The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1961
Page 13
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May 11, 1961 May 11, 1961 30 New Cars And Trucks Sold A.^ total of 30 new cars and trucks have been registered dur- DIPLOMAT '• HEARING AID "Royalty of Hearing Aids". ..ALGONA HOTEL TUESDAY. MAY 16 9 a.m. to 12 noon Batteries and service for most makes—You are invited to come in- . AUDIPHONE CO. 611 Fleming Bldg. 6th & Walnut Sts. DM AUTHORIZED ZENITH HEARING AID DEALER ing the past two weeks at the coun ty treasurer's office here. New owners aro: Chevrolet — G. W. Berninghaus, West Bend; J. T. McGuire Co., Algorm, pickup; E. C. Peplen^ ski, Swea City; Gladys Pesicka, AlgOna; J. W. Price, West Bend; Gary Sleper, Tltonkav George McVay, Algona; Bernard L. Coyle, LuVerne, truiik (2); W. E. Wiemer, Ledyard; Harry yungebcrg, Algona; J. P. Jentz, Fenton; and Eugene Nnrre, Bancroft. f '"•• Dodge — Algona Vault Service; and R. E. Harlan, Algona. Plymouth — Elmer Bailey, Swea City; and James R, Kennedy. • Comet — Francis Froehlich, Algona; and Rudolph Stebritz, Al- fcona. , :«"*IBB Chrysler — Arnold Gade, Whittemore more. Ford—J. M. Hood.Algona; B. R. ^Yeoman, Algona; Hazelhoff Motors, Swea City, pickup; James Kolp, Algona; Eunice Blake, Lu, Verne; and D. E. or Louise McGinnis, Algona. •Rambler -^- Dan's Garage, Algona; and C. W. Faulstich, Algona. Mercury — J. H. Ulfnrs, Woden. Pohtiac —'Art Goche, Bancroft. $400 Donated To Heart Fund Mrs L. S, Young of rural' Al- goha, chairman of the, 1961 Kps- suth County Heart -Fund drive £0 comfortable resorfs JUST 5 HOURS AWAY OR LESS ... Enjoy a Minnesota vacation this year. Stay at the first "full size" resort area going north on HI-Way 171. Lots of wonderful places to stay, suitable for any family on any budget. Swimming, boating and the fishing's great •.. sleejj In relaxing cool-clear air at night. Write today for an-association color brochure t or better yet, why not ask for one at the office of this newspaper. LITTLE CROW RESORT ASSOC. Kanctlyeht Couhly In West Central Minnesota Spicor, Mlnneiota „ Dear Sirs: Please send me your resort folder. Nameu _Town which ended Feb. 28, today reported that $399.50 hos been iturned Jn so far. Algona residents contributed $121.50 and rur,al residents, $278. The entire campaign was done by mail, and Mrs Young said she thought more money would be turned in before the deadline for the funds June 1st. SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY SMORGASBORD Serving starts at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. All home cooked food — All you can eat for $2.00. Treat Mom to a real treat Special Children's rates — You may bring the babies hi chair. Hand's Park, Fairmont, Minn. Given Surprise On Birthday Fenlon — A surprise birthday dinner was held in the Roy Chris- chilles home .Sunday in honor of Mrs Chrischilles' birthday ati- nniversary. Those coming with well filled baskets of food were Mr'and Mrs Clarence Menz and family, Mr and Mrs Neal Reik, Odebolt, Mr andrMs Marold Sch- Odebolt, Mr and Mrs Marold Schlei and Steven, Mr and Mrs Willard Menz and family. Evening guests were Mrs Kate Schroeder end Arthur, Mr and Mrs Howard Lowman 6f Algona, Mr and Mrs Dale Schroeder and family, Mr and Mrs Henry Schroeder, Lone Rock, and Mr and Mrs Ronald Chrischilles and family of Fenton. 66TH Mr and Mrs Simon P. Schmidt of Battle Creek recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary. They have 10 children, 23 grandchildren and 24 greatgrandchildren. SHOP TOMORROW FOR BEST SELECTION N6 EXTRA CHARGE FOR USE OUR women's sheer, seamless nylons swimsuits styled for big sister^ 7-PC. FASHIONS FOR S&L DAYS 2 4o Ass't lastex and lastex combinations, cottons in prints, woven plaids. Boy leg, pleated and ruffled skirts. 8-14. yji j IONG-WEAR HOSE V. No rings, streaks . .. no seams that twist! All first quality in new summer shades. Sizes. tO 1J- ^ 66 boys 1 short sleeve sport shirts scoop! women's coat values FOR BOVS 'N JUNIOR BOYS Regular, button-down collars, permanent stays, pull-overs. Plaids, solids, prints. Boys' 6-18, Junior boys' 3-7. COSTUME, CAR, RAIN 'N SHINE > 4C 10 Special purchase for S&L Days! Coats for any weather* any occasion. Wanted fabrics, new styles 'u colors in • 8 to 18. boys' polished cotton slacks women's flattering pedal pushers WASH 'N WEAR ivy STHES j40 Handsome ivy style with belt loops, San- forized polished cotton in newest colors for spring. Sizes 8. to 18. 4QU» Year value! - FOR SUN FUN COOl 'N NEAT |40 Terrific buy on flatter* ing slim-look pedal pushers for women, Easy care fabrics in newest styles and most-wanted colors, 8 to 18., Women's Panel Front Drip-Dry Cotton Slips Cool, combed cotton batiste. ' Complete shadow panel front. In O Atl white, 32 to 40. -_ "• l fU Skintees' Tailored Briefs for Women Precision - sized, pantie briefs for comfort, fit White acetate tricot, 5 to 9. ** for Boxer Deck Pants for Juvenile Boys Elastic - back waist, 'contrasting piping, cord belt. Cotton drill; 3 colors. 1.40 3 for l.40 Cotton Training Pants An S & L Days Speciall Double thickness with triple thickness crotch. Elastic waist, leg band. 2 for 40c Women's Washable Cctton Twill Casuals Cool, slim - look casual shoes. Molded rubber soles, counters. Color- I flR fast. 4-10. i.UIJ Famous Make Bras . . . Made to Sell to $3 Assortment of famous makers' disconti n u e d styles. White. 32-36A, 32- 38B, 34-40c. I A" white. 3-8. _. Boys' Summer Jackets; Unlined or Reversibles Unlined wash 'n wear nylon; cotton reversible (solid to print). Either in 818 3.40 Men's, Boys', Youths' White Tennis Shoes Machine - washable hi- tennis. Reinforced toe guard, vented underarch. B'/2-ll. 2'/ 2 -6, 11-2.2.40 Men's Walking Shorts Reduced for S & L Days No-pleat in woven cotton plaids; adjustable waist in polished cotton solids. 2.40 30-42. Long-wear Viscose or Cotton Chenille Spreads Lintless chenille in full or twin size. Pro-shrunk, can tumble dry. White- colors 2 £ ° r 7.40 80-sq. Percale Prints in Colorful Patterns If in full bolts would be much morel Cool, easy to wash. Colorful pat- 5 Yds. I Af\ •.•I" Large Flour Sacks . . . Bleached 'N Mangled 100% perfect sacks, unopened 1 Completely free of holes. Many cleaning uses 6 for l.40 For S & L Days! Dundee Matched Uniform Sets Proportioned fit for any size. Mercerized twill, reinforced. 14'/ 2 -17 shirt, 29-42 pants. liOU Ceramic Lazy Susan Has 4 Compartments 16-in. diameter, ball bearing base,- 3 outer compartments, ce n 1 e r bowl. While. 5.95 value. 3.40 Vinyl Plastic Bag with 16 Garment Capacity Dust and moisture bag has zip closure. 54-inch long. Holds 16 garments easily. _.. I i men's wash 'n wear slacks washable rugs and rug runners REDUCED FOR DAYS ONIV i 49 Wash 'n wear ivy styles with belt loops or beltless model with adjustable side tabs. Random or verti-cord. Black, tan, green, 29 to 42. 30x50 RUGS, 24x80 RUNNERS Thick loop construct tion, sculptured hi-Io. design. I'oam back. 24 x 80-iu. runner, 30 x 50-iii. rug. Ma. chine' washable. Pink, brown, white, WOOD FOLDING STOOL . . . hand polished, natural finish. IRONING BOARD PAD 'N SILICONS COVER . , . Flex. stran 54" pad • IRONING BOARD COVERS ,.. package of two; 54" drawstring. .,....•«••• 9-PAIR SHOE RACK... plated metal, plastic tipped legs . . . TROUSER CREASER SET ,,, Sturdy 2-pr. adjustable set. . , METAL BLOUSE TREE . . , holds 5 blouses or shirts. 2 for HANDY BELT RING... helps keep your closets neat. 2 for S-TIER SKIRT HANGERS .., rust-proof, folding type, 2 for 4-PIECE SKIRT HANGER SET , . . rust-proof, hook-on, cushion-clip ADJUSTABE PANTS HANGER . . . metal; adjust to cuff width. Set of 6 for come the greatest valuesieve*. lor MOTHER'S DAY IS COMING up as it does once a year. It's a grand old holiday, in theory at least, and it's a time when mothers are supposed to get 'all the honor ithat is coming to them all in. one day. I am all for Motherhood. Even if I were not, I wouldn't daro speak out against it because you can't talk like that without being called at 'the very least, a Communist. But I don't think I'm quite so enthusiastic about Mother's Day as a holiday. * * * THIS IS PURELY SOUR GRAPES ON my part due to the way Mother's Day turned out last year. Along about January I wrote four Mother's Day articles. You have .to be awfully prehiature about this kind of writing and if you don't do it in advance you are clear out in the cold. I was dear out in the cold anyway, because the only article about Mothers I had published last year was the one thirt appeared in this column, and that was written ten days ahead of the actual holiday. By the time Mother's Day came around, I Wars not only out of the mood to honor -the saintly virtues of mother, I had also failed to prime my family sufficiently and I didn't receive a single gift, card, tribute or breakfast in bed! * * * ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED in this life is that you have to be philosophical .about lots of things. The philosophy about Mother's Day I developed is that all th^ honor, flowery speeches, five pound boxes of chocolates, and nylon nighties in the world a gal gets on Mother's Day do not mean a thing if you are not deeply involved in the joys and problems of motherhood the other 364 days of the year. This, I've 'got. * * * MOST FAMILIES HAVE JUST ONE mother, but she seems different to each member. This view also changes with ithe years, as I found out when I looked at the last itime I used the following gimmich, which was four years ago. For examlple, take the people at. our house. ' . TO BILL, AGE 17, MOTHER is a .person who: Makes me take her on' errands because she can't drive a car. Offers to make appointments and order corsages for me and then forgets to do, so. . , Tries to understand when I talk about world affairs. Hates to think that I'll be away in college next year, but tries every way she can /to get me there. Encourages me ito look nice; has a fit when I spend too much for elo'thes. Remembers out loud in the presence of my friends, "how cute' I was when I was a little boy. . * * * i TO MARY ANN, AT age 14, Mother is a person who: Makes me iron my own frilly blouses when I say she doesn't do' it right. ' ' Omly made 1/10 as much money baby-sitting when she was my age as I do now. Tells me my cooking is good even when it doesn't turn out the way it did in homemaking class. - ; Helps my by typing.reports, but won't correct my errors.' •..-... • Encourages me to ilook nice; then says I'm too fussy qbput fash- Requests that'I. get off the,phone when; I've only (been .talking tetf-ininuteVto the girl next* door 1 . ' „ •.• T,.-••••••-. ' * * • • • . ,'f, TO JEAN, AGE 12, Mother is a person who: Makes' me do my share of the dishes. Only listens with half an ear; then-asks later why I didn't'toll her about it. Tells me to Slop fighting with Mary Ann when vfe are only having a discussion. Hates to think I'm growing up so fast; then tedls me not to act like a baby. "\ Encourages me to write stories; has a fit about my spelling. Reads and enjoys my teen-agers books when she thinks I'm not noticing. * * * ' TO FATHER, MOTHER IS a person who: Makes stewed tomaitoes for me twice a week because I once said I Jikcd them. Offers to go along fishing when I'd prefer to go stag. Tells me it's high time I put on screens, (took a bath, shaved or took her dancing. Expects; me to telll her what's going on downtown. Holds out her hand for money. Really would be inconvenient to trade in on a new model. * * * I AM MOTHER, a person who: Makes meals that take hours to prepare \and minutes to eat. Only chastises her family for their own good. Tries to keep up on the kid's varied interests. Hardily ever gets anything new for herself. Expects to get the ironing done some day. Really wouldn't trade her family for anything in the whole world. * » * AT OUR HOUSE, we are recovering from a near-tragedy. Our dog, Gidget, got mixed up with a car last Monday and came out somewhat the worse for wear. I was so upset at the time, I didn't ask the name of the lady driving the car, but I'm sure it was not her fault 'and she also felt badly about it. After a trip to tho vets for treatment for internal injuries, Gidgot lay around for a few days and now seems as good as new. At the time of it he accident, I tried to console the children by saying, "At least, I'm grateful it wasn't one of you kids." Jeanie wailed, "She is too one of the family. She's your youngest!" * * • IT'S PICNIC AND POTATO salad time again. If you'd like a recipe for old fashioned boiled sa'lad dressing, it's this week's recipe, 1 egg; 2 tablespoons flour; 1/4 cup sugar; 1/3 cup vinegar; 2/3 cup water; 1 teasp. prepared mustard; salt. Beat the egg until frothy with a fork. Add the flour, sugar and mix well. Add the vinegar, water, mustard and salt. Cook in an aluminum skillet, using a pancake turner to stir, to make a smooth sauce. This can be used for potato, salmon or bean salad, or thinned with a little cream and used on 'lettuce. — GRACE. Collect $400 Swea City — Four hundred dollars was collected by the Fisher post of the American Legion for the Cancer drive in Swea City last week, according to Angus Cotton, Kossuth County Cancer Fund Drive chairman. Titonka V.F.W. Installs Titonka post 4071 if the V.F.W. installed new officers, April 18. Alfred Boeklea is 'the new commander. Laverle Follman Sr. 13 vice commander, George Anderson, junior vice commander, Dick Baade, quartermaster, Dr. J. K. Hill, surgeon, Art Rode, trustee, and John Hamilton, advocate. Mrs Beth Miller will be hostess to mt-mbers of the TNT club at her home Friday. !• ENROLL NOW j Young School of Beauty 310 W. Fourth, Waterloo, Iowa • • State Approved Accredited School Competent Instructors • Newest and Finest Equipment 9 New Classes Now Forming (High School Seniors—Enroll now for June Class) KCM

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