The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
Page 19
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1 thought Augusta Belt* had set a record with 40 great-grandchildren, but her- record is topped by the John Gefbers wflo have 42 and possibly by this tihie number 43 has been added. Then along came Sarah Smith who re? ports she has 53 and like the Cfer- bers, she may have • the fifty- fourth by now. it reminds me 01 "• auction—"I have 40, who'll it-45-^45 who',11 make il an .. make BO" Mrs. Anna Drone, a resident at Good Samaritan, observed hei- eightysixth birthday Saturday, May- 6, and .was given' a party by her sons, and daughters-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Fern Drone, Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Drone, Pomeroy. Cane and ice cream'were served to the residents on her floor and others Whom Mrs. prone has met. Other relatives were,, also! in attendance. « » » Henry; Guderjan. and his wife were 'recently ' at ; ' Minneapolis, visiting with Henry's brother and sister-inrlaWi ;Mr.' and Mrs. Milo Guderian. I wonder if MUo is as genial a mail • carrier as our Henry was? As everyone knows, Henry has served his quota of years with • Uncle Sam and is now retired. .•'•.:• Mr. *iid Mrs. Pale Italiliti sfcent the winter 'at' Sali -ifosei California, with thete -son and daughter-in-law, and except for one thing, had a w6hderful tithe; Mrs. Halsrud came home with a fine dose of ivy poisoning. At Lower Lake she-, was gettirfg some pine voiles for 'decofatiye purposed and raft into that vile w.eed. We talked - about • the beaches and- other poiftts of interest and 1 told het about the trip mother and 1 made via station wagon With Elizabeth LibQtt. Bob McDoUgall asked us to bring' home samples of dirt from each stateY We even went farther and brought' water from the Pacific. Bob put the dirt in small bottles and had quite a display for a few years. I don't remember what he finally did with the collection. . Ryerson, Buri, slopped in my room to show me the lovely bouquet of apricot blossoms from the Claude Seely farm. 1 didn't know there were any trees here. Hje says the fruit never de^ velop far, due to our early cold weather. I have seen acres of apricots in bloom at Hemet, California and a lovelier scene you can't imagine. Mr. Ryerson was taking the flowers to Mrs. Mattie (.Mewhorter, • - • • - * * » 1 breathed a little prayer* for Mary-Ellen Kelly, Marcus,'who died in a Sioux City hospital, released after 22 years of inability to rhpve 'except two fingers, from rheumatoid arthritis. 1 Wrote to her after reading her fine book, "But with thfr Dawn, Rejoicing," and 'had such a nice re*ply, So many incidents in the book were similar to my rase. One in particular, we each had "a brown . eyed mother" who cared for us so lovingly and patiently. i * « The First Baptist church centennial celebr.ation brought many former Algonans back for the events. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Kittrell, Brainard, Minn.; were guests of Mr. fand Mrs. Roy Smith. Karen Kittrell and her grandmother, Mrs. B. Waddell, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis, Egel, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Stephen, of near-St. Louis, stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Irving Urch.' Mrs. Cora Hill and her daughter, Mrs. Mabel Dowd, came from Spirit Lake and were guests of Mrs. Hill's daughter, Mrs. Eunice Loomis, Humboidt, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stephen came from Ayrshire, Mrs. Stephen's sisttr and niece, Mrs. Earl Miller and .Mar-. ilyn, came from Spring Valley, Minn., and were guests of Mrs. C. N.' Robinson and Mildred. Doubtless there were many more. Aren't w* UvlnS" W a ful age? Mrs. Marie Ogrett had her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Alger, Indianapol* is, Ind., as callers Sunday aftdt- noon. They have their own plane and flew to Minneapolis,' hence to other points, among them Morris, Minn., then on here in time to have coffee, a couple of hoitfs visit, and back home. * * * Cady's Cafe has added sotoe different birds. To the sparrows, the addition is a perky fat rObui, a pigeon, a blue jay and a blackbird, The wonder is they get along amiably with nary a quarrel over the food. I'd welcome* a cardinal. The quote on the story of two men who were a little under the influence and discussing time reminds me of one of my favorites — Two men were soberlria up from a gala night and vfGtS leaning against a fence. Sai,d man number 1 to friend number, 2, "Do you know Jones?"-— "No. What's his name?"— "Who?"— "I dunno." Cetainly an enlightening conversation! * » » Mrs. E. J.' Evers has yearned for her husband to be home 'from his assignment with a deisel company at Monrovia, Africa, but she didn't want' it to be the way it happened. He was taken suddenly sick with what is believed to be an acute gall bladder attack and was sent via jet to Chi- cago, theh via "plane, to City where she met and brought him home Tuesday. He is at St. Ann hospital undergoing tests and x-rays. At least she celebrated her birthday May 13 more happily with him back in the States and is hoping by June 14 their twentieth wedding. anniversary, he will be fully recovered. • * * The list grows and grows. The latest is from Mrs. Don Meyer who writes "My grandmother who lives east of Algona, Mrs. Mary Carroll, had eight children, 30 grandchildren, 66 great-grandchildren . and two great-great- grandchildren." Anyone able to top that? Let me hear from you. And thank you, Donna. • • • In a little chat with Mrs. Lolla Ladendorff she told me she is going to have eye surgery at Mason City soon—cataracts, both eyes probably. She is a courageous little woman, surprisingly active and vigorous. I 'am sure her recovery will be rapid. « » * At long last it is warm enough to get outdoors and some of the men were taken out May 10 and 11 to sit on the lawn. That is, what will be a lawn in a few more days of warmth and sunshine. Women are less brave and we hate to have the wind in our hair! • » • A new project has been start- ed at the edge of" Spencer on highway 18, Stubbs Ranch Kitchen, a place to eat which i$ using the old west decor. There is an old fashioned general store and according to what 1 have heard of the place, it is being patterned somewhat like Knolt's Berry Farm in California. A group of Soroptomists recently patronized the place and found it intriguing. Attending were Florence Bjustrom, Frances Grantham, Ann Clopton, Louise Magnuson, Alma Pearson, Jean McAtee, Rose Scanl'an, Lola Scutfham, Clara Shilts, Bertha Thuente, Edith Welter, Delia Welter, Alice Wilkins, Mabel Sorensen and Clara Zender. * * John Prow celebrated his 80th birthday May 12. Refreshments were served in accordance with the Good Samaritan tradition. * * A discussion concerning suitcases and traveling bags reminded me of the old time "telescope" grandma Cady used to pack when she and grandpa went to Bancroft to visit aunt Eva and uncle Bert Goddard. The covering was canvas, the top fit down over the bottom and the fuller the bottom, the less the cover came down. A handle and shawi straps fastened the two together. It is amazing how much she could pack in that not too large case. Then for a good many years we had a brown leather satchel. That too carried much more than Thursday, May 25, 1961 Atgbiia (la.) Upper DM Motn«-3 one would think, judging from outward appearances. « • * Another post card from Anaheim, Calif., from my unknown friend carries the weather report, welcomed I am sure by man and vegetation— "Scattered drizzle-mostly cloudy night and morning hours, becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. Not much change in temperature. Low tonight 54". (No report on day temperature so perhaps U wasn't too good!) I wonder if Marguerite Dnlziol could be the sender. The card pictures the beach at Corona Del Mar where she lives. Greetings to who ever you are. It's fun having a little mystery, Do you know I read- fl lot of "Wodonits?" PLANTATION BALLROOM Whittemore, towa SUNDAY, MAY 28 RAY LEWIS No Advance Booth Reservations Door* Ope.n at 8i30 DR. D. D. ARNOLD Chiropractor Above Penney's Office CY 4-3373 Homo CY 4-4836 ALGONA it's just plain HORSE S Trading in Algona benefits you in These Ten Ways. Think Them Over!! 1 - DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA support the schools, churches and community services. These things ... not to be valued in terms of money do not come free; but we can buy they for nothing. We buy them .... without price . . . when we trade in Algona'because part of every-cjollar goes for support of these facilities. 2 - DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA help to educate our children and to provide jobs for them. We .educate our children because we love them and they will have jobs here when our money spent here provides the business opportunity for young people. 3 - DOLLARS'SPENT IN ALGONA take the gamble out of your community's economic life . . . and your own too ! Competition is tough between areas and communities for bigger shares of Trade . . . the lifeblood of prosperity and better living. 4 - DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA help to buUd the community that serves you in time of need. Part, of every dollar goes for support of our police department, fire department, services etc. as part of life we have become so accustomed. 5 - DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA provide revolving money that builds community prosperity over and over again. The dollar you spend with the grocer then goes to the baker who pays the electrician for fixing his equipment who spends it with someone else ... on and on that dollar revolves . . . many times over. 6 - DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA go to folks whose community interest is the same as your own. You can't go wrong by buying from the folks whose community interests are the same as your own. 7 - DOLLARS SPENT-JN-ALGONA feed the community economy that sustains your own economy. The more we spend at home . . . fattens our economy and the more we spend somewhere else makes our economy leaner. You can help feed it by spending your dollars here. 8 - DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA help to support your way of life where you are living it. Our schools, churches, jobs, homes and businesses all depend upon local trade . . . money spent at hone. 9 • DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA get the bargains that really count to reduce your own living costs. Some of us don't see the biggest bargain of all — the dividend we draw from buying in Algona. More local trade volume results in greater local prosperity. j>;. «: r 10 ~ DOLLARS SPENT IN ALGONA work for you longer to assure a greater prosperity in your future. Some of us here in this community search far and wide in search of "better deal". They are only undermining the economic structure which supports our own jobs and businesses. TRADE AT HOME WHERE YOUR MONEY BENEFITS YOU! These Algena Firms Are Genuinely Interested in the Futvre of Our Community and Your Welfare. Hutzell Office & School Supply i Graham's i Smoke Shop North Iowa Appliance Center Bomgaars S & 10 Coast-to-Coast Store Gamble Store ' Foster Furniture Co. Irons Healing 8t Plumbing Laing Plumbing & Healing i Jack's O. K. Tire Service Kossuth Radio & Electric Algona . Reding's' JQavis JPainls Zander's • - : Kuk-'i Shop Store 1 - SjesUUv Shop. Waldron's Cafe Concrete & Wiltgen Jewelers Security State Bank Iowa StaU Bente Leuthpld-WUliaras (The Hub Clothiers) Algona Theatre Co, The ChrUcbiUes Store Algona Greenhouses Modern Dry Cleaners Sharp's Jewelry Algona Produce Co. Universal Mfg. Co. Percival Motors Schullz Brqs. Garage & Oil Station Taylor Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deere North Iowa Sawing Machine Co. Plumbing Si Heating BjvuUrom FuroUuie. Co* Viking'QU Co. Beecher Lane Appliance Algona Flour &. F«ed Rush: Drugs-Jewelry Chiistensen's J. C. Penney Co. Honabruch Drug Algona Insurance Agency Blossom Insurance Agency Home Federal Savings fc Loan As»'n. Fowler's of Iowa Algona Implement Co. Jtts Btadley Equipment Thprmogas Co. Qf Algona Bolsford Lumber Co. Hopkins Super Service Paints Funk Plumbing fc Heating Hood's Super Valu Kelley Lumber Co. North Central Public Service Co. Kent Motor Co. Cullen Haidware Shills BrownbiU Shoe Store Lindsay Soft Water of Algona Hawkeye Bowling Lanes Dau Garage & Body Shop Read's Furniture Slruecker Conoco Service Refrigeration Frederick Hardware Isaacson Studio Kogsuth Motor Co. Algona Laundry & Cleaner* tflft**^*W*flt«>**l^^ Carson's for Color Buscher Bros Implement Post Transfer 8t Storage

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