The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1961
Page 16
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"4-Alflena (la.) Uppar tfiuriday, May H/> 196t "' 'An interesting ftem appeared •fft a recent Issue of the Des ' Tribune and it is probable the name Lillian Leffert meant 'Only a similarity of names. But She is a sister of Algona's Dave Leffert, and is employed, at tn6 1 Statehouse, being legislative clerk "Jfr the house of representatives. She was graduated form the University of Gnioago law school •and was 1 admitted to the iowa and Illinois bars though she never had et any'' in teuton of practicing law. , «In the class were seven women " and Miss Lef tert was graduatca e.cum laude. ffot a number of yoau «she was in the legal department "of the National Travelers Insur .Jrnce company. She reads bills, »ichecks phraseology, how typed, '•what Rind of paper arid other details The largest day this year was «12S bills tn check. She also checks "spelling,-, pronunciation, and phy- 'sical preparation arid amend- •"nients also go through Her hands. who do not know how to prepare a bill or amendment art £ad vised, . "Ask Lillian." She is «<juJte v ' a ' traveler, having made w ,tMee trips to Europe, and has ^ibeefi to the Holy Land, Canada, «vldxic(j and Hawaii. ''• ! • •' '. * *• • .. the past week has baen inter- •^estin'g-clUite a number of callers "'April; 22 my late cousin's wife, «,/iftiiie Goddardj and her sister, •"fi&jel Doe, were heie. Mrs'-'W. (J. "*Devvel was another caller and .Jtook the old picture of the court •"•house gang home for her husband ''to see and determine, if possible, ^vsorne o f the persons I didn't »knoW. He was oaf fled too and 1 •gaVe the picture to a person who '.will; probably put it in- his verj , finfe collection of old pictures- Theo Chrischzllee. Al spongberg propped in to picJt up a letter he J;ad loaned me which was written •4n April. 1898 by' his late brothei ^George Wao was with : Company If at, pes Moines. Ray Potter ^topped to give me a message, ..Sarah/Clark came for a chat, "Mrs Karkla, ' a Good Samaritan J?ink Lady and Mrs Harry Ireland came in for a little While and Esther has dropped in a coup- jle of times, this .weex. All of which ipleiases nie and chases dull time "away. And a pleasant chat with Mrs Clara- Pompe when she ^brought me some books Beth . had Selected. so frequently mislaid. .ft afteei 8n tdia me «*W il M» m «i < W was 1 In Mlnneapdlis' left h«f caf itf a parking lot, got to the hdtel afid fdtttta herself with.«6 hahdWgi H KM Been.feft beHitid fth tlte 1 trunk of her car. Immediate retUrh tr> the lot— and there Coming toward her was the attendant tfhb Mrs Maty looking, forward to 'Mothers Day and a reunion With hef family. George and 'his wife will be here from Port Orange, Pla., Mrs L. H. • Crawford Jrom Minneapolis and probably DOlph from Gftnnell, To these will be added Twillah fiar- thofomeW, Mrs Llyod Wellendorf and Mrs Ed Wilkins and thr respective spouses. A le«6r from Maggis Pannkuk; ^aiimont, says she enjoyed hei month in Flonda in spite of a L> left wrist suffeied a few Jays before tane-off time. Snow and bare trees after Florida sunshine and flowers made loWa noi as desirable as ono could wish Upon aiTival iiomc she found 8T letters and gifts fiom friend^ vi'ienng sympathy for, her acci- lent (she fell on ice). The cast is now off, she said, and the exercising has begun, painful but i necessity. . * * * Whai Veda Nluriagh and I know about horticulture would fill a much smaller book than one On what we don't know, but Veda g-jre "£," iJoTlhFwas'tJpi&nd" does know a little about leaf mold ^K^Angeles and a wide A'Mile on vacation m Auzonu re- " lvulvr "' P , . ,, ,....,.,.„ cently, she accompanied her hostess to a meeting of garden club members. A talk Was given on Graduation At Swea City On May 22 Cfo'mmehoertiertt at>. Swea Community 'School 'hal bfe^ft 'se' fof May 22 iJf the" sitim. Dr. fi. fiottefifc- Sftllth bJ tflklng the batf to -her. Post Was H trustirig soul when she left her handbag Of the steps overnight at Davenport on one of our visits to the Longs. It held a ctmsidera'ble amount ot rtiortcy 'and was firSt S6en ' the 1" mdrnirtg' by Abrtr When he opened the door and said, 'What is that olac^t duck sitting 6n the step*?" Wuefl we are down } there Blanche usually tri.ieS fnarge of the bags and ere 1 *6 Jnve away wfe check to see If all iour are With us. 1 vote for Jlipffe pockets and less handbags. 4 - * "OrirffouTjlS With er Is that it geu .ougher to find a f SmbUs al figufe Who didn't nfflou'nt td mdch When de was voiir a^e." 4 4 • < > Sdme readef 6f "Tidblii" ii A loyal Californian and apparently doesn't like the refriarks I made concerning the heat, at Well, I Was quoting froth a Ifettef fiom my : cousin who lives tfiei-e and there Was ari v eflcl6sed hfeWa- papei- iterH c6nflf«iiflg what Kfr Bethel College*, St.' Paul, -will give f he address, • , According 'to principal ' Olson and Supt. EdWartl Sit the valedictorian and ealutato? Ifln will not be annojunced untdl ctem* Graduates are: Delbert Abbas, Derold Abbas, Elmer AbbaS, Maurice Anderson, Patricia Bailey, Richard Blair 1 . John Bolaftd, Tom Diaz, Arifia Dixc-n ( Gary Dixon, James Elliobt, Sandra fiwing. PSrftela Farfafld, Lee' Harison, Mary Richard Geerdes, duntis Ann Ha2elhoff ( Charles Meidfenwith, JudMh Hurl bunt, Roger Johnson, Terry son/ darme'n. Larsen, • Gary Larson, Ronald Linide, Lynettfe Lund, Sharon Magftuson ( Alan Mather, donnle Opsal, Nancy Patterson, (Jlehdon Peterson, Wallis Kay Reynolds, David Rip- fjefttfop, Gary Thorson, Linda Webber. The Boy Sco.uts netted $60.55 at the white elephant sale held Saturday at the former K. & H. Garage. NOTICE Anyort6 hovinfl property under flrandstahd ftt »h6 fair flWOndS, kindly reftiove ««i«8« Any Items not.reftioved by MAV ft Wl» by mdndfleWenf. Kassuth S liiliiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ African violets, and Veda said till she had attended this meeting she nad never known now many varieties there are. The secret pf blooms, the lecturer said waa using one-third of one thing, one- third of another and one-tnird of Oak leaf mold. This she cduld understand. One woman said the moid could be obtained from a certain dealer whose address Was immediately taken by the "vio- leters." One woman spoke up arto. said "I come from Minnesota and could have got ten tons of oak- leaf mold." Hurray for Minnesota, and Iowa wouldn't do so bad either! I cnn remember when Grandma Cady went to the woods for leaf mold for her plants, and the calla liy got special attentr ion. * * * Women and »heir handbags are always subject to humorous treatment. One of the reasons s because of the quantity of things they contain, and another, they » Friday was a cold, gloomy day ' "and the arrangers of radio pro- 'grams, in keeping wlih the day iplayed that old and always pop- ; 'UlarJune, "I've, Got My Love To* Iveep' Me Warm'," I heard it across -the hall on two different networks "fcboiit ten minutes apart. It was •almost cold enough for "White ^Christmas." " » • « I played a little bridge Friday f |or the first time in at least 15 years. I played auction years ago •ptnd this was contract. Gone were 'Ihe honors of old I never did like Taridge as well a's 500, but either is entertaining. I'll admit I am sadly out of practice at bridge. ~. * * * ;; While Mrs Kuchynka has been .sick with flu, her husband has taken over the kitchen, and is .thankful for easily-prepared foods •such as TV dinners and soups. Al Spongberg is a close rival in culinary achievement and has put •it to use while Mrs Spongberg has been incapacitated with an ailing leg. Both pat their husbands on their respective backs for household duties well done. » * •• No, it wasn't white paint I discovered on a friends wrist and dress front, it was dough! Guess who? • • » Other callers during the week have been Hattie Burlingame, ^Fern Foster, Oneta Didriksen, Ada Malueg, Hazel Lusby, Myrna Orton and Frances Moo. The Meth- "odist Vim, a weekly sheet containing items of interest conesrn- ing members and current bullct- ^ns, has also had a Bible quizz. ') was gkid to discuss one ol the questions wth Fern and "Pneta. In the meantime, Ada Malueg has been hospitalized for an ankle and hip injury suffered in a fall resulting from something .she shouldn't have been doing. A slight slap on the wrist, Ada for being careless. But I understand the injury will not keep you "put" too long and I urn sorry you didn't make a proper land- 'ing. » » « Years age I learned from Evalyn McDougall how to fold paper napkins to resemble water lillies. Cute and nice table decorations. I had some colored napkins and decided to try making the lillies. it took avvile to accomplish it, but with Mrs Martin Becker ana Mrs R. I. Simpson looking on and trying it too, I really came up with results. The women are Pink Ladies and had boecn culling on residents and giving good cheer and any assistance wanted. Mrs Simpson was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs Millard Hotz, Cedar Rapids. CHUCK WAQON Oelicioys Roast Beef — Chicken Salad Bar - Desserts and Hot Rolls and Coffee. Serving Wed., Thurs. and Fri. and Sat. at 6 to 10. Hgnd's Park, Foirment, Minn. FHI0AY, MAY FHANK BUHH . and his RAMBLERS SATURDAY, MAY 131h Henry Charles and Orch. Tha band that plays hit tunes^ WED., MAY 171h KITTLESON MOTORS APPRECIATION DANCE Bob White and Orch. FREE ADM. , area were included in • the category. A WfeatHer repott on the card gaVe a diffef-eht report and Written; on the cfird .w'a's "Upland's ibcatidn -, keeps it ffbin being a typMl temp" The card: was sent froifri Ariaheim and pictured a Sahtd Aha Street. Well, eve;yOrie to His tiwri ideas' and hurrah for a Staunch Q.alifornian, but I've been out there too'. It does have some faults-'alas! ,Lalck; of rainfall is .One .of thefhr I'fri tdo: busy to mentidn the rest.; ; Dennis Hammerstrom, Ri,ce- ; ville,; visited several, dtys friends .in Buri ; : ; i: : ' Whl»teiTiore,.l9vyo :.J..;- vi- SUNDAY, MAY 14 MARV REEDSTROM SUNDAY, /WAY HENRY CHARLES SUNDAY, MAY 28 RAYLEVVIS ' '•'.'• , •• ' i • ' ;> No Advance Booth Reservation! Doors Ope.i at 8:30 iniinnnni ultfotthit PRESENTED WIT H PRIDE BY THE ANK TI TONKA AND GOOD PEOPLE New SMITH-CORONA Galaxie ffie FAVORITE GfFT for your fAVORITE GRADUATt most beautiful ever dreamed NewesV most exciting styling ^•Precision design and engineering > Swift, smooth action..* printwork perfection Now, from the first name in typewriter* '... the last word in portables! Beautifully styled, they're just as practical as they are handsome. They're built solid. They stay put when you type on them. They give you more in performance and printwork than any portable ever made. Available in lovely Colors...Sunglow, Jade, Sapphire, Feart, Flamingo, Ivory. Come in soon ,„ tee and try these newest, most exciting portable* for yourself I THE N6W REMINGTON PORTABLES Feature - LOADED YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS World's fastest manual portable typewriter. 4 beautiful colors. Full-featured for the finest in typing ease and performance, TRADE IN YOUR OLD MACHINE >lllC6D-SENSIBLY- ALL GUARANTEED With' Jhw Advanced Features t fvfeilif Simfafd Ktyta»r4 • K»yitt Margin* V * MMn TabvloMr iilHM * FIn;*r-flt K*ybv»«n* * f«ft 6af* * Ch«U« «f 9 Cslor» * Ttttth Sfbctor * New Slimline "Holiday* Carrying Cot* F M Double Special trw transistor radio for onto Kg 05 with. IARGJST TYPiWW T6R SILECTIQN IN THI ARIA »C»(8*(«, Stirling or Corontt Uodelt, Ill E. CALL 4M5t Acrqss Frpi UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. i AtGQNA, IQWA

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