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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 47

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 47

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

10-T. OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 1936 AUTOS WANTED (ConttnueffT" I 'OAKLAND SHI PPI AND PO RT EWS i Ittal FORD, will pay cash for 1931 Model A 4-door Sedan. Name price, condition, etc Principal! only. Box PMS. Tribune. tattHltrs Ml FOR BIG' HIGHKST prices paid (or late model automobiles. All makes. A. M. Hush, 2S53 Broadway, HO llldaj S03 WEATHER REPORT Ll'iHX St-dan. Will pay J100 cash. 60 I8th Street, apartment 2, after r. m. CONSKTI. IIIEIONL SUniHIHC BIM Divorcei Granted Oakland Births LATK model car. will pay cash. 2221 Webster. CLencnurt 1157. HILL To the wife of William A. Hill, SHI SHUTS IN 1 fflHTSH PRIVATE parly; cash HW; 131 sedan; no Fords. 1429 66th Avenue. Oakland and Vicinity Fair and mild Sunday and Monday but overcast in early mormnci moderate west wind. Northern California Fair Sunday and Monday but overcast mornings on the coast: continued warm in the interior; I 2718 Seminary Avenue, June 4, a son, I William Allan Jr. JONES To the wife of Clarence C. Jones, 4015 Walnut Street, June 3, a POdlTlfELY nuMi cash lo cars or reet, 4360 -quities. Bishop Overstr daughter. Valerie Ruth. By FRANK KESTEK. KRUF.GER To the wife of Arthur fresh north and northwest wind off the Broadway. flU mboldt 7431. UIIUIIIIIU UUUIII INTERLOCUTORY DECREES TUCKER, Marie from Percy R.i cruelty. WARNER, Tellervo from Raymond cruelty. COX. Paul E.i from Frances cruelty. NEFF. Maymie from Howard cruelty. HIGGINS, Helen from Victor desertion. GUIDONI, Michael from Elizabeth, cruelty. Graham WANTED Good car, and the coal cargo caught fire. The flames gained such headway 1931; Chrysler or Plymouth 1932 Krucger, 10544 Pearmaln Street, June 9, coast. a son. Arthur Herbert. Sierra Nerada Fair Sunday and Mon- LANGSDORF To the wife of Ga.vnor day; normal temperature; fresh west and H. Lang.sdorf. 1502 San Iyirenze Avenue, i northwest wind. June S. a daughter. Margart Ethel. I Sacramento Valley Fair Sunday and LINDSTROM To the wife of Clifford I Monday; not quite so warm in extreme THE SEA MAKES MEN The sea makes men. Time has shown the truth of this, For all who have breasted forth at the sweet kiss coupe or coach. Will trade Flint truck as part payment, balance cash. Want front axle with brakes, Warning Issued on New Bay Channels; Ship Helps Put that on May 2, they broke through Two New Bulk Carrier Ships the hatches and were soon in the I rigging. Like vicious yellow snakes i tir Miscellaneous Cargo unustrorn. 3324 George Street. June 7. soulh portion; gentle cnangeaoie wind. 18 or 19-inch wheels. State prices. Box PS312I, Tribune. a daughter. Shirley Ann. San Joauuin Valley Fair Sunday and Cans And beckning call of that green- GRAY. G. from Catherine, cruelty. SNYDER, Lucille from Edward cruelty. GUILEY, Marie from George cruelty. Sardines Into the To Oakland for Discharge they raced up the tarred ropes and lines and snnn harl t'ho "taut sails MARTINEI.LITo the wife of George Martinelli, 3275 Grove Street, June 8, a a Jaughetr, Dolores. MATIAS To the wife of r.Hn,H Matin. nairea siren iviiss Spend the rest of their lives in a blazing. The crew put off the A BOONEtAlIre from Ernest cruelty. 71216 Fifth Slreer, June 12, a daughter. In addition to all the construction fluieLiliss. WE will pay you ilu to J2j more If your car is lain and clean; all makes, f'aeifie -Nah M4o- Co, 274" Broadway, A keyjde WILL pay j.iio cash fur light car. Sunday, between 10 and 2. I'refer private party. 3H44 Lyon Avenue. A.V dover nit: uuats annonnrnenren to row for the nearest of the Samoan isles, rcveral hundred miles back on their course. After hardship and struggle they eventually made port safely MEDEIROS, Francis Ci from Rose, desertion. BLANDFORD, Marlon from George, desertion. from cruelty. DEAL. Elmer from Lottie, cruelty. JEGLUM, Nancy from Oliver, cruelty. Jane Lrraine. MELLO To the wife of Leslie T. Mello, 2451 Seminary Avenue, June 9, a son, John Chester. MOOFiE To the wife of Ralph Moore, 705 Walla Vista, May 3U a. riaujihtav Manon Jane. PLANER To the wife of Frank 3901 WE pay more. Sse us last. East 14th. t'R ultvale 9938. Monday: not quite so warm in extreme north changeable wind. Santa lara nd Salinas Valleys Fair Sunday and Monday but overcast in early morning; normal temper aturementle changeable wind. Southern California Fair Sunday and Monday but overcast night and morning extreme west portion; normal temperature moderate west and northwest wind off the Nevada and Idaho Fair Sunday no change in temperature. Washington and Orrgon.1 Fair Sunday and Monday but overcast near the coast; no change in temperature and humidity; moderate north and northwest wind off the coast. Fire-Wealher Forecast for California Fog on the coast, otherwise fair weather; high temperature and low humidity in the Interior; gentle changeable wind except moderate south and southwest over the Theconstruction of an artificial islandt the north end of Yerba Buena island for housing the forthcoming Exposition is creating a dis-turbance for yachtsmen and small boat owners. The channel that once ran between the island and the southerly end of the Southampton shoals has been blocked by a rock fill and boats, in order to get through, must go completely around Unknown to all of their fellow kind. The sea makes men. she also has the Of making those who are weak to shudder and cower Before her hardened blows and her leering glower, And to turn men's spirits within their bodies sour, As no earth-born maiden could ever dp. WOOD, Jayne from James cruelty. CUNNINGHAM, Ruth from Bernard 85 TRAILERS under way" by the port of Oakland on the terminals, several contracts are under way at the private terminals that will add materially to furthering the cargo-handling situation in this port. The Howard Terminals is planning on removing a portion of ths old King Coal bunkers so as to give greater room on the present pier approach. This structure is one of iv.m Magnolia Street, June 9, a daughter. Nola Marie. PORTER To the wife of Clayton H. Porter, ,2555 29fh Street, June 5, a daughter, Barbara La Verne. ROSE To the wife of John Rose. 3916 Allendale Avenue, June 6, a daughter, Darlene Joyce. RUND To the wife of Fred R. Rund. n.m eotn Avenue, June 11, a daughter, Diane Roxine. Airstream Trailer America's finest streamline touring-trailers. Six models, factory built now on display. Itm-kstell California Sales Company, 3521 -31 Chestnut Street. Open all dny JJANDY. factory built trailer. Sleeps four. 1'sed abort time, $450. 4341 Snn Pnbln. high mountain ranges. nd and vveamer oil ine racinr. 1 ov ho ovnnti nn to A u.arnino and were returned to San Francisco on one of the old Spreckles Line boats. thmtr'M tit iha Trn. North of Cape Blanco: Moderate north 1 0 J.i rrueity. SCHAFTER, Ruth from Harry desertion. YSUNZA, Josephine from Edward cruelty. FINAL DECREES HOYT, Martha from Alfred cruelly. CHAVEZ. Delores from Harold, cruelty. SUMMERS, Clarice from Jack desertion. JENKS, Wilms from Everett desertion. LaBRIE, Lils from Charles cruelty. LOBELLO, Elsl from Nicholas, cruelly. ODBEMT, Evs from Harrison E. desertion. GRE.NNWELL, Verns from Rulton the landmarks of the Oakland wa- nie Kerr had burned to the water teroni The Eea makes men. She forms a bounden brotherhood That clears up the dross, both the bad and the good; And makes a legion that shoulder to shoulder would Stand as in the past all of that salt The Eldorado Oil Company is has just been issued by the Lighthouse Service as follows: "The District Engineer gives notice that the construction of the fill north of Yerba Buena Island UOOI) 2-wheel trailer. 19.16 license. 1623 Sherman Street, Alameda, busy on the construction of a new edge and had then sunk. Just exactly a year later, natives on the island of Formosa, 3800 miles HOLDENER, Joseph K. 24, 24S01 Jefferson Street. Hayward. CAMENZIND, Martha 22, 25633 Clawiler Hoad, Hay-ward. NAKAMURA, Susumu 27, 465 Sheridan Street, Palo Alto. YANAGISHAWA, Fumiey 23, 1621 Carlton Street, Berkeley. DYER-BENNET. Rirharrf99 mill building on its property at the away from where the crew of the i I00t, t)treet- lne stee Fannie Kerr had taken to their Jife W01 been placed and HOUSE trailer. 2-wheel. Kurninhed, 225. Rrookslds Auto Camp, 8SI3 Foothill. McLaren Trailers IS years trailer hiilldlnir 13, 14, Ill-foot. $435 up. 1414 Colorado Boule- race has stood, For the sea holds hard the men she loves. cruelly. SHERBOURNE, Mary from Leslie, and northwest and overcast tonight and Sunday. Between Cape Blanco and Point Con-eepcion: Fresh north and northwest and fair tonicht and Sunday but with banks oi fog. South of Point Conrepclon: Moderate west and northwest and fair hut with considerable cloudiness tonight and Sunday. WEATHER CONDITIONS The weather chart of Saturday afternoon showed low barometric pressure along the Mexican border and over the Plateau and Rocky Mountain regions and also over the Eastern Stales; and it showed high barometric pressure along the Canadian border from the Great Lakes eastward to British Columbia and off the Pacific Coast. This pressure dis-. trihution was attended by fair weather Saturday in all parts of our country save en le I WILDER, Alwyn from C. desertion. SPENCE, Clark from Betty, cnielty. cruelty. OSWILL. Minnie from Harry yarn, i.os Angeles. boats, saw the smoking hulk of a "CK waus mg. The ship drift up onto one of their "ew wlU cost aPPrxi- beaches. Investigation showed that; maAte'y it was all that was left of the Fan-' A 1-sj7 nie Kerr. The craft and what re-1 added to the Taylor Milling maincd of her cargo of coal, was Pla" 'Pnary still smouldering. Wind, rain and i at the BTHO.VO two-wheel trailer. Lund, necessitates the operation of a large number of dredges, derricks, barges, and othei1 floating equipment iathe area east of the Yerba Buena Shoal, and in the area between the Key Route Pier and the S. P. Golden Gale Ferry Pier. Power lines on piling, pipe line trestles, and other erneltv. ford Street. Berkeley. PEPPER, Elizabeth H. 18, 2718 Buena Vista Avenue, Berkeley. RAPP, George P. 23, 542 25th Street, Oakland. LaUARR, Thclma 19, 780 Lalmar Avenue, Oakland. KIRK, lrvln A. 24, 133 North Quince Street, Exeter. PERAK, Kathryn 21, 288 North Seventh Street, San Jose. JOHNSON. Thomas K. 33. 82 Hlllcrest Road, Berkeley. ARMSTRONG, Betty L. 20, 331 Athol Avenue, Oakland. CANTU, Robert 29, 90 Glen Eyrie Avenue, San Jose. 'CLARK, Mary F. 29, 1014 ShaLtuck Avenue, Berkeley. 63X2 Williams street, Castro Val- ley. MORGAN, Helen from Oscar, cruelty. POWELL, from Dnrthea, cruelty. SHEETS. Minnie from Charles, cruelty. HIGGINS, Margaret from Frank S.MALL house trailer, (food condl- tlnn. ')730 Kast 14th Street. mirl-rrnniral ctnrme hrH all failorti The arrival of the freighter Wis TRAILER. See Ihls before DASHER. Clayde from Georgia to sink the hulk or put. out the fire the South Atlantic Coast, where lliere were showers and thunder storms. Moreover, it was attended by continued high Priced -reasonable. 4142 Howe, desertion. KETT, Lsurs from Conrad, cruelty. itaKiann. which had smouldered for more than a year. VINCENT, Jack D. 23 2804 Telegranh TWO-wheel folding camp trailer. Avenue, Oakland. WOODHAMS, Olive consin in the bay this week marked the inauguration of a new service, although the ship is well known here. The ship, with the Oregon, a sister ship, was recently purchaser obslrucTtons are also being constructed in that area. A channel, 500 feet wide, for general navigation is kept open along the eastern side of Yerba Buena Shoal; this opening is marked at night by a fully equipped. 2 double beds, A WHITE ASH BREEZE A couple of years ago Alfred Nel Cash or terms. 1165 York Street, THE CALL OF SALT WATER Some scientist in the past made the observation that all life on the globe originally came from the In evidence of this fact he pointed out how the human kind naturally riHsnurg. TWO-WHEEL trull Kf, Kflflt i znn street, uaKiano. KING, Alfred A. 28, lox1IO, Niles. VARGAS, Josephine D. 18, B. F. D. Box 74, Irvlngton. SUND, Richard 605 Bellvlew Street, Oakland. OGDEN, Chrystabclle 21, 505 Bellvlew Street, Oakland. AHRENS, Frederick J. 30, 184 13th Street, Oakland. LAPP, Dorothy M. 31. of Tacoma, went north to from the States Steamship Com Alaska to work in the canneries. I pany by the Bulk Carriers Comora 32nd Street. Z-WHEEL, maroon tire. Sacrifice. temperatures In tne Minnie western ami Southern States, along the Mexican border and In the Interior of California. In other regions normal temperatures prevailed Satin-day. Temperatures equaled or exceeded 100 dfrees occurred Saturday In the Lower Ohio and Lower Mississippi Valleys, Oklahoma, and Southern Kansas. In Tennessee and Arkansas the highest temperatures of record lor the month of June were recorded Saturday afternoon at several points. The outlook is for fair weather without important changes Sunday "and Monday in all Far Western States, but with morning cloudiness on the immediate coast. RAINFALL TO It P. SATURDAY Almost new. 804 23rd Street. iseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww 3818 Piedmont Avenue. Oakland. T1LSON, William 742 Rand Avenue, Oakland. SEEBURGER, Gall M. AMJIK-In Oakland, June 20, 19311, Marion Pevendorf Annus, adored wife of Donald H. Annus, mother of Polly Aiikuh, dauKhter of Mrs. ,1. F. lievendoff, sister of Kdwina Devondorf, Mrs. Frank dlbbs, and Mm, Edward Hohfeld, A native of California. Strlctlv private funeral from the residence Monday, June 22. 1930. 10, 1721 Cedar Street, Berkeley. DlNKLEBEHG. Rnv 49. 532 Mcrrlmae gravitates toward water when it is idly passing the time. Any one can verify that fact by going down to the docks and seeing the youngsters, and the oldsters as well, each with a fishline. They perch on the stringer pieces from morning to night in the hopes of hoisting finny trophies from surface of the Unfortunately a strike came along tion, a subsidiary to the Continental and Nek on found himself with noth- Grain Company. Hind, Rolph and ing to do. Worst of all he had no i Company has been appointed agents money to pay a passage back to i in Northern California for the new Puget Sound. Being a resourceful service. Norseman he loaded his 16-foot i The Wisconsin brought in a cargo trolling boat with his belongings and of 130 automobiles. The Oregon a small supply of food and set out which is also an arrival, had in her from Ketchikan. Alaska, for his holds 3000 tons of nitrates. East-home city, 1100 miles to the south- bound the two ships will carry fixed red light of 60 candlepower on trestle piling on each side of the channel. All navigation is warned to remain in this channel, as navigation in any other part of the area eastward of Yerba Buena Shoal, as described above, is hazardous and might also seriously impede the dredging and filling operations." GOING SARDINE FISHING The question of how sardines get'- Street, Oakland. CLARK, Katherine A. 41, 532 Mcrrimac Street. Oakland. NEELY. Samuel R. 28. Rodeo. TEASE. Last Seasi. Nrmi, easi Stations 24 hrs. to date tn date flttal tattattr0 BHATTY In Oakland, June Addle J. 23, Shandon, Calif. MOORE, Odcll L. 20. 3770 Patlson Avenue, Oakland. OIIRADOVICH, Mary L. 17, 1387 Eighth Street, Oakland. Eureka 00 34.40 39.73 Redding 00 39.49 36.75 Estuary. Nationality counts for Curtis beloved nusnanu firaee M. Hflally, son of ,1. and th late Dora Realty; loving Sacramento 00 ward. mostly lumber; San Francisco. .00 NEVEU, Io A. 27, 2434 MrKlnlcy Avenue, Berkeley, ENSOH, Thclma L. 1935 89.70 40.29 21.10 23.22 14.18 16.70 25.09 21.6ft 15.10 nothing with these loungers of the wharves. Americans. Latins, Chi 17.02 22.10 13.85 9.43 21.07 15.28 10.35 20.52 24.90 17.35 10.47 24.06 1 1 97 8.39 Stockton oo Fresno 00 S. Luis .00 Angeles 00 San Diego 00 brother nf Mrs. J. C. Meyers, J. and Marshall D. Beatty. A native of Tows. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral Monday. June 22, at 2 p. m. from the Chapel of tne.Oaks, Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegniph Avenue. Berkeley Births SAN FRATS'CISCO METEOROLOGICAL DATA Noon 5 p.m. Bnrnmeler fsea 29.92 20.95 29.89 B1IOW1V Annie K. riooley Brown, Temneratiire (dry blllbl 51.2 66.7 69 0 BRYANT Tn the wl nl with) NOTICE TO MARINERS Napa River The following changes In aids to navigation were made on June 10- Napa River Light 2A was established in throe iwt, on the cast side- of the channel. 710 yards, 19 deHiees ftom Napa River Light. 3. Light is flashing red every 2 5 seconds, flash 0.5 second duration, eclipse 2.0 seconds, of Ml randlepower, on single pile stiurture, 20 feet above water. Napa River Buoy 6 was discontinued same date. Napa Kivcr Liftht 5 was established MP three feet, on the southeasterly end of Edgorly Island, 1265 yards, 3314 degrees Irom Napa River Light 2. Light is flashing green every 2.5 seconds, flash 0 5 59 JJ nicnara Bryant, a daughter, June 1, 1936. STOUT Jr. To the wife of nnv Temperature (wet bulb) 52.3 58.3 Humidity 89 60 Wind direction S. W. Wind velocity (m.p.h.). 5 12 Weather Clear Clear 53 W. 13 Clear 27. 2708 10th Street, Berkeley. NEILSON, Peter D. 22. 2437 Shalturk Avenue, Berkeley, HILL, Gladys 19, 1420 Kalns Avenue, Berkeley. BROWN, Harold L. 21, 1886 Harmon Street, Berkeley. LEWIS, Emerald 18, 1B86 Harmon Street, Berkeley. VOLLMER, Evan 100 Ninth Street, Oakland WALKER, Juanlla Mae 19, 121 13lh Street, Oakland. SHELDON, Jack 21, 7938 Fontaine Street, Oakland. SOU7.A. Vlvian-21, 1518 10th Avenue, Oakland. FENTON, Curtis Orvllle 19, 679 Athol Avenue, Oakland. FARIS, Dorthe Vir-glnln 19, 211 Athol Avenue, Oakland. WILSON, Charles W. 56, 1130 Juana Avenue, San Leandro. GALI.I, Mary Jane 55. 1300 60lh Avenue, Oakland. MAHSHALL. John B. 25. 1405 36th Street, Sacramento. WOOD, Helen Francis 26, 4436 Pleasant Valley, Onklnnd. AVILA, Allan 22, 31100 Whittle Avenue, Oakland. VKLOZA, Hilda H. 18, 2044 20lh Avenue, Oakland. AMBROSE. Angelo A. 23, 410 Brush Stout, a daughter. nese, Japanese and are all represented and all have free expression of thought in this parliament of fishermen. It is the real League of Nations. Politics have no place in the conversations nor discussions of relief or rnodern condi-' tions. The all-absorbing topic is just Fish. Of course that subject has its ramifications also, in discussions of bait, the proper kind of hooks, just how long one should wait before yanking the line after the fish has nihblcd at the bait and what to say when it found that the aforementioned fish has gotten away with the bait. The dock fishermen are a happy-go-lucky crowd. And In Oakliind, June 19, ioviiik mother of "Mrs. Ruth Noble and Anthony V. dn Avlla slsler of William P. Dooley; a native of Koston, aged 64 years. Friends are Invited to allend servlceH Monday, June 22, 1930, at 10:3 n. in. from the chapel of JuMiir'H. Obdeau, 2110 Web Troubles commenced from the start. All along the inside passage Nelson encountered head winds. When the wind wasn't blowing against him it rained. Ho had no into cans will shortly be solved by the cannery ship Lake Miraflores, operated by the Santa Cruz Oil Company as a floating reduction plant. The big steamer left Flavel, Oregon, yesterday, for a position 12 miles off Point Reyes there to enfeh, cook or can the wiggly sardine. The Lake Miraflores carries a mass of machinery in her holds worth approximately $400,000. The holds are fitted with special cookers, squeezers, tanks, and machinery' necessary for the reduction work. She carries a crew of 74 men, fifty-four of whom work on the ship, the rest of them handling the catching boats. The craft is the pioneer in offshore sardine cannery in-ustry. 'The catch averages about TEMPERATURES mine RIGNEY To the wife of Francis Ernest Itlgney, son, Roland Stanley, June 6, 1936. MONROtr. Jr To the wl r.1 Eastern FaciMr. Const High Low High Low 90 08 Abilene 8: second duration, eclipse 2.0 seconds, of uavio, monroe, son, Paul David, June ster Street, Oakland Atlanta ROWE-To the wife of Percy Burton CHAM In Sun Kranelscn, June 19, Rowe. a daughter. Donna Nnrilna. Miu Murle. lovlnir wife of AUKUHt Boston Brownsville. Baker Boise Del Monte, Edmonton. Estevan H. Hetchy, 20, 1930. F. Chnlx, uiollinr of Elennor, Jriiui THOMASSON To the wife of Sidney ftnd Adnle (JIirIx. A patlve of oyjvesier tnomssson, pn, Robert Lee, i'rnnce, aired years. 94 70 84 70 80 4 00 72 76 62 80 74 68 62 92 64 80 64 88 68 .102 70 70 48 02 80 .102 70 June 5, 1936. protection from the downpour so he rowed, rowed, and then rowed some more. In one stretch of the sea he had only two hours sleep out of thirty. Most of the remainder ho had spent rowing. From Calvert Island to Queen Charlotte, a stretch of four days, the gods were kind to him and ho was able to hoist a Fail. But then the rains poured down on him again. At one he fell Street. Oakland. THAVERS. Elllla L. 20, l-'rlenda are Invited to attend 1 -WLBOA-Trt the -wife of Patrick 1VIU ITust ITIfteenlh Street. Oakland. Fresno 92 76 70 70 64 64 02 ,..85 ..100 80 80 76 62 78 84 82 04 .110 mi canniepnwer. nn a single pile structure, -15 feet above water. San Francisco Bay Sugar Company Soulh Light, Sugar Company North Light, together with Fog Bell, maintained by the California Hawaiian Suar Refining Corporation on their wharf, 550 yards northeast of Point San Quentln, will be permanently discontinued on June 30. The commanding officer of the Coast and Geodetic Survey ship Pioneer reports a depth of 11 fathoms, rocky bottom, 169B yards, 235 degrees true from Pyramid Head LiRlit at the southeastern end of San Clemente Island. In connection with Its survey work, the Pioneer has hydrophones anchored a short distance Off both China Pnint. Ran n- Joseph Itliiioa, a daughter. Shirley Mae, the funeral services, Monday, June 22 at 10 -from Cittforgno and Co. 1727 (irove Street, near 18th, ULLWANGlfti, Gcorgv-19, 1408 24th Street, Hlchmond. KAHIA, Frances 18, Ml Buffalo 56iCh.irlost.on. 54IOhicasn 001 Oenver 50i Oes 52Dnrige 72lDululh 52! 48lGrand Junct R3I Jacksonville. une h. SCOW To the wife of Clinton Scow son, Glenn Norman, June 9. 1936. 2734 Pine Street, Richmond. ADAMS. Leslie o. 25. 2735 Haste Street LANZ To the wife of James Francis enough to fill two trains of forty cars each trip. This huge mass of fish is ground down into meal or Berkeley. YOUNG, Daphne 11. 23, 2750 thence to -St. Andrew's Church, where St 10:30 a mass will bo celebrated for the repose of hnr soul. Interment St. Josephs Havre Helena Honolulu. Juneau Kamloops. Los Anneles. Needles, a aaugnter, jane Katharine, May 84 68 82 74 9B 7(U-i4rncd into oil. 54! Kansas City Itt.ili. LLOYD To the wife of Lester Lloyd, son, Lester John, June 7, 1036, EUBANKS To the wife of Samuel Barthell Eubanks, a daughteii. Susanne 86 Knoxvt' l.KWIM In Oakland, June 1MB, TO REPRINT TABLES 501 Lander. Head. 511 Memnhli .102 nnMv 11nrn nlntno Viaira rwnla it mente Island and the southeast ejid of San Nicholas Island. Each hydrophone i marked by a 15-gallon red can and 72 58 muni. 62 73 110 96 58 asleep and when he awoke it was to find his boat full of water and his hat washed away. He bailed the craft out and rowed some more. In fact, for seven out of the 22 days that it took him to make the voyage, it rained. At night on the twenty-second GREEN To the wife of WslSr Gordon Green, a daughter, Margaret Ann, June UaK. Airpon Phoenix Pocatello. Point Reyes. Portland Parker Avenue, Oakland. JAYNE, Stuart 30, 380 Grand Avenue, Oakland. MILLER, Helen W. 29, 304 West Hlllcrest Avenue, lnglewood. SEELEY. Robert P. 22, '2157 Enclnal Avenue, Alameda. RAMSEY, Dornllix Er 20, 2001 67th Avenue, Oakland. LESTER, John H. 25, 35 Blackburn Street, Santa Cruz. HAYES, ATilta L. 18, 3873 Coolldge Avenue. Oukland. McNEAL, George 36, 11100 Third Street, Oakland. COLLINS. Mary E. 38, 1801 Third Street, Oakland. PARKER, Joseph 1370 1 ISIh Avenue, San Francisco. ZIEMTEN, Paul- l. 1 JI nift MnHI'ion Albany. 78 la.w. BLAETTLER To the wife of Rudolph Urban A. Lewis, uoiuveu at her of- Mrs. firaee Josephs. LovInK brothar of Charles H. Lewis, uncle of Mrs. Maude Fredericks and Mrs. Peller. A member of Lndne No. 171, H. P. O. K. A native of Wisconslp. Friends are respectfully Iny ted to attend the ftinerHl Mom It Prince Rupert 60 Boatmen are requcjted not to disturb these booys. San Franrisco Bay Oakland Harbor Light 1, to he established about Jun 23, in 10 feet, on northerly side of dredged chnncl, about 500 yards. 59 degrees frdm San Antonio Creek Light, will show a. niacuicr, a aaugnter, oarcia, June 3, 1936. RAWSON-To the wife of Chsrles Wes day out of Ketchikan he drew up in 841 Minneapolis. 54 Mndena 621 New Orleans. 661 New York 48i North Plnlle. 50i 60 Pittsburgh, 601 Prince Albert Quebec. 601 Rapid 541 541 St. Illlis 4IIS. Lake Cily. 62! San Antonio. 481 Santa Tacoma. CatchinB a climose of Krom every 2.5 seconds, flash O.S Redding Reno 88 Rosehurg 80 98 Salinas 77 San DleRo 68 San Francisco 00 Seattle 74 S. SnrltKts. 69 Refill 92 an June 22, at 1:30 p. ni si rtf itrence N. OOper, 94 90 1580 Frutlvale Avenue. Interment it vi.w Cemetery. Services seconn, ot zvn candlepower, 20 feet above himself in a store ivindow ho was water on single pile, passing saw a hairv, raggedly dressed sn Franeiseo Bay Berkeley Old Mu-man. He knew that would (Zl- do as he Would frilhtcn his wife San Franrisrn Bay The following liht Dj nut their wit, establi! herl on nr about Auguat 30, ana cliuaren out 01 tneir wus th eiisnlres of Oakland 102 92 an (in while they are casting their lines they are also keeping out of mischief. With school letting out, from now on will see flocks of the youngsters frequenting the wharves, some to swim, but most to fish. DRIFT OF THE FANNIE KERR The bark Fannie Kerr which was cinee a well known craft in the San Francisco Bay waters, furnished the sea with one of its most interesting problem stories. The Fannie Kerr in April, 1903, was en route from Newcastle, Australia, to the Golden Gate carrying a cargo of coal. Coal is what sailors class as a mean cargo, that is likely to cause trouble. So it did on the Fannie Kerr. Spontaneous combustion got in its deadly" work in crossing through the heat of the tropics LoriKe No. 171, H. P. 1 K11V. .111 I-', 56 Sheridan HBlSwIft Current. 7fl Sunn.vvn)c, Tntoosh Tonopnh Tucson Walla Walla. Winnemucca Ynrhf 80 70 66 92 .106 90 94 88 Jennie, beioven wii ii. MnAvnv. loving: mother Berkeley Yacht Harbor Entrance Light i. Johnson 2. on a three-pile dolphin at the south ni IB. 7H! Tampa 92 ml vtckshiirg 90 591 Williston 82 Bni Winnlneg. 72 c.tti. wnoblmrton. slster-in-tnw necessary ior ine coast ana Geodetic Survey to have reset and republished the entire work on, "Tables For a Polyconic Projection of Maps and Lengths of Terrestrial Arcs of Meridian and Parallels," according to announcement from the Superintendent, of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. The announcement title is not. as formidable as it sounds. As indicated by the title the publication has two distinct and important uses. First it is used in laying out the latitude and longitude lines for charts and on any desired scale. Secondly the work gives the tables containing the lengths of meridional arcs of the parallel for all latitudes from the equator to the pole. The entire publication is of the greatest value to surveyors and scientists in computation of all geodetic surveys in which the curvature of the earth must be taken into consideration. The work has gone tlmuiTh prt'ljons. so im should he appear like that. Sneaking into his home in the dark he managed to find his ratfor and "a-pair of 'scissors. After getting rid of Jiis adornment he awakened his family and soon was sitting down to of Austin O'Brien, T.ot.1. Belinda and Kathleen .110 Yuma ley Hawson, son, June 4, 1936, ALBEHTUS To the wife of Carl Gun-dorf Alhertus, a daughter, Karen Joan, June 3. 1936. BERRY To (he wife of Lowell Webster Berry, a daughter, Patricia Joanna, May 2fl, 1936. CAMPBELL To the wife of James Hamilton Campbell, a daughter, Shirley Anne, June 2, 1936. HENDERSON To the wife of John Edward Henderson, a daughter, Diane Jane. June 3, 1936. DEGMAN To the wife of Richard George Degman, a daughter. Shirley Ann, June 7, 1030. GREGOVICH-To the wife of LouU Mttar Gregovlch, a daughter, Violet Ann, June 8, 1036 HAYES To the wife of Rhnel Williams Hayes, a daughter, Patricia Frances, iune 15T'I936. CAMPBELL To tha wife of Joseph Adams Campbell a son. Warren Adams, June 14, 1936. FHOST Jr.To the wife of Henry Host Frost, son, Douglas Alan, June 14, 1936. MITCHELL To the wife of Martin Harry Mitchell, a son, Martin Ferry, June 15. 11(36. sirte of the entrance to the'Tla'f'bori fixed red. 150 candlepower. 15 feer above' water. 1R90 yards. 123 from Berkaiey Reef Beacon. Berkeley Yarht Harbor Entrance Light 1. on a three-bile dnlohln at' the nori Maximum temperature preceding day. prlenns mm 2 his first square meal in li nays. PERRY, Leonard T. 24. Hayward, Calif. JERGENTZ, Esther E. 20, 1416 Sheet, "CAMERA. Alfred 1033 19lh Ave-nue. Oakland. CORHEIA. Ethel -27. 2257 EOst Twenty-second Street, Oakland. SANDOVAL, Enrlmic-37. 072 Eighth Slieet, Onklnnd, DF.LVAU Alvaro-flJ, 988 Eighth Street, Oakland. PARKER, Howard W. 23, 9420 Street, Oakland. CORHEIA, Rosalie M. 20, 14JB 77th Avenue, Oakland. JOHNSON, Edward 1335 BSth Avenue, Oakland. McKAY, Eloise 22, 1335 98th Avenue, Oakland. HAMILTOIN. Harold 1740 Cedar Street. Berkeley. LORES, Margaret 21, 1627 Carleton Street. Berkeley. DO WEN. Curtis 2120 2Mb Avenue, Oakland. MAURER. Helen 658 Eighth Street, Oakland. DANIEL. David 100 Woodrnont Avenue, Berkeley. TAHTAUL, Edna C-25, Clarcmnnt Hotel, Berkeley. MOONEY, Frank 31.4 Day Street. San Francisco. KING, Mary-27 2481 Havenscourt Boulevard, Oakland MUNOZ, Ignacio-21. 97.1 Third rert. Oakland. RODRIGUEZ, Ueoigia-18, 157 Linden Street, Oakland. SILVA, Louis 431 Lagunltas Avenue, Oakland. DUFRANE, 3427 Harrison Street, rnEcn-iTATioN Pacific Coasl Juneau .91, Prince Rupert .05. Eastern Brownsville .04. Charleston Huron Jacksonville .12, Minneapolis Tampa .52. He also vowed he would never tha funeral Monday at from her lata residence, 1629 11th Rtre.f. thenca to St. Patricks attempt such a voyage again Church, where a mass will he r.lehrated at a. m. Interment family plot, Vallejo. MOITOHET In Ross, June PORT WINE GAVE NAUTICAL NAME Torto, Portugal Port Wine, the 19, 1936, Anthony a. ivioiiorei, no-loved husband of Aarnes Moltoret, father of Anthony I moiiorei o. HALREY To the wife of LeRoy Mor vintage which took its name from this city and in turn made the town phy llalaey, a son, John Sedgwick, June portant is it to field workers on land or sea. side of the entrance to the harbor; fixed green, 150 candlepower, 15 feet abova water. 1800 yards, 120'A degresa from Berkeley Reef Beacon. To be maintained by the city ol Berkeley. Pigeon Point Light Station Fo signal to be improved June 25, by the installation of a two-tone diaphone, without change In characteristic. Siren will sound same characteristic if diaphone la Coqullle River, Postponement Changei In aids to navigation to be made about August 1 Coquille River Lighted Whistle Buoy 2, to be established in present charted position of Cnquille River Whistle Buoy 2 to. he discontinued. Lighted buoy to be red" and show a flashing white light every 4 seconds, flash 0.4 second, eclipse 3. ft seconds, of 390 candlepower, 16 feet above water on red skeleton superstructure. Columbia River Entrance Range Llfhta to he increased to 12.000 candlepower. Columbia River. Crimes Island to Saint Helens Mount Coffin Light and structure, heretofore published as destroyed, wera restored June 12. 15 feet above water. Columbia River, Main Channel, WH-Inmette River lo The Dalles, Correction-Tomahawk Island Lower Dike Light and East Vancouver Dight Light, previously published to be established, will not ba SHIP MOVEMENTS view Avenue. Hayward. SILVA. Kosamie famous, also gave the name "port" to the left side of ships, according to seafaring men. The port side is so called, one explanation goes, because it used to display a red lan 17, 200IH Btannisu avtnur. SCHENK. Eugene-Zi, nnia TREADWAY To the wife of William Richard Tread way, a son, Donald Gall, June 14, 1936. GALLIGAN To the wife of Howard Thomas Galllgan, a daughter, Frances Elizabeth, June 11, 1936 RERBERTSON To the wife of Virgil LeRoy Herberlson. a daughter, Gall Louise. June 10, 1936. LOCKWOOD To the wife of Louis Howard Lorkwood. a daughter, Patricia Louise. June 11, 1936. GROSS To the wife of Andrew Gross, daughter, Rhona Ruth, June 9, 1936. DOMESTIC PORTS GRAYS HARBOR Arrived, June 19. 3 P. Condor from Astoria. Sailed 2:30 0. Claremont for San 'nnnlevnrd. Oakland w.imw Avenue. TO DEPART BUCK, uonaia. 1 "V- Onklnnd: Mis. J. w. aencuen oi Larkspur; Mis. James V. rarley and Paul W. Moltoret of San FranclMco, and brother of Mrs. W. B. Dowllnff of San Francisco; native of Sun Frunclsco, aged 72 years; a member of the KnlKhts of Columbus and the Laundry Wagon Drivers' Union. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral Monday, at 9:15 a. from the Memorial chapel of James H. Rellly. 29th and Polores San Franclaco, thence to St. Paul's Church, where a requiem iinass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul at, 9:45 a. m. Interment Holy Cross Cenie-tery. STI'AIIT Oakland, June 18, 1936, John Elbert, beloved husband of i May L. Stuart; father of John (t. SUNDAY Oakland. McCarthy, 700 23rd Avenue. Oakland. JUNE 21 Luckenbach Boston TO ARRIVE SUNDAY, JUNE 21 Cellina R. J. Hanna President Lincoln Silverado KELLY. Aninon.v Genoa Nagaevo Boston Seattle McBREAKTi, oainu Crockett. CAS-C1ANL Fedo L-17. 2828 Ninth Street. weeeews E. H. Meyer Columbia tern, the light of which had the tawny color of port wine. Porto also prides itself on its ability to offer visitors a vacation in one of the most interesting cities of Portugal. It has a wonderful bridge, a single arch fully 600 feet in span, and its streets have many curnis sights. Not the least of these are the scores of ox-drawn wagons Columbia Pacific Ranger Alameda Births 35th HAHREH, 1 neonoi Columbia K. 1. LUCKennacn Los Angeles Taiyo Maru Avenue, Oakland 1 5V established. MONOAY. JUNE 22 Cook Islands Waintapu Yokohama Maru Yokohama Horn Norfolk S.m Juan Willmoto Portland 1 V. Luckenbach Portland Los Angeles Yale ji ne 23 Sydney Monterey Manila Grant New Orleans Point Gorda Seattle Zvnma Alexander Seattle Arizonan 19. 4414 Virginia Narenta Rotterdam San Juan Channel Cattle Point Light BARNts. Newton Francisco; 2.30 p. Hubert Schafer for San Franeisrp. SAN HEADS Poassed, June 19. 1 p. nv Texada from San Pedro for Seattle; 1:20 p. Lumberman from San Pedro for Coos Bay. ASTORIA Arrived. June 18, midnight, hence June 16: 8 p. Mathew Lucken-bach, hence June 16. June 19, 7 a. West Ivis from Seattle. Sailed. June 19. 3 a. Molave for San Francisco! 2 p. Warwick for San Francisco; 2 p. Ernest H. Meyer for San Franrisco; 8 p. Cricket for San Pedro. June 18, 9 Hegira for San Francisco. STOCKTON Sailed, June lfl, p. Santneruzcement for San Francisco. F.l'REKA Arrived, June 19, 5 a. Vanguard, hence June 17. SEATTLE Arrived. June 19, Ruth Alexander, hence June 16: George L. Olson, hence June King Edwin, hence June 16; Juno lfi. Alaska from Alaska. Avenue, Oakland. 1007 Lincoln. Avemie. Alameda. I reported extinculsied June 15. Will ba relighted. I LEGAL 1VOTICK mingling wtth modern automobiles. Boston Boston t. Boston Portland, Me. Newport News Mobile sior Avenue, Oakland 32, 171 Buena Vista Street, San rran- Stuart; brother of Frank Stuart and Mrs. Mabel Erway; a native of Fort Scott, Kansas. Friends are Invited tn attend services Monday afternoon, June 22, 193(1, at 3:30 o'clock at the chnpel of Albert Brown 3476 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland. Inter 4844A Daisy Jeanelte 18, TRANSPACIFIC MAILS The following s11tn dates and elostni times of transpacific malls at the main ron rinfisH- MPPLIF THE CITY OP ctsco. MURPHY, Comcliiis 21 Street. Oakland. BOREE, 4925 Daisy Slieet, Oakland. OTICF. TIIDH lG CF.RTAI SF.IIVICFS TO OAKL.WIl, i V. Luckenbach Luckenbach Artzonnn Ensley City Oregon Lurkcnbach Lancaster ontanan Admiral Gove Willmoto Celilo Yale Golden Tide Helms nma Alevander Cadaretta Norfolk Puget Sound Columbia Columbia Los Angeles San Francisco postnffice are based on the Rrm.i.Y. Robert J. 22. 5981 leieg rann SUN. MOON. TIDE Bv U. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 304 Cur-toms Building. San Francifco. ALAMEDA, June 20 -The following vital statistics were on record in this city today: MEYER To the wife of Elmer Raymond Meyer, 448 Central Avenue, June 14, a daughter, Patricia Anne. FISCHER To the wife of Robert Charles Fischer. 431 30th Street, Oakland, June 11, a son, Robert Charles Jr. FLORISTS seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewvwwww ax. Flowera For aJf Grai1ulon, June Brlrtea. ggPj Oakland. Depot I S. Oarcse A Florists and 130 Washington. LA keslde 02(1. Piedmont 1287J (Home). ment Alt, View Cemetery. latest Information furnished Dy steamDoat companies: Angeles The Council of the City of Oakland wl) receive sealed bids on Tuesday, "June 2.1. 1938, between the hours of and 2:00 o'clock P. for furnishing certain supplies and -2 905 Slieet, Xlbany SUNDAY. JUNE 2.1 CEMETERIES i Son I Moon sets. Sun Moon rises. Los Angeles San ego San Dieso San Dipjo TlXi'-UAY Manila. Manila New York SMITH. Louis G. 45, Sailed. June 19, Montanan for San Francisco. June 18. Tejon for San Pedro; Tyndnreus for New Westminster. TATOOS1I Passed inward. June 19, 5 a. Koranton from Falmouth foa Vancouver; King Edwin, hence June S6 for Vancouver. Passed outward. June 19, 4 a. Tejon CAUCKWELL, Dinhmnnil MOON PHASES 5.1 Clipper Taft Santa Paula A Avenue ORIENTAL June 22, 10:10 a. Tai.vo Maru. June 25. 1:10 p. President Lincoln. June 23. 4:40 a.m.. Hive Maru. June 25. 1:10 p.m.. Loganbank. Junc27, 1.10p.m., Maloln. July Chichibu Maru. HAWAIIAN ISLANDS June 22, Taiyo Maru, June 23, 9:00 a.m., S. Grant. June 2.1. 9: 10 a.m.. Monterey. June 24, 9:00 a.m., Republic June 2fi, 1:10 p. President Lincoln. June 27, 1 :10 p.m.. Malolo. July 1.9:10 a.m., -Chichibu Maru. AUSTRALIA AND NfcW ZEALAND Ruth Alexander neauie Mountain View Cemetery Mausoleum-Columbarium. Crematorium. Terminus Piedmont Avenue, Oakland Phone Piedmont 2588. Columbia Birmingham City services to the City of Oakland dur-Iner the Fiscal Year 1936-37, llepairs to Motorcycles, Bread, and Claw Concrete Mix. Specifications and blank forms of proposals will be furnished by the City Clerk on application. Price bid shall In' elude all State and Federal Taxes if applicable. All proposals shall be cpmp nled by a check in an nmounP not less per cent (10) of the nsKretrate amount of the pro- Gladys L. it, 19, Sunnyvale. First Full Last M'-'W Quarter Moon 'Quarter Moon DO June 26 July 4 July 11 July 18 11:23 a.m. 9:34 a.m. from Seattle for San Pedro; Condor from New Westminster for San Francisco; a. Buelah, Chemainus for Fiji Islands; noon, J. A. Moffett, Vancouver for San Francisco. SAN PFORO Arrived. June 19, 1 a. irelftdyk, hence June 18; 4 a. MORTICIANS MORTICIANS TRANSPORTS The following, are the approximate location of ships of the United States Army transport service. HAHIU.Nfs Sdii Francises te Mor. -rbOWriRg bgkiw Trieste: West Jtiiie 23, a. 10 a Mnntcrc: "Florists." July 1. 11:30 a.m.. Maunganul. Tius.U, certified by a raapo'nuihlw The hmb and height of tides in tne folk. CHATEAU THIFRRY San Francisco to following Coast and Geodetic Sur- Planter, hence Jung 17; 8 a. rrhr President Lincoln from New York: 8 a. Rose-ville from Shanghai; 8 a. Celilo, hence June 17; 10 a. Narenta from Rotterdam; 2 p. Yale from San Diego; 8 a. Golden Hind, hence June 17; 9 a. New York. vey table are given for foot of Webster Pioneers of Low Price Funerals HENDERSON NorioiK 10 oan rrn I street. Oakland tor tort roim suotraci James G. Myrtle CRAWFORD, bank, payable to the order of V. Chappell, City Clerk of the City of Oakland, which check and the amount therein specified shall he forfeited and retained by the City of Oakland if the successful bidder MPXICO AND SOUTH AMKRK'A June 25. Santa Paula. June 20. m. Talamanca. June 29. 6:00 a.m., West Ivia. July 3. 9:10 Antigua. Woodmen Plan to LUDINGTON To overhaul in new 40 minutes York. I JUNE 21 TO JUNE 27 MEir.s in san trancisco. cruelty. SHOEMAKER, Marlin cruelty. kucsLE. Hazel vs. Wilma, William Vork to San Francisco. Dt. Time Ft Time Time Ft Time Ft. H.W. L.W. W. LiW. fails to execute the contract In the 21 6.6 6.4 2.8 1 required form and furnish the bond 22 6.4 5.5 2.S required. Bonds for one-fourth of SCOTTSBLRG New York to San Francisco. SlRit'8 in Norlolk. ST. M1H1EL In San Francisco. IT. S. GRANTIn San Francisco. VEGA Norfolk to San Francisco. cruelty. BAKER, Arthur vs. Mary, annulment. cruelty. WILLS. Katherine vs. Andrew WILLIAMS, Vernon vs. Carrie H. F. Alexander, hence June 18; 9 a. Bordeaux Maru from Yokohama; 9 a. Ensley City from Portland. 6 p. Chastine Maersk from Ccbu; 8 p. New Zealand from Sydney; 4 p. Whitney Olson from Everett. Sailed 11 a. Chaumont for Norfolk; 11 p. Admiral Wood for Portland; 9 p. Arizona for Seattle; 9 p. Bordeaux Maru for New York; 10 p. Cellina for San Francisco; 4 p. Yale for San FranciscOv-5 mXadarettaJor i3. ii Vli si.r;Sp the contract price, but not less than Si 5.1 9-3 5.B 2.4 $500.00. to be Riven by successful Seat New Officers HAYWARD, June 20. Installation ceremonies on July 14 were being planned today by incoming and re-4H4ftg-ffieers -eMhe- Cyprus Camp of. Woodmen of the World. bidders as guarantee for faithful cruelty. "We are ready to serve the particular families who appreciate a quiet, dignified service in a beautiful establishment." Prices $75 to $435 Julius S. Godeaur-Inc 21 10 Webster Street HIgate 4045 Oakland, California CLEARED San Francisco; II p. Emma Alexander JUNE 19 for San Francisco; 11 p. Hanover for WIND RUSH Tvede, for Seattle; General Manila: 4 p. H. r. Alexander lor an steamship corporation performance of contracts. Contracts to be entered Into within 10 days after-award thereof, and aaid supplies and services to be furnished as specified. W. W. CHAPPELL, City Clerk of the City of Oakland 346-June 17-(5T) wawa aas arc (ooA Julia Luckenbach for 26 4.2 1.4 5.7 L.W. H.W. L.W. H.W, 27 1.6 4.0 1 9 5.8 NOTICEln 'he above tabulation of the tides the daily tides are given in the order of their occurrence, commencing with the early morning tide in the left-hand column and the succeeding tides as they occur On some days but three tides occur The column ot heights gives the elva-tlon of each tide above or below the levl of Coast Survy Chart soundings- The numbers always are addit ve to the chart depth, unless preceded bv a minus (-) the numbers ar subtracted from the depth on the chart. (Sicned) THOMAS J. MAKER. Francisco: 8 p. Boston: 6 p. terdam: 6 p. Gothenburg: p. Valparaiso; I p. in for San Francisco. Moldanger for Hot-Margaret Johnson for Rakuyo Maru for Susan V. Luckenbach BERKELEY OFFICE of the (DaklaubF(Fribunp rJr- 'S-locaied-jJU 2103 UNIVERSITY AVE. Those to be seated by William Gavin, a past commander, on that date are: Joseph Thiele, consul commander; Charles Machado. advisor lieutenant; William Keys, escort; Phil Doll, Manuel -Jtiscph. serrtryr-J-, rg-Waltih, clcite--Shirley B. Ritches, manager. Charles Johnson is the past commander. I EVANCER Nyman, for Montevideo; General Steamship Corporation. TATEKAWA MARU Nagao, for Yokohama; Interocean Steamship Corporation. SAN LUIS MARU Magavama, for Osaka; Mitsubishi PENNSYLVANIA Roberts. for New York; Panama-Pacific PRESIDENT A I Ehman, for Hongkong; Dollar Steamship Lines. W7 Godeaii R. Ockernal Rlntan Johrt-r-MHlarMiflaf ABERDEEN Arrived. June 18, China Exporter from Everett. Sailed June 19. 10 a. Shasta tor San Francisco; Barbara Cates for Kcw York. 1

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