The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTH2VILLE. (ARK.> COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST ?, 1951 Corn-Stuffed Tomatoes Are Good Budget Dish (Bjr NF* KMvk*) | We tried both of th*v>e CHsy-on- the-budpst meatlfsa dishe« the oth- tr rf»y. Everyone liked them. Maybe jour family will. loo. T«m»t#« Stuffed With Com (8 HtrvlnetO tight inediutn-sl/ed tflniRloes. 1 t*t*poon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, J tablespoon quick-cooking lapi- oc*. 2 cups cooked whole kernel corn. 7 tablespoons butler or fortified margarine. Cul off. lops of tomatoes and Koop out pulp, leaving about l i Inch on *idp.s nnd bottom. Place pulp In * well-greased one-quart heat-rwistanl glass utility Mix together «alt and -sugar and sprinkle '* teaspoon of it Into each tomato, Add rest of salt and Mifiar, together with tapioca, to tomato pulp. Arrange tomatoes in tomato pulp in utility dish. Fill tomatoes with corn. Place cubes of butter on corn anri tomato pulp. Bake in moderate oven (35(1 degrees j a^out 30 minm>.«, or until corn Is hot anri tomatoes are tender. With Creole Sauce <Yfol« Sauce; Two and one-half enps r.ookfri tomatoes, one. No. 'i can), l i cup dirod celery, 3 tablespoons chopped nrren pepper, 1 tablespoon minced onion, l teaspoon -sail, f ew pin 1 n.s fa ye n ne, 3 tablespoons cornstarch, U cup rold water. Conk tomatoes, <;e!ery, xt'een pepper, onion, 5ali and cayenne in saucepan over ! t> w direct heat about 1ft miniites, or until vene- table.s are lender. MoLslen cirn'n- slareh in Hie cold water, stir into sauce and rook about eight to ten minutes or until jaurc is thickened. ScrAinMrd Kins: Six ei;ys, fi (a- ble.spoom milk, 1 teRJ-pnon salt,, \ tablespoon* butter or fori If led inarfiarine. Beat een<; and milk together; add salt. Melt butter or margarine in a I ^-rnifirt, he.fll-i < plns^ saucepan. Add cue* and cook ovrr very low ciirert lie HI until thick, s'lrrintr n era si on wily. Serve saiu.'e Broilers, Fryers Aids to Budget Cream-Fried Chicken Is a New Way to fix. Old Reliable Dish Shrimp with Macaroni Gives Wholesome and Delicious Dish (By NKA Sfrvlcf) j Shrimp. fv(V?h nr canned, add delicious proifln to any meal. For the budget's sake, combine them with ma ear on I into a welcome one-dish main course. Skillrl .M^.'anmi with Shrimp iMxkeR 4-6 serving) Three UWespoons btitter or fortified maigarin*, 2 tablesp(x>ns minced onion. Vi cup chopped celery, ',4 cup chopped plmientos. 2',i cups loinafc Juice, 1'i cnjw wm^r. 1 tablespnon salt, 1 pound cooked *hrimp, 8 ounces elbow macaroni, H teaspoon marjoram. In a heavy skillet, mell butler or margarlnt over low heat. Add onion, celery and plmientos; simmer 10 mi nut*? Arid tomato Juice, water and salt-; let come to boiling point, Stir- In cooked shrimp. Gradually add macaroni, stirring constantly l« prevent sticking. Cook nnco\ered, .stirring occasion- nlly. Rboiit 30 minutes, or macaroni fa tender. Stir In marjoram. Serve immediately. Here's Another low-co*i protein main dish: <,'henw: Fonrtwc {4 nerrlngf) On* c»i> milk, Vi cup prated uharp cheese, ^ teaspoon salt, few grairu; cayenne, 2 toa-spoons butter or fortified mnrBarlne, 2 rgRR, 3 Chicken with Corn, Lima Beans Can Be Fixed under Pressure Cleveland. Ohio. IIHJS Just pa.ved out rash prlw^ In a nation- wide con- »/>5t. amor. g focd editor* and food '• n " itor * ' Gracp HfcrUpy of t h t' ALInntji <Ky NKA Service) one 3'v-potind drawn Iryer. cut up The Pre>.sure Cooking Inptitiite of 3 tablespoons salad oil or fat. l .sliced, peeled onion, 1 .small gre.en pepper, -seeded and sliced, 3 tca- i .spoons sfl(t, % (ea.spoon pepper, I i package frown corn, l package frozen lima bean,s, Journal woi. with her "Speedy Ser- I vant" artfcie piinteri In her paper. i Here's one o( ihc time and flavor- f saving rerjj,p,s from that article. Jt r>-|v>M be ROOT, news to your prewnre cookor aiitl all the family: Chicken With Corn and Lima (Serves 5-fij One-qnr}rlrr cup sifted flmir. l i?nspr,on' Kiift, 'v ina.stKJon popper, .slices butlfiE't] brp-itd. Heal mill: anri chfpwe in top double boiler imlll Is mclt<'<l Remove f rom heal-. Arid pall, cayenne, bill r^j nnrt '-veil-beaten e^KS. Cut breaO Into 'i-inch pieces and add 1,0 mixttire. Place Li) four greased henl -resistant ?lhw custard rnp.s fivn- onnce si/e, B;ikp In modernlr tn'cn <325 drRivci F.i for aixaa 3*1 minutes or 'inijl [Ipliralcly brownivl und firm to touch. Serve In the'cus- tard cup.';. <Hy NKA Service) Broilers and fryers .1 re plentiful, eta lively inexpensive ami popular with mast families. Tai:e 'he fulvirfi of Preila nJKhi. one of tlie hncsi, rook, 1 ; we know, a bnii L cook ing them. Hn kbonk "IJnte With a Dish" is a collect inn of om.standms American Necrti recipes. Here are two from that deiicatablr book: Fried Chirked in Crejun (Serves () 'I'liree-pnnnd fiver unit- up*. '-; '' J| KS to flour in paper bay or howl, cup b»1 lor or shortening, 2 tflble- [ Flour thicken well. Pry in ine- -poon.s chopped parsley, fialt ntul j fluun depp fni for aboui \n rnin- peppej- to tn.sle, 1 cup cream, ', intes. turning to brown on all side.*cup flour, 1 Iravpnun pa]>rika, dash ; '^'°P rna Y ' )(l placed on pan after Jii](nif>(f, \-i lea? poo n cnriic .-salt. \ chicken is brown. Keep your flame Put flmir, -salt, pr-ppor, paprikn ! lllf)(lorale and nulmr.i? In a paper brifr, Slmke : well. Cut t'hirrkrn in sninil pie<:r,s | Wash and dry. Sprinkle \kith gar- ' lie salt and place in the paper >)ai; Mnrinnrc well with Hour nnrl -ensonink' inix'ure. pjnro in hot • skillet, wifli fni. Rrown on all ; .^UJps. Cover and lot simmer I K '. hour, I Remove cover. Arid erefim nnd , fnuslry. l,et ronk nnnther 20 inin- iHf-s. Serve hot. ivllh ma.stied 110- : 1 attics. Krji'tl Cliirl<i'ri (Serves 0) j One 3- to 4-pound chicken, 1 j j loinon, i teaspoon paprika, I tea- j spoon salt. *•/ te-a.s|X)on pepper. J ' praleri onitjn, l ' s tt'a.sprjun ^ai'iic -salt, 1 cup flour. Clout), \vfish and cul ii|> chicken. , Dry well. Mininatr '.vllh juice from i lemon. Sprinkle, with pnrlle salt ; I,r(, sl.Tiui nvrrniahl or for .srvpra] • hours in refi-itreiatoi. Adti season- ; Combine first 3 Ingredient*. Roll chicken in IhSs mixture; brown well hot oil in pre.ssure pan. Add onion, and nrxt .3 Ingredients; cover; rook at 15 pounds pressure 12 minute.s Reduce pressure quickly a.s manufartifrer direct/;. Open, add corn ind lima bean. 1 ;; rook l tniinilc si IS [x>unds pressure. Reduce pressure a.= before. Klinnr KiiJlyer ha.s cs-s-h !n pock- el. too, ftr her prize artieLe In "Liv- iiiE Sw You OR Honienmkers." She took her recipe from 'he Mirro Cookhnok nnd adapted It successfully for [.-ensure cookers. raprlka of VP^! (Serves 4-fi) Two pOMno.s brea-si or -shank. cut into 2-lnrh cubes, 3 tablespoon* fa*, 'i cup onions, chopped, 1 lable.siwon paprika, i tablespoon flour, I 1 .7 leaspoons .sal?,, 'i teaspoon pepjrcr, 1 cup boiling water,, l y cup .sOiir cream. Heat fat, brown meat thoroughly. Add onl.m, paprika and flour. Rlenrt well. Season with .salt and pepper. And txiHing water. Cover. Cool- 12 minutes at 10 pounds; reduce pressure naturally. Stir in the sour cr^ani. Thicken sh.ahtly if recess a ry with 3 tablespoons flour mixed wuh enough t:cld water to make a s.nooth pa.<;te. Ask Your Grocer for B&B SAUSAGE Pure Whule ling Siu.sage .Srasonrd .(LSI Right! A BI.VT1IKV1I.I.K PRODUCT INIW /VPfiOV(D ?OWOf«D AFtll ftClM) ^OR MAKtnT- JAM AND , JELLY |3 * Prc(«rr«d 3 to I over any 7 other method l>y 7.0UO Horn* , gjr-r!^ l*<ifti jam *nd jelly making ;p6N-;tl CORf., KANSAS CITY, ~ ?*^^-ft j£%*ie?ir & ; PR1C TAMING EATUR *b, ID 29c PARKAYOLEO- Th« ONLY Jars with EASY- BALL DOME EBERDTS GATEWAY STORE 2101 Rose St. fVn YOURSELF! PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY PET MILK PUREX - 1 Gal. 2ft P&GSOAP-3bars25< DUZor SUPER SUDS - Ige. Z5c MACKEREL - 2 tall 25< CORN Mayfield 1 Cant No. 303 25< STRING BEANS £725* Joan of Arc KIDNEY BEANS FISHER'S CHEESE - 2 FRESH EGGS- KRAFT'S MAYONNAISE - y at 49c SNOWDRIFT - For Baking SLICED PINEAPPLE • 2! FRESH MEATS Fresh Dressed HENS - Morrell's BACON - lb.45? GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Garden Gold 46 Oi. Can PURE HOG LARD 50 Lb. Can For Dishes Bush HOMINY 25* Krispy CRACKERS LEMONS DOZEN 25 Yellow ONIONS 5,, 250 LETTUCE 3 H(ls 250 Chnc. Drops CANDY Jack Spral lc« MIX JELLO 2 Lbs 250 4 ,*„. 250 3,^250 NECK BONES BACON ENDS 2 25c 250 Adams ORANGE JUICE ..'X'250 Del Miiiile PRUNES ,^,. h , 250 1VI Monti- RAISINS 'S250 New Joy box 29c LIBERTY CASH RECIPE OF THE WEEK JjT£ Chocolate Cream Pie Rrnntlrntt: .S^.jrmr.rr 22. J9.T1 -. 5rir in mix[nr» nf ^Uthtlv br.itf-n e^c. ovf r lo^- hr;<(. siiTrmp ^!! in? (im'. Cook ^nd M.r JO s< -eo»J». Cmrr ,TncJ cool thoTOHphtv. Put i»cc* cold 9 -in. halrH p,»«<rv shrll rn.iJp vnthi pis rrii*[ m,i. fir.ii <•<$: vhiir. jii!T: .kv.iv [-.,.-,, in SU^AT. Put on fiitl»ni ; tprr.icunj; ro rijpr of emu tc> < in hllint;. UnV-c in «lov ov^n ( = .^1 n m-n . cir until lii;ht brown. bcforr it-rving. V..U inM KrrJt Pet Milk, Chocolot. Pudding Powd«r, Eggs, Pi« Cru*t Mix. YUMMY VIENNA SAUSAGE Can Chuck ROAST Ib. 69J Pork LIVER - - Ib. 39? Brisket STEW - - lb.39^ PET MILK 3 Tall 6 Small c Mist Liberty OLEO 5 Ibs. $1 TIME-LEE POTTED MEAT 2 cans 15t Large Home Grown Caniaiouneea.10c White or Red G1APES • ib 19c

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