The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 7
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hlURSDAY, MABClI 17, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)" COURIEU NEWS IGTIKTTUES Continued Jroni page 1 'aving Districts No. Two and No. Three lor refinancing of Hie dis- ricts' banded indebtedness and icttlng of the rate of levy on Assessments brought on prolonged liscussion. Prank C. Douglas, attorney for he cominisslonci's, explained the jroposnl, which if adopted, will rc- inancc Ihe districts' indebtedness remove Ihc cm-rent federal iiirl receivership, according to Mr. ' las- He suggested ft levy rate for this year of 6 per cent which would reduce annual lax payments of properly owners who arc not delinquent in payment of Ihcir district taxes by between 25 a,nd 30 per cent and a smaller reduction for those who are delinquent in lax |)aymenl for two or three years. Under Ihe original formation plan of (he districts in 1024 the total bonded Indebtedness was to have been retired in 1948 but delinquencies and subsequent default of bond retirements during the depression forced the districts ultimately inio receivership, Ihc council was told. The refunding program calls for the entire bonded indebtedness of Ihe districts to become payable in 1951, but under the proiwsal the commissioners will use surplus revenues above annual interest charges to cull for tenders and buy in uonds offered at a discount. Mr. Douglas said that one half of the property in the districts was regarded as prompt payment property, one fourth as "forced" pay- livcut properly ami one-fourth as equalities existed ill (he original assessments but Dial these could not be changed by Ihe commissioners. He iwiiitcd oul, as did Mr. Douglas, Iliat the assessments under Ihc refinancing program arc really the balance 01 the unpaid original assessments by Ihe districts. He said it was highly doiiblful if the districts could have paid oul in 19)8 nuclei' Ihe old setup even if bondholders had not iiilervcned and thrown Ihc districts Into receivership bill said he iviis confident that the entire debt could be paid out by 1950 or 1951 under the refund- Ing proposal. The proposed refunding bond program is based on 43 per cent remaining of the original assessment on ptiitl up properties. On properties delinquent in 1035, 1936 iinfl 1937 o: 1 any of years the delinquent assessments will be placed in l-lie total listed under the refunding program and no delinquent fax decrees will be taken for those years, Mr, Douglas declared He contended the districts have good .tillc to nil properties lax delinquent prior lo 1034. If Ihe refunding program fall: Mr. Douglas declared Ihls morning, the commissioners us federal eoun. receivers will be forced lo lake over and collect rents froin all properties in which lillc is already confirmed In the districts. Similar steps are lo be laken ever if Ihe refunding program fails 01 properties already owjicd by the district, he declared last nlgiu. City nldcrmen declared they were unwilling to proceed by fixing n levy without git-ing taxpayers a further opportunity to be 'heard. Alderman John C. McHaney jr. suggested an audit of the districts- booKs be made also. Alderman Jess While said lie could not vote for the condemnation resolution mill! he liiui a chance to view the properties himself. Alclenncu Welch, McHaney find J. L. Guard voted affirmatively on the resolution and E. R. Jack- "What Germany Gets Through Austrian Coup A liny lillle country is Austria—I Ucnilo Mussolini valchc:; Ihe Alls- only a little larger llian our own tiiaii seem: (a closely In thu iini- sliile of Maine—yet it is a rich M-ii-.c to slake the ambitions of Atlclf uillcr and his Nazis, hi ntl- litiou to llic fact that Austria is rich in mine-nils and agricultural iroducl.s. its domination by Cier- mmy was a supreme triuu'iph for property. He suid the tilti- j BOH and E. t>. Limsforu joined with "'""'White in casting opposing votes, Mayor Williams promptly votel in favor of the resolution. City Attorney Roy E. Nelson admitted tlie city might possibly he liable for danmge.s if it lore «O«T. the buildings and Inter a court determined that they were not nuisances. Alderman White slated his cm phatie opposition to (lie proposed junk dealers' ordinance maintaining (hat- a number of young- boys who had no parents to depend on for a living or whose parents wiiild not make a living legitimately obtained and sold junk (o junk deal- •I'hiale revenue to be gained from the latter was problematical but- declared Ihe commissioners intended to get what they' could out of this property, already bought in by the districts at tax foreclosure sales, and get it back on Ihe books as tax paying property. V. G. Holland, properly owner in the dislricUi, questioned the advisability of the commissioners holding the property in which title had already been confirmed in the districts for what he believed to be loo great a price, contending- that sale for almost any price in order to get the 'property back on (lie taxbooks would benefit taxpayers. Douglass declared that the commissioners desired to make sales hut, said that reluctance of attorneys for lending -agencies ; to. approve "tax" titles made sales difficult without- £ujtclaiin deeds from the original Wi4ors. He contended Ihe comBjgfioners did not "desire /° sell property^ at nominal prices A? "speculator:;" anc! in (his he was supported by M. Mzshmhons, commissioner. C. J. Evrard. commissioner, also spoke in favor of (he refinancing program, He said (hat gross 'in- ers. Aldermen Linisfisrd and Jackson voiced their objection to the proposal in no uncertain terms and it was finally tabled WASHINGTON, Mar. n (UP) — Representative William Lemke, puWic'fflV; Njjr,tti Dakota, today pre- senjsed a plai'i to place it ceiling of §5 ou -railroad passenger fares as President Roosevelt resumed a conference seeking a solution of economic, and financial problems of the S2(i,GOO,GOO,(,00 rail industry. Head Courier News Want Ads. liliUcd map iibove, drawn by NKA artist ClRorgc 8r:irbo. Jlc <lu?!in'l like to coniempliile a Nnxi-domi- uated Austria just iicrois the Alps from his domain. Hiller is curicaturcdj us he sends troopers inlo iiller in his campaign lo project ! Austria to complete the subjnga- ai pi-lnci]iles Europe. No wonder. tliroujliout central i which reached its climax , ; when Chancellor .SchHselmlsr 1 ; re- i signed. Swastikas lly over every cliv. llien. that Italy's | Wlmt dues Hlllcr ud by iakiiis PAGE8EVHL They All Want to Copy. Disney's Success With His "Snow JFhite" ever AiiMi-iay Abiiul 3MUO .......... miles nt lait;| . , . impulsed by C,7UO.ti,i) persons ... of «-Jioiu B.lUI.Uiit) are Catholics . . . B)5,452 nro >'ivite;-ii(iit . . , |,lu. R . s ( j' t . W s wboM- principal (iccui)ation is avjnculunr litres in iyi>. liroivlns 1.00(1,01)1) TOt.OCO or out*, aCO.UCO <it wheat. 400,003. of barley . . . anil wliii produce much llm- bcr, minerals and other natural resources . . . and mimiifiK'.liiro inne'hiimy. automobiles, lexltles. leallici- (juoils, furniture and paper. Political Refugees Flee REPORT'OF CONDITION 01'' The FARMERS BANK & TRUST" (X). of Blylheville, in the Stale of Arkansas, a member of the Federal Reserve System, at the close of business, on March 7, 1!>31). . published in accordance with calls made by the State Bank Commissioner of Arkansas and l-hc Federal Reserve Bank of Hits district ASSETS Loans and discounts—C. C.'C. Loans on Cotlon SKir,,05i>.lft: Other Loans S302.877.C6; * 8'J8,932.20 Overdrafts United States Government obligations, direct and/or fully guaranteed ; Other bonds, slocks, and securities Banking house and Kress Building S115.000.00. Funiilurc W'* and fixtures, 52.100.00 ;. .Heal rstalc owned oilier llian banking house Deserve uilh Federal Reserve bunk Cash, balances with other banks, and '.'ash items in proccs-s of collection : Assets of Jnsiirancr Department Other a.'iscl. 1 !. Insurance Department 155.75 152,500.00 75,381.70 •in.ioo.oo -105.029.70 22,145.5'J 15,000.00 ... .$1,856,!>:W.8D l,.552,12t.lO Toll,! Uciiiiind deposits uf individuals, partnerships. :>nd cor -porations l.«7, r ).OS«.S7 Time deposits of individuals, partncrsliirs, and coi]X>ralion;; 2lt).2!)3.33 Stale, ccimly, and municipal deposits 277,011.81 ncpbsils of olhcr banks. ccititic<l and otric-or:,- clicck.s out- Standing, clc :il,057.r>!) Secured by the pledge of loan:; and/or investments S 25.000.011 Not secured by the pledge of ID.IIIS ;>nd/or investments 22,115.53 21I.4G1.17 1.356.033.80 2,).CGO.OO ZS.MO.O!) 25,000.00 2b.OCU.Ot> Refugees from Nazi rule swarmed over ol Ihc German Reich, the borders of Austria when their counlry becam ,'a ' In the .nuliopl.olo above, on; ol the .scores of c'alhnl cnrriod tho-rands of Mccins Auslrians lo sanctuary in Switzerland is :J.o •„ beinj; checked by Swiss soldiers at the frontier lown of St. Margrcthcn.near Uifcc Constance. HV I'AW. HARKISON NKA Service Staff (.'orirspundciU HOLLYWOOD, Mnrcli 7, — No Winer was it lully reullttxl that Wnlt Disney's "Snow While md UIB Seven Uwurls" would nuike. million!; than nearly nil the major studios begun flgurlng on fcutuvc- loiiBth cartoons. Seme of them aiu ambitions lourjh to expect to liuvc nnlnmlect li'iilure.s In llic Iliralore by next Clirlsliiius—y:l none- of them has slory nor unydiliii; resembling the stuff, and equipment that |}ls- uey has assembled. Only Warner Ill-others Imve a uiiiii who seems capable ol competing with Disney. He'i; U-on .Srliloshijjcr, muker of U-oncy Tunes and Men-It! Melodies. And Kcjileslnger do?.sn'l wimt lo make features. One ixmwfiil studio, I'm told by certain tirlisls who should know, has set- out with checkbook and blaudishiiu'lils to lure away all llic Disney iinlmators and directors who can bs hired. The iTsponse hiis been astonishing and—lo Disney, If lie taw. iiljoiil II—licniiruliiir. Couliontcd with fat olfm from Ihe big studio, his artists and technicians have answered with raspberries. Such u demonstration of mass loyally Is without precedent In the whole history of movlelown, llic double-crossroads of creation, Disney liuiis Slum 1 H isn't illlllcull to understand the attitude of Hi? olsney workers, us cm: of them explained it to me. The as is whistling over all ol Hollywood. Thousands ot persons have liocii tired, and are still being bounced. In a worse production slump than was bronuht by the depression, some studio de- parlmcnts Iwve been eliminated, others merged, In a dcspiiivte drive for retrenchment. Hunkers control most of Ihe KUullos and can dlclato economies. . . But bankers don't worry Disney, lie and his brother own every dime's worth of their concern. They didn't huve to ask anybody's permission to gullible $1.000,000 mid more than three year's lime on an animated feature which Ihc rest of the Industry regarded as an tirltsUc. but commercially fullle cxpei Ulsney employes recall how, shortly before the bunk holiday their boss distributed nn $80,000 cash bonus. They remember, loo. hew Disney defied nil the studio licuds who in Ihc fate of (heir | (fi-entcst emergency decided (hat all! wages had to be cut 50 por cent. And loday. while payrolls elsewhere are being whittled, they feel prclly secure In the reports > which indl-! cate thai the picture they recejilly j finished likely will make more i money llian ai>- other movie ever filmed, I'litxi: arc some reasons why the hands at Hie mouse-nnd-diick factory aren't listening lo outsl'.le offers. They figure Iliat if this be loyalty, they're making the most of IL. lilies uf March i-y year, for n cotiplo of months .. this dale, (hero is a slackening of production In the movie mills. The reason: taxes. About Ihc middle of March, city and county assessors swoop dc-wn on the studios mid begin checking all the nim on the shelves. 'Jims, If a studio i,s llnee-fourllis finished will ngalnsl abcul la IH>I' ct'iil of tlic value of the films. •So you can sec why '(Jic studios lluil II desirable 16 have their ' cup- beards prclty^nvc inxl lliclr soimd shije.s nearly when Ihe ns- tctsorii arrive. -This year tliere arc fewer plclurr^ in' wort? than there Hnve been 'during any previous iwrlod, bul (lie lolfll («x bill HIM close lo $1,000,000. Former Local Resident Accused Of Embezzlement II. 0. Michael borrowed an loiiiublle from Prcd , Wulil null v f inoiillis 1150 and never'.brought it back, It WBs pliarginl in ihunlsijipl court today when ' Michael, who noiv lives at noonevlllc," Miss,, w<ts chained wllh enibeVileirient. He was field to clrculC court and h|s bond fixed at $1,010. He is nov/ In (he county Jail'lie'rc.' "• • " • ' Wnhl Lcslliicd that lie lent Michael Ills car for tincc days and Iliat he never relurni'd il. " ' ' 10. D. Bvimjs. negro, pleaded guilty lo H clinifje of grnnd Inrceny after lidmllllnB thai he stole chickens from three Houses In thu west entt last nlBlH, lirlgB.s was hold lo circuit court. • Two were Irlcd on charges ol public drunkenness for which cadi was lined $10. Plmilti of Ihe asler family have slar-shupril blas'ioins, hence thu name nsti'r from Ihe Latin aslrn, mc'nnlii(f slur. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2 YEARS OLD One drink «f (,'reen Kiver will c(invinv<! you it's today's bin ninnu.v's woi'tli. Ask for il ill your favorite store. 95 185 I QT. OldctymcUisliliers, Inc., N.Y.C. h ?3.000.0CO epic, II will hnvc (o pay taxes on the $1,500.000 portion. The tax rate varies from $4.95 per hundred in Bin-bank io $7.85 per hundred In culver city, and It is levied YOUNG MOT goes to the FRIGIDABRE KESSIUHT 525.08 per .$ ir,n.(i03,nri •lO.OOWJ'J 5I.W-I.I7 ^f-. .TOTAL DEPOSITS liabilities of Insurance ncparlmcnt .. Capital account: Common stock. COCO shares. \n share Surjilus Undivittcd profits—net TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT TOTAL, Including Capital Account MEMORANDUM: LOANS AND INVKSTMliNTS IM,BW;H]> TO SKCUHK MAMIJ.JTIKS United States Government obligations, dirocl and/or lul- ly guaranteed •J'oljil Pledged, cxchidiii" rcdi.scoiml.s Against Stale, county, and municipal deposits TOTAL PLEDGED I. F. K. Warren, Casliirr of (lie above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is laic lo llic best of my Knowledge and belief. F. E. WAHltb'N. Cashier. AWecl-AUcsl:—J. L. CHERRY .V. CECIL SHANE B. A. LYNCH. Director. j Stale of Arkansas, county of Mississippi, si;: I Sworn to nnd subscribed before me this Ijlh day of M-ucii. IS'JS. E. H. BRYAN. Ntilary Public. (Seal) ^fy commission expires March 25, 1939. M YOU MAY HOT Me AT Alt/ 1. SAVE MORE ON CURRENT 2. SAVE WORE ON FOOD 3. SflVE MORE ON ICE 4. SAVE MORE ON UPKEEP Do you know that some rcfrigcr.iion tost twice as nnicli as others to keep foodsafcand freeze enough fee? That some may "cat up" in repairs evcry- lliing they may save in other ways? Why take a chance when you own this genuine Frigidairc with New Silent Meter-Miser ... and get proof before your eyes, before you buy that it jjvcs not just one, or two, or three ways but ALL 4 rr'.. IVJ at oncc , Com( , m.Scc the proof and scc.too.thc many exclusive Frigidaire usability features you get-all at this bargain price! ONLY COME IN! SEE WHAT ONLY FRICIDAIRE CAN GIVE YOU AT THIS BARGAIN PRICE! • New Silent Meter-Miser — Ncw"DoubIc KJJV-" QuicJtubc Trjys — New Food-Safety Indicator — New 2-Vi'ay Cold Storage Tray _ Automatic Tray Kclease — Aiimniatic Kcsct Defroster — 2-Way Frozen Storage Compartment — Automatic Interior Light — 2 Tail lioillc Storage Compartrncnls — Double-Range Cold Control — F-l 14 Exclusive iow-Prcssure Kcfrigcran't — Removable Har-Typc Shelves — .Sliding Moisture-Seal Hydrator — Thcrmo- ScalccTAll-Steel Cabinet Construction — Stainless Porcelain in F'ooJ Compartment. AI<aW ihtungilts \n.t> 1,1. //. sl;tlf4 na; 5. / (u _ f,, t;r,rngi ram; -fS tig ice cults at tat ftming; inltrier uiiltr than it is Jctp; und ilami tf clhr uvrt-saiinr J.m' / ow sparkling new finish of PITTSBURGH'S WATERSPAR ENAM1L • Take n tip Troin young Mother Hubbard. Bring glistening new beauty to;kitcJicii woodwork with ruick-c1ryiiig,lonc,-1astingWATER- SPAR ENAMEL. Here's n finish, tssy to apply, that dries in four hours ;.r,d really glands up. It's cxcclleiH, foe, (o< making ?hnbhy,o!d furniture loot* tie;* and 'atlractivc I Famous Pittsburgh Products WAUHI.DE. The f.niioH, "One-Day P.-iinl" lhat hrhgs new bcniily to walls find ceilings. Washes FLORHIDE. Adds life mvi luster, to painlcd floor's. Here's nfloor fuiislithai really stands ,up. Large "^ choice of shades. '< ENnMEl. Tl« III.IRIC finish Hint tcstort^ plinliby furniliirc and woodwork logtc.imtngncv/- - ncssinoncday.- " ~ ' WATERSPAR YARHISH. ,\ lough varniih that can h: .npplicd in a jiffy and diica in four hours. Wears -\ like iron. - - - - ' -' I'HONB 32 1'J Years of Service and Square Dealing- COl 0 » S « Y N A I U R E - f A I N T S S Y P I I T S S U S G H

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