The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1951
Page 9
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THURSDAY, AUGUST t, 1951 RIATHEVIU.E. CARIU COURIER NEWS New Move Starts in Congress To Raise Salaries as One Quits WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. ( There's a new move afoot to raise — I With few excepllons, your con- the salaries of congressmen since one of them quit this week In order to make some money for his wife and kids. Don't look for much to come of it, though. Members of Congress would like more take-home pay —as who wouldn'l?—But they're Jteigrit cagey about voting them- Wives an increase. For one thing, Ihe voters might not like it. And there's an election next year. Every now and men a congressman gives up his job Lo make more money In private industry. But few have been as frank about their reasons as Texas' Ed Gossett, who *tood before the House Tuesday and announced: "It has become absolutely Impossible lor a man to do his full duty as a congressman and to do his full duty to his family, especi- L j ally if he has five small children. I It IB lor the Gossett family, and not for myself, lhat we return to Texas. Then after six terms and a seventh, off Gossett went to a $25,000- a-year job as general counsel for t utility company. Some of his neighbors in the p I a I n-spoken Texas delegation thought Qossett had a point there. Commentary Is Sad "It is a sad commentary on public service that officials like Ed Gossett must be lost to the people because Ihe salary which is offered for this position is Inadequate for the raising of a family," declared Rep. Lucas (DTexi. And Rep. Thompson (D-Tex) uld he knew of other congressmen aha were thinking of ' following ^l^ssett'E example. • "Let UK hope," Thompson told tht house, "lhat those of in who remain behind him in the Congress may have the courage to take the'obvious course to eliminate trie financial aspects of the problem." That's,congressional English for: "Let's vote ourselves a raise." Congressmen already make considerably more money than mosl people. Their salary is J12.500 a year. Then therefi a. tax-free expense allowance of »2,500. Plus a 30-cents-a-m 11 e Iravel allowance (once each way per session) to get them from home to Washington and back. "520.000 For Office Help li\ addition to stationery, telephone and similar allowances, there's around 120,000 a year for office help—and some members devote part of this to a wife-secretary. But there's another side to the •tory: ' gressman has to maintain two homes—one in his district, the other n or around Washington. Elections being the uncertain things they are. he hesiiates to buy a home in Washington. So he winds up renl- ing a place for $150 lo $250 a month' Entertainment Costs Then there's entertainment. It may or may not be the expensive cocktail party-giving type. Al Ihe least, it's picking up the luncheon check day after day for a party of half-a-dozen folks from home. There's the contribution problem. Congressmen feel obligated to give to Just about every worthy cause that comes along. And above all. there's the cost of getting reelected. It costs some power of money to keep coining to Washington term after term. The greal majority keep coming, though—or Irying lo come. Atld lhat's what convinces one of their number, Rep. Usher Burdick IR- ND), that no pay raise is needed. The job is attractive enough as It is, lie argued—must be, or people all over the country wouldn't »e fighting lo get It. Sergeant and British Hostess To Wed in Storybook Romance EL PASO, Tex.. Aug. 2. M'j—-A wedding today will cap Ihe four hour courtship of an American Air Force sergeant and a British a!r- ines ho-str^s. Mrs. Winifred p. Spears of Hart- fordshlre England, ran to the arms of Staff Sgt. William Ciriggs last night ana when a long, long kiss was over, said: ''I'm overwhelmed at my reception In the United States.™ The story bock romance of the two wa: revealed when Mrs. Spears and her 11-year-old daughter, Antoinette, landed In New York yesterday . The coiiptr met several months ago, when Griggs was a member of a crew lhat ferried a bomber to England. He had a four hour delay at .the field before stalling ihc (light home. There he met Winifred. •It was love at first sight," Griggs said. "It was cne of those things you cam. do anything aboul. lliess she felt the same way." Mrs. Suears s?irt she and Ihe sergeant lalked for those four hour.s—"about ourselves." "He asked me If I could cook and if I conic" sew, and I said 'sure, I can do all those things,' so he said 'okay, let'? get married.' " She got a letter four days later v.-hich said Griggs wasn't fooling. He showed up a few weeks later to prove it. again as a member of a bomber ferry crew. This lime he look h<?r tj London to help her with travel arrangements. Navy-Marine Airmen Quit War Games Due to Difference with Air Force Kansas Flood Damage Given MANHATTAN, Kan., Aue. J. (ft —A survey , of flood damage to Kansas farms has placed the loss at J76.335.417. .• Surveys l conducted by. county agricultural mobilization committees were announced yesterday by Emmett Womer, chairman of the Stat« Agricultural Mobiliziilion Committee. More than 20.000 of the state's 137,000 farms were damaged in 82 of the' 105 counties. Read Courier Newa Classified Adi » NEW YORK, Aug. J. (AP)—The New York Times said today tha Navy-Marine air units have withdrawn from the big war games at Port Bragg, N.C., because of differences with l.he Air Force over the iystem of air control to be used. .The.story, by Hanson W. Baldwin, the Times' military expert, says the cancellation represents, "according to infoimt.! sources, an indirect, byproduct of far broader service differences about (he control of aviation assigned to the front-line support of ground troops." The "exercise southern pine" ma- EDSON (Continued from Page 8> lo l» done and lliere Is no adequate labor, supply available other than Mexican contract labor. Spanisli- Amcrlcan and American Indian resident* aie said U> be incompetent and nmvllling to do "sleep' work. The Mexicans are there and they warn the work bec.xuse they arc iJcveriy-slricken In their o\vu n.nd. So why not hire them? f'ur- hcrincre, since American lauor vill rje nctaed Jor" Uie delense el- orl, it bec-.i.;'cs all Ihe more neccs- iory to hire Mexiratis tu increase :ocd proauclion. Ihe.e arguments pievaileu in 2oi:;>re..j Principal oac<.ers 01 uie new law. just passed to meet Uie employing larmciv specifications, re Sen. Ancn J. Ellender ol Louisiana and Rep. W. R. Poage ol Texas. It, >s significant that. President Iranian having signed ihe law. Senator Eliender lias gone lo Mexico as Stale Department representative to help conclude an agreement with the Mexican gov- oinment. Unocr Die lerms ol the bill as passed, U.S Department ol Labor, in cooperation with Ihe Mexican sovcrnmeni will recruit, auid lure tiic la^or The US. government will pay all expenses, including transportation. These costs may run up to $2(Xi i worker. U.S. employers will repay the government $15 a worker. So in a sense, this is a government mbsfdj 1 Jo agriculture. President. Truman was urged to veto the Eilender-Poage bill with all these loopholes, but didn't do so. He signed the bill, making it law, and asked Congress for strengthening amendments. The reason given for till; action was that the President did not wish to antagonize Congress further. It was felt tins might ruin chflnces to get a better pries and wage control bill. But the strengthening amendment.? (o Ihe "wetback" law have little - chance of passage. PAGE MINI Fancy." She's her pram-Ing, hlth-klcklitf Kir In "SUr-llft." Bcel-red is the color lor 19- year-old Janice when she's asked to comment on being chosen one of Hollywood's 10 most bcaiiliful dolls by Tony Beauchnmp. photographer chill. . husband of Sarah Chur- being The larly wrestler.,- are challenged by Hollywood. The first bare-knuckle fight between dlstaff-siders ever filmed is staged between newcomers Marilyn Erskine and Lcnore Lone-gran in MCiM's "Westward The Women." Former welterweight contender John Indri.-ano coached the fisticuffs. "This is toe-lo-loe slugRms, m> hair-pulling stuf," mdristino w.iis- nered. "I trained the girls for six weeks and put tape on their knuckles," Egyptian mummies were trapped in Ihe liber, ramie. Doctor Says iConlinued Iroin page 81 avoid In prevent Wood clots, and wliai juices should be Included lo prevent (hem? Reader A—Nothing omitted, nor added lo Ihe diet is likely to influence (lie [levelojMiienl of bluod clots. • <3—What is Ihe value of the Mantoux lr:>l in older persons? W.iat, dues ij. prove if It Is positive? M.D.M. A—The M:mlou\ tesl Is one of several sklu lesls used as :iu alii in the (Honoris of tuberculosis. If positive It indicates Ihal a person lias been rxposed lo llu- Rerm of Uiberrulnsh, but since a large portion of adults have bren exposed even If liicy have nrver hail an active form of Uie disease (lie tesl is of less value in llx-m Iban In children. Read Courier Ncw.i Classified Ads Colonial days. Som« New England minister! were paid In bars ol iron In early CLEARANCE Proved-Quality Refrigeration for Youl 195Q's Most Popular Keivinafori neuvers, training termed the largest joint exercise in this country since the end of World War II, is scheduled tor the Fort Bragg-Camp MacKall are* form Aug. 13 to 28. ...NEXT: How. new. "wetback", -law was railroaded through Con- .gres« Hollywood (Continued from Pag« 8) great?' " Janice, Rule, Warner's proudest entry in th« New races procession; talking. Level-headed Janice firxt attracted attention as a Broadway dancer in "MlM Liberty," bui made her mone bow without so much «• a shuffle-off-to-Buffalo In "Goodbye No Wonder It's Kentucky's Favorite Straight Bourbon! $ HERFS DWASHING MACK) IN A BOTTLE! t .Sensational Afew Liqui COKCPBVSE It'j true! No soap Makes or powders get dishes don as quickly as JOY. For JOY is already dissolved. Makes more suds faster. Cuts grease better. Dishes go from grease to thine in half the time — without wiping. Pots and pans rinse clean — without hard, messy scouring. You'll be overjoyed, too, when you see how kind this smooth, mild liquid is to your hands. Gives real beauty care to finest washable fabrics. And a handy bottle of JOY goes almost twice as far as a big box of soap in hardest water. Get JOY for the fastest, easiest nicest dishwashing possible. TWICE AS MAAiy DKMES 4S A BIG- Box OF SOAP Scores of thousands have bought this model! Here's your last chance. We've spent mouths acquiring n quantity of these great KKModel Kclvinator.s . . . just so we could bring them to you with their original 1050 quality, at loss Ulan the 1950 price! It's a *pe<Jal event you will want to get in on! tRAHP HfW In •rigiml factory crate*.' Hurry! UmHtd PLUS—lxtn-Gentn^i Twit-fa M y*»r Prejwrt fttfrijtnltl Kelvlnolor Model RK Big lull.width froian Food Cti«.t nor.. 40lt.,.l 3 cu. ft. ol cotd ipacal Exlra ipac« [or laX bottle*, butty foodi! IS iq. fl. of ihell *poeel Powerful *«jpcr-de[>endablt Pok)rt9)v«r* colii-moVcil • lop quality throughout! 'flier «lnjwn 1* iltdvcrr In I'O'ir fcftrtiffl with MY»- 417 W. Main Phon* 6331 F. Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER 406 W. Main Phone 4591 1.99 WORK CLOTHING SALE PRICES CUT FOR SPECIAL SAVINGS REG. 2.19 DUNGAREES 1.99 (?) Sanforized blue denim, sturdy Pioneer qual- ily. Triple ililcherj icarm. reinforced ciolch, ilrain pointi. Copper rivets lor strength. REG. 1.59 WORK SHIRTS 1.37 (8j Wards Homesteader quality blue chombray vork stwls. Double shoulder yoke, non-rip sleeve focmgi. Blue, groy. Sanforised. Men's lizei. 12.98 ENGINEER BOOTS 11.98 © Sharply reduced (or this sale only. 11' frrh' with oil-Tanned leather uppers, oak bend leather Kites, Woodsman heels- Bfack; $ires from 6-11. REG. 27c WORK SOCKS © Nelson's RocUords— tv,o-ply collcn body, hcets and Joes reinforced with 'Kiee-ply coilon. Ravel-proof, r»n-bind we!'. Brown; 10-13.

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