The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1961
Page 16
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M a.) Upper De» Molne*. ThurtJay, April ,2&, 1961 AHS Sports King, Queen Roseriiary Medin, Jeff, and Gajfy Peer, named Queen and King -.respectively, of the annual Sports Dance fit Algona high school Sat- -urday night, are shown above immediately after they had crown's placed on .their heads. Both are seniors. - Miss Medin, daughter of Mr. and.Mrs, Kenneth M6din, and Peer, *on of Mr. and Mrs. Cor win Peer, are both very active in school •activities.,. Four queen candidates and four king candidates were ..nominated prior to the final selection of Miss Medin and Peer. (AHS /Camera Club Photo — UDM Engraving) i Walker-Buscher Nuptials Held • Mhiffemore ~ Whittemore — Mary Walker of MVest Bend became the bride of '"Ron Buscher of Algona in a 10 jB.m. double ring ceremony Wed- ;nesday, April 12, in St. Michael's 'Catholic church. The bride is the .daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert >Walker of West Bend and Mr Buscher is the son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Buscher of Algona. Rev. Philip Dailey'officiated. Monica Storr of Algona; organist, accompanied Mary Loebach who sang, Escorted, to the altar by her father, the bride was attired in a gown of candle light silk organza over fountains of nylon tulle and taffeta' Basque bodiCc debp point front and back of sodice, scoop neckline accented with • satin binding • and three quarter length sleeves. Extremelj xnrffant skirt in redingote effec wept into a fully rounded cha )el train, wide banding of or janza bound with satin extend ng from the skirt and encircled SQ comfortable resorts JUST 5 HOURS AWAY OR LESS . . . Enjoy a Minnesota vacation this year. Stay at the first "full size" resort area going north on Hi-Way 171. Lots of wonderful places to stay, suitable for any family on any budget. Swlm« mlng, boating and the fishing's great... sleep In relaxing cool-clear air at night. Write, today for an association color trochurt, or belter yet, whrnol as* (or one at the office of thli newspaper. LITTLE GROW RESORT ASSOC. KcmdlyoM Counry in Weit Central Minnesota I' Spker, Minnesota Dear Sirs! Please senrf me your resort folder. Name. arrival in Roof Paint ROOF-PLY Restores original roof beauty . . . Adds up to 15 years to the life of asphalt shingles, metal and asphalt composition roofs . . . at J| the cost of reshingling! duct by SOLDI BY • RENEWS . • WATERPROOFS • INSULATES • BEAUTIFIES $5.75 Per Gallon BRIGHT 5 COLORS KELLEY LUMBER CO. "Our Business Is Building" Algona and Ortosen THIS IS THE WEEK OF THE ACADEMY awards. Stars df the movie world were honored with Oscars for the achievement during the past year. Several years in the past this column has tried to ape the Oscars with Martha awards of its own, because I have ailways been convinced that there is p'lenty of achievement in ordinary-life that goes unsung. This year, the Martha awards are beiing nominated from my files — the stories of local people I've used in fealture stories and in this column. •• * » • • THE MARTHA FOR BEING Algona's best-known and best-liked citizen could very well go to C. B. (Charles) Muntagh, and I doubt if there will be a single vote of dissension. Mr. Murtagh recently retir* ea after 62 years of banking. His friends come from every facet of his busy life, in-politics, In church, in business relationship and almost anyone he happens to meat on the streets all over the state ' , -, . ,'•;•*• . ... •( THE MARTHA FOR CONSISTENCY TO IDEALS goes to the Algona League of Women Voters, who every year conduct a voters' service program including instruction on how to properly mark a ballot. Recently, they had two spoiled ballots a.t their own election! The tellers, who were admittedly strict, disqualified one ballot because of an erasure, the other because the voter had doodled on it. THE YOUNG AGRICULTURIST MARTHA should go to DaVid Humphrey, who.ait 14 farmed 43 acres of bottomland on his own am harvested a crop despite three floods and a fire that destroyed mos of ithe machinery, com crib and chicken house. The crop was sold a silage, bu't according to last reports David will still be farming this year when the high waiter goes down. * * * ' THE NEVER-TOO-LATE-TO-LEARN Martha goes to Mrs. Dorothy. Arend, who a't 36 after a 20 year lapse between her junior and senior high school years, went back to school and was graduated with the Algona Community high school class of 1960. * * * . THE AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY MARTHA should go to Joe Greenberg, bull unfortunately, it will have to be post-humously I have long admired Mr. Greenberg, but it was the Rabbi's talk alt His luneral thalt summed up the "Where but in America?" angle for me. Joe Greenberg found life in Russia, where he was born, intolerable so at age 17 he came to the States alone, without education, or money. He came to Algona with a peddler's pack, established and operated a business with integrity and made a place of honor for nimself and his fine family. For years they were almost the only people of their faith in the community. As was said in his memory He was a credit to the finest of both the Jewish and the American traditions. THE MARTHA FOR CRUSADING FOR purity in use of the English language goes to Stu McFadden, the Great White Father at uie bmoke Shop. According to my scouts, Stu rebuked one of his patrons for saying "I seen". The fellow replied, "How come you •ddnt bawl that other guy out when he used the same expression?" Mu said, Well, you should know better. You've been to college." ' c -^ DA UGHTER OF THE PIONEERS Martha goes to HorteW Smilth Ferguson, Born here to an early pioneer family, Mrs. Ferguson has weathered good/times and bad with an indomitable spirit/When wealth evaporated with the bank failures, Mrs. Ferguson rolled : uip her sleeves and went ;to work, reared her boys, tended 'her flowers ner big house, always managing to get a kick out of living Alt P u i ?, r* J? stl i 1 going stron & After working 26 hours with her at 7T e i ectlon > l Save up exhausted and went to bed; Mrs. Ferguson ^- d ° Dod ee for an afternoon and evening of visiting with THE MARTHA FOR BRAVERY BEYOND The Call of Duty goes to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reilly, who with their 13 children in one station wagon made a successful trip to California flast summer. They returned in time to welcome little Maureen Immacullata, number 14 into the family, and were still enthusiastic enough about family travell projects to take a weekend jaunt to McGregor last fall —an io of them!, o • • THE SINGING HEART MARTHA could go to Kim Jinho Deal out it must by all means be shared with his adopted mother and blather, Celia and Don Deal. Don found the young Korean orphan while he was in service and five years later brought him to Algona. f£, dunn f the tlr P, e uhe attended Algona high school, Kim delighted local residents with his beautiful tenor voice. Now he's a student at Drake University. The dream: singing at the Met, and if it is realiz- a, it will also be a star in the crowns of several Algona people who have helped him. . p LuVerne folks Visit, Mr and Mfs Hertry. Ktifty '- -'-" *- "•" Sunday to thfli granddaughtfef.%h; fh RaHdall, Monday they -all -wem to HarlaH t6 visit in-the Amie Albert home to make ume oi-meir •••,•"*• "»««= mueri, juome ro mane e A JUdefftf . Wei*' the tteqtl'aiifttatice of tfaftdy Lee . hoirie \ 6f- their filbert, born March 27. 54 YEARS "Ed Van Gorp of PeJln recently after 64 ydflrt as an automobile'mechflnicrdealer, arid long'timo machinist, UDM ClaSSifMd* Fay Dividend! like curb to curl carpeting! Chevy's Jet- ride vvnT 'K- NOT S ° BIG NOR NEARLY so famous as Hollywood. There .is bigotry, jeiailousy, dissapation and rivalry here. There w rfso understanding, love, integrity, a few touches of genius and affof THIS WEEK'S RECIPE comes from one of my favorite corres pendents Corrine Gabrielson of Sexton. It's for Graham Cracklr Bars .and she says every time she takes them or se^esfh^m peop'e h-v ™ rei i lpe - T ^ 6y are Simple ' quick ' rich - and delicious and could have several variations if you care to add them. Line a cake pan with Hvi, f CraCk ,f rS> 5 d S Wn and 3 across ' Add fillin &. c °ver with anoTher layer of crackers and frost with rich powdered sugar frosting finer, mh : i ° UP ° Wn SUgal ' : 1 OU P graham crackers, rolled to fn ; i,, CUP T° nut; 1/2 cup milk ; * CU P bu " e r; Pinch of salt for 10 minutes and spread between layers of Graham crack- . su « ar j J /3 cup vegetable shortening; make .r MH n* t Color )sn l objectionable); Hot water to make spreading consistency; pinch of salt; 1 teasp vanilla Beat until fluffy. Spread on bars, let stand and cut _ — GRACE. HOME LOANS - Low Cost ro Build - PURCHASE OR REFINANCE your PRESENT LOAN. Principal and infer- est plus your taxes and property insurance can be combined into one easy payment like rent. Come see us before you build or buy. Perhaps your present payments are too high? MAKE THOSE NEEDED REPAIRS NOW - See your material dealer or contractor, our Association has a very special plan for handling loans to help you. Write or call on Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n ALGQNA (Since 1917) IOWA Savings & Jnvwlmenis _ Accounts Insured to $10.000 BY F. S. L. I. C. W«Wng your city i bittir place to liv», work and raise a family^ the r««ult of. GRQWIN6 Savings and loan businesi the train. Her fingertip veil ol imported bridal illusion was neld in place by a pearl studded silk organza crown in scalloped effect. She carried a cascade bouquet of red roses and wore a pearl strand necklace with matching earrings. Mrs IKary J o Studer of Brill was matron of honor and Virginia Lindsay of St. Peter, Minn was the bridesmaid. Diane Buscher was flowed girl Duane Walker was ring bearer Larry Bucher was best man and Jerry Walker was groomsman Acolytes were Kenneth Buscher Dennis Buscher and Dale anu Dennis Walker of West Bend. A 12:30 dinner and reception was held at the Plantation dining room. Patty Lindsay of St Peter, Minn, was in charge o the guest book. Carol KediriL Mesdames Charles, Harold am Francis Bjuslrom were in chair of the gifts. The bride graduated with th class of 1959 from Presentatioi Academy in Whittemore and In been employed by the Nortliwc-s tern Bell Telephone Company ir Algona. Mr Buscher graduated with Hi class of 1957 from St. Cocci,;' Academy in Algona. Upon their return from a twr week wedding trip in the east they will live on a farm two miles west of Algona FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air Charter Algona CY 4-3731 B urt Phone 233 Roads* we"" but what a delightful change we've made in what's between you and the road, .With Full Coil suspeiisio^ unique body cushioning and insulation, and a whole chassisful of other road* tamers, Chevrolet gives you the red carpet treatment' wherever you travel. »AndT that's wliat's •' waiting forj you now at yourJ3hevTolefe dealer's.) Nomad j-Dr. 6-Pau. Stoiton TTojbtt 108 '^—-^S&L!^^ KOSSUTH SOUTH .HALL . ALGONA, IOWA CY 4-3554 SPECIALJ/ALUES FOR YOUR FARM, HOME AND CAR!! 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Spring Steel LAWN RAKE Regularly 85c Handy Plwtlc CUTLERY TRAY Klip illv.nn» f.pcn.l.,1 ?M"!M " *"'' '"""* ''""' SAVE FROM 20X TO 4« OH TOOLSI Atlroellve Plonfe WASTE BASKET Roiloral ora 01 vinyl Md'llolllc Slp'll Hil. »"«£"..•' 12 colon. Rick lull,, pl.,,1, ul Bl.oJ. w.lli. ««, f ,«», /4 INCH* ELECTRIC Dfi'lLl LI»krwol|Kl, F liiol ,,| P R. g jj^.jj I rr>o ond cccopli oil olluh. immf •nil (or lending, dillllng, */* • I •owing, HUlng, luKlng ond gilndlng. 1/2 INCH ELECTRIC DRILL Llont, ootr to opnolo with Rig J3J.9S olowtr-typo cooling, 1 inch 4AJCff copoclty. Ruggod ond du»bl».'«C Qr m 3/8INCH ELECTRIC DRILL 19 Inch E-Z Cut Rotg-Co»tir MOWER 6 Inch Elgrod* FILTER DISCS VALUES TO $1.49 B ( |»l|.SitMt r J.S H.P. 4 cycle PlWItlvl Wllk 7 INCH PORTABLE SAW Vi- i?,"" k Mck-b,«l| »ll»y itii gnu. Mt II iWoc* vl(,.|| M . C.Mtll! pulii.jit c.lbvj.l- t enJe Jrl.,p, eli Ulier. I T»»l» For Faint, Home. And Cor. 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