The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAHCH !l, 19:M MCDEKN HCMC Conducted for this newspaper in the Interest of Its women readers by recounted authorities on al „ Muri-itce Hrobcck, Editor .. ,, „„. _ ! . nil's. (ii'ortfe Thurii, _BLYTHEV1LI.K, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BE FRIED IN 10 cpmm Mrs. George [hum Gives Sonic Nc\V Ways of Prc- |)nring Old Favroites, AJ\ew Flavor for_Fried Vegetables DEEP ; PIE IS DELICIOUS ;Hi'ci[)i:s Also Given for Veal and Hani I'ie and for Sour Cream Pic Hear Kriemls in . ...... Ol course you gel lirc-d ot Hie .•..line did vegetables! So many ol yuii have said so. and wiitien in Hiking for new ways to prepare .some ol tlie favorites. While 1 believe- that very little cooking ol vegetables, and cooking them in only a small quantity of \vaier, with only a suspicion of sugar, a very little salt, (no soda!) and Uien seasoning with butter, is thi- ve ry best way lo serve vegetables, there are otiier good ways much appreciated by Ihe family. And how much apinveialcd by Uic woman who must plan three meals a day. every day! Baked whole vegetables limej been discussed here; nnd from Eggplant and other vegetables are delicious when coated with cornmca time lo time we have talked aboul ....,._.... deep fal fried vegetables bul saul- cd and broiled vegetables are nUo delicious and worth knowing ubout. •Sauted vegetables (pronounced so- laved with Ihe accenl on the tay) aie those cooked in a frying pan FIDIII an iissoitmenl or recipes iii'iimu'd by ilii! Cookiiu; School Imnrcr these -pk's" are piescnlcd I "IT till a s|Kicliil niche In menu , makliilf for they arc delicious, mi- i "Mial and worth rci-catiiig muuy i illlU'S. • Ui'i'p IHsli UiowdiT Tie One ,md one half cups diced IKiliitoi's; one cup carrots sliced; . oiu- nip cooked pens; two cups i i .iiuied salmon freed of bonc.s mid ^kln; four tnble»|>ooii.i shortenlni;; . f"tir taulc.sjxwiLs chopiwd onion; i fuiir tiibli'H)on.s flour; one cup wa- . ii'"- In which the vegetables cook- lid; two eiips milk; 0110 tcusiwon i>.i!l; one fourlli lcn.s|xx)n |)epl>er; , ;l crust of bukuig i»\nlcr biscuit ; dijii;;li made from your best recipe. fook the vegetables together. one . half teaspoon of Mil, •itid save the water as directed •lor'ihe niiicc', Make a creinn snuco »l tin- .shortening and Hour, fillr- ;riiii; smoothly together, then slowly .s:ir in ihe vegetable water and l milk, the rail. |iep]ier and onion. 1-fl rook, .stirring frequently until smooth and thickening. Arrange aUcrnalc layers of vce- shallow fal. the pieces being meal again, and Muted in Hoi ia t ; or fried in deep, hot fal. l and mavommK' then corr "I«JUIHII«..L. men con. and linked fish in cnp cornmeal; one tablespoon salt; i vt .. ihrcc and one half cups boiling; Im'IIUS 101' water; one cup chopped peanuts. ; iv Cook all but tlie peanuts to-.' gcther for aboul one hour, or un- j of the dishes called lor uirncd many times. They may be:" 1 (llicl! - Bcat in tlle ground or, Many plain or dipped in cut' and crumbs- i chopped peanuts, and pour Ihe | In ihesc menus arc given on this or other mixtures mixture inio a bread pan rubbed with shortening. Let gel thoiough- nroilcd vegetables • or grilled veyeiables arc UIOEC dipi>erl in egg . - ly cold. Then slice like mush, and won't cat meat. —MRS. GEORGE TKURN. a:id cninib.s or oilier mixtures, or melted tfit and laid on Ihe grills o: the broiler and cooked a.s meat is broiled; they are cooked on one ;.ide. ilicn on the other, turned again possibly. As a rule vegetables lo be' saiiled are first par- boiied. | Illustrated is a savory, sauted explain, made by par-boiling am t'^U planl, culling it in slices aboul one Ihird inch thick, dip-' ping the slice in fine cornmeal.: Uieii in, then in corn-1 Prippcf. Sanrp MnL-oc meal again, and sautelng in hot ^ neeSe Oauce IVlakCS l:u until each side is golden brown. Delicious with meat. ArtKlioku Hearts Canned iiriichoke hearts are sold in all parts of the country. They Clear Tomato Soup Whole Wheat Crackers I •••.«•*, IIIIKII vtiitJwia Appreciated by those who i Salmon Loaf Scalloped Polntofs are prepared like the eggplant and the family will ask again ai;ain for ihcse; use butter for this Pan Frteil Cabbage To fry or saute cabbage, first boil the cabbage iinlil tender. Iheii drain. Pack into a glass or carthmv.are dish and press the cabbaue do',™, placing ii under a weight of HI least five iioinids. i Use Ihe Hat iron on a plale, it nothing else is available). When cold, slice as cold mush is sliced, and fry in melted butter. Sprinkle browned crumbs on lop bctorc EtrvinB. 1'anrried Carrots First tail the carrots. Slice in quarters and saute in hot fat. Sca- -.0:1 witli a little salt and pepper. Tu make glnzet! tilGUo'h iii'own su°ar to cover; and i:e sure that ihe carrots are only par-toiled instead ot completely able Dressing for Many Kinds of Fish Cheese sauce makes an exceptionally welconie dressing for al-. most, any kind of fish. Make Uic I rliecse sauce by following ' your I best while sauce rcci|>c. and add- • ing from one half cup to oni; cup of cheese to two cups of thlni sauce; heat in ihe upper part of the double boiler until smooth and well blended. Sprinkle the top of the finished dish with a liltle paprika, or garnish wilh parsley for! better crfcets. Fish Itarebif One cup thin, hot cheese sauce; one cup cookcri, naked fish (salmon, cotl. tuna, halibut); one egg beater.; one tablespoon lemon juice: six large slices toast, Heat Die sauces and fish lot;clh- cr uboii', five minutes. Stir in the, beaten c-g. add lemon juice No wonder Pantricd Celery Urowii Bread, nutter" Honey Dakcd Apple and Cream Coffee Iced Tomalo Juice Roast Shoulder of Lamb Fried Eegplant Baked Potatoes Whole Wheat Bread and Butter Waldorf Salad Gingerbread and Hnism Sauce Coffee Fresh Fruit Cup Liver ami Baeon Fried Carrots New Peas Bisciits. Butter, Marmalade Caramel .Cuslnrd and Cookies ' Coffee * » • Creairi of Potato Soup Lamb Chops Fried Artichoke Hearts Creamed Potatoes Cornmeal Muffins, Butter Tomato Aspic- Salad Coffee casserole rubbed with butler."Cover • ill with the sauce. Then shape the biscuit dough to fit the top of the dish. Sprinkle top of vegetables with paisley, place the dough on top. prick ihe lop. Anil bake twcn- ; ly to twenty-five nilnuli's In a hot I iivcii. -150 degrees. Veal nnd Hum |-le Three oi]ks raw lean vend cubed; I one cup cooked, smoked ham, cubed; Iwo simill onions; four potatoes sliced; one half cup diced „—! i.'»rri>l.s: three tablespoons flour; over, ll's particularly nice for Suii-i"" 1 ' n| P sliced celery: one teaspoon day, or u guest dinner. jfiih: one half leaspoon iicpper; One cup flour; two teaspoon*' " 1IX ' L ' whole cloves; two table- baking powder: one hair teaspoon. sixxms butler. sail; one eighth teaspoon paprika:' Cook tin- vettl slowly in boiling one fourth teaspoon sugar; cue. »':ilcr until lender. Add the rc'- cup cooked corn, or one cup cnn-: miiinlnp, Ingredients except Iho ned corn; one egg; one third cup :i ™r nnd the butter. Cook slowly milk. Hoi creamed chicken, or ic- until the vegetables are lender heated chicken gravy. Drain, reserving the liquid, and Here's a dish any S ucst will appreciate and (he faintly will gloat . . , ........ => on a hot servini; platter and pour the creamed fritter. .-If the chicken .gra over small smau , ->—~i..ull.. ^HLJ tmllll cacti i (unbaked) baking powder biscuit on top. having them just toner Is tissd Bake in a hot oven, land thinner and place „ I gclhcr for a serving. I Chicken Shortcake , This dish is a favorite for bridge I luncheons: but ihere is no rcassn [ why it sliouldn't be served, as a | family disti occasionally. One and one half cups (lour; three te.ispcous baking ]x>wdec; one l.alf tcasjxian sail; leaspoon t'l'-... —---- *-3o- •«^->. itiiLirii juice i*u iwi:ut.i uit.- laiiiiiv ar.vavs carrots, cook-" 1 "! cook one mintite. Serve on Ihe! wants to stop al Ihe hot do.; statris .,,,„• .-toast or crackers. | along UK road when you go driv- liroiled Fish Steaks ; inj out into t^e counuy: Frank- Have salmon steaks cut about furier sare gcoci. an:l tl.c tender when they arc put in ihe| 0 "c h.ilf to liiree quarters of an Pecir-lly good' if highVia'liV frani:-; frynil! pan. For very youny car- illcl1 thick. Wj[>e wilh a clamp 'Wrs nr ^ fc'ood, uiul ihev'are es ruts.iio previous ixiilin; is rcfimr- " ' cd. I'anfricd Caulilloivcr t chopped parsley; three tables]«ons , shortening; one liair cup cooked : corn; one egg yolk; one third cup cokl water. Sift Ihe flour, baking powder and sail together. Mix in Uic parsley, cul in the shortening. Mix in the coin. Beal the cs% yolk and Add tr.e water to it, then stir in the dry ingredients with a fork. Turn out the douyh en a floured | board ami ])a t to one hall inch i thick, then cut with n larje'biscuit cutter. t-'lolh. reason with ;i little pepper, I prepared at home. fait or.ei mcllcd Iniltcr. Broil, add- T 'i' tt:cs " (liil 'e.s ui"d'.- with ing more melted butter, until n c .ifueat. to picas.? t/e men iolk-a ' '' ...... •'•-•— "-- = •- , n c . hcaicly browned on both sides.' Firsl carcrully. ai:il pick i:ilo llowcrlels a yotiri; head o! j HrnT H>c cheese .sauce hoi and! . r'ar-lioii it. then brown | I'cndy, with Uircc rourtte cup' ot i iiot fnt in which two lablo'- :pooi!s of onion have been browned. O: after v.',r-!iing Uic caulillowcr checie to two ctipa of white .sauce. ' the steak* on a hot plat- tor. Poiu a generous spoonru! ol Hake iu a lot oven. 400 When the biscuits are don'j. split ,,,. and pul together with hot creamed "'|Ch:cIccn or chicken relie-alci! with I gravy. Serve ; Crcanifii r:iii(krn ' n ' is recipe should IB known lo with ir.i:Mr,rd. Then p'.it iiiinc,-i : '' vur> ' housekeeper b'.n many limes ;hc kcluicr ai the Splil Frankfurter (Juails fiiif large franfcfurtci.-J rub Ihr inner syriac.-s] •ok it whole, lei tool. then slice, dip in beater, ejg. in fine crumbs j o: cornmeal, and then pan fry in" ho: fu:. Or thv-i: slices of the cooked (..uiill'j'.vcr may be treated like the i--j plant: dip them In cornmeal .va.sonrd with sail and pcp|>cr then into mayonnaise, then again ii! cornmeal. Lower in a frying baAa into deep, hoi fal and Iry until golden brown. Fried Celery Selccl rather large sulks of <Kcry. Pull U-.o .acilks apart, cut oif lops, wa.sli, boil until tender i'ti'J cut the pieces into two inch iriTth--. Dip each in cornmeal. Lhvn hi.'iier and cornmeal again. the sauce on each, garnish witli I paprika, and serve. ! "ecp fat Fried fish : Use fillets of lloiimici pickle ••i'l-M! ill some, relish. ch?.j. qi:aitercd bananas j n olhrr? Put Hi? -l-.aXcs of frankfiirteis back IciifihT an:! wrap car 1 )) v,Hh h : a Uiin strip rf bacon, fajteiimg in or so'c ' i)iricc wiln a loolh '' icl: - plac(; ln a ' '"-'I bakine dish and bake in a ho: ~- — cooking school is asked for it. and :o i't given l;cre, to ly: u.soii ui vvaf- :ios, or wilh t:. t , si:ortc;ik, above, or in ramekins, o:- i;;, «itli boiled rice. Two tablC5|KK)ILS givr-n has cooked, with the fat .skimtncc Serve with golden cheese taucc. i-.-y alwut iwo minutes in deep, hot tat. U:-c a tine mesh Iry'ins basket for best results. Analher method is to cook the ci-iery. at;d ,--a:itc the pieces in '''J- fat. seasoned witli salt and the fiUeis as above, but whe, , , ing them in (he crumbs mh grated drv cheese FrV' ^ i e B arnished wit,, ° dle » .Simaicr rrankfurtci.s fivf leighl minutes in n covered Pare; Drain at-.ii rub tile surfaces ivilh roi| -1 a mixture of bultcr, mustard and with , lemon juice. Serve .is a garnisli cook . , , . ed chicken freed from lire trane.s IJakcd Fillets Instead of frying O f (lot sole, season Ihcm as nbc „ ....„, Imii" 1 at , b ''! ii i" B (lish """''IJed'w-uii'' si'iccs butler. 5|inn-:lc roni u'itli one and one hair cups ' o! simmered frankfurters. or bmtcr and cover with „„«.« paper. Make in a hot oven. 400 degrees, for twelve to lificcn mm- 111 "-' Hemove the waxed paper. I'ricil i'arsiiips '''I'C pan frying method o! prc paruu; parsniiK makes an unuiiial l.v (ichcious rilsh. Uoil the par • l ii!|>s first until lender but no: : :'Jlt. Slice, dip in molasses and' then in Hour mid ,«aule until brown I-ned Summer Squa^i Small Miuash is i rc! , lr(i , Lkc :l-.c iiarsnijis. Uoil. cut off Ihe fi'ittcr cud. .Mice in thick slices dip m flour ai:d .saute. Or dip in [•inimical, then in batter or bcat- <n i-j!i;. then iu corn meal again and fry in deep hoi fal. Vegetable Scrap.ilc One medium sized onion minced; 01:0 medium carrot, minced; one hair green pepper, minced; one with f mail dabs i Pour into .1 baking dish, sprinkle Hie lc:> wilh grated cheese and brov.n m hoi even. Delicious. Frankfurters and .Spanish Kicr -». i«i|jui. Three cups cooked rice; one nn- coiu- witn ;, thick saticc' ditiin M/cd chopped onion: ti.- 0 l, t - siaioncd wilh a few drops of lo-' blcspoons chopped green pepper ).icco or worccsteishire satice. Put;'«'o cups canned tomatoes. Simmer o-ick in Uic oven for five minutes:! until tre rice Is colored and al- vc - " Imcsc ali ti:c moisture cva]X)rated. : l'ilc on a lict platter and garnish s . , .. . * «itli hot. Mitimcrctl frankfurters l aiders .Money I rubbrd wilh moiled but:er and 11 M (Ur> > —I'lftccu-ycar- mustard, old Maipret Zink found Her la- Fr.tiikfurlcrs and A».lr !hri s life savings or S2.500 -slowed I Place fraiiktiutcrs on the rack n. r££ «,," " iCU ' rC illlhc llv - !nf [hc br0ill " g "»"• Ar ""S c 'W=k ing room. She had taken and j slices of apple sprinkled tviiVi bul- $1.400 of it over a period •""•«- 1 it mi IUU of .several mouths before her father discovered the loss. ter and brown sugar along side ll:cm. Urown under a low flame. Serve when Ihe rr.inkfurlcrs arc bursting with Juice. Manila 's Ihe largcit bay; j Philippine Islands and is one of the finest harbors Iu that pan of :lie world After seven ye«rs of court bat- Ucs, a lock of hair belonging to Napoleon I lias been awarded to . the Nallonn! Museum or Boulogne. Curried Eggs on Brown Rice for Lent lly NKA Service I.cnlon dishes are In order niul every home-maker knows that they olTer excellent opiyirtimlllcs to make use ot eggs and other meut subMltulcs. She also knows Unit her family quickly tires at plain scrambled, bolted or pouched CBg.s and that It's up (o her lo use Imagination In coticocliiiK appclk- iriK dishes from the same old lu- grcdlcnls. Miiylx- she'll like lo rely on a many such recipes la whet a different flavor. hinging appetites. One Is curried eggs on brown rice. Try making It this way: Put four tablespoons of butler and Torn- tablespoons ot flour In a hot pan uiul blond them thoroughly. Add iwo cups of rich milk, still. |«p|»r mid curry powder to lusle, When you serve this dish tiKaln itliat's almosi Inevitable once you've tasted It), put In aboul onc-iialf cupful of milk from * — - •- -~-t •••• •• ~*™ui w.iu-it.iii t.i|iiiii ui niiiK irum currleil dish now and then. There' & cocoanut. n w ||l give thc.Miuce KITCHEN 11V S1STKR MARY NKA Service Star? Wrlttr Just ut llils season of llto yc»r when mosl of us must, rely on shipped nnd canned goods, seasoning and "lltivoring" Is a fine nrt. 'Hie used In cakes, puddluns or bcver- f6. lltfr, at Glnjer Olng«i-' is more valuable In un- snclnst Ihivors Ilian the uvernge cook realizes, core must, be taken Hint, n is evenly dLilrllniled through the mixture because ulugcr has a decided tendency to lump. Any pudding ihat Is definitely tlnvorcd with lemon Is Improved by a sprinkling of ginger. Fruit salads ure made more Interesting if a little gin- er is added lo Ihe dressing Several vcRetnbk* Bft | tl „ Ac . '"-.iliMSs ot rtavor If a liny . *! r .,**"*" fB ' ho ">ughly mixed s " gnr nll(J snlt llsf clever cook will never add enough seasoning of any sort to let Umt m , '" " l ' u "" B rrall V taste stand out to ihu exclusion of all other flavors, she will work to These same condlnjents can be mixture In the casserole 1 ""> C ' 1 - 1UI< .. A few grains or salt should be Included In every dish prc)>are<i. Fruil cups, salads, desserts, even coiree and every bil of food lhal should be about twenty minutes I loucl1 of 6nl( Serve al once from the casserole, i An<1 by 1|IB 6am " loltc:l1 Su 8(\r Is Sour Cream Pie Besides enough pastry to line one pastry shell and make strips for Uic top. the following Ingrc added to many vegetable and meat Ulslies lo bring out, the flavor. A few grains of sugar Included In the dicms arc needed; two eggs; three fourths cup fflignr; one le'aspoon' cinnamon; one nutmeg; fourth fourth cloves; one cup sour cream; one cup small raisins. Line a pic dish or pan with the pastry; ml.x the olhcr seasoning of meats develops rich ness and taslbwss. Acids Fruit Flavor tcasnoon ' Lc[n011 nlul orange juice come teasZu "^ !" '»!»"•»«. Extra sug.r, . , with the rcw grains of sail added with lemon juice to any fruit, concoction improves the flavor and if fruit has lost Us [irst freshness Uic hour, until ihe Serve warm. Detroit Frenchmen Plan custard Is firm, the apples'have" become" a'bii"willy and tasteless. No matter whether a sweet or | tart fruil mixture !-i wanted a dash .... - ,„., of lemon Juice will bring out the nl fknr/-l, i navors n " d a| d In blending a com- OI unurctl binallon Into a .smooth nnd dclccl- |bi i able ivhoie. n - •• • ! S<""0 larl fiuiis arc made more DtlROIT. Midi. (UP)— Hardly; bland by Ihe use ot orange juice liaci Uic smoke cleared awny from | Strawberries that are iLscd In any the charred ruins or old St. Joa- j fashion save "an naturcllc': arc and gristle; two cjg yolks: one lo'.irth cup cream: one rair teaspoon lemon juice; or.c teaspoon chopped parsley. -Melt the rat, add the flour and •seasoning and ttir \vci:. then add the chicken broth and tlie milk and stir, cooking until l/.ick and smooth. u tc a Double boiler. Cover an:i cook ten ininiile.s longer U'-cn add the chicken, tlcul Flic egg yolks slighlly, add the cream, and about, five minutes before • chicken mixture. Cook two iniii- cs. ,\dd lemcn Juice ami parsley.! id ircrve. Some cooks use sherry instead 1 of -cnion juice, about one (ablc- snoontul. This version is chicken iNCwburc and much appreciated on waffles. Unknown Cou a clump ALBUQUERQUE. N M (UP) — An unregistered Hulsleln cow wilh. out pedigrees, at the government Indian school litre, ras made a mils production record by giving more than sioo worth of milk within a month—ati average of 11.8-1 gallons a rtay. which, at 30 ""Us a gallon, figures out to SI 10. ^••e Is known simply as No. 143. Reail Cowler News want AC« chlin's Church here, when voluntary contributions to a fund for rebuilding ii:c church poured In from all sides as loyal Frenchmen rallied lo save the final bit of old France fro:n disappearing- from ihe cily. St. Joachim's exi.slcd solely for a scattered handful or French who for years had carried on ihe traditions o: Ircir forebears by al- tcnrtlnj u lc .services. I.x>sl In the fire were valuable relics, part or Ihe ceremonial equipment of S',. Anne's Church, the firsl in Detroit. Valued ailar linens and wall hanging.:, also from St. Anne's Clmitli. were destroyed as tr.e blackened walls crumbled. vastly improi-ed II a fc-,v table- spoonsful o! orange julct arc add. can be used to de- ed with the sugar. Spices velop flavor. Great Britain ceded Alaska to Russia in 1825. Nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon arc the most • commonly used. Sprinkle oysters ever so lightly with nutmeg the next lime you make a stew or cook them In any way. Tr.e flavor of spinach Is accentuated by a dash of nutmeg with the lemon juice. Add nutmeg to the seasonings tor veal cutlets or roast. Add a sprinkle ot nutmeg with vanilla in cake, cookies, sauces or Icings or custards to obtain a delicate yet definite vanilla flavor Cinnamon with vanilla develops veop . chocolate flavor whenever this ; A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR Al Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. DIS1KIBUTOKS BLVJTHEVliXE, AKK. Toniorrtw'j Menu nnEAKFAST: . chilled apple sauce with lemon juice, cereal cream, crisp broiled, bacon crlsn Ipnst. milk, coffee. . ' LUNCHEON: Cream of nian-ow- <U bean .soup. r yo bread and lettuce sandwiches, cabinet pudding Jnllk, tea, ' . DINNER: Codfish cakes with (o- mnlo sauce, splhnch witli drawn bultcr sauce, slutted nprlcot salad, rice souffle, milk, coffee. The Alrgin Islands were purchased from Denmark, In 1917. . The Olympic games were revived in Athens In ISOfi Boll one and one-half CUJB of brown rice Iu (our cups of water until tender. Wash the cooked rice In cold water to remove excess starch and put In a pan, coveted with wax pai>tr. Set Ihe pah In Ihr oven until Ihe rice Is very hot. This makes Ihe grains fluffy. When ready lo serve, place rict on a hot serving dish, cover will} whole boiled eggs (two to a i>er- sou) nnd pour ihe curry saiict over them. . , French Women Declare Cocktails Snobbish PARTS (UP)-If you drink cocktails here you're a snob. Tills Is Ihe decision rendered by UK recently organized women's national commltlec In favor of wine and ngalnsl cocktails. They take the. stand thai cockuil drinking Is pure rmnbblsm, us f or as French women are concerned, at least, and point,• out how much', more agreeable and liealtlifui is a glass of wine v, an appetizer. Several new- names have been added to the committee, including Mine. p. E. plandin, wife of the present Minister of Public Works. Tlie other members or the committee Include: Mmc. Achllle F\3uld, »'lfe of the rormer Minister of Agriculture, representing the Bordeaux wine region; Counter Vogue, daughter of Counl Bertrarid de Mun, and \fadame Mtrchari- dcau, wife of the former Minister or tlie Budget, Mayor of Rhelnis, representing the -Champagne re'- elon; Viscountess de •Moueheron, representing tlie Burgundy region- Madame O.auK-8arraut, niece 1 of Ine Minister or the Interior, representing the Southern, and Madame Boudln, tlie Central wine regions. • Positive Relief For Itchy Rash Cooling and soolhlui Bine Stir; Ointment melts on the skin, send-' ing lestcdmedicines deep into poriii- nhtre It quickly kills itchy risb,' tetter, cczcina, ringworm »nd fool- : itch torture. Itching ends. Slitn beals. bate, aore, quick. Udv.) ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS And 12 of Our Customers Will Get Crystal Chef CorTt-e.;tn(l Tea Makers FREE! CONTEST CLOSES April 2 FOR COFFEE It l.s not too Me to star I cotlectiiiB the coupoiy, found In each can of Four Leat Coffee. The'more you have the better chance of winning one of these S4.50 .Coffee and Tea 'Makers. Start today! FOB TEA > Tomorrow's Coflfcc was Koaslcd Today! •X Look For Thjs Koasling Date! Central Coffee Co. .'.".'•'.• Blythevilie, Ark ii

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