The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1961
Page 15
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'-""">'vvvvvvvv*V«VeV»V*Q*(AO*C BLAKE HOMES , LuVERNE - WESLEY - TITOHKA - RENWICK DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE MR VICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne I, WE ARE HAPPY to announce that we will expand our IbusinesJ to 12 NEW LANES - PLUS A MODERN SNACK EBAR -~ this summer which will be ready for league bowl- ling this. fall. • ..-.•• I CONTACT Bob or Doyle now for signing up your team |for next fall while you have these choices of nights: MQNDAY NIGHTS - Men's Handicap TUESDAY NIGHTS ^ Men's Handicap 7 WEDNESDAY NIGHTS - Men's Handicap and Classic. THURSDAY NIGHTS - Women's Handicap FRIDAY NIGHTS - Mixed Doubles SATURDAY NIGHTS - Mixed Doubles. L G O N A LANES Bob Riedel and Doyle Ddiley, Prop. PHONE CYpress 4-2«31 Mrs tfokle Thompson, a rest* dent at GeJod Samaritan Home, was visited last week by her daughter-in-law, Mrs George Thompson, West Des Moines, and Mrs ,pelmar Angus, Burt. '• ' ~ * * • . Enclosed wi#> a recent copy of the Rock Hill, S. C Rotary but- letln was a note from Glenn Nau- daln which in* part read, "I happen to bo on'tne local and-state Elk's scholarship committee. Locally we give fifty $100 awards but the state group gives a doieh $400-$80D scholarships. The ydting people can go to any college they choose, Now to make ydu feel bad, you sho.uld see oui camellas, peaches, 1 azaleas, daffodils, etc. in bloom. We are earlier than Iowa but no state can equal Iowa's soil." .._.':.. ' * • If you . can remember these things, you are as old as Hazel Burns and I. The diving ponies ot John and Bill Neeling, the'"ocean wave" sort of- merry-go-round, and when the Kossuth .County Fair dates were in September and certain days school was dismissed for fair attendance. Mrs Herbert Llndquist .has experimented <vlth semii-tropical fruitp'and has, a grapefruit tree and "an orange tree started. The orange growth-is the taller and the grapefriiit- is now about two inches high. Now if some one would start an English walnut tree, we'd be ready to compete with California! IVTrs Lindquist [ias a "green thumb" so I am betting her trees will develop nicely. • ' * • ' f '; Friends of John and Dorothy VToline will be interested in .earning of_ their first born, a girl arriving Spencer. Tuesday, April 4, at John was .associated with Algona's K.L.G.A. but went o Spencer and is, in radio work here. • I* am glad my hearing is very :een for I was able to hear the 'Rhythmettes' 1 when .they sang few numbers in Mr Kenne's oom when his seventy-eighth lirthday Was . observed April 6: also enjoyed the birthday cake nd ade. 'The' wom'eii improve all lie time and it is indeed a joy to sten to theni. In case you don't emember. their names they are VIesdames F. M. Holt, Delmar- Kern, Lee Schenck and A. J. Cot ten. 1 mention my hearing for Mr K's" room, is way down the hall from me and tho&e who were in his room to celebrate were the men on this flodr and severs) members ^f'his family. * » .» Uwa may have much Id be desired by way of weather, but I'd rather have our coolness and Wet to California's heat and drought. A letter received April 7 coiisin-'Iri Uplands .says "It was 98 at 6Ur hom£, 103 in San Bernardino and the San Fernando valley." Arid frainfal) only about, a third of what it should be. ' - ' ,' » ' * • * An&th'er cousin ai. Wichita, Kan., writes "Our peonies are up about a foot" and hedges green. Pear tree taking a rest this year. The little peach tree we set out has about a dozen-blossoms. The heavy, w'et snow' of. about seven Inches 3 couple of weeks ago broke off a big limb out of the top Of a south tree.'Almost ruined it. It was • the wettest snow I ever saw. The .weatherman said it was the equivalent'of three inches of rain. Today is cool. Yesterday was 75.'!; 1 , * '*,-.•". Here's a, new use for the dogs that are such conversation pieces just now. Father-"S6n, gp out and see if it's .raining" • and the lazy son answered "Oh, Paw, call in the dog and see if he's wet." '•-...' • » v •'• i . -. • ;. •'• t think my paper' boy, Dan Merryman, had nevd'r'noticed my noticed my TV • wherXJie had collected before because it- had never been on, but yesterday it wds on and h'e said, ''They sure haVe these rooms well equipped." I said, "Yes, but everything in the room is mine and I do think it is an attractive place." This covers the'• reception room with its* TV and attractive furniture and the recently re-decorated dining room, seldom seen by callers because iHs in the rear. 1 It is a sunny room and the new furniture has adde'd greatly. Take It all together, Good. Samaritan rates highly. As I have said before,' "How quickly a room becomes Home."" »...-• .* ••;• • Mrs Anna McQuaid of G. S. had her cousin. Mrs Ruth Sparks Wesley, as caller Saturday A. M hear a telephone^ eonversa* tion. I often think the -"modern inventions" arf fa cursjll So Johi till next Week when 1 Hope quiet ffeigns! •...'•• Y ••• •' >?. * »./,.' : •"•'I couldn't close till I mention my bouquet of crocus blbssohis sent by Beth Anms and her mother. Purple, yellow and White. I've heard a lot rtbout these early spring flowers, but never saw them. Yes, I'll admit rrty education is stunted. 1 can tell a rose irom a geranium, hoWeverl -,. AHS Honor Roll Includes Seven with All A'$ A total of 72 Algona high school students were named to the third quarter honor roll this week. Included were seven students with straight A records They were Karen Alt, Bill Bourne, Mary Broesder and Joyce Riebhoff, seniors. Glenn Buchanan and Tim Dailey, sophomores and Jerry Raney, freshman. Others named were: Seniors — Kathy Bay, Harriet Benschote,r, Carl Danielsen, Fred Duerr, Glennda Gabrielson,- Judy Gerber, Karon ' Haase, Alvin Hagg, Clara Hansen, Larry Klein, Rosemary Medin, Pat Navoi- chick, John Platt, Patti Priebe, Sherry Read, Carolyn Rochleau, Pat Schneider, Roberta Schwendemann, Anne Steven, Linda Tague, Ruth Van Buren, Betty Wickwire, Deari Willrett, Gene Wittkopf and Sharon Bilyeu." Juniors — Lynn Kueck, Jackie Rowley, Susan Schultz and Brigitta Whittemore. Sophomores — Ruth Benschoter, Kay Agena, Allan Bode, Gary Colwell, Jane Faber, Ann Haase, Alan Holt, Rich Hutchins, Lance Johnson, Gary Kelley, Linda Percival, John Phillips, John, Schutter, Sharon Smith, Tom Waller and Jack Williams. Freshmen — Doug Barr, Trudy Black, Chally, Bartholomew, Marilyn Clyde Bronson, Jodie r/fO / in Landscape Design FIRST in Choice of Plant Material C/DCT '" tne Largest Stock of Landscape Trees rflVJf and Shrubbery in the Northwest PHONE Office—30 or 168 Wtitihouit—157 ELMORE NURSERY ELMORE, MINN. WRITE OR CALL FOR APPOINTMENT DEKALB CORN IS "CLIMATIZED" TO FIT YOUR FARM __~I You can grow DeKalb Corn Hybrid? bred to flt the foil and'weather condition* of yew* own farm ... varieties tailored to suit your exact needs. Let your DeKalb dealer show you performance records on DeKalb varieties—"climatized." to do a top job for yoiv, DEKALB Engene Hood, Aljjona Frank Droessler, Bancroft CORN Lawrence Besch, Whittemore Peter C. Reding, Bode Homer Matth iesen, Fenton CHECK YOUR MEDICINE CHEST FOR THOSE COLP AND FLU "FIRST AIP" SUPPLIES Cold Tablets < Sprays Mentholatum t Aspirin Analgesic Balm Electric Vaporizers Hot Water Bottles. Cough Syrup Nose Props Cough Drops Gargle Electric Heating Pads Inhalants Vitamins And when the doctor calls - BRING US YOUR PRESCRIPTION for prompt, (propounding, HUSK DRUG & JEWELRY CY 4 Francis X. Bushman was silent screen's "'great lover" way back in the teens, -but didn't he appear in a- "collossal" too? Wasn't "Ben Hur "filmed years ago and wasn't he the- chariot racer? Who can remember back that far? • • • »•' «'.- * .• When I called Hazel.Scott for news the otHei day I used the same number listed and was surprised to get' Elsie Lindeman at the- Cowan Court where Hazel had worked. Elsje has b,een there since last November and Hazel has been in the ^Security bank. Elsje has an apartment there and has rented her house to Mr and Mrs Ronnie Zittritsch. Albert and Jessie Reid are back from a vacation of several weeks in California, Washington and Oregon. I aSked' if they saw Horace and Mary King at Sunnyvale. They traveled by bug so did not get to see them.'Albert said .they often wished for their car as so many places they'd have liked to have visited were off the bus route. » * * Donna Reefer and some friends went to Minneapolis Sunday to see the "Ice Follies," It would be well worth seeing and even more entertaining than the movies we saw years ago starring Sonja Henie. Remember? They also went to the airport to see the big planes come and go, another in teresting sight. I've seen them at Glendale, Calif. • * I've never heard a parakeet talk and if I didn't know Elmer Kelley is an honest man I wouldn't believe his bird Pedo has a 100 word vocabulary. Of course I could pin him down to an actual count, but I won't. I'll accept his word. "Pedro" is ailing a> little and Elmer wonders how long the pet will survive. He told me one of the family said one day, "Pass the pickles." and "Pedo" took up the refrain, over and over "Pass the pickles, pass the pickles." « t * Reminders of my childhood when mother did the same thing- wor(ted on costumes for my school programs, even as Christine McCuilough and "Dodie" Potter, the first on a flower cos-, iume, the latter on a skeleton costume for the "Tom Sawyer" play given this week at the Lucia Wallace school. Both burned the midnight oil- I remember being a fairy, a pixie and a trumpet-flower years ago ^ not all in One entertainment, however. John Clark, Michael Graham, Dave Hanselman, Kent Immer:all, Billy James, John Jennings^ Jim Johnson, Marlys Lupkes, Larry Pratt, Becky Redemska Ann Seger, Delthea Shierk, Richard Slobe, Vicki Steil and Dave Wildin. ' teachers Council Burr—Kossuth County Teachers Council will have as their gtiests an F.T.A. representative from each of the seven high gc h'o o 1 s participating! -in the P.T.A. They have also invited- nigh school students from the tw o non-participating h i g h schools in the county. Mrs Max Goldman will be the featured speaker for the evening dinner meeting to be held at 6:30, April 19 at the Algona High School Annex. This is an observance of National Teachers Career Mon- Tuberculosis most commonly attacks the lungs,' but is often found in other parts of the body. Well, I give up! Twq radios and a TV going full bjast are just too much! One can't concentrate NEW LOW INTEREST Land Bank Loans INTEREST REDUCED TO 5'/ 2 °/o| Land Bank Loan* ar* now being made at a new lower rate of in' tereit.., and, in accordance with tend Bank Policy, Interest on loam madt previouily at * hlth- •r r«fe ii aUo being reduced, Land Bank Loam feature low interest, long termi, low payment*—and can be paid off in •t/vartco without penalty. Look •head when you look for a loan on land—look for a Land Bank fcpan that protect* you today •nd tomorrow, topi I. H. HUTCHINS, Mgr. FEDERAL LAND RANK ASSOCIATION (South of Penneys in Algono) Bex 670 Mondays & Wednesdays * Best fof Office Calls Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain tot, N. T- (S(«.UI> - For tbt first tiwt ic(e,nce bag found a new heeling lubatauce with the astoo- J»hii»g Ability to (brink bemor Itcbiog »ctu»l rtduetloo pl»ce. , m*dt »t9»J«bin|f |tate,meim like "PUcf o»v« c«B«»d to be a problem 1" fl»9 fecret U A nev bealinf »ub- lt»«W» (Bte-OypetJ-disceyery of * *°' l 4-f»Wou» re»e«rcb institute. |%if «Vb»t(WM If B9T »v«il»blf '« W»Mf|tor» or qintment font tto n^« C-D Practice Comtilcte details on "Take Cover Exercise", a civil defense practice for Kossuth county, which will be held sometime between April 26 and 30, will be announced later, according to John Wood, Algona, county C-D Thurtdoy, April 20, 1961 Algona (la.) Upper DM chairman. A meeting of mayors of Cduttty towns and C-D per 4 sonnel is slated to be held tonight (Thursday) at the city hall, Tjie exercise will consist of .a simulated air attack on this country. PIG Raymond P611, of near Andrew, found a freak pig farrowed in one of his litters recently. The animal had only one head but two bodies: The creature died Shortly after birth. Right price! Pontiac's Catalina! Trophy V-8 Power. Wide-Track balance. Nothing handles like it, hustles like it. No car anywhere near its price is anywhere near it. Drive one and y<ju;il»Jteve one delivered. NKW BRBHD OP "CAT" PROM PONTIACI Pontiac Caialiim! SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED) PONTIAC/DEALER SCHULTZ BROS. POHTIAC-THE ONLY WIDE-TRACK MR I Pontlac has the widest (rack of any car. . Body width trimmed to reduce side over* hang. More weight balanced between tht wheels for lure-footed driving stability* SOUTH PHILLIPS ALGONA, IOWA CULL EN HARDWARE PRESENTS THE LAWNSCAPFR WITH 2 SUGGESTIONS FOR A FINER LAWN fft. 1. PLANT NEW PARK KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS • Fastest-starting bluegrass on the marketl • Developed by University of Minnesota • Outstanding emergence and seedling vigor • Lawn beauty lasts for years! 1 Ib. seeds 400 sq. ft. $1,35 3 Ibs. seeds 1,200 sq. ft. $3.79 2. PLANT GOLF BRAND LAWN SEED WITH NEW PARK ADDED • Choicest perennial grass mixture now better than ever! • Ideal for all lawns . .. showplace areas .,, living areas . .'•. play areas, 1 Ib. seeds 400 sq. ft. $1.59 5 Ibs. seeds 2,000 sq. ft. $7.65 FREE! "Your Lawn" booklet. Unique 48-page reference book filled with sound, practical information. Tells how to plant, repair, maintain your lawn, v ' I avcf//ab/e of >V.V.Y.**V»3

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