The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1961
Page 10
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JUDGE ORAVEN'S RETIREMENT THEY WON THE ROUND ,'. • '•"-' i" - ' ' Aftn6Uiiee^»r»t,madVJ0*t,w«fk that U.S. The Russians seem to have won the latest District Judge Henry N. Graven of Grttrt is plan-; found In the probe of space. Their "mon-ln-the- ning to retire August 31, at the oae of o7. Is not »ky" accomplishment 1$ o logical follbvy-up to dogs, eats and monkeys. And of courie" wtf well realize thaf ability to launch the tonnage into space calls for a combination of genius In both engineering and blending of power-thrust fuel which seems to be the basic necessity of getting off the ground. Yet, just what HAS been accomplished that at this moment amounts to much in the general scheme of things? Nobody is ab|e to step ouf and build a house in space, and all anyone wants after they do get there is to get back again. So far as observation of the world from aloft, our spy-sattelltes are already,doing that via TV In nose cones with transmlttal back to earth. Maybe the day will come when vacation trips are made to the moon, to Mars and other 'distant points. In the meantime, while our goal is to send more and more probing instruments into outer space, we have singularly failed to solve many problems on earth, problems that have been with us a long time. But, the Russians won the round we admit, and yet it makes us wonder if the whole darned thing is as important as it is cracked up to be. — • — ••• — • "»™^» living 11* ^«f%awti wi ^^IWH 19 IJlUlI* ning to retire August 31, at the age of 67, is not a complete surprise, but it is a time for brief comment on a splendid 17-/eoi f record for Judge Graven fh Northern Idwo. He is in excellent health, and has asked to be retained as a senior judge, subject to assignment as needed anywhere in the 0. S. by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Judge Graven is a native of St. James, Minn., received his bachelor and law degrees at the University of Minnesota, and a doctor of law degree at Capitol University, Columbus, Ohio. He began practice at Greene, and also lived at Mason ,City. He was appointed to the . 12th judicial district bench in 1937 and to the federal bench in 1944. He may^ still continue as a "judge at large." . « He is credited with never having been reversed : as a district judge in the 52 counties of his jurisdiction. A number of names have cropped up as possible successors to Judge Graven, none of them so far listed being from Kossuth County. But we would like to add one name to those already Suggested, that of Luke E. Linnian of Al- 9 on ?' • ' . . ; . '•••'. ' ,,-aig Perhaps not many residents of the area know It, but Mr. Llnnan was inducted on March 27 at New Orleans,. La., into the American College of Trial Lawyers. This honor came to only 15 lawyers in the United States, arid the only one from Iowa was from Algona. . . ehot- Tone, .Warren - -lafl (Re^wfci ftwtjrS thfe t__ -ay) and Peggy Moranj "Men of Boys Town", with Spencer' Tracy Md-MJek6tfRooneyj i( and "flobin SoVel-S. Tile IdWfc Theater" also offered a dotibtfc treat forbids, -"*^'- g the- last chapter of" "Dr and the, first chapter of —,_.itlu>es '-Of.-,i2^t. Marvel", two thfili^ac^d^rfafs, during Him K>X 64 RAUSPIU, MONTANA two tnfill-'pacKe.d. Serials, during pui A, HO Keep, myseu neat) yten; oressea ana nuve a. nice personalty Saturday's '••, double.. feature * pro- I work as a stenographer In an insurance office and am 1 20 years old. frdfti ' '' * "* * t *»t ' t**«n *«tMMl»tA»J UAWA M!MMA ***A*t* trit4J»4.rf /«**t*i ttirftii a*U*t/\l 4tit>. **MMU_ ^ _. _ ."• ' -, *' «'•"•'!'* ? i » » t " * M, A_ few noiei f|6rri,' Si. Benedict «,,„ ^tjf "Yes, he DOES seem tohavi, a'lot in common with yovu father - - - i'^ »•»*£ »t*nV» iK«ni l«fi«t»» / Dans 1'ni rii> itavtoit toeiutjlahd Ml be the fir-It to admit it but I, do keep: myself ne&t, \v6)l-dressed and have a nice personality i work as a sfenographerin an insurance office and am 1 20 years old. I've worked here since gradttttUtitf frpm high school two years ago. Two weAcs ago a new* Head bookkeeper joined the firm and was placed- iff Charge bf aM tKe girls. Well,'he's one 61 ithese "bright" you always tead^ about, the guy who'Warits-to be presi- parehts, the ' Isadore Miyers, fle's' strictly busirifess 1 which is'fine with me'bUit I think he is Sunday afternoon. Mr Mayer is solng itoo far. Yesterday he called me into his office and smarted telil- , improving since a recent Illness. in S me how much he liked my work but that I wasn't doing too well Mrs Harriet' Johnson entertained where rthe public was concerned 1 . In other words, he told me I should the Doan Ladies Aid Thursday dress a ilttlle more attractively than I'm doing, change my hair atyle afternoon. She was assisted by and wear a different shade of lipsit'ick. He's told a couple of /the other her sister, Mrs Ted Johnson. At- gMs. the 'sarrie thing and,We're mad. tendance was small because of a I operate r on a budget because I send money home each week small twister, rain and - hail and I don't think any man. has the right to tell a girl how to dress and which struck, the neighborhood how <tb wear, her hair. Do you? Should we go over Ithis 'man's head in the afternoon. , a ud complain ;to the district manager? — Burned Up. * ~ \ "-.«*.'<. DM* Burned Op:. This' is one of ithe craziest, letters -I've ever re- From Fenfon — Dolors* Haack celved but Where people are concerned, anything can happen As Ion* spent the weekend with her sis- as you girls dress neatly, that's all your boss should expect ter, Mrs Carl-Beck. Karl Sen; Before going ito your district 1 boss, you three girlsi barid together •2& °J R 5°M C't/ visited and tell thJs fashion expert that while you appreciate his suggestions Saturday A and Sunday at the_par- you'dl dress i as-you please within the Ilimite of your'budgarif h e ' doesn't know when he's well off and won't accept (this answer then so Ifco vour UJ -**- \-*'*'- — m*ji *_< » _• i •-V '• ~-• •!-%.. r . . . -..."» M«.ii parents, Mr and Mrs H. H"bre yer and other relatives, v.',- ' ' Buss Waller's Odds and Ends had this little story — Well, "one of. our scouts spotted the first dandelion and we told Henry' Guderian, city mail carrier, about A quiet but determined bailie possibility. Because In my judg- can go barefooted." ' A QUESTIONABLE "AID" items lift. . There were ' mighty attractive prices. Men's Dear Dan': All ithe jobs for teen-agers have been taken fbr this summer Or at leadt promised and I wonder if you can tell me something I might-do to earn some extra money. Would dobr-to-door selling work out? I always see advertisements about those jobs and think I could -make somte money that way. . , ; Can yo\i make> some fcuggesltions? — Unemployed. ' ' Dear Unemployed: If all^the homeowners are like me, you won't aS^^Se^oS! 8 - Y ° U>11 als ° gEt *°™ *<*** rec ^o- MOVIfSfTIlt THE BEST i How long.since you've been to q show? An evening,of the Theatre can still be one of your best buys for good wholesome family entertainment. There are many good shows corning in the next fey/ weeks. We'd suggest you give your TV set a rest some evening and go to a movie. • In the faee,of;some niightly tough competition from the other entertainment media, many theatres have had to, close. . , But gqod m,9vies, in color, are still th,e best in visual entertainment. • - - . It's things like this ,that always tend ... The .issue to befogs "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" . .. While man's is only a dbg. - Lake City Graphic. : . . *. ' * ; * It's a shame that when success turns a person's head, it does not also wring his neck. — Walnut Bureau. , -. ; : — ——~ x^ — «.*.»J . ,*^w*.HM^w All illjr juug- is shaping up in the House of Re- ment it .'was an indictment of all presentatives but we predict it of. us and to which I heartily sub- will amount to naught. The con- scribe." sequences are serious and should * » » On HH, m-pr of federal so.aHed "aid Ifi K^»StS '' ^^tS^ttSZ S^^^S ^o^^ to education" we fmd ourselves wondermg, most public print We are talking with Mr Smith. One put W This $2.98; sheei^ dresSor^urtm^ seriously, whether plunging the federal govern- about "back-door spending." To Way, "How much longer will we $4.95; men's dress shirts 98cerits ; "^^omeone^tp do thait type of work. ... . . .. »-t_»_ XL,., f.-u _f __»i. .1. HI i. . i , I tho =muvarro Amai.innv. it n »«u«ui.. ~ui_i. jj.i.. T !° ..I i _ j • _ i . • a ""-^i_°"«f, it you want to-ring doorbells fine However imtp rf f ICdHlp mnoavinOK- -K m ,«U««- ' i. , . i'. ~^-™-~ "f ment Into this field of activity.will result in bene fits or detriments in the .fnql 'analysis. The theory seems to be that Uncle Sam can 'pull a rabbit out of the hat and come up with a miracle man act in supplying more money for school construction and teacher pay raises! Naturally, we all think that is fine, and assume it may somehow or other relieve us of some of the load. We prophesy such would not be the case. There has been much hue and cry about keeping schools under local control, and that in" turn includes financing them. -Federal aid would mean everyone contributes, but from that point on the distribution 1 of funds depends on many factors, none of which the,individual community can control. .-,',, Federal "aid" sounds good, but it is our' belief that it would in no, way. reduce the loca school taxes, and would simply provide addition al millions or billions to be added to the nationa debt and the threat of further inflation that goe with it. The U. S. government already has enough problems without adding one more. * * * MIGHTY HIGHWAY MONSTERS tt f — *"& *»•>** j»xi kjiuii>ii. wuc yut IL uus . «p«.oo, siictM uresses, ior suirinier _. back-door spending." To Way, "How much longer will we $4.95; men's dress shirts, 98 cents' average American it probably shirk our duty — I include my- ladies spring coats, .$8.88- la'dies «„«,«>=„,„„ n,.* ._ wr^u:—• self — just how much longer will summer play shoes, $1.98; and we permit the taxpayers,' dollars' suspenders for men, 49 cents, to; flow out the way they have " * * «'• ; ., means been disposed of without the ap- Grocery prices looked like ihis has no meaning. But in Washing ton|it .is .'a lively issue. » ' * ' * ' simply this: Congress approves a Pfoval of the House of Represen- — 3 large boxes of corn flake? money bill without the approval tatives?" 21 cents; 3 — 8 oz. cans of slice of its appropriations committees. * * * pineapple, 20 cents; 4 bars of In the view of many this is clear- So there we have it. A prob- beauty soap, 19 cents; arid 2 'doz. ly unconsitutional. Congress'long lem. as serious as the Russian medium sized oranges, 29 cents, ago decided that no money could conquest of Outer Space because , . be approved without first receiv- the threat is just as grave. In a ing the sanction of the appropria- sense . this . too, is playing into the ' F.T.A. Meetina tions enmmittep Communists hands. Lpt us ro- r «* . „ ,.__ Burt — A planning meeting of said- they need F.T.A. of the north central dist- md the Uni- rict will be held at Burt school- itself broke, house April 15 at 1 p.m. A sponsor and two student representa- see whiit v<v?rt£r,iii^ h'™"T\: a "^ tu ™ aa your-neighborhood and see wnm you can (hne.tip— then expand into other neighborhoods. .'••' . ' ,, . •, » » • • ' • ••:- • rto J^ZhP**'' Mj ' %V-^^'•?.* ' Wke other ei rf s a^ won't sit close. over to ^ta^ft^K?- r dthD To^b?v S ^ if l *"" he L to ^ de r, i a prooaoly get some results. What tions committee. cr *" Communists * * * But this is what is happening "U"i:ru : j" -V"."".. °'" v *' "Y:* " ct . u ^.• 4 * - only bide their time and the Uni- rict member that for a long time the Russians have • - •• m w r Q ii ci~,w,* *M. nw i -,„«„ .i Sheldon Mail — We are opposed to legaliz- a>. t/au Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Aleona Iowa • *n c L i < • \ • _i .i_ . . wt ..— rr ^_—• - -j<jjj—^iBP"«i *owa mfl 60-foot trucks in Iowa, were surprised that Ent£Eed flu B^fVlnH nlamm *HMMM .A Aa !_^_*J»». .Ill I.I I'll I I ^ Entewd as «eoond clan matter at the pwtoftice •t Midiia, tow«. under Act of CoOfrea of Man* a. 1879. THE op. R- B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH. News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman Re P«sentatives, Inc. New York 18, N7 Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. the Iowa house passed the bill, and are alarmec at the reasoning behind the Iowa Development Commission's backing of the proposal. The latter urged legislators to vote for the bill on the grounds it would prove helpful to Iowa industry. At a time when increasing traffic continues to take its horrible toll on our highways, a plea that some elements of industry might be helped by increasing highway hazards seems an ill-considered and callous one'>indeted. The main provision of the bill is to increase from 50 feet to 60 feet the maximum length of auto transports hauling new cars and trucks and truck combinations hauling boats and farm machinery. Even if the bill remained Imited to those it would be bad enough; however, it could probably be taken for granted that other "interests" would eventually get the added length, too. Passing big trucks is one of the major problems of the amateur driver now. Increasing the length of some of them another ten feet woulc increase the danger considerably beyond tha proportion. Triffic laws are supposed to be designed for the safety of the human race, not for the benefit of industry in a competitive race for more dollars. * * * Evidence has been discovered that at one time some strange people must have lived in this today. Congress is finding itselt gM?f *«?}? forced more and more to vote on ted States wl11 legislation which calls for spending well into future years. Traditionally, Congress votes only on money v/hich is needed for the current fiscal year. All additional moneys to carry out long- range programs must be approved and appropriated year by year. The shocking thing is that Congress has okeyed over $107 billion in back-door spending during the past two decades. Shock- cirLs Eldon 3St his LOST not know as much as they think, (they do about firm that a ' gold wedding band mJon had been found in the 2,000 bus- a 14-county area will attend. Mrs . - , FROM THE FILES OF THE ing because every single member ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES f\f f'sinrftmnn l.« n ... n *. t. ,. 4. 1 * _l _ ______ __ ^_ . —•••••••»**"«* rejcher of" Burt ."Community School is Kossuth county: sponsor of F.T.A., which has a membership totaling 93 prospective teachers from seven Kossuth County high schools. The Kossuth county group will be hosts' 'for the meeting. - • - | Professional Directory T-t-f't • > •• » »4.|> » + » »»-» + » » a ^ »'a> » « + + A* + . APRIL 24, 1941 » • * Two Fenton children were injured while at play during the week. Maurice .Krause, 6, was country. Historians hove dug up evidence of a race of people who lived at home, paid their bills and spanked their children when they needed it. - Breda Newf. HOW JO SAVE ADVERTISING COSTS - Thf minimum eost-per-piece of mailing a handbill or other type of advertising pamphlet is n»vv 2'/? cents each, by 3rd class postal rates. Tp fover the equivalent of the subscription list of this newspaper would wst an advertiser $137.50 In postage alone the minimum rate. For thpt sum an odyertiTer c* B bpy about the equivalent of two full pages of n^w paper advertising w ith us. AIGONA UPPiR DES MOINES 111 |. Call St. Algona, Iowa RfACHljNO 5,500 ABI HOMES IACH ISSUE of Congress knows that he is doing wrong when he votes favorably on this kind of legislation. "We sat in Jhe House the other «»^.^. ^ U u«.-, 0 , was day and watched an old man, hurt 'Friday while playing near dedicated to thrift 'in govern- the depbt. A piece of iron, weirh- ment, pour put his heart on this ing 200 pounds, and being used"as subject. This was Congressman a teeter-totter, fell on him, frac- Howard W. Smith of Virginia luring both bones in his right and he was pleading with his arm. Phyllis Huskamp, 9, injured colleagues to consider what they both of her arms while playing are doing not only to themselves on a swing at the school the same but to generations yet unborn. day. She jumped from the swing ' * * to run and greet her mother, fell got along very well for forward and hurt her arms in about 150 years, running this breaking the fall, jovernment in accordance with • » » he provisions of the Constitu- A Cry for help came to the ion, one of which is that no UDM from J. W. Johnson of Cormoney shall be drawn from the with, who ran a classified ad in Treasury without appropria- this newspaper a week earlier ions," Mr Smith said. But, he He told newspaper employees it ontinued, over $107 billion has was too bad he had only one jeen taken out of the Treasury trailer to offer after his ad ap- vithout any accounting from the pcared in the paper. Mr Johnson .ommittee on Appropriation, advertised a trailer for sale — md it is still going on. and sold it almost immediately Mr Smith went on, "Now are to a man from Mason City, prov- A-e going to do anything about it ing once again the pulling power or not? I am beating my head of want ads. INSURANCE A. J. (Atnie) Rlcklefs HospitaHzation Health 8? Accident „ (Jim) KOtP . .... Surety Bond* — AH Line* GY 4-3176°* BLPSSOM with asainst a stone wall on this and, yet, I believe nearly every Member of this House wants to do something about it." * * * The veteran Virginia Congressman laid it on the line. To his fellow lawmakers he said the issue was crystal clear. They must decide whether to do things in accordance with the Constitu- .County auto and truck dealers were having a real rush of business. No less ,than 66 curs and trucks had been sold within a 22- day period, according to records at the county treasurer's office at the courthouse. Several good movies were on tap here. Included were "Foot- SIMAZINE ATRAZINE pre-emergencf corn herbfcldwj ONE APPLICATION at planting controls mod annual wa«4> * right through to harvest ' CONTROLS GRASSES M* ibroadlaaf Wftd*. , •AFETOCORN-Safa* ' human* and animal*. I Non-Irritating. (pROFITABLI-lncra»it4 yttlA Raducti or alimln*te* "" cultivation. A Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 1 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm ' Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL WSUHANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-3756. Lola Scutthnm- Sw'y * m HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household ... ~,~~ w . uu .. wv . n, c wuuauim- va^ ficic. AllLiMLieu W£JC £ OOl- tion or continue to pile on their steps In The Dark", with Errol t*r\nct it i t«ri( t* » nj-1 /,...A U ii, .,1 til i T»__ l— »* i. »i 8. Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over penney'a Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 —- 5:00 Open Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. Stale St Houn: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat DOCTORS M, Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2tu4 CAROL L. PLOTT, M.D. liO N, Moore Street Practice JUimjted to Surgery fWice Hours by Appointment cypress 4-488* Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence constituents and even their, Flynn and Brenda Marshall; grandchildren a more-or-less "T*ajl Of The Vigilantes", fea- coneealed debt of over $100 billion. "I am making this talk to you," Mr Smith went on, "in the hope that when I bring it to your attention time and time again that some day, some- time, this House will -rise up and' do what ought to be done about it" * »"»•'No one could argue with what he Congressman was saying and they did not try. It was evident that they felt like little boys caught with their hand in tjie cookie jar. Mr Smith ended his pica witij a request. If the members of Con* gross are not wJUJBg to stop back-door spending ^ould they please, he asked, eojne up iv|th some other solution, before jfc breaks this country. » « * Another o}d ge^lfman, and from the opposition Republican party, rose to his feet and spojjje. Congressman Clare Hoffman of Michigan wus moved and his vyords came slowly, carefully de- can recall I never'heard e more factual indictment of the House of Repifitntativei, and its " AU3ONA FLOUR & F|EP Algon* Farm Bureau Mutual : in«. Co. Affiliated with FarnrBureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Lif* - Ha41 - Tra?tor Phone CY 4*3381 Don SJark,.Mgr JOHN M. gCHUTTER, M.D. Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN P. K.OOB, M,D, Residence Phx>ne CY 4-4917 j ft Surgeons edae, Aigona 0«ic» Phone CY 4-4480 OPTOMETRISTS DR. L. L, SNYDfiR Optometrist 113 East State T01ephone CY 4-27U find ft fist in th© YELLOW PAQES Ofyour phone Farm Management „ Fwm . Hymboldt ft KfsjVih " DENTISTS

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