The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1961 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1961
Page 14
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*-At§ana (la,) Upper Be* Main** Thursday, May 4, 1961 Meie is an ihtrrestiing bit of Hews related to me, recently by Pnulette bradley. We had mentioned "Ben Hur" I believe, and lYoftcis Xi Bushman was spoken of. She said he was born at Primrose, a small village in southern Iowa and his real name is 'Ben- jrniin. : The name Benjaman came r.p when I was talking about friends in Ohio. She Said he was •& liimdsomo young man, got into show business and changed his narrie to Bushman.' 1 remember reading about the wife and family of six children he left to marry Beverly Bayne, a Minneapolis, Leauiy. I think they had a child and Were separated after quite a" Jieriod of marriage....for theatrical people-, that is. * * *• li is getting along toward picric: time and Mrs Allen Bullock spoke of one with yearning. Oh, it won't bt> long now! The Lindquist family has already had one. It wasn't such a warm day so 1 wonder how held out. their enthusiasm Mrs D. K, Chiquet told me about visiting with the Merle Ross family and Mrs Edith Ross in Des Koines. Mrs Ross clerks at a shopping center and met a young woman who said she had lived at Garner. It turned out to be my cousin Pat Cady's wife Carolyn and she spoke of our relationship. They did .'ive in Garner aiij Pat was associated with an attorney. He is a L T . of Iowa law graduate. * * * A telephone call from Wichita Kan., Tuesday evening from my cousin Harry Goddard's wife Vinnie gave me the sad information that Harry had dropped dead in their back yard that morning. He and Virmie were walking around looking at the shrubs he had written me about so recently. The yard is very pretty and he was so proud of the pear and peach trees. Vinnie said she had her back to him so did not see him fall but heard it. A doctor was summoned at once, but to no avail.'He had not been sick nor expressed any ill feelings. Funeral services were held April 21 at Rolf e, former-home of Vinnie and her family. Harry was born May 15, 1888 at Bancroft. His mother was Eva Cady and married Robert E. Goddard. He was a barber 35 years before retiring. * 4 9 . I have heard of Mrs Freden, a resident here for some time, but had not met her until yesterday when she came from town with her son Leo of West Bend and stopped in to meet me. Too bad we don't have an elevator here so we could get up and down to other floors and visit around. She is a small woman, a trifle taller than I, but I' outweigh her. darn it! i Alma Maters are always subjects of—well not exactly argument, but at least controversy. So imagine the Crawford families who can compare six different colleges attended by the various members of the families—Wheaton, 111., Wooster, Ohio, Drake, Iowa City, Cornell and Northwestern. Reminds me of the trips we ; 'Three Muskaleers" have made and our boast of a college education for here are the ones wr- saw in one ,'eurney—Ames, Ambrose, Wartburg, Cornell, and it seems as though there is one more I don't recall. * * * When Rose Anderson was brought here the oilier day I went out into tlit hall to bid her welcome. A iYirnd hod greeted her but she didn't n-c;ill who she was. So i was quite flat'."red when she taid, ''Oh, ! know vou!" She and my mother were gii-llmod friends, in the same neighborhood and tho fnmiliii's. the Hendersons and Unmans \veiv well-acquainted. » «. When I read the headline "Bancroft Woman Loses Rings; Found in Chicks" I thought it meant the chicks hud catfn 'lie litu'.s. The jewelry was found with the chicks. M » i, I haven't it's leest idea that my opinion will any weight, but it will relieve my mind to have my little say. I might add it is backed up by a man with whom I discussed the issue the other day. It is about changing the Kossulh county fair grounds (o the area near the south bridge beyond the Good Samaritan home and a stretch of land west, If any of the board members had seen that ground completely under w.'iter a few short weeks ago, ,it would seem that any such ideas of acquiring that properly would be abandoned. With even an ordinary rain, the ground being so low would be a perfect mudhole, and I've been at the old grounds, which even on high ground was a sea of mud. And Ihe location — off a paved road on the east, awk- ard of access from either direction, compared with the present location, which is ideal. Why sink more money into a project which isn't paying out. and the awful delupidated state of the entire group of buildings from the animal sheds on up to the floral hall and ampittheater! If there is money to use on ground, xvhv not) me it for repairs and new buildings on the present site' County fiairs arc on their way 6u anyhow, and even the State fairs didn't etc- so well. It was in the red. ,1 don't know the prope procedure, but I think it shoulc to buy or not. I was in hopes tobuy land or #ot. I was in hopes the high .srhotil would bb built there- and fairs cancelled completely. The fair has . become a pitiful tiling—just like a little old lady, ,ts,cled and frail, tryinj bravely to ,appear vivacious anc young, and .failing miserably. Had the -school been built there, the ampiiheatre, with repairs makes a good stadium and the track is already therefor outdoor sports. It is unthinkable to locale the fair near ihe lowlands. Well, this •s a land of free speech, at least we hear T lot about it, so I've had n1y Jiltle "say", for what it's worth—probably nothing, but it has let off steam. « * * How about it ladies? "The woman absent from the bridge party gets the most slanis." # * » And how about it men, "There's nothing like a heavenly body to make men stare into space." on vacation at Tucson Ariz, they saw a tree flower—-laden witi blossoms of five .colors, rangin,. frotfi deep red. to pink and' white They made the Inquiry and learn ed it was a flowering crab tre.t and with permission of the owner took pictures. They were so inter estert they wanted dne for their own yard, and recently Hertha and her friend Elizabeth HelrmtL drove to Fort Dodge hoping to find some "treelets" of the same kind. Hertha is an avid honi* culturist and the lovely yari: prover it—trees and shrubs am flower beds bearing witness. « • « When Ihe W. C. Irelans Ult tot Riverside, Calif, a couple of months ago they left in a very severe snow storm. When .they returned a short time ago.lhey also came in on snow flakes. But they are glad to be back in Iowa, mow, rain and 'what-have-you, After the years spent here, quite number which I won't divulge VIr Irelan says it's Iowa for him. owa, the best state in the.union! add a "Hurrah." They took an ipartment at riverside and with hat as a focal point visited with heir son-in-law and daughter, VIr and Mrs Robert Middleton, vhc live at Riverside and with While Hertha and Bill Dau were other relatives in the Los Angeles . area * * t Helen Hutchison Is gelling 1 be, quite an airplane fan and i lo'aving, I should say left, for the time this reaches print * w;ll be in Boston w'ith her son Ted and family. SHe went • to Mason City via plane, to Chicago and then via jet to Boston. The Hutchisons have a new son anc with two other little girls, it is pecessary to have some help for a time, Helen Is the "answer, to that need. Of course.Helen ne'edec no urging for a new grandson and two little grandaughlers are mosl tempting. « »'•••» I wish some one would ask me my views on srA'oking. My reply might help me unload my ten« • * • An old picture taken on the Cossuth court house steps Was iven me the other day Judging rom the Styles of the woman's garments, I'd say it dates back around 1896-98, I recognize a ew—Blanche Grose, Lulu Clark 1cCoy, Mart Weaver and One qoks to roe like his sister May i'caver. I think one man is a ft Sampson (Not Claude) who as sheriff years ago—or Was e the treasurer? It seems to me there was a Mr Carr in countj office too nnd one of the women cn.'n't Identify was his daughter That leaves a few more but hope" t'6 v find someone w,ho know who 'the 5 ,,rest are, especially, th( %m JK-th'6 derby hat.-' ,, # * • The birlh April 23 of Lori Ann to Mr and Mrs Marten Smith gives Mr* Augusta Beitz her fortieth great-grandchild. Quite a record. 'Can anyone top it? Mis Beitz is recovering from broken ribs suffered in a fall acoss the garbage can as she reached to dispose of some and was molested by a large dog. She says what hurts even worse s the fact that she had her suit cases packed ready for a fishing trip to the Ozarks and a visit with her daughter and son-in-law who live there. uLiiui. Jflncis* **.*.»----- —, Bofliiie Winter and Mrs Janice Trouimart, fifth grade,, and Mrs Kay, .Misbach' and Mrs • fito MariwVetz; sixth grade,* and Mrs Fern Stafttorl is principal. To date<Uwo Visitors ;have ap» pla?et3 with prdgrams. They are William DaU, Sr., who visited the fifth grade and showed movies on a recent trip to Hawaii and Mrs Lewis Kent, Algpna, who told Ihe sixth graders about;,life in England whefo she Was bohi and ci'ew to adulthood. She also treated everyonfe to English tarts which she prepared. Mrs Lewis Ferguson and t)dn Hemmihgsen, both of Aigona, will virit the sixth grade in the near future. Mrs Ferguson will tell of her homeland, Gormriny, .and Mr Hemmingsen will tell some of lis experiences while .stationed n England during World War II. Lucia Wallace Parent Programs ArePresented Several parents and grandpar- nts of fifth and sixth grade stu- onts at' Lucia Wallace, school ere have visited rooms there to how movies and tell stories of prospective estudent's submitting Penny Johnson To Buena Vista Penny Johnson of Aigona has sen accepted for admission to he freshman class at Buena Vista ollege here next September. Full acceptance awaits the the college following graduation from high school. Miss Johnson Is a candidate for graduation at Aigona high sen- oil fills spring. SMALL PAftTS fcABlNfiTS f6f home of office. Upper Des MolheS Pub, Co., Aigona. FRIDAY, MAY Sth ANDY DOLL AND BAND SAT., MAY 6ih PAY McKlNLEY -. and Ihe world famous GLEN MlLLEft ORCH. Adm. -$1.87 plus lax, lot. $2 • Checking IQc , WED.,"MAY" ioih~ 8 to II P.M. National Teen Package DEL SHANNON • The String-A-Lings fiHSEL HICKEY . MICKY BO YD Parents Free Teens $1.35 GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW ' • , •••• i. •...'.'-"••••'• Around The Town and Country unimmini Joe Bradley Equipment South Hoiel Aigona Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Oliver MaiMy-Hurli Allli-Chalmeri CMC Truelct Flreiione Tlrcf YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR Ipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini Bronson Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks & REDWOOD Tanks N. of Jcl. Hwys. 18 & 169 Aigona - CY 4-4369 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Aigona BALLROOM Whlttemore, Iowa SUNDAY, MAY 7 DON HOY | SUNDAY, MAY 14 1 MARV REEDSTROM SUNDAY, MAY 21 HENRY CHARLES 1 SUNDAY, MAY 28 | RAY LEWIS I No Advance Jj Booth Reservations g Doors Open at 8:30 ™ FjiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiyiiiiiiiiiuuiiiiiiiyiiiuiuiuuimiiHiiiuiiiiiiuii Aigona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service n 11 Phone CY 4-3501 Aigona VMS////////////'////'//////////////. Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing - Hettlng 8h»eJ Metal GM or Oil Unit* Pump* WU»r 8y*l*m» Complvl* Phou» CY 4-3140 JUgaa* P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING P. R. Irons has been in Aigona since 1914. In 1936, he was selling stokers for Butler Manufacturing, and two years later started selling furnaces..This gave him his start in the heating and plumbing business, and in 1940, P. R. Irons Heating & Plumbing was established. Pictured above is the P. R. Irons Heating and Plumbing establishment located at 812 East McGregor. The business has been in Aigona since 1940. At that time the building was located west of the present location on the same lot. In 1946, a larger building was needed to facilitate the expanding business. This building is the one pictured. Irons features American Radiator Standard Sanitary, Kohler Fixtures, Perfection and General Electric Furnaces, and General Electric Air Conditioning. In addition to the heating & plumbing work the business does a complete line of sheet metal work, which is all done in their location. For reliable, efficient and friendly, service in your plumbing & heating needs, call P. R. Irons Heating and Plumbing. They qre "Completely equipment to serve you completely." YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Meet Wayne Wickwire Of Irvington Wayne Wickwire, 46-year old Irvington farmer, has been a Country Neighbor in Kossuth county for the past 36 years.. Wayne, son of Mr and Mrs T. E. Wickwire, whp now reside at St. Petersburg, Fla., was born at Eagle Grove and came to this area when he was 10 years old, Mr Wickwire, whose main hobby is water skiing, purchased the old Grant Sample farm, about a half-mile southeast of Irvington, in 1957 and he, his wife and daughter have lived on the place since 1958. There ere 232 acres of land on the farm. Last year, Mr Wickwire cultivated 91 acres of corn, 40 acres of oats and 35 acres of soybeans. There was also 20 acres of bay* land and the balance pasture. He raises feed cattle and feeder pigs every year and recently signed up in the new agriculture department farm plan for 1961. Like most far. mers, he would like to receive more for his produce «— or have to pay less for items that he is forced to buy to stay in business. Piior jo 1958, the Wickwires lived in the Irvingtpn area, also. Mrs Wickwire is the former Eunice Burlingam*. Her parents are Mrs Maggie Burlingame, Brjtt, and the lat» @. M. Burlingame, The Wickwirts met when their families lived as neighbors on farms and were married at Aigona in 1940. Mrs Wick wire's hobby is the manufacture of efrj» ter pieces and artificial flowers. Th« Wick wire's daughter, Betty, is a senior at Aigona high school. Mr Wickwire has a brother, Paul, who farms near Elmore and Mrs Wickwire has two brothers. Glen, Alaona. and Milton, near Irvinfton, and a »»ter, lemtc*,, prijf, residing in this area, (UDM Polaroid WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Kelley Lumber Co. 'Our Business Is Building" Ntar MUwauki* Depot - Algon* • LUMBER • PAINT • CEMENT mnnEiiiiiuiiuiiuuiiiiiiiiiiDi , , ' '• . " r , i Beecher lane Appliances •When tii« FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION WmltagbouM la APPLIANCES WeiltaghouM Frlgldaln YoungitoWB Pbon* CY 4-1111 AlffOiU Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline — Kelly-Ryan — Papee New Idea Farm Machinery • BllM • S.rvlc. • FrUndlr It Courteous Alwiyi N. M»ln St. Pbon* CY 4-1451 Y////////S/£/S//SSS///SS//S/S/SS/S/S///SSSSS/S///S/////////S/SSSS/ l t Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardware Store" A Complete Line Of H**dware • Hou«war«» t Tool* • Bldg. Supplies Phpn* CV 4-4630 ALGONA i Robinson Construction Co, Sioux Steel Building, Fw sice, slrength, - SJQUX „ Another advance. Bieni ir» ea »i«r farming. • E . Bo

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