The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1961 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1961
Page 4
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. . OUH DASHCHUHB, GIOGIT, WHO TH6flOtJGHLY reads the • Algona Upper Des Moiries — set up a.big howl last weejk. when she „ came to a particular item on rthe f rotit psg&'.'33pgs should jfe cpnfin- . ed!" she yipped, "we'll see about that I! 1 Her eafts stoc«j up, her -tall « bristled and you could tell she'was v&cy toad. "I'lltake this ujrjtffth ; Rocky—he's the mayor's pet", she whined, "This shouldn't hap^ejn r ito a dog!" Then she Scratched oh ithe door to be let out. * -:;.'- ';.-*'• '.- * '* . ••-.•• * FlRSjf FRIEND SHE MET was Penny Muckey. Her owner, « Stan is on the council, and Gidgit attd Penny are neighbors who Often - discuss the subject of whether Algona will finally go to <the dogs. ? They wertt over to Lucky Post's house because [they'd heard Lucky's , master was in the moving business and they definitely had some' „ thing they wanted to start moving. They visited Susie Steele because * they thought Bill Steele as secretary of the Chamber of Commerce '. could promote something for them, and they discussed it with Duke . Waller to see If he had any influence on getting their cause public• lied in the paper. ' • . • ' "' - • «',»*• A WHILE LATER THEY ALL t:ame back with a paper. There I. v/ere over 125 paw marks on it, and they aske"d me if Td present it . to the Algona city council. This is the petition, straight from the dogs' mouths: ' ; <.- '. • . • - # * * "WE THE UNpEBSJGNEp, PETITION the council of the city o. Algona to take action on the number of children running at large in Algona. We asjc thait their owners either tie up their youngsters on their own property all of the time or haye them under strict c6ntrod when not on leash". (••-.-••• . , - * • *•••«' "WE WJSp TO <3O ON RECORD that many of the undersigned have boys or-girls of their own so our requests do not come from any lack of love for them. But we feel people are b'.arkjng up the wrong tree if they think it is ithe canine friends who do the most property damage. Human youngsters tear up more .things than a dog can wag a tail, at: They make more'noise shouting-than dogs do by yapping and, they make more holes in the ground building hide-outs than dogs ever do when they hide bones." . , ««»••.. "JUST THE OTHER DAY. a local lady looked out her window and saw six youngsters in her yard, crawling up -the garage roof and doing all sorts of things to her rock wall. .She shooed them away and made a complaint to (their .owners who just laughed at her. Just the day before, two of these undersigned dpgs were investigating this very same rock wall. After sniffing its 'peculiar fragrance, we decided it was worthy of it, so we anointed it. The owner came out and threw a big stick at us!" ' * * * "THE NOISE NUISANCE THAT human children make is terrific! Who of us hasn't gone wagging after our young master or mistress and heard them laughing, shouting and screaming as if .they had eyery right 'to run loose and have some fun. We dogs have very sensitive ears and this screeching is hard on them." * * •'« • "CHILDREN ARE A SPECIAL MANAGE EVERY year from June through September when the gardens and lawns are going good. Carrots get uprooted bodily to be eaten "as is" and green apples get -swiped to turn into tummy aches instead of into pies. We dogs do gardeners a service by plowing up the ground around the place where we hide, bones, and we often make a deposit to the fertility of the soil. Children trample iawns a lot more thaji dogs do, too. You can always tell a famUywipi^thjidrjsh because the grass is trampled. Or'else;-they-send them over itb the neighbors to play and trampl^ jthe neighbors' lawn." , .' .''•'• •*••** r " YOU CAN VERY WELL SEE WHY WE canines of Algona demand that every child, be licensed. Each parent could pay a two dollar fee, or .three dollars for females, for each infant as they come out of the maternity ward at the hospital. These should''be renewed each year. We suggest.-little tin plates—child tags—to be worn around the neck or ankle. This way anyone can-readily see if the child is legal * » * "EVERY SPRING WE DOGS COULD ROUND up the kids in our family for Child Parade Day. We'll march .them at the end of leashes in the parade down to the city hall where doctors can be waiting \to give them their anti-tetanus, whooping 'cough, and small pox shots at reduced rates. Then if any parents have forgotten to renew the license on the children they own it can be done at this time." * * * "WE DOGS FULLY REALIZE THAT THERE IS a city ordinance that prohibits shooting inside the city limits. We respectfully request .that this ordinance be waived when it comes to children running around unleashed or unlicensed. An alternate suggestion is that all children so picked up be given five days grace before they shoot them. It' their owners or baby-sitters miss the youngsters, they can call at the cage, pay a $5 penalty and redeem the youngsters. Otherwise they can be disposed of by the city police. However, we recommend a humane, or rather canine, method of destruction, one in which death in stantaneous without prolonged suffering " * * « p "WE REALIZE THAT OUR PLAN WILL NOT meet with acceptance on .the part of some of the child-loving citizens of Algona. Even some of we undersigned dogs have always been under the impression that man is dog's best friend, but we want to remind you that we .are taxpayers, subject to both city and county dog tax. And as such, we are interested in a neater, more beautiful Algona. We feel that this can best be served by eliminating, or greatly restricting children." » * • THIS WEEK'S RECIPE WAS NOT CONTRIBUTED by a dog. They are all too busy fighting the restricting movement. But I did find this recipe for Barbecued Bow-wows and Beans: 1 medium onion, sliced thin; 3 tabsp. butter; 3 tablsp. flour; 1 can (8 02.) tomato sauce; % cup boullion; 1 can (1 pound) kidney beans; 1 tbsp. brown suger; 1 tbsp. vinegar; 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce; 1 tsp. chili powder; 1 Isp. salt; 1 pound frankfurters, cut diagonally into 1 inch pieces. Saute onion in butter for 5 minutes. Blend in flour, add tomato sauce and boullion, heat to boiling. Add remaining ingredients and cook slowly for 10 minutes. Serves 6. — GRACE. mor ? from every acre, ,. NOCULIZED* DU PUITS (PRONOUNCED DOO PWK) j^ilil f%mmf\ Highir Yitldlng—exceptional for high yields In short rotation. Exc«plipnel Vigor—consistently thicker stands, more vigorous plants. Quitk Bfcovtry—often gives one extra cutting because it starts earlier, grows longer. Winlyr Hardy—nearly as hardy as Ranger, and Itarts growth earlier. ,. , Rtililant—loafspot resistance means higher quality hay. 'NOCULIZED seed—ah-eady inoculated and ready to plant. T. M. Reg. Order now from your local dealer CLOVER LEAF HATCHERY & FEED Main & Commercial Sts. Algona, la. FOLGER'S INSTANT COCK OF WALK^^ PEARS ALL FLAVORS Royal Gelatin REG, PKGS. Wf LCH'S Grape Jujce 3 ^ 49^ I Q enter ^\ ^^^ssmnHmmamfSfi^ SLICED TO FRY OR CHUNK TO ROAST Cut Lb. 69 LIBBY'S FROZEN PEAS 3 READY TO EAT - LEAN 3 POUND Canned Picnics sl89 PHILADELPHIA BRAND CREAM CHEESE SLICED FOR LUNCHES 30z. Pkg. PILLSBURY'S OR BALLARD BISCUITS TASTY LONGHORN CHEESE Lb. 49 HORMELS & RATHS SHORT SHANK DAIRY & BLACKHAWK WHOLE or SHANK HALF u>. 45 c SWIFT PREMIUM Shankless - Skinless Whole or Butt Portion Lb. YOUNG GRADE "A" HEN TURKEYS Lb. USDA CHOICE BEEF Steaks And Roosts FASTCO BRAND MARGARINE "«"• 95 C HOLLY FINE GRANULATED SUGAR 10 LB. BAG 95 GOLDEN BAKE BROWN N' SERVE 2 ROLLS REG. PKGS. REUNION BRAND TOMATO JUICE 46 OZ. CAN 25 RED DOT With Free Pkg. Cor n ,Curfe Attached POTATO CHIPS Large Box 49 KRAFT JET PUFF MARSHMALLOWS Large Bag 23 c SUNSHINE Graham Crackers Ub. Box 33 PILLSBURY'S Angel Food Cake Mix Reg. Pkg, 39 FRESH ASPARAGUS Large Bunch GREEN ONION & RADISHES ~POMCY- large Bunches 9 GEDNEY'S SWEET CIRCLE CUT PICKLES 3 si oo WHOLE KERNEL CORN NIBLETS 2 120*. Cans GRANDEE STUFFED OLIVES 12OZ. JAR 39 RED MARASCHINO CHERRIES 10OZ. BUCKET 29 ALCOA ALUMINUM FOIL 25 Ft, Roll ^^^^^^^W 4BBHr SCOTKIN COLORED DINNER NAPKINS Boxes SCOTT'S PAPER TOfEtS INCORPJORAT ACONOMICM/" *bW '»JSTRJBUTION 1 Ypu Can Be Sure When Y»v At Fareway That You Get Tke fa Advantage Of AH The Lowe*t Prices" You'll Save CASH By Shopping At Fareway.

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