The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 16
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a a IV JV Jn B D M C H Ji m w H B: ar w M Ti Li ot 2"Algona(la.)Uppw pMM«ln« ' Thurtdnf, April 13, 1961 KENNEDY'S FARM PROGRAM ; President John f. Kennedy hfls come up with a bold approach to^the farm dlldrhrrta. He has j asked Congress to enact legislation which would - olfbw, In effect/ formers roHfrtcj each of the ma• jdr'crdfJs 1 t'd write' their own programs. ? It Is sold, on Capitol Hill, fHdt the" president's * proposal might face rough going, On the other htind, there are indications that It might have ' tne bdckfng of mdny farmers dnd farm groups. PrOfjrcfmS for different crops would be for. rtiufated by corrtrnitfees, of farmers ,qnd their program ytyjvldjtake effect if.jCongress did not veto them, under the Kennedy 1 program. There ' ore disc, other provisions in the President's pro- r gYctrn, such as fhdf calling for direct payment f fo growers m differential amounts. . this would mean that the government wdujd pay,the' grower the" Difference between \whaf'Ke*releeived sitting fifs'producf in the free • '"market arid the parity price, under certain speci- the federal .government out of the storage business and \mean lovvei'prices to industry apd all consumers. It is now Costing about f% ! miftfons a day 1 '•for storage alone. It is t too early to say what the fate of the , President's farm program will be. It is a new : .approach ft), « SSflous government dilemmtf; i Many" of thd Kennedy proposals, however, sound good.'for example, who could object to , placing c6riffol ot the wheat' program Irt the ' Hands of "wheat farmers? thei cotton - prog rdm in the hands of cotton growers,- the corn prograrn iri^ ' .control of 4orn gfowdrs,. efc.? .!..-.. '-...•,. The test of agricultural programs is whether / 'tfiey work out in practice or not. No one will l^now whether the Kennedy proposals are feasi- '!ble until they are tried.. I But In general, frje idea' makes sense, and t i< lot mofe 1 sense" fhdn Wefhave .witnessed the *p'ast seven yeejrs.; ' ' i' - , . , ,**''? ' * j VAXES dOAJtf FROM; YOU ; , i All tax 'moriey, howpver collected, comes ! from the workeY/from the industries,' business, ' the producers engaged ,in prlvafe enterprise. No i iax money is collected from any brarlch 1 of the ! government, Under'the walfdre state, there is '•no free enterprise'* then Who Is left to pdy taxes? I Look in the nearest/ most readily available mir- j,ror. ^., ,,: k ... *CO-.0 5,'v.; * * * [• Fidel Castro says he's coming back to the U. N. But if you ask the Harlem hotel man who >put up with him, his 64' henchmen and his (chickens, Fidel had better add a tent to the refrigerator arid hotplate he travels with! - Gow•He News. , lOme» TIME TO BE CAREFUL This year rriord than 50 Iowa farmers can be expected to die in tractor accidents. Hundreds more will be injured. Yet almost every accident can be avoided. Carelessness and ignorance cause most tractor accidents, reports the Iowa State Department Of Health. A tractor dlwayS does whdt the operator, through the controls, tells it to do. There are only three things a tractor can do when it is set in gear. The wheels can clip, they can turn and move the load forward, or, if they cannot turn, the tractor will tip backward. When the incline becomes too great, it's easier for the tractor to tip than to pull the load. Yet drivers Still try to work a side hill, or drive up or down a steep bank, or poll loads too heavy for the tractor. ' •Some operators fail to turn off the powe to adjust or repair a machine — or jump' of while the machine is in motion 1 — or drive trac f tor$ too fast for safety. Highway driving is another hazard. Only experienced drivers, possessing mature judg mint, should be given the resppnliBility of han dling farm machinery on- public roads. Each year more fatal tractor accidents occur in the 10-14 age group than in any other age category. Courtesy makes friends and .prevents ac cidents. Pulling off the pavement tp'JeT faster traffic pass takes only minute's but it may save BUSINESS Man In George W, Patterson Editor, tipper Des Moines: leuttd than substance.. Senator Clrksen. of tiliftols has teen the Republican f!6c* leadef slrice Senatof- Kndwland reWed. dh fariw matters" he- has defertddd the frde market (no starts' and rio, controls}— ideas of 'sitch groups as the! Chicago; |6ard of Trade, the N.A.M. the U.S. Ch|m* ber of CdmfnfefCf?, the IdaderS ' 6t the'American Farm Bureau Federation" and lot the past several years 'the position of thfe Ezra fiear Ed j t(W . Benson group. (It should be noted however that prior to 1948 the official attitude OH the/ farm , Doesri'l Like Parking Mei«r« ' T am just wondering if th6 ________ _ ........ - — , , „ town of Algona needs, or ever question by the National Farm wants,' the business of the rest- Bureau leaders was J«6t the 6p- dents of Kossuth county? would Of what U i* now, you like to C6itie out to my farm 1 enclose Sen. Dirksen's state- to sell me something or even -.Just ment on "Regimented AgrlcUl- to visit with me s, and find out ture" together with a copy of my that I Tiad installed pttf Wttg ... . w . • J J4«n MM 4-lin fn *»*4* ffW •tf/TIT? LILY , , J6e Jv&ffelct, &v. of Ca5« cade has what may" : fab a new record tor the, heighth of an African Lily, the' specimen measured 11t; 6 in6herfr»m the bulb to'the tip of the, blossom. "The feulb is Sik gear's old stod has produced a blossom each year, growing without the aid of water or dirt. The 'stalk averaged 5 inches of growth each day after it reached 16 Indies, • , CEILING TILE aod your shortcut to the sawmUll" letter to him. George W. Patterson, Burt, Iowa DIRKSEN VIEWPOINT ' lives. - Mechanization Jtself is, blarned' for,; s'ome Occidents. When the farmer stopped having :to rest his horses periodically, he alscV' ing hims'elf. Failure to "take a break" and trie accompanying fatigue is blamed for many farm accidents. These precautions have saved many lives; they may save yours; Never drive up or down a steep slope or along the edge or side of an embankrnent; keep ;b,rakes• well-bdianced;. use a'draw-bar for hitching loads, and start the pull slowly; stop the engine when oiling or making tractor adjustments;' don't speed; let the engine cool before putting in gasoline;' never let chil- .dren ride, as passengers or operate tractors; take time to rest. ' «-, , / : • • These safety rules may cost the farmer a few minutes of lost time. They may save Tiim his life, • •'*,.'' * > * * STATE INCOME TAX WITH'ING N.Q. N.G. (no good) is about all we can say for the proposal In the state legislature to put a state withholding tax burden on Iowa employees and employers. The proposal would- follow in the footsteps of the federal government if enacted into law. First off,'it's no good because it softens the public's awareness of taxes. Secondly, it would place the burden of collecting the tax on the employer instead of on the state tax commission. Washington " ':•' ••••- /C7»' * .': , \hi Mr. G. W. Patterson Burt, Iowa . The President's message, on long • range _ farm legislation up {of ^dney firs on the fanh for you?,,, . , . r If I had gorrfetfting ort my" farm ,Y<Ju -etSfi'f have* 16 ; bfi a Handy, that you Warned'to 1 buy, and you « . : -j-ij,^ • t. t • wanted ttf cdnteUcf my farm fti Afld ? » do * l»«*»« job of in. buy it, and WHO* j?oll 'got there sla ]i ing acoustical Hie on an old you found .that I was going to uia .charge .you to park your car, don't you i think thatr-you would soon' stop coming to • my f firm, and instead go to another farm? Is ;the city of Algona so hard A JT«*Mjr Report from theNotion't Ca reached' the Congress on Thursday, March 16, and my first im- ;pression is that Jt virtually pro- think n « it can't make little addi- that% more % , poses a cdirteidtely ^regfrnented people would come ahd^ spenji ; a from- top tobattom, I f.^ m ^ . y , f Algona* ii agriculture We think it's high time the headed monster, with three ap- American people start getting in- petites for dollars to satisfy one dignant about this business of hunger." waste in government. Certainly; The American taxpayer would :v™"r~i ~j "4*«Vt» if we try, to avoid waste in the be making a serious mistake if £ 0 "~,JL"~ %Benaie way we run pur household or he fails to react' to these disclo- «•«"""««business we ought to-be a- little sures of, Waste in government. It a great deal of Be assured this will have^gpod the ung in ; Henry 'Eggerth ,Swea City, la. Sincerely, concerned about the way the is one thing that. his. pocketbook Everett McKlnley DirKsen. government wastes .pur-ta^ dol- is betfig hurt. But there is an ele- -- • — • lars. The' American people, by, ment to this story which over- and large,'don't like the idea, we rides even that consideration, are sure, but they don't: screSni' The strength of this Nation is be- March 23, 1961 *- * i » PATTERSON REPLY rather than diminish — the demands on the American oud enough or long enough .to ing sapped' by the tremendous Jie plac6 Where their voice can strain already, exerted by high Dear Senator Dirksen: be heard. We mean, of course, to taxes. In the years, ahead — Thfln ,_ a fo _ vour ffood lette - of he men and women you elect to when pur responsibilities will in- ' Thanks for your good letter 01 represent you in Congress. Naturally,-in a business as vast and as complicated as the Fede- tax dollar will be even greater, ral government''there will be some waste. But it is the inexcusr able waste which we'should,-not only by cutting out olerate. By all odds, .-the biggest waste upon tt<- ;oes on in the armed services With $40 billion-plus "a year to play with you can see how easy* his is. 100 ,> '.'( -Mr) William' H. Campbeil '' -ot Leon ; recently celebrated .his 100th birthday. He has owned-his own farm land near Grand Riv*er for 72 years and lived there until a -year ago. While, in Grand River he still, continued to. manage his farm of '600 acres.. or new ceiling. We'll tell you the way and we'll gel you started For quietness .and- beauty, there's' nothing like an acoustical ceiling/ Come in soon and see the many new designs 'for every room in your home. Use our plan. BRONSON BLD'G. SERVICE N. Hwy. 18 Algona is conceivable that we may be able to meet these responsibilities this waste. ttl E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Mgorea. Iowa thirdly, it would result in a "double" shot at the I* i «—•.•-»- •!• i .pi i i i i 1, !•• . •• — i i OT ..... .• ii i ...... •Minna , / Enteiwd »• iceond daw matter at the portoUice •t Algona, Iowa, under Act of CongreM ft March 3, 1879. , Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R, B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL 1 . L i... T f M t M !H ' NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. On* Year, ta advance , J3-00 Both Algopa papers, In combination, per ye«r ^S.oo Single Copies lOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH Qne Year, In advance . 14.00 Both Algopa papers In combination, one year $6.00 Mo subscription less than 6 mouths. OFFICIAL CITY AND CQUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST taxpayer m one year. If, for example, the tax went into effect this July Isi, withholding taxes would be collected for the balance of 1961. Already this year, Iowa taxpayers have paid their I960 taxes — thus we would be paying 1 % years' taxes in one year. In addition, during 1962, there would be another 1 '/a years' taxes paid by the taxpayer. He would pay all of his 1962 taxes by the withholding method and the first half of 1961 taxes by the present method. This is only the beginning of the trouble. The state tax coffers would be "loaded" with that additional revenue. Our state bureaucrats would look at the pleasant state financial position and go on another spending orgy and we'd be back in trouble in about two years' time, when tax collections returned to normal. No, we're against a state withholding tax as, we suspect, most other lowans are. — Pocahontas Record-Democrat. Hard work never killed anybody, but some folks wonder why they should take a chance on being the first victim. — The Adair News. * * * The 10 per cent federal tax on air conditioners is the closest Uncle Sam has yet come to putting a tax on the air we breathe — Moville Record. * • * * Why is it that so much happiness is overlooked nowadays merely because it didn't cost anything? — Cowrie News. * • . ' i Let us cite you from a report ust handed Congress by thei ?eneral Accounting. Off Ice The) .QA.O -W-as set up by Congress as,, watch-dog agency to call the shots as it sees fit. If the GAO finds some shenahagans going on it says so and doesn't have to an- on and found these; spending such , goings-on as The Navy bought butter for 63 cents a pound when have had "it for four it could cents a pound. That came about this way. The Commodity Credit Corporation almost has literally tons I especially note what you say ... about measures that ,would "re- " giment" agriculture. It seems obvious that the '"regimentation" you disapprove are those mea- Out vdry survival may depend sUres designed to avoid. dJsM- trous prices' that always result >;•; when we. have "gluts". ' .. ' III! But farmers main troubles are HII] not so much absence of freedoms ••« as absence of income. Its more < important to be able to pay gro- I 11 . 1 eery bills than to get all' worked -'.'. up over means to control or limit |||| excessive p_rice depressing out-; put. -.» ( -v ' • -• . r .' i *;". . -This "regimentation" you mention has iriorfe sound than substance in my opinion. I remember a year or so ago, Senator Hickenlooper, a distinguished colleague of yours, said, "Its not so much farm prices are too low as it is the farmers costs are too high". He then deplored most bitterly the growth of monopolies with their many price boosting gadgets. I wrote and asked the Senator just what he proposed to do <tf fie^ity W. Fourth, Wpterloo, loWa ., , • State Approved Accredited School ' ' • Competent Instructors , ";' , . • Newest and Finest Equipment <*. . ' • New daises' Now Forming' ';/-' (High School Seniors-Enroll now for Jurje !ciass) •=.-. 5= M*== :•: == :•: sp ;•: ^ x ^= y. ^& x ^g«^s;.; s=;.; j Professional Directory ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES APRIL 17, 1941 * * '* ' * William Clayton, NorthWes- tcrn depot agent, at Irvington, had been having some assistance with his work while recovering INSURANCE * * - *, TT -3* 1 '^•r v about those monopoUes. He did 2 E. State A. J. (ArnJe) Rlcklefs Hospitalization •• ' Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hall of butter in its warehouses which i^B^S^™^™ not answer my letter. To me, .it CY 4-4520 as i a farm to the Navy for four cents just enough to cover the cost 01 packing. When GAO called this to the Navy's attention it admit™ «v? v^ ke thf 0 t an x°naver e can save you, the taxpayer, or on the edge of the car door and several stitches had. to be taken close the wound. * Sadye Patterson, toacher in seemed he did not give a reply because he had no answer. You know as well as I do that monopolistic power among non farm groups is on the increase. Furthermore these many types of 000 a year just on the butter It: buys, ' : rural school number 5 in Lincoln gpyernment aids all have as then hot only taught pupils mam purpose that of increasing — but also held night the compensation to the corpora- sessions for one pupil, tion. ,..,-, The problem simply boils down school ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. B, (Jim) KOLP. Surety Bonds : — All Lines of 'Insurance ' CY 4-3176 206 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY. . All Lines' of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan Here's another prime example. £«« °^ islo l ^ean^wSsefs^frac! to this! There is no "justification 1 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2738 The military shipped one of its' J^ 8 .* employe's hoUsehQjd goods by air $14,830. Actually, these goods could have been sent by ship for only $1,750. And they would have arrived a week earlier. . * • * * The Pentagon paid for 1.6 million trips abroad but used less than half the tickets. This is the way that happened. The Mill- leg abbve the knee re- f° r booting the farmer out naked had not been able to school since,the mishap. Miss Patterson visited the Wcssel girl almost every evening, going over lessons of the day, making it possible for Jean to keep from falling behind her classmates. Miss Patterson was complimented for her extra duty. * * • White robins had been obser- the violent price storms was to produce a little too much food. For the past 8 years despite the great capacity to feed people the American farmers per capita income has been only half the per capita income of the non-farmer. But having said this much I find myself dissatisfied with my own remarks. It sounds like, 1 tary Sea Transport Service sent ye£ j ^ ur [ n g the spring by several harbored some animosities again- ships big enough to accommodate res id en t s of Algona with most st you. But realizing as I do, that 1.6 million passengers to Europe reported in the southwest portion there is probably not in the en- and Asia. But accommodations o f town However one was spot- tire Congress of the United States for 870,000 passengers were ted on f he c jt y parking lot near any one with such marvelous never used. A lot of money could the note | Tne heads of the birds skill with our English language have been saved if the military ' ' T *—* "- M1 had planned its travel needs better and used smaller ships. BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE h ? N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance . ~ CHAHLEB D. PAXSOKV \ Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY *-4§12. KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance In force. CY: 4-3756, Lola Scuffhanv Another branch of service built 5,900 houses worth $147 million but they were never occupied. seen looked just like any robin, but the breast was white, the back mottled gray and white, with two buff spots near the throat. * final have, I trust you will the clumsy way in discuss a vexing prob- The * * outcome of a pro- as you overlook which I lem. I am a 73 year old farmer with no other business, and I'm not in straightened financial circum- Why? The people they were built posed baseball game in Algona Stances, but I do have many very for had already bought homes of m ight prove very painful (in the efficient neighbors, who if they ^ <<w , WH .-. their own by the time the gov- muscles) for any area men being liquidated now, would have al, ph cy 4.335, p qn m-nmi.nt hnncmit «».><! f .,,mr,iutnr) ..: i ,.„ *„ „„„„„»„ »„„ t,,.,™a most no visible assets left. That . f „ « u y* *•"«»« HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Roods, and Many Other i orins Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herblt Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co, Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $1Q Deductible), Life - Hail * Tractor Chiropractor Dr.'D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 * Hours: 9;00 — 5:00 Open'Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. State St Hours; 9iOO — 6:00 thru Sat 9:00 «r 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Hefc CY 4-34tf DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE. M D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N, Moore St Office phone CY 4-2348 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. 'I Physician & Surgeon S , 218 W, State Street ' • Office phone CY 4-2353 •Resident phone CY 4-2614 I CAROL L. PLOTT, M.D. -• ' "110 N. Mopre Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment ,CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence HOW TO SAVE ADVERTISING COSTS To cover the equivalent of the subscription list of this newspaper would cost an advertiser $137.50 in postage alone at the minimum rate. For that sum an advertiser can buy about the equivalent of two full pages of newspaper advertising with us. The minimum cost-per-piece of mailing a handbill or Other type of advertising pamphlet is now 2'/2 cents each, by 3rd class postal rates. ALCONA UPPER DES MOINES HIE. Call St. Algona, Iowa REACHING 5,500 AREA HOMES EACH ISSUE " H114OW1VO/ *W» *-tft,7 u»**u «»£>••* *•**?**& 9 , .. - * . -, f, rnl- i. eminent housing was completed, signed up to compete fpr teams most no visible assets leit. Jtnat * • * headed by Bill Giosi, local mer- is why the term "regiment agri- Thanks to the General Ac- chant, and Clarence Phillips, culture" has,, m my opinion, more counting Office we finally col- secretary of trie Algona Cham- . , ••--... lected $1.8 million which the De- ber of Commerce. The hunt was . • fensc Department for some on by both men for possible top- next up on the' agenda, lender strange reason "forgot" to collect, flight talent for the teams, slated Coach Slyde Ridenour, lateF the Under the military assistance to meet later on (probably when same weak. St. Cecelia's opened, program Germany was supposed the weather warmed up). its basebajl season with_a cdzy; HAROLD C. SUNDET Representing ' State Farm'IriSrqp,,- 706 So. Phillips S(. wL to pay us $l,ai3,OOQ'and $262,000 was due from a group of other countries. But the Pentagon had neglected to bill them. For the *»nw in 2-1, win over LuVerne Tuesday. a Kajewski'hurled a one-hitter for. moon, not a single license to wed the winners, who notched three was issued during an entire week blows ofl Will, LuVerne pitcher, at the Kossuth county clerk qf . *• t •* '.',.• Select!v« lemce continued 19 be a majn item pf interest, esi- W-. fhe- Equitable Life"Assurance Society Of ~ United States . •. Phone 201 JOHN M. SCHUTTER. M.D. Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN F. KOOB, M.D. Residence Phone CY 4-4917 Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office Phone CY 4-4490 OPTOMETRISTS Al DR. L, L. SNYDER Optometrist 113 East State jpna Telephone CY 4-27 H Closed Saturday Afternoons How about a few more instan- court's office. A new state mar- ces. One service continued to pay riage law, requiring medical cei> , . . . 134 clerks $508,000 a year for tificates, seemed to slow dpwn pecjslly |p men of 4r»fjt BBS, woi-k they hadn't done at 15 the marriage license business all Nineteen n?ore I^pssuth county shutdown plants. Another service over the state. Opinions were men were, to report for physicals, ordered $20 million worth ol wide spread on the law. Some April 30, followed by another JJ- electronics equipment which was felt couples might go, out of state man continent, slated to rf; already in stock. But they didn't to get married and others felt May 6. , • law marriages «i. . ,. ,«, bowling |ean) Qj I BS C ^ A_^i- w know where they had stored it. more common -_-, . , _ And still another service got rid might result. The of $4.1 million worth of trucks * * * KPSSUth cdum and other vehicles assigned to Spring practice gesifcui *«l Jkl- presented wit T . _ one department while another gona high school's football team ceremonies here during the week. department was looking for the ended Wednesday evening when The PeiCalb team, sponsored by same kind of equipment. the locals grabbed an 18-6 deci- Gene jipod, grabbed the title. * * * sion from Spencer iw § praeMce KwlWs .M tb§ te^ni wsrt. jji Somebody de«cn|)»4 « quite g»me gt SpPBCfr- QfiSSft DpM« tfam. Wtoim, W& jmyd|4 fe well when they said, "The mili- Reefer took 18 boys on the trip termill, Hptt, Young and the Pe- taiy Cervices conUilutt: a tlute- and many reported for track, lei-son brothers. **!* 5»rvlng Hancock, Hymb»!(H Polo Alto f KowuHi Oil, §AWYEB and Eyes Examine Contact L Hearing Aid Olasse* • 0 East State Street • Algona, Iowa Pljone CYpress 4-2186 our$: 9:00 a.m. tp 5:00 p.m. Saturday A|ternoon8 w c. M. Optometri Visual An^ysis &Vwijal 108 South PiNTiSfS oil, KAHI* n, no? , Ollice in Home Federa Qffipe phonjg gy 4-4344 Ptwo* 6Y 4-8994

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