The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 20
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4-Afflflrtfl (ia.) Upptf DM MfltnM Thursday, April 13, 196! " *Ai Algdnah whose name got in the Register was KoWard Wahlefs who had won local contests in duck calling and were to "quack" for the Iowa Sports shbw at the Veterans Auditorium, Des Molnes. s Some tempting prizes were listed. Now just how the judging was to be done is a mystery to me, How many ducks respond? 4 * * Which brings up an interesting tale I heard Thursday evening When Delia and Merle .'Moxley were here to shpwi/nie the: picture Bob Cannes' todk of the Ca- dettes when they took part in the recent school program at the Veterans AUditoriUni, Des Moines. Since this Good Samaritan Home is an old residents built.'75 'years ago by Ambrose Call for his family of six children, .and having looked at my* fireplace,-Delia was reminded of a fireplace in her mother, Mrs?Mamie Frankl's home which in the . 80's was known as the LiiM {arm. Aii- cording to Delia, • who iwas la small .child whea.thjs happened, a caller was th>re 'in ttifc, early 30's and introduced *erifel'f as $ Billings girl whose \famijy hdd; built the house' back around Civil; War times."SJie sHd she Was "Mb!, Brown" of Chicago,,; dfji ;tha famous foods canned Tinderl that name-jams and pickles .being, hei'i specialty. One .robni'iif particular intrigued her for-as"<£ child -ShS tioned the Organizing the G.A.R. Further inquiry into this revealed the date was 1878 at Welllngt6n, Minn. # * : * Until a few days ago 1 did not know that ,Ruth Phillips was musical. She has a chord organ and played a'hymn for me the other day, a la telephone. It was played Well and the tone is nice. « • » * Speaking of music, I enjoyed hearing "Pony Boy" on the Will Rogers program a few nights ago, That, was very popula'r back in 1912 and was a prime favorite with a dear friend of mine, Elizabeth Libolt, now of Los Angeles. . * * » In this day of quick marriages and even quicker divorces, espe-, daily among movie personalities, it is nice to know Vilma Banky and Rod L.a Roque have been married to' 'each other' 35 years. Years • ago she performed with the great lover Valentino in "Son of' the Shiek" and a, lovely blond she was. Agnes Ayers played with him in the first big hit."The $Hiek". What a show' that was ^ was never perjtnitted, to Center -ft. It was her father's , deif or Office and the room', is now in use 'itis,._a utility room. She 'Went to trie,to£ floor too and remerijbered gj toW- er that was',' torn •' down ^sohie years ago. She sa'i.d the purpose of the tower was'- to ..scan ;thfe .ter,- ritory to the south ; Where" /.there were many duck ponds dnd che<ck s Jhe fowl for hunting. ^The" hoiise\ is indeed historic. ;, ,/r~ '. .1 •'. - . • '" • ' * ,*,"•'• ,' '& '• 1 will add thai it was' a Jplea- sure seeing the Cadettes and: ft "took hours of practice to ;gp through the drills with nary' 1 a hitch. Hats off to Delia, too. Going back to coyer some -points brought up by Delia, the Billings land had been .homesteaded by a Thompson family &nd tWo'of the cotton wood trees on the .place were , planted there j^airs , ago/ Iri ' , , remodeling the Billings' ( den, vquare headed nails : Were found, n common type of nail years ago, nnd cached between wialls was in old newspaper '•' which men- and what a book! « n « * : It look a lot of patience I think to make the cute little egg things "Tillie" Hargreayes sent me for Easter. The egg shell halves are mounted lengthwise on the egg '.carton Compartments, dyed shells '-are,; ornamented with sequins, •lihd in-the hollows'are little chicks. Cute as can be presenting'.a steady, hand and 'dexterity. Thank you 'dgairi Tillie. ;And thanks to you friends who sent me Easter cards. ;•:••; — ••, •(•,. v,".- ' : It makes hie hungry thinking of 'the' deviled eggs one housewife^ 'fold jne.about. The white halves were placed in food coloring for a short time, then filled with the yolk mixture. Pretty as well as appetizing. 4 » » •'.AfterHeight!, years of work at the Roberts Nursing Home, later to become, the Good Samaritan Home, Mrs!John Helmers has reluctantly resigned. Mr Helmers is n poor' health and she is needed n her.home. She was presented with a potted plant by other employees, a farewell gift. . Yes, spring is • here! housewives have ;told few they cleaning. The fever never subsl des till May 31. * * « One of the silliest reasons for the cancellation of an order to buy a plot occurred in a Newark cemetery When a chap explained, "I'notice'that my plot is near the lake and that's undesirable. I would affect my rheumatism." Which reminds me of Eula Rich's complaint when her husband John told me-he had purchased a plot in East Lawn near tnc railroad tracks. Said Eula, "I don't believe it will disturb you." * « e ' Thanks to the first grade Methodist church Sunday school children, the trays Easier noon had an Easier basket and from Girl Scouts troop I we had baskets on our evening trays. Thank you, children. We like being remembered. * » » Mrs Josie Thompson, resident here, was visited Saturday by her grandson John Thompson and his wife Beverly, Minneapolis. John is attending an electronic school there. , • * . * * Thanks also to manager Gerald. Bomgaars of the Ben Franklin store for the lovely bouquets sent. here. "Ohs" and "Ahs" of admiration were heard when they were brought in. • « » » A letter from Mabel Livingston, Phoenix, Ariz., informs me she recently called on Agnes and Edith Besha, former Algonans. Through "Tidbits" they have been in correspondence Marie Lamuth Bode, Elma, with a, who knew them here years ago. Marie and her husband plan to visit a daughter in Albuquerque anc Marie will go on to visit these friends whom she has not seen ir 50 years. Won't they have a lol of ground to cover? Mabel says of the weather "We have had ar ideal winter although we could have used more moisture. This spring the desert is not as pretty as usual as the flowers are not in bloom that would have, been, had we had some more rains," * * ' * Mr and Mrs Lloyd Pool who have been vacationing in Texas and other 1 points in the- south west, are now at Denver, Colo., visiting with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs James Newel. The Pools are < considering moving there and several years ago lived at Golden. After selling iheir home they had taken an apartment with Mr and Mrs J. 3 . Smith until finally deciding on location. •» * • I was surprised and pleased at have begun the "seasonal house-having an Easter card from Krs IBB NEIGHBORHOOD SPECIAL SAVE 655 Combine your order with ftiendt i or aelghbors) j lObogiNKlownfood REGULARLY } *|O— (l(Kk bog tonn 5,000 iq. ft.) NOW JUST '392 IAWNSCAPER SPECIAL i SAVE4" f«« bag of NK. tawnfood with fwchoio of UK Lownspreaderl NK lawniprMder ....... * 19-5 fiag of NK lawnfood .... ibOfl tOKtfl 5.000 K). «J VALUE OF NOW JUST «I9£ took for the Northrop King Lawnscaper Display of . , . Shelley Stcmon, Columbia City, Ind., nee Chloe Spray, daughtei of the Rev. and Mrs Spray,,former was Methodist pastof back in 1902-1008. She says, her'BiStef Edith lives across the street .find her brother Cranston's laW-'fltm has offices in Chicago: SHfejSfiyf she hears from Neva Potter (Mrs Schunck), Neva lives in Chicago and is a former well-known Al* gonan, daughter of .the Irite Mr and Mrs Frank Potter. Rev. Spray and his wife are deceased, * • * * When Mrs Sarah Smith returned recently from Lockport, III, where she had spent Several weeks with relatives; • she' had ,H few hours wait for het bus, and was in the Waukonsa-, hotel. There she saw the evidence Of. the deer's entrance to the place a short time previously. .The Win* dow was boarded, and a sign "Deer passing" nailed thereto, a facetious reminder of the "wild west" no doubt. The second deer had taken flight down ,the street/ leaped to a low roofed building^ fell and broke a leg, so I suppose some institution had plenty ;of venison. ' * * » , Speaking of deer., Mrs Gpil Towne told me about ,"mul€ deer", a specie smaller than the* regular red ones and with long ears which give them the name 'mule". She had seen a few When in California a few years flgo. * « * Adele WKlfe celebtaled _ birthday todajr" and >!• saw -her husband Claude j>oihg,,up t&e stairs With' two large 1 ..boxes t»f cake. Congratulations Adele And many hafspy >T6titfrlf»«t^he day I (April 4 was' the-' d'affe). *' - * Shower Honoree Whiliemor*' *- A miscellaneous shower was held Sunday" after;noon in St. Paul's Lutheran church in,honor of Mary .Meyer of Des Moirtes, daughter of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Meyer of V/hittemore. Miss Meyer >Wiir be married to Murrell Oliver of Des Moines Sunday afternoon,-" April JL6 in St. Paul's Lutheran church at Whittemore. A program was presented by relatives of the bride to be, and was followed by a , luncheon. Nancy .Olliver 'of Des Moines, Jean Zumach and Luanna Meyer were in charge of the gifts. Approximately 70 were present. Mr and Mrs Geofge Meyer were in fort , Dodge Friday, WHefe iMfs MeyeY consulted with specialists, and will return agairi April'18 for further consiillatieii iH ttltherafl hdspitat., •;• •, ,", 'Mf arid Mrs Erw'ln Siemf weftl to Rfsefiester,' Minn, test Monday Where -Mf Siems went thr&Ugh the Mayo Clinic. They returned home Friday and left again Monday to Rochester. Melvin Heinrich left for Des Moines, , Monday where he entered Veterans -hospital. Mr and Mrs''Arthur Heidenwith, Mr Thbrftfls Dunphy, Mi and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mrs Dorothy' ftbsendahl and .daughter. Rosella 'Voigt, Mr, and .Mrs Ralph; * Walker and daughters, Richard Pedersen were Sunday dinner guests'at'the'home of Mr and Mrs Lloyd,Walker,in Albert Lea, Minn. All attended the dedication of Zions Lutheran church. Others who attended the dedication were Mr and Mrs Emil Bierstedt, Mr and Mrs Theodore Meier arid daughter, Mr and Mrs Arnold Gade. and Mr and Mrs James 1 Me'yer.' Mr and Mrs Kenneth Martin, Union, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur HeidenwitK Sunday evening. Mrs Martin was the former Elda Lavrenz of here. She is the daughter of Mrs Augusta Lavrenz of Algona. Named Prexy .•, tfafteli-Eugene'Fridei-es, son 01 "Mf arid ''Mrs Ed Andrilenas of -Medicine,Lake, Montana and the late SrosDer Frideres, of Bode was 1 recently-elected president of 'the Young Democratic; Club at Bd2etrtari, Montana, Where he attends Montana State College, Frideres is' a junior. FrldereS is a grandson of Mat Zeimet of St. Joe. ', ' . J /' "' ;"• ""'"" , Heads Discussion Supt. O. B. Lalng of Algona high school will be & discussion leader during the annual Schodl* men's CofifcJfe-ftce al'Cdrften;Col« legs Saturday, April 8. Dr. Kett- neth Lund, superintendent of th$ Oak-P.,« A%$« m ' ¥« h school; vMil Tie'featUceti-speaker, The'cohfer^iee has^Be'e'rt held fof the-past'26''years. , ' { ' Unclean ' ,jtsla'ces .--aris trouble spots, Uncovered'-' «{Crfcage cans 'give flieS ,a plaCf to .breed. Trash in cellars 01' fa'ctdfies can-cause accidents.'Stale wafef in old tin cans and auto tires rhakes good nesting places fof mosquitoes. (JDM Classifieds Pay Dividend! DEFINITELY! IT'S YOUR S & L STORE FOR THE MOST OUTSTANDING SELECTION IN TOWN OF THE NEWEST IN SPRING AND SUMMER DRESSES ALL AT SIZES FOR'JR. PETITES - 5 TO 13 JUNIORS'? To 15-MISS 10 TO 20 YOUTH HALF SIZES 14% TO 24% • SLIMMING SHEATHS! BOUFFANT SKIRTS! '• JACKET DRESSES! DRESS-UP AND CLASSICS! • IN ALL THE MOST WANTED STYLES, COLORS, FABRICS! FRIDAY ONLY1 GROUP OF DRESSES ORIGINAL VALUE TO $10.95 Broken Sizes of Timely Fashions COME EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION Connie* Column FAR-AWAY . D&n't Swan o Fred 'saw our id! W« welcome, ther'hint she sent, too, • Mi's*- Swa'ri 1 covers v scratches on maple or birch furniture by, rubbing* > with * walnut-meat 4 . , and' what do you know about that? HIDDEN TAUNT One , wise cook lifts up tht loose skirt on fresh chfcken arid plants » sprinkling of Herbs.>nder v it< r(RoS|6niary'« jiist tight fplr;itte} somebody ' else' might go for garlic or onion.) The flavor bakes right into the Birdt ONION BREAD Turn your gas oven to 450- one package of refrigerator biscuits, and arrange,- them in an over- Japping "loaf " oii a greased cookie-sheet. Brush with I Tbsp. melted butter; .pop them into the oven for .8 minutes. Now sprinkle'! Tbsp. instant mixed onion over the hot loaf; pop back into the oven for one minute — just till browned. Serve 5 it , piping hot and love it, says Margaret Spader,, ,(She ? i home service ddnsultanr I or the Gas Appliance Manufacturers A'sspciatiSri/ so'gha . ought to^know!) PIATES RAffi My next-door neighbor cleaned her china cupb6ard{ came up with seven odd saucers, now cup-less. Toss theni out? Not that neighbor! She picked up picture tapes at the dimestore; glued one to the back of each plate. Seven additional picture tapes, were placed in a curve on her breakfast-wall. Hooking plate-tape to wall- tape (as packages direct), she hung her saucers — for • a show-off displayl GIFTED IDEA Many moth-' era mull over the'problem of kiddies who can't ; adjust .to the arrival of Baby Brother or Sister. A nurse-friend reports a real helper:, one smart couple in our community brought home xi tiny gift for eachjof the older children; said the gift was from the baby. Result? Good relationships, right from the start. SELF-CLEANER " Ever see a, garbage can that could clean itself? Actually, that's what a , gas disposer does! Installed in basement, kitchen or utility room, the ^ smart - looking-^ gas disposer gobbles up your garbage. Takes it wet or diy, along with all burnable trash — even old shoes and chicken- bones. Drop it in, set it and forget it! But don't forget to see gas disposers at your local gas company or gas appliance dealer. i Northern Natural Gai Company, Omoha, Nebraska ; DOUBLE-HEAPER PLAN ;:' Man-style baseball talk may confuse you'/ but Dad •wHl like this. There's a^'doubl* header" he;ought to see! New (gas central sya,tems combuie Winter heating with Summer air-conditioning, all in one compact unit. Big and little-leaguers alike eat, sleep and : wprk;betteir in air- coniditione'd comfort." Ask you? loca'ttgas company about it. (They get your fuel from Northern Natural Gas Company, the -nice folks who- send me ie you.).. •-.•;''!"., : ! ~' Cadillac is unique among cars in constantly providing its owner with the assurance that he could! have made no sounder motor car investment. He feels it in every smooth arid silent mile he drives. He senses it in the secure in the very practical knowledge that his Cadillac is a remarkably economical car td operate . , < and an exceptionally enduring value. Your dealer can augment Cadillac's desirability with some^ very tempting reception he gets wherever he travels. And he rests economic reasons for investing in the "ear of cars"; VISIT WUR WC41 4UTHQttJfflD SCHIHTZ BROS,, 1009 $o v Phillips, Algona,

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