The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1961 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 4
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.) Upper Pe» Moinei Thuritlay, April 6, 1961 IT HAS OFTEN BEEN SAID that although you can choose your friends, there ds nothing you can do about your relatives. You automatically-have them and you are stuck with them. This may, or may not, be What Mr. Einstein was talking about in his Theory of Rela tivity, but it is what I talk about in mine. * * * A PERSON IS ALSO' PRETTY MUCH STUCK with his ancestors, but there are advantages that ancestors have over relatives, the .first and foremost being ithait ancestors are always dead and can't .talk back. You don'it have to be nice to the rich variety for they've already -left their money to somebody else; the famous ones can'>l disclaim being kin to you and you don't have to send any of them birthday cards or Christmas presents. The uninteresting ones can'J come lib Visit you even if you do have a guest room and the impoverished ones can't hit you for a loan uiDtil pay day. • . .**.*'•• LEST SOMEBODY GET THE IDEA THAT I don't like my relatives, let me hasten to insist that I am extremely fond of mine—even the ones who persist in voting Republican. I also like my husband's relatives and that's taking in a lot of people for he's kin to three- fourths of the population of Kossuth county. * » * FOR BRAGGING PURPOSES, IXL TAKE ancestors over relatives every time. People can check.up oh you when you boast about . your relatives, and they get to won'dering if you have such smart and prosperous uncles, aunts and cousins, why aren't you doing better yourself? When you start sounding off about your ancestors, people don't pay much attention and you can tefll them the wildest tales about the illustrious members of your family tree while they are ' thinking 'about something entirely different. * * * NOW AND THEN I DO A LITTLE CHECKING up on our family's forbears so that I can fill out the sections in the children's baby books. Like most baby books, with the exception of the lirst-born's these are an awful lot of blank spaces left. Somehow, it just isn't SjUch a world-shaking event when number three says Da-Da at eight months as it was when number one did the very same thing. But the section on (family history is pretty blank in all our youngsters' books and when I do get around to filling them, I think I'm going to ?ip up the records a bit I THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR Kids' ancestors as "far as I've been able to find out. Poets, doctors and financiers are r mighty scarce but ait least there aren't any known horse thieves. Our collection of farmers, merchants and carpenters probably led JJ useful and interesting lives, but I don't have many colorful details H, on them. So I'm going to do what I suspect lots of people do who brag about their ancestors — make up some big fat lies about them. m ' ' * * * SINCE THERE ARE PRATTS ALL OVER th'e world, 111' start — with my side of the family. I have it on good authority, having just ^ this moment made it up, that the Mayflower was simply full of *~ Pratrts. They skipped off at Plymouth Rock, .traded some beads with - the Indians for patches of land and chopped themselves down some " trees for .-log cabins. When the Revolutionary War came along, they «• revolted with the best of them. You can see that even in those days, £ our family was very revolting. . , ,.J i '... . J»*n •••• • ' .••••' * * * " YOU ALL REMEMBER BETSY ROSS, don't you? She made the ™ firsit flag of our country. She insisted that the stars in the banner •» have Jive points instead of six and she made ithe -Red, White and •* Blue from the white shirt of a soldier, the blue cloak of Capt. Abra- T ham Swariout and an old rod petticoat. Things were itough in my .- great-great-great grandmother's day and they used whatever they JJ had on hand. No, her name wasn't Betsy Ross, but she still had some"* thinb to do with making the flag. Betsy ran out of thread about half-way along in the project so she borrowed a spool from my great™ great-greaUgrandma! »• * * * JJ MEANWHILE THERE WERE SWARMS and swarms of both "», Father's and my ancestors over in Germany. When they made up the national anthem, "The Watch On The Rhine," some of our great, i, great-grandiparents were voted best watchers. Some of them could " carry tunes so they made up operas; 'and not a few were noted for making the best home brew in all the Fatherland. •» * * * NOW ADMIRAL CHARLES DWIGHT Sigsbee was quite a boy. He was graduated from the Naval Academy in 1863 and took com"Z mand of the battleship Maine. Everybody knows what that ship had - to do with the Spanish American War. Since he bears the same last name, Father can probably claim him as an ancestor but in case he -« gets too smart about it, I'm going to bring up another real man I'm •" claiming as an ancestor — Parley Pratt. I ran across him in a history of the Mormons. I feel he was just as courageous as the Captain of •» the Maine. Parley had 13 wives! •• • « « ANCESTORS, NO MATTER HOW FABULOUS, can't do a per" son much good if he can't live up to them in present-day life. In fact " it has been said that the man who boasts only of his ancestors be~ longs ito a family better dead, than alive. E.ach human being is a "• personality in his osvn right and neither the virtues, nor, fortunately, ~ the taints of his forebears can be completely handed down to him. .. * * * - THERE WERE LOTS OF COMMENTS on the column, Gidgit the dog, wrote for me lust week. In fact, she is getting quite conceited « over it. Doc Janse's dog, Blackie, conveyed congratulations via his - owner and one local lady phoned to say she enjoyed the column even " though she herself had twice been bitten by a dog in recent weeks! — Margaret Durant wrote, "There should be no homeless dogs wandering around — pet owners should assume responsibility for their dogs " and children, in playing with dogs, should not strike or tease them. - A few weeks back I learned that a large black dog that I sometimes ", fed had been shot for killing sheep. She was not a bad dog, only nun" gry and needing a home. She felt she had no place in the world. - Thanks again for your help in "A Fair Deal for Dogs." .; • * * » •;• IF YOU STILL HAVE SOME COOKED ham left over from Eas'-- ter, you might try this week's recipe for Ham Loaf. 2 cups cooked ground ham; 1 cup soft whole wheat bread crumbs; '* 1/3 cup onion, chopped fine; 1 egg slightly beaten; Va teas, salt; 1/8 '' 3 Area Hoi stein Herds Rated By National Group The herds of three ' tfolstein breeders .in this, area have been officially classified for type by an official inspector on 'lie staff of the Holsteiri-Friesian Association' of America. Here are the findings: John D. Beck, Buffalo Center 27 animals, six very good, 13 good plus and seven good; LeRoy Janssen, Lakota —15 animals, two very good, six good plus and five good; Ralph H. » i ,i talker, Jr., Swes.Sity — 3ft mate/ three very good, IS plus awd ntneygodU. - . ! " Classification U (he Official tytfe program of the Hotsteifi breed. It measures the eohforftia- tion of living animals against- the theoretical perfection of the- tfue type Holstem cow, or bull. Ten From Area On Deans 7 List At ISU, Ames Ten Iowa State University students from this* area were' honored this week~wheri they wtjre named to the Deans'. List. At Awes. 'A total of Biff students were named by deans of the five colleges. A 3.5 grade average must be maintained to be, honored. Here are area students named: Patrick Ka^n and Carole Witl- kopf, Algonu; Da.vid Grimes, Buffalo Center; Charles DeBoer' Ledyard; Fred Johnson, Ottoson; David Thomas, ftihgsted; Wayne 1 Bartelt, Titonka; Grace McKim and Richard Mohtag, West Beiid; and Daniel Skow, Wesley. Yon can't stay ahead of yottr. bills it you alloW them to do all the running. County AhebdOf 1961 Quota For U.S. Bond Sales Sales of United States bonds in Kossuth county dfitiiim, February ahiounted (o $160,?%: giving the county a two-nionth total of $354,263 for 23' per cent of the 1981 quota. National aver-? age for the tWo-morith periods was 18.7 per cent. L. W. Nitchals, Algona, voltUi- teer county chairman, reporter, that February sales of Series If and H bonds in Iowa were $14,769,334, making a 'two-month total of I .. largest dMfo--vdl&jWe 6t sales in Iowa fdr the first tWo months of the yell? siflee 1B88," the chairman said. a'Hd showfed Wotui'es of disjiky at Algbiia. Thfe sUM§r ffar our parents was discussed and our club was divided into two groups to serve 'Wo, different mea& Talks were giVeft by'MaU- re'en Kava'haugH ahd.SEindi Po- |ratz. A learn ' given Charlotte filbert ahS- Mary Beth. Foley shotted u& "how to; Hteke . an' icebe«'c6am Car'61',Artllkef demonstrated ;6L the .subjtitf, ot "Quick Sandwich — The Quickie Steaks ^and -a s third team demon- stratipn* was given., by -Baf bftva Dr*ier vl Midr Dfonh/ ;Mui]ift. The holteasesV Mary M6DMftell and Barbara Drone, served lunch, teases, Mry Mcfiohrtell and Barbara Drone, served lunoh. F-B Womens Day The annual' Farm bureau Women's Day, will be hold at the KG Hail, Alfiona, tomorrow (Friday), April 7, at 1:3,0 p.m. I B 'tsp. P9pptr; 1/8 tsp. ground cloves; \ cup apricat aectar; fa cupi caj- sup; V4 cup drained crushed pineapple; Vz teasp. lemon juice. Combine ham, bread crumbs, onion, gree« pepper, egg and sea- sonings. Shape into a loaf and place in a pan 9x5x3 inches. Mix remaining ingredients and pour on top. Bake at 350 degrees for one ^ hour. Serves 6. • .-.,-.,..„ — GRACE. : Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper See Bud Zender Fpr THE FINEST CUSTOM TAILORED CLOTHES HOP for ME Located in OulUm Hardware CAMPBELL'S All None Meat Bass SOUPS MIX OR MATCH 7 - sloo BLEACH and CLEANSER HILEX 49 C U.S.P.A. CHOICE BEEF STEAK'S ROUND SIRLOIN CLUB STEAK STEAK STEAK RIB CUT ALL FLAVORS JELLO Gal. Ju 9 79 C >- 85 Reg. Rkgs. 100% PURE SHORTENING GROUND BEEF 2 ">• 3,Lb. Can ' 73 NEARLY BONELESS LEAN PORK STEAK ib. 49 C SKINLESS WEINERS 2 HBT BH Ibs. 75' DEL MONTE HORMEL'S DAIRY ~ ANY THICKNESS CATSUP ISLICED BACON it 3 14Oz. Bottles CUT UP READY FOR THE PAN •JBBHM ^•^^•V IB ^*** ' **' I****"^*^ I I «^IX I I Ib r^^l^l 57 C I FRYING CHICKENS COCK OF WALK BRAND PEACHES $100 No. 2'/2 Cans • NABISCO-PREMIUM ;/••• ' V . . Crackers 25 lib. Box GOLD MEDAL FLOUR $179 25 Lb. Bag , PILLSB,URY'S CAKE MIX CHOCOLATE - WHITE - YELLOW 3 Reg Pkgs. 79 FLEISCHMANN'S MARGARINE 3 CORN OIL i Lb. Pkgs. $100 VAN CAMP PORK & BEANS 4' L : 49 SILVERDALE FROZEN VEGETABLES r Reg. Pkgs. $100 DROP O' GOLD VANILLA 8Oz. Bottle 15 SUNSHINE HI-HO CRACKERS 12Oz. Box ^^^^^* ^PUP^v BANANAS Lb. RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT For 29 EVAPORATED PET MILK KRAFT'S MIRACLE WHIP Quart Jar 3 Tall Can 45 CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE Rolls NEW USEFUL Reg. Pkg. 25c INSTANT POWDERED PET MILK 89 KITCHEN KLATTER CLEANSER Large Pkg. 63 PILLSBURY'S PIE CRUST STICKS I STiAM (RON CLEANER E-ZTIME Quart Bottle 69 NESTLl'S QUIK 1 Lb. Box -POUCY- You Can Be Sure When You Shop At Farewpy That Ypu Get The Savingl Advantage Of All Th« Lowest Prices. You'll Save CASH By Shopping At Fareway. PRICES EFFECTIVE APRIL 6th TO APR)), 13th. oeno OISTRIBUTION k

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