The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 17
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Former Lu Verne YoufhloWed This Month n men is of the engagement and ap- «?*,, marriage of Robe rt Styder and ZeMa Jensen, k° 0th ° f De * Moines. Their parents ^^^"dMrs Henry J.Studer Mr T&V- 18 ^' IM - and Mr - and Mrs Melvin Jensen of Stuart The wedding will take place April 14. ' New Arrivals Mr. and Mrs, Larry. Thorn of fapint Lake are parents, of a six pound, 15 oz, daughter, Linda Lee, born- March 27. Larry as the grandson of Mr, and Mrs. Otto Ramus and he 'lived in Lu Verne as a boy. ' . . Mr. and Mrs. Arnie. Elbert of Harlan are parents of a seven pound, 2 ounce son, -Randy Lee, born March 27. Mrs. Elbent, former Janice Manly, is the 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin.Marty of Corwith. Mrs. Marty went Saturday for a .few' days' Sit the"Eibert home.. ( , , Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Winkleman of Clear Lake are parents of their first child, a son born March ,19. Mrs. Winkleman, the former Phyllis Hanselman, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hanselman of LuVerne are 'the paternal greait.- grandparents, , . ' <•• SFC Ted and Mrs. Mauras of \Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Germany tare the parents of a daughter born March 23. i They, now. have two sons and two daughters. Mrs. Mquras, the -former, Nadine Wit-' tenbuijg is the .daughter of Mrs. Kathyrii Wittenburg and the lat'e Rev. Louis Wittenburg. Mrs. Gail Stoddard and children of Titonka visited Mrs. • Marie Stoddard and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hood Friday. ' Mr. 'and Mrs. George Furstenan and Joyce of Geneseo, 11., were Enster guests of her parents, Mr and IVIrs. Charles Hanselman, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Davidson of Adel were Easter week enc visitors in the parental! Ralph vidson home.- ••:•..• Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Savage and Danny, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Pitlik of Cedar Rapids spent the Easter week end here. The Sa- vakes visited her parents-and the Pit'liks at the home of her cousins the Bill Wicketts and aunt Mrs, Miller. Mrs. Harlan Helm, Robin anc Ronda of Thompson were Easter week.,end visitors wfth her»par- emts the Albert Heftis.- s ' -; ( ' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnii p children were; Easter gtiestS! ,oi his mother, 1 Mr.'and.Mrs. Arnie Wernet ait Britt. Easter weekend gjubsts of Mr. attd Mrs. George Stu'd'er were his brother, Mr. and Mrs,. Henry j. Studer, Rock Island, sons, Mr. and Mrs. Richard ,Studer,; Milan, 111., Robert Dale Studer arid fi* ance Miss ZeUa Jensen of DeS Moines. •• ' • ' '. Easter guests of Mr.-'and Mrs, Leslie Pechumer were her sister Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Jurgesen Larry and Jimmy of Corv/ith arid their mother, Mrs. Clara Wolf and Mrs. Kate Barton,' LuVerne. Townsehd Club Algona Townserid Club met' at the home of the Mrs Wilbur Holdren Mar. 14 for a benefit coffee. No business was brought up. Mrs Paul James and her assistant Mrs 1 Kermit Burtis of Waterloo, Iowa; gave a talk and demonstrated proper use of cosmetics. Mrs A. M. Anderson was assistant hdstess. The ne*t club meeting will be. held March 2& r at the A. M. Anderson home. Homemakers .Met Plum Creek' Hcmrei'iiakers met March 29 at the home of Mrs Edward Miller with Mrs Clifton Benschoter, Mrs Walter Bliech, Mrs Floyd Bode as assistant hostesses. Inspiration was given by Mrs Andrew'Miller. Cookies were brought- by Mrs' Cecil Long, Mrs Ronald Gardner, Mrs Hollis Benschoter. Lesson was presented by Mrs Berl Priebe and Mrs Robert Harrison. The Boat Season Is Here! BOATING IS SO RELAXING .' . . especially if you are insured by A. J. RICKLEFS. NEW REDUCED RATES Boats, Motors and Trailers Now as low as $2.00 per $100 (Our 'policy still affords the same broad coverage) PHONE CY 4-4529 NOW! ' - '"'..,- • ' " '••-!•; ^y^^^x^-^\^vv^x^xxx^^^>^w^^-^xx^rv^^^--^^x^^rf^^^^^^^^^— ^n^^t^i^^r^f^i^f^J-^f A. J. (Arnie) RICKLEFS INSURANCE AGENCY You ton Address Question* To HirtiAt -™~^T"-"*54 MONTANA p* • • *." V l > ^ x ebltittnvVt»^6i ,-.'•,?* •. •-'•.', • «t *••<, pv . (fy di Dear Teenagers! Many of you are stilli asking where and how you can. get in contact wi'th foreign pen pals and for your benefit and for any new readers this week, once again I'll give you the addresses to write to for pen pals. 'American teen-agers write to: Children's Plea for Peace, World Affairs Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 14, Minn. En* close along with your name, age, address and sex, 25 cents in coin for each name requested. Canadian teen-agers may also contact the fo'regbing address for the names of American, pen pals. However, they should write to Mrs. R. T. Tanner, Box-178, Markham, Ont., Con'ada, for line names Of pen pals in overseas countries. In all cases, 25 cJents in coin should be included with.yoUr letter for each name requested. .''... : • . The money usn't for the pen pal's name; but for clerical expenses. : V » • : ,' • * *' * ' ' • ' Dear Dans How can a girl who doesn't believe in kissing a boy the first few itimes out impress on him. that she isn'it 'a. prude and that she Qikes him and would like him to ask for a second date? Ever sihce I 'started dating a few months ago this problem has been worrying me. I've had dates with boyis but very few of them have asked me out ia second jtime and I'm wondering if it isn't because they think 'they were cheated because they didn't get to kiss me goodnight. ' . Is a goodnight kiss a "must" when a girl is brought home? If it is, I guess I'll! wind up an old maid because I won't itrade my prinl- ciples just to make a boy feel good. Am I wrong an my thinking? — -Mona. ' . . , Dear Mona: No, you're not wrong in your thinking except in thinking that boys rate girls on whether or not they geit goodnight kisses. Some boys, of course, do think they're cheated d'f they don't get at ileaist one kiss., Others feel cheated if a girl won't park with them the first itime'out'together. Others are pleased when they find a girl who won'it kiss them and still others are disappointed but 4 both groups usually ask the unkissatole girls put again and again. * As long as you believe as you do, stick with your principles. You can gently squeeze a boy's hand at your front door, at Ithe same .time itelling him what a "wonderful" evening you had and he'll be halfway home before he realizes he .didn't get kissed. He won't mind' though and he!ll be back. * •• * * • Dear Dan: I'm a boy of 14 and am ashamed sometimes to go to schoql because of the way my hair looks. My father won't send any of us kids to barber shops except about three times a year and when he cuts my hair, you-can tell it's a home-made job. It isn't tha't we donlt have 'the money for ithe barber because we do. We're not rich but we have enough money from one week to the next. Dad always goes to the barber shop but whenever I complain he says, "No one notices kids." They do too. Whalt do you (think? — Ash'amed. : Dear Ashamed: There are home barber kits and with enough practice, a father can do a creditable job on his youngsters' hair. However, he can also make the child feel ashamed if the job is sloppy. I've seen the itype haircuts you've wiltiten about and I knew ithe kids must feel "funny." Your father, of course, has his own mind to do as he pleases where you and your brothers and sisters are concerned but if he doesn't want 'to send you kids to the barker shop, he could take a little more pains'with his work. < ' . • * * * THE MAIL BAG — Maxine: Send along your address and I'll give you names and addresses of several'book publishers. After-all, you,never know! Thursday for town City where she will remain indefinitely for medical treatment at University Hospital. New Members To Serve On Family Living Group The Extension Service Family Living Committee is holding a series of meetings with Avis Lettow, county home economist, to plan next year's program. The program is designed to include topics which meet the needs of. people throughout the county and to provide an interesting variety of lessons. The members of the Family Living Committee' beginning two year terms arc Mrs Robert Boleneus, Wesley; Mrs W. J. Cotton, Lone Rock; Mrs Lloyd Thorson, Armstrong; Mrs Everett Hanna, Lone Rock; Mrs J. B. Asa, Algona; Mrs John Blumer, Livermore and Mrs Henry Stccnhard, Lakota. Retiring members are Mrs Q. A. Bjustrom. Burt; Mrs H. S. Montgomery, Algona; Mrs Ervin Gerber, Algona; Mrs Andrew Hanson, Swea City and Mrs John Ludwig, Corwith. St. Joe Trofctns The St. Joe Trojans meet at the Alvin Erpelding home Fob. 22. Slides on "90% you" were shown by our leader Barnie Thilges and Art Becker. The St. Joe Trojans will hdvc their window exhibit at Schultz Bros. Lunch was served by Mrs Alvin Erpelding. The next meeting will be March 29 at the Raymond Kohlhaas home. U-Go-l-Go Club A new way to fix eggs or cereal was the roll call answered by members of the U-Go-I-Go 4-H when they met with Rosemary Bullock, April 4. Maureen O'Brien reported on 4-H day. Demonstrations were given by Rosemary Bullock and Debbie Laws. Kathy Bestenlehner gave a talk. Recreation was a breakfast cross word puzzle by Knthy Joseph. Guest mothers were Mrs Les Kenyon and Mrs E, W, Abbott, Pledge Frdts G. Etherington, Pauline Logan AreWedHere •Pauline Log^n, daughter'of Mr and Mrs Paul Logan of Esther- villo, became the bride of Gerald Stherington in a candlelight :eremony, Monday evening, Apr. 3, at ' the home of the bride- [rpom's parents, Mr and Mrs Clifford Etherington of. Algona. Rev. Edsel Isaacson officiated at the single ring ceremony in he presence of close relatives artd friends, The bride was attended by Carol Sue Etherington, sister of he bridegroom and Jane • Faber jf Algona. The bridegroom's at- cndants were his brother, Jason Etherington and Marvin Peteron of Burt. The bride wore a willow green iheath dress in street length and a white orchid corsage. Mrs Delverne Korth of Dpws ut the cake and Mrs Willis Etherington served punch at the ELEPHANT BRAND FERTILIZER PAID FOR THIS CAR This Is not s,n exaggeration. By the proper and effective use of Elephant Brand fertilizer thousands of farmers hjive:been able to make the money for something they wanted, such as a new car or new farm machinery. With Elephant Brand, fertilizer you grow bigger crops. Your cost of growing the crop is spread over more crop units (more bushels, bales, tons or pounds) so you grow each unit for less. Lower production cost per unit means you increase the difference between cost .price and selling price that difference is your profit. Using Elephant Brand will mean more money for you in three ways: first, reception which followed the. ceremony. The bride attended Estherville high school and is employed'at the Algona Hotel. The bridegroom is a graduate of the Algona Community high schoblTmcl is employed at'the Algona Laundry. The couple is at home in Algona. , your better-grade crops bring higher prices; second, your bigger yields give you more to sell and third, you get a . greater profit on each crop unit of whatever you grow. GET A BIGGER PROFIT "SLICE" WITHOUT FERTILIZER WITH FERTILIZER Think of this "pie" as the money you get for every crop unit you grow. The darkened portion l*>your profit. Fertilizer helps you get a bigger profit "fllce". ELEPHANT BRAND PLUS VALUES A wlda rqnge pf plont food rfltioi • Unlform-iiied — free flowing — pelletited product* • All fertiliiert highly water «olubl» * Strong, w«ather-r«>i|t«ot, npn-ilip bag* 9 Extensive warehoMte lyitem for fa»t dealer itrvic* IT PAYS TO CHOOSE FROM THE EUEPHANT BRAND LINE NITRAPttlt-t-S (33.g'Q-0) I 16-8O.Q I 1t-49-g'I 23-23-0 '13739.0 I 16-48-Q I 24-eO-O [ 87-14-0 | 8-32-16 [ -1O-3O-1O 13-13-13 I 14-14-7 j AMMONIUM SULPHATE (81-0-0) | UREA (45-0-0) 9£m H "(^ ^WP^ i* SI ^BPPP Hi iB IP 9^^ W ^^^B B ^ ^IPW,JJ water spKibUi FERTILIZERS YOUR LAND WITH ELEPHANT BRAND ;O pRODUCTf. INC.. »»QKAN*. ,,__ Rites Held For Mrs. Kloss, 75, At Armstrong Ringsted — Funeral services were held Saturday^ morning at 10:30 at St. Mary's Catholic church, Armstrong, for Mrs Adolphina Kloss, i 75, who died Wednesday morning at Holy Family Hospital after suffering a. stroke the day before. Rev. E. E. Apt officiated at the services and interment was at the Armstrong cemetery. Mrs Kloss was born June 4. 1885 near Warsaw, Poland, Her parents were Mr and Mrs Karl Kosciusko. She received her education in Poland and was married to paul Kloss in 1904 in Poland. The couple came to this country soon after their marriage and lived in Kansas City. Mo. where he was employed at a meat packing plant. In 1918 they came to Armstrong and did truck farming until his death in 1940. Survivors include two daughters, Frances of Galcsburg, III., Anne at home, one son, Thomas, of Baltimore, Md. and one granddaughter. 4 Attend S.U.I. Family Confab Four Kossuth County women attended the annual Family Life Conference April 4 in Ames, sponsored by the Extension Service. They were accompanied by Avis Lettow, county extension home economist. Featured speakers for the event were Drs. Bernice and Harry Moore from Hogg University. They talked on -"Facts and Fallacies of Youth", and "Oases for Youth", a report from the White House Conference on Children and Youth. A play was presented by the Ames Playrha- kers. Those attending the conference included Mrs Robert Boleneus, Wesley;, Mrs Wayne Smith, Mrs Evan Routh and Mrs Erviri Gerber all of Algona. Golden Wedding Friends and relatives are cordially invited to attend an open house for Mr and Mrs John Kramer of Ringsted Sunday, April 23, at St. John's Lutheran church 'from 2 to 5 p.m. for their golden wudding anniversavy. Honor Roll Ringsted's honor roll has been announced by Principal Lyle Sprout. Students named include. Duwayne Hanson, Donnette Mead, Clay Warren, Nor m a Christiansen, Judith Christiansen, Anne Dominy, Kathryn Fliehler, Kathryn Giasnapp, Linda Glasnapp, Mary Hansen, Dennis Hewett, De Etta Watson, Dale Anderson, Linda Brown, Frcci Christiansen, Evelyn E h 1 e r s. Carolyn Jensen, Wallace Larson, Dorothy Nelson, Louise Sorensen, Beverly Twait, Jnnet Anderson, Diane Dallam, Connie Hop- DUS, James MilkT, Mary Lu Pe- lersen. Myrnu Thompson and Vicki Wiley. To Boys State Mike Christensen, 16 year old son of Fire Chief and Mrs Gaylord Clnlstensen, has been selected by the American Legion post to represent Ringsted ut Hawkeye Boys State. Mike is 16 und plays cornet, baseball, is a golf enthusiast, ushers in the St. Paul's Lutheran church where he also is a member of the Luther League. Mrs Beulah Gammelgaard left Bancroft News Easter dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Marlin Schiltz were Mr and Mrs Alonzo Schiltz and Mrs Margaret Rosencrans. Afternoon" callers at the Schiltz home were Mrs Martha Foth, Jo Ann Wilhelmi, Maxine Meyer, Harold Brink, Bob Doocy, Rachel Menke, Ann Schiltz, Geo. Schiltz, Marilyn Vaske,' Janice •Ferguson, Dick Simmons, Betty Ford and Duane Menke.-Karen "Schiltz was home for the' hbli- ,day weekend from Mankato. Mr and Mrs Vincent Becker at Hospers and attended the at Haspers and attended the wedding of the latter's brother Saturday. About 35 million Americans arc infected with TB germs. Two Kossuth county students at Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, pledged social fraternities after rush activities. Ben Herbst, Algona, pledged Phi Sigma Epsilon and Eugene Bahling, Burt, Alpha Chi Epsilon. Thursday, April 13, 1961 Algona (la.) Upper DM MolnM-3 NOTES OF n SERVICE MEN GUNTER AFB, ALABAMA -> Second Lieutenant Wilfred F< Locbig, Jr., son of Mr and Mrs Wilfred F. Loebig, Wesley, recently graduated from the basic course in medical administration which is conducted at the medi- cal Service School, USAF, Guntor Air Forte Base, Alabama. Lieutenant Lbobig 'graduated from Wesley high school and received his B S C and M A degrees from the University • ot Iowa. Prior to entering the service 'he was employed by the Mercy Hospital in Iowa entering the service ho was employed by Mercy Hospital in Iowa in hospital administration. Ho is married to the former Margaret Ann Schmitz of Westphalia, Iowa. He is stationed with the 832nd Tactical Hospital, Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico. FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air Charier ' Algona CY 4-3731 Burt Phone 233 WHEN YOU THINK OF ELECTRICAL WORK-THINK OF ENJOY FULL HOUSE POWER Make sure your home has adequate wiring and enough circuits and outlets to meet all your, increasing power needs. Let us help you to "LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY". Electricity is your greatest bargin IF you' have adequate wiring'to use ft properly. • •-;••:;•.•( • ' 1 .;•','''.( MODERN LIGHTING IMPROVES , * YOUR HOME'S APPEARANCE ..'].'Lighting fixtures can change the appearance of your whole home — they can do more to modernize than any other single improvement. Aside from making your home more attractive it will make it more .comfortable 'and help 'to preserve the eyesight of .every member of your family. See us soon for free,estimates and complete information. COMPLETE SERVICE-HOME or COMMERCIAL PRATT ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. CY 4-4326 "Licensed and Bon ded Electricians" ALGONA Parhtooi 4-Door 9-Pcaimger Station Wagon" yeopk-pleasing models at your CheniM dealer's. The climate couldn't be better for buying anew JET-SMOOTH CHEVROLET (and that's the car more people are buying!) Ifeere's wiMgiyjke one of these Jet-smooth Chevrolets to fit into ypaj,2L£^suraraer travel plans. They're built to take long trips^uTstrMe'-frora the special brand of "git" they've got nndet 1 the hood (choose from 26 engine-transmi*. faon hookups designed to please the most persnickety driving foot) to the cave-sized totin* area in the rear | (the taOgate opening on that wagon measures nearly 6 feet across). And every gentle riding Jet-smooth model brings you Body by Fisher features you won't find h) any other car in Chevrolet's field-wide stroke parallel action windshield wipers, convenient crank-operated ventipanes, one key ©55s> that fits all locks. No wonder more people are buying Chevrolets than any other make! And right now—with things brightening up all over the land— you couldn't pick a better time to drop m and check the beautiful buys that are C^t^lossomiflg out at your dealer's. See aU the new Chevrolets at your kcd authorized Chevrolet dealer's One-Stop Shopping Center t KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HALL ALGONA, IOWA CY 4-3554

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