The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1961
Page 15
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April 27, 1961 eg jftoinwf April 27, 1961 \ .... „„ 49 YEARS ' t MijJs Ella Ramsey, chief opera- lu r f ° r Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. at Decorah retired re* ™Uy after W years, 9 months and 10 days. When she first started back in 19,14 nd a 1 switchboard operator, Docorah had around PLANIAIION Whlttemore, towa SUNDAY' APRIL 30 CLEM BRAU SUNDAY, MAY 7 c DON HOY, SUtiDAY, MAY 14 MARV REEDSTROM SUNDAY; MAY 21 HENRY CHARLES SUNDAY, MAY 28 RAY LEWIS No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Ope.i at 8:30 HiiMiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 600 subscribers. Today, it- has 'ovdr 3800 patrons, the number of local calls* in 1916 was arbund 2000. An' Average day tbday means from 17,000 to 18,000 Calls. TOMATOfiS < Last fall t Mrs Goldie .Weston of Moravia put some soil ,in a one. 'pound cdffec can and placed a begonia plant' in it. Later a to- malo plant came Up. Some time later it bloomed ahd now has three tdmatoes on the 1 vine, which is 2'0 inches high. The.lar- gest tomato measures almost 5 inches around. PASS . R. H. 'Miller of Maquoketa recently received a lifetime pass for the Chicago,- Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railway Co. on hi_s having rounded out 4o years With the firm. A section foreman, he started With the railroad when he was 11 years old. : Hjs, late father was 1 a isection for'ernan; fop nipt'e than half a century•q"rid ; hfs grandfatHor was a forCmjin also, FRIDAY, APRIL 28th MIDWEST CARAVAN SAT., APRIL 29th JULES HERMAN and his Fine Dance Orch. SAT., MAY 6th RAY.McKINiEY; , " "• and Ihe world famous GLEN MILLER ORCH. Adm. $1.87 plus lax, tot. $2 Algeria's National Guard Unit If you want a delicious dessert make -fandbakkels, ^- s Scandana- vian pastry with a custard that tastes like ice cream,.topped with Whipped.' cream : and 1 'a bit of fact,: f;dr' they ;ai-e; small start-like dainties', a -gourmet's -delight!) '•; ; :.;•; ; M :•«! ! ir' ! ; '.;* :;•; : .\ !•?>* 1 A ; letter from! ! Bernice; Ditch, Ciarerh$rU| 'Minri.,' ifcorrtaihed" ^ clipping ;and! lecture [ about Is'prne. Womeft t '"do-'gopders: j One , (Wa's Mrs]! Evil sCady ; andj 'Bernice wpndei-ed M ishe^was; ',a', relative;' Hi's, 1 i : ddrit-kriqw when !or she; \ climbed *the iir^Jly- <-»- 1 b { her • husba'nd Ho| be tree) TOP ROW - left to Right Pfc. Harlan Bonnsietter. RCT Roger Ulses, SP4 Duane Logemann, Pfc..Lester Lammers, Pfc. Wayne Eckels, SP4 David Kollasch, SP4 Gene Thompson, Pfc. Clinton Eden, Pfc. Edward Otis, Pfc. Marvin Tigges, Pfc. Dwight Seaberg, Cpl Jae Givens, SP4 LeRoy Bruns, Pvt. Marvin Schafer, Pvt. Chris • Hinders, Pvt. Wayne Hutchinson, Sgt. Truman Shackleford, Sgt. Raymond Bruns, PVt. Marvin Loebach, Pfc. Fredrick Erickson, Cpl Darryl Fisher, SP4 James Stevens, SSGT Francis Kisch, SSGT. Jerald Davis. MIDDLE ROW - Left to Right Pfc. Stanley Limberg, SSGT. John Kadow, SP4 Ronald Johannesen, Pvt. Dennis Miller, SP4 Virgil Heifner, Pfc. Dean Rieke,' Pvt. Glen Thilges, Robert Bomgaars, SP4 Louis Scott, SP4 James Harms, SSGT. Dean Banwart, SP4 Marvin Intveld, Pfc. James Eden. Pvt. Edward Berninghaus, Pvt. Donald Harms. SGT. Paul Tjaden, Pfc. Richard Steward, Pvt. Francis Schafer, Pfc. Mark Bernhard. Pvt. Lloyd Hanselman, Pvl. Jon Olson, SP4 Harvey Reding, SFC William Detrick. BOTTOM ROW - Left to Right 1st Lt. David W. Merryman, SSGT Gerald Streit, Ret. Valgene Westling, Pfc. William Ulfers, Pfc. Leonard Anliker, Pfc. Larry Anderson, Pfc. Dale Yeoman, SP4 Kenneth Mogler, Cpl. Robert Hutchinson, SSGT Morris Perkins. SP4 Edward Flynn, Pfc. Arthur Kahler, Pvt. John Diiimer. SP4 Lester Frieden. Pvt. Richard Thompson, Pfc. Justin Thompson, Pfc. Andrew Harms, SP4 Charles Bjuslrom, SP4 Ken- nethThilges, Cpl. Richard Von Bank, Pvt. Larry Koester, Pfc. Earl Ludwig, -Ret. Donald Preuschl. M/Sgt. James Kelley, 1st Lt. Howard Stephenson. exact. It is interesting, to know I had an aunt Eva'Cady who married Bert. Goddard and lived at Bancroft. Why do cowboys and "who Here are the facts, you need Starting a new lawn this spring? ^ __ _ . , -—«"- -v , J. Don't worry about poor soil* You don't need to go to the trouble find expense of bringing in topsoil. Any soil— even subsoil— can givd ! ft satisfying lawn with regular feedings of Scotta protein-buflding, TUBF BUILDER*. ^__._-, . ^ 2. Don't be taken to by eee<* ^aTgain^Youwan!; a'good Ism} $ota hayfidd, C3bea|>mixturea contain wild grasses that wfll plague you for the life of your iawn.Sgotta seed is all good grass, perennial •end weed-free, " & Don't plant the wronr&fnd of lawn. Be realistic. If y<m jfc lawn that stands ttp to the punishment of children and weather, choose Scotto PLAY aaed.jf appearance ia paramount, Scottaw ft j)etteiJLaw»^r your money backj j FREDERICK The bast place \n Algona to buy fin« o,uftlMy hardware — at a AIOQNA celebrate sits leading GQRHAM ••'•"OFFERS CHANTILLY THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS STERLING DESIGN, SAVING! May 13th Only And you can buy it on our Club Plan for as little as per week per place-setting! donit's" go on and on endlessly en TV while cute programs like Eve.Arden ; and Osgood Conklin and . .Boynton in "Our . Miss Brooks" go off the air, along now with Ann Southern and her Mr' Devery, "Olive" and her "Bertie." •« • * Mis Josie Thompson brough: her grandson and. his wife, Mr and Mrs Ray -Ttiompson ,.anc daughter, Debbie, Atlantic,'.'i tc visit .nie ' Thursday. .They had .jusUreturnedVfrom »' vacation in Floridar^Mf•" Thdfftf>s"ph -la <&if patroltnah' and a !soldiferly Ibok- ing chap,-, jl: told tHett 'to. telephone- Elizabeth Rpwe, a very good -friend, and 1 t^ll.her; they had see$ • me: Many will remember her. Algpna'ns 1 The birlh of one baby; \t' event of impprtance, twins '„ are doubly so, aftd, thfe • .; interest multiplies with' each infant. ' So it will be of triple; interest :tp learn Mrs William'', pustin is 'one of triplet girls >born to' Mr, and Mrs Elbert Timmer. at 'Renville, Vlinn. .49 years ago.' ? Angeline,is vlrs Gustin, Grace is'; Mrs Ed Trerichs, Steamboat Rock, and. Winnie died at birth. A family dinner wps held hch-e,March 26 with Mrs Frerichs and' family in nttendance, a brother-in-law, atfd sister, 'Mr and Mrs Joe Abbas and family and a brother Albert Timmer, Jr.'of Ackley and Mrs Gustin's son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Harvey Isebrand, Kenneth and Deborah, TN tonka. The mother died some time ago and 'the father makes his homo here with Mrs Gustin, 4 • * Mrs Arthur Krause went to DCS Moines recently and there met her sister, Mrs Ira Benedict, Monrovia, Cal. From there they went to Medina, New York, to visit their brother Carl Hansen. They will be leaving there for Milwaukee, Wts., in time to spend Mothers Day with their mother, Mrs'Andrew Hansen. * * * And again I say, concentrate on having TV with no background music except where music is Actually a part of the program. 'This raucus, untuneful blare which accompanies running horses, gun shot, and such, is merely a nerve-wracker. Oh give us peace and quieter shows! NOT PICTURED 2nd Li. Richard .Strachan, SSGT James Elbert, SSGT Lewis 'Ferguson, BGT. George Forsylhe, Cpl. Paul-Gtonbach, Cpl. Jim Homer, SP4 Al Grill, SP4 Adrian Kersbergen. .PfC. Mervin Bruns, Pfc. Dwighl Decker, Pfc. Hay Harm, Pfc. Lawrence Wilhelmi, Pvt. Roger Arndorfer, Pvt. Francis Bormann, Pvt. Kenneth Carlson, Pvt. David Dreesman. Pvl. Merle Giddings, Pvt Stanley Hansen, Pvt. .Edward Kellner, Pvt. James Klemm, Pvl. Cyril Thttges. Pvl. James Thilges, Pfc. Harlan Ifelmew, Hcfc Dirtel Berkland, Ret. storff. Rcl. CecU •- Huriburi, Heifner. Hcl. James pit nnd broke his back. That left it up to 'Mr EVerS -ibi carry on So his li'arty left .Feb.' 5'and tvii: gone ajYtarj rat; least, possibly more.! i Hovvev'^4 ; talks) With; >the (home' folks make, the separation mcxre bearable and much can be said that' ''one does not write ebout: , -The system is too complicated for me to explain,, but Ihe short, wave to Chicago suburbs is.thenjcarried by telephone lo Mrs Eyers, a middle man in charge'oft technical matters -that are s Greelc", to me. He advised Vlrs Evers tp speak in a lower pitch • and each sentence is re- p6a-ted a second time.- The conversations are quite satisfactory and In the time.he has been gone, " ' have .communicated four We talk days but I * about the good old am sure Mrs E. J. Now, on unprecedented opportunity to own fomoiu Chontilly at wonderful anniversary loving*. Offer include* All PUCES . , . yog may porcngt* ANY AMOUNT. for •xqmp/ff, four- NOW $21. 00 fMc* btdydw Wwel Tax. RfQULARlY $28.00 Regtskred Jwekr Evers would not want to go back' to them. In these modern days 'communications border on the miraculous, and with a husband in Africa, it is wonderful to be living in the present and being able to talk with him. Mr Evers left reluctantly for Monrovia, Liberia, Africa for he has a family he didn't want to leave. But the foreman on the construction of a power plant there fell in a limes, . Not' long ago a man who lad beon with an electric com- saiiy at the same job completed lis work and came, home via England and Sqotland. When reached 'the United States he phoned Mrs Evers and gave icr further first hand accounts, t is possible he will be returning there and has promised to again jlione Mrs v Evers in case she has •Messages she wants relayed. * * • One has often heard of persons who are psychic and I was •ecently talking with a woman ,vho definitely is. I don't think ihe would want her name told, )ut she mentioned several things hat could only be accounted for by that condition. It is an inter- sting fitld. Having a hunch A-ould be the way many would •xpress it. * * * * Bernice and C h e t Schoby ^hould have stayed in Florida i little longer. They got back ust in time to enjoy (?) the high winds and cold of April 16, 17 and 18. The weather was perfect, Bernice said, flowers in bloom, and she said it seemed almost incredible that a two day drive would take them from such a delightful place to this cold and dreary place. * 4 * Mary Barry had a letter from Edith Besha, Phoenix, Ariz., telling about the visit of Marie Lamuth Bode, Elma, and her sister, Agnes, around Easter whc-n on a visit to her son's. Th Beshas lived here many year ago .and Mr 1 Besha was station agent • * * Onela Didriksen was ''Queen for .'fir :Day ; "; recently, ivhen she was asked 'to be. guest; speaker at a ' MetHo'dlst -WiS.C.S. meeting at Nevada by .request ,of the program chairman Edna EJlmore, who will be well remembered here as a teacher. Abhrams, now She' and Grace Mrs :Wallace Carson, were roommates and many are the times I have talked with them at Mr and Mrs Frank Henderson's home. They: had a room in the Methodist parsonage when Rev. and Mrs.'' W. J. Tood were her. A luncheon for 14 guests was . heM at the hotc«l and another former Al- gonan was present, Elsie Specht, now Mrs Fred Kutzli, Prairie City. At the luncheon were Tony, of cours'e, Mr C.arson and other former Algonans, Oneta's sisters, Mrs Bernice Seeley and \trs Frank Thorpe, Ames, whom he Didriksens had been visiting. They had also been in Des Vtoines with their son and daugh- ,cr-in-law, Mr and Mrs Roger Didrikson. » * • Nice as the Gaylord Shumway's five week vacation was in Mississippi and Alabama, it isn't to be compared with the one their daughter Sandra has been having. She: is a student at Oxford university, England, and there is a sort of study within a study, .arrangement where eight days of travel at intervals is added to the regular cirriculum. She has been in England, France, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland and says Ireland is by far the most beautiful country. Which sounds good to me, .for I am of Irish descent. Well, I'd settle for a gulf states trip a la parental Shumways, but isn't it wonderful to get around to all those foreign places! .: » * * A chat with Frances Eason assured me she is cheerful and accepting a wheel chair and crutches with good grace. H er broken hip is mending nicely. $1000 FISHING DERBY BEGINS SATURDAY, APRIL 29, ON BIG STONE LAKE AT ORTONVIUE, M.NNESOTA WEEKLY. PHIZES «f BJG GRAND PHIZES IN 9 SPECIES Crappies, Walleyes, N9i|bern». Perch, Lwg* Mouth Bass, Bullheads, Catfish, Sunfish. and Silver Bass. CONTEST HUNS THROUGH MAY The Fish Will Be Bttin' ... Join the Fun and WinBigPriws! »* Amy Johnson was all smiles today when she came in my room. She was made grandmother again April II when a son was born to her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Vincent Ehnan at Lakota. The little fellow has been named Randall Lee and joins a family of three brothers Dennis, Stanley and Kenneth. Doc Stork got his orders mixed for a little girl was on the shopping list. However, they do not expect to make any complaints 'at the exchange department! MIMEOGRAPH STENCILS ANP Typewriter and adding machine supplies at Upper Dea Moines } ub. Co., Algona.

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