The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY. DfX'K-tlflER S. .1030 I Lip ton Gets Good Will Trophy . froi 1 '! r)R->e en;) I with the concealed t.vsrrtrfifls ir.-1 I Head of being charged ajj^imt tin I I proi>cr account. . ' j No doubt as to the in'oqdly cf I any cf the employes occurred t: I any of the officers or directs;-; of the bank until last Friday's dh- ! I covery. Scott, the cashier, had be;n i I employed by the institution for r'.:: I I or seven years, and was rrjavd»'l' 1 as a highly efficient .r.a "trust-; • worthy employe. Shipinsn some 1 time ago was given notice tha[ hi- ' services would not be required af- | • ler the first of the year, but l:ls dis- | 1 missal was for reasons in n:j v/ay 'j I connected with doubt 'as to hi'; j I lionesty. i Tn a written statement delivered I to A. O. Little, executive vic?- prcsident of the bank, Scott, rand; a partial confession, in which h; ] [i'denied knowledge of whit had U?- | mo of the money he had takon. [ denied that any of i^ was used I for gambling or market spccul?- tion. This v.-rltten statement war later oinplirud considerably orally. Shipman has made no written statement, but .did give bank officers information linking Scott with a local woman. This an^lc has not 1 yet been developed and it is noi (•known if this relationship, nnt def- initeiy established, will account for I any substantial part of the missing I money. If either Scott or Khlpman <K. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Girl, 11, Kidnaped Baby s "For the greatest loser In the history of mankind" vVas the silver trophy which Sir Thcmns LSpton (right), persistent but unsuccessful' challenger for the America's .Cup. here is pictured, 'recelvin;; frbr.i Mayor James J. Walker of New York. Dollar bills' contributed by persons throughout the country made possible the gift of 5'America's from page nnpi sscured through an increased m- corne tax, uml to apply only 10 cl:t:!cl4 already bonded at the time cf paisagu of the net. Ills second mrasure sugges'.cd by the committee calls for a consil. iiiiionnl amendment providing se;i- ai-ntlo:i cf the funds to be iis«u lor euirent expenses of school op- eifc.lon and funds designated for U-.e retirement of interest and p-lncipl of improvement bonds, ard provides (hat taxes voted for the '.wo purposes be voted as sep- at.v.i . nK-tsts'cs. Such a" measure, !t \vcs ]ioinUd out. would preclude FKiiblUty of- over ambitious -chcol districts, vpting bonds for MW buildings'a^^he expense of C0i:th:ue'd'opcratio|i/of the schools, which has beeii the case in num- t'si-.i' of schoDi districts in the state, r.i?:l would -give ..Arkansas school bonur, a more.'favorable rating in (ho bond market, due to the fact that with tho respective funds sep. araled a school district could at one election vote a tax to provide fcr L-oKc-s- extending over a period of years, whereas tinder the- present system bond holders ore In- dt pendent upon a year to* year .vote ol voluntary school tax to retire a clUtrlct's bonds. The rale of !nlcr?st en school bonds in the neighboring states of Missouri and Tennessee, where such legislation e/ists. is only about half that of Arkansas, It was said. Immediate Action Needed The urgent need of Immediate now in imsscsslqn of any consider- j I able amount of 'money neither (hi \ 1 fact nor the whereabouts of the ' | monev has besn revealed. Beth men are hen-Js of families. Good Wjli Cup" to (he r.°cd British yachtsman','and;, tea merchant, ! legislation-lo protect city schools "I have r.crer had a higher, honor pjid me," said.SIr.Thomas. I Farmer Leaving for West Coast Sells Propcrh Chicago Skyscraper Chiirclr-' Links Business and Religion O Ky XKA Service First Methodist Episcopal church j of Chicago is generally recognized The Monitor Herald of Calhonn | ns Hie firs t church in America "tc county, Mississippi, reprints a salei ni1 ^ religion'and commerce in a bill from a Ge-rgia newspaper cf| modern skyscraper. 1849 that contains some * itenw which, despite the business depres- | tloti, 'vjculd' doubtless command a better market' today than they did eighty years ago. Tiie church owns and is housed In Chicago Temple, a 21-stDry building erected in the heart of the Icop district. Tn many respe:ts it resembles a purely business "Havinj sold my farm, and as T structure, except for the great spire ' ' ' rises 5GS feet above the am leaving for Oregon Territory by oxen team on March hi, 18*9, I will sell .-alt my persona] property, | except two oxen teams (Ben and and Lpn and Jerry) cou- of the following: "Two milk cows, 1 gray mare and I colt, 1 oxen, 1 yoke, 1 babv yoke. 2 oxcarts", 1 * iron p!ow. with wood malflNb^3ard,~"SOO ; feet -'weathe '' Ion ' fence rails, 1 GO-gal- which street. The church and the rooms It uws for Institutional work take up five storjes. The rest of the space is rented to 'business firms 'ana professional men. Stores on the ground floor are. required to clos: on Smiday!''.. Thev/Temple, which, cost .84,500,-:' was financed - . old. 20 gallon: I gallon copper stHl. 2 spinning of the Temple has 800,000 annually. In 10 palions rnaule syrup, 1 barrel ? i ;. 'Johnson Miller whiskey 7 years by first £nd ' £e ~° 1!d mortgages and ons tipple brandy, 1 40 was tackcd enthusiastically by Chicago business men. Since its completion in 1924, the net income been about S! addition to paying of! mortgages, the church has assisted other congregations to build churches. * •' • The church provides rooms for almost every sort of social and educational use. its gymnasium, complete with baths and showers, for the use of men and women on alternate evenings,- is under' the direction of competent physical instructors. A bureau of employment whrels. SO pounds .tallow, 1 largo loom, 300 poles. 100 snlit hoops, 100 empty barrels, 4 sides leather, 12 wooden pitchfcrks, half interest in tan yards. 1 rule with' bullet molds and poivdtr horn, soft soap, bacon, iiatns, lard, molasses, 6 head of fox hounds, all soft mouthed buY'one. "Also. 0 negro slaves, 2 men, 2 bora' 'arid 2 mulatto wenches! altogether to one party as I xvill not separate them. Sale will begin at 8 A. M. Plenty to eat and drink." Death Sentences Are Commuted to Jail Terms MOSCOW, Dec. S. (UP)—Death I sentences fmpcsed. yesterday on five ! Russian technicians accused of : plotting with foreign powers for a 1 var of intervention on Russia were ; commuter! by the Vik, "central executive commission of the Soviet union." corresponding to a parliament in other ;countries, to sentences of ten years imprisbnment. The three accused men who had been sentenced to" ten years imprisonment were given commutations to five years imprisonment. Tn explaining the clemency the | vik said the Soviet government did Uiot dc.=ire vengeance against weak or i. irmcd enemies. Smoke Bomb Throws Girl Students in Panic HAVANA, Dee 8 (UP)-A- smoke bomb, hurled among several hundred girl students at the girl's nor- m j! ^ c "' :5ed a P a " ic today in which feveral were injured. The bo:nb came from a mssing automobile and api>ar(nlt £ wa | thrown fcy s[rik | np ma]e stu(jents "' 0 rcfllscd to compromise fure. to pay^anot^fea- The auditorium scats 1800. . Denominationalism is not stressed. The congregation includes men and women of all creeds and 'of none. The towering Temple is a far cry from the first Methodist reli- urged at the recent meeting cf'lhe Arkansas Educational Association In Little Rock and Uic c-or.imittc; which met here Satur- dav was appointed nt that time While th» present school laws in Ariaiirc- are more favorable than ever before to rural schools, -these schools arc being favored at the expense of the. towns and cities from whose residents th« greatesi proportion of the school, tax is collected, it is said, nnd unless protective legislation Is enacted t:ie citv school districts face, ultimate bankruptcy. The meeting here Saturday was called by Superintendent Oeo Doyle "of Oscesla, secretary of the city superintendents section of the •Arkansas Educational Association and v.-fl.'; held coincident with a meeting of representatives of the schools In (he Northeast Arkansas District Athletic Association called by Superintendent Crawford Cireem of Blytheville, who is president o: j the district association, for tht purpose of arranging basketbal schedules for Ktc season. Attend ing the athletic association's meet' in? nnrt sittins; in on the legislative cbmmittee meeting which followed were representatives of the school at Blytherille. Osceola, Shawneo Monclte, Wilson, Rector, Piggott Wiener, Harrisburg, Marked Tree Morion, Keiser, Luxora, Burdette Trumann, Jonesboro and Craw fordsville. ' Chicago Temple giou.i organization in Chicago start- fice and church building, v- h i c h od by four ardent worshippers In i earned a substantial income abcv> a blacksmith's home about 1831. A j expenses. It was four stories tall log church, costing $450, was built tn-o ye«rs Inter en the north side of the Chicago river. And in 1834 the structure was moved across the river on a scow to .what Is now tha comer of Clark and Washington street, the site of the present Tern- pie. Even then realizing the value of a commercial structure, the Mcth-' odists i:i 1858 built Iheir first of- and cost $70,OCO. Tills stood until the great fire In 1871, which wiped oat that section. A 'year later the church erected its second compost building. This time, it cost $120,000.. The building steed until 50 years later, to a day. when work was started on the first modern skyscraper of » religious character in the heart of a great business district. N. E. Arkansas Has Fewest High School Student JONESBORO, Ark: — Basing hi statement upon a survey compile by college authorities and based o reD-rts by the State Department o Fxlucation, Dean'E. L. 'WJu'tsltl o Arkansas State College- declare K?is morning that while northeas ern Arkansas counties have 0 largest number of white boys an eirh of hitth w:hool sge of any o the districts of the state, that th total In high school attendance only a little over one-half of an rf those districts. .Dean Whilsitt pointed or.', thi the reason for this condition pro' ably was the early establUhment . senior colleges in other sections the state both by the churches an by the state. In northwestern A fcansas there are the State Un versity, Teachers Movie Producer's Daughter \Vins Divorce at Reno, Nev. HENO. Kev.. Dec. 8 (UP)—Mildred Zukor Loew. daushter cf Adclph Zukor, motion picture producer and director, obtained a divorce here today from Arthur K. I-ocw, son of t!ie Inte Marcus Loew head of the theater chain of that name. The hearing was behind closed dorrs and all papers pertaining to lights werTWan thC CSS3 VfTe Sealed ' but U wos before n,ral« di S-sld the C 7owd lcarred * e divor « W!is oblai » e(i of students. °n rrounds of extreme mental | cruelty.- N '/ ma ' Mh001 cIaM;c s were suspended for the day. Manv wln- Film Stars' Accounts Caught Whe^Bank Closes! KOLL-yWOODrmc. 8 <UP)-ThC Bank of Hollywood, which had the accounts of scores of film stars, was closed today by order of Will C. Wood, slate bank commissioner. An angry crowd gathered in front cf ths bank, situated in the heart of Hollywood, as the notlcs of closing was posted Slaying Still Mystery to Utah Officers i * SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, -Dec. 8 (UP)—The underworld maintained a significant :Slcncc today as police tried iiitiiy to clear the mystery of l'ie killing of Sam Frank, Memphis Jewelry auctkn^sr, who was slsln in a room at the Newhouse hotel Friday night. Authorities -are seeking Jean Tech, the Sta College, and Hendri Blame Snake in Soup for Death of 40 Students ' ERODE, Madras. India, Dec. 8 (UPl-Porty students in London „.,„„ ^^ olucou „, ^^^ Mission School hotel collapsed and 15% O f students will not trav died,'after cat ns itoup today. It j m 0rc man fifty miles to attend col- has said f. snake was found amonjl ] e g e . the utensils in which the soup was- j n ' thi Henderson, nil recognized for a credited college work. In the southern part of the sta there are the Maonolia and Mont cello A. and M. College, Henderso Slate Teachers and Ouachita, a standardized. Before the raising 01 Arkansa State College to the senior collee level last fall, the boys and glr rf this section of the state we without an opportunity to attend slats supported ccllcgc without tr veling great distances from horn According to the report of United States Bureau of wanted a live buby Instead of dolls," 11-year-old Mary'Flcdcr obbcd lo dcteclives after she was found with Evelyn ^ Gaffney, 2, whose mysterious kidnaping had terrorized neighboring* families In Newark. N. J. The girl kidnaper Is shown, .at the left, after Cier rresi. with police and the stolen baby. She was held, for Children's ourt. She Is alleged lo have confessed to' authorities that she en- ered through a window of the" Gallney liomc, lilted the infant from her crib, and escaped unnoticed.. FIGHT pM New Orleans, Houston and Mobile A r e Spending Huge Sums.' Rheumatic Ills on Increase as Science Fails to Find Remedy NEW ORLEANS, <UP)-^Th« economic bntlle of ports for'.commer- clal supremacy reverberates with the clanj cf rlvelmg hammers, the fnort ol burrowing dredges, and the thud of pile drivers along the Gulf of Mexico. While efforts are being made to Jink all (he most mportnnt ports of the Gulf by means of inlracoastal canals, New Orleans, Houston; Mobile and Corpus ChiLstl have reached out for added commerce through port Improvement and Vnlargment projects. Aided by the release of a mm es- timalcd at $1,000.000 a year, for re- flnancing'and enlarging port facilities, the port of New Orleans already ha-i launched dock construction which will cost 12,600.000. It contemplates the expenditure of $1,000,000 a year for a ten year period to add to Its slate-owned port facilities. Houstcn has swung Into the com- ]>etltlnn. Congress has authorized the expenditure of $594,000 for enlarging the Houston ship- channel, and t!ie government «t a recent public hearing was asked to permit tha use of. MSO.OOO.OOO In widening and deepening the channel to the Gulf. Mobile has a congressional appropriation of IWO.OW for Ing to Pensacoii, H«. in Ultra- co»sui canal which will jink it'wiui New Orleans. 'It has «ked con- '•:', grcn-fr-r appropriation:!'to Attain -t* the channel to Mobile; and widen- '.'• Ing tht Inner Mobile ;har.borv .';..' „ Nor hat the infint port of Cor- '•'• pus Christ! been Idle.' fovf year« ! old, it boasts f:'ur berths and *harl ' sheds with a total leftgth ol 3,7511 feet. During th* list year a new coastwise docb wa« bUilt ' with a flwd 400 f«t toll uqt< 160 feet wide, and a ccaijwit*' tire dock., equipped, for leading • vessels, and with a bin capacity of 7.0C3 tens. Hidden beneath the waters of Lakfl Antrona, Swllarbnd, for 300 years, tl« houses of i sutmtrged village are once visible, ttie water receding. BAKING POWDER By DR. MORRIS FISH HE IN Editor, Journal ,of th* American Medical Association, and of Hy«th. Hie Health Chronic Inflammation of the olnts has been found In the skele- ons of reptiles that lived long bc- ore the days of man. The tissue of the cave bear and aoer-toothed tiger show the marks this infection. It was as prcva- ent in the prehistoric dwellers of upper Egypt as among the first inhabitants of Oreat Britain. It . represents toaay 'one of the most serious of the complaints that attack human beings and which science is as yet resisting' with but ndifferent success. Tile number of deaths attributed to rheumatic diseases and their complications rises steadily. Clout, for a while an apparently declining disease, begins to 'show an increased rate In recent years. In a review of the subject for the ministry ot health In Great Britain, Dr. J. Allison Glover emphasizes .hc'importance of the condition in London hospital?,' pointing out that at -many as 40 per cent ot patients seen in watering resorts -are sufferers from this chronic form ot disorder. In a great American clinic seven per- cent ol the patients treated are sufferers from chronic arthritis, as were also seven per cent of the patients in a municipal hospital In Berlin. Eleven per cent of the patients .reported by Boston hospitals ns suffering from chronic and Incurable diseases were the victims of chronic arthritis, whereas 19 per cent had heart disease, which is not Infrequently a related condition. " In the attempt to reach the cause of the chronic rheumatic complaints, It has been found that they . teiid to attack families and there seems to be some evidence that the constitution of the human being is related to his susceptibility to this disorder. Several investigators have found that 58 per cent of the patients are members of rheumatic families. Women seem to be much more susceptible to the disease than do men. the various authorities find- ing IhcT incidence In women some three to six times that In men. In addition to the family Influence there is the associated etfect on occupation. Thus one Investigator has pointed out that the occupation Indicates the Joints that will be Involved, Women doing sewing and knitting are effected .In (lie finger's.' Painters and workers with lead seem to be particularly susceptible to the disease, nnd chill and Exposure are associated with the frequency' of its occurrence among painters, metal workers, and the personnel of railway locomotives, i Dr. Glover -Is inclined to emphasize particularly the importance of prevention of dampness In dwellings and the Importance of free circulation of alf and of sunlight In the prevention;.of arthritis. Much has been said .of the importance of removing foci of Infection, in the teeth and tonsils, as well as elsewhere about the body in the attack on arthritis. Treatment without such removal does not In any way control the condition or the simple reason that the fotu» continues to feed the infectious material to the blood and by the blood to the Joints, so that new Infections are set up. * FOR OVIR Itii thin ol fcljfc priced brthrft, BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Cough) from colji nuy. lead to' to- rious irouMr. You cm >top then now wilh Crromuliion, tn enuIiiSed crwvile ih»t i> pleutnt. to take, CrtomuUion U a medictl dijcoierf wilh l»o-fold jclion; It toothei and heili the Inflamed membraac* and ia- hlbltt gtrra growth. . Of ill known drug* erroxxo li'iee- DCnlred i.r high rotdicj luthoiUici ai one of the greal«tltilit| tgnciet for coujtu from ccldi ind broochUl iirluiloni. CreoauUkm cwUiM, fa eluuot* TrHlch tooth* »id bed tho fafluocd •MnbhaeVaBd « 0 p fin ir- rluiioo, while che'fKoMe (<** o» to Ihe Homtch, it tb*orb«d imp lt» ; Mood, itnctt ibe Kit of UK troubla ud chcdu themwlh'of lh« itrrat. • O««miu>icn I* gnnatccd Mllifte- lory In ihe'tretnne»« H coughi from «ldi, 1 broochitl«,«iid minor form'of IraehJt] trrli»i»o«. ud k ucelloit for baUdlBc op the (jntna'aflet cbldi tr u. Moaer-ttfoBJed If oct re- liered ifier uilag iccordBac todireo- fOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON made. Bury Mother Jones Near Graves of Riot Victims MOUNT OLIVE. III., Dec. 8. (UP) —Mary "Mother" Jones was buried In a little cemetery near here today. As Mother Jones wished, she was buried near the graves of three victims of the Virden mine riot ot 1989. Six survivors of the riot were pall bearers. Police and Communists Injured in German Clash BERLIN. Dec. 8 (UP)— Five pol- China e matter of 'appropriations fcr higher education tn state In- ;,'ltutions. northeastern Arkansas! with nearly cne third of the population of the state, paying more thah one-fourth of the taxes, has received for the support of state Institutions, less than five per cent of the educational budgets. Sets Shooting Record BROCKTON. MASS. (UP)—Killin! two birds with one stone Is nothing to Fremont Willis. Recently he killed three sTuvnks with two shots when he saw the intruders in his backyard while cleaning his rifle In his home. H EAOJBIOS^ , vipot»i alco taulT uy tan. VfSJSS IMILUON JARS USED YEARLY Mother of Four Babies "Although I am only 22 years old, I have four babies to care for. Before my fust baby was born my mother urged me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound because I was so terribly weak. I had to lie down four or five times a day. After three bottles I could feel agreatimprovement. I still take the Vegetable Compound whenever I need it for it gives me strength to be a good mother to my family."— Mrs. Vem L. Dcnnings, ji6 Johnson Street, Saginaw, Michigan. Lydia E, Ham's Veoefable Compound -.... \ t Unemployment • ' m - is due, in a large measure, to the failure of people to buy. So long as there is a market, there is a demand for men and women to help manufacture the"'goods with which to supply that market.. ; - •'•.'.. . •:•:• '' ; - Are you going to buy this Christmas as you have in, the past or have you made up your mind that there is a period of depression and that you cannot, .or dare not, buy? If you can buy and do not, you are contributing your bit to the present unemployment situation. •- ..-.-. You do not have to buy purely ornamental gifts or those having only a temporary life. There are scores of electrical appliances which are not only ornamental but which will be just as useful in the home five years from now as they are when given on Christmas morning. Give electrically. Give something which can be used every day and will add to the comfort and convenience of keeping house. In any event, give something and help alleviate the unemployment situation.' Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service' 9

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