The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY. 20, 193(5 ULXTHEVJI-LE, (AUK.) COUH1BII NEWS 'LIS IIS , Chief Crime Fighter Chief of Federal Crime Fighters Is Now Turning Fire On Theft Rings By KOUNKY BUTCHER WASHINGTON.— Big-time bond thieves and jewel robbers who go iti for individual "takes" running into hundreds of thousands of dollars are next on the list of Dlrcc- lor J. Edgar Hoover and his "G- nicn" in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There has been no important kidnaping no\v for a full year. The last ot the important kidnapers have just been rounded up an-J sentenced to long terms. . nank robberies 'nave been cut from an average ot 16 to four'a month since Hoover's men turned I heir attention to that brand of crime. Important arrests nnd convictions have been made in the bond and jewel rackets, but some ol the bl? shots arc still free and there is much loot to be recovered, Hoover isn't saying much about (his phase, but he is making what lie calls a. "bird-dog" survey to find the best spots to start a large number of ills Investigators, now released from the Knrpis, Campbell Mahan, and Robinson hunts. i'OKJI KEY TO CHARACTER On Hoover's richly appointed desk stands a framed copy of Kipling's celebrated inspirational poem. "If—". This, item, presumably a gift from the mother with whom he, a bachelor of 41, lives, seems something of a Upon on Ihc Hoover character. Earnest, dynamic, high-powered executive, Hoover lives his Job 24 hours a day, consecrates himself lo il, and acts very much as though iie was keeping one eye on the poem. And. ,as everyone knows lie lias done nn outstanding job. Interviewing Hoover is an experience. I waited an hour and a half after the appointed time—an all- time record—gazing again and again at the Diltingcr guns and death mask, bullet-proof vesls and hangman's hoods 'kept in glass cases in the big reception room. Snappy-looking young men kept trotting in and out—visitors made Hie, rounds of exhibits, escorted by bright young, men who urge them lo ask questions. HE'S HKAU.Y ISUSV . When you are finally admitted lo Hoover's ultra-modern office. ,. and walk 30 feet or more to his desk Us he rises to greet you, lie. •• delav so graciously that -,you' : d6n't nW'tt'ie wait. 1 •'?'''.. " And , you see .that, he really is busy. Phones ' r'liig every two'min- utes Whoever is on the other end gct-s clipped, decisive answe Hoover talks rapidly, and his voice teems with energy, p'.ivsical vitality, and the urge for uplift. "Criminals read newspapers much more religiously than the law- abiding element," • Hoover says "They seek any information they can get as lo what we're up to. "But usually it's ego, too. Dil- liiigcr had liirce suitcases full of clippings. It llallcrs them to be known as 'Public Enemy Number —•" We don't call them that. I'd rather call them 'Public Rals.'-'fake the glamour off. "We had 12 'c< —12 parts in varfJus parts of the country to b2 watc'hed where we thought he or some clew or contact might appear. That ties up tliree men to the cover, sometimes six, working on eight-hour shifts. Now those men are all released for our other work. . . . AFTER KIDNAP HELPERS "Our kidnaping cases aren't cleaned up yet. We're still after the small fry. aiders, abettors, liar- borers, anj other minor assistants Tiierc were only six Dtllinger gang members, but we've convicted 26 accessories. '.'We want to make those criminals typhoid germs—touch them nnd you gel it. Make It so tough for their accomplices that the big criminal becomes a lone wolf, lone wolk can't succeed. ..." "Why call all those men rats?" I asked. "To take tbc romance out of crime. They hate to' bo called .That. Also for boyhood. We don't want boys to glorify those fellows And It takes the glamour off them for the small fry. "We want clean, intelligent young men to grow up and go into law enforcement, which has been a dumping ground for political hacks. "No reason why we shouldn't man our police departments with men of Intelligence and .character such as we have here. We never tap wires and'never use the third degree. "Wo want lo retain public support. We hop-3 public opinion vill demand efficient, intelligent police. The average police officer wanls to be honesl—if politicians will let him alone. RACKETS CLEANED UP "Repeal left many young fellow? 30 years old or less without occupations. They. didn't want to go back to farm or factory and some .thought kidnaping was the next easiest, racket, others took to bank robbing. We have fiioss rackets pretty well cleaned up. "But we have 7000 nnasstgned cases and 8000 under. Investigation —bank frauds. Impersonations of government officials. einbmlemcat.s motor vehicle thefts, crimes on government reservations, crimes • involving carrying of loot' of more than J5000 over state lines. Six hundred Invesligalors now -and - J .ions Club Team Purchas- PAGE FIVB Greenwood,'Miss., On Chicks'j" Grid iron Schedule for 1936 A lO-iimnr -schedule, Including] llio Mroni: 'Greenwood. Miss, liluh , number of nitractive home | school eleven. Greenwood, wlvleh produces ynir In uiul out ono of names bill with lhe "big" teams ol centra! mid western Arkansas mlttln'g. us In llio pnsl, hus been mrunijed for the lilytheville Chlck- The lp3G gridiron of UK' sthto the .slronuesl trams In Mississippi, v.'lll piny the Chicks licrc 30. BY. AKT KltKN/. N'KA Hrrvlt'* (lolf Writer When n . rlght-linndcd' batter .swings loo soon- In bnsebutl, Ihc Two open d.ilcs remain, on llio'Will is hit lo left field. When he opponent lni.,.1 The 1'htlllps Motor company purchased the club franchise of wilt meet one new Jimmie Uell in the Commercial ixtt tall league from Jinnes llluk-j nuiii Uell and will sponsor the club In the future. The club hits Srrn operated this season under, tlie burner of lhe Lion's club. l-vupuc officials, at a meeting' yoslcrdiiy, approved lhe transfer the franchise from Bell to the Phillips Mclor company, after the denl had been tentatively closed. ... v . .... .. .'•noji'cl lo approval of the league IICICIlil 1 Olllh, WIlO HitS directorate, by Dell and Russell' Phillips, president of lhe motor ccmpany, Hie day before. J. C. Kinnlnghain has .been named manager of the club,^succeeding Prank Whltworth; 1 : who wit temporarily In charge of llir lejini nnd^r nn ngrccmenl with Uell, \Vhil\vorth has been sold to the Pastime club. Incidentally the franchise se. cured by Phillips has "traveled" more tlian any other 111 the loop. H has been owned by the Klrby-| wl " ll « championship \vhlch has IJoll Drug company, Terry's State, ^scn held for llio past'two yenrs Line Service Station and-by- Mr. i ty Curtis Collier of Fort Smith, Bell, who operated lhe team last 1 HUNllc eliminated Collier In the year for Dell's Pharmacy. H has s <™l-minls, three and one. operated this year as the Lions! Tlnnln, lormcr contain ot Trie club team. University of Texas golf lemn, won only four holes, although his total was only (wo over par. H was the llrsl stale toimm- TlmnksKlvInt! Day game. Into right Held. When Hie ball Is Take Up Monday Where They Led Off In Draw. Maicli ' Hex By J. 1". FHIKNI) (Tex) Mobley, A'liiarlllo, Played flcve, Wins State Amaleur Tide HOT SPRINGS. A'rk.. May 2!).— Frank Slledle. 21-year-old Helena youth, defeated Jnck Tliiittn of Little Hoek. Ihrcc up and Iwo to play, to \vlti Ibc Arkansas atnalaur yoH _ I championship liere yesterday. Stledlc never was behind, lie shot ono muter par over 34 holes to The other opi;n date is'Nov. 13, hit smmrely 'It Is rifled, directly when the (Jhlcks would like 10 Iliroiijth- the 'pitcher's box, I Texas, nnd Hoy Welch. Hie'canny pluy avroy from Home, | The mine Is true In golf Hit- (lllm Wildcat, will take up where The 'ultr-iictlro home schedule, ling too soon sends Ihc sphere lo tllcsl left off '" n " pirorL to settle In addition lo ChuMiwooil,' calls Ihc Icfl In a hook. Hilling loo tl;clr wrc ' IIIn sr differences Monday fur llu> appearance here of the t—— — • — ; , 1 1 " llt ll1 H'o feature event of Pro•-- - moter Mike Mcroncy's American Legion weekly mat card. Three weeks ago Ineic tuo griip- . plod lo a dogfall In a' ninety minute time limit match. At the conclusion ot the sensational exhibition both had secured one fall'and were no bolter olMlum w'nch they started, However. It was the opinion or ninny of Uiu fans that had Ihc match gone five nilmilcs longer Mobley would have been'the winner. The ton Texan hud-the Wildcat all landed up wllh a double toe nud leg lock nnd In' a bad way. Heipiesls were limde lo the matchmaker for n return engagement. Minus all the modern show and wild ladles, Ihc two 'arllsls put mi ouo of t'ne best And'-most'sci- entific wrestling contests staged here for some time lio\ took the first fall wllh a wlis of devastating head locks In thlrtj one mtn- J. Edgar Hoover, who successfully placed sleuthing on a mass ^reduction basis as head of the Department, of Justice's Bureau ui Investigation, an incorruptible y.cclot tor law. order, and the rl»ht He is fhe chief reason why the "cops" side is getting more popular when the kids ploy "cops and rob bers." 250 more, provided by Congress, af- ler July. But that's not enough." Eond and jewel thieves have operated chiefly in New York and other big centers, although Jewci thieves often turn their attention Lo resort towns. his elbow while recording deliveries In an entry book. ON A I.OKG TlfAIL /trail which led from New York to I Washington, Topjka, Nassau, West The •gem thief Is likely to look i Palm Itoich, Paris, and Monte like \rtial Hoover culls tbe "race track type." He barges into places where he call spot wealthy women with 1 jewelry, 1 sometimes bribes a servant it he can, and sometimes Carlo. Operating from yachts and a Fiench c'natcau, members of the ring were dually found offering the j securities at cut prices to wealthy waits weeks for a chance to make | men on the Riviera. his grab. I In New York Hoover's men ar. Subsequently, through a go-be- 1 rested eight alleged crooks and rc- Ureen, "nc is likely to negotiate I covered $310,000 of lhe notes; :nl ' wlth' 1 company or t'ne victitn'' To'r"; p'ayhiciU' 1 'of a "certain percentage.-of. .the value for return Monte Carlo they netted two men and S440.000. : , i Other members of the gang and That's one reason Hoover n't talk about these cases. does- Courier News Classified Ads Pay of "the Stolen property. This is less! most of t'ne loot remain to b3 ac- rlsky than an clfort to psddle the i counted for. "O-mcii" and New jewels. ' : . ,i jj | York police are still on the trail. Hoover says the offers arc accepted all too often—especially when an insurance company figures out that it's cheaper to pay $50,01)0 or 515,000 for return of the loot than to pay the victim perhaps $150,000.or $200.000. HOW GANG OPERATES Recent arrests of members of an international bond theft ring showed how bond thieves operate. The same gang is credited with robbery of S590.000 in Treasury notes in December. 1934. from a cage t>f the U. S. Trust Company of New- York and of $1450,000 in T^asury "es from' a messenger in the securities delivery room of C J. Devine & Co. of Wall street In January, 1935. Iir the first instance a clerk had placed Ihc notes 2". feet from the wicket, but had left lhe cage for about 10 minutes. The noles wsrc gone w'nen he returned. There were other men in lire cage, but none was suspected. Hoover says he knows how the notes were extracted, but won't tell, he- cause-the method was simple and might put ideas in people's "neads. The thieves then flew the loot to Nassau and later carried it to,Eu- | : rope for sale. The $1,450,000 haul was in a black leather wallet which a messenger laid on a window ledge sit 1 A NCIENT 4 A GE '30 proof Scrniglic Bourhon Whiskey. / DistillctiinCiinnda. THIS WHISKEV IS O YEARS Locnl Hoys Will' Have Trials For' "Soap .Box .Derby'' ; tncnl In which Sticxllc had I played. Blythcville boys, 9 lo 15 years 'Id, will have a chance lo win tiiL? onp isox Derby, the annual raw or 'nome made "cars," for the.first ime this year. Boys here will', build their own nccrs with three to be selected, lo nakc t'ne trip to Memphis for s'cc- lonal elimination. Winners at Memphis will go to the natioml :ontcst at Akron where grand prlz- s will be awarded. The Tom A. Little Chevrolet lompany here will have official rule books and "licenses" available for local boys so that they may be?in to build their racers, within short time. • '• 7 Stledle pjrllclpnlcd In the 'I'rl- Slatc tourney 'ocrc about three years ago. Jonesboro ' HunlcaiH'. the -,..,.„. Clly Thorobreds, Newport, IMu- gotl and'Corning, The Chicks, will no away from home |Q play I'anigould nnd Walnut Ridge. IX'Spllo the Chicks' Impri'.ulve two year winning streak, without a defoal, the usual hue and cry went up from (he central anil western part of the stale during last fall's I'tfoil;, lo tirningi) u game between Hie Chicks and Kebnis Unit the Chicks had not played "Anybody." Finally whr-n all negotiations for the "diamp- tcnshlp" game fell lliroligh Bly- Ilievlllo .schedule nuikors tried un- with Hot IN THE CHANCERY COUR'I FOR THE CHICK AS A W 13 A DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. !i. C. Land Company, a corporation, nnd John a. lloyt, Trustee, Plaintiffs. vs. Fred Arumntrout, Ralph Annan- silccessfully to book games little 'Hock, I'lnc Bluff, Sin-Ings and other so-called "big llnic" teams. The best offers the. .Chicks could get, despite state wide recognition given last year,' w>re for opening games on llio schedules of some of llio whoU. Sufh otters wore refused, Chlcka- saw' officials believing lhe Blyilie- vllle. leiiin was .entitled to a much belter poslllon on the schedule of any. : lcnm In lhe slalc In view ot Its record. Next season's schedule follow;!: Sept. 25, Corning, here. .Oct. i, I'lggoll, here. . Cci. II, Jouesbin-o. here. 'Oct. 10. Paragoiild, there. .Oct. 2:t, Walnut filditc. there. Oct. :iO. Greenwood (Miss.), here. .tarv. B, Newport, here. Nov. la, open date (preferably ilway from home). Nov. 20. Forrest City. here. trout; Frank Edwards and Ills .wife, Mrs. Frank. Edwards, Defendants. WARNING OltDKK The defendant. Fred Annan- trout, Is warned to appear In the Chancery Court within thirty days and answer complaint of plaintiff. R. C. Land ' company. Witness niMllinud as Clerk ol i raid Court anil the seal thereof Texas still owes, a Wai' debt on i oil this the 2D day of May, 1930. " H.-.M.' Craig, Clerk. Uy A.'F Smith D C Nov. open, here. Thanksgiving .nd. ,l,e ball Mi'alghl down the u^'^Mob^ evened''tfie.oiil^ln . n ,r i", , ,-' yi mlmilt ' s » il » » lolling locking A correctly t,lnicd shot requires clinlr split !!«-fflrWtovSi'rt^!^ "«„« TST RLno - iue.lhe club down will, a'pul, «,f ^ it^A^SS "Wild Bill Rush Nashville, rcnn, will provide the opposition' 1 In an, oilier ninety minute ' time limit 'llii! power .of :.l)ie-: right hand' mulch, two best (nils out'of .three Ihc left hand with the wrists sllll eoeked. a .second after ,lhe left heel lias been replaced, . . enters the hands ap proach . t.he ball.. ;, snapping tho clubhend throiioh. /.n.thnl ll'niccls . the ball Etjunrcly ..... An'ierlcanK dreiik Billions of beer,.'05.54-1,1)20 nations deciding the Issue. Viic miUchmaker, M'.ke Mcro- ney, will handle, bolh events as rcf- .•.-.•' - I crcc. The American Legion Bowl ~' ! will bii the scene of action.and-will I,a51,l)54,:i4'j get under way promptly al .8:30, of liquors, • 25,000,000 ' gallons of wine In Hie :j'CnV eiidlns June llfteen minutes laler llian the usual starling lime. ]M. 1035. I Head Courier'News uins^illcd Ads. the money it borrowed : -to win il.? independence 1«3G. from Mexico, OLD Be natural— Drink with a smile — not with a frown It's a test Mayflower will pass with flying colors Schculcy's Mayflower is known to most Rye "fans" as the lightest, mildest-tasting on the market., Yet it's full 90 proof. SCHENLEY'S MAYFLOWER Sir-night Rye Whiskey—90 Proof Nature's Natural Rye OLD SCHENLEY BOTTLED IN BOND under U. S. Gov't supervision What'.more need be said? Only this —that this is Schcnley's own 100 proof straight .whiskey — which means 'American whiskey at its very best! Copyright 19Jf-. SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YORK The U when v next highball there is i thc"ilonhlc-ri Bourbon You don't have to be rich to enjoy rich whiskey" You'll taste a barrel of quality in every drop of this friendly straight ivhiskey Old Quaker sticks to every, rule bf'finc distilling, even thougli it's sold at a friendly price! You just can't get Old Quaker richness in whiskey made any other way. As you prefer in BOURBON or RYE II bears lhe SCHENLEY MARK of MERIT SCHENLEY'S CREAM of KENTUCKY PROOF S'IRAIOHT BOURBON WHISKEY This famous blended whiskey is SCHENLEY'S' ; ALL whiskey! Golden Wedding Schcnley's finest -blend-6f< . straight whiskies ' : ;': The popularity of Golden Wedding is your best assurance that you; too, will find-this;dc! blend of straight • whiskies a value far beyond the 6rice. AS YOU PREfER IN BOURBON;ok RYE

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