The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 2
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D «* •- > . Thunday, ApH1 18, 1961 Several New Arrivals In LuVerneArea \ 'Jl V J *j t , i i J f >* „. LuVewie — Born in a hospital .., April 2, tff Lt. and $fe, Maflin .&««/ theft first child.-/ fr, six 'BotirtH, 13 'otmde daughter, Jtilfa Lynne. Mrs Hefti is th* former, Carol Bartik 6f Britt, Marlift hrtHe.son of Mr and Mrs 'Walter L. Hefti df firitt, formerly' of" tttVerrte. -Mr and Mrs Herbert Kaiser are parents of ' son, a seven pound, 9% Wayne John born 3 at St. Ann hospital, Al« gona. -They now have two sons and two daughters. Wayne John was baptized Sunday in the St. Benedict Catholic church with Father Cohway officiating. Sponsors were Kenneth Krieger df Mason City and Mrs Merle Laubenthal, of Whittemore. Guests at the dinner' were the sponsors and their families, grandparents Mr arid, Mrs Andrew Laubenthal and Erma of Algona, Mr and Mrb Maurice. Laiibenthal & family of Wesley and Mr and Mrs.Leo EU bert of.Whittemore. ' „ Mr le], Grove, > and Vftss, LuVer _lffler Mh ftnd fti, afra lanMliesV Mr and Mrs Delmer tyoss o Eagle Grove are the parents of a four poiffid Sort tSbfh fit the Lit thei-aftvhdspiyi In Fort Dodge April 3. They have another son David Alan. "Mts Voss, is the former Margianne Jergersen of Eagle Grove. Mr and • Mrs , John Voss, Jr., of Lu Verne ftrS B. E. Martin were Sunday CireW'-ef '.the ' W.S.C.S. met Wednesday as follows: Circle, f 1, wittfi'Mrs vPMff C Lichty}: aSsis'tlhg, Grace* Efefity, Devotldrfs Miss Lichty, • lesSon, Mrs C. O. McClellan, Mrs Wil-* liam Goetsch, Chairmatr, presided: Circle 2 •tWthfMrS; Giiy CJldd- ings. Guests ?; : were Mrs Bert Thomas, Mrs Edwin Jackson, Mrs Otto, Wille and Mrs ArlenS Bahmann. Devotions, Mrs Ray* mond Nelson, lesson, Mrs Ches* ter Sill, -Mrs Nelson, chairman, presided. ........ Circle 3 with Mrs Clifford Holmes. Guests • were Mrs Bert Dd Nio, Mrs Herman Schulz. Devo* tions, Mrs Ray Stone, lesson, Mrs Allen Blake. Mrs A. A, Schipull, Chairman* presided. Easter guests in the John Voss Jr. home, were his parents, Mr 1 ^....^ „...„„* ..^ ^ .,. tnd Mrs John Voss, Sr., of AU Wayne Petgande of San An- ternal grandparents. Mrs John Voss, Jr.. attended a sprjng organization 4-H meeting at -'{he Algbnft Methodist church Monday, Mr and Mrs L. C. • Wittmeier and family, their • daughter Mr and Mrs Jarrfes Hefti Visited Sunday evening with their son and brdther, Mr and Mrs Gary Wittmeier in Fort Dodge. :: Mr and Mrs Phil C. Lichly visited Friday}" to- Tuesday in Sioux Falls, So. Dak., with Mrs LiChty's" daughter 1 and s6fl, the Wayne Dompergdr and Richard Wermefsen families. Mrs C. O. McClellan entertain- tained her 500 club Tuesday afternoon with guests Mrs Ernest Meyer and Mrs Charles Hinz. At play", high; ; Mrs Herman j Hinfc, low, Mrs Frank Gronfaach. .A card was Signed to Serid orie • Of their group, Mrs Eli Eager, surgical patient in Mercy hospital, WaSon City. : Mrs L. C. Wittmeier entertained her canasta club Thursday evening. Mrs Harold Ristau was a guest. High, Mrs C. O. McClellan, low, Mrs Jessie Stripling. Supt. and Mrs and son Ronald guests of Mr and Mrs R. E. Waisner at Spirit Lake. Mr and Mrs William Stoakes and children of Fort Wayne, Indiana visited the past week with her parents, Mr and Mrs Carl Swanson and family. Mr and -Mrs Harold Lindebak of Radcliffe visited Saturday and Sunday with Mr and Mrs Jess Lindebak. Mr ;and Mrs De Ray Lichty and children of Mason City were iveekend_ guests in the parental Harry" Lichty. home. Mr and Mrs Walter Brayton and daughter Linda of Garland, Texas, and Mr and Mrs Arthur \nderson of Clear Lake visited bfmer friends here Friday. OUR BULK WAGON SERVICE will bring you GAS —OIL—LUBE needs right to your farm! HIGHEST QUALITY for LESS! Direct from Great Lakes Pipe Line at Clear Lake. 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Mrs Schneider also visited in St. Louis,,Mo. with Her'grand- Soh, MeV. and Mrs Alvln Kollriian fanill^, : '• • ' Weekend guests of the Milo Patterson family. ; were their daughters, Sandra. fPatterson, Mr and Mrs»James Radley L of Des Moines., Sunday ..afternoon visitors were Mr-and Mrs Milford McPeak of Renwick, Mr and Mrs Harding Hanjtetf .and their fami- lies. Ifh h«f-fho Krt 'WniisftMT'Mrr^Iliisoa^ had recent sitfgery, > fJ ,, r ^ . .Teacher Elected ' . '""""', Kathrvn Sorensen, social science and guidance instructor at Xl* gona High school; Was elected to the nofth central, district ISBA EXificu4v-e OdunCll {during'Jf^raft- char's meeting a"f Spencer fjrid^j'. Many instructors _|rom ..fitea schools attended the ses3ton. Thfr ndrth Central afea includes . 17 counties, extending 'West -jjcrosff the state from Mason City, DOG " by^thife Ed Prince, a dog Smiths of Norway louse that is a s<jale nio'deJ of the Smith's pew home. Name Area Selection " of " fownsh'fp' amT fowrt chairmen t6 help raise thd Kossuth county quota of .$6,580, in the state Cancer Crusade drive was annodflded thte week by Angus' .Cettori, county ihdtiManV. ""• Ass'tstlhg- with the** drganfel* tional Work are Mrs Phil Diamond, -Algonaj Mrs- Chris Dahl, Fenton; Mrs Albert Johnson, Corwith; Mrs Kathleen Duffy, Whittehiore; Mrs Clarke "Miller, Titohka, and others. Township chairmen'-follow: Edgle t — 'Mrs Arnie Ostergaard, 3wea City. Grant— Mrs Lars Skaar, Led- FoiVtf ade, April 16 Swea — Mrs Elvin Swanson, "Swea 'City. ' .Harrlsfdtt *-"J6h'ii Isder, ' City, Springfield -^ Melviii Loge* maftj Elmone. ' * • • - lk Hebron —.Mr and'Mfs.Elmer S^baefer, Buffald C^ntSr; «• ' • , Llrtcoln — Mrs r LyV Pattefsoh, Lakota. Sefteca — Mrl CHfis'Dahr; Feriton. , . Greetlwbod -i. Mrs Edg^f Kohlhaas arid Mrs Maurice Befnhard, Bancroft. , Fenfon — Mrs 1 Art Priebe, Lone«Rock, iBttft — MfS RUSsell Patterson, Burt. Portland — Mrs Frank .Becker, Buft. ,. "• «enry Orthel, , ' • Mi's George Mrs Will Lauok, — Mrs James Besch, Whittemore. < Plum Creek — Mfs 'Donald GaTdfief. *Algo*fta. Wesley <- Mr* j ChfiWeS Ny- geard, Wesley. ,, , IrViiiJton — Mrs Wilbur RUh- nke, Lu Verne. " • RraMe — Mrs Albert Johnsqp, SrTertfTan — Mrs Alvln Weber, LuVerhe — Mrs rf5nn Voss Jr. f LuVefhe. ; ", toW,ft chairmen w,ere named as follows; ' -' ( ,i Bancroft — Mr^ Joe .Kramer! Buft — 'Mrs Gertude, Ackeman; Lakota — Jerry, McMullen; Ledyard — Mrs RuthjSimonsmeier, LttVerne — Mrs Jon Nelson; Lone Rock —- Mrs Kenneth Jackson; i Swea City —, Craig ' Tltonk*- Cher; man The ,,C«f,4ftde 6ancroffMovie pril 16, House Closes ' ' ' *Vr <• . k , The* Crofl, theatre" at Bancroft was, "qldsed'. permahently last weekend, 'adteotding ' to Mr and Mrs-'RldhSfd'-Chipnifln, owners of the jbulldiftg. The'' theatre had been operated; by Mr and Mrs Robert Reynolds for the past three years. They are going to Marion, la. where they will operate a theatre" for" the United Iowa Theatres. A . Reynolds daughter will remain in Bancroft until school is out. The Chlpmans have no immediate plans for use of the building. Roth's Smoked Short Shank These, juicy delightful picnics fave fW delicate.smoky goodness and lets of lean fender,meat,'not too fat and the wasty shank' trifnnwii'iwrf. * , PERLB. For Mearfy Soaps anrf $r»wf •• Rib Boiling Beef FRESHLY GROUND PURE LEAN Ground Beef 6 u* $2.29, HERE IS A REAL VALUE . Spiced Lunch Meat HICKORY SMOKED, Wonderful Flavor Hillside Sliced Bacon TOP TASTE, tte Very Finert ' ^ Braunschweiger *!•£ ORCHARD" FRESH FROZEN f Orange Juice f flw freili pur» Jute* of. plump tre»jipeneJ oranges, carefully iqueeied, concentrated and* Rich in vitamins. STEAK SALE Loot for rtiis seal on Naf1on«l Bsof. Thi», plus National Value Wa/Tr!m and NaiionaPj guar> antes means BETTER BEEF, MORE MEAT and complete SATISFACTION. ^: ' COHN FED, SSybry Corn Fed Flavor Chuck Steaks Si BONELESS. Deliciou. Quielt Meal Minute Steaks CORN FE0, Jujcy, Delicious D aU %L&^mH*'e. OR R< ? AS KID dTG&KS PREFER, PER LB. CORN FED, Tender, Succulent T-Bone. or Sirloin PER LB. 59 69 79' 89' American Deluxe COFFEE 100% pure full strength coffee, vacuum packed to retain its do* Ccious freshness. DRIP OR REG. 1-LB, CAN PETER PIPER Dill Pickles R*, ORCHARD FRESH APPLE BASE I Alii AC Ibclbtrry, Sl»wb>rry, Gi . . V«llllv9 Elderlxrry, R«lpb«rry. 20-os. ....... FOR COOLING REFRESHMENT "V Sum-R-AidADFUv^ Y p 12-OZ. BOHLES Canada Dry Beverages MILD LIQUID DETERGENT Easy Life 49' 29* 39 e 25 e T0 e 49* Kraft's. Miracle Whip *~$*8$K<4, So Fresh „ , *+ m m Fresh Salad ,"" QUART JAR ... 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