The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1961 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
Page 17
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'***« w,I.« i.v*. iw THIS IS THE SEASON OF ROMANCE arid weddings. Countless couples are seeing the day to say, "I Do" and Lohengrin, ChantiWy 'Ince and four-tiered cakes arc popular items of conSlderallion. Tho Algtwia Upper Des Moin'cs takes note of this with a special bride and groom section .this week, and almost everybody has at least one wedding in their pla'ns for the near future. '•"'•' * * * ' JUST AS ALL BRIDES ARE beautiful, all wedding gifts are wonderful. There are blankets and sheets, pots and electric 'frying pans, sterling sillver and s'.ainiless steel tableware, china and pottery, crystal and bedspreads, toasters and steak knives. It often seems to me that about'.the only tiling a bride doesn't .get at her wedding is a good guide that tells her how ,to henpeck a husband. Every wife should have at least one of these I - * * * IT IS NOT THAT THERE IS insufficient research material on hcnpecking, for ithere are ample examples all around. Every wife has a few tricks of her own and some have been known to develop henpecking into a devastatingly lelthal art. The need i's for somebody to go around 'and gather up this material, get it down in black and white, so that henpecking, like boxing, can have its own Marquis of Qtiecnsbury rules. **'*'• A GOOD RULE TO START WITH could 'be, Put the Ring in his Nose Early. The first year of Marriage is the best chance you will ever have to train your husband in the way you want him ito gp. If you expect him to help with .the dishes every night, hand him a towel right after the wedding supper. If you expect him to com'e at your call, show him right now who's boss. Let him know, gently, but firmly, his exact place in the home; reward him sparingly for good behavior and punish him promptly when he gets out of line. ' * ' » »''•.' ' . THIS ADVICE CAN BE USED TWO ways — in the training of husbands and in the .training of poodles. ' * * * TAKE A TIP FROM THOSE LABELS on the wedding gift towels marked His and Hers, and,apply it to your henpecking. Especially when -it comes to ithe root of all evil — money. Every time something is spenit for luxury that is His; be sure to see to it that you get Here. When he spends ten bucks for some fishing equipment, you take ten bucks for a bottle of perfume. If he goes on a stag ball game weekend, you take an equal amount to buy a new.dress. ,» * * BE SURE YOU GET EVERY biit of Her share. This may be very on those long cold nights at the poor house where you may land some day if you follow this advice. * # * , . TOLERATE NO NONESENSE OBOUT HIS SPENDING EVENINGS OUT with the boys. A woman's place is in the home and so is a husband's — when he is not out working 'to support it. He can go out, but only if you go along and to the ptoves you enjoy, with the friends that you pick. Check up on him frequently when he says he is working late at the office. Allow him ample time for the (trip home — say five minutes — and if he ha« not arrived within 1 that time, start telephoning the joints to see if he has stopped jn. Talk loudly on these calls because it raises his standing with the boys. They know then that he has a wife who really takes care of him. * * * THIS IS A VERY EFFECTIVE system. It has been successfully used by the wardens at Sing Sing and Alcatraz for quite some .time. » » * ,, PROBABLY THE BEST WAY of henpecking flnow to woman is e Belittling System. Fjnd.out somelthing..he is a little proud,of Mke s 'woodworking; his'singing or'his«big "blue eyes and then, start tearing it down with quick little' jibes. He'll soon find out that it jsn't much to be proud of after aid. Always tell the punch lines of his jokes for him and be sure ito save up those funny stories about the dumb things he does to tell when there's a crowd. They'll all laugh when he squirms! , r •'* • * *.•'.-.'.YOU. TOO, CAN SUCCEED AT BELITTLING. Other wives have become emininently successful at it. It wasn't their fault thai their husbands escaped 'into the arms of something soft and prdtty. It ivas just that the hussy flattered his ego and made him feel dike a big, brave man instead of a worm. * * * THE DEEP FREEZE is'a good disciplinary .measure. The deepfreeze is a variation, and lain extension on the Not speaking routine. You can get along with the Not Speaking for 'a limited time only, because there is danger of starving to death at your own dinner table when something is out of your reach. The Deep' Freeze allows you to ,lnlk, but only in the most exaggeratedly polite terms, and .thus it is allowable to say, icily, "Will you please pass the potatoes?" And if there is a third person present, talk through him. * * * WE HAVE COVERED ONLY A few of the major points in the art of henpecking husbands. You'll Ithink of lots more all by yourself, such as forgiving but not forgetting, taking digs at your in-laws and hitting your husband's boss for a raise. * * * . ' IT IS ONLY FAIR TO WARN YOU though that the pure food and drug 1 law requires that all bottles of poison be plainly labeled as such, And much of this henpecking advice is pure po'iion. It's poison ii you plan to build a reasonably happy home, * * »' IF YOU SHOULD ACCIDENTLY GET some of this poison into your marriage — and we all seem to do this at one time or another — there is a successful antidote. It consists of generous portions of forgiveness and understanding, mixed with plain,, undiluted un* selfishness. * * * HUSBANDS AHE, ON THE WHOLE, slightly imperfect creatures. So are wives. Husbands are often wrong and wives dan evert be off kilter too ! A wife can be totally right on sorne subject of dissenstion; she can insislt on it,and it may prove some point or oilier, But it can also leave you pretty lonely, » * * < IT'S NICE TO HAVE A MAN around the house. It's even nicer jl he likes being -there. A BRIDE IS ONE WHO should make sacrifices for her husband, but not in the form of burnt offerings. It's not too hard to cook these days what with all the good cook books ^nd the frozen and canned foods. Whether or not you are a bride, you might like this recipe for Rhubarb Pudding: 3 or 4 cups cut up rhubarb % cup sugar 10 marshaldpws • Combine and put on bottom of 10 x 10 pan. Cover with this by tier: V- cup shortening 1 cup sugar 2 beaten eggs V4 cup milk 1% cup flour ' , 3 teas-p. baking powder '/4 teasp. sallt >/2 teasp. vanilla Bake in 350 degree pven. — GRACE, Sufne their offices in September* as the, Hornemakcr group recesses for; the summer, There will be & township picnic on Sunday, ?Jul$rKth. ! ; Mrs. Russell Kauffman was presfeni to instruct the group in trie, art of cake decorating. Birthday Club Meets « Wednesday, May.10, the Birthday Club met at the home of Mrs. Walter Hans, with Mrs. Milton Peterson as co-hostess. Guests Were Mesdames Ruby Peterson, Lawrence • Hanson, Martina Peters, Martin Gabcl, William Brock, Ron'ald Johnson, Arthur Kracht, R. S. Mather and Ar L W. Larson and children. Mrs. Glen Burt was a Sunday dinner guest of her grandson, the Raymond Endersons with the Clarence Andersons and the Alfred Lauretzcns as other, guests. s Mr, and Mrs. Truman Johnson were Sunday evening callers at the Beryl Bromcly home at Fairmont. Mrs. Qlen Burt and daughter, Mrs. Clarence Enderson of Estherville attended the funeral of Hiram Ackerman at the Methodist Church at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Jorgenson and sons of Ledyard were Sunday evening guests at the Walter Hans home. Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Green and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Green and family and Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Isenberg, and family, Fairmdnt, were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Mrs. Ida O'Green. , • ' Mrs. Ida O'Green is proud to announce the birth of her 13th grandchild, -a daughter, Janet Beth, 7 pounds, born May 10th to Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Green, Detroit, Mich. The O'Green have 3 other children, all boys. Mrs. Glen Burt drove to Lone Rock Thursday to Visit the Dennis Flaigs and their 3 week old baby. From there, Mrs. Burt, Mrs; Mary Flaig and Mrs. Ruth Kruger drove to Garner to spend the day with Mrs. Jim Ackerman. ^,Mr. and Mrs. Keith Poshusta, Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Budach, Blue Earth, Mr. and Mrs. Linus Vaske and family, Rolfe, and Mi-, and Mrs. Don Koons and family spent Sunday, at the parental Harold Carr home. Monday was Harold's birthday, so that was observed along with Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson received guests Sunday evening after baccalaureate at Sentral High School, in honor of their daughter, Marjorie, one of the 32 members of the graduating class. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Looft, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders and Pam and Mr. and Mrs. John Hallstrom, all of Fairmont, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Philip Looft, Blue Earth, Mr. -and Mrs. Ralph Weber,, and jyjjd.a j; Rey^ Spd,<%? Andrew Nelson and farrmyr •Mrs:Nellie Lupin, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Glawe, Agnes and Reuben Olson, all.of Bancroft Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson, Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Don Blanchard, Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs, Donald Koeppel and Judy, Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Huscamp and Trudy, Ringsted, Mr. William O'Brian, Seneca ana Mr. Martin, Fenton. teachers. IVCr. and Mrs. Elmer Franks, Swea City, Joan Hinrichsen and Darlene Johnson of Cedar Falls. Dennis Johnson, Goldfield ana Mi-, and Mrs. Charles Osborn. Fenton. ' •', Mr. Ed Johnson drove to Austin Sunday 1 to yiSit his sister and family, Mrs Fred Vokourt .Another: sister, -Mis Ethel Johnson of Moline, Illinois, was alsitf a guest. Sunday evening after badfca- laureale at Sentral. at the home of the Howard Prestons in honor of their son Daryle, were Mr. and Mrs Marvin Larson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gabel, Mr. and Mrs. Cassie Klocke, Mrs. Henrietta. Thompson <and, Marjorie, Mr. and -Mrs. Earl Preston, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Olsen," Fenton, George and John Hattle, Armstrong, Miss Judy Wiener, Fenton and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Preston and family. Darold Gabel and a. friend} Al Pope of Denver, Colorado, came to spend the Mother's Day' weekend with his parents, the Martin Gabels. Mrs. Elfreida' Leland spent Sunday at the Gabels also. The Don Geerdes, Robert Sanders, Harold Decker and Phil Looft families spent Mother's Day at the parental William Sanders home. Pearl Dahl arid Mrs. Ralph Walker attended a recital at Waldorf College Tuesday.' Janet Walker present^ 3 vocal solos in the program. . Mr. and Mrs. Mifton Peterson entertained on Mother's Day at their horne: his mother, Mrs. Alma Peterson, her mother, Mrs. Ida Kluger, Mi', and Mrs. Walter Miche of Ontario. California, she is a sister of Mrs. Milton Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kluger and Larry, Barbara and Jerry Kluger and friend Joyce Davies of - Minneapolis, Mr.- and Mrs. Willard Harrison and Steve 01 St. James, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Kluger and Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott and family Mrs Marliri Hardt, Patty and Bobby, Mrs. Mildred Johnson and children and Mrs. Schnitz- meier Mrs. Harold Guy and family and Mrs. Betty Hammond had a surprise birthday party for Mr. John C. Johnson in Fairmont. Thursday evening. Maxine and Betty Clark spent the Mother's Day weekend at the home of their parents, the Glen Clarks. Mr. and Mrs; Ole Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johanson, Delores, Dale and Wendy were Algona (la.) Upper Dei Moln«-5 Thursday, May 25, 1961 Sunday dinner guests at the home ,of Mrs. Norma Boyer at Fairmont. Karen Johanson and Jerry Wegner caller in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thompson and family of Sheldon and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Thompson and family spent Sunday at the William Thompson home. Word was received that John Thompson of Calexico, California, had passed probation examinations. He has been going to school 2 days a w'eek studying law and Spanish. John has a position with the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. Now you Know! The answer io everyday insurance problems* .By L. 3. Bohanhon QUESTION: Does it pay the ordinary home owner to have his home insurance program checked over the way I understand business firms do occasionally? ANSWER: Certainly. -These days most coverages can be combined with substantial savings. Also a survey by a really good agent can. determine the correctness of your coverage and probably save you money. * if you'll address your own Insurance questions to this office, we'll try to give you the correct answers arid there will be no charge or obligation of any kind. LS. BOHANNON S N. Dodge CY 4-4443 neti/GStep/ ,' better STANDARD %wr Standard Oil Dealer joins witfi 29,000 dealers of American Oil Company ! to bring you'great new AMERICAN. GASOLINES At your Standard Oil Dealer's today—two great new gasolines from American Oil Research: AMERICAN® SUPER-PREMIUM, for magnificent anti-knock performance, with M 2 P G, the carburetor-throat detergent that gives extra miles in city traffic driving ... plus a rust inhibitor that protects your fuel system ... plus a spark plug renewer that restores most misfiring plugs to full fire. AMERICAN® REGULAR, higher in octane than any regular ever at Standard .. . with mileage- stretching M 2 P G. Try them at Standard Dealers, now part of the new network of 29,000 dealers, going America- wide to serve you better the American Wayl TOtf gXPECT MORE FROM STANDARD ... AND YOU GET IT-THAT'S THE AMEBJICAH WAY* 01911 STANDARD OIL • DIVISION OF AMERICAN OIL COMPANY Homemakersln EagleTwp. Pick Officers Sw« & Eagle - Eagle Home, makers met at the home of Mrs. Mervin Johnson Tuesday, May 9 with Mrs. Johnie Tobin assisting. Mrs. Johnson had devotions and gave a reading. Guests were Mrs. Elvin Swa.nson, Mrs. Everett Thorson, Mrs. Russell Kauffman and Mrs. Jack Reece. There was election of officers with Mrs. Paul Wiechmann succeeding Mrs. Kenneth Brones as president for the ensuing year. Mrs. Arnold Duer was elected vice president, and Mrs. Johnie Tobin was elected to succeed Mrs. Walter Goraczkowski as secretary-treasurer. They will -as- "TRE THE HAPPY TASTE! You get the happy taste of fresh, sun-ripened citrus fruit in every bright and bubbly sip. PICK UP A 6-PACK TM* f QkllRI COMf *M» »»»»>»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»<>.»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»<»»»»»»»»*»»»»»**»»»*»»*»»*»»»»»»»»»»»»»»<»»»»»»»»»»»»*»»»»*»*»»» Congratulations to the Swea City Graduates Left to right — Delbert Abbas, Carmen Larson, Judy Hurlburt; Linda Weber, Sandra Ewing, Roger Johnson, Alan Mather, Wallis Reynolds, Sharon Magnuson. Left to right—Mary Hazelhoff, Constance Opsal, Richard Farland, Nancy Patterson, Elmer Abbas, Tom Diaz, James Elliott, Gary Dixon, Curtis Hanson. Charles Heidenwith, Gary Snyder, Michael Stewart, Glendon Peters on, Derold Abbas, Lynette Lund, Richard Blair, Beverly Thorson, Terry Johnson. Left to right — Gary Larson, Patricia Bailey, Lee Geeres/ Anna Dixon, Pamela Farland, Maurice Anderson, Ronald Undo, John Boland, David Rippentrop. Linde Implement Co. ALLIS CHALMERS & NEW IDEA MACHINERY Serving Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa ' Swta City Swea City Hatchery Swea City Northern Lumber Co. LUMBER, COAL & BUILDING MATERIALS A Swea City Booster Swea City Hazelhoff Motors FORD SALES & SERVICE BR 2-4680 Swea City Consolidated Co-op. Creameries t WHITTEMORE » LONE ROCK t SWEA CITY

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