The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1961 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1961
Page 14
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ra* (l|i,) Uppor D&Motafi Thursday/ May 11, 1961 THE GRIM POST MORTEM „ Just what was our cbnnection with the recent ill-fated landing attempts in Cuba by a group of Cuban exiles ? The New York Times and St. louis Post-Dispatch seem to have prepared the most conv prehensive and understandable summary of jjust what pur nation did in connection with the effort, . The Times said: "We look like fools to our friends, rascals to our enemies and' incompetents to the rest." - 1 r- There were only about 1200 exiles involved in the landing efforts, although some 4,000 more were concentrated in other Caribbean areas without taking part. It was not a full scale Invasion effort as most of us thought from what we read. - '2 — About a year ago the CIA began helping to train, and finance an army of Cuban exiles with chief training camps in Guatemala and Nicaraugua. A U.S. army retired colonel was in cJiarge of training, but gave the conventional army training, not for guerrilla war. 3 _ The. CIA appears to have dealt chiefly with an anti-Castro conservative group known as FRD, snubbing a more radical group which had far stronger underground support in Cuba known as the MRP. About 20 million was appropriated for the FRD group, but the MRP obtained only about $3,000. 4 — The MRP warned iiiat en invasion attempt could not succeed unless coordinated with the underground in Cuba — nor if it aimed to restore U. S. plantations and corporations to former owners as the FRD has promised. 5 — The CIA advised President Kennedy the invasion had a good chance and that a mass uprising against Castro was to be expected. The underground forces in Cuba of the MRP were not notified of the invasion plans, however. ; 0 _ The 1,200 men who went ashore were qrmed with American guns, and some tanks (five), but the expected uprising of the Cuban people did not follow. ! "fhqt, in substance, is the .course of events. . It is unfortunate that the effort failed, and it would seem it should not have been made at all without more assurance of success. The die is cast, and we lost the advantage that a Castro uspet 'wpuld have achieved. There may come another chance, someday, and when it does, let us hope we have learned enough from the first defeat to insure succes^ot the second attempt. • • *»•*• * . * *. • i - • If you keep borrowing trouble you're always in debt. ' * * * Memo'ry is the product of intelligence and work. CS £ Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Entered, as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona, Iowa, under Act of Congress oi • March 3. 1879. -' Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAI EDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. •One Year, In advance Both Algona papers. In combination, per year ---- *5.«> Single Copies ----- ..... - ................... ------- luc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance ----------------------------- H-00 Both Algona papers in combination, one year --- J6-00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST SCHOOL DISTRICT SOLUTION ? Our neighbors in the Whittembre public school area are faced with a problem involving a revision of their school district. Months of discussion have taken place between Whittemore and other neighboring districts, chiefly West Bend and Rodman, studying a way for school consolidation acceptable to all the various districts. It is not an easy problem to solve. The three areas concerned may work it out to mutual advantage. But if they do not, and if Whittemore feels so inclined, why not give consideration to inclusion of the Whittemore district in the Algona Community School disitrict ? We understand that several years back some though was g|ven to this solution, but Whittemore was left with the impression that if such a move was made there would be no prQ- vision at all for use of the present Whittemore public school building This building is made-to- order for a grade school, to say the leas^. It contains an excellent lunch room, a near-new gymnasium, and plenty of playground space. It could easily handle six grades. Incorporated into the Algona district, the only revision that might be necessary would be alteration of the distribution of grade students so that some of those in the rural area between Algona and Whittemore, now coming to Algona grade schools, might go to grade school in Whittemore. The teaching personnel would be of the same calibre as presently exists in the Algona system, and of course a part O t f it. It doesn't exactly seem sensibly to discard a perfectly good school building, such as the one at Whittemore, when it might logically be used. Bus distance from the school would -be no greater and might even be less than present mileage for the area between. Algona and Whittemore which might be serve'd. Consolidations in school sytems are the order of the day, in an effort to provide better educational facilities and a wider varlety^.of .sjjb- jects. But there is always a factor of cost,.too. Inclusion of Whittemore in the Aigona district would not all be a one-way street. The Whittemore school district residents vyo.ujd bene^ fit, we presume, by having access to, a broader, educational system. They, in turn, would be added to the school tax base and would ,pay their proportionate share of the bonded indebt-. edness that already exists in the' Algona district. . But by simply using the Whittempre facilities for six grades, enough easing of the Algona grade school load might be accomplished so that one of the present existing new buildings in Algona might possibly even be used solely for a junior high. This, in turn, mght relieve the enrollment load in the high school so that' present facilities would do for a long time. The reason the present high school is crowded is because everything over the sixth grade is now going to the high school. There are, we realize, many probable flaws in the discussion here. But we hope there might also be a few worthwhile thoughts. It is likely that as time goes on, school sys- tens will continue to consolidate. If Whittemore does not find a solution within the discussed triangle with Rodman and West Bend, it makes sense to us to strongly consider inclusion of Whittemore in the Algona district. We would welcome any discussion on the subject, and our editorial page columns are open to those interested, regardless of viewpoint. * * ' * SECRET WEAPON NOT USED We may have missed the boat in the propaganda field, one that with little effort would have cemented us solidly with Cuba and other Latin American countries. Hardly a major league baseball team in the U.S. is without a Cuban or Latin American in the lineup. They are heroes, and well paid, and we like them. Here we have a secret weapon for good will and inter-hemisphere understanding, but we haven't used it effectively. Castro, no — Baseball, yes 1 * * * Power steering is nothing new. We've had it in the back seat for years. - The Eddyville Tribune. * * * Popular philosophy: The people pf the world are divided into two types; me and the other people. a sign was posted announcing the faetii It' was' not possibly the skunk could read, b5t soon after the sign was posted the unwanted animal TftoVed <5ttt-and the teacher and her, class held a weiner roast to celebrate the occasion. Bornadiae Mahonoy of AlgpnS fell down a flight of Stairs at the Mahoney" home-three --'" and she noticed a pair her arms.'She didn't tl . atiything to. wojrry abouVHntil the pain relused to "^6 away-for goodj During the-past week, she wen] to a'doctor and had the injured Box KALISPELl, MONTANA I notice that sometimes boy-WiU-write; and ; ask if to wear long or short hadrtiute and^you always pay U what about how 'boys' htfe'girls-ito wear their g'irU to wear their hah- in a sjiort<stv,lfe or long? • • t » I. tl' * >!t As 'long as aigdri wears, an ailtraflfclye hair 'style, long or short, I .think that's all the boys worry about. of trouble. It was hoped that massage and the proper exercises would mend the arm. *•" •.« ••' 4 ' A LuVerne woman got excited and worried while shopping in ILWIl* illdfc *Ji*** w »««• —•— v - - - t to see and I ihink most boys would echo my. statement. ." *, * * ana worneu wu.« »« H i«»e - Dear Dan: My parerits have practically o^ered'^ne db get a Algona Saturday noon. And so 9tead y boy fr'iend and I just don't know what to do; Please under- did Police Chief Art Moulds. The 9tal)d ; j have wonderful parents. Perhaps they're too wonderful be- lady parked her auto in front of cause tney always want me to be the most popular girl m our crowd, the Hub Clothiers store and when f 16 and most O f th . e g[ r i s \ run around with have steadies. I "" '• ' ~"*" any'interest in a particular boy so I am she returned' a few minutes, later the car was gone. Moulds was called and told of the problem. The car was found h&urs. later. T,he , have one and \"And to. think we fired * ffxl who used two. fiag<?» V high lights but I think she's just too much of a busy-body where myiSocial life is street- to pick concerned. What do you think? — Single Girl. . . up~t£e"veEele an'd" change, the oil Dear Single GirlJ Like you said, your mother means, well and and Hive it a grease job. He did. while I wouldntt say shefs interferring in your social 'life, I would Unfortunately, the woman knew say sn e'd better take another look at the business of gomg steady, nothing of the plans for the car, i hope your mother realizes that no girl ever asks a boy to go so the search began-and- wound • steady and -that a smart;girl doesn't go stte&dy with the first boy ask- u£ at the service % station.' . i n g hfer if>he doesa't like him Hhat much or doesn't want to go " * * steady. . ' ' Two charges of illegal possess- ion of sl(?t machines, were pending here. State agents found the machines during the week and ^ a ~good future. Kay' and I have only been married for six" months filed the charges. A hearing on an( j j can ungerstand, her' argument But I still 'think I shouldn't pass the qhgrges was slated in district up .this chance I've be^n offered.., •"••.' The House of RepresanJafives -to which they areVnqt: accustomed 9qurt. v r " ' The company Nvanits'-me '.-'to : &t> guite a bit of traveling around opened -hearings last ; weeK-^bn atthe old homestead; tor. Kennedy "' • * < - * .'A. the state for the next iB-Wonths and at the endof that time I can pos- Prc-sident Kennedy's tax reform would like at least to eliminate A heat wave (at least (or uaa ? ibly become pianager of. one of our branch offices. I'll be home each bill so it's only natural that we the major abuses such as compan- time of the year) moved into tne ^^end but my wife/says that won't maitte^much i| I'm, away the - - ' ' which, yachts sv,p= county during the week and shot res t "of the week. •"'"'•' ' ' ' ' - ----- —- •- "- 1 •»<"«-°« B I turn down this opportunity, it wall prpba;bly t gp on my record and I'll never be^offered- a good pfomotfon^gain! 1 .t'lbye ^Kayi as much A WcMf Report from f$ Capital by Rmy Yantm ' We're Dear Dan: My wife and I want you to settle an argument for us. s'fe"Both"20 and 1 I work for an"insurance firm ithat has promised »w*M. fj «**... ^.»«.-Y ^« —^ •&"/.•," •'•TV** ~ -—. - ' •- - f .i T -_ come aci-oss a fellow who, says customer to a fashionable *' 't 11 .. » '' jt '••*"*„!. A-l'^— 1 — "*rtil'JT f >.4. -ff^f* limnVi t^lrtl^e n»^ ' as'she loves me,.byi I fe.el we should/make 'this sacrifice'for our ue auuM a AC.UVW »».«*.«, «w.» vft">.<v»'"-* •" - '. T 3.—•-• • -o-—vr-v«- TT.- - i'->•-'i*-~~ •"„«• future happiness and sefiUrity; What do you-think I .should, do? — doesn't mind paying taxes. B*if 'wit for lunch, picks up a $15 or. the : lo,w, .^Sf ra > ure ^ e ^^€.|S s Young Husband. * . ,'vi • ' ' . often, insure ^that meg |20tab and charges it off a* a ? 6 /^WL 7lS^s " Dea^YoungHusband: You -asked, m* the 'ofte ^question Hhat^l- .is agree that taxes area necess- business expense.'• •:•;!< ing May 14..was- /I pegrees, ..-,, Ar ^,ff~^ n ,, a ^''"~^" -' • - - - • • • •--- not of us agree that taxes are a, necessr afy evil Where wejget purVdandi|r up, though, is on* the question of fairness. Hjumap nature facing what it is eafh pf us feels " ii ~ pther fellow is| getting a "" 4pn^i^iqua|if\edr"fcriM^er.-Yqu'hiiye-agood argument and so has •• The one thing we all wa_ni, we wpn't get and that's a tax cut.' ie (As a matter of "tecC the way de*; y elopments are. taking .place... JckV II- anu AYU5S u.ouett , vv i in y can ^*i v**- . *»*v *-«c^* «^- -"^ *"-v- w *.vr-7- < v , ..•«'-^ .^-r ——r, -r ,r-*ii"— — . — * xes^at uFanTRobert'Cummings; "Zieg- your.own, that's something eke;again. We could discuss poirits i Ui* in feld Girl?' 'starring Lana, -Turner, and against your .takuig,-this new-job aH night and stiU nort^each ._. ^nh/ThThriW'in^FrancT the Hedy'^Lamam . James 'Stewart, dficisjon. This'ispn'e^oto^ife an^you.will'have to make. However, E 3sfs% :m * *-'-—^ ter thrt " w to "" d - rak ' lhe '- an intPrPstin^rliiitlATite.Hr-'tHif- little Hope "there ' was 'a few "Pot O Gold , with James. » i. This' is ,on'e-i bath Of you should r6nie"rober that if you .„.. ..... ance field your life's work, you are going ito have to make some early . ,,. art, Paulette .. ^Y 1 ? 1 ?..' ?; . u'«i^ an interesting little ! item' that little hope takes some' of the sting out PI months ago that we might be able of to Deduce .some; of our. foreign Heidt and his Charles. )Vinninger v Stew- sacrifices for later job security, promotions and a good satery. taxes. Congresswoman May — -- , . _ tbe. States of. Washington placeol §?en.ding^, has; yanj§.he(J .yi 'Uyji, in the Record -what, we/believe :: |ir. The, cost of freedom; carries is something approaching literary || very : high price tag, genius. It appeared in the Othello ' (Washington) Outlook and bears repeating Under the heading,''Rer vised..ipettysburg Address," ifc goes .like-this: • "One 'Score and sixteen years ago " o'iir" fathers 'brought forth' upon this Nation a new tax, con-, ceived in desperation and dedication to the proposition that all rjnan are fair game. "Now we are engaged in a great mass of calculations, testing whether that taxpayer or any taxpayer so confused and so im L poverished can long endure. We are met on. Form 1040. We have come to dedicate a large portion of our income to a final resting orchestra :rni/f - .w. • • t> -* This one was '-*-—-- Ends- 1 '•] t Clifford Hinkhouse, 13, of near Wfcst, Branch lost .all four fingers '.,. *!_ • •' ,T _ rfi l_ ^_ J _A.W— Al__ *M • v*r 1? I »f vw*! ******»w»« *****!»..»•»• ^.uwt*. j.tii.m}^* a ^* s Waller s on ; ^3, fleft ha ' nd recen ti y when VQ • cents met i.:- ^u*«ujt-..,«r. ^ntirfVtf ;« A« f«« ; gents met hig was•; caught in•• an len- '" ha^^jKijifi entertainment, "Know-what time it is," askM.'.Dnc'.iJi'Spre," said the - second, "thanks." said the first-man and ambled .awayt nta r the neai'ly empty silo and His father, not .knowing the boy was anywhere near, threw the switch to unload silage for the evening cattle if ceding, and the boy's hand :WaB caught."" :'•' • > • i FROM THE FILES Of THE , ALGONA UPPER DES KOINES ; MAY 15, ,1941 ;' * * * Cresco rural school no. 2, Whose teacher was Ruth Bujbts, Rustler Unit 2 MetApi;H2<P I Riverdale Rustlers Unit 2 4-H club met Thursday April','20. Sandy O'Brien and Georgia Thul INSURANCE ui uui i,, t u... t ~ » = place with those men who here knew what it was like to ha,ve were selected to go to camp T ^ ._,„•.. 21-23, Lois Erpeldiiig will re- 2 E. State present'at convention m Ames. Charlerie' Thjlges, Mary A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs Hospitalization : Health' & Accident : Life — Auto -^ Fire — Hail ; . CY 4-452SJ {JlUl^U Will* HIVJJV. **»*.»» .!*»««.•.-— : 4.L* f \HKrOl V^» »M* ******* * mmmm^^ — | —.—- t, spent theirs that they may spend real problems. In fact, things Sue zeimet, Vicki McGuire and got so rough they considered clps- Jean jyicKeown gave talks and ing school a week or two early Janice T.hul gave a defonstrat- for the summer. A few days ago ion Another'was given by Marion oiu- money. • * » "It is altogether anguish and torture that we should do this. But in the legal sense we cannot evade.. .w e cannot cheat.. .w e the teacher and pupils' arrived at school after a heavy rain and found the front door of the build- Kohlhaas and Vicki McGuire. CY 4-3176 Cookies were made by Katheen pisthe and J.anice -Tftul, Avjs ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY ' J. H. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — AU Line*. of Insurance 206 E. State The collectors, who computed c te ,er ,nd ,h, opened. About 10 a.m., a man BLOSSOM All Lines of Insurance Automobile. -. Furniture Loan -. 7 N/ Dodge Phone CY 4-2738 ssss- i i_ t ii_ r* * T * " «1 WiiS UJliy l- 1 * 1 ^ UUKIJIIlilie. L311U1 HJ' U£Il*K a HV» vt * 4**uw^* *w »..«*-.«. here, but the Bureau of Interne ^ ^ inciden f with the door> ]cav ^ s on thc i awn at his home. Revenue can never lorget \vnai f rien< ji y skunk (it was strictly The mower.threw a rocjc against we report here. It is for us, the - * c . w *, y friendship) set 'up the garage walland it rebounded taxpayers, rather to be .devotee J ouackeepi * ng ln the basement of striking and shattering his sun- BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE the beginning. Shortly using a ppwcr mower to mulch '«• Dodge St Ph. CY 4-444^ OUR Advertisers Are YOUR Friends . . . They invite your business in a friendly way and with a willingness to qgote prices in print. They support your community, and your newspaper, in a cooperative manner and participate in most civic affairs with their financial support. Our advertisers are more than just advertisers. They are your friends. ALGONA UPPER PES MOINES 111 E. Call St. Algona, Iowa REACHING 5,500 AREA FAMILIES EACH ISSUE here to the tax return which the Government has thus far so nobly spent. 'It is rather for us to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us... that from these vanishing dollars we take increased devotion to the few remaining; that we highly resolve that next year will not find us in a higher income tax bracket. "That this taxpayer, underpaid, shall figure out more deductions; and that taxation of the people, by the Congress, for the Government shall not cause solvency to perish." 4 « » In a more serous, vein we can predict that Mr Kennedy faces an uphill battle in his effort to revamp the tax machinery of this' country. A move to' dp just this has been, underway in Congress for some years and without too much success. We do believe 1,hat no stone should be left unturned to plug up tax loopholes. Our observation is that the tax laws actually ha\e more holes than solid surface.' Any half competent tax lawyer can find a half dpzen loopholes in "every paragraph ot the Internal Hcvenue code. This isn't too hard to imagine when you yonsjd'er' that our tajf laws just grew like Topsy. » * * It there is pne consistency oboui our tyx set-up it is that once you impose a "temporary" tax yqu never remove it from the books. Wv haye tyxes that were put in early in World War II and tlu'y were plainly labeled "temporary". This is a word which in Washington really means permanent.'' Thp Pi-esj^nt, wants to crack down on expense accounts. An UJ$w?n§£ account is a, sfevitt wbJ£& enables a lot of people to live eway from home iu it Everyone decided u glasses. Fragments of the glass, s clean-up week and put his right eyeball. IN REAL ESTATE SALES, APPRAISEMENTS & ADVICE CJHQQSE A MSJMBER OF THE KOSSUTH CO. RiAl ESTATf §QAW>. Thpy W« licensed for Real Esjttft Transaction an4 i will ban4le your Real Eitjite problem* .to satisfaction a$ they are experienced aj)d capable, The following Real Estate Broken and Sale*nwn are members of the Kotfuth County Real Estate Board, Th«,%» licensed m»n cooperate pn all BeaJ Estate titgatJ9n* *- tP Y9<|r benefit. Thj» Ke»*yth Cwnty Estate, Bo«rd nw»H regularly to ftudy and 'cHwy»$ Rea| p«tat» prefer lem< and they are ready, willing, and capable t«, «tm ••-••• BURT FEHTQN Lloyd M. Berkland AVQQNA Nel$ J. A. P. Agena Allen K. Buchanan ouver S, Karl Q. S, J. Rovgh H. D. Hufcluns Leon H. Laird Jwry M. Lewis a. Jon A. NeLsoa SWIA .CITY A. J. Bilsporpugh Elmer C. Smith P, I E, 'A."W-~Kw»Wdy- TIT8NK& Kenneth MuWg^n Q£ r 4@A Vert Smith lONg RQC.K Kenneth Jackson ABOVE MEM^RS USE ONLY APPROVED Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance ~ CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, GeneraJ Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSUHANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of Insurance in force. CY 4-3756. • Lola Sculfhanv Sec'r HERBST INS. AGENCY fop Auto,, Hpuse, Household floods, and Many Other i'oms Phone CY 4^3733 Ted 8, Hwbit • • Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with SlO.DeducybleJ, Life - Hall - Tractor CY- 4-3851 Don Btqrk, Mg UJHBKP , Phone CY 4-2341 AI.B W.l,OCKWQOD Equitable Life Aaswtuice Society Of The Unjte4 gtates Iowa . Phone .20 Andy Crawford All Types of Insurance Qlfice Phone C* 4-2279 farm Management 12H N. Dodg, Ph, CY 4-2991 . Humbeldt o i Koiiuth »ractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chirojpractor Over Penney'9 Office Phone— CY> 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg ' Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00"— 6:00 thru Sat 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 RM. CY 4-344 DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore bt Office phone CY 4-2343 Resident phone C¥ 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Ofiice phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. ?LOTT. M.D. HO N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment Cypress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.D. Residency Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN F. I^OOB, M.D. Residence Phone CY 4-4817 Physicians $ Surgeons 290 No. Dodge, Algona 0/iice Phone CY 4-4490 OPTOMETRISTS DR. L. L, SNYDER Optometrist U3 East State Alfiona Telephone CY 4-271( Closed Saturday Afternoons Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Gl«sse» 9 inst'State Street _ u Algona, Iowa , T Pbone QYDress 4-2196 Hours: 9:QO «-^. to 5:00 p.m. Ctose4^iy Afternoom PR. c , Optometrist ly Visual Analysis 4; Visual Trainini 108 Sfluth Harlan StT^ DiNlSTS V io Olfice CY PR, J. B. HARRIS, JR. ** ew e. Pi»u» CV

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