The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on January 1, 1935 · Page 4
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 1, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE DES MOINES REGISTER TUESDAY MORNING, JANUARY I, 1935. ,1 SECOND QUAKE SHAKES COAST Southern California Feels Shock. CALEXICO, CAL. (.V) An In tense, undulating earthquake shook a wide area in southern California Arizona- and northwest Mexico Monday, injuring at least three persona and demolishing many adobe houses south of Mexican The quake was described by seismologists as being at least twice the intensity of the one March, 1933, ac Long Beach, Cal in which 120 persons were killed and 75 million dollar property dam age caused- , Buildings Sway. At San Diego the shock was the roost severe in many years. Down town buildings swayed and their occupants rushed to the streets. . The shock, following Sunday'i quake, began at 12:46 p. m (Iowa time) and lasted two and a half minutes. It apparently centered in the , headwaters of the Gulf of Lower California, 100 miles south of here. Its effects were felt in an area 250 miles from its epicenter, with points as far east as Phoenix, Ariz., and as far north of Los Angeles . reporting the wave like motion, and buildings shaking. Adobe Tumble Down. South of Mexicali, which lies across the border from here, many Mexican adobes tumbled down. Three persons were taken to the Mexicali General hospital suffer , ing from bruises and lacerations. Their home fell in on them at Cocopah. At Cocopah Sunday a water tower toppled over in an earth quake. Damage to Mexican portions of the r waterworks system which serves the Imperial valley appeared to have been intensive. The Bofatera canal was broken In two placed, and the Alamo and Ward law canals damaged. Highway Fill Sinks. At Bonds Corner, three miles east of here, a fill across the high ay sank six Inches. In American cities of the valley damage appeared to have been alight. 1 Waterworks Damaged. . The Carnegie institution seismo logical laboratory Instruments at Tasadena was knocked off balance. ' Sunday's quake apparently In the same epicenter, but of half the Intensity, damaged waterworks of the Imperial Irrigation Co. In lower California to such an extent that water supply for domestic purposes for Calexico was broken and three days will be required to repair it. How Wirephoto Will Speed Pictures to The Register Wirephoto- Continued From Page 1. Last July a general strike paralyzed San Francisco, Cal. (lower left). Street cars ceased to run, food supplies diminished, casualties ran high. Hourly, stories were written to describe the ever-shifting scene. Hourly, pictures were taken to illustrate these stories. Those news stories were in The Register office a few minutes after reporters had rushed to their typewriters. But Register readers saw the pictures a day or two days later, even though they were raced to Des Moines by the fastest methods then known. Had Wirephoto existed the news and the pictures would have ridden the wires together. VHi .f" i&2Er ' 9 I si- f volfvi I k-TJC' wCl The first news that the Morro VPVSt, "YV ! II L-k4-'i fSV',,-ir H Castle uPPer rieht was burning fr Nl6V - 1 IVI - It.fH'oW Jl was flashed into The Register office at . Y 2ft& vSVkf ' stxM?A 5 am. Immemately columns of news raced itT' -1 I v fY j sfvyy over the wlres' But il was many hours later be- VnvN. 1 " -y " : Hi r-v"-- 7xr$X tore the P'ctures arrived. If the cameramen re- Y i J,J fiMW5'' ;aM2e turning to New York from the blazing ship could have Vs I I JTvt sent tneir Pictures by Wirephoto, they would have reached Navv L..J jT V.r,-L 1 It was 8:30 at night when an assassin fired at Franklin D. Roosevelt, mortally V l Tf! f . J I l K wounded Mayor Cermak of Chicago (lower left). The news stories were flood- VHv '. if 7 '"Zmm-m' LJ5nii 'IK Into The Register office before 9 o'clock, but It was the next day before the Vifc l - i ' "WlO A f y pictures arrived. Hade Wirephoto existed the pictures would have vN1 VJi -- i A . "mmJf ft : 19 ' 3l" Xbeen humming over the wires into The Register by 9:15. You , J vTw f . r""-. y ft f l Vwould have read the story and seen the pictures in w N F I n ' " " -mm' YT'f.l7 th first edition to reach your doorstep. L 1 I J vj iy.-J - i 'T - (.' .-s ,7 "rfflV The Illustration above is published to show how much the printing of pictures will be speeded up by the use of Wirephoto (the new Invention for sending pictures over telegraph wires). The map and chart explain how pic-tures of three major news stories were handled in the past and how they would have been handled had Wirephoto been in existence at the time. The clock face on each picture shows the time the news story "broke." The clock face in Des Moines on the opposite end of the telegraph wire shows the time pictures would have been received at The Register office here by Wirephoto after ail allowances are made for taking the pictures, developing the films and getting them to Wirephoto transmission points. The operation of Wire-photo begins today. - other points In the Wirephoto cir cuit listened. New York was ready to send a picture. ,The Signal! ; A glance over the panel In the Des Moines Wirephoto office in The Register and Tribune build-lug told the operator everything was ready. He adjusted some dials. The signal! Three Interruptions In the wire current. The Des Moines operator presses a button. Another button is pressed in New York. Simultaneously at every point along the line, including Des Moines, the picture begins to come in. What Is Happening. This Is what Is happening: In New York, a print of the picture to be sent was wrapped around a cylinder 17 Inches long and 12 Inches in circumference. When the operator pressed the button In New York that cylinder began to revolve at 100 revolutions a minute, with an error in speed of only two or three parts in a million. Accuracy is important. v Light Beam. A light beam .01 of an inch square is projected to the face of the picture and as the picture revolves the beam moves horizontally across the picture at a Bpeed of an Inch a minute. The light beam Is reflected off the picture at an angle and enters a photo-electric cell. A photo-electric cell Is a device that translates light into electricity. The more light that reaches it the more electrical current it sends out and the less light that reaches It the less current it sends out. ricture Scanned. Thus the light beam scans the face of the picture being sent touching In the course of 17 minutes every point on the face of the picture. When the beam passes over a dark spot In the picture the picture absorbs much light and little lieht is reflected into the photo-electric cell. When It passes over a white place in the picture, most of the light is reflected bsck into the photo-electric cell and consequently a stronger current is sent out by the cell. Like a Rephotogrsph. This current of varying Intensity, sent out by the photo-electric cell, comes over the wires from New York to Des Moines. I It Is Just as If the picture In New York City were rephoto-graphed not all at once, but in strips .01 of an Inch wide. These strips are sent by wire to Des Moines as a series of varying electrical Impulses and here are assembled again Into a whole picture. Negative Film Here. In the Des Moines office a negative film the same used la cam- Pp. v , ? . ,y1y m , I yggrj! i a ZZ ' :$ f MNDINO MACHINE I tf i fl-flj ECtiviNO pictum (V Vl Lru,j tTS OTOe3 Tffi-, .r.,..,,.....,,.,.....:. esn .JJ.JU mi,,.,. i. A , i, m.,,--. : 1 T":, Scientific principles developed in two centuries of experiments brought to perfection the new Wirephoto system to be used by The Associated Press In transmitting news photographs to member newspapers at great speed. The equipment includes the sending machine (left) and receiving machine (right). The system Itself Is shown In the diagrams. It Involves "translation" of light Into electricity by means of a photoelectric cell at the sending end and "retranslatlon" by the receiver. , . . . . i eras for taking pictures is wrapped around a cylinder exactly the same size and moving at ex. actly the same speed as the cyl inder In New York. s In New York, a light-beam "eye" scans the surface of the film. This light is furnished by an Incandescent lamp, but it reaches the film through an opening over which a ribbon of a spe cial metal is stretched. This rib bon is very small and the varying electrical impulses that come fVom New York pass through it. KiblKin Moves. As the current passes through, the ribbon moves slightly, opening and closing the hole through which the light reaches the negative film, which is enclosed so that no other light reaches it. The light beam that reaches the film is in the form of a parallelogram .01 of an Inch long and from .0006 to .003 of an inch high. As the ribbon moves it changes the height of the beam of light and consequently exposes the film to more or less light as the current from New York varies. 14 Hours s Day, As In New York City the light beam in Des Moines passes horizontally across the face of the film as the film revolves. Thus in effect the film is exposed In a series of lines that wind around the film. For 16 hours a day, and longer when needed, the Wirephoto service will bring pictures to The Des Moines Register and- Tribune. More than 60 pictures a day can be received. Monday, leaving him in a position to continue his office until his case is settled. Grunewald, Democrat, and Reed, Republican Incumbent, have been Issued certificates of election. DR. BENDIXEN SERVICES SET Physician Will Be Buried at Davenport Wednesday. (Tht KRlatr' Iowa Ntwi 8rvlc.) DAVENPORT, IA. Funeral services for Dr. P, A. Bendixen, 52, who died of heart disease 'Sunday night In a hunting lodge at Beardstown, 111., will be held here Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Bendixen was a leader In numerous organizations of mid-western physicians. He had a national reputation for treatment of bone Injuries. At the time of his death, Dr. Bendixen was on a hunting trip. Ha complained of feeling slightly ill after a tramp during the afternoon and was found dead a short time later. was placed in a ward already oc cupled by John Triggs. When Triggs fell asleep, Utech donned the former's clothes and dropped 15 feet from a window to the frozen ground. IMPORTANT. RED NETWORK FROGRAMS. (NBC.) WHO and Other Nearby Stations. TUESDAY A. M. B A. WOW Three Justices, But Only Tw o Jobs for Them (Thi RnliDfl towt New Strvlo.) CEDAR RAPIDS. IA. Three Justices of thp peace, one more than there's an office for, will present themselves for office in Rapids township Wednesday. The I1.S00 appeal bond of Justice Henry A. Stearns, whose contest of the election of W. J. Grunewald, and Al-mon S. Reed was dismissed by a contest board, was approved FORMER IOWAV KILLED. Th Runt!"! lowt Nw Service. ) MAQUOKETA, I A. Word was received here Sunday of the death Saturday night in Tulsa, Okla., of Alfred L. Cook, for many years cashier of the Jackson State bank here, but lately living in Tulsa. The message said he was struck by an auto. His wife, formerly Miss Camilla Stephens of Maquo keta, snd two sons survive. T:0O Mllkman'f Mminn with Roll's Orchetr WHO WLW. i no Crrni Rhtnuortv WHO 9 15 Clara, Lu 'n' Em WHO WOW WON WLW WDA r 0 :0 Miirnim farad WHO WDAF. 10:00 llalaxy of 8lara WHO WOW WLW WDAF. in in To H Announofd WHO WDAF 10:30 Three Shaiin of Blu WHO WOW WDAF 10:45 Mixers WHO WOW WliAF 1 1 :nn S.ilol.M WHO WDAF. 11:15 T.i Be Announced WHO. U. 30 R" Howl Parade WHO WOW WDAF. TUESDAY I M. 1 00 To Bt Announced WHO WOW. 1.30 "The Development of Wirephoto Service.." How It's Done! Frank B. Nvm, president of th AMoCitrl Frcni. Is arhKlulM to Rivft a talk ovrr th NHU rM networks at 1 .10 p m Tupp1hv, ilmciiMitiK the growih of the Wtr-I'hotn rrvt, whith itarti nn Th Kf mater and Trfbun New Year's r1v, By this new nervira pir lures can be netii with the speed of IlKht. Hundreds of Bells Usher in New Year ROME, ITALY (U.P.) The new year was ushered in today with the pealing of hundreds of bells of ail tones in the Eternal City's 500 churches. Berghoff, Brewery Founder, Is Dead CHICAGO, ILL. (U.P.) Herman J. Berghoff, 82, chairman of the board and founder of the Berghoff Brewing Corp., Fort Wayne, Ind., died Monday. Iowan Shoots Self, Puffing ' 'Last' 10-Center (The Register Iowa News Service. ) '.ATLANTIC, IA. "I want to smoke one more 10-cent cigar before I die," Sam Hoffman, prominent insurance man here, told a puzzled drug store clerk here Monday noon. A few minutes later, Hoffman, 72, shot and critically wounded himself in a vacant shop nearby. His condition Monday night was grave. Mr. Hoffman suffered from neuritis. He told friends Monday morning that he had not been able to sleep for a week. Bolivians Defeated In Ibibobo Sector ASUNCION, PARAGUAY CP) Paraguayan forces in the Chaco, it was officially reported, Monday scored a victory in the Ibibobo sector, slaying 600 Bolivians and taking 2.000 prisoners. AllVKRTISKMKNT. S..10 Sonr of the City WHO WOW WLW WDAF 3 (10 Willie Brvant'l Orchestra WHO. 3 15 Vic and Bade WHO WDAF WOW, :l 10 Ma Ferkine WHO WOW WDAF. 3.4. Anventures on Alyitery liland WHO. 4 00 Row Bowl Game WHO WOW W DAF 7.00 .l.eo Releman'l Orcheetra. SaMv Snirer. J'hll Duey WHO WO WDAF T1.V Wavne King WHO WOW WDAF 8.30 Fd Wvnn. the Fire Chief WHO WllW WLW WHAF. :00 HeMty B.n Theater of the Air WHO WOW WLW WDAF 10:45 f'arl iWfa Orcheelra WHO WOW W DAF 11:30 Anion Weeki' Orcheetra WHO WOW W DAe' c YOUTH CAUGHT AS PAL FLEES Lad Steals Clothes to Make Escape From Hospital. I The Regliter'e low Ntwe Service ) SIOUX CITY, IA. Robert Hoff man, who escsped recently from the Eldora training school, wss recaptured here Monday but Law rence Utech, IS, arrested with Hoffman on an auto theft charge two weeks ago, still was free after escaping from a hospital here. Utech was taken to the hospl- tal Sunday night for observation. AD his clothes were removed. BE AT YOUR RADIO! 4:15 THIS AFTERNOON "REVOLUTION" A thrill-parked drama of the event from I'siU Kevere to lrrphoto! WMT . . KSO . . KWCR TUNE IN! i lit. ' Virisfc presents! 4 i . CEDAR RAPIDS 1430 KILOCYCLES -NBC Blue Network - TUESDAY MORNING. T:(in Morning Devotions NBC. 7:15 William Mender, organist NBC. 7:4f Landt Trio and White NBC. 8:00 Wire Photo Flash IBC, 8:115 Hreakfant Clnh NBC. 9:00 New Year's Greeting Program. 9 : li! Lur-Eye Program. 9:30 Today's Children (Plllsbury) NBC. 9:415 Prem-Radlo News NBC. 9:50 Vlenneee Beltet NBf 10:oo The Honeymooners NBC. 10:15 Tony Wone NBC 10:30 Irene Heasley. annes NBC. 11:30 New Year s Greetings. TUESDAY AFTERNOON. 2:00 Farm and Home Hour NBC. 2 : 0 Vuestlon Man (Peoples Furniture). 2:20 Victor Arden (Colonial Bread!. 12::H New Year's OreetlniiR. 12:55 Apirln-Plus Program. 1:00 Meredith Wlllson and His Orches tra NBC. 1 Kmarkout N'RC. 1:45 Armand fllrard, snnR - NBC. 2.00 Radio City Matinee iRCA-Victor) NBC. Jasper Farmers Get Payment of $90,000 (The Register's Iowa News Service ) NEWTON, IA. Corn - hog checks totaling $90,425 on regular pay 1934 contracts were received here Monday. Jasper county benefits to date total $632,084. ' LIGHTING AWARD MADE. MASON CITY, IA. Dr. W. C. Kreuger was awarded the grand prize Monday in the annual Christ' mas home lighting contest spon sored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. auvEHTiHEMa.vr. t 2 mm m 1320 KILOCYCLES -NBC Blue NctVork TUESDAY MORNING. g 30 KSO Mu-lrai Service Bureau. wlt Gordon Hlltenmark. g oo Wire Photo Flash IBC (to WMT and KWCR). 8:0S Breakfast Cluh NBC. 9:00 Three C' NBC. 9:15 Edward MacHugh, oospel Singer NBC. 9-25 Household Forum (Zlnsmaster Breads. Inc.). 9:30 "Today's Children" (Plllsbury Flour) NBC. 9:45Press Radio News NBC, 9:50 Viennese Sextet NBC. 10:00 Movie Parade, with Orvllle Foster at the Paramount Theater Organ. 10:15 Happy Sally (Strauss Radio Program Producers). 10:30 Sacred Concert from St. Augustln'l Church. 11:0(1 Three Scamps NBC H:i5Words and Music NBC. 11:30 Theater of the Air. TUESDAY AFTERNOON. 12:00 Rev. Rlchey and Party (Churca ot the Open Bible). 1:00 Meredith Wlllson and his orchestraNBC. 1:30 "Bmnckout," with Marlon and Jlra NBC. 1:45 Armand Olrard, songs NBC. The letters IBC following program indicate, that it is being broadcast over the Iowa Broadcast-Ing to. station! KSOi KWCR, ledar Itaplil. and WAIT, Waterloo. MM; mean that the program conies from the National Broadcasting (o. I'rognm otherwise listed are broadcast on UNO only. 2:00 Radio City Mctlnee (RCA Victor) NBC 3;00 Arthur Cohen, violinist IBC to KWCR and WMT. ' 3:15 Kast and Dumka. comedy team-NBC. , . . 3:30 Rev. Rlchey and Party (Church ot the Open Bible). 4:00 Doln' the Town. 4:15 Revolution! IBC (to WMT and KWCR). 4:45 "Tauan" IBC (to WMT). 6:00 Angelo Ferdinando and his orchestra NBC. 5:l'i Bill, Mark and Jimmy. 5;3jlres Radio News NBC. 5::iri Morry-Go-Round. 5:43 Hmh and Low NBC. TUESDAY EVENING. 8 00 Merrv-Go-Round (continued). 6;io Wirephoto F 1 a s h e a IBC (to KWCR and WMT). 6:15 Morton Downey (Carlsbad Sprudel Sail) NBC. , 6:30 Mislcal Memories with Edgar A. Gueii (Household Finance Corp.) NBC. 7:00 Eno Crime Clews (Eno Effervea, cent Salt) NBC. 7:30 Lawrence Tibbett (Packard) BC. 8:00 Grace Moore ( Vick's) NBC. 8:.10 Hands Across the Border NBC. 9:00 ' What's New" presented by Reda Rsuch Strauss (Strauss Radio Program Producers). 9:15 Garnette Arrlck. harpist. 9:30 Tim and Irene's Sky Road Show NBC. 10:00 Wirephoto Flashes IBC (to KWCR and WMT). 10:05 Hal Kemp and his orchestra (recording). 10:15 Ahe Lyman and his orchestra-NBC. 10:30 Jack Denny and his orchestra-NBC. 11:00 Rudy Vallee and his orchestra MRl.. 11:30 Harry Sosnik and his orchestra-NBC. 12:00 "Reflections In the Water," wits Lansing Benet and Orvllle Foster. 12:30 Rhythm club. l:oo Good morning: KSO Dial-Log ADVERTISEMENT. PA fl P M ml i in. ? A f all WATERLOO 600 KILOCYCLES -Columbia Network TUESDAY MORNING. 6:00 Sunrise Show with Irl Hudson. 6:;lO Family Altar. Kev. Cedaiholm. 7:00 Cakes and Coffee Cluh. 7.45 Paramount OrKan Melodies. 8:00 Wire Photo News Flash IBC. 8:05 Happy Davs Revue CBS. 9:00 Fran Allison Hour. 9:30 A. P. Wire Photo Service CBS. Wire Photos! A dfmonHtratinn of the tipw Mgh-speM Associated Press Wire Phut - service 1o newspapers will be described over CBS by Morris A I .use. executive editor of the Associated Press. The wire phntm will be Inaugurated on The Reg-Ister and Tribune Tuesday. Huse wilt describe the actual sending of a picture from New York to Washington. D. C, by wire. 10:15 A. M. Tuesday. Happy Sally, editor of the Homemakers' Exchange, makes her debut on KSO Tuesday morning;. Be sure to listen to this cheerful lady and Iter new program. 12:00 Noon Tuesday. Evangelist C. E. Roberta of Texas, who is conducting evangel istic meetings in the Open Bible , temple (the old Princess theater) I 313 Fourth St., will be heard on the New Year's day program from the Church of the Open Bible. Kathleen Carfrae. soloist, also will be heard on thei full - hour pro gram, mrmm m 71 New Trogram! Th Radio City Matinee makes Its debut on the NBC blue network at 2 p. m. Tuesday. Outstanding Victor recurdintt artlstg are presented In a full -hour bradcait. I- frem 7.inibaHst, violinist ; Giovanni Martinelh. opera tenor; Fva S m-jnnton. torch singer; Rosa no Bourdon and Knnc MadriRuera and their orcheitras will te on the first jintiram. The ttroatlrast will be heard next week and thereafter at 1 p. m. each Wednesday. 9 :45 "Mv Kitchen" Lihhie Vftmrhnn. 10:011 Devotionals. 10:15 Happy New Year from Columbia CBS. 11:00 Black's Lady of the Air (James Black Pry Goods Co.) 0!S Lou Webb1 Console-Aiions. 1 1 .-no Arthur Warren's Orchestra CBS. li:45 "Voice ot Iowa" (Inquiring: Re porter). TUESDAY AFTERNOON. 12:00 CornhuBkers. 12:30 Kslher V elas1 Rnaemhli ms 12.45 Pat Kennedy and Art Kassei with nis nasseis in the Air (Grove Laboratories CBS. 1:00 Davidson's News Reporter (Davidson Co, I 1 oei Irl Hudson, Texas Cowhand. 1:20 Markets and Karm Flashes, Nash New Year's Party CBS. (.Nash. Motors), 3 00 Arthur Cohen, violinist IBC. a. 15 Kast and Dumke, comedy team N BO. 3 no Tempi nf ftnjc, fhoip NBC. 4 ' Kevolution!" IBC. 4 .iO Larry Larson, oritaniat NBC. 4 4 Tv Happy Jai-k Turner, tonga NBC. 5 (Mt New S'ear's GreettriK. 4"i Gerard tn Pr-'Rram. f, mu rutto Pmuram (Pluto Water). 5.55 Theater o( tht Air. TUESDAY EVEXIXG, 6:15 Morton Pivney (Carlsbad Sprudel Hsit t NBC, 6:30 Musical Memnrlea -ith Kdnar Guest (Househuld Finanea Corp.) NBC. 7:00 Kno Crima C'ewa (Eno Effervescent 8a!t NBC. 7:30 I-awreoce Tibbeit (Packard Mo-torsi NBC. 8:00 Graca iloura (Vtrk vpr Noel Coward, that versatile Brlti s h e r who is one of (he brightest lights of the entertainment world, will make his American radio debut on the big New Year's program, which starts at 1 and continues through to 4 35 p. m. fcthel Barrv-tnnre. Alexander Woollcott, and a host of other stars will be on the broadcast. It promises to be a grand show I 4 LI' Revolution.' I b' 'M-m mm i 1 P. M. Tuesday. Efrnm Zimbalist, noted violinist, and Giovanni Martinelli, tenor of the Metropolitan Opera company, will be starred on j the first of a series of Radio City matinee broadcasts. Eva Symington, young torch singer, and Rosario Bourdon and Enric Madri-guera and their orchestras will also be on this first program. ei-kkm atiMBM.isT.Next week, and each week thereafter, the Radio City matinee will be at 1 p. m. Wednesday. fae -J S I l4fH 7 T. M. Tuesday. Eno Crime Clews comes to you in a new form this evening. Instead of being in two installments, the Stewart Sterling Man Hunter Mysteries will be complete on the Tuesday program. At the same time on Wednesday, the same sponsor will have a new program, "Penthouse Party," starring Mark ,Hellinger, Gladys Glad, and guest artists. MlhL t UM.MiO. -IBC. racemoore njinj Sotjs You lovt io Har KSO-KWGR - 8 P. M. He I Orace M.Tor tha opra singer wha ts s-.nh a iavorna nf Amertrs s music lover, frarts her first rfictilar radio pro- frsm at A p. m uesdav You'll hear her earn week at 'hi t'nie on KWCR. tnitmi the sorus mhu-h ha knows ou ;.Kt best. 6 30 Hank MrCau'ey. c"tK.y smarvr i Hamilton Seed A C'ai, t WHimti Af-ross he Br1e- NBC ( tmtirvtn Beas. drama NBC 9 .it T'lt) and Irene s ihow NBC. in ixi sm Ta k .Francis 10.05 News and Witt Photo Flash IBC. 10 1 Ahe Lvwan Oirhr NBC 10.30 Jarh Xenny and His Orchestra NBC. ilfft-Fu'ir VaHea Orrnestra NBC 11 30 Harry -witck Orchestra NBC. li.OO Goo4 vnii)f. :30 P. M. Tuesday. Recalling his first audition at the Metropolitan Opera, Lawrence Tibbett will sine the aria he offered on that occasion, "Eri Tu" from "The .Masked Ball" by Verdi. During his Met tryout. Tibbett's voice cracked on the first note. He hopes for better luck this time. This number is particularly appropriate, for tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of his sensational per- 9.30 National Psnk News Rfoorter ! formance at the Met. whpn h re. National Bank of Wa'frl.iol. ,., ,u . . ' . 9:35 cnnie uates jimmie Bneriv. Iceived the greatest ovation eiven a new singer. 4 4.T "Tarzan" IBC. !i IW-IVMI Nwaiier of the Air, 5 10 The I'ptDKners 5 4vv.m1y an.l Willie CBS. 5.55 Cutler's lonis .Store (Cutler's Clothinn Slur. 1 TIESOAY EVENING. on Spnrts Ksvlfw. H M'i Wire Phnto Klash. 6 S Dan Ku anrl orchestra CBS. 6 :u Tunes anrl T'nic$ 7 01) Keith Bewher i ()rcheslraCBS T::iO Indian stones H. O. Bernbrock 8. nil Metropolitan Mono's. 6 JU Isham Jones and his Ori-heslra K'hevrraet Motors Co. ( CHS 9 00 Camel Caravan iCamel Citaretieal aH CBS 9 V Voire nf the Crtisa-le Ss M in mi News and Wire J'frolo jT I ' 10 15 Joe Ha)mes and his - CBS Fia.h -IBC Orrhe.IrM 10.30 Henry Busse and his Orchestra CBS 1fl-4 f'anrho and his Orchestra CB 11. OU H'4r(J" Ks and his Orchestra 11 30 If on CHS, 12 nn Reflections In the Water i toHIUN (IKK Nsvsra and Ma Orchestra -CB8. ivirtixi:met. Hlihllthts f Radk Halloa WOI IOWA STATE COLLEGE S40 Kilocycles, a.mifl Malts. 8 P. M. Tuosday. "And can that lady sing!" "Marvelous! Divine! America's Darling! Gorgeous voice!" ine critics are I heaping praise on Grace Moore, j who scored such a hit In thev movie "One i ; Night of Love." IShe starts her first regular radio program on ;KSO this eve-' ning. Miss Moon- is planning the 1 ;program herself promises to i you the Tuesday, Jan. I. T on a m Mans -Key. C. L. Shaffer T w a. ra. Nfus Notes. .ws m. Yon.ter Kails the Mayflower Kti'h fialvin 10 00a !B Homemakers Mra, Henry and eu 1! H p m enric Kerr's jbling ""--t7-r,uo.jI0rt of popular .yng, you nke. k 4 I.KS.I L MIMIks.

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