The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 2
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o says T— *T-,~W — £r~ r —'? aJSw widi| to S6c thifjm . . . while , journey out to Fort Sumter, We did visit Fourt Mouflitrie, tod believe it or not it is hardly marked, and a school has been con- itructed-right-in front of two of the main gun emplacements . , , but • the fottifkaitions em intact, I *' ' • - ' * * '•'*•••• • < v • ••• 1 •.?:•:-.-• ': ; A« for the Gttoliitafj all we can say Is that If the British ever thought ithey could catch Marion, "The Swamp Fox", they sure were ftn for a fpUgh lesson ^, . where we are sWy&tft&nighlt is near the - t — f)t»hi which President Kennedy got a'ii^cker that heflps his " ^Ei^-!-^ WUcyfc andjttew weiKhow wp: the roads ' lag|ing.tfufeks ** ffi$y Rafting pUje logs i»;thait chair . r. ; bft ^-V ithjs ev^nf W&aw^ietuteS of the Cedar Kivef g at Eya«sdaleV> n?ttr Waterlotf^; . sfofttt worfdV.^ V John 5 thinks thfefe are more people on T-V commercials than there are farming ... and he has decided .that the South'* biggest crop is colored kids . . , we've varied our diet to meet .the specialities Of the area afid th> noon It was roasted oysters at Myntfle Beach, S. C. : "Jnfepvenin| at W§s baked ham — we're only a stone's throw from .Virginia, where we go tomorrow, enroutq 16 New York ... we expect to cross Chescpeake Bay from Cape Henry to Cape Charttes via car ferry,,a 1% hour trip, and if all .goes Well will be in New Vork itqhjdiTOW night... if all goes wedl! The Big City expressways may not Be Used to Iowa license numbers. NEW YORK CITY — A couple of country boys reached New York in time for Easter, after a journey from Florida that began to seem a long, long way. ,' .From Charleston, S. C. to Norfolk our highway .passed through inlets, over rivers, in and out of pine timber, and some tobacco land after getting into Virginia . . . dn fact the day before we reached New York we passed through four states and into a fifth — So. Garo- lina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and onto the New Jersey Turnpike ... on the Turnpike nightfall caught us about 50 miles out of New York so we took No. 8 exit and found a motel, to arise anew the next day and tackle the problem of going through Manhattan to Long Island finding Font Tatteni military post. .*,*..*.-'-Studying maps can be a hobby and an interesting pastime — but here at is something of a necessity ... we figured that by exiling from the Turnpike at No. 16 we would reach the Lincoln Tunnel, and we did without any (trouble. This 50,cent toll ride took us under the Hudson river and when you come out you are reailly in New York, right in midtown. Perhaps it was our Iowa license bu ?u a "y, rate we traversed 34th street easily across Manhattan to the Midtown Queens tunnel, a 25 cent toll, and emerged on the other side on the Long Island Expressway. '•'.-.''•' '•'•*•• .* * . All this transpired without undue incident, but getting off the Expressway and; to Fort Totteh was something else. We found that .the cross-connecting street on our map was not indicated on any Expressway turnoffs, and first thjng we knew we had left New York City s limits and-entered Nassau County on Long Island. This caled for a turnaround, and believe me you don'it make any "U" turns on the street corners here, but we managed, and after several more false. tuTns..anid with the help of a bus driver, finally found the Fort Tqbten post. Incidentally, this is a military post that was constructed under, Robert E. Lee while We was with the Federal forces. It com-' mands — or did — the entrance to the East River from Long Island Sound, and is beautifully situated. .. - ' ***••' John Kain and I were pretty glad Jo get he|e, ahd for the first time m two years I saw my brother'and his wife. We were assigned to a bachelor officers quarters only a short distance from the apart- mentpf my brother on the base . . . after more than .two weeks of traveling over 3,400 miles John and I are not quite ais well equipped With fresh, clean clothes as we were at the start, but we managed to; find clean shirts 'and pressed pants for the occasion . . . in fact John did a little.replenishing at'the post PX . . . unfortunately a light drizzle is falling as this is written, but we still expect to do a little sightseeing today and tomorrow before starting for Iowa. ',''.'' ':..'••* * ,v John hasn't said w.'buj I rather think it would be hard to,sell him any New .Yjprfc real estate, .;foj- ai permanent residence, but it's a raighty interesting spot to see , . .-and there is a real market here for what Iowa does best — raising meat ... a good steak, they tell us, in a reasonably—priced restaurant, costs about $6 ... but we ate last evening'oh the base at the dining room and had lobster tail and clam chowder and a wonderful meal . . . the writer's brother has an outstanding collection of items, many antiques, picked up from aJLover the world during 21 years of army life, including coins, figurines, armor, pistols and historic and genuine letters from people of bygone history, both here and abroad . . . one in fact was wri'bten by General George Washington discharging a soldier from ithe Continental Army ... so off to International Airport at Idlewild, where this portion will probably be mailed '. . . John wonders how the flights are running to Copenhagen and Timbuctoo, but I'll do my pest to keep him hornet NOTES OP SERVICE MEN FORT BENJAMIN HARRISON, IND. — Army Pvt. Kenneth R, Klocke, son of Mr and Mrs Walter G. Klocke, Ledyard, completed the eight-week finance procedures course at The Finance School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind, March 24. Klocke was trained in matters relating to the acquiring, disbursing and accounting of funds. The 19-year-old soldier entered the Army last November and received basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. He is a 1959 graduate of Swea City High School. DACHAU, GERMANY —Army Pvt. Eldon K, Thompson, 23, son of Mr &nd Mrs Lawren E, Thompson, Lakota, recently arrived in Germany and is now a member of the, 53d Engineer Company. Thompson, a djese] engine repair specialist in the company in Dachau, entered the Army last September and completed basic training t Fort Bclvoir, Va. He attended Dakota High School and was employed by Mqrtenson Implement in Swea Gity, before entering t|ic Army KANECHE BAY (FHTNC) — Marjne Pfc. Robert H. Lappe, son of Mr and Mrs Louis H. Lappe of Lakota, serving with the First ACarino Brigade at the Marine Corps Air Station, Keneohe Bay, Hawaii, will take part in a large U.S. Pacific Fleet exercise during the Spring of 1B81. Nicknamed "Green Light", the exercise will be conducted by the U.S. First Fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral C. L. Nelson. Divided into three phases, ''Green Light" will involve more than 30,000 men, 150 ahips and 300 Navy and Marine Corps aii- iTaft and will cover a two-month period from April 3 to June 3. All elements of Navy and Marine G«TJJS striking power will be ox- erei*B(J dUfinjf this 'period. Ttos series ol ^Derations j s a part .of the continuing program to keep ships and men of the Pacific Fleet in a high state of training and readiness. In addition, these exercises are designed to further increase the readiness and mobility of the U.S. First Fleet and keep it prepared to move anywhere at any time in its role of preserving peace. Betty Mitchell OfBurtWeds Burl — Mr and Mrs Donald Mitchell announce the marriage of their daughter, Betty Lu, to Alexander M. Meyers, son of Alderman and Mrs Fred P. Meyers Milwaukee, Wis. Saturday, Mar 25, in Racine, Wis. The bride is a graduate ol Burt high school and the University of Iowa and since her graduation from the university has been the Racine, Wis. home economist for the Wisconsin Electric Power Company. The groom, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, plant metallurgist at Bell City Malleable Iron and Racine Stell Castings Company. After a short wedding trip the couple will he at home at Racine, Wis. (UJJM Engraving) Dorm Secretary . daughter oi Mr and Mrs Edward Bormann, Bode has teen fleeted secretary of West Linden Dormitory at I uwa Slate Uaiveriity for the year A family dinrtet was held Eafc- tef at the home of Mr and Mrs Willis Colwell. In attendance were Mrs Colwell's mothei 1 , Mrs 0. G. Day, Clarion, Mr and Mrs Merle Bruell, Klemme and Mrs Hugh Colwell. Mrs Hugh Colwell was recently visited by Dr, and Mrs Harold Banwart, Adel. Mr and Mrs Sid Spear were visited last Wednesday by Mr and Mrs Aaron Hans, Lakota'; Mr dhd Mrs Clyde Lloyd and Mr artd Mrs Sid Spear visited with Mr and Mfcr Martin gartner, Saturday at Mason 1 ' The Lloyds artd Spears' wefr-din' nei 4 guests Easter bf Mrs BirtM Lloyd, mother of Clyde, at 6ritt. : Mr and Mrs Adrian Sterling are leaving today (Thursday) from Mason City for Costa Mesa, Calif., where,they will visit three weeks With Mr fthS Mrs Stanley Miller. They i will be joined at Iowa Falls -by' MrY Sterling's 1 sister Mrs Ltlliarf Welch, who will' visit with a son in Los Angeles. Larry Htitiell and his fiartcee, Karen Barta, Waterloo, were Jtester walefd "flesH ott fmer's patttftts 1 ,, Mr aftd Mrs- I* ***„»** J.L& fit the low^ySMle' tlaciv lege, Cedar Fal& " '' f , Ralph Moe has been seribusly sick with pneumonia and is at St. Ann hospiaL He has improved and is now out of the -oxygen tent A family reunion was held Easter at which all the .children and their families Were present, Jane, Mrs Dexter Stein, and Richard Moe, of Sioux City, ,Mafy, Mrs'Earl Ganger. of ! 'Art^ •derson, Calif., Shirley, Mrs fed Monger, Of Omaha, Neb;, • and Tom, Algona'. Mrs Ted Iffshlef'; of Miami, Fla., sister of Ralph, was also present. Mr and Mrs Jerry Thuenle fcpSht Tuesday arid Wednesday at MinneSpblis' attending "the*Spdrts Show. Mrs Hallard Snyder came home Mdnday from 'Dos Moines Where she' ha"s ( been with Mr Snyder in the Veteran 'hospital. M* arid Mf« James Kate sp'ent the'faskr weekend at Idr"" $rfttf tm paterits Mr artti •\ Mf atid Mf* dprwin p&tt tpiht Friday and Saturday at" Iowa City. They attended the indooi 4 track meet in which their .son Gary took part. Marian' Moth, student at Briarcliffe college, Sioux City r returned there Monday having concluded her Easter vacation which she spent with her parents, Mr and Mrs Harold Roth,' • -, ; T and Mrs Dean SJbgrsn re. centiy, spent four 'days' here with tlje fathel* Gu| SjOgWh ah'd bro- s therS Dick and Doni' They ^re from West Covina, Calif.; and had been at International Falls, Minn., called there by the death of Mrs Sjpgren's niother., Mr and Mrs Harold Smith had as Easter 1 , dinner guests Mf ahd Mrs Elvin Mo&r'e and family," of Sreene, Mrs Edna Klchter", of Titonka and Mrs Orville Beresford, of Kanawha. •i Mr and Mrs : John Sifts h,d : At ahd Mft Robert -Daniels af d ':8UzaMtR 'AhH, of Des Molnfcs •i tfld M?| Sires' parents,. Mr 'arid ! rtS A.M? 'Hanson, of Armstrong as fiaM'er dinner guests., . ; . Ai the First Lutheran churdh Sunday, morning... Mt • ahd M -s Norman. Christian, 8na- farhly were 1 Wkeri fntd MembeTshlp/Mr Christian is manager of tha Gamble store. • •« MM Clark Orion stfe: at Mason City with Mr' Wilson--Aberflathjft and her s6n Wsb . ner 1 guests of Mr%nd Mrs _ _. tjMi jrf Wtjst Bfend/1 "i ,,"—* tyfrs Glenn Slrayer and sejn G.lenn Jr., drove to Rochester, Minn., last week to ' bring' -Mr Str%yer "Home.' lie Has" been f.4- ceiving therapy'for fl'tiack.injflrV and'Will fetunr td 1 trje, hospital hi'another* week.'*f!h route tli^y stdpped at ;Blue Earth, Minn., ;o" see Mrs Strayer's sister Mrs Leo Keefe, who is hospitalized and while at Rochester she visit- ,ed wltli ^. TJftftfaflff-JaW-^ent. ne^ who is in the Methodist hospital. He recently/suffered a siiaht Htrakef.' <•-•"•;!< i •: fiailet dlnfleir filisfa of My and Mrs Harvey Steven Were Mr and Mrs Everett »Hodgitt and son Jdhn, of Aldep, Mr dhd'Mrs Leo Steven, Jmty ahct Davp, Qfevid. is a student at Morningslde 'college, SioUx City. Other callers in the'afteffidbtrwefe'Mf and Mrs Everett, Steyjffli 0exto«. '~ Mr flhd Mrt • Hatpld Sundei we^e Visited ffdm Friday till ?««<*?y, py. »?..»?«!• m °the I( i, Ott&sen. ,. «U Samp were d Sujiday by Bradbury, visited Satur Mr arid 1 MM C|ty., Sarah from ..LflOkfeort.-l had yi|ited\witJf' ral wi&fig. • • : -u., MJ afld Mtt-H«f*$ Hoenk spent • the ' weeftehd '»>'at Bull Shoals, near Mountain Home, Ark., and did some fishing. returned ^re she U r Vf!s sever PRICES FOR APRIL 6-7-8 tH and Trfmmni UWJUL'S VALUE W*T «JUST CAN'T MEAT THAT NATIONAL MEAT" Tender Juicy CORN FE& Wifh Tliaf Womfcrful Cora Fed Flavor RflMIS TENDER CORN FED ROUND BONE SHOULDER CUT STEAKS P«rU. ^BACON .2-Lb. Pke. . ^, ---»••• wvBiwnvw Bjj 2-Lb. PacUg. A Ac '/»'»' »L , . . : Toppy Skinless Franks, 2-Lb. Pkg. W PER(JH FILLETS SWISS Steaks %£if«&z;& LB.|...... ©ROUND FRESH SEVERAL TIMES DAILY '' Ground BEEF GUARANTEED Fresh. Lean and Delicious PER LB 2-Lb. Pkg. »P AiriMeat Smoked Links, 12-oz. Pkg. 59° CORN FED HINDS ,„«.... 55c FRONTS , wu . 47c SIDES ,„„. _ 43c FEEB PEOOEflSINO DeBciotrt Creamy Regular Puddingj „ The<« Delicious Flavors: • VANIttA •CHOCOLATE • CHOC. MINT • BUTTERSCOTCH • COCONUT CREAM • JEMON PKGS ^ 50 KING KORN STAMPS FREE • rUh a $2.50 purchase and this coupo* i at your NATIONAL FOOD STORE ONE COUPON EXPIRES ' PER FAMILY. APRIL 8. 1961 29 1 COOKIES TO GIVE COMPLETE SATISFACTION OR YOUE MONEY REFUNDED Shortening Snow, white pure vegetable shortening— th« very you can buy for flaky pie cruits, tender cakes, ail frying and baking. 3-Lb. CAN 13 VARIETIES Fresh «nd deBdouj, you'll find several of your iw one$ you , VOL. 1 Still on Sale Only 1USOI07JS Special Money Savers I, SAUCE, PIES OR SHORTCAKE Sliced or Halves BIO No. 2i/ a OAK Golden Book Encyclopedia 49« Tw 8 ooc * * on Sale f t SPJCJAL K.NG KORN VALUE NatSK^hS BRISK DELIOIOUS FLAVOR, LESS TOAK A PENNY A CUP, ORANGE PEKOE Natco Tea Bags imI? r if'SS5 lk ' d ""• mm t*™- "OUT FLUFIY MOTHOT m * JIITT Corn Muffin Mix D I • LJ iri .ii.... ^' HOME STYIE STEW WITH NONE OF THE FTTBS AND MUSS Robm Hood Flour so ft' 3 " Top-taste Beef Stew National Is Famous {or Tea 100 COUNT PRO. .V,. 29 99 m I J| oq V 'II \A/ f NBC " ^•" -*•*"•'**' •~*+*+m ««li«»V¥ VM - "VlJ vanilla Waters 7^ 25c NATCO, NO. 303 CANS • Ofta . WWPZlCAN VITAMIN RICH ^M ZEST COUPONS HWE Grapef rult Hearts ... ,*l«"« 99* Stokely Tomato Juice 33 f **. ^^ ^^ 4± *^ ^lOCFt. 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