The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 1-1, 1030 BLYTHKVIU-E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREK Old Sites Draw Tourists TO B| Sffll Ten Million Tourists Ex-1 peeled to Visil Massa-! chusetts This Summer. Vote by Boxes in Comity Contests i i Jly NBA Service • | UOSTON.—Ten million tourists ; frini all parts of America and i abroad are expected to visil Mas- . saclnisett.s he-fore the slate ends. Us tercentenary celebration. Their automobiles, with license plate; from nearly cv.;ry state In the union, display a marked contrast to the venerable and historic lelic.s of the days when travel was nicslly by hoiseback and was confined 10 lilt- narrow llmlls of ihe original Nfassochmetts Day Colony. Everywhere, particularly along the Atlantic coast, are signs of the iniaintncss of this part of America, reminders oi the days of the Puritans and other early settlers, ihe revolutionary forefalhers and ' their colonial descendants, j Bo'ton cradle of culture, is it- ! Plymouth Heck, at top, and Old Ironsides, lower left. UK .self a veritable haven for sight-; of the many symbols of early days to be seen in s.?ers. Many of ihe old structures j chirsetls, especially along the routes shown by the '.nap. of pre-colonlal days remain tori • IS PHD EVER mo OF (Continued from page one) Iny and t;lve llis opinion of the ordinance. The proposed ordinance provide 1 .? for a minimum charge of $1.00 ]>?r mnnlli for water service In ol SI.50. i the preseni charge, ami provides lor a sliding int.! of 30 cents per 1000 gallons fc r the first 2500 6"'- lons, 20 cents per 1000 for the second MOO gallons, nnd 15 cents per 1000 tfillr.m for all In excew of 10,060 gallons. It nlso contains a clause providing lhal the water company may not discontinue scr- ice as low; us it is indebted to t lie com u me i'. The council pr.s^'il re.sohillons or- cipiiny extensions oi water mains on D.ivis east of l.aclcde anil nn exlensicn en Main can of Lake I street with a fire hydrant lo te in- s'.allcO. j About 180,000 saloons were clos- - • 'ed lu the Untied Stales as the re-" | jsull of the Prohibition Amendment. • Omnty Circuit Court. Clerk I § g I Trra.surei' 1 Rcmi'M I IllllVl' a , Tual nn [>'.'. BOXiVS .. .. Fcrd ii! ( | K . nox City Half •Ml) 21:1 04 '. 2-1 -1377 40 313 83 180 204 I4H Hill mi TOTALS 'Total dot's 3B23 4011:1 MM 1541 S310 3CU3 CTJ !i79 '.'.9:10 -jr. Include one box of count':. 50 bow's. llocky sclinul. wliii-h pniis ahum Comity Surveyor g. ! I f o 6 a :«:>8 MSI 41) votes. I" Vole For (arciiil judges •OlllM't ... Cro>>, Craislirad Cluy TOTA1 Carroll liiindy »f>4 25CU Kock Klltoiieli i 15->2 ' MOO i Piles Go Quick Piles are caused by bad clrcnla- , lion of Ihe blcod in ihe lower • Ixwol and a weakening ot Ihc jiails. Only nn Inleriial medicine can remove Hie cnu.<e. That's why' external remedies ami culling fall." Dr. l^onlHirdt's IIEM-ROID, succeeds, because it relieves this ton-- Gi'.silon nnd slreiiBlhcns ihe aff,;et- • eil parts. l)r. Ix'onhanlt's prcscnii- . lion hns such n .wonderful lecord • fcr quick, .safe and Instlnu. relief even in chionlc ami stubborn case, llmt Klihy Drug Co., siys try • HKM-KOIU ol my expense. Yom 1 1'llc .suffering must enil or money buck.—Adv.—No. 2. rat •JIB!) con 15% KK-iU 2-1 u:> IW5 mo 938 2 MO isooo IV:H 10(H no:i 155 21IW Showers Hit Manila i and Vicinity Today DOBLimtStES ll.S, the observation of --isltors, and j much of lhc colonial atmosphere still remains. Boston Common, white much changed from its early existence, j .still is lhc "center" of the city, j Boston harbor slill sh:ws a few| earmarks of Ihe early days, and i .such buildings as the Old South' Church and Fanenil Hall. . where j the first seeds of the revolution I were planted, are kept intact for j the eyes of tourists. I Bunker Hill From Boston From the top of the Custom House tower all Boston can be: seen, and much of the surround- j LxlCllSIVe ing country that mad.? early his-1 —- — icry. From this vantage point' lotlr 01 hui'OpC. Hunker Hill can be made out,' with its tall shaft commemorating Ihi' firm stand by the Colonists against Ihe British. Close by is the old Navy Yard. and docked there is the famous fo a |ieut iu ,„ „ s frigate Cons ituuou, be er know.i Aj , as Old ironsides. With ihe help of thai came dnflmg m | h AU| h wc > arc cms dcrahlv typlral ,Mass;i- j • MANILA, Ark.. Al!g. 14.—With j the excitement of election passed, i people of Hits community are con; Italians and o'.her countries have | crmed vv |ih l hc amount of injury ! "-mi'iucd air racing aclivities air.l | ( na[ n, e long drouth has done to •the lesson (hey learned has 5v>-U| ie crops. Tlic douth was broken I tibleJ them lo surpass LS," he said. I yeilcvduy by several long showers. ! "Seme, of the European lighthis i n- c( i n y mor e shQwcrs hnvc fallen, i'-'on-i can outtty the best we've goi | T h c cm ccnsus fcems lo j by 00 miles tin hour." 1 1)e lh!H tnc r!l | n hns comc too laic 15 i to bo of any use to corn. Cotton ~~ i will benefit .some from ih-j rain. '/in commercial flying there not a great deal of dlifercnce tween here and abroad.. ! "Speed of our lines perhaps gives us the inside tract, however," Doo. litH» said. , pa rnous Completes luspec 11 9 n '.but ihe crop about here has been lent at least forty jiercenl- 'Kie '. leaf worms have not done very much damage, although a few have ST. LOUIS, Aug. 14. (UP)—The military nir forces of Hie United EMtei Is excelled by those of Kuro- pciiri countries, James H. Doolitlle. U-? pennies , •> I II n,,nr tlin 1 /llklluuj;u U c arc LU [ 1 MUt'Kl IJIV fr °™. 5'T 1 <'" U :^ " L°, r ± *h»«l I" ".nunry flying, our «W- ccumry. it has been rebuilt and j mcrdal ^..^^ -^ m ^ ^ put into condition so that U can, hat Q( ^ Eu 1J5 ,. DDoliuIc visit other cities. of MOM of the lourists leaving lloston like lo follow the Irail Paul Revere look when he aroused the farmers in li"! colony I? action against the invading British. Starting from the Old North Church, where the signal lanterns were hung to warn of the approaching British, .the trail crosses I hat fa id. Uoolittle. after a three months aviation survey of Europe, our loss of military supremacy lo abandonment of air racing. "The army stopped building'rac- ing planes in 1D25 and since then we have not added a mile lo th? speed of 'our pursuit ships. planes we have to- qucntly and allow the passengers more time before resuming tli'j flight lhan we do. N'ight flying with passengers has not been at- Ismn'.ed." he sold. Starting nt Athens, .Greece. Us? little and his party Hew over nearly 8,000 miles or -airways and visited 21 countries. The survey was sponsored by the Curliss Interests in an crTorl to de : vclop European markets fcr American manufactured planes. Since leaving the U. S. Air Forces, Uoolillle hns been connected with the aviation department of a large oil company. News Notes Fireproof clothes for airmen are i being used by the British air forces. Arkansas, won the ofiire cf liinil (onnni.ssiiHiL'r with LI victory o[ 1*7,- IllX) voles over E. P. K'l.sxn, her only opponent. F.d Mc'lJonnhl ran far ahead ol one) | the Ilcltl of crmdidutcs for sicrrlnry of Mull-; piling up 00.UUI) vules In Ills race with three opponents.'Judge K. L. McUiuu'y was iclurncti to the iuprcme. court bunch. CongrcsHiian Hi'urtsill R^gon was rcMiominnud In Ihe Kiflli <lis- Irlct. •. Mo.. Mrs. li. 1. Mitchell. riv>r ilt'.niifM'd—Mrs. NcllK' .. S\i-f\f, M.'s. (1. R. NIIVI-. HARD-SOFT LARGE-SMALL Oiil To Stay Oul--Koots andAll Millie, Oxygcji Sails lialh Ncv(ir Fails.. "No More Aching Feet Lltlb ii-ck attorney. With the counting oi the missing builds Kcbinson's mujorily Is ex- perlnl tn exceed 120.000 votes over Campbrll. i In round figures the votes ill Ihe ;ovcmor's race stood lodny Punivll. iao.000, l!:iys. 80,000, Thoinborvy Cray 4000. John Sheffield, 21,000. l.av.'ienct; Wilson o[ Caimlcn was' assurnl of being nominated l.lcut- cnaiil governor with a 10.000 vote lead over his nearest opptincnt, Tom Hill. In a field of six. Hoy Leonard wns nominated stale treasurer with a lead ot '£>.COO over his llnee oponcntsi. and Mrs. nelva Mnrtln, the first womnii to ever run for a Eliitc- uffici' in Hospital Notes Patent'; admitted lo the Illyihp- vllle hospital: Mrs. Iiby Davis. Nn nutter how many corns you linvi 1 cr IILIW painful they are—soak your feet fur 15 minutes ill U clc- lixli'.liilly .soothir.g and revitalizing Riidi»: luotb.ith kr ;t or -I nlyhls— tlien lill c.-rn.s inn! cclluscs rig'.it out—routs mid nil nnd they won't come buck cither unless yon wear I^IKJL^ a^aln v.lik-h agyra.v^t.2 your feet. ! No ciuiliitf cr ijccause Hadux |xjrcs further and further, carrying the salts right lo rrols cf corns which are so loosened, lliey,' cnn be lifted .cut bodily. Your feel are made strong- healthy—vigorous—hard skin on" heels and ices gees al;D. Kirby Drug Co., anil ail - (JOO(P drug-stares nre sleek xl with Radox.,. Is rcti'iircd |—If they areti't Insist upon them liberates oxygen I ordering U if [ you wanl lo expsrl- whlcli toftens liaril outer, layers of. nice grent coins, each nlglil imielrattni! the , Ion.— Adv, foot-Joy and. com : .,. ' ford Minntemen. All along this route are old homes and remnants of colonial days. The very landscape lius the appearance of reverential age. Distances are short, roads are much improved over the narrow trails of years ago, and the al- mosphere of the locale elves a visitor a far different feeling from 1 tl'ta he gets farlhe r west. ' To Lexington and Cnncord j The Paul R?vere trail leads j over stale highway 2. past Ar- [ lington and on to Lexington, first j revolutionary battle ground. [ Fifteen miles farther west is] Concord, second battle ground in Hie war for freedom. The Con-1 cord Bridge, famous in history, is I not the original wooden structun I , but one of concrete. Close bj is If the statue to "The Minutemcn. nnd in the town are tile home of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the meel: ing place of tto first provincial ' congress and the Grope Vine Cottage, home of the originator of ihe famous Concord grape. Another historic route out of Boston goes south along the coast and all the way around by way of Provincetowii lo Cape Cod, center of perhaps th? oldest fishing in- du'try in Ihe country. The road is slate highway 3. past Quincy, home I pf two presidents—John Adams and John Quincy Adams—and site of the first railway In ihe United Stales. Out of here, route 3A leads Ihe tourist farther along the coast until he arrives at Plymouth, seat of the landing ot the Pilgrims. Here near the shore, is the same old bailder. Plymouth Rock, on which American folks lore has it the Pilgrims first sei toot v.hcn they arrived In America in 1620. The rock is covered by a slonc canopy and guarded against relic seekers by an iron fence. The same road, 3A. continues past Plymouth and meets U. S. Highway 6 nt the town of Sandwich, where the visitor may go on around the arm sheltering Cap? • Cod Bay lo Provincrtown, 70 miles i tr:m Boston! Here is Hie big Cape Cod fishing country, replete will- quaint scenes and customs that are lypical of this district alone. Another route from Boston leads north ever state highway 107 into j the towns of Lynn and Salem I Lynn Is n great shoe manufacturing city, while.Salem is best known | as being ihe center of the witch- i craft persecutions In the early days Till famous Witch once I the home of Roger Williams, still stands here. Here, too, is the fa- Mr. anil Mrs. Whilncr have returned from Missouri where they spent t\vc weeks. They were accompanied home by Misses Young and Black pf St. Louis who will 'Vis- il 'iieio. !"' i .few davs.. /. - ; Harvey Wilson has been suffering from ti sprained knee which he received when he fell last week. Jojilin L;ulj- Suffered For Years and Spent Hiinilreiis of Dollars—New Jledi- cino JJroughl Quick Relief Countless numbers of sen shells of the famous chalk cliffs ot rmiiiMii Enclaii'' furnish male- rial for most tooth pastes. More than a drink It is also probably the most easily digested food in all the list. Therefore it is quick relief for fatigue and hunger. Always a delicious beverage, it gives highest nutriment, because it is made by our particular Hoilick process. Send ten-cents for sample and rriixer. H O R L I C K'S RACINE. WISCONSIN of the settlers. Souse, built about 1G35 and MUS. CHARLES STURGES "I can truthfully soy that I hart not seen a well day for ten years Before taking Konjola." said Mrs. Charles Sturges, 401 Hill Strcel, Joplin. I underwent Iwo. operations and became a victim of constipation and stomach trciible. I could cnly .?at liquid foods .and often these would not be digested nnd I vvfi: subjected lo vomiting spells. I had frightful pains across my back and V£ht risings were frequent. Rheumatism llien seltlcd in my aims, hands, and feet, and 1 was unable to walk fcr about hajf of the time. •f have not spent n day In bed since I began taking Konjola. My ftcl. hands, and arms have not s.ulled a bil and I. can now cat solid foods. I have gained in weight and I feel like a different f vson. After spending hundreds oT dollars and suffering fcr ten ytars I have finally found a medicine that went lo the source of my ailments and restored my health. Konjola Is recommended for nll- ments of the stcmach. liver, kidneys atid bowels and rheumatism, neu- nioiis House of Ihe Seven Gables, I immortalized by Hawlhorne. Farther on up state highway 121 Iritis and nervousness. I is Gloucester, another picturesque ] Konjola is sold in I fishing village, and all along Hits | Ark., al Dlythcville. Kiry Drug Stores and part of the stale are old Iiomes! by all the best druggists in all fitted with relics that would make'towns throughout this enlire sec- »ny antique hunter envious. 11 ion.—Adv. REMODELING We are remodeling our store and for the next few weeks will be torn up however we are prepared to take care of your clothing and furnishing needs. Our new store will be ready for you about the first of September. THE NEW Mead Clothing Co. Home of Hart, Schajffner & Marx Clolhes SAFETY! Here is F OR llio Itigli {lov/'cruil, liiyh Bj/tted «nra of today, with uccilcil quick slorls ami slops, you slioulil luive tliia'cxlrn iirotuclion. Jusl look ul llic insulo of lliiii- Fii-esloiH-. Anchor Super Ifonvy Duty Tiro. There tire eight pliija of cords .uiii'iei-. Ihe till Non-Skid, Center Traction Trend. Il is n Itig — loirgh-^stroiig tire— a con- ' Eti'iiclioi; that insures ugitiiiBl ]ninelures und lilowonis. Come In'itmlScu for V?oliavo i:«l tip vai-ioiiB iiriiiuls of tii'C3, st; llint YOU oan Bee llic! iiisiilo constrnclion. Conn' in unil iiinbc lliosc^ compiirisnns, pcrlion for scclirm, and you will ri::ulily ace the aujicriorily oT Firestone. Wu sell nml sci-vice llio eiini- |ili'lc line of Fireslout Th-w, Tillies, .Bnllcrics, UiuiB, Urnkr. Lining and Accessories, nml nctuiilly give you greater values. KTEHTHf, WSII POT TOM TOHU IK' AM'iMMl Silver Uc<ivy tttil The Tircsionc Anclmr Super Heavy Holy liallnon tins B lionlilr rnni hrt-jlior—s plica nnilrr Ilic- trort. Some other nnktJ h:"* 1 nn lirraVor .11 all and .some a sinclf brrakri mndc with oM-fmliinneH, woven fnhric I irt»ton>- ilir.. ranicd when they devrlnpeil tlic 1)>1 lortn tire.. antee nrtd our: iatisfacllnn. \\'e SAFETY ... . Eiwyoiw Should Have PRICES Siiwyoieu Can Afford to Pay W T. 1IAVK J01NEB with Flreslonr's Co-oiMimllyc-Plnii to give vim lower ]irlcc« <in<l iilus vnlucn !>)•" 1r?dliciii(! hiK ciisls, HIM! wild viilnnie Im.'ini'SS «n n srioll inarBln of iirolil ive arc ndlu li» inciku you lliL-ae t!i OI.IIFIKK.U OUT Tire *M»U Oriifr lC«i!i 1'citc) T:rc 4,io.2i..$5.S5 $5.55 4.50-21- 6,35 6.35 •1.75-19,. 7.55 7.55 5.00.19.. 7.98 7-98 5.00-20:. 8.15 8.15 5.25-18.. 8.93 8.98 s.23-21.. 9.75 9.75 6.00-20 11.55 11.90 C PIT 0!Eicr £iin Frcpdrtanftttlr Low ii. it. 'rmjcK TIIIKS :io,s $i9.45 $19.45 3i'.vf,... Jg.10 34.10 CO.AIl'AIIF AKSb VAD JTSvS! r.f;.- 0-jr *5TailOiJt We'^ht ..'_.~ is.'s. in.'. -];!i;lk, TMtli.itJS c:T|t» .SSSin. .SSSIn. I'.-Vj £ s Hnli-ir Ijjlautnl >avlngs AIVCHOK Super llenv.v Ilu<T Our Tire *Mill Orin (Ciihl'rke) Sip«r TIr» t.5o-2i..$9.ZO $9.75 t. 75-19.. 10.20 10.25 s.oo.2o^ll.3i 11.95 S.23.20..1Z.55 13.65 6.00-19-14.45 16.65 6.50-19-17.40 18.95 7.00-20.. 19.05 23.45 Ollitr Sim Proportioning l.o» tttoAAt^fAA ftf+&1i\lft*' COURIER Oar Tilt *M«il Order (Cuh Plied Tin .iOx3u..$4.2G $4>2O .|.-10-21_ 4.79 4«79 .i.50-2i_ 5.35 5-35 flfi$t&Ht IIATTERIES 13Ptnlc {^)^03 Sonlincl > . £ tAj-TL^^t OCA "Sluil Order" or "Special Brand" tire is matte br some ^unkiHn>n innttufncliirr r anil snlii under n name that ilo« nol idrnlify him to llic public, usually became he builJi his "lirsl pradu" lire* nnilc:- his oi?n name. Jf 55 j^J Kverv lire I'ireslonc niakrs hears the name -FIRESTONE" and every lire «e sell carries the Firestone Unlimlled fimr -i-ted— absnlultly asiured every dollar ynu spend huys real quality and You nre dnnnly ... , .., nitv (hat j^iu will £d all lhc milc^ out of your llrcs that have been bolll in by F» We M««Mt Vowr Tires FUKK * Bri?.'« la TodagS 111 TIKE & BATTERY STATION PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Call 777, 810, 811

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