The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1961 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1961
Page 7
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Moy It, 19*1 May 18, 1961 FRIOAY. MAY 19ih SALUTING JENSEN'S new Super Market LEO GRECO it PIONEERS SATURDAY, MAY 201h JULES HERMAN ' And His Fine Orchestra Swe«V.F.W.To Sponsor Little Theater Group Swea City — The Swea City post or tne Veterans of Foreign iWars' .voted at a receht meeting •-to sponsor a little theatre group. j^Persons interested from Swea «"City and surrounding area are '•.urged to contact Max O'Keefej •post commander. .. Dick Dahl will direct the productions, with plans to hold two plays, one in the fall and another ift the Spring in 1962. • Marble Winners Larry Grabonowski was named winner of the V.F.W. Marble tournament here Friday evening in the Sr. division. Randy Newlin was" runnerriip. These boys will compete in the 6th District tournament here next Sunday. Jeff Newlin and John Van Nauman were Jr. division winners. SAVE 154 ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE OF ANY BAG OF . Robin Hood Flour Mr. Grocer: You are authorized to redeem this coupon as our agent for 15( only when applied on the purchase of any bag of Robin Hood Flour by a customer at your store on or before expiration date. Use In any other manner constitutes fraud. Customer must pay any sales tax. If redeemed as authorized, we will reimburse you 15< (plus 2« handling) provided you surrender this coupon within 90 days of expiration. Surrender toour sales- . man or mall to Robin Hood Flour, Sox 2097, Commerce Station, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Surrender through outside agencies orothers will not be honored. Invoices proving your purchase within 90 days prior to expiration of this coupon of sufficient Robin Hood Flour to cover this and other like coupons surrendered for reimbursement must be shown on request. This coupon Is void where prohibited, taxed, license required or otherwise restricted. Cash value 1/20 of U. International Milling Company 61 LIMIT ONE TO FAMILY YOU NEED NEVER SIFT AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT YOU BAKE! 1 We invite you-to try Robin Hood PRE-SIFTED Flour and save 'money, too, by Using this coupon! A Product of International Milling Company Try this NEW WAY to BETTER, easier BAKING Because Robin Hood Flour is pre-sifted through micro-fine silk, you need never sift again no matter what you bake. Hundreds and hundreds of women who have tried Robin Hood Pre-sifted Flo'ur this new way say that it gives them better baking, tastier baking, baking that stays fresh longer. Try this new, easy way to better baking. . , Robin Hood. Flour filed Officers Mrs. Gus Simonsmeiert Ledyard, was elected president of the Kossuth County Atnerictm Legion Auxiliary 'at a receht meeting here. • ; Mrs. Kennie Kollasch, ,SWea City, was elected vice president; Mrs. Carlyle Engleby, Ledyafd, secretary; Mrs. -Fern Peterson, Swea City, treasurer; Mrs.'LaW- rence Kemna, Bancroft, chaplain? Mrs. • Richard O'Green,' 'SWea City, sgt.-at-arms! and Mrs. Or* ville: Johns, LuVerne, assistant. Mrs. Rbbert Croker, Bode, 8th district. Auxiliary president, was installing officer. i < Ex-lrvington ; Farmer Dies s Mr. and Mrs/ John P. Simoh drove to Eagle Grove May lOtii to attend the funeral'of Mr.-Guy R. Smith. Many people heife knew the Smith family,, sindb they lived in this vicinity "fan years. They ) ave resided on their farm near Eagle Grove for thbi aast few years, with one of his sons doing the farming. ' tertnincd relatives at their home Sunday honoring their son Pete, on his First Communion Day. Those present were Mrs. Marie Frankl, Mrs. John Frankl, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frankl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Don Bormann and family and Marguerite Hayes. Mr. 'and Mrs. Harold Colwell and sons and Mr. : and Mrs. Chas. Colwell and family and Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Davis and family and Mrs. Mary Colwell and sons of Livermore were supper guests at the home of Mrs. Lee Colwell on Sunday. Mr. Ed. Parrel 1 and Mnrcella Farrell of Whittemore visited Sunday evening at the home of Marguerite Hayes. Local Woman Receives Watch For 275 Line Mrs. Mary Dole, Mr. and Mrij.i Ed. Immerfall entertained relatives Sunday at their home. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Waliter Mesher and family and Mr. and Mrs. Clarancfe' Green and family Of Bancroft, arid Mr. and Mrs. O. Thilges .and-' ifamiry. . ••••] Mr. and Mrs. B. A, Frankl ert» PLANTATION BALLROOM Whittemore, Iowa SUNDAY, MAY 21 HENRY CHARLES SUNDAY, MAY 28 RAY LEWIS No Advance Booth Reservations •**• Doors' Opettf>af" 8:30?= ACCflUftft <TLR£RT For: ® WELL DRILLING 6 JEEP DITCHING 9 PUMP REPAIR PHONE CY 4-3848 — ALGONA Co. The Oldest And Most Reliable Name In The Well Prilling Business In This Area Joan Mueller, Algona, at the right above, was presented with a wrist watch by Richard, 1 L. White, sales representative of AMF Pinspotters, St. Paul, here Thursday night, April 27. The award was one of several -received by Mrs Mueller as a result of a 275 single line posted by her recently at Algona Lanes. It was the highest sanctioned score by a woman ever posted here. (Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst Photo - UDM Engraving) New Pullet House Wesley — Martin Hamilton has built a 250 by 40 foot pullet house on the acre of laind he bought from R. C. Bauer 2 miles west and a half mile north of Wesley. They are in the process of tilling it with 11,000 Ghostly Pearl pullets which they have hatched in their produce plant here. NOTES OP MEN Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind,— Army Pvt. Kenneth R. Klockc, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Klocke, Ledyard, completed the five-week financial management integrated accounting course at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., April 28th. Klocke received specialized military accounting training in organization, record procedures, and operations and reports pertinent to integrated accounting under the Army command management system. He entered the Army last November and completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The 19-year-old soldier is a 1959 graduate of Swea City High School and was employed by the Green Giant Company in Blue Earth, Minn., before entering the Army. San Francisco—John M. Christensen, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morton J. Christcnsen of Whittemore, was recently promoted to his present rate while serving aboard the guided mis- sle frigate USS Mahan operating out of San, Francisco. The Mahan recently completed a shakedown cruise to Acapulco, Mexico. The frigate is equipped with advanced electronic equipment incluring the "Terrier" all-weather, surface-to-air missile and the ASROC anti-submarine torpedo. 1 It is die third ship named after Rear Admiral Alfred T. Mahan, whose writings brought recognition of the importance of sea power in world history. Girls 4-H Contests The Country Girls' Creed and Four Leaf Clover Song contests will be held at the Extension Office in Algona Saturday, May 20 at 9:30 a.m. There will be a junior, and intermediate and a senior division of the creed contest. The senior winner will give the creed, at the county 4-H Rally Day at Swea City, May 27th. F.B. Policy Quiz Kossuth. t county .Farm Bureau •Tnembe'rs • are being asked for their ideas on issues to be incorporated into the Farm Bureau's policy program for (the coming year. The ideas wiM be compiled into the county suggestion program arid submitted to the state officers. If a man doesn't get happier as he gets older, he hasn't learned what he should along the way. SQ comfortable resorts JUST 5 HOURS AWAY OR LESS . . . En|oy a Minnesota vacation this year. Stay at the first "lull size" resort area going north on Hi-Way 171. Lots of wonderful places to stay, •tillable for any family on any budget. Swimming, boating and the fishing's great • i . deep In relaxing cool-clear air at night. Wrlle today for an association color brochure, or better yet, why not ask for one at the otf/ce of this newspaper. LITTLE CROW RESORT ASSOC. Kandiyoht County In West Central Minnesota * V\N ' " & Spicer, Minnesota Dear Sirs; Please send me your resort folder. Name. Address- _Town_ TICE! WE ARE HAPPY to announce that we will expand our business to 12 NEW LANES - PLUS A MODERN SNACK BAR — this summer which will be ready for league bowling this fall. CONTACT Bob or Doyle now for signing up your team for next fall while you have these choices of nights: MONDAY NIGHTS - Men's Handicap TUESDAY NIGHTS - Men's Handicap WEDNESDAY NIGHTS - Men's Handicap and Classic, THURSDAY NIGHTS - Women's Handicap FRIDAY NIGHTS - Mixed Doubles SATURDAY NIGHTS - Mixed Doubles. ALGONA LANES Bob Riedel and Doyle Dailey, Prop. PHONE CYpress 4-2831 THE HOME LIFE OF A PHEASANT is strictly for the birds, but I'd like lo, be able to eavesdrop on a pair of them. I got to thinking about this the other day when we were driving in the country and saw so ninny of the lovely creatures. Pheasants, they telll me, are quite monogamous and take 'their family responsibilities quite seriously. The hen lays the eggs, but the rooster stays close to the nest until the chicks are hutched. At the risk of also laying an egg with this column, this week we're going to listen in on a conversation between George and Mnblc Pheasant. * * * . ' PA PHEASANT — THAT'S GEORGE — has just returned from a strut down the lane. He greets his wife with a quick peck and asks how she is getting ailong. "Honestly, George, I'm SO nervous I could fly! I thought you'd never got back." says Mable. "Well now dear, it's nothing to get your feathers ruffled over. I just went down by the water-hole and I got lo talking with some of the boys", says George. "Just the same," Mable goes on, "I can't help Worrying. All day long carloads of roaster humans have been going by and I heard several of ihom say something about, 'the Season'. I don't wanit to be a dumb cluck, but it kept reminding me of the last time a Season was on and poor Ha/.el Josl her husband lo one of those huniters !" * * * "WHY YOU SILLY LITTLE GOOSE". George coos soothingly, "this is a different kind of Season. They're not after us—it's the opening of the fishing season! But I must admit humans get jus 1 ! as wild during this one as they do during ours". "Wclfl", sighs Mable, "that's a relief! —< But I must say Hazel didn't .take it ton bad. She's no spring chick herself, but Harry was hardly turning in some oven before she was making eyes at all the young roosters. And then she nested up with the first one who asked her!" * * * "I GUESS HAZEL FIGURED A BIRD in hand is worth two in the bush", (chuckles George. "But dear, aren't you getting a little catty about Hazel?" "George!" Mable screeches, "if you are going to use profanity you can just move to another nest! You know cats are our worst enemy, and no decent rooster uses the expression in front of a hen! What if Ihe children should hear you after they are hathed?" * * * "I'M SORRY, MOTHER", George apologizes. "I was jus* trying lo chirp you up. You've had a hard day. How about letting me keep half the eggs warm? And what's more, I'll takfe over completely when you go to that hen party tomorrow." Mable admits, a bill grudgingly, "George, you can be awfully sweet sometimes. Setters are so expensive, and I would like to go to that party." * * * MABLE SHOVES OVER AND GEORGE nestles down' beside her. "Take it easy," warns Mabel. "Last riight you took way over half of your side of the nest, and the eggs on your side got quite cool." George says, "As long as we're just setting here, anyway— scratch my back!" Mable obliges. George says, "A little farther down —that's it—Ah! that feels wonderful! Notice the way those blue feathers blend in with the red? Pretty slick looking rooster aren'it I? Say, Mable, take a look at the feathers on my crown. Do you" think they are getting 'a little tjxin?" ' •r- •-'--•' ' ^ . ' . * • ' * * • ' • • ' -• • "OH. YOU ROOSTERS!" Mable exclaims. "I think you are perfectly beaultifull and you know it. I suppose it's just natural for you lo be proud of your fine feathers!" After a pause, George answers, "You know, the fellows were talking the other day and somebody said that with humans it's just the other way. The hens wear all the fancy plumage and the roosters stick ti brown and gray!" "Ach," says Mable, "That's not for the birds. Thai's strictly for humans! It's so much more practical being a hen and wear nice brown feathers that never show the dust.." * * * THEY ARE QUIET FOR quite a spell and then Mabel says, "George I just know that'this' time we're going to have three rooster chicks and four hens! Mother always said that the eggs with the most pecking coming from them were going to'.be boys". George replies sleepily, "That's probably an old hen's Hale! We'll take whatever we get." * *_ * BUT MABLE GOES ON, "George, when we get this hatch nicely started on grubworms, 'let's have another nest full. I always did belie ve in having your family when you are young so lhal you can grow up with your children." George grunts, "That's really counting your chicks before they hatch. For goodness sake, tuck your head under your wing and go to sleep!" * * * SILENCE REIGNS OVER THE nest for quite a time. Suddenly Mable pokes George. "Dear," she says, "would you mind awfully going out tine! getting me some sunflower seeds—or some nice fresh grasshopper legs!" "For crying out loud!", George explodes, "last week you hud a craving for beetle's wings, and then it was sprouted corn! Can't you ever bo satisfied with what you peck up during your k.nch break or what I bring home to you!" * * # IT'S MABLE'S TURN TO apologize. "I'm sorry, dear", she says. "I just can't help these uncxplainable cravings. I'm like that every single time I'm on the nest!" * * * THIS IS BEING WRITTEN on Mother's Day. Did I ever get the full treatment this year! Not only did I gel gifts and a card from the kids, I also received a present and card from Father! I guess my family knows me pretty well. When Jeanie presented me with the earrings she said, "DonM worry, Mother, we didn't really pay $4.00 for them like it says on the price tag. They were on sale." Also among gifts was a booklet of creative writing by the sixth graders in Jean's class at Bryant. I hud already received the booklet made up by Mr McBride's sixth graders and there's lots of talent displayed in both o£ them. I shall treasure them. * * # THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is i'or Mandarin Orange Salad. 1 pkg. orange Jello. 1 cup hot water. 1 small can orange concentrate, lhawed. 1 small can crushed pineapple, juice und all. 1 can drained mandarin oranges. Dissolve jollo in hoi water, add orange concentrate and crushed pineapple. When it starts to set, stir in orange sections, and pour in mold. Serves H. — GRACE. SAVINGS BIG Costs little with a new WESTINGHOUSG FREEZER SEE page 9 As Advertised in Farm & Home THEN SEE US I Prices Start at only $2.50 per week BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE Bancroft News The St. John's Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom was held Monday night in the church hall and Legion ballroom. Mrs. Richard Elsbecker entertained a group of ladies at a party in her home Tuesday afternoon. Guests who won prizes included Mrs. James Becker, Mrs. Cletus Don- and jMrs. Clarence McGuire. A large crowd attended Ihe ladies bowling banquet in St. John's church basement Wednesday night. The lady Foresters were in charge. A large crowd also attended the mens bowling banquet the following night. Mrs. Gordon Dudding returned Monday after a five-day visit with her husband and brothers and their families at Ft. Scott, Kansas.

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