4 Monte C. Pearson, the son of Mr and Mrs Carl S. Pearson, 604 South Jones, Algona, Iowa will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Loras College commencement exercises Juno 4 in the college fieldhouse. James J. Lichtcr, son of Mr and Mrs Joseph G. Lichter, will receive a Bachelor of Science degree. Addressing the graduates will be Admiral Arleigh Burke, Chief of Naval Operations. The baccalaureate sermon will be preached by the Most Reverend Frances J. Schenk, Bishop of Duluth, Mini nesota, at a solemn pontifical IVTass Sunday morning in the Chapel of Christ the King. This is the 122nd graduating class at Loras, Iowa's oldest college. There are 193 in the gradu-. ating class. New Burt Coach Robert Charlson has been signed as head basketball coach at Burt high school and the faculty is complete for next fall with the exception of a vocal music teacher. Charlson will have charge of the summer recreation program, also. He is a graduate of Augustana College, Sioux Falls. Mrs. Janet Sowers, Crystal Lake, has been hired as home economics teacher. AHS Class Of 1911 Plans Open House Saturday For at least 11! of the original 28 members of the class of 1911 of Algona high school, this Saturday, June 3, holds promise of being a real birthday, for that's when a fiftieth anniversary reunion will be held here. The get-together will begin with a 10 a.m. brunch at Van's Cafe, followed by a visit to the Bryant school (the local high school in 1911), a tour of places of interest hi-re, an open house at Van's following the tour and a t> p.m. dinner. Eleven original class members have died during the 50 years following graduation. Seven class members, Grace Cruikshank J'ackman, Mary Holtzbauer Barry, Milton Norton, Clara Granzow Cruikshank, Ray Potter, Nannie Worster Ward and Chester Schoby, reside here and at least five of the remaining 10 plan to be here for the reunion Saturday. Happy, anniversary! Golden Jubilee Sister fsadore, second grade teacher at St. Cecelia's Academy and a member of the staff here since 1933, will observe her Golden Jubilee as a professed nun this Sunday, June 4. The observance will be held in the Mother House at Dubuque.

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