The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 18
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'1 t ' ••'' "' „. ,. *"** 1 -* be6n sent, but all friends and re» lall^es. are IriVited to : attehd, The couple hftVe,, three ' . . TO HELL,-tHBY SAY, is paved with good intern Sons don't know for sure if ithte is true, and I hope I nevermind nut fmm bfeonal e^toerience. I do know that my road_5n the lift tentto my Uf , hg Wght now ha gbnl wrong. In several city blocks paved wiith good ln- it; in capsule form, this is the story of § > 0 check I wasn't expecting. ,. W| . uw ,,.. -t--,r SJ , •„ ^t;-How It Goes Wrong: • "The payment fen my annual li dJje?,--;--^---"---- ? 2 -°° • "I have .to pay for my picture's fit School '•I need a hot lunch ticket" i 2.00 $ 1,50 o^onatelK tor the supper?" $ 2.00 "I paid the paper boy. e owed for 2 weeks" ..——;- ..... $ UJ "Pay the manrl haven't any change" --- ........ ----- ——__!___. . Thi result: 'flte jsarne old lihip'' hair-do and ...... — -.- -$10.dO ''••' •'•'•' THE GOOD lNTE*JTl6Kt 1 AM weighlt. I don't want ';• ;to (lose,:a«y,,but I.don't want .to get any fatter. I resolve to keep my C ^°tfo^^ftides'iwrbnf^ additidn tb the 1,400 calories, jusitto keeji -I^hill-P&^e, *co big to throVout 100 iflria,et] Calories cdlories 80 calories P^t^m 0 tmitti''I:-r:|±rr.::f::i:f .r::::r 200 fcaiories The result: Calories to ^ H30 calories outside Work this TH-OOdrJlNENlioti'.tveany ose or morning. 'I have 180 minutes to; clean up ,• the house. How it goes ' and *ishtoit|i:B«mie „— -20 --^'^-'^^'^-------^ -SOrmnutes P££g c and'. 'third telephone call .———-- ...... - -20 mtautM '•'.Running- around neighborhood ,to find the dog ...... -10 minutes Sew.that'biittori I forgot last night.—-— ...... ----- -10 minutes e vacuum, arid blowing out stuff ed hose .... -10 minutes irrbohia lick arid * prornise — — — -20 minutes : Same 61d" dirty "houSe.'i'— — — -180 minutes -' 7 THE'GbOD INTENTION:' I HAVE ENOUGH left-over for a ^udcl Iu>eV ! when I get home from '.work..; We'll have Ithis chicken , •••.. Seenkeh of : Buffalb Center, retta, Mrs Arther.: Wlrtjes o£ La- . kota, and .Cardiyri, Mrs Gbetz of Elmoi-e. L Roger and Betty -Gattonjn the - ..... " home. The chose., MaVifi Iur>peV ! when I get .. lthithe lefit-bver graVy on ItoaSt apple and pmeapple salad 1 three, pieces Of cherry pie stretched with the % pint of .vaiiiik ice cream.. How it goes iWrong: • arrives home before lido - ft pt. icecream and 1 piece pie. .• '^Father arrives home before I do.— 1 chicken breast. :.$fary. Ann arrives home before I do -, 2 slices bread and 2 applies. ' , 1 -Sarrlves, home; before I do - 2 slices bread, the pineapple a " a |a$!v| e h6'mf : and find, 1 chicken back, 1 gob chicken gravy, no bre&d; rib salad.- . - • •• . ' • . The result: Heat up some of those frozen pot-pies. THE GOOD INTENTION: I AM GOING 'to keep the grocery bill under $25.00, this week. . I'll - buy just Jthe necessities. How it goes wrong: ' • j ' t 1 no Special price .on Jtomatp6s ..— — ... — ------ * ."" Cold cream and -deodorant ————---Special on chicken pot-pies — ,— We haven't had steak for a long itime . We are out of toothpaste and hair rinse — That chocolate-almond ice cream is luscious --------- ....... •»» Cigarettes are cheaper' by the carton ------------------------ "» Daffodils ---------- ...— :.- - ---- ............... - .......... — -^ Clothespins ----- — •- ..... - ---- -- .............. ------ — -r— • Olives ---- . ----- -f-- ------------------------- - ---- "' -------- 'I -°° *•*> •<=•»" ^^ ^ '$31.42.for food! And we never seem to have" anyThing"to eait around here!"^ ASPARA.GUS IS BACK, FRESH IN THE produce sections of the local food stores. It's one of my favorite vegetables, but not so with our son, Bill. It was the only .thing he didn't like in his strained baby foods, and he can't stand it tb this day! This week's recipe is for Ham and Asaparagus Casserole, and when we have it at our house, we'll just skip Bill. 2 cups diced cooked asparagus, drained; 4 hard cooked eggs, sliced' 1 cup diced cooked ham; % cup milk; 1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted; 2 tbsp. 'tapioca; 2 tbsp. finely chopped onion- 1 cup grated sharp cheese; 1 tbsp. minced parsley; 1 'tbsp. lemon juice; \i cup dry bread crumbs; 2 Ibsp. melted butter. Reserve several asparagus itips and hard cooked egg slices 101 garnish. Place remaining asparagus and ham in bottom of a buttered casserole. Mix milk and soup, Btir in tapioca, chopped onion, cheese parsley, lemon juice and remaining hard cooked egg slices ^oui over asparagus and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Garnish with reserved asparagus and eggs. Serves 0. — GRACE. Pout . There are four vacancies filled on trie Ledyard; teaching staff. They are first .grade, Engf lish and science. Mrs Claude Haag of Swda City Has beeH Hired to teach fourth grade. . : , Teachers who have, resigned are Mrs William Fennema,* fourth gradej Mrs Vernon Anderson, first grade, Mrs William .Wiertier, English, and M. B. Rittgers, science. .. ,. . ' ,.,- , The Remedial Reading position will be filled later, according tb Supt, dilbert DeBoer. Mrs Haag. has been teaching the class tnii year. . duild Meels , The E. and R. Guild met April 6 with Mrs Victor Vriesen, Mr? Aubrey Waterhotise, Mrs William Bauman and Mrs , Irvin Branat as hostesses. The missionary education committee 'was in charge of the program with Mrs* Edwin Schwftrtz as chairman. The birthday hymn was sung for Mrs Melvin Busch, Mrs Ervirt Klinkseik and Mrs Albert Barnns. Scripture was read by Mrsi Art Runksmeier, followed by prayer. Meditation was read by Mrs Edwin Schwartz. , A solo 'was sung by Neomd Juiik'ermeier, accompanied by Mrs fearyin Junkertneier. A panel discussion was given by Mrs Burton Johnson;; Mrs Victor Vrifesert, Mrs Art Runksrneier ( Neomi Juhkermeier and Mrs Edwin Schwarz. Music Boosters Music Boosters met Wednesday. Mrs Maurice Keil was in charge of the meeting. . Three instrumen.tal solos and a vocal trio number made up the program. , It was also announced by Mr Anderson that the date for the Spring Concert originally scheduled for April 28 has been changed and the new date will be! picked soon. Marshal Resigns The town .council at its mcet-j ing Thursday night accepted the resignation of Marshal Robert ^.smus, to become effective May 1. Members of the Senior Methodist Youth Fellowship went td Emmetsburg Sunday to attend the District M.Y.F. meeting. Those attending were Roberta Wentworth, Ann Carpenter, Doris Berven, Linda Pmgel, Nancy Herzog, Janice Thompson and Jtoger Thompson. „.,. ... : ,,; Tickets are now on sale for tne annual Award Night dinner ivhich is to be held April 18. Pro- its from the dinner are to be used to purchase additional dinner-ware for the school. The Rosary Society of Sacred leart Catholic Church will hold a public card party in the church April 20 at 1:30. ThreeWesley Students Rated In Music Meet Wesley — Wesley students at the Corwith-Wesley Community school who participated in the music contest at Ventura April 8 were Diane Newbrough, Alan Jordan, Diane Discher, Barbara Leek, Joya Paulson, Roland Johnson, Lorraine Funnemark, and Dorothy Simpson. Number one ratings were won by the first 3 mentioned. Nygaard -to attend the state convention in Ames Jtjne 6;^.^ jahet CunfifrignaffL aT" Seaberg are. to attend, campjn Clear Lake June and Ruth WubUen and -I Carlson to represent semp^and junior girls May '20 Bureau neSdtjuftrters i— Mary Jo Becker and Vicki Dot' hieririg were ohds'e'rl td Sihfi in the girls ch&rtts at Rally May 27. '", . , 1 Sandra Carlson gave a talk add Lorraine Funriemark ahd Lliidd Detmerihg gave a team demon' stration< ^ Trap Shoot Mr and Mrs Charles Gollneij Will hold their 4th annual kidd - - ••' s hoot grounds^ day at their trap Suhday, April 10 ouuu-,, .-»..» -- .- •< ti-ation at one o'clock. Two State ConserVatibtt officers; Frank Tel-; Her of Burt and Verle Holmes bf fcmmetsburg. will give instruction ori gun safety and will sup-' ervise target practice with the tafgeUf.Mnishld flfee Gollners wills alsiS ,fef6Vid nic laneh. All • chiidfen accompanied by adtdttf. commuftity rtjeet ior tMft pi «.»**.*;•«. Mrs LUJlIIH"*"*'^ f**wjv.»*v fv+ ~ — ^ *../* ners wHo malhtain.a ttefs shocft for adults during suisrnei? man* ths. Mrs Leort Gardner and Marlene attended a Jost-hUjltittl .siiOWBi fnt* MfS JolGhG Giti'tlnCr Puts* stuck'April t in the Gobd Hdpe church. . . ' Mi- and MfS 'Leon Gardner ahd family attended a family party April e to the H6hie- of his mother- Mrs MafgUe-rite'Gardflef of ;Al- gbtta. Guests of hdrtdr wefe Mr and Mrs Me'rvin Gardner ahd family of Glen Ellen, 111. who were here on a Visit and who were supper guests that evening of the Leon Gardners. Richard Gardner representea Orthel Eagles at Hancock Go 4-H fun night April,8,in Garner. His parents, Mr and Mrs Leon Gardner accompanied him. .arid saw two of their neighbors JacMe Fox of Orthol iwp. and Dennis Krull aftd Mr and Mrs'Ltlthef Hygaalffl attended funeral sefkes ArM i.0 for Irvin Barton "aUthe IAi* Verne Methodist'' VSHtttoh. '«$ . for adults April 26, or us , a.m;;arid.-2 td B' tf.fn, donate ttwflt . lite flf iMtt AS§ sled by M. Miss Klooster To Girls State From Ledyard Ledyard -^- At the .Tuesday meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary the Poppy program was discussed. Poppy posters are to be judged early, enough thi year to'be entered In the distric contest April 30 at Fort Dodge Mrs William' BaUMah is Poppy chapman, thjs, : yeav-, The Girls Slate delegate and Iternate where chosen. They are Sharon Klooster, delegate, and Molly Bartolo, alternate. Girls State is to be held in June at :owa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls. The Cancer fund drive will begin here on April 16th with the Auxiliary members in charge. Mrs Earl Jorgenson won the door prize. Mrs Melbourne Haag was hostess and program com mittee was Mrs John Manthei and Mrs Marvin Lloyd. Wed 40 Yeats The family of Mr and Mrs Ralph K. Johnson will hold open house in honor of thuir 40tl wedding anniversary April 23 from 2-5 p.m. at the E. and R Chyrch in L,edyard No' special' invitations ha'vt Attends Funeral Gordon Giddings went to Fort Dodge April 10 to attend funeral services for Herman Seydel. Survivors include his widow and a son in Fort Dodge and a daughter, Mrs Glenn Giddings of White Plains, New York. Grand Opening The Grand Opening of Johnny's A. G. Market will be held Saturday, April 15. Registration for free prizes will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Coffee ana cookies will be served all clay Saturday. Mr and Mrs John Youngwirth bought the grocery store from Mr and Mrjr Gayle Studer- last month. Wizards Met . , Wesley Wi/ards 4-H girls me, April 3 with Janet Cunningham DEKALB CORN IS "CMMATIZED" TO FIT YOUR fARM __ ,^_ _^ You MI* emv PeKafo Com Hybrids bred to 1U the soil and weafher~een«!>t!ons of yow^ *wn farm ... varieties tailored tp »flit yoiiir eSict neteds. L6t your DcKalb dealerihowr. < '" to da 9 top job for DEKALB CORN inpene Hood/ Algona Frank Droessler, Bancroft Horrifer Mdtthlcson, Fehtoh Uwrence Bfsch, Whittemore Peter C. Reding, Bode ScienceShrinks Pfles New Way fftthout Surgerf Paift New fork, Kt. T. (Speolal) - Fojf the first time gcfeiiee'has found a new healing substance with, the astonishing ability to shrink, hemorrhoids, stop Itching, and relieve pain - without surgery. . :, Iri case after case, while!gently-; relieving pain, actual reduction,; 'shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results were so thorough thai sufferers made astonishing'statements like "Pile* have teased to be a problem!" The secret Is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne«)-discOvery of • world-famous research institute. This substance Is now available In suppository or ointment form under the rtame Preparation H*, At all drug counter*. tfwr; differ*!** • full Built for thi buyerwhof wants sbrri&htng betterfci / , '• i •• 'b smaller carl Alert...easy'to handle...with th« . ..eVerV inCn d!l-neW1W-h.p.;alu|nlhbm^isekeHey-^-rfan«|. ^i r*r»kfl/\r»ll iri ard equipment In every,F-851 Before you^buy fill OLDSMQBILC, 1 anylow-prlced car..^cdme indnd</r/ver/ieWJI ,., . ...- ——-jEi YdUR WCAt AUTHORED 6tO$M6Al.e*QliA^lrtlottUK^^^'T'T" . * DAU'S OLDSMOBILE 125 S.' bdofeEy' AlGONA — BIG CHOICE, BIG VAIUK lh IAH MODEl USfo CARS . . NtW'AT iduj OlOS UttiM'SI —f IT'S TYPEWRITER, ADDER ... AND OFFICE SUPPLY TIME! Newe$t,most exciting styling Precision design and engineering Swift, smooth action..*, printwork perfection Now, from the first name in typewriters »... the last word in portables! Beautifully styled, they're just: as. ' practical as they are handsome. The/ra .Lilt iolidijljey stay putwhepyou type , on them. They give you more in , performance and P"n^°* than ,?"L portable ever made. Available in lovely colors... Sunglow, Jade, Sapphire, Pearl, Flamingo, Ivory. Come in soon;... see and try these newest, most exciting portables for yourself! THE NEW REMINGTON QUIET-RITER®ELEVEN PORTABLES PACKED! . With These Advanced Features • Full-«li« Standard Keyboard • K»yi»l Marjlnt • Hngtr.Hi Ktybultoni • Full-ilz. Tabulator ModU' • Page Gage • Touch Seltctor • Cholct of .3 Colon the REMINGTON COLOR-KEY Touch Typing Course,..teaches touch by color to Just lOJessonsl, Plus! New Slimline "Holiday- Carrying Case Income Tax made easier VICTOR Champion Adding Machines ~ Ibwest prices In 10 years! R5NT OR No we can't make paying H easier, b»t we can sure mate ydur figuring easier, faster and jnpre accurate with 8 new Victor Champion. 18 hand and e.lwtw models including ?-eolumn tolalin? and automatic credit balance. Wey or frlJ keyboard. For ypur office, store or home, *W Victor's complete new line today w and «ave at lowest prte« to LOOKING FOR GRADUATION GIFTS? Any of the Typewriters shown here or pthers In our stock make perfect gifts - especially for the high school senior who expects to attend college next fall. WE NOW HAVE — SMITH - CORONA PORTABLE AND UPRIGHT TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES. REMINGTON PORTABLES AND ADDERS. VICTOR HAND OPERATED AND ELECTRIC ADDERS. R. C. ALLEN ADDERS, USED TYPEWRITERS AND . ADPIRS, FILING CABINETS* DESKS AND OFFICE SUPPLIES * '"-•-'--• KINDS. Every Item Priced Right And UPPER DES MOINE Ill E. CALL PHQNI CY, 44531

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